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I fcl
The Treasure of Fmcliaii
()iitill't'.l from lit tr.)
The next morning tlicro was a most un
usual outcry Jii the doctor's house. The last
tiling before goins to Ikh1, the doctor liad
locked up some valuable in the dining room
cupboard: and lic'io'd, when ho rose again,
a ho did about 4 o'clock, the cupboard had
been broken o'ici and the valuables in ques
tion had disapieai ed. 3Iadame and Jean
Marie were summoned from their rooms, and
apiK-arcd m hasty toilets: they found the
doctor raving, cullins; the heavens to vv itness
and avenge his injury, pacing the room bare
footed, with the tails of his night shirt lhrt
ing a-j he turnetl.
"Oilier' ho said; "the things are gone, the
fortune gone' IVo are pautK-rs once more.
Boy! what do you know of tin-..' Speak up,
bir, speak ir. Do ou know of it' Where !
are the""' He had hint by tiio arm, shaking
him like a U-ig, and the Ixjy'.s words, if he
had any, were jolted forth in maiticnlato ,
number-.. The doctor, with a revulsion from I
his own violence, set hint down again. He
observed Anastasie in tear-.. "Anastasie,"
he said, in quite an altered voiee, "compose
j-onr-elf, command your teeing. 1 would
not have yoi: give way to jiatMou like the
vulgar. Tu.s this trilling accident nnit be
lived down .lean-Mane, bring me im
j-niallt-r meil.eine ciiest. A gentle laxative is
indicated "'
And h disil the family all round, leading
the way himself vv ith a double quantity. The
ureUSied vih hail ne'er been ill
in the whole course of her existence, and
who-.- i4ul recoiled lroin remedies, wept
llnud of, as she ippcd, ntul -hudileied,
and protested, and then vvas bullied and
.shouted at until she bip-icd again. As for
Jean-Marie, he tisik his jwrtittn down with
"I have given him n less amount." ol the doctor, "his outh jirotocting
liim again-t emotion. And now that wo
have thus tarried any morbid consequences,
let U-. teason "
"1 am -- coM," vailed Anastatic.
'rol.i n-1 the do -lor. "I give thanks
toCol I a:i" of fierier niateiial.
U'hy, mad.niic. a blow like thi3 would bet a
frog into r, transpiration. If you are cold
ynu an lelir- ; ai'd, the i"ay, oa might
throw nit .low ii in trou-ers. It is chilly for
the legs."
"Oh. no'" Anastasie; "I will stay
with you. '
"Nay, inadan e, vou -hall not suffer for
your devotion.'" said the doctor. "I will 1113--self
fetch j u a -haw And he went up
stairs and ret 111 mil more fully clad and with
an armful of wrap- for th' .-lnvering An
astasie 'And now," lie resumed, "to llivvs
tigate this crime us proeml by inilue
tioii." Ana-ta-ie. do you know nnvthnig that
can help u-'" Vita-t.-usie knew no.hing. "Or
von, Jean .M.ii 1. '"
"Not I," leplliil the bov, steadily.
4(;x-mI. n turned the doctor "We shall
now tin 11 our attention 10 the mutcrial evi
demvs. il was born to lie a detective. 1 have
theevennd thesstemaiic-pirit.i Tirst. vio
lence has lnvii cmplnvcil. The door was
broken ojien; and it 111:1 v be observed, in pass-
ing, that tlie liR'k vva dear indeed at what 1
Ktid lor it. a crow to pluck with Master
l.ngu'lat. Second, heieisan instrument cm
plovnl, one ot our own table knives, one of
our lic-t. nty dear: which beems to indicate
no preparation n:i the part of the gang it
gang it was. Thirdly, I nb-crve that nothing
has lteen removed evept the Kranchard
dishes and the casket; our own silver has
lieen niinutely lvspeetod. This is wily; it
slums intelligence, a knowledge ot the code,
a disiietoavoid legal consequences. 1 argue
from this fact that the gang numbers pen-on;
of rc-cclnhilit outward, of cour-v, and
merely outwai d. as the rohliery privis. Hut
I nrgue. MiMiid, thnt we must have lieen ob
M'l veil at IVanchard itself bv some oeciilt ob
beiver, and dogged throughout the day with
ut-kill and patience that 1 eiitine to ipiahfy
as consummate No ordinary man, irooeca
sional criminal, would have shown him-cll
caiuble of thiscombinatiou. We have in tit
neighlHiihihl. it is far front improbable, a
ictiicd bandit of the highest order of mtelli
"('o-nl heaven;" crinl the horrified Anns
tasie. "Henri, how can you "
"My ,hen-hfil one, this is a process of in
duetion," said the doctor. "If any of my
step, are unsound corr.s-t me. Yon are sj
lent' Thn d. not, 1 ln-seoch you. 1
vuluailv lllogiial us t lev nil 1 1 out my con
chisi?ii. We have now arrived," ho re
miiihiI, "at some idea of the eomjtosition of
the gang-for I mchne tn the hyjiothesis .f
more than one anil we now leave this loom,
which can disclose no more, and turn our at
tention to the coiut and garden. (Jtan
Mane, 1 trust 3011 arc observantly following
my various steps, this is an excellent puve
of education for jou.) L'omn w ith me to the
dir. No steps on the court; it isimfoitun
air our court should I paved. n
uiiiill matter- hang the destiny of these deli
cate investigations' Hev' What have we
licit' I have lul you to the very spot," lie
Kii.l, standing grandly Kickward and nidi
"at ing the gre 11 gate "An e-calade, as v mi
can now see for v ourselves, has taken place.'"
Sure enough, the gieen amt was in-everal
places scratchul and biokcn. and one ot the
l.-mcls pre-crvnl the print of a nailed shi
The foot had sJipjKil, however, and it w:s
ibtlicult to e-timate tht size of the shoe, and
lmpiissibU to distinguish the jiattern of tao
"The w hole roblwry." concluded thedoetor,
"step by step, has lkc reconstituted.
Inductive sciencv can no fmther go."1
"It is woudoi ful,"' said his wife. "You
should have been a detective. Henri. 1 had
no idea of your talent- "'
"My dear," said Ie.jre-, coiide-cendingl.v ,
"a man of cientillc imagination combmos
the lesser faculties; he is a iLtctive juntas
he is a publici-t or a general, tlivsc are but
local applications of his special talent. Hut
now," lie continued, "would you have me go
further.' Would you havo me lav- my linger
on the culprits or rather, for I canuor
promi-e quite so much, point out to you the
very hon-e w here they consort? It may bo
a satisfaction, at least it is all vvcarehkelv
to get. since we uie denied the remedy of
law. I reach the further stage in this way.
