The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, October 06, 1886, Image 2

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latwtist ttt Poitoflei, Csluatu.XTrt., t:ncosi
clut Btttir.
For Lieutenant-Governor,
For Secretary of Slate,
For State Treasurer,
For State Auditor.
For Commissioner or Public Lands and
For Sunt, or Public Instruction,
For Attorney-General,
Wahoo has a board of trade.
It is better to boast after the
battle, if at all.
Mr. Blaine has been invited to
speak in Tennessee.
The Republican State central com
mittee has been called to meet at
Lincoln Oct. 8th.
There is talk of the Democrats, at
their state convention nominating a
candidate for U. S. senator.
The next county 6eat contest in
Madison county will come early in
Ox tho 2d iut. a heavy frost ap
peared at Ashcrville, N. C. It in
jured vegetation, particularly the
tobacco crop.
The Nebraska City Press estimates
Howe's majority over McShanc iu
the First CongreBional district at fi,
000 majority.
The Republican stato ticket
throughout is composed of old
soldiers, two of whom, Laws and
Scott, are one-legged veterans.
Acting Secretary Fairchild has
authorized the reopening of the mint
at Carson City, Nev., as an assay
office for the receipt of deposits of
It is reported in an exchange that
the shipwrights of the United States
have agreed to put in no bids for the
construction of Mr. Whitney's British
designed cruisers.
Owing to the disease among the
cattle at Chicago, the state board of
health of Kentucky has issued a
proclamation of quarantine against
the state of Illinois.
The weekly statement of the as
sociated banks in New York shows
a reserve decrease of 13,116,000.
The banks now hold $5,964,000 in
excess of the 25 per cent. rule.
" Judge O. P. Mason has accopted
the position on the railroad commis
sion tendered him by Secretary
Roggcn, filed his bond, and entered
upon the duties of his office on the
2d in st.
Senator John Sherman, of Ohio,
by invitation of the republican state
executive committee of Kentucky,
delivered an able speech the other
evening to a largo audience at Louis
A majority of the members of the
Nebraska legislature and senate will
doubtless be republicans, and can
easily decide among themselves
whom they shall want for U. S.
The Telescope of Nance county
does not seem to he tatisfied with the
actiou of the late count)' convention,
and is especially opposed to Mcikle
john, who evidently had the utmost
confidence of the convention.
A special trom Chadron, Neb.,
states that a sergeant of the Indian
police the other day killed a Chey
enne Indian at Pine Ridge agency.
The Indian had resisted arrest. There
are reports of 6erious trouble.
It is now said that the North
western is preparing to checkmate
the contemplated north Nebraska
branch of the Union Pacific from
Albion by building north from that
point to Oakdale itself, being a con
tinuation of the Scribner branch.
There appears to be a determina
tion, judging from information re
ceived from exchanges, that there
will ie a combination among coal
dealers In several of the eastern
cities and some of the western towns
to raise the price of coal.
Whenever fowls can run at large
without detriment to the garden,
they should be allowed to do so by
all mean b. Nine-tenths of the troub
le and diseases bmoug poultry are
the result of keeping fowls too close.
Plow the heavy land and leave it
in the rough condition so that the
frost can penetrate it and render it
fine. There is no better agency for
pulverizing tough soils than frost.
It will also at the same time destroy
the cut worms.
Pleuropneumonia waB raging last
week with unprecedented violence
among the cattle in Limerick town
ship, Montgomery Co., Pa., as well as
the neighboring districts. Many have
already died. The farmers believe
the only remedy is o kill the cattle,
leaving the state to pay for them.
The Grand Island Times remarks
that the Toung Men's Republican
Clnb of that place was influential in
securing the nomination of Thayer
for governor. Some forty members
of the Clnb attended the state con
vention, and no donbt did considera
ble towards the General's nomination.
Ik several counties this year two
separate and distinct conventions
were elected, the first to select dele
gates to state and congressional con
ventions, the second for the transac
tion of all other business. In many
conntiee, as in Platte, the work was
provided for at two sessions of the
FfcelpgaBd Irelsmil.
