The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 25, 1886, Image 3

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raid. Freight.
Leaves Columbus, ..8:10 a. m. 1:50 p.m.
" Bellwood...8:35 " 2:35 "
" David City .9:00 " 3:20 "
" Seward 10:10 " 6:00 "
Arrives at Lincoln.. 11:25 " 8:30 "
The passenger leaves Lincoln at 3:55 p.
m., and arrives at Columbus 7:00 p. in;
the freight leaves Lincoln at 0 a. m., and
arrives at Columbus at 1 p. m.
Prepare for the Fair.
E. J. Baker was in town last
Wild plums and grapes are plen
tiful. Attend tbe cheap eale at
Straw hats at cost, to close, at
Galley Bros.
Summer gingham, 7c per yd.,
at Galley Bros.
The first duty of a newspaper is
to tell the truth.
Platte county Fair, Sept. 2S to
Oct. 1, inclusive.
Fresh oysters by the plate and
can at Brandt Bros. 14-tf
Beet paintp at ruinous prices, Co
lumbus Lumber Co. 50-2-tf
Lace buntings, in all colon. 10s
per yd. at Galley Bros. 5 14 5t
Plenty of Iirge, luscious waler
lueloun in Chin market.
Ira Katchelor irtit several .1ih
in Columbus lai week
School books, blank liookn, K I
Filzpatrick, Kith street. 2 lGtf
George Matthewn lutt hete Mon
day night tor Wyoming.
The second duty ot a uewnpaper
is to "stick to the truth."
Go to IIonahan'n for your bboes,
cheap to cash customer. 17-2-St
Pianos, organs, mtiaic, etc., E. 1)
Filzpatrick, 13lh street. 16tl
Sweeping reductions on all sea
sonable goods at Kramer's.
Sale bills printed at the Jouknal.
office, all styles and prices.
We will sell lawn at great re
ductions. C & L. Kramer.
The third duty of a newspaper is
not to swerve from the truth.
Best paints in market at unheard
of prices, Columbus Lumber Co.
Tho High School recitation room
is to be furnished with cane seats.
Wm. Ryan of O'Neill City was
in town several days last week look
ing after his interests here.
Mrs. W. S. Cook, nee Emma An
derson, was visiting friends here last
From this date on wo will sell
-goods at great reductions. C. .& L.
Murdock has made a very neat
dwelling-house out of the old M. E.
The new railroad town a mile
east of Humphrey is soon to 6tart
Phil. Best's Milwaukee beer
always on draft at P. J. Smith's on
11th street. 15
John Freeman expects to visit his
old homo in Pennsylvania after an
absence of twenty years.
Closing out sale of summer goods
to commence this day at Kramer's
New York cheap cash store.
Honahan will sell goods cheap
for cash to make room for fall stock.
Bargains in boots and shoes.
An exchango remarks that a new
born babe is red, but when it becomes
a few weeks older it is a little yeller.
George Sheidel will have a stock
sale at his place near Platte Center
some time between Sept. 17th and
28th. 17-5
E. R. Dean, Esq., of David City
passed through this city Saturday
last on bis way to Denver on a busi
ness trip.
C. & L. Kramer will soou put in
n atock ot groceries in connection
with their dry goods business at
A large assortment of summer
wraps and embroidered scarfs, at
greatly reduced prices to close, at
Galley Bros.
The Journal is on sale, each the book nd news stores of
E. D. Fitzpat rick-and R. Hartraan, at
5 cents a copy.
-If you want bargains call at
Kramer's. They have reduced -prices
ob nearly all their goods. Call early
aad avoid tbe rush. . 6-19tf
The Madison Cow-boy band took
first prize at the soldiers' re-union
last week, the Ainsworth boys com
ing in for second place.
Louie Smith, leader of tbe David
City cornet band, was in town Fri
day last on bis return from the Nor
folk soldiers' re-union.
"Fatty" Nelson of Butler county
paased through Columbus Thursday
- last for Norfolk, where he expects to
again-engage Ib railroading.