In order to fill my outline of the robltery, I
require a man likely to be 111 the forest
idling. I require a man of education, 1 re
quire a man superior to considerations of
morality The three lequisites all center in
Tentaillon's boarders. The- are painters;
therefore they are continually lounging iu
tho fore-t. They are .winters, therefore
they are not unlikely to have some smatter
ing of education. Lastly, because the- nro
tainter-, they are probably immoral. And
this I prove in two ways. First, painting is
an art which inertly uddressej the eye; it
docs not in anv particular exercise tho moral
ben-e. And second, painting, in coinmoi
with all the other arts, implies the dangerous
quality of imagination. A man of imagina
tion is never moral, he outsours literal de
marcations and reviews life under too many
shifting lights to rest content with tho in
vidious distinctions of the law.'
"But you always say at least, so I under
stood you1" said madame, "that these lads
display no imagination whatever.'
"My dear, they displayed imagination, and
ofav ery fantastic order, too," returned tho
doctor, "when they embraced their beggarly
profession. Besides and this is an argu
ment exactly suited to your intellectual level
many of them are English and American.
"Where else should we expect to find a thief I
And now you had better get your coffee.
Because we liave lost a treasure, there is no
reason for starving. For my part, I shall
break my fast with whito wine. I feel un
accountably heated and thirsty today. I
can only attribute it to tho shock of the dis
covery. And yet, you will bear me out, I
supported the emotion nobly.'
The doctor had now talked himself back
into an admirable humor; and as ho sat in
the arbor and slowly imbibed a large allovv-
, ance of white wine and picked a little bread
and cheese with no very impetuous appetite,
if a tbiru 01 111s meaiiaiions ran upon tao
inibsing treasure, the othor two thirds were
more pleasingly buried in the retrospect of
his detective skill.
About 11 Casimir arrived. He had caught
an early train to Fontaineblcau and driven
over to save time, and now his cab was sta
bled at Tentaillon's, and he remarked, study
ing his watch, that he could spare an hour
and a half. He was much tho man of busi
ness, decisively sjioken, given to frowning in
an intellectual manner. Anastasie's born
brother, he did not waste much sentiment on
the lady, gave her an iTngnsu ramtiy Kiss,
and demanded a meal without delay.
"You can tell mc yourrtor- while wo cat,"
lie observciL "Anything good toda-, Stasief
He was promised something good. The
trio sat down to a table in the ai lor, Joan
Marie waiting as well as eating, and the doc
tor recounted what had hap)ened in his
richest narrative manner. Casimir heard it
w ith explosions of laughter.
"What a streak of luck for you, 1113- goo"
brother," he observed, when the tale was
over "If you hud gone to Paris you would
have played dick -duck-drake with the whole
consignment in three months. Your own
would have followed, and vou would have
come to me in a procession like last time.
Bat I give vou warning Stasie 111:13 weep
and Hem 1 ratiocinate it will not serve 3011
t ice. Your next collapse will In. fatal. I
tlought I had told 30U so, Stasie' 1103-: No
The doctor winced and looked furtive!- at
Jean-Mario: but tho boy beenied apathetic.
"And then again." broke out Casimir,
"what children 'ou art. vicious children,
myfaitlr How could you tell the value of
this trash' It might have I eeii worth natr.
ing. or next dior "
"Pardon me," said the doctor. "You havo
our usual How of spirits, 1 jeii-elo; b-it
, even less than our usual tlelilierat on. lam
, not entirely ignorant of these matters.'
I "Not entirely ignorant of anything ever 1
hcmil of.'" interrupted Casimir. bowing, and
I raising his glass with a sort of p?rt MiIite
1 nesS.
"At least," resumed the doctor, "I gave mv
mind to the .subject that you may be vv ill -to
believe and I estimated that our capit tl
would le doubled' And he des'Tibcd the
nature of the find.
"My word of honor'"' said Casimir, "I Inlf
believe 3011' But much would depend on the
qualitv of the gold."
The quality, my dear Casimir, was'"
And the din-tor in default of language, kissed
his linger tijis.
'1 would not take your word for it. in
good friend." retorted the man of hiis.iii
"Youaiea man ot very in-y vieis. But
this lobbcrv," he continued "this rohliery
I is an odd thiiii:. Of course I -kiss over your
1 iionsenM-alxjut gangs ami lundscujie paint
, crs For me, that is a dream. Who was iu
I the house last night:'
j "None but ourselves,' replied the doctor.
"And this otiug gentleman.'" asbsl
1 Casimir, jerking a nod in the diiectionof
I "He too" the doctor Ioweil.
"Well, and, if it is a fair question, nh 1 1
her" pursiicil the brother-in law.
"Jean-Marie," ausiu-rcd the doctor, "coin
bines the functions of a son and stable loy
He began as the latter, but h lose rapid to
th more honorable rank 111 ouratrn-tions
He 1-. 1 may bav , the greatest comfort in our
Ha!" said Casimir. "And previous to le
?oming one of v-ou.'"'
"Jean-Mane has lived a remarkable exist
ence . hi- e.xperiiiice has lccn eminently
loimative." replied Desprcj. ' It I had to '
choose an education lor mv son. I should
Irtvc clio-en such another Beginning 1'to
with mountebanks ami thieve-, jci-sing on
ward to the societyand lriendsiiipof philoso
phers, he niiiy lie said to have skimmed tii
volume of human lite '
Thieves.'"" ie"atd th brotiter-in-Iaw.
with a meditative air.
ThediK-tor could have bitten his tongiio '
nit. lb foresaw was coming. and pio-
eiLlils iniiid lor a v igorous Uoteiiso. ,
"Did vou ever bteal 3"oui"seIfr" asked ("asi-
' niir. tin ning suddenly on Jean-Marie, and
for the first time employing a. single evegl
j which hung round his neck.
"Ye-, sir," leplicd the lov, with .1 l
' blush.
tss j
- I
j Casimir turned to the others with pur-ed
, lip-, and nodded to them meaningly. "Hev-
1 raid he; "how lsthatf"'
I "Jean-Mane is a teller of the truth." ic-
j turned the doctor, throwing out his bust.
i "Helms never told a lie," added inadniue.
j "lie I- the lxstof boys."