Secretary Bayard does not eeera to
be a good man of affairs, and is
decidedly a poor judge of human
nature, if we may be allowed to
think that he is responsible for the
blunders that have been made by
this democratic administration in
nolnr.tins? reDreaentatives for this
w a m -
country in Japan, China, Mexico and
England. Henry Watteraon of the
Louisville Courier, whose democracy
there is none to dispute, says that
Phelps, this country's representative
in England, has assured the tories
there that "all these home-rule
demonstrations in America were by
demagogues seeking the Iiish vote."
Watteraon further says, and he
speaks from observation, "I do not
mean that the Americau minister in
London should wrap the Americau
flacr about him and perform. I do
not mean that ho should stick hie j
legs in a pair of Irish jack-boots and
whoop up the boys. But I do say
that popularity in England for a
minister of the United States means
the subordination of American to
British ideas, and the adoption by
the minister of a complete British
outfit. Mr. Phelps showed that he
had done this, or was seeking to do
it, when he tickled the tories by the
conceit that nobody in America but
a ritr-raffot demagogues, seekiug the
Irish vote, sympathized with Mr.
Gladstone iu his home rule light, ami
then, thinking to reinstate himself in
the good graces of the riff-raff, our
genial but inexperienced representa
tive hurries down to the foot-lights
to preside at a midnight supper
given iu honor of a variety eig
The iustiuct of the Irish in the last
presidential cauipaiyu, when Imh'.s of
them voted against Cleveland and
for Blaine, was founded on the fact
that tho policy enunciated by Blaine
was purely American, and not in
favor of English interests a against
our own. Iris-b-Americans, why
should you support an administration
or a party which will so belie your
sentiments abroad, and truckle to
gain favor? Phelps is too much of
an aristocrat to represent any phase
of American politics except the kid
gloved, silk-pursed democracy. This
administration thinks to contiuue
itself, perhaps, by catering to
southeru politicians (whence comes
the 6olid strength in a nominating
convention) and to British influences,
which are alarmingly strong in New
York, in commercial affairs.
Repmlrilcsm State CoaTeatloa.
The convention of Wednesday last
was the largest party gathering ever
convened in tho State. It did its
work between seven o'clock p. m.,
and two a. m., and did it unusually
well. There was a marked absence
of unnecessary speech-making. Many
at the time wondered that no nomi
nating speeches were made. When
the chair declared nominations in
order, there was au ominous lull, and
everybody was expectant. No man
roBe in his place to "present a name"
to that vast assembly. The delay
was but momentary, and the conven
tion moved on to its work, minus the
speeches that uo doubt had been well
prepared for the occasion. It is
supposed that each ppeaker wished
to be the last one, and none wanted
to bo followed by John Thurston.
Most of tho talking in the conven
tion wa6 done on the proposition
favoring the submission of a prohibi
tory amendment to the constitution,
to a vote of tlic people, which was
carried by a decided majority, not
withstanding the earnest protesta
tion against such a policy, by (J ere,
Rosewatcr, Laird, and others.
Donbtlet-s many voted affirmatively
on this proposition who will vote
against prohibition, on (lie ground
that the people should be at full
liberty to declare their will in the
The vote on the proposed censure
of tho legislature for euacting the
railroad commission law, after the
submitted amendment had received
the disapproval of the electors of the
state two years ago, was taken with
out much discussian. This method
of testing the real sense of the con
vention was perhaps uuiortunate,
there probably being a number of
members of the legislature and their
friends present who would not care
to join in the censure. A resolution
pledging the republican party of
Nebraska to make the present law
more effective or else to repeal if,
would, we believe, have received the
assent of the convention, and would
be, in our opinion, in full accord
with the sentiment of the people of
Nebraska without respect to political
affiliations, outside of railroad influ
ences. This, we feel sure, is what
the republican party, at the next ses
sion, will do.
The Madison Democrat is trying to
make itself believe that the Republi
can party in this state is all torn up
on the Van Wyck question, and that
there is hope for the Democracy to
elect the next U. S. senator. While
Republicans, as is the usual thing
with them, are divided in' sentiment,
being independent thiukers, they are
abundantly able to select a U. S.
senator who will be republican, all
the way through, and a man to rep
resent the 'people's interests. As the
campaign proceeds, this fact will
be abundantly demonstrated. No
coalitions or tie-ups that the democ
racy can make, no amount of extra
labor and means spent to capture
doubtful districts, and no amount of
abuse heaped upon republican candi
dates will be effective in electing
anythiug but a simon-pure republican
to the U. S. senate.
