The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, March 17, 1886, Image 3

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2:00 p. m.
2:50 "
6:05 "
8:30 "
Leaves Columbus,.. 8:10 a. m.
Bellwood...8:35 "
" David City .9:00 "
" Seward 10:10 "
Arrives at Lincoln.. 11:25 "
Thn nccnvor lfavfls Lincoln at 3:53 T).
m., and arrives at Columbus 7:15 p. m;
the freight leaves Lincoln at 6 a. m., and
arrives at Columbus at 1 p. m.
Columbus Lumber Co. will save
you money.
New HamburgB at Kramer's.
The Board of Supervisors are in
Homegrown cabbage at Ras
mussen's. 47-lt
G. Heitkeiupcr & Bro. are selling
out at coat. 38-tf
Choice eauer kraut at Herman
Oeblricb & Bro's. 34
Gentlemen's fine cassimeres for
suits at Galley Bros.
A Bplendid lino of now style
ginghams at Galley Bros.
Tho Western Cottago organ for
sale at A. & M. Turner's.
Tho St. Paul R. It. and wagon
bridge went out Monday.
Go to Honahnn's for your boots
and 6hoes, cheap for cash. 2-46-2
John Walker, Lindsay, P. O.,
auctioneer, at one per cent. 42-tf
You can buy an Elgin watch for
$5 at G. Heilkemper & Bro.
Ladies' embroidered robes for
summer wear at Galley Bros.
Call and see Honahan's largo
Etock of boots, shoes and gloves.
Cal. Valentine was in town Fri
day. He still walks with a cane.
One of the finest lines of spring
and summer goods at Galley Bros.
Miss Bertha Krause returned
borne from a visit to Albion Monday.
Joseph Tiffany returned home
last week after a sojourn in tho east.
Bitoou Marks roR Sale. I have
twenty thi.t I will sell. G.W. Elston.
New England Kitchen entertain
ment at the M. E. Church this even
ing. Mrs. Wm. Irwin, of Woodville,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Tom
A largo and select line of Swiss
and Hamburg embroideries at Galley
Al. Arnold was up town Mon
day for tho first time since New
Mrs. Thomas Blandford died
Wednesday, after an illness of about
a year.
A. W. Lndd, editor of the Boone
County JVcic.v, was in town over
G. W. Ellston returned Monday
night from the east with twenty head
of horses.
G. Heitkcmper lias moved his
family to Gus. Lorkner's house on
13th Btreet.
Foit Bent. Two rooms over
Chinn's drug store. Iuquiro of Gus.
G. Bechcr & Co.
Mr. Kerr, formerly of this city,
passed through hero Saturday on his
way to Norfolk.
Louis Kramer started to Chicago
yesterday to Iny in a supply of good
for the Spring trade.
Tom. McTaggurt aud family re
turned Monday from a visit to friends
and relatives at Genoa.
Columbus hunters with their fleet
hounds, caught two large wolves
north of town Monday.
The year closing Nov. 1st, 188G,
will probably bo the most eventfnl in
the history of Columbus.
Yesterday morning the Loup
river was reported as gorged about
nino miles west of Genoa.
Julius Ernst and family have
gone' to Colfax county to live. He is
to work his father'n farm this year.
A select Hue of silk embroidered
Newport scarfs, all colors and shades,
prices $3.50 to $10 each, at Galley
Loans oi Heal Estate at lowest
rates and most favorable terms. No
delay. Inquire at First National
Bank. 35-tf
Sam. Connelly will have a sale of
stock aud farm implenvnts, March
24th at his place ten miles west of
Humphrey. 45-p-3t
The Joukval is on sale, each
week, at tho book and news stores of
E. D. Fitzpatrick aud K. Hartmau, at
5 cents a copy.
Gub. Lockner.will have a sale of
stock, etc., at his place one mile north
west of Alexis poBtoffice, Butler coun
ty, ou March 30th.
O. L. Baker has 33 good horses
and mules for sale, for cash or on
time to suit purchaser. Call at his
barn and see them. 47-3
The many friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Cain will be glad to learn
that thoir little boy is now considered
to be out of danger.
Charles Dietrick returned from
the east last week after a sojourn of
fonr years. Charl ie has become quite
an artist in his way.
Just returned from Iowa with 20
head of young mares, Clyde and
Norman. Will sell for cash or on
time. G.W. Elston. 47-2t-p
A stock of stationer's articles for
sale cheap or exchange for land or
cattle. Call on or address Joubnal,
Columbus, Neb., soon.