A. Smith, boot and shoemaker
Repairing neatly done. Work solic
' ited. - Half-soling 75 cents, at Hem-
plnman'a store, Eleventh at 34-tf
R. H. Lawrence, in camp, Wyom
ing, writes that he is "glad to see the
JeuKKAi. again, it seems like an old
fxiead, and I hope it will be a weekly
visitor at camp after this."
Deposits from $1 and any amount
BpwarcL will be received and n good
rate of interest allowed. Columbus
Savings Bank Loan k Trust Co.
Supervisor Swartsley had his
hand kicked by a horse Wednesday,
braising it .considerably, making it
am enongh to compel J. C. to take
8 '''iSflffni
Lyceum Friday evening.
Organs! Call at A. & M. Turner's.
Father Ryan visited Omaha last
Mim Clara Martin is teaching a
school near Humphrey.
Park Hill Orphans' Home bcuefit
at the opera house Friday eveniug.
The Hooe boys run in the 41 class
today at Fremont, and expect to win.
About forty citizens and firemen
went to Fremont Tnesday morning.
A good program Friday evening
at tbe opera house. Music, speeches,
Miss Hattie Drew of Sioux City,
Iowa, is visiting Miss Stella North of
this city.
Misses Lillian Smith and Helen
Stockdel will sing at the Opera
Uonse next Friday evening.
Mrs. Blodget, a sister of banker
Anderson of this city, started for her
home in Kansas last Friday.
Prof. Cramer acted as substitute
for Supt. Tedrow last Saturday. Two
teachers were being examined.
Carl Scbnbert is having n dwell
ing bouse built in the rear of his
business house on Olive street.
Mrs. W. B. Backus, Vernie
Backus and Freddie Cooper arrived
home from Pennsylvania last Friday.
Nellie Beam, who has been
visiting John England in Penn
sylvania, returned home last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milliman and Mrs.
Friedhof returned from a week's
uuutiug and fishing excursion last
-ltcv. J. L. St. Clair has for sale a
nice young driving horse, with buggy
aud harness complete luquire at
his dwell jug.
V. A. Macken will soou have
finished a neat aud convenient dwell
ing on his lots at the corner of 15th
and North streets.
Miss Belle Lisco is to teach in tbe
Reed school, aud Miss Ida Ransdell
takes the position held last year by
Miss Helen Foster.
Sup't Tedrow spent last Satur
day and Sabbath in Omaha, where he
had gone to meet a brother he had
not seen for six years.
The school board bought twenty
Thomas Kane & Co's desks from W.
B. Backus. The "Victor" is one of
the best desks in the market.
The papers thua far examined by
Sup't. Tedrow, are of a high order of
merit, and are certainly a credit to
the teachers' of Platte county.
Erv Latham returned home Mon
day night from Rapids City, Dakota,
where he has been in the employ of
Hulst & Price, book keeping.
J. B. Rooker has secured a school
in the northwest part of the connty.
Mr. R. is an experienced teacher and
will no doubt teach n good school.
The Andrews Mikado company
appeared at the Opera House Thurs
day night last to a good house and all
were pleased with the entertainment.
The ice crop is short in Colum
bus. We learn that C. C. Miller has
disposed of all his, and Messrs. Wan
del and Leonard contracted last week
with R. H. Henry for a portion of
Money loaned on chattel mort
gages, or Individual securities.
County, city and school bonds
bought. Correspondence solicited.
Columbus Savings Bank, Loan &
Trust Co.
"How many toes has a cat?" is
a question that recently stnmped a
teacher's institute, until the boys
went out, caught a cat and counted
10 toes on the front feet and 8 on the
hind feet.
Mat. Stevens returned from Cali
fornia Monday morning. He says he
had a fine time, and that California,
everywhere, did what they had prom
ised the G. A. R. in welcoming them
to tbe state.
J. C. Ransdell is established in
business at Douglas, Wyo., n station
on the new Northwestern railroad
west of Lusk. The Journal job de
partment has just printed him some
neat business cards.
Money to loan at once and with
out delay on real estate, in large or
small amounts, on time to suit.
Promptly, quietly and at tbe 'lowest
possible rates. Apply to Gus. G.
Becher & Co. 19-tf
Dundy connty, Nebr.. has had
plenty of rain lately and the Benkel
man ITetvs says the crops look good.