Terrible loss of life is reported
from exploding fire damp in a Ger
man mine near Scbalke the other day
killing forty-five persons tad serious
ly injuring sixteen others.
Some nieu are never satisfied, un
less they can claim a victory. The
Beatrice Express says : "with James
Laird for temporary chairman of the
state convention, and A. J. Weaver
for permanent chairman, tho Express
fails to discover where a victory for
Van Wyck comes iu the state con
vention so as to be made a Van
Wyck test. How does he like U i
If there was any trial of strength on
the organization of the convention,
after it met at the Opera House, it
was not visible to spectators. The
"stipulations" seemed to be carried
out to the letter, as far as they went,
viz : to the appointment of the com
mittees. Neither wing of the party
is in a situation to claim a victory
over the other, in the organization of
the convention, and the Beatrice
Express may as well understand now,
as later, that the republican party of
Nebraska is a unit on national issues,
if not entirely harmonious on state
matters. Van Wyck will be his own
successor, if the people's wish is
carried out.
We have never beeu able to see
why the Republican party of Nubras
ka, after placing in the constitution
and npnu the statute book the right
of the electors to express their pref
erence for U. S. Seuator, should have
gtme uo further towards making the
law effective. Tho democracy, it
seem, are inclined to take advantage
of the situation, and make a nomina
tion at their state convention. And
this would doubtless be a good thing
for theui to do. The Butler Couuty
Press says : "There will be an effort
iu the Democratic. State Cnuvcutiou
to nominate a caudidato lor U. S.
Seuator. James E. Boyd will proba
bly receive the nomination. It is a
step in the right direction. It is
very proper that the democratic
party should be true to its past his
tory and be tho first party to recog
nize the principle involved iu the
right of the people to express their
The State Journal says that "Bene
dict, the new public printer, plays
the same old dodge that has served
the administration so well from the
beginning. Having a great many
friends to supply with places who
couldn't wait for the slow action of
a pretended "weeding out" of in
efficient employes, he discearged 125
men from the office in a bunch
claiming that they were superfluous,
and that he was an economy and re
form "Injun" of tho first water.
This he caused to be telegraphed all
over the country. In less than thirty
days be will have replaced them with
hia own friends in squads of two to
a dozen a day, but he will not tele
graph anything about it. It is the
meanness of this democratic method
that commends it to the favor of the
administration as high statesmanship.
But it wasn't the way of old An
drew Jackson. He had many faults
but be abhorred low tricks."
It does make a difference; the
Omaha Jtepublican seems not to be
very favorable to the election of
Dr. L. J. Abbott of Fremont, to the
State Senate. The Doctor is an old
republican ; a republican from prin
ciple; not an office-seeker by any
means; he is an enthusiastic political
worker, and was nominated by a
full fledged republican convention.
Is the Jtepublican about to antagon
ize the nominees of the party through
nut the state who may not be in
accord with itself on objects of
minor in.portance, or is it about to
continue its attempt to be the leading
organ of the party in the state, by
airing its prejudices against individ
ual republicans who have independ
ence enough to do their own think
ing? One of our exchanges remarks that
Rosewater can hardly conceal his
preference for Thurston as Senator
Mandersou's successor, or words to
that effect. If John Thurston had
always " paddled his own canoe,"
instead of becoming an attorney for a
railroad, thus neutralizing half his
native force, he would be oue of the
greatest individual forces if not the
very greatest, in Nebraska politics.
He has many good qualities, but the
political leader mimt keep very close
to the heart of the people, cost what
it may. Here, as elsewhere, the man
who is most self-sacrificing, is most
honored by the admiration of his
fellow men.
The democracy of the county will
find just a little neater contest this
time than they have ever bad before
in Platte county. You want to put a
weight, a heavy weight on every
stone, or you will find it turned
against you. Don't waste any time.
Make the campaign short, sharp and
decisive. It is not on the principle
of being forearmed by being fore
warned, but because tho Journal
wishes to let you down easy.