A. Smith, boot and shoemaker.
Repairing neatly done. Work solic
ited. Half-soling 76 cents, at Hem
pieman's store, Eleventh st. 34-tf
J. . Tasker would like to know
the whereabouts of his red Irish Set
ter dog "Jack." A suitable reward
wiU be paid for his return. 1
Everything in building line low
down, Columbus Lumber Co.
Don't fail to got prices of Colum
bus Lumber Co.
The Schuyler Herald expects to
6ee the Columbus Democrat become
a live nowspapor, under tho now man
Schuyler has recently been ex
tending her limits, but the suit com
menced did not tako in several farms
that wero contemplated.
Mrs. Gorby and Miss Anna
Dougherty of Omaha, arrived in the
city last Thursday, and will visit
friends here for a few days.
Wo have received a new line of
Hamburgs. New styles and new
designs. Every lady should look at
them aud buy a supply. C. & L.
Kramer. 4-40-tf
The Misses Plumb have opened
dress makiug rooms at Luth's Hotel
on 15th street, where they will bo
pleased to have their lady friends
call on them.
As fine a lot of gontlemen's shoos
as were ever brought to town can bo
seen at Galley Bros. Tho celebrated
Emery shoo is among them, $3 a pair,
a calf shoe, warranted. 7-45-tf
Nebr., will
Suider of Brock,
preach in 6HV Baptist
church, morning and evening, Sab
bath March 21st. The people of
Columbus should hear him.
Theodore Wandol went to Oma
ha last week to tako a position at U.
P. headquarters. Theodore is one of
the steady young men of the country,
and deserves his promotion.
James Naylor has purchased the
blacksmith shop on 13th street, occu
pied by the Dougherty Bros., and
will again open in business hero. Mr.
Naylor is a first-class workman.
If you want to insure your life in
a safe, reliable company, at low rates,
examine the claims of the Banker's
Life Association, office with Henry
Ragatz, 11th streot. H. J. Hudson,
Local Agont. 2-46-3t
Money to loan at once and with
out delay on real estate, in largo or
small amounts, on time to suit.
Promptly, quietly and at the lowest
possible rates. Apply to Gus. G.
Bechcr & Co. 19-tf
Somo talk is being made of school
officers the terms of Mr. Taylor and
Mr. McAllister expiring. As matters
have been very satisfactory this year,
why would it not be well to continue
these gontlcmen?
David Thomas gave us a very
ploasant business call last Wednesday
and left us an item of news in his
neighborhood,-viz: the marriage Feb.
24th, by Rev. Esplin, of David Jones,
now of Dakota, to Miss Lizzie, daugh
ter of Thos. H. Parry.
Attention is called to the adver
tisement of Henry Ragatz iu today's
Journal. Mr. Ragatz is one of the
solid, honorable business men of
Columbus, thoroughly and complete
ly reliable, and will transact your
business for you in good shape.
Soliciting the patronage of all
my friends who desire a life insur
ance policy from $500 to $15,000 at
the lowest cost of assessment, I may
bo fouud in the office of Henry
Ragatz, Fire Insuranco Agont, on 11th
street, Columbus. Neb. II. J. Hud
sou. Asent.
The Columbus State Bank has
added a real estate mortgago loan de
partment to their other business.
Parties wishing to borrow money on
farm mortgago will do well to call at
the Columbus State Bank. Loans
made without delay or reference to
eastern partios. 4G-2
It has beon explained that tho
reason why somo men ship cattle
from Battle Creek, instead of from
Columbus or Platte Ceutcr (stations
nearer to them than Battle Creek) is
that tho better rates ($15 a car, wearo
told) are given because Battle Creek
is not iu any "pool"; that competitive
points (such as are Columbus and
Norfolk) are in tho pool, and that the
pool also iucludcs towns within fifty
miles of competitive points.
Ed. F. Chinn, a former and res
pectable citizen of St. Paul, who for
the past few jears has been doing
business in Omaha, under tho firm
name of Chinn & New, has bought an
interest in a Drug Store in Columbus,
and will remove his family there at
an early day. Ed. is a druggist of
many years experience, and who
thoroughly understands all the intri
cate points of the trade. Columbus
society will find in Mr. Chinn a per
fect gentleman, and his estimable
wife an accomplished and social lady.
St. Paul Free Press.