I "Never told a lie. has lie not:" r-f!oc.rd
j Cjisimir.
! "Strange, very strange. Give me your a
I tent ion, my young friend," he continued.
I "You knew about this treasure:'
I "He holjxil to bring it home," inierp'ised
th' doctor.
"Desproz, I ask you nothing but to holt
' v our tongue," returned Casimir "I mean to
j question this stable ly of yours and if vou
I in c -o certain of his innocence, 3"ou can af
I ford to kt him answer for him-elf. Now,
sir," lie resumed, minting hi- evlass
I straight at Jeun Marie, "vou kneu 11 could
!e stolen with itiipmutv
knew oil
lld vou,
would not In? prosecuted'
or did you not '"
"I did," answered Jean Marie, in a iliiser
able whisper. He sat thre chauging color
itke a revolving pliai os, twisting his fingers
iivsteiically, -walloaing air, the jiietuie if
"You knew where it was put:"' returned
the inquisitor.
"Yes," from Jean-Marie.
"You say -ou have lieen a thief beforv,"
continued Casrnir. ''Now how am I tnknow
' that you are not on-i still.' I suppose ou
ould cliuil 1 the green gate.'"'
Yes." still lower from tho rulprit.
Well, th?n, it was you who stole thoo I
things. You know it, and you. dare not deny
St lok 1110 iu tho facel Raise your sneaks
eyes, and answer!"
-," s
: -WV.,
"Hatse your flieafc'.i cics."
But in placo of anything of that sort Jean
Marie broke into a dismal howl and lied frm
th" arlwr. Anastasie, as she pursued to ca
ture and reassure the victim, found time to
send one Parthian arrow "Casimir, you are
a brute!"
"My brother," said Desprez, with tho
greatest dignity, "v-ou take ukii yourself a
"De-prez," lntcmipted Casimir, "for
heaven's sake be a man of the world. You
telegraph me to leave my business and come
down here on yours. I come, I ask the busi
ness, you say 'Find mo this th:i.-f ! Well, I
find him; I say 'There he is!' You need not
like it. but you have no manner or right to
take offen-e."
"Well." returned the doctor, "I grant that;
I will even thank you for vour mistaken zeal.
1 t your hyiKithesis was so extravagantly
Ixok here," interrupted Casimir: "was it
you or Stasief
"Certainly not," answered the doctor.
"Very well; then it was the ly. Say no
more about it," said tho brother-in-law, and
he produced his cigar case.
"I will say this much more," returned Des
prez: "If that boy came and told me so him
self I should not believe him: and it I did le
lievehim, so implicit is my trust I should
conclude that he had ncted for the best"
"Well, well," said Casimir, indulgently.
"Have you a light i I must le going. Anil,
by the way, I wish you would let me i-ell
your Turks for vou. I always told you it
meant smash. I tell vou so again. Indeed,
it was jiartl that that brought me down.
You never acknow ledge my letters a most
uuardoiiable habit"
"My good brother," replied the doctor
blandly, "I have never denied 30111- ability 111
business: but I can erceive 3 our limita
tions." "Egad. 1113- friend, 1 can return the compli
inent," observed the man of business. "Your
limitation is to be downright irrational."'
"Observe tha relative jositicn,"' rctuiueJ
the doctor with a smile. "It is your attitude
to believe through thick and thin in one
man's judgment your own. I follow the
same opinion, but critically and with oei)
e3-es. Which is the mors irrational? I leav t
it to yourself."
"Oh, my dear fellow," cried Casimir, "stick
ti vour Turks, stick to 3-our stable Ixn-, go ti
the devil in general iu your own way and be
done with it But don't ratiocinate with
me I cannot bear it And so, ta ta. 1
might as well have stayed away for any good
I've done. Say good-by from me to Stasie
aad. to the sullen hang doj of a stable boy, it
. V .. Af X- , J S r hiuriiil into the blai
J )V V-!'-" "-?' U.C' ft-'- ! As it was, the whole
.. .- y 1
A2'',S. 1 V '-S-' ",,,,r "as llL'v'-'r
''- ';iC V'VVfV-t'-rc.?7tes 1 he narrattil its
?rCc AwShSf I tlw character of its
' yl y. Ar'nJrS. 1 ! tl.e Hebrew merchant who its
AV - v. Xt f T?M iO. t Hi'f W;,,K u,,,'r '"' "'v of l,R" ,uw " l,a",t tho
t,,-jTv4-l f f ySfV- ( K.y myster: .us engraver of the runes, down to
l' rKv?!-,fi:t2S w.rl "!8 the long headed, duty handed lmor from
k. .. r 1 v v .--. jm.,i.- -.-,
Af B I U"A tof Jf' ' Jk
"o -l:"' 4 l' yAa?
I ."mfnV"!:Pait, I'll! Oil.
j And Casimir dearied. The doctor that
night dissected his character before Anasta
sie. "One thing, 1113- lieautiful," he said, "he
has learned one thing from his live long
acquaintance with your husband: the word
ratiocinate. It shines in his vocabulary like
a jewel in a muck heap. And, even so, he
continualh- misapplies it For you must
hav e observed he uses it as a sort of taunt, in
the case of to ergotise, implying, as it were
the oor, dear fellow! a vein of sophistry-A-i
to Ins cruelty to Jean Mario, it must be
forgiven hint it is not his nature, it is tho
nature of hi- life. A man who deals with
moiiev , my dear, is a man lost"
With Jean-Marie the process of reconcilia
tion hail lieeu somewhat slow. At first he
was inconsolable, insisted on leaving the
family, went fiom laroxysm to paroxysm of
tears; and it was only after Anastasie had
lieen clo-eted for an hour with him, alone,
that she came forth, sought out the doctor,
and, w ith tears iu her e-es, acquainted that
gentleman with what had passed.
"At fin-t my husband, he would hear of
nothing, she said. "Imagine! if he had left
us' what would the treasure be to that.'
Horrible treasure, it has brought all this
about! At last, after he has bobbed his very
lieai t out, he agrees to stay on a condition
we ar not to mention this matter, this infa
mous su-picioii, not even to mention the rob
Iterv On that agreement only, the poor,
cruel liy will consent-to remain among his
"But this inhibition," said the doctor, "this
emlkargo it cannot possibly apply to me."'
"To all of us, Anastasie assured him.
".My cherished one," Desprez protested,
"you must have misunderstood. It cannot
npply to me. He would naturally come to
"Henri," she said, "it does; I swear to you
it tllK-s."