If a Republican president had spent
as much time away from Washington
as Cleveland has done, there would
have been a continuous outcry all
over the country from the democratic
prees. Cleveland will be all the bet
ter for his vacation, and, if he will
take a trip west the next time, and
"view the land," he will have a better
conception of the magnitnde of his
high office than he has yet shown.
The clerk of Butler county has
been instructed by the county Com
missioners to provide in the election
proclamation for this year "an op
portunity for the electors of Butler
county to express their choice for a
U. S. seuator to be elected by the
legislature of 1887."
The belief that the fire at North
Bend that occurred last August and
destroyed about $100,000 worth
of property had been set out, has
been carefully worked by detectives,
and Henry U. Thege in whose boose
the ffre originated has been
arrested and jailed at Fremont,
charged with setting the ire.
Am la veator'M Advice.
George Stevenson, when advising
young nion bow to get on, would
finish by saying "Do as I have done
persevere." For fifteen years he
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the finishing touches to his locomo
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gists. The Lincoln correspondent of the
Omaha Bee gives the full votes, by
counties, in the republican state con
vention, on the resolution censuring
the legislature for enacting the rail
road commission law, and also for the
submission of the question of prohi
bition. The tables are quite lengthy,
but will make an interesting para
graph for the political scrap-book.
A Walklas; tUceleftsm.
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Aontiiki: shrink of earthquake at
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A delegation of New York steam
ship owners was in Washington City
the other day to urge the repeal of
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iu 1884, suspending all discriminating
duties against Spain. The conference
resulted in a promise from the Presi
dent and Secretary Bayard that the
subject would receive prompt atten
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date for nomination to congress as
agaiust Hon. G. W. Dorsey. There
was no foundation whatever for that
report or any other attaching the
the uame of the editor of this paper
to a desire for any office.
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e on
tt oo
A .
V wns adopted bv the Legislature of
the State nf Nebraska, at the Nineteenth
Sesiou thrrcof, and approved March Atli,
A. 0. 1nHT, proposing an amendment to
Set-lion fuur (4)ot Article three (3 of
the Cmittitiition ot aid State, and that
said htiliou 4 amended, shall read as
follows, to-wit:
'Section 4. The term of orBre of nieni
ber ol the Legislature shall be two
ear-, and I bey shall each leeelve piy at
the rate of live dollar per day duriiiir
their .iltin-. aud ten vents for every
mile they nh:ill travel iu going to ami rc
turiiiiit; from the place ol meeting of the
I.egixliiure, on the moat usual rouiv;
Prurhlnl, however. That they shall not
receive pay tor more than sixty days at
anv one tittin, nor more than one hun
dred day- duriug their term; that
neither members of the Legislnture nor
employes shall receive any pay or
perquisites other than their salary and
mileage. Each session, except special
sessions, shall be not less than sixty
davs; after the expiration of forty days
of 'the session uo bills nor joint resolu
tions el' the nature of bills shall be in
troduced, unless the Governor shall by
special message call the attention of the
Legislature to the necessity of passing a
law on the subject matter embraced in
the message, and the introduction of bills
shall be restricted thereto: Provided,
The ballots at said election shall be in
the following form:
"For proposed Amendment to the Con
stitution relating to the Legislative De
partment 'Against proposed Amend
ment to the Constitution relating to the
Legislative Department.'"
Therefore. 1, James W. Dawes, Gov
ernor of the State or Nebraska, do hereby
give notice in accordance with Section
one (1), Article lifteen (l.'i)of the Con
stitution, and the provisions of an act
untitled '-An act to provide the manner
of proposing amendments to the Con
stitution and submitting the same to the
electors of the State," approved Feb
ruary 13th, A. D. 1377, that said proposed
amendment will be submitted to the
qualified voters of this State for ratifica
tion or rejection at the general election
to be held on the 2d day of November, A.
D. 180.
In Witness "Whereof, I
have hereunto set my hand and
caused to be affixed the Great
Seal of the State of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln, this
isEAi.l Twenty-sixth day of July, A.
D. 1880, the Twentieth year of
the State, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States
the One Hundred aud Eleventh.
By the Governor,
James W. Dawks.
E. P. Roggen,
Secretary of State. 4 Aug liui.