Rev. Gault speaks to-morrow
evening at the Congregational church,
in the interest of the National Re
form Association, so called. These
people state that tho association is
laboring to secure in the hearts of the
people, and ultimately in the pre
amble of the Constitution of tho
United States a recognition of Al
mighty God as the source of all
power and authority in government
etc. Among other things they say
"we need it to correct our most un
fortunate attitude under the first
amendment which restrains Congress
from prohibiting the free exercise of
any false religion, such as Mormon
ism, Oneidaism, Pagan idolatry, etc."
The success of any such scheme as
thi6, would be calculated to disrupt
the government Leaving Congress
to wrangle over which is the true
and which the false religion would
make a pretty pickle of our national
legislature, which has more on its
hands now than it can reasonably
manage. This little mundane sphere
has had quite enough of the union of
church and state, and intelligent
readers of history want none of it in
this country. Our constitution is not
hampered as these people think. No
crimes can be legally committed
under the guise of religion, and what -more
is needed?
Best paints at ruinous
Columbus Lumber Co.
Columbus Lumber Co., successor
to J. H. Richards & Co. 7-47-lt
The entertainment by the Colum
bus Lyceum last Friday evening
seemed very satisfactory to the large
audience present M. K. Turner in
troduced the numbers of the evening
by a few remarks concerning the
origin and harmonious existence of
the society for the past half year; the
demand for some such an institution in
every community, &c. The several
quartettes furnished by the Arions,
Messrs. Bowman, Cornelius, Pohl and
Falbaum, were most excellent, the
last one, in our opinion, being the
best of all; the recitations by the
three young misses, Pearl Clark, Bes
sie Sheldon and Nellie North, were
admirable; the oration by C. A.
Brindley on hero-worship, was not
only an excellent piece of literary
work, but exceedingly well deliver
ed; "Tho Old Folks at Home," by
Mary Turner was well adapted to her
voice, and given in her UBual manner ;
tho recitation by Miss Foster, "One of
the Flock," was a delight to the audi
ence, one of her pupils not being able
to believe that "the old woman" with
the failing voice, was his young
teacher ; Lute North's "SlosBer'sRide''
was a No. 1 performance ; the recita
tions by Miss Eva Clark and Miss
Clara Weaver were happy renditions
of familiar pieces ; MisB Martin's rec
itation showed her usual care and
genius, which are far above the ordi
nary ; Carl Kramer's "Trouble in the
Amen Corner" was very effectively
rendered ; "Music at Night Fall," by
Misses Mary and Martha Turner, an
old gem of song, was given in a pleas
ing manner ; the piano solos by A. C.
Picket, showed unusual talent; Gus.
Falbaum's song was well received by
the large audience ; he has, within his
make-up, a good deal of deep, smooth
bass; Miss Rose North's song gave
evidence of the high culture of her
voico, and was received, as always,
with rapturous applause; Mr. Mun
ger's select reading was a delight to
the ladies of the audience, while
Brother Backus's essay was a dish of
bread and butter and solid meat, with
a considerable portion of pungent
salt and fiery pepper. Altogether the
entertainment was such that the pub
lic call for a similar one in the near
future. It seems to the Joubval
that occasional entertainments during
tho summer will be profitable all
Rev. M. A. Gault of Blanchard,
Iowa, western secretary of the Na
tional Reform Association, is making
a lecture tour through this state
speaking on subjects of interest to
every true patriot. On to-morrow,
Thursday, the 18th inst., at 8 p. m., he
will Bpeak in tho Congregational
church in this city, on one of his
most vital themes. Every one should
hear him. Nearly a year ago Mr.
Gault and several other ministers
from Omaha and Fremont held a con
vention in this city. The church was
well filled. Mr. Gault will be re
membered as the one who, in logic
aud wit, was "hoad and shoulders"
above hi6 associates. All are invited.
Admittance froe. A. B.
A market day for stock in Co
lumbus, doubtless, would prove a
great convenience to sellers and buy
ers. It has been tried in other places
and has proved a great success. When
this market day is established, she
might add greatly to the convenience
of her garduers and farmers, in the
vicinity, who raise vegetables, as well
as to all her citizens, to erect a city
market house, and establish a regular
market for everything iu the way of
meats aud vegetables consumed by
her citizens. This small enterprise
added to her flouring mills, water
works, electric lights and telephones
would give her citizens strong faith
in the future success of Columbus
and Platte county.
Ketara EstgaeeaaeMt
Thursday night Mr. John Jack will
return here for one night more, and
give the peoplo of thia city an op
portunity to see Sir John Falstafl
played. This is Mr. Jack's favorite
and greatest character, and will be
tho first and probably the last time
our theatre goers will have the op
portunity to seo the most deliciously
funny of Shakespeare's creations.