One farmer brought in a corn stalk
fifteen feet high, and claims his
whole field is juat as high.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Miller came
down from the Cedar last week, Lon
returning the next day. Mrs. Miller,
with her bouncing boy, a big little
fellow, is visiting with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wescott
No. 1, Vol. 1, of the Schuyler
Quill has been received at this office.
It is owned and edited by John C.
Sprecher, and its columns give
evidence of ability that will make
itself felt in the journalism in Ne
braska. John P. Sprecher of the State
Reform School near Kearney was in
town Tuesday evening last on his
way to Norfolk, and gave the
Journal sanctum a very pleasant
visit. The Columbus boys at the
school are doing well.
Straight loans on farm property
no middleman no extra com
mission no delay for closing loans
no waiting for money. Borrow
money of the Columbus Saving's
Bank Loan k Trust Co., aad yon will
pave money and time.
Always bear in mind, if yon
want to borrow money on farm
property, that the Colnmbns Savings
Bank, Loan k Trast Co. is prepared
to pay their money without any
delay, and on meet acceptable and
easy terms, to snit berrawer.
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Friedhof
visited friends in Silver Creek last
Mrs. J. W. Coolidge of Correct
ionville, Iowa, is visiting her son H
P. of this city. '
Peart' Boaesteel started for Vic
toria UMaat Monday to make her
future home with her grandmother.
Theo. Friedhof starts this morn
ing for New York to purchase his
fall stock of goods.
Miss Mamie Mullen started last
Monday night for her new home in
National City, Cal., where her pa
rents now reside.
Frank Dougherty came dawn
from Albion Monday and went to
Fremont- yesterday with the Hose
team, of which he is a member.
Miss Fannie Land who has been
visiting her brother-in-law J. A.
Griffin of this city, starts for her
home in Ashland Neb., next Thurs
day. John L. Dale of Victoria, III., has
been visiting his brother W. B. Dale
of this city for the past week and ex
pects to return home Friday morn
ing. J. F. Bixby, late of the Fullerton
Journal greets the Genoa Leader's
readers, as editor. Of course he will
give them a paper from the very front
J. E. Munger is away at Kearney
attending his own wedding tbe
happy bride is a sister of. Mrs. M. D.
Thurston. No one in town at the
preseut writing can furnish ad
ditional in formation.
A uuiuber of our musically iu
cliued citizens coutemplate giviug an
Old Folks' concert some time iu the
near future. Such an entertainment
would draw a crowded house.
Quite a number of our citizens
visited Norfolk last week during the
Soldiers reunion, and enjoyed them
selves in the usual fashion at such
gatherings in hot weather.
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Hardy de
sire to express their heartfelt grati
tude to kind friends and neighbors
for their help and sympathy during
their daughter's illness.
We learn that the Platte County
Argus will soon be launched to the
breeze from Platte Center. . Warwick
Saunders will be at the helm. This
will give Platte county five news
papers besides the Watchman.
The iron fence-post swindler can
keep right along in business, and
have good picking, in sections where
people are not given to reading the
newspapers closely. Give no order
or note for anything you havo not
W. H. Hess, living south of the
Loup river, left at this office one day
last week quite a lot of the nicest
crab-apples we ever saw. Mr. Hess
has gathered from his trees this year
65 to 70 bushels of apples, all of this
splendid quality.
Mr. W. A. Clark, of this city.who
has for a long time been very ill, is
worse again. He had some time
since au operation performed at St.
Louis, on his cancer, which gave him
temporary relief, but his sufferings
are now as intense as ever.
A New Mexico man was in town
the other day looking for a mule
ranche. He wanted about a quarter
section, near town, where he could
prepare his mules for the market.
Nebraska is going to be quite a feed
ing ground for western stock.
E. Johnson started Tuesday for
his home at Lusk, Wyd? He has
tried some experiments there this
season in raising' grain and vegeta
bleshe gets good oats and potatoes,
but corn is short, the stalk growing
about eighteen inches high.
I.- J. Sherlock, formerly U. P.
station agent at Lost Creek and
Humphrey, recently of Madison, has
been promoted to a position in tbe
general superintendent's office at
Omaha. W. D. Fink, late of Lost
Creek and Genoa, takes his place.