To all whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointed to view
aud report upon the location of a public
road commencing at the S. E. corner of
the N.E. M of N. E. of Section 18,
Town 17, Range 1 east, and running
thence south i mile more or less, on
section line to S. E. corner of N. E. M of
S. K. K of Section 18, thence west be
tween the N. . and S. E. & or the S. E.
H of Section 18 until it intersects the
"Gottschals" road, has reported In favor
of the location thereof.
The same commissioner upon the vaca
tion or that part of the "Gottscbalk"
road lying between the above described
intersections and station No. S of said
road, has reported in favor of vacation
thereof, as requested by petitioners.
Now all objections to the location or
vacation of the above described roads,
or claims for damages caused thereby,
must be tiled in the County Clerk's
office on or before noon of the 16th day
of November, 1886, or tbe said lines of
road will be duly established, and va
cated, as called for without reference
Dated, Columbus Neb., Sept. 14th 188G.
John Stacsphb,
Ssptl5.4w Couaty Clerk.
To all whom it may concern:
The Commissioner appointed to view
and report upon the alteration of a part
of the "South Shell Creek" public road
de8criledas follows: to-wit: That part
of the said road now running anglewlte
through the SK , of theSW X, of Sec
tion 9, Town 18, Range 2, west, be dis
continued and vacated, aud that in lieu
thereof a new road lie located commencing
eighty rods west of SB corner ot SE i, of
SW X, ot Section 9, Town 18, Range 2,
west, and running thence north to a point
where the said road will intersect with
the said "South Shell Creek" road, has
reported in favor of the alteration, vaca
tion ana location as caueu tor in peiiuon.
Now all objections to the said alteration
vacation and location as above described
or claims for damage caused thereby,
must be tiled in the County Clerk's office
on or before noon of the tth day of De
cember, 188G, or the said road will be duly
altered, vacated aud located as called for
without reference thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb., Oct. 4th, 1S80.
John Stauffbr,
Oct. 0, 'SC-4 County Clerk.
Electlea Xetlee.
Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of
county of Platte, in the state of Nebraska, that
on tbe 2d day of November, A. D. 1886, at the
places of holding the general election in said
county, there will be submitted to a otc of the
legal voters of said county, the proposition fol
lowing, to-wit: Shall the county board of
Platte county, in the state of Nebraska, appro
priate and expend S12.000.00 of the unappropri
ated moneys now in the treasury of said county
for the purpose of erecting a suitable building
In the city of Columbus, in said county for the
accommodation of tbe county court, county
treasurer, county clerk and such other of tbe
county offices of said county as may hereafter
require rooms and offices for their accommoda
tion. The form in which this proposition shall
be submitted shall be by ballot, upon which
ballots shall be printed or written tbe words
"For building for county offices Yes," or
"For building for county offices No," and
if H of the votes cast shall have thereon the
words "For building for county offices Yes,"
then said proposition shall be declared adoptsSl
otherwise it shall be declared lost.
By order of tbe board of supervisors of Platte
county in is zm aay oreepieniDer, issc.
Attest. John VTJforrmu.
Coanty Clerk.
I court .of f,
I Supervisors f
seal. I
i Platte Co., f
i Neb. C
Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware!
JoVWtrk, Xeoimf art Gitter
Uf lyteulty.
aTSbop OB Olive 8tret, S doers
oortk of Brodfsukrer's Jswslry S tors.
In l he District Court of Platte County,
Nebraska. In the matter of the estate
r Charles licit sm an. deceased.
ien at. 18BG, this, cause came oo for
hcariag on the pctitlsn of 1. J. Nichols,
executor of said estate, heretofore filed
ia tats case, prayiag for a license to sell
cc. tain real estate belonging to the estate
of said deceased, to-wit: The west half
ot the northwest quarter, of section
fifteen, and the south half of northwest
quarter of section ten, all in township
twenty, north, range one, cant of the
sixth principal meridian, in said Platte
County, Nebraska, to pay the debts and
liabilities ot said deceased: It is therefore
ordered by the Court that this cause be
continued for service of notice, and that
all persons interested in said estate ap
pear before the Judge of said Court at the
Court House in Columbus in said County
of Platte, on the 18th day of October,138o
at one o'clock p. m., to show cause why
license should not be granted to said
Executor to sell said lands, to pay the
debts and liabilities of said deceased. It
is further ordered that a copy of this or
der be served by publcation in the Colum
bus Joubnal, published in said county
for four successive weeks, prior to aaid
18th day ofOctobcr. 18S6. A. M . Post.