"This is a painful, a very painful circum
stance," the doctor said, looking a little
black. "I cannot affect, Anastasie, to be
anything but justly wounded. I feel this, I
feel it. my wife, acutely."
"I knew you -would," she said. "But if
you had seen his distress! We must make
allowances, we must sacrifice our feelings."
1 'I trust, my dear, you have never found
me nv er-e to sacrifices,"' returned the doctor
very stitily.
"And you will let me go and tell him that
1 you ha.-e agreed? It will le liko your noble
' nature," sho cried.
; So it would, he perceived it would le liko
his noble nature! Up jumped his spirits,
triumphant at the thought. "Go darling,"
he said nobly, "reassure him. The subject
is buried; more I make an effort, I have
accustomed my will to these exertions and
it is forgotten."
A little after, but still with swollen eyes
and looking mortally sheepkh, Jean-Mario
reappeared and went ostentatiously about
his business. He was tho only unhappy mem
ber of the party that sat down that night to
siqqier. As for tho doctor, he was radiant.
He thus sang the requiem of the treasure:
' "This has been, on the whole, a most amus
ing episode." lie said. "We are not a penny
the worse nay, we are immensely gainers.
Our philosophy has leen exercised; some of
the turtle is still left the most wholesome of
delicacies: I have iny staff; Anastasie has
her new dress; Jean-Marie is the proud K)s-s-s
or of a fashionable kepi. Besides, wo
had a glass of Hermitage last night: tho glow
' still suffuses my memory. I was growing
ixitively niggardly with that Hermitage
, Kisitively niggardly. Let me take the hint
1 We had one bottle to celebrate the nppear-
ance of our visionary fortune; let us have a
second to con-ole us for its occultation. The
third I hereby dedicate to Jean-Marie'b wed
ding breakfast
The doctor's house lias not "et received tho
compliment of a description, and it is novr
high time that the omission were supplied,
for the liouse is itself an actor iu the storv-,
and one w hose art is nearly at an end. Two
stories in height, walls of a warm 3-elIow,
tiles of an ancient ruddy
with moss and lichen, it stood with one wall
to the street in the angle of the doctor's
propcrt3". It was roomy, draughty and in
conveiiieut. The large ratters were here and
theie engraven with rude minks and pat
terns; the handrail of the stair was carved
in countrified arabesque; a stout timlier pil
lar, which did duty to support the dining
room roof, Imre mysterious characters on its
darker side, runes, according to the doctor;
nor did he fail, when lie ran over tho
legendary historv of the house and its os-se-sors,
to dwell ujion the Scandinavian
scholar who had left them. Floors, doors
and rafters had made a great variety of
angles; every room had a particular inclina
tion; the gable had tilted toward the garden,
after the manner of a leaning tower, and one
of the form r proprietors had buttressed the
building trom the side with a great strut of
wood, like the derrick of a crane. Alto
gether, it had many marks of ruin; it was a
house for the rats to de-ert; und nothing
but its excellent brightness the window
glass polished and sinning, the paint Well
scoured, the brasses radiant, the very prop
I all wreathed about with climbing (lowers
nothing, but its air of a well tended, smil
ing veteran, sitting, crutch and all, iu the
sunn corner of a garden, marked it as a
house for comfortable. eoile to inhabit. In
poor or uile management 11 wouiii soon nnve
kguard stages of decay,
family loved it, and the
better inspired than when
imaginary story and drew
successive masters, from
whom he had himself acquired it ata ruinous
expense. As forauv alarm aliout its securitv ,
the idea had never presented itself. What
had for ci'iituiies might well endure a
little longer
Indeed, ill this .articular winter, after
the finding and losing of the treasure, the had an anxiety of a very ditrereiit
order, and one which lay nearer their hearts.
Jean-Mane was plainly not himself. He had
fits ol hectic activity, when he made unusual
exertions to please, soke more and luster,
and redoubled his attention to his le-sons.
But these were interrupted by spells of
melancholia and brooding sie'iice, w lien tht
bo was little better than unbearable.
"Silence," the 1ik tor inoralicd "you see,
Ana-tasie, w hat comes of silence. Had the
lmy prop-rly unbo-oced him-elf, the little
disapjMjiiitment almut the trea-ure. the little
annoyance about Casimir's incivility, would
long ago have I ecu foi gotten. As it is. they
pie iihiii hun like a ui-ca-e. He lo-e- lle-li,
his appetite Is variable, and, on the whole,
impaired. I keep him on the strictest regi
men, I exhibit the most powerful tonics;
both in vain."
"Don't vou think "on drug him to: muchf
asked madame, with an irrepressible shudder.
"Drug'" cried the doctor; "I drug: Ana
stasie. 3-ou are mad!"'
Time went on, and tho boy's health still
slowl3" declined. The doctor blamed tho
weather, which was cold and boisterous. Ho
J called in his confrere from Bourron, took a
fancy for him, magnified his capacity, and
was prett3" soon under treatment himself it
fccarcely nppeared for what complaint. He
and Jean-Marie had eacli to take medicine at
different eriods of the day. Tho doctor
used to lie in wait for the exact moment,
watch in hand. "There is nothing like regu
larity,"' he would say, fill out tho doses, and
dilate on the virtues of the draught; and if
the boy seemed none the better, the doctor
was not at all the worse.
Gunpowder day the boy was particularly
low. It was scowling, squally weather.
Huge broken companies of clouds sailed
swiftly overhead; raking gleams of sunlight
swept the village, and were followed by in
tervals of darkness and white, flying rain.
At times tho wind lifted up its voice and bel
lowed. The trees were all scourging them
selves along the meadows, the last leaves fly
ing like dust. The doctor, between the boy
and the weather, was in his element; he had
a theory to prove. He sat with his watch
out and a barometer in front of him, waiting
for the squalls and noting their effect upon
-the human pulse. "For the true philosopher,'
ho remarked delightedly, "every fact in na
ture is a toy." A letter came to him, but as
its arrival coincided with the approach of
another gust he merely crammed it into his
pocket, gave the time to Jean-Marie, and the
next moment they were both counting their
pulses as if for a wager.
At nightfall tho wind rose into a tempest
It besieged tho hamlet, apparently from
every side, as if with batteries of cannon; tho
houses shook and groaned; live coals were
blown upon the floor. The uproar and terror
of the night kept people long awake, sitting
with pallid faces giving ear.
It was 12 beore tne Desprez family retired.