Miss Firmin will play Prince Hal.,
and the two will be supported by a
good company. Reserved seats at
usual place.
Ket la the World.
Ottumwa Lily Corn Starch has been
brought to tho highest attainable
quality by employing tho best skill
and scientific aid that money can fur
nish. It is the most strengthening
and health-giving food nowbeforo the
public, and is especially recommend
ed for children and invalids. Every
package guaranteed strictly pure.
Remember and ask your grocer for
Lily Corn Starch.
Dr. Powers, Deatist.
Teeth extracted without pain. Tho
Dr. will make his celebrated $20
upper sets of teeth for $15. These
sets are of superior workmanship and
contain two gold fillings. Call on the
Dr. if you want good work. In office
every Monday, over Ernst k
Schwarz's. 39-tf
Fans f Meat.
480 acres of land to rent, 110 acres
now broken good house and barn
will be done May 1st, or sooner; 20
miles northeast of Columbus, near
Leigh. Address,
P. H. Jussen,
47-2 Falls City, Nebr.
All persons knowing themselves
indebted to ub will please call and
settle by May 1st
47-3 Platte Center.
For Sale.
Horse, buggy and harness, an
elegant rig, for cash or on time.
47-2t J. E. Tasker.
Best paints is market at unheard
of prices, Columbus Lumber Co.
If you want to buy cheap, see
Columbus Lumber Co.
In last week's Journal there was
given the proceedings of one railroad
meeting held Tuesday evening. There
was another Thursday and still an
other Saturday evening, all attended
by about the same number of inter
ested citizens. We took no notes of
Thursday's meeting, which indulged
in considerable personalities, not un
connected, however, with the general
subject The meeting had a good
result, it seems, having the effect of
airing some alleged grievances, and at
the same time, bringing clashing ele
ments together on the proposition of
a road to the northwest the subject
of Tuesday evening's discussions.
The committee appointed at the pre
vious meeting for the purpose of as
certaining from the records whether
the city could vote $25,000, reported
that that would not exceed the limit
of law. Tho next day a petition was
circulated, and very numerously
signed, and by many who had hitherto
opposed the movement, asking the
City Council to submit the proposi
tion to vote.
Another meeting was called for tho
same place Saturday ovening to dis
cuss another scnemo for a railroad,
tho proposition 4eing to induce the
Chicago & Northwestern to build to
Columbus from Leigh, a town near
the northeastern border of Platte1
county, and on the line of the propos
ed branch of the groat Northwestern
Geo. Lehman waB selected aa pres
ident and G. W. Phillips, secretary.
The president stated the object of
the mooting. Several gentlemen wero
then called out for an expression of
A. Jaeggi referred to the old-time
wagon trade of Columbus, when men
camo as much sb a hundred miles or
more with their grain to this market.
That is now past, and the A. & N.
road for which we paid $100,000 and
the IT. P. branches which cost us
$25,000, have built up trading points
around ub, so that our reliance cannot
be on the farmor trade alone, we must
have manufactures, and these, or any
wholesale business, to be successful,
must havo freight rates sufficiently low
to competo with other wholesalo and
manufacturing points in the State.
Instead of being now a competing
point, as had been hoped from the
construction of the A. & N., this place
was only so in name. Both roads
discriminate against us and in favor
of other stations near by which aro
on the ouo line or tho other, only. Of
this Mr. Jaeggi gave instances show
ing how it worked great detriment to
Our situation is 6uch that it will
take united action by our citizens.
The proposition to build a road north
west from here was certainly worthy
of attention, the routo funning
through an excellent country. It
would not, however, he thought,
answer the purpose of manufacturers
and wholesale dealers in securing
rates, it was not strong enough to
burst this pooling arrangement. To
illustrate the necessity of a competing
line he referred to the history of the
Packing House, which ought to bo iu
full blast distributing thousands of
dollars each eeaeou, but which lies
idlo for lack of rates to enabla them
to compete with other places.
There seems no reason why a con
nection with tho Northwestern was
not desirable. It had been said that
they would not build to this point,
but perhaps they have changed their
views; it may bo that, when beforo
approached, they did not care to
divulge their intentions to those
whom they may havo regarded as
interested with rival roads. Let a
committee of business men go to them
with authority from the business men
of this city to give them a fair share
of thoir shipping trade, and a bond
guaranteeing them $25,000.