State of Nebraska.! Judge.
Platte County, f 8s
I, U. Heitkemper, Clerk of the District
Court in and for said county, do hereby
certify that the above and foregoing Is a
true and correct copy of i be original or
der ia said cause, as the same appear of
record aud is on tile in my off ce.
Witness my hand aud the seal of said
Court at Columbus this 28lh dav of Au-
gust, A. 1)., 188G.
By G. Spkick,
G. Hkitkkmpkk,
Clk. Dlst. Ot.
Votiet of Chattel Mortgage Sale.
VJOT1CE is hereby given that by virtue
ll or a chattel mortgage, dated on the
15th day ot May. IBS."., aud duly bled fr
record iu the office of the county clerk of
Platte county, Nebraska, on the 35th dav
of May, 1H8.,and executed by D. L. Arm
strong to C. II. Davis, to secure the pay
ment or tbe sum of $141.00, and upou
which there is now due the iiunoflUOO,
together with $5Ua d'tiiiiges for non
fulfillment of cotiintet. Default having
been made in the p.iyuieiit of said sum.
therefore I will sell, at public auctiin,ttie
property therein describe l.v.z: u steam
boiler, pipe and lining belouln there
to, one mii ill beet-irou boiler, three iron
crates, I wo vats, one cr.iue, oue icc. two
pipe tiuif,'!. two moiikey-wreiiche-, foil r
wooden tables and tr.tys. live r-jses of
tin fruit cans containing about J,(KM eniii.,
and all the fixtures beinit;iu to thecau
niu house of i II. D:ii.
Sale to take place at the eanuiug
situs ted immediately back of OeblricbN
grocery ntore in the city of Columbus,
I'lattecounty, Nebraska, ou the 7th day
of October, IJ-NJ at one o'clock p. m., o'f
aid day.
Dated 14tli dav ot September, UviO.
v. II. Davis,
By his Atts nigin & Garlow.
In the matter of the estate of Columbia
1). Clot her, deceased.
pursuance of an order of Hon. A. M.
Pout, judjre of tbe district court of Platte
county, Nebraska, made on the 4tii day
of September, 1880, for the sale of the
real estate hereinafter described, there
will be sold at the Clother House, in the
city of Columbus, Platte county, Nebras
ka, on the 0th day of October, 1880, at one
o'clock afternoon, at public vendue, to
the highest bidder for cash, the interest
held by said Columbia D. Clother, de
ceased, in the real estate belonging to the
late hrm of C. D.& G. W. Clother, to wit:
The undivided one-half interest in and to
lot No. eixht, in block No. eighty-feix, in
the city of Columbus, Platte county, Ne
braska, on which is erected a hotel,
known as the Clother House, subject to
the liens thereon, and also the undivided
one-third interest in and to the east half
of lot No. seven in said block No. eighty
six in said city, subject to the liens
thereon; said sale will remain open one
Dated Sept. 15, 1SSJ.
Gkorgk A. Scott.
Administrator of the estate of Columbia
D. Clother, deceased.
Roller Mills!
SCB&SOEE- BEOS., fropriiton.
Flour, Feed,
Bran, Shorts
And Meal,
All Kinds Grain.
"WAY UP," Patent,
We guarantee our flour to be equal to
any flour manufactured in the state.
We call the attention of the public to
the fact that we make a specialty of ex
changing flour, bran and shorts for
wheat, as good flour and as much of it as
any other mill in this part of tbe state;
also the exchange of corn meal for corn.
We have put in special machinerr for
grinding rye flour and buckwheat flour.
JST Satisfaction guaranteed. IMease
give us a call. 2t-Feb-'fi-y
5 S
aaODaC3 n
SB so s s
. '2 9.,
10 a a5. 5 a
gQn 5aT
2 ??
Clicks, Jewelry
Strict attention given to repairing of
Watches sad Jewelry. IjSrWill sot he
usderssld by as y body.