By 1:30, when the storm was already somo
what past its height, the doctor was awak
ened from a troubled slumber, and sat up. A
noise still rang iu his cars, but whether of
this world or the world of dreams he was not
certain. Another clap of wind followed. It
was accompanied by a sickening movement
of the whole house, and in the subsequent
lull Desprez could hear the tiles pouring like
a cataract into the loft abovt. his head. He
plucked Anastasie bodily out of bed.
"Run!" he cried, thrusting some wearing
apparel into her hands; "the house is falling!
To the garden!"
She did not pause to bo twice bidden; she
was down tho stair in an instant. Sue had
never before suspected herself of such activ
ity. The doctor meanwhile, with the speed
of a piece of pantomime business, and uude
teri ed b- broken shins, proceeded to rout out
Jean-Marie, tore Aline from her virgin slum
!ers, seized her by the hand and tumbled
down stairs and into the garden, with the
girl tumbling liehind him, still not half
The fugitives rendezvoused in the arlior
by some common instinct Then came a bull's
eye Hash of struggling moonshine, which
disclosed their four figures standing huddled
from the wind iu a ralllo of flying draper,
and not without a considerable need for
more. At the humiliating spectacle
Anastasie clutched her night dre-s desperately
about her and burst loudly into tears. Tho
doctor flew to console her; but she elbowed
him uway. Sho suspected everybody of
being the general public, and thought tho
darkness was alive with eyes.
Another gleam and another violent gust
arrived together; the house was seen to rock
on its foundation, and, just as tihe light was
once more ecnjisea. a crasii wiucii triumpbeil
over the shouting of tho wind announced its
fall, and for a moment the w hole garden was
alive with skipping tiles and brickbats. Oue
such missile grazed the doctor's ear; an
other descended on the bare foot of Aline,
who instantly made night hideous vv ith her
By this time the hamlet was alarmed,
lights flashed from the windows, hails
reached tho party, and tho doctor answered,
nobly contending against Aline and the
tempest But this prospect of help only
awakened Anastasie to a more active stage
of terror.
"Henri, jveople will bo coming," she
screamed in her husliand's ear.
"1 trust so," he replied.
"They cannot I would rather die," she
"My dear,' said the doctor reprovingly,
"you are excited. I gave -ou some clothes,
What have you done with theinf
"Oh, I don't know I must have thrown
them away! Where are they.'"' she sohlxil.
Desprez groped aliout in the darkm-s.
"Admirable!" he remarked: "my gray vel
veteen trousers! This w ill exactly meet your
"Give them to me!" she cried fiercely; but
as soon as she had them in her hands her
mood apeared to alter she stood silent for
a moment, and then pressed the garment back
upon the doctor. "Give it to Aline," she said
"loor girl."
"Nonsense!" sa id the doctor. "Alino does
not know what she is about Aline is be-n!o
herslf with terror; and, at any rate, she is a
peasant. Now I nut really concerned nt this
exj-ui e for a erson of your housekeeping
habits: my solicitude and your fantastic
modesty both mint to the same remedy the
pantnlo in--."' He held them ready.
"It is inqiossible. You do not understand,'
she said with dignity.
By this time rescue was at hand. It had
lieen found impracticable to enter by the
sti eet, for the gate was blocked with masonry,
and the nodding niin still threatened further
avalanches. But between the doctor's gar
den and the one on the right hand there was
that very picturesque contrivance a com
mon well; the door on tho Desprez' side had
chanced to be unbolted; and now, through
the arched ajierture, a man's bearded lace
ami an arm stiporting a lantern were intro
duced into the world of windy darkness,
where Anastasie concealed her woes. Tho
light struck hero and there among tho
tossing apple bouglis, it glinted ofi tho grass;
but the lantern and the glowing face became
the center of the world. Anastasie crouched
back from the intrusion.
"This w a-!' shouted the man. "Are you
nil sater
Aline, still sci earning, tan to the new
comer, and was presently hauled head fore
most through the wall.
"Now, Anastasie, come on, it'-our tuin,"'
slid the hu-band.
"I cannot," she replied.
"Are we all to die of exposure, madame:'
thundered l)r Desprez.
"You can go!" she cried "Oh, go. go
awa ' 1 can slay here; I tun quite waim."
The doctor tool, her b the shoulders with
an oath.
"Slop!"' sin- screa111.1l. "I will j.ut them
She took the detested leadings iu her hand
once more, but her rcpul'iou was stronger
than s;uiie. "Never!" &Le cried, shudder
ing, and tiling them far aw a into the night
Next moment the doctor had whirled bet
to the well. The man was there and tho lan
tern; Anastisie closed her eyes and apjieared
to herself to lie about to die. How she was
transKi ted through the arch she knew not;
but once on the other side she vvas received
by the neighbor's wife, and enveloped in a
friendly blanket.
Beds were made ready for the two women,
clothes of very various sizes for the doctor
and Jean-Marie; and for tho remainder of
the night, while madame dozed in and out on
tho borderland of hysterics, her husband sat
be-ide the fire and held forth to the admiring
neighbors. He showed them, at length, the
causes of the accident; for yeais, he ex
plained, the fall had been impending; one
sign had followed another, the joints had
ojiened, the plaster had erackled, the old
walls bowed inward; last, not three weeks
ago, tbe cellar door had begun to work with
difficulty iu its grooves. "Tho cellar!" ho
said, gravely shaking his head over a glassof
mulled wine. "That reminds me of my poor
vintages. By a manifest Providence tho
Hermitage was nearly at an end. One bot
tle 1 lose hut 0110 bottle of that incompara
ble wine. It had been set apart against Jean
Marie's wedding. "Well, I must lay down
some more; it will be nn interest m life. I
am, however, a man somewhat advanced in
years. My great work is now buried in tho
fall of my humble roof; it will never be com
pletedmy namo will havo been writ in
water. And -et 3-011 find me calm I would
say cheerful. Can 3-our priest do more;'
By the first glimjse of tho day the party
sallied forth from the fireside into the street.
The wind had fallen, but still charioted a
world of troubled clouds; the air bit like
frot; and tho party, as they stood about tho
ruins in the rainy twilight of tho morning.
beat upon their breasts and blew into their
hands lor warmth. Tho house had entirely
fallen, the walls outward, the roof in; it vvas
a mere heap of rubbish, with hero and there
a forlorn qicar of broken rafter. A sentinel
was placed over tap ruins to protect tho
property, and tho party adjourned to Ten
taillon's to break their fast at the doctor's
expense. The bottle circulated somewhat
freely; and before they left the table it had
begun to snow.