A petition has been filed in tbe
District Court for Polk county, by
Mrs. Casper Johnson, for damages
against E. Cole, a former saloon
keeper in Osceola, for selling liquor
to her hnsband, who became intox
icated and was frozen to death last
Sheriff Kavanaugh took tempor
ary care one night last week of Hugh
Smith and Flora Buzzard who eloped
from York June 13th. They were
arrested at Norfolk. Both were mar
ried. They will be prosecuted for
adultery, and in tbe penitentiary will
probably have time to reflect upon
the evil of their ways.
Tbe Journal believes that every
pound of hay that can be put up here
will be salable this winter at good
prices. While Nebraska is in fair
condition for hay, our neighbors,
both east and west, are short, and
will be glad to get what Ve shall
have to spare. Put up the hay in
good shape insure it, and wait for
the proper time to market
A man by the name of Peterson
was captured six miles north of town
Saturday, with a team of horses and
a set of harness stolen iu Dakota
county. The sheriff of Wayne conn
ty, Sheriff Davis of Madison and his
deputy, and the deputy sheriffs of
Dixon and Dakota were all on the
trail separately and not far apart.
Ralph, a son of Thos. M. Cowley,
16 years of age, and Samuel Hardy,
aged 21, of Boone connty, went hunt
ing together. Cowley was found
dead, and Hardy confesses to have
shot him accidentally, aad, becoming
alarmed, tried to make believe that
Cowley had accidentally shot himself.
Young Cowley's father has had Hardy
arrested on a charge fer.mnrder.
The frowst Bridge.
Tbe bridge bond election is to
take place next Saturday, Aug. 28.
Briefly, tho proposition is to vote
$7,000 in bonds of the city, payable iu
twenty years at 6 per cent., with an
option, on tho part of the city, to pay
atter 15 years iroin date.
By the terms of submission the
bonds are "to aid in tbe construction
of a wagon bridge across the Loup in
Columbus Township."
The proposed bridgo is beyond the
limits of the city, and it is a recogniz
ed hardship that the city should be
compelled to be at the entire expense
of so costly a structure.
If the bonds shall be voted, we be
lieve it is now understood that the
authorities are not to issue them un
less Columbus township and the
county, one or both, contribute a
reasonable share towards the struct
ure. Tbe Journal thinks the be3t policy
with reference to the bridge (whether
it shall be built by city, township or
county, or all together) is to do, each
year, with the last, cheap temporary
structure we can afford until such
time as we can provide a permanent
bridge, which, for the Loup river,
means a very costly one.
It the $7,000 bonds are voted there
Is no doubt whatever but the proper
disposition will be made of the pro
ceeds by tbe Mayor and Couucil.
A meeting has been called for to
morrow (Thursday) eveniug, at
which it is hoped all citizens inter
ested will bo present.
Heaefif Night Opera fteae,
Friday. Am;. 47th, 7:3 p. hi.
Opening remaiks Rev. St. Clair.
Piano Duett tSarah Filzpatrick,
nano Duett j.Maitha Turner.
Recitation May North
Song Mr. C l. Evans.
Declamation Jessie Boeder.
Recitation W. A. McAllister.
Sons Stella North.
Reeitatiou Aiiua Turner.
Piano Solo Mrs. J. M. MacFarland.
Recitation Carl Kramer.
Vocal Duett Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Bowman.
Reeitatiou Ida M. Martin.
Es9ay L.A.Clark.
Song Mary Turner.
Closing remarks .Dr. W. L. Armstrong,
of the Orphan's Home.
This entertainment is to be given
for the benefit of the Park Hill Or
phan's Home. Admission, 25 cents;
children 15 cents.