Ms JLvsaas, Oapsslt Clstasr Haass.
Plana sad estimates'supplied (or either
trans or brick buildings. Good work
Susrsatssd. Shop os 13tb Street, sear
t. Paul Lumber Yard, Columbus, Ne
braska. S26KO.
Teas, Coffees, Sugar, Syrups,
Dried and Canned Fruits,
and other Staples a
Delivered Free u
part r she 4'ily.
Cor. Thirteenth ami K Slreetstnenr
A.J: N". Depot.
How .Inlrn .HsoSIng CoucSuwhoopiaK
InMTTluM. yidy Tronbl . and Stwl PI . .
TkMPtUWMwudMfyudlMovwy. Ko
relieva all aoMrof alMaaa. Tn information around aaek baxltwanalaitlaai taa aaat of a box or
Mils. Find out about than aad you win alwaja ba taaakrol. On pill a. doaa. XUawaratad paiapalat
frsj aoldaTarywaara.ogaaBtbyllloraac.iBatapa. Pr.I.a.JOm3tSOMaCO..SBC.M.St..Boatoa.
. .-.;. .U.oa'a Condiboaaaa aTaai a aann an aa aBMamaiiaiir-apl-""'aBa"a aaHotalaa: on .area
rgyys pj ww .swawj. aas ssiys viaw w si yy.t i
liuiler ia aaaolutaly
pare aaa aucaiy con
icntrziea. Oneeunaa
is u.octu a pounaor
nv other Viad. It is
itncCra medlaina to
tciitonwlthrbad. SlBas
Sold ararywaara. or aaat by mail for SSoaatatS
Six oaua by atjraaa, prapaid, for $6.00.
With jronds enough to -npplj
From the Beat Markets In tho Rapt, iu
Flannels, Blankets,
OUR CLOTHING LINE is the Largest in the
City, of the Latest Styles, bought early in the
season when we had the Choice of the Markets.
We have the fiueat assortment at all prices in
We invite all to Call and see
us when in the City.
00B KOTTO IS: One Price
Oldest Dry Goods House in Columbus.
Sept. 21th ::m
Meat Market,
C. E. MORSE, Proprietor.
Keeps on bands best quality of fresh and
salt meats, Poultry, Vegetables, &c.
Olive Sl.,one door north of poxt-offlce.
22Sept. tf
Sslaa ara atatca. sat tkoa bo writs to
laca.rortlaad. Js.iu iccttra
foil taforautioo abobt work which
a4 Uaa boeM.taatwUI saw
Mat Si to SS far day. Sosm bava
astisaasra. YoaaiaaMftoaftsa. TaosavbosUrtataaca
aw atsalalafr w of aag Isaia famnss. SUiaaaw.
atuaaaataaar. saasrasa, iiwiim. vaanai
VV. T. K1CKLY & BR0.
. holcs.ilo and Hct.iil Dealers in
Fresh and Salt Meats,
And Fresh Fish.
AU Kinds tf Saisage a Specialty.
KirCash paid lor Hides, Pelts, Tallow.
Highest market price paid for fat cattle.
Olive Street, second door aorth of
First National Bank.
)PKAI.KR 1N( -
Roots & Shoes, Hats & Caps,
otaw Ufce th ia li w 14. WU1 imWnIt cut or
win auka haaa lay
Ilka it. It cum
kiakaa akolara aaa
aUdlaaaaaa of bana.
Xa worth ita waiaat
IB MlS. XUuatratoS
WlBF BSmBJ Bl boak bv aiall frao.
Mass. ai-Slb.a!r-tlc&tUaeaBa,Sl: l7 aull. Sl-SSW
Hm- m aW 1MWMI vn
all, old and ytiiinif, rich and poor,
To All; Dinli lr Nhi.
Red Clover,
Red Top, and
Blue Grass Seed
Herman Oehlrich & Bro's.
Grocery Store.
We want Agents, both ladies and gen
tlemen, to sell our Standard Works, Gift
Hooks, Family ltibles and Albums.
1 revious experience unnecessary. Posi
tions worth from $)19M to fjfs)S)e per
year. Now is the time to commence.
Do not delay but address at once, E. P.
JORDAN Jc CO., St. Loula,3Io. 18.W-10