It is the duty of Columbus to do
all in her power to secure better rates,
and if wo cannot havo such as to com
pete with other places, we may just
as well sit down whero wo are. He
then gavo several instances from his
own experience as a shipper, one
boing that lumber waa:laid down at
Norfolk by the Chicago & North
western for the same rato as dealers
at Omaha aud Council Blufi's were
able to secure, 12 J cents less than at
Gus. Lockner called for the reading
of a certain letter that he heard talked
of as coming from the C. & N. W.
Mr. Kavanaugb said ho had not
come to talk. We need just such an
eastern connection as this road will
give us.
Mr. Gluck mado quite a lengthy
presentation of his views, among
many other things stating that the
Northwestern had made Fremont,
with her three wholesale groceries,
one boot and shoe store and one dry
goods store. The rate on dry goods
from Chicago to Fremont on the N.
W. is 5 cents a hundred, whereas to
this place it is $1.31. The N. W. will
be a competing lino as against the
two roads we now have.
Carl Kramer said he didn't think
there was a man in town except be
was in the employ of the railroads,
who would be opposed to Columbus
getting the N. W. He explained, at
length, the operation of pools.
Prompt action is necessary.
Jas. H. Galley coincided with Mr.
K. If we could get the N. W. we
Bhould do so, because it would give a
direct line to Chicago without chango
of cars, to be a competing road.
Mr. Gerrard said that he had dono
what he could to have the N. W.
come this way, and waB now willing
to sign a bond or pot up his share of
tho money.
Remarks favorable to the enterprise
were mado by Messrs. Ragatz, D.
Anderson, Macfarland and Hudson.
On motion, a committee consisting
of A. Jaeggi, C. Kramer, I. Gluck,
D. C. Kavanaugb and Geo. Lehman
was appointed to confer with the N.
W. authorities, convey to them the
sentiment of the community and see
what done.
San Creelc Ifteaaa.
Mrs. T. Blandford died at her resi
dence on Monday night She had
been suffering quite a while.
Too many sales is the complaint of
many, for eome turned out pretty
poorly; others, however, did pretty
The new lessees of the Columbus
Creamery have a good record and will
gain the full confidence of the farmers
of Platte and adjoining counties.
Too much snow ? No, tho more the
better for the land. Good crops may
be expected next season. A deep
snow is as good as a coat of manure
on the land.
A friend of the writer had a horse
gored by cattle. Tho animal was in
the yard with the bovines. It is not
advisable to put horses or colts in the
same yards or pastures where cattle
are kept Many a valuable horso has
been killed that way.
The cars on the Norfolk branch aro
alwayB crowded and so is tho U. P.
depot at Columbus. It seems the way
the TJ. P. is patronized the company
could well afford to build a new and
spacious depot, as tho accommodation
of its passengers seem to require.
Messrs. Farrel, Maher, McKabo and
others aro going to ship 17 car loads
of fat cattle from Battle Creek station
on the Elkhorn "Valley road. Could
not our R. R. agents at Columbus or
Platte Center havo induced thoae men
to ship from theso nearer points?
X. Y.Z.
Real EMtate Xraasrem.
Reported for the Jouhnal for the
week ending last Saturday, by Gus.
G. Becher & Co :
Susau C Fruntz and Mary E Millctt to
Noah Allen, $150; lot 7, block 18, Stevens
Noah Allen to Mrs E M Cass and J W
Graham, $100; lot 1, block 18, Slovens ad
dition. John Geiser and wife to Christian
Bicnz $1250; c U, sw X, 20, 17, 2w, 80
Leandcr Gerrard and wife to John
Geisor $2500; ne , 22, 17, Sw, 160 acres.
O N & 1) II It K Co to William D Wil
son $25; lot 6, block 7, Lost Creek.
O N & B II E R Co to Wm D Wilson
$25; lot 2, block G, Lost CrcoK.
O N & B II It R Co to Wm D Wilson
$30; lot 1, block C, Lost Creek.
Augustus Lockner and wife to F 31
Cookingham $600; e , lot 3, block 2, Ottis
1st addition to Humphrey.
Augustus Lockner and wifo to Ira B
Brigglc $4CO; lots 5. C and 7, blook C, lots
5 and G, block 7, and lots 3, 4 and 7, block
9, Lockner's 1st addition to Humphrey.
Wm D Davles and wile to Joseph
Gardner $1; part nw i, sw i, 17, 1G, 2w.
Hugo Schaad to Fred Schaad jr., $2000;
c , sw 4, 8, 18, le, 80 acres.