The Genoa Leader says: that at
Nels Johnson's farm, Henry Crozier's
leg was broken by tho upsetting of a
wagon ; that Uncle Norton half re
turned from the Mineral Springs,
Mo., much improved in health ; that
Mrs. Miller of Columbus was a guest
of Miss Myrtie Baldwin Sunday ; that
it does not know just what religious
exercises were indulged in at Pete
Ueimbach's, but judges that all were
made happy to a large degree ; that
the summer of 18S7 will find Nebras
ka pretty well settled up. It will sco
the sun go down on tho evening of
free lands in Nebraska. It will seo
the central part of the Btate iu a fair
way to rival the eastern portion iu
wealth and business. It will see now
barren prairie transformed into green
fields of waving grain. It will see
the thousands of acres of choice lauds
now held by railroad companies and
speculators pass into the hands of the
farmers men who will till the soil
and develope the resources of the
country. It will see churches and
school houses and residences built all
over the prairie, the hills and tbe
A terrible sensation was pro
duced last Tuesday morning by the
announcement that a black villain
had gone to the house of Mins Jane
Kingston, an elderly lady living just
north of town, near Mr. Weaver's,
about 9 or 10 o'clock, Sunday even
ing, broke in the door, and by his
threats of taking her life, and brnte
force, had committed rape upon her
person. She was so ill from the
effects of the outrage that she was
unable to let any one know about
it until Nicol McPherson's little girl
went there on Monday. Miss Kings
ton sont her for her father
and when he went to her house she
told him the story and had him come
to town and have a negro named
Jake Thomas arrested and held for
tbe crime. This was doue and he
now is in jail awaiting his examina
tion, which conies off today. Schuy
ler Quill.
Mrs. Page gave a very pleasant
entertainment at the Opera House,
Tuesday evening of last week the
operetta. "Laila." The forty young
girls acqaitted themselves handsome
ly, and formed a very pretty living
picture as fairies, &c. The music and
the recitations between the acts were
fully up to tbe expectation, and ex
cellent. Tbe large audience were
highly pleased in every particular,
and Mrs. Page deserves credit for
giving the city such enjoy able occas
ions. John Haney has determined to
quit the actual work of farming, for
which reason he will, on Sept. 4th, at
bis place fonr miles east of the city,
sell 150 cattle, 10 brood mares, 6
horses and 200 sheep. Terms: 120
and under, cash ; above that, fourteen
months time, bankable paper, 10 per
cent, interest, 10 per cent, off for
cash. 17-3
Buy the Wbitehill sewing ma
chine at A. & M. Turner's. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction in
every particular. It is one of the
very beat machines sold, is handsome,
durable, strongly-built ; is easy run
ning, is very easily managed, and
makes a neat stitch. You will save
money by examining the Whitehill
before purchasing. Give your orders
to G. W. Kibler, traveling salesman
! Barjralaa!
In order to make room for fall
goods,, we shall, for 30 days, close all
rammer goods at cost, at Galley Bros.
Cenalac Greats.
Omaha Fair, Sept. 611.
Polk County Fair, Sept. 7-10.
State Fair, Lincoln Sept. 10-17.
Butler County Fair, Sept. 21-24.
Madiiioii County Fair, Sept. 22-25
i;.oue County Fair, Oct. 5-8.
Fireman's Tournament, Fremont,
Aug. 24.
Platte County Fair, Columbus
Sept. 28-Oct. 1.
Democratic State Convention at
Hastings, Oct. 7.
Republican Stato Convention at
Lincoln, Sept. 29.
North Nebraska Soldiers Reuuion
at Norfolk Aug. 17-21.
Eighth Annual Reunion, Depart
ment of Nebraska, at Grand Island,
August 30 to September 4.
Aaother Cclanbu I.ady.
The Buffalo (Wyoming) Echo has
this to say of a Columbus youug lady
recently employed to teach iu the
High School at that place :
"For first assistant, Miss Adelaide
Thurston, formerly of Nebraska, but
now teaching the Piney school, is the
successful applicant. The young
lady has manifested nnusual capa
bilities as an instructor, and is pos'
sessed of rare good sense. The
student is prone to imitate the ex
ample set by the tutor, and in Misb
Thurston's care the Buffalo young
people will acquire habits of true
politeness and gentility. We predict
that this selection of tho board will
receive hearty endorsement by tho
Monday afternoon a lad of six
teen, with beastly inatiuctri, enticed a
child three ymrs old into a secluded
place, tr tho purprno probably of
committing iu miunut.tble outrage
upon her. The child get out of his
clutches ami w:is saved from outrage,
not by any knowledge of evil, of
course, hut by an instinct of right.