For three days the snow ctntinued to fall,
and the ruins, coveted with tarpaulin and
watched by sentries, were left undisturlied.
The Desprez' meanwhile had taken up their
abode at Tentaillon's. Madame spent her
time in the kitchen, concocting little delica
cies, with tho admiring aid of Mine. Tentail
lon, or sitting b the fire in thoughtful ab
straction. The fall of the house affected her
wonderfully little; that blow had been par
ried by another; and in her mind sho was
continually lighting over again tho battle of
the trousers. Had sho done right! Had sho
done wrong And now sho would applaud
her determination; and anon, with a horrid
flush of unavailing penitence, she would re
gret the trousers. No juncture in her life
had so much exercised her judgment In
the meantime the doctor had become vastry
pleased with the situation. Two of tho sum
mer boarders still lingered behind tho re-t,
prisoners for lack of a remittance; they vv ei o
both English, but one of them spoke French
pretty fluently, and was, besides, a humor
ous, agile minded fellow, with w horn the doc
tor could leasou by the hour, securo of com
prehension. Many were tho glasses they
emptied, many the topics they discussed.
"Anastasie," the doctor said on the third
morning, "take an example from your bus
band, from Jean-Marie. The excitement has
done more for the boy than all my tonics, he
takes his turn as sentry with positive gu-to.
As for me, you behold me. I have made
friends with tbe Eg-ptianj; and my Pharaoh
is, I swear it, a most agreeable companion.
You alone are hipped. About a house a
few dresses? What are theT in. comDarison
to tno fimrmacopoeia' tho labor ot years
tying buried below stones and sticks in this
depressing hamlet J The snow falls; I shake
it from ury cloak! Imitate me. Our income
will be impaired, I grant it, since we must re
build; but moderation, patience and philoso
phy v.'ll gather about tho hearth. In the
meanwhile, the Tcntaillons are obliging; the
tablo, with your additions, will pass; only
the wine is oxecrable well, I shall send for
some to-day. My Pharaoh will be gratified
to drink a decent glass; aha! and I shall see
if lie possesses the acme of organization a,
ialate. If he has a palate, hois perfect"
"Henri," she said, shaking her head, "you
are a man; you cannot understand my feel
ings; no woman could shake off the memory
of so public a humiliation."
The doctor could not restrain a titter.
"Pardon me, darling," he said; "but really,
to the philosophical intelligence, the incident
ujqiears so small a trifle. You looked ex
tremel well"
"Henri !' she cried.
"Well, wll, I will say no more." he re
plied, Though, to be sure, if -ou had con
sented to indue A proHs," he broke off,
"and 1113- u.iiisers' They are lying iu the
siiow 1113- favorite tiousersf" And he dashed
iu quest of Jean-Marie.
Two hours afterward the loy returned to
tiie inn with a spad under one arm and a
cm ious sop of clothing under tbe other.
The doctor ruefully took it iu his hands.
"The3- have been!" ho said. "Their tense is
past. Excellent pantaloons, you are no morel
Sta ! bomething 111 the pocket," and he pro
duced a piece ot paper. "A letter! a', now
I mind me; it wus received on the morning
of the gale, when I was absorlied indelicate
investigations. It is still legible. From jioor.
dear Casimir! It is as weH," he chuckled,
"that I have educated him to wtience. Poor
Casimir and his eon espondence his infini
tesimal, tiinoio;:.., idiotic correspondence!"
He had b this time cautiously unfolded
the wet letter; but, as he bent himself to de
cipher the writing, a cloud descended on his
"Bigref he cried, w ith a galvanic start.
And then the letter vvas whipped into tho
fire, and the doctor's cap was 011 his head iu
the turn of a hand.
"Ten minutes! I can catch it, if I run," he
cried. "It is ulwuys late. I go to Paris. 1
shall telegraph."
"Henri! what is wrong?" cried his wife.
"Ottoman bonds!'' came from the disap--icaring
doctor; and Anastasie and Jean
Marie were left face to face with the wet
trousers. Desprez hail gone to Paris, for the
second time in seven 3 ears, he had gone to
Paris with a air of wooden shoes, a knitted
spencer, a black blouse, a country nightcap,
and tvwiitv Irani-, in his pocket The fall of
the house was but a secondary marvel; the
whole world might havo fallen and scarce
left his family more petrified.
On the morning of tho next day the doc
tor, a mere specter of himself, was brought
back in the eiistody of Casimir. They found
Anastasie and the boy sitting together by tho
fire; and Despici, who had exchanged his
toilet for a ready made rig out of oor mate
rials, waved his hand as he entered and sunk
rHcfhIes on the nearest chair. Madame
turned iliicet to Casimir.
"What is vviimg J" sho cried.
Well,' replied Casimir, "what have I told
you all along It has come. It is u clean
shave this time; so you may as well bear up
and make tho liest of it. House dow u, too,
aif Bail luck, uon iny soul."
"Are we are we ruinedf she gasped.
The doctor stretched out his arms to her.
"Ruined. he replied, "you are ruined by
your sinister husband."
Casimir observed the consequent embrace
through his eveglass; then he turned to Jean
Mari. "You hear!'' he said. "They are
ruined; no more pickings, no more house, no
more fat cutlets. It strikes me, my friend,
that you had best be packing; the present
speculation is about worked out" And he
nodded to him meaningly.
"Never!" cried Desprez, springing up.
"Jam-Marie, if -ou prefer to leave me, now
that I am poor, you can go; you shall receive
your bundled francs, if so much remains to
me. But if you will consent to stay" tho
doctor wept "Casimir offers me a place as
clerk," he resumed. "Tho emoluments are
slender, but they will be enough for three.
It is too much all eady to have lost my for
tune; must I lose my son!"
Jean-Marie sobbed bitterly, but without a
"1 don't like boys who cry," observed Casi
mir. "This 0110 is always crying. Here! -ou
clear out of this for a little; 1 have business
with "our master and mistress, and theso
domestic feelings may be settled ufter 1 am
gone. March''' and he held the door open.
Jean-Mai ie slunk out, like a detected thief.
By V2 they were all at the table but Jcan
Marie. "Hey:"' said Casimir. "Gone, you see.
look the hint at once "
"I do not, I confess," said Desprez, "I do
not seek to excuse his absence. It speaks of
want of heart that disappoints 1110 sorely."
"Want of manners'," corrected Casimir.