Rufus Leach and wife to F H Gerrard
$400; lot 1, block 120.
O N & B II R R Co to F H Gerrard$G00;
lots 1, block 2, lot 3, 4, 5 and G, block 3,
lots 2, 3, 4, 5, G, 7 and 8, block 4, lots 1 and
2, block 5, lots S and 4, block G, lot 5, block
7, lots 5, G, 7 and 8, block 8, lots 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, G, 7 and S, block 9, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G and
7, block 10, lots, 1, 2 and 3, block 11, and
all blocks 12, 13, 14 and 15 in town of Lost
12th, to -Sirs. John
church in Hismark Township, by Rev. II.
Fischer, Feb. 26th, August Husniaun aud
31iss Caroline Maack.
Advertisements under this head five
cents a line each insertion.
Hides, pelts, wool and poultry,
highest price paid. Office at Jaeggi
& Schupbach's old stand. T. Keat
iug. 30-tf
Wm. Schiltz makes bootsand shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the
very best stock that can bo procured
in the market. 52t
A good many peoplo havo taken
advantage ot G. Heitkomper & Bros,
cheap sale. A great many goods are
bought but still tbcro are lots more
to be sold. Call ou them if you want
a bargaiu. 42-tf
Oa loaf ! Onions!
A fiue lot of Red Weathcrfleld on
ions for sale at Becker's Grocery.
Land lor Male.
120 acres in Platte Co., 25 acres
broke. Address I). R., care of Jour
nal office. 4-tf
Need Wheat For Sale.
(500 bushels Sea Island wheat, pure
variety. Inquire of or address,
Rout. E. Wiley,
Fob. 17-w-4-p Okay, P. O., Nebr.
JBMt Arrived.
20 head of young brood mares, for
salo for cash or on time, or for trade.
46-4p L. D. Clark.
Tfce Best Roller Gate 11 lace la
the World.
Every farmer should use them.
Sold by D. Anderson. 22-tf
A Xo. 1 Farm for Sale,
Containing 240 acres of choice land, 5
miles southwest of Humphrey, in this
county. Terms reasonable. For fur
ther particulars inquire of or address
T. Keating, Columbus, Neb. 4-tf
The undersigned, residing h miles
northwest of Platte Center, has a good
amount of German'Millet seed to sell
for cash, or exchange for any other
kind of grain.
6-2 G. A. Kkbb.
Take Notice!
All accounts not settled with us,
either by cash or note immediately,
will be put in an attorney's hands for
collection. We mean business. Please
call and settle. Carqig & Lynch,
4C-tf Platte Center.
Milch CewK, Horwi aad Poale
For Sale.
Good fresh milch cows and young
calves, 2 good mare ponies and one
young work team on reasonable
464U D. Anderson.
For Sale er Trade.
I will sell for cash, or on time, or
will trado a No. 1 horse for a good
gentle well broke pony. Enquire of
Geo. Derry or Geo. Spooner.
S. J. Marmot,
38-tf Columbus, Neb.
I represent a
found anywhere,
number of as good and
and would respectfully
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware,
Pumps, Guns and Ammunition.
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Here.
Wish to announce to tho Merchants of Oolumbus and surrounding country that they
have added to the BROOM BUSINESS formerly earriod on by Mr. Berger, a stock of
Which they will sell as CHEAr AS ANY HOUSE WEST OP CHICAGO. 3"In
spection solicited.
10mar3mo BERGBB 4c STURGEON.
For good young breeding stock of
all kinds, call at Bloomingdale stock
farm. A. Ilenrich, Platto Center P.
O., Neb; 30-tf
For Beat.
The store building known as tho
"Sheehan Saloon," near tbo U. P.
depot ; also tbo Bar Fixtures. This is
a fine chance for a live man. It is the
oldest saloon stand in Columbus. In
quire of Becher & Co. 47-tf
Berger fc Stargeoa
Wish to announce to the merchants
of Columbus and surrounding coun
try that they havo added to tho Broom
Business formerly carried on by Mr.
Berger, a stock of Wood and Willow
Ware, which they will sell as cheap
as any bouse west of Chicago. In
spection solicited.
47-tf Berger & Sturgeon.
Go to JTeaa Heatple
For your Dry Goods, Clothing, Hale,
Caps, Boots, Shoos and Groceries. A
few of his low prices are here given :
Arbuckle's or any other pack
age coffee, 15c each or 7 for. .$ 1 00
Climax, bpearhead or other plug
tobacco, per lb
Soda or saleratus, 4 papers for. .