Parents cannot know how near to
ruiu their youngest girls may be, aud
no words cau express the shame for
humanity, and indignatiou against a
boy, a young man, who allows his
evil propensities to gain the mastery
over right principle. This boy may
well be thankful that the crime he
meditated was not perpetrated, if he
values his life at all. We omit uames
on account of the families.
Columbus, Neb., Aug. IS, 1880 -I
am very glad to stato to tho farm
ers of Platte county, that I have mado
satisfactory settlement with the
German Insurance Company, of
Freoport, III., through Mr. Gus G.
Becher, their special agent for loss of
my dwelling a few days ago aud am
well pleaded wi'.h their business-like
methods. When my new bouse is
completed I shall again insure in the
18-lt Rob't. Gentleman.
Knight of Iabor.
The K. of L. held a convention
hero Thursday last, consistiug of
delegates from the Columbus, Schuy
ler and Stromsburg assemblies, who
selected as a delegate to the National
Assembly at Richmond, Vs., Oct. 4,
John S. Freeman of this county.
John is a representative man of the
faith, no doubt.
Best la the World.
Ottumwa Lily Corn Starch has been
brought to the highest attainable
quality by employing the best skill
and scientific aid that money can fur
nish. It is the most strengthening
and health-giving food now before tbe
public, and is especially recommend
ed for children and invalids. Every
package guaranteed strictly pure.
Remember and ask your grocer for
Lily Corn Starch.
lr. Power DeatiMt,
Will be in his office the last three
days of ouch week, Thurs., Fri., and
Sat. One 6et of teeth out of every
10 sets given away. 4-tf
ftnre Wanted.
Wanted, by the undersigned, a
competent nurse for children. Good
wageB paid. 18-2 A. M. Post.
Hakdy Aug. 20tb, of cholera iufanthm,
31illicent, daughter of D. D. aud
Charlotte E. Hardy, aged 8 months.
Advertisements under this head fiv
cents a line each insertion.
For sale, a good barn 14xl(i ft. al
most new. luquire of H. Woods,
at Chicago barber shop. 18 2t
Hides, pelts, wool aud poultry,
highest, price paid. Office at Jaeggi
& Schupbacb's old stand. T. Keat
ing. 30-tf
For good youug breeding stock of
all kinds, call at Bloomingdalo stock
farm. A. Henrich, Platte Center P.
O., Neb. 30-tf
Wm. Schiltz makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, aud uses only the
very beBt stock that can be procured
in the market. 52 1
The Best Keller date Hiage lm
the World.
Every farmer should use them.
Sold by D. Anderson. 22-tf
L,et! liWl!!
A cow and perhaps a calf, oqt or
my herd; a liberal reward will be
16-p-2 D. Anderson.
la Harvest aad XhreMhlasr
Nothing is more wholesome and
nice for all and bandy for the busy
farmer's wife and easier to keep than
a supply of good lamb or mutton.
Call at Bloomingdale stock farm for
a nice fat sheep or lamb.
A. Henrich.
Wm Save You
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware,
Pumps, Guns and Ammunition.
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Here.
Established 1S70.
Real Estate and Insurance Agt's,
Meaey te liMi on Farms at lowest rates of interest, on short and long time,
in amounts to suit applicants.
Ceaaalete Abstract af Title to all Real Estate in Platte county.
Notary Public always in Office.
Farm aad City Iraarty far Stale.
lasaraace against Fire, Lightning and Tornadoes. Life and Accident Insur
ance, none but the very best companies represented.
SteaaaNaip Tickets to aud from all parts in Europe. 2Sjuly'Stf-y
Mckinley &
Money to loan on improved farms in this and adjoining
counties, at current rates. We are prepared to close loans
promptly, in all cases where title and security are satisfactory.
Office with H. J. Hudson, on llth street. I2m3
Far Hen aad MtockMca Steele at
I bavo CO bead of large steer calves
for eale. cheap.
lG-p-2 D. Axdkksox.
Meaey! Uleaey!