"Heait. ho never had. Why, Desprez, for a
clever fellow, you are the most gullible mortal
iu creation. Your lgnoranco of human na
ture and human business is beyond belief. You
are swindled by heathen Turks, swindled by
vagabond children, swindled right and left,
up stairs and down stairs. I think it must
be your imagination, I thank my stars I
have none."
"Pardon me," replied Desprez, still hum
bly, but with a return of spirit at sight of
a distinction to bo drawn; "pardon me, Casi
mir. You possess, even to an eminent de
gree, the commercial imagination. It was
the lack of that in me it nppeais it is my
weak jRjint that lias led to these rejieated
shocks. By the commercial imagination the
financier forecasts the destiny of bis invest
ments, marks the falling house"
"Kgad," interrupted Casimir; "our friend
tho stablo boy appears to have his share
of it."
The doctor was silenced; and tho meal was
continued and finished principally to the tune
of the brother-in-law's not very consolatory
eonversntion. He entirely ignored the two
young English painters, turning a blind eye
glass to their salutations, and continuing his
remarks as if he were alone in tho bosom of
his family; and with every second word ho
ripjied another stitch out of the air balloon of
Desprez' vanity. By the timo coffee was
over tho poor doctor vvas as limp as a napkin.
"Let us go and see the niins," said Casimir.
They strolled forth into the street Tho
fall of the house, like the loss of a front tooth,
had quite transformed the village. Through
the gap the eye commanded a great stretch
of open snowy country, and the placo shrunk
in comparison. It was like a room with an
ox?n door. Tho sentinel stood by tho green
gate, looking very red and cold, but he had a
pleasant word for the doctor and his wealthy
Casimir looked at the mound of ruins, he
tried the quality of tho taqwulin. "H'm,"
he said, "I hope the cellar arch lias stood. If
it has, my good brother, I will give you a
good price for the wines.'
"We shall start digging to-morrow," said
the sentry. "There is no more fear of snow."
"My friend," returned Casimir senten
tiously, "you had better wait till you get
Tho doctor winced, and began dragging
his offensive brother-in-law toward Tentail
lon's. Iu the house there would be fewer
auditors, and these alread' in the secret of
his fall.
"Halloo," cried Casimir, "there goes tbo
stadle boy with his luggage; no, egad, he is
taking it into the inn."'
And sure enough, Jean-Marie was seen to
cross the snowy street and enter Tentaillon's,
staggering under a large hamper.
The doctor stopped with a sudden, wild
"What can he havel" he said. "Let us go
and see." And he hurried on.
"His luggage, to be sure," answered
Casimir. "He is on tho move thanks to the
commercial imagination."
"I have not seen that hamper for forever
so long," remarked the doctor.
"Nor will 'ou see it much longer," chuckled
Casimir, "unless, indeed, we interfere. And,
b3r the vva3, I insist on an examination."
"You vvHl not require," said Desprez, pos
itively, with a sob; and, casting a moist, tri
umphant glance at Casimir, he began to run.
"What the devil is up with him, I won
der!' Casimir leflected; and then, curiosity
taking the upper hand, he followed the doc
tor's example and took to his heels.
The hamper was so heavy and large, and
Jean-Marie himself so little and so weary,
that it had taken him a great while to bundle
it up stairs to tho Desprea' private room,
and he had just set it down on the floor in
front of Anastasie when the doctor arrived,
and was closely fallowed bs the man of busi
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sorry plight, for the one had passed four
months underground in a certain cave on the
way to Acheres, and tbe other had run about
five miles as hard as his legs would carry
him, half that distance under a staggering
"Jean-Marie," cried the doctor, in a voice
that was only too seraphic to be .idled hys
terical, "Is it: It is!"' he cried. "Oh,
my son, my son!" And he sat down uou
the hamper and sobbed like a little child.
"You will not go to Paris, now," said Jean
Marie, sheepishly.
"Casimir," said Desprez, raising his wet
face, "do you see that boy, that angel boy.'
He is the thief; he took the treasure from a
man unfit to be intrusted with its use; he
brings it back to me when I am sobered and
humbled. These, Casimir, are the Fruits of
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"Tiens," said Casimir.
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good for the return trip for six months
from clato of bale, with the usual sto-i-over
privileges 111 both directions within j
these limits. These tickets are also good i
by way of Denver and Stilt Lake City in '
each direction. The Agent, Mr. J. 11.
Meagher, tells us quite a number are'
thinking of making the trip soon, and it
would lie well for those intending to go,
in select parties to see him ami arrange
for their accommodations. Mr. J. I.
Frawley. Traveling Agent. Union Pacific,
at Omaha, is arranging for these select
parties, and will be glad to give any fur ,
tlier information in regard to these ex
cursions. Parties who prefer can cor res
IMind with Mr. J. P. . T. A..
Omaha, Nob.
If the statT be crooked the .slmiluw
cannot be straight.
On and after April LI'th. the da
coaches on the Union Pacific's No. :..
known as the "Overland Flyer," will be
taken off, to better enable it to make
time. This will adil largelv tothepopu
larity that has already been gained b.v
this fast, train. Aftor that date it will
carry only passengers holding first-class
tickets, tit points where I he train makes
regular stops, between ('..iim-il Bluffs
and Ogden. Such passengers must pur
chase tickets for seats or berths 111 Pull
man sleepers, before entering the cars,
Happier are the hands compassed vith
iron than a heart with tliou-'ht:).
liartlelil I'.ianrli.
On the (treat Salt Lake near Salt Luke
City, on the Union Pacific. "Tin? Over
land Route," will be formally opened lo
the public on Decoration day. May .'Oth.
Ample accommodations have been pro
vided, and the Pacific hotel compaii
will hare charge of the hotel accommo
dations at this famous resort under the 1
supervision of the Union Pacific raihvuv
No pains or expense have been spared lo I
make this . summer resort of the west.
It is only eighteen miles from Salt Lake
City on the Utah.V Nevada branch oF the .
Union Pacific. Trains will be run at
rreijitent intervals dailv between Salt
LakeCitvand the Beach. Cheap trams.
good baths, and excellent meals will be
among the attractions. "'If
Folly grows without watering.
Worth Know in;.
Mr. W. II. Morgan, merchant. Lake
City, Fla., was taken with a severe cold,
attended with a distressing cough and
running into consumption in its first
btnges. He tried many so-called popit
lar cough remedies and steadily grew
worse. Was reduced in flesh, diffi
culty iu bieatlung and was unabl to
Bleep. Finally tried Dr. King's Xew
Uiscovery for consumption ami found
immediate r lief, and after using about
a half dozen bottle found himself well
and has had no return of the di&c.t-e.