Soap, usually sold 4 for 25c, at
5c per bar, and regular 5c
bars, 6 for
Matches, 25 boxes for
Salt, per barrel 175
Starch, all kinds per package . . OS
Scrubbing brushes 10
A good winter cap 25
Gloves and mittens, from 25c upward,
and everything else cheap in propor
tion. 11th street, next door west of
Uusche's harness shop.' 38-llt
Paalic Male.
Tho undersigned will sell at his
placo two miles southeast of Duncan
and Bix miles southwest of Colum
bus, on
Thursday, March 25, '8G,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., 3 horses,
3 sets harness, 1 wagon, 1 hay-rake,
2 three-year-old heifers, 3 two-year-old
heifers, 1 bull two years old, 2
heifers ouo year old, 1 steer one year
old, 1 milch cow, 5 hogs, 1 self-binder,
1 mower, 1 sulky plow, 1 Btirring
plow, 2 cultivators, 1 harrow, and
Terms: The terms on land will be
one half cash, remainder in one and
two years, ten per cent, intercut.
Terms on personal property $ 10 and
under cash, above that sum twelvo
months time on bankable paper, ten
per cent, interest, ten per cent off for
cash. Pkter Ri.kntschk.
John IIubek, Auctioneer. 45-4t
Wo have this day sold io S. R.
Howell & Co. of Chicago, Illinois,
our stock of lumber heretofore kept
by us in the city of Columbus, Neb
raska. Soliciting for our rtuc:i.SHorH
a continuance of tho favor with
which wo have met,
Respect 'ully,
J. II. Richards & Co.
Columbus Neb., Feb. 23d, 1830.
Wc havo this day bought of J. II.
Richards & Co. their lumber business
heretofore owned by them in Colum
bus, Nebraska, and will continue t.'iC
business at the same place under style
of Columbus Lumber Co. Soliciting
a share of the trade.
44-4t S. R. Howeli. & Co.
Columbus, Neb. Feb. 23d, '86.
To Dorothy Wolfel:
the property described as follows,
to wit: Lots 7 and 8, in Block 143, in the
city ot Columbus. Platte eounty, Ne
braska, was purchased by George W.
Hulst on the 12th day of June, 1SS4, at
private sale at the Treasurer's offiea in
said Platte county for taxes assessed on
said lots for the year 1882, and that said
lots were taxed in the name of Dorothy
Wolfel, and that the time for the redemp
tion of the same will expire on the 13th
day of June, 1886.
46-3t GsORG K "NY. H OLST.
Land Office at Grand Islaad Neb.,)
Feb. 17th, 1886. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice
of his intention to make nnal proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Judge of District
Court at Columbus, Neb., on April 3d.
1886, viz: '
Jacob Crackcnburg, Homestead, 14-194,
for the N. $,N. W.J, 2, 13, Iw. He
names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: Lewis Law
son, John Valene, Robert Golespie of
"West Hill, Neb., and Thomas Cain, of
Columbus, Nebr.
Feb.24-w-0 Register.
But a Grand Success.
ter Trough for stock. lie refers to
every man who ban it in use. Call ou or
leave orders-at George Yale's, opposite
Oehlrlck's grocery. 0-a
reliable Insuraace Companies as caa be
ask for a share of the patronage of the
11th Street, Columbus, Neb.
To Mary E.Antrim, non-resident
YOU ARE HEREBY notified that on
toe 13th day of March, 1880, Georgu
E. Antrim filed a petition against you in
the District Court of Platto County,
Nebraska, the object and prayer, of
which is to obtain a divorce from you on
the ground that you have wilfully
abandoned tho plaintiff without good
cause for the term of two years last past.
You are required to anBvar said petition
ou or beforo Monday, tho 26th dav of
April, 1836.
Georgk E. Antbim.
By Macfarland & Cowdery,
17th 3Iarch-4t His Attorneys.
Land Office at Grand Iiland, Neb.,)
Feb. 18, 1SSG. f
NOTICE is hereby given that tho following-named
settler has filed aotice
ot his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be mado before the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court, at Columbus, Nebr., on
April Sth, lSStf, viz:
John Gerhard Aschc, for the N. E. J,
of N. E. Ji, See. 12, T. 19, It. Io. He
names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: Frederick
Mackenstadt, Henry Aschc, IJerraan
Backenhus, Herman Piepcr, all of Co
lumbus, Nebr.
Feb. 24-w-O Register.