Persona desiring small ou
short time should call on Coolkljre &
Wheeler; chattel mortgage security
or good baukable paper.
A Ke. 1 Farat Cor Hale,
Coutaiuiug 240 acres of choice land, 5
miles southwest of Humphrey, in this
county. Terms reasonable. For fur
ther particulars inquire of or address
T. Keating, Columbus, Neb. 4-tf
For Male.
Residence house and four acres of
laud uuder cultivation, east of Ilig
gius's crrove, just outside of city.
Price $1600. Enquire at resideuce, of
Mr. or Mrs. Geo. N. Derry. 15-tf
IVete I.eNt.
Since Aug. 13th, '80, a promissory
nate dated about March 15, 1880, for
$2,100, payable to the order of W.
Eltzroth, one year from date and
signed by I. J. Nichols. The public
are cautioned against negotiating for
such note. 1 W. Eltzroth.
St. Fraacb Academy.
St. Francis Academy, under the
management of the Sisters of St.
Francis at Columbus, Neb., will be
reopened on Wednesday, Sept. 1st.
Parties wishing to give their children
a good education will havo tho beat
opportunity of doing bo by sending
them there.
Terms for session of five months,
board and tuition, $50. For particu
lars apply to Joseiha.
fit-3 Superioress.
Stock Sale.
Fbiday, Sept. 3, 1 :30 p. si., sharp.
At the farm of the undersigned, 2!-J
miles north of Colombua, uear Jacob
47 cows, .,
34 yearlings,
1 bull,
3 horseB,
1 express wagon,
2 buggies.
Tf.rms : $20 and under, cash ;
above $20, bankable notes, twelve
months time, 10 per cent, interest, 10
per cent, off for cash.
John Hubek, M. K. Turner.
Auctioneer. 17-3
BY VIRTUE of an execution directed
to me from tbe elerk of tbe district
court of Platte county, Nebraska, on a
judgment obtained before C A. Speice,
county judge of Platte county, Nebraska,
on tbe Stb day of July, J83U, a transcript
ot w hi cli wan filed in the office or tbe
clerk of tbe district court of said county,
on July 121b, 1886, in favor or Eureka
Mower Company as plaintiff, and against
William Dunlap as defendant, for the
sum of fonr hundred aud seven dollars
and uiuety cents ($407 00). and costs taxed
at $6.15, together with interest and ac
cruing costs, I have levied upon the
following real estate taken as the prop,
erty of said defendant, to satisfy said
execution, to-wit: The east half of tbe
northeast quarter and the southwest
quarter of tbe northeast quarter, and tbe
east half of the southeast quarter, and
the northwest quarter of the southeast
quarter. of section nine ('). township
sixteen (16), ran?e two (3) west or the
sixth principal meridian in Platte coun
ty, Nebraska, and the northeast quarter
of section nineteen (13), township six
teen (16), range two (2) west of the sixth
principal meridian in Platte county, Ne
braska. And will offer tbe same for sale
to the highest bidder, for cash in hand,
on the
.25th Day of September, A. D., 1886,
jn front of the Court House in the city ot
Columbus, that being tbe building
wherein the last term of oourt was held,
at tbe hour of one o'clock p. m. of said
day, when and where due attendance
Will be given by the undersigned.
Dated Aug. 23d, 1886.
23Aug4w Sheriff of said County.
Monty . Get PHom
was adopted by the Legislature of
the State of Nebraska, at tbe Nineteenth
Session thereof, and approved March 5th,
A. D. 1SST, proposing an amendment to
Section four (4) of Article three (a) of
the Constitution of said State, and that
aid section as amended, shall read as
follows, to-wit:
"Skctiox4. The term of office of mem
bers of the Legislature shall be two
ears, and tbey shall eacli receive pay at
the rate of live dollars per day during
their sitting, and ten cents for every
mile they shall travel in going to and re
turning from the place of meeting of the
Legislature, ou tbe most usual route;
Provided, however, That tbey shall not
receive pa' for more than sixty days at
any one sitting, nor more than one "hun
dred days during their term; that
neither members of tbe Legisliture nor
employes shall receive any pay or
perquisites other than their salary and
mileage. Each session, except special
sessions, shall be not less than sixty
days; after the expiration of forty days
of "tbe session uo bills nor joint resolu
tions of the nature of bills shall be in
troduced, unless the Governor shall by
special message call the atteution of th
Legislature to tbe necessity of passing a
law on tbe subject mattereraliraced iu
the message, aud the introduction of hill
shall be restricted thereto; Provided,
Tbe ballots at said election shall be in
the following form:
"For proposed Amendment to the Con
stitution relating to the Legislative De
partment.' 'Against prdf osed Amend,
ment to the Constitution relating to tbe
Legislative Department.'"