No other remedy can show -o grand a
record of cures, as Dr. King's New- Dis
covery for consumptu.u guaranteed to
do jiibt what is claimed for it, Tn.d
bottle free at Dowty ,fc PeeherV. drug
Thursday come, and the week is gone.
Habitual Constipation
And kidney ttnd liver ills, depending on
a weak and inactive condition of the kid
neys, liver or bowels, are successfully
and permanently cured only by the use
of the gentle yet effective laxative and (
diuretic, Syrup of Figs. Its advantages
aro evident; it is eas taken, pleasing to
the taste, acceptable to the stomach,
harmless to tho most delicate system,
and truly beneficial in effect. For sale
onlv bv Dowtv k Becher.
There is a grettt
sweet command.
force hidden in a
I"e:ic.v- Iter Youth.
.Mrs. i'hu-be 'hesley. IVlern.m. ('!:
.'oiuitv. Iowa, tells the following lem irk
abh stor. tin truth of which i- von. -I:
ed for bv tin residents o: th tov. a
I'll! 7"' .! old. have be.-tl tro:tle-.l
with kidne . ompkiitit .Old lameueib for
m.itiv ve.:rs- i..n!.l i.i it dre.-s ii.
.-elt without help. Now I am fie.
from all p.nn ami t-oicm s. ami am iible
to do .ill in own housework. I owe mv
th.nks ii, ! I. tit. IJitters for having
leiiewed m vomit, .iiin' icmoved com
plolelv al! disease and pain." Tr .1
Lottie, 5() cents ami SI at Down .V
liecher's drugstore.
Valor that parleys ia never yielding.
Draft Horse Co.
A Weekly Newspaper issued" every
.'2 ('t'luiiiii.s of re:ulhi matter, ron-
siliiiol' Nebraska State News
Items, Selected Stories and
'.iuiile ropies Mut fur to mi) sJ.tre-.-.
Subscription price.
$1 a year, in Advance.
M. K. Tr iiNi: .V ('.,
Columbus, te C.i.. Nehr
All kinds of Kepairin
Short Notice. Bii-r-r
ons, etc., made to
and all work
(in. ir
Also sell the world-famous Walter A.
Wood Mowers. Reapers, Combin
ed Machines, Harvesters,
and Self-binders the
best made.
tSTShop opposite the 4Tatter3all," on
iillve St.. COLUMBUS. 'Xi-m
Health is Wealth !
Oh. K. I. West's Nfhvk m Hkvim 1'hfvi
ion r, h K'UHrrintet-il Knerifie for lljr.lerm, Oizzi
liect.. Convilltious, FUb, "SiTMHln NuimlKln.
Ileuilaelie. Nervoim I'rimtratione-uii-tsI hv then?
I of iileohol or tolmcco, Vnkftiluetra Mental V""
j .re-.nioii, Softenuik; of the Hmin reiultinx 111 111
Kimt) ami leiuhni; to miMry, tlei-H. nuil ilwitli.
I I'reiimtiire OM An. Barrenm-Mi. Lose of over
. 111 .illn-r r-.-a. Involuntary Losmi-m ami Si.eriiimt
orrhn 1 cnif.e.1 lij over-exertion of t!. Ijnun.-t.-lt
nl.ii!-.- or mcr iiululeuce. karri lxx ron'mii.
ou month'r. treatment. Jt.OOa bo, orxn !.
f.r$r..U),Mnt lj mail prepani on receipt of prn-o
1 o rnre anj ease. W ith each order reeeiixl t w
Tor nix Ixixerf. accompanied with 3"i.t"). ue will
rend the piirelinMT our written KiiRrunt.-e tore
fund the money if tht treatment duet not efli-ct
a cure. Hiinmnttfrt ihited onlv !, Ilontv ,
livelier. ilnimciVtH, bo! iiKentn, ( oluniliiiri, .Nel
.09 & lit W. Ninth St.. KANSAS CITY. MO
The only Specialist in the City who is a Regular
Graduate in Medicine Over I'O years' I'ractie.
12 years in Chicago.
Authorized by the State to treat
Cliroiiic.Nervotiaand "Jspecinl Ins
eases." Seminal Weakness miht
toiwj .Sexual Debility !' mmil
prer), Nerv-ou iH-billty. PoiMineil
kluil. Urinary InseaMe!. anil iu fm t.
all troubles or diseases in cither
mate or female. Cures i:iiaruue-l
1 nr money refunded. Charges low. Thousands ol
cases cured, "experience is important. Allmedi
1 cints are guaranteed to be pure and etHi-aciou.
ibeiiiK compounded in my perfectly apioiutsl
laboratory, and are furnished ready for um. No
running to drug stores to have uncertain pie
Hcriptions tilled. No mercury or injurious uiwti
I lines used. Nodetentinn from business, l'atieuti
1 at 11 distance treated by letter and express, mrdi
I cities (tent everywhere free from gaze or break
1 age. State your case unit send for terms ton
sultation free and contidential, personally or by
A M page DfYl"r For Both Sexeu. sent
Illustrated iJUvllk s.-alrd in plain cm elope
ion.e in slumps, i-.very male, irom tho ue n
11 to-T., should read this book.
$50 fur any r.- thW tr-ftiu.Qt fail to I
cure or b-Ip. frtnti ducorrrf ia a&aN I
f EwJiciiir' One tlo-M? Rite rflif . & JVw I
ilovi remove- prer anil ro m joiit
Curr corarjlrtr-l in . to 7 d S-td-I stare I
rTit of caK- tth itun for ''ircularj.
i an. or fcllreM
Wr-B run chit s.- s"v-
L. I 1 IM LrO C3old n VU
Se-V-lJor Ce.i-culjr.s5l trkHlt3 far 9,.
; y- T7 - 1 m
rOW3?r 4fc I1ECHER.
Trade aprliJ by the H. T. Clabk Detjo Co.,
Lincoln, Nab. .caiiS-ly.
BlacKsiiiitn iiud WaaouMaKer
-J-T'ol 717. i aiiAtri I
1T 1
Avi a r
1 HQP!
I-1M - 7rrHiKft U
TM-1 1 mm I 1
-:6 mo j. vrr thcon ly-
Tl 12 Br tiyuV CAy cure
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