To V. Bttrkley, O. P. and T. J. Ihtrfordi
yOU ARE HEREBY notified, that tho
purchased on the 2l9t day of July, 1831,
at tax-sale by W. A. McAllister, and by
him transferred to Regena Christinek,
and was taxed aud delinquent for the
years 1S70, '71, '72, 1S, '71, '73, '16, '77, '7s,
'79, '80, 'SI, '82, that tho same was taxed
in the naino of V. Burkley, 0. 1. and T.
J. Hurford, and that the tinio ot re
demption will oxniro on the 21st day of
July, 18S.
40-p-3t U KG EN A CltRISTIXKK.
Land Oflice, Grand Island, Neb. )
Feb. 31th, lStfj.f
NOTICE Is hereby given that tho fol
lowing named settler has tiled notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Clerk of District
Court of l'latte County, at Columbus,
Nebraska, on Monday, April 12th, WX,
Hans Ol8en, Homestead No. 10887, for
the N. AV. X, Section 14, Township 20.
north, of Uatigo 4 west. He names tho
following witnesses to provo his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said 1-tnd, via: Erik Eriksen.
Swcn A. l'ettersou, Martin Bohcn, and
Olo A. Tronson, all of Newman's Grove,
Madison County, Nebr.
3 Mar.-w-G Registor.
Or Q. W. K1BLEB,
XraTeliaf? StaleoaiaB.
SSTTbesc organs are first-class in ovcrv
particular, and so guaranteed.
Red Clover,
Red Top, and
Blue Grass Seed
Herman Oehlrich & Bro's.
Grocery Store.
Send 10 cents postaare
we will mail vou
free a roval. valuable.
sample box of goods that will put you In
the way of making nor money at once,
than anything else in America. Both
sexes of all agc can live at home and
work in spare tinio, or all the time.
Capital not required. We will start you.
Immense pay sure for those who start at
onee. Stixsox A Co., Portland, Maine.
I "his House, recently purchased by me,
will be thoroughly refitted. Board
by the day, week or meal. A few rooms
to let. A share of the public patronage
is solicited. Feed stable In connection.
-m. 1'iuiicin ucsuriuuu a- iuiiuws, viz.,
lots 1 and 3, in block No. 223, In tho City
of Columbus, l'latte Countv. Nobr- was
rciaclaaatl, tela
John Davla, President.
H. P. Marshall, eotlary.
Assets ever
Issues the popular Life Sate Bsw
meat Policy.
rtvr aalfl i Nebraska la tae
pnst two years, aad over 80,009 la Ce.
Alan molraa lnua AR RftS.1 Kltftte Ml
long time at a low rate of Interest. For
terms apply to ......
M. D. THURSTON, Special Ag't.
Omct:-At Journal Saactua, Columbus.-
Nebr. w-
Crockery and Glassware
You will always find a FBBSH aad wM
elected stack.
Fancy Grocer! an Fina
Teas a Specialty.
Wa handle the celebrated
Cedar Raul
lUgliest market prloe paia ftr
country prodaoe.
City orders delivered free of tharge.
EJTTelcphono No. 29.
Kteveatli Street, c1imbm, if a.
Our quotations of tho markets are ob
talnodTuesday afternoon, and aro eorrsst
and reliable at tho time.
Wheat 08
Corninear 18
Cornsholled 18
Oats new....... 20
Rje 30
Flour 240800
Butter, 10912,i
Eggs, 8ajio
Fbtatoes, now 39O40
Hams, HKl
Shoulder, sJlO
Sides, 710
Fat Hogs 380 80
FatCattlc 8 ?
Iowa I 00
Hard H
Rock Springs nut 80
Rock Springs lump T 00
Carbon C00
Colorado 0 00
MMiis Mail Worts!
uonuiots, beustonss. etc., etc.
KJfThis being the only shop in l'latte
county where any rarving or engraving
is donV, wu arr. of eourao,na!iIed to (firu
better general satisfaction thas any
11th St., south of TJ. P. Depot,
General Agents for the Sale of
Union Pacific, and Midland Pacific
R.R. Lands for sale at from ? 3.00 to $10.CO
per acre for cash, or on fire or ten years
timo, In annual payments to suit pur
chasers. We have also a large asd
choice lot of other lands, improvod asd
unimproved, for sale at low price asd
on reasonable terms. Also business and
residenco lots in the city. Wc keep a
complete abstractor title to all real es
tate In Platte County.
And all kinds of country produce ta
teen in trade, and all goods deliv
ered free of charge to any
part of the city.
to Floor aid