Therefore. 1, James V. Dawes, Gov
ernor of the State of Nebraska, do hereby
give notice in accordance with Sectiou
one (1), Article litteen (l.'i)of the Con
stitution, aud the provisions of an act
entitled "An act to provide the manner
of proposing amendments to the Con
stitution aud submitting the same to the
electors of tbe State," approved Feb
ruary ISth, A. D. 1377, that said proposed
amendment will be submitted to tbe
qualified voters of this State for ratifica
tion or rejection at the general election
to be held on the 2d dav of November, A.
1). 1S.S0.
have hereunto set my hand and
caused to be afiixed tbe Great
Seal of the State of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln, this
dKAL Tweutv-sixth day of July, A.
D. ltSJf, the Twentieth year of
the state, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States
tbe One Hundred and Eleventh.
By the Governor,
Jamks W. Dawks.
E. P. Roookx,
Secretary of State. 4 Aug 3m.
To all whom it may concern:
Tbe Commissioner appointed to view
and report upon tbe location of a public
road commencing at the S. E. corner of
Section .'!, Township Hi, north of Range 1
cast, running theuce due north on section
line to S. E. corner of N. E. of Section
27, Town 20, Range 1 east, and known as
tbe "Hans Johnson" road, has reported
in favor of the location thereof. Tbe
same Commissioner, upon the vacation of
that part of a public road commencing at
S. E. corner or N. E. i of Section 27,
Town 20, Range I east, running thence
in a southwesterly direction through Sec
tions 27 and 24, in Town 20, Range 1 east,
thence south on half section line to Sec
tion ., Town 19, Range 1 east to S. W.
corner of S. E. of said Section 3, and
known as part of the "Stanton Co." road,
has reported in favor of the vacation
Now all objections to the location or
vacation of the above described roads, or
claims for damages caused thereby, must
be tiled iu tbe County Clerk's office ou or
before noon of the 2Tith dav of October,
1SN or tbe said lines or road will be duly
established, and vacated as called for
without reference thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb., Aug. 24. 13S6.
John Stauvkkk,
2TAug4 County Clerk.
The Township Board of Columbus will
receive bids until Tucsd.iy, Sept. 28th,
for the grading of the approaches of tbe
two bridges within three-fourths of a
mile south of the Reed school house.
Thirty days atter completion, the work
must fulfil tbe following conditions; it
will then be paid for in cash.
1. Each approach shall bavo a width
of at least eight feet at the top aud shall
be uniform in grade throughout.
2. Each end of each approach shall be
as biuh as the bridge or bank which it
3. Tbe work shall be completed by
Dec 1st. 1886.
Tho right is reserved to reject any or
all bids.
By order of the Board.
A.C. Pickctt,
2.Aug4 Township Clerk.
before Butul.
To M whom it mm concern:
A to view, aad report apea tne loca
tion ef a public road cttwaeaeiBg aieatt
line of N. W. X. of Section 24, Tewaaaip
19, Range 3, west, aad raanlng thence in
a northwesterly direction through said
N. W. , to north line of sane, aad
temlaatiug- at said north line of said N.
W. . of section 21, Town 19, Range 3,
west, it beiag a part of the "Maion" road
a formerly traveled, has reported ia
tavor or me estaouibmeBt taereor.
Now all objections thereto, or claims
tor damages caused by tbe location
thereof, must be tiled in the County
Clerk's oflce on or before moon of the
30th day of September, 1MB, or the said
road will be established without re
ference thereto.
John STAurvna,
County Clerk.
Dated, Columbus, Nebr., Jaly 29th
1886. 15.41
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