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WEDNESDAY FEB. 17, 1886.
Paid. Freight.
Leaves Columbus,. .8:10 a. m. 2:00 p. m.
' Bellwood H:35 " 2:50 "
" David City 9:00 " 3:35 "
" Seward. ...10:10 " 6:05 "
Arrives at Lincoln .11:25 " 8:30 "
The passenger leaves Lincoln at 3:55 p.
in., and arrives at Columbus 7:15 p. m:
the freight leaves Lincoln at 6 a. in., and
arrives at Columbus at 1 p. m.
Remnants at Kramer's.
Let ua bridge the Loup.
"Buffalo Bill" Iaet night.
Now Hamburgs at Kramer's.
B. K. Cowdery passed Sunday at
The next term of district court is
in April.
Great remnant sale at Kramer's
this week.
Herman Albrccht is sick with
lung fever.
G. Heitkcmpcr & Bro. are selling
out at cost. 38-tf
Attendance at school Monday was
rather light.
Wanted. Girl to do housowork at
Dr. Stillman's. 2
Choice sauer kraut at Herman
Ochlrich & Bro'e. 34
G. W. Barnhart went down to
Lincoln Saturday.
The eclobrated Lehigh hard coal
at Weaver & Iteid's.
Gent's gloves at less than cost at
Honahan's shoe store.
George Clother was at Lincoln
and Omaha last week.
The Loup ought to have a per
manent bridgo over it.
W. Y. Biascll was homo Sunday
after a two weeks tour.
See Honahan's stock and prices
boforc buying elsewhere. 2-43-2
Tho Western Cottago organ for
sale at A. & M. Turner's.
100 acres of land for $000. In
quire of W. M. Cornelius. 41-4
John Walker, Lindsay, I. O.,
auctioneer, at one per cent. 42-lf
Tt. S. Clark and friend from North
Bend, visited here Sunday.
Dave Loeb took a trip last week
to Grand Island and York.
A. W. Clark was sixteen hours
taking out the Loup bridge.
You can buy an Elgin watch for
$5 at G. Heitkemper & Bro.
Tho Jouknal is getting out a
large amouut of very nice job work.
There was a private masked ball
at the Opera House Monday night.
It is expected thai the electric
light will be iu operation next week.
E. O. Gates of Kirkvillc, Mo., is
dangerously ill at the Lindcll House.
Bkood Makks fok Sale. I have
twenty that I will sell. G.W. Elston.
Mr. and Mm. James Austin of
Lincoln are vi&iting Grandfather
Perry Luthbaugh is in business
at Ainswortb, and sends for the
E. J. Baker is in town a few days.
He recently paw Abner Turner in
J. C. Martin's little child is very
sick with diptheria at its grandfather's
Mr. S. J. Marnioy.
'IVrc is talk of one or two new
hose tcHiiih for Columbus, on account
of tho water Works.
Sheriff Kavaiisuh went to Lin
coln Friday with Mrs. Farloy, who
went to the Asylum.
Where there is a will then-is al
ways a way. Let the Loup bo span
ned by a bridge that will stand.
Found, a bunch of keys and a
pocket-knife. The owner will please
prove property and pay for this notice.
Union temperance meeting iu the
Presbyterian church Friday evening
next, addressed by Anna M. Saun
ders. Loans on Heal Estate at lowest
rates aud mopt favorable terms. No
delay. Inquire at First National
Bank. 35-tf
Ed. Ilotire is passing a considera
ble portion of hi time at tho State
Capitol this month, being on tho U.
S. jury.
Dr. W. F. Wiard, epecialist for
diseases of the eye aud ear will be at
the Clother House, Columbus, Feb.
2Cth and 27th. 43-2
Thomas II.Caacy, tho former
6tagc driver at Chadron was arrested
on the 13th charged with the recent
robbery of the mails.
The Presbyterian Synod of Ne
braska convened yesterday (Tuesday)
evening at Lincoln, to choose a state
synodical missionary.
A stock of stationer's articles for
sale cheap or exchange for laud or
cattle. Call on or address Journal,
Columbus, Neb., soon.
Last Wednesday J. H. Brown of
Norfolk lost his livery stable by fire.
Not a dollar's worth of insurance, and
$2,000 Iosb of property.
Presbyterian church, subject for
Sabbath morning, Feb: 21st, four na
tional reproaches, "Infidelity, papacy,
polygamy and saloons."
A. Smith, boot and shoemaker.
Repairing neatly done. Work solic
ited. Half-soling 75 cents, at Hem
pieman's store, Eleventh st. 34-tf
Cities, like individuals, rise by
what they have to contend against,
provided, of course, there is energy
to begin with. Bridge the Loup.
The ladies of the Lntheran
church will give a eupper at the
Mfennerchor Hall Monday evening,
Feb. 22d. beginning at six o'clock.
Fred. Henggeler, though not any
longer a citizen of this county, still
has an interest in onr welfare, and
keeps posted through the Journal
Mrs. L. Kramer and child were
detained at North Platte several days
after Louie's return, owing to the
child's recovering from a very severe
L. Cockburn, an old time citizen
of Columbus, was in town the first of
the week active as ever. Ho is
traveling for a wholesale house in St.
We have received a new line of
Humburgs. New styles and new
designs. Every lady should look at
them aud buy a supply. C. & L.
Kramer. 4-40-tf
We have a good supply of Canon
City, Colorado, coal now. Those
wishing to get the benefit of our free
delivery can now bo supplied. Wea
ver & Rcid. 3-43-4
The United States supreme court
says that where stock are killed along
railroad tracks not properly fenced,
tho companies owning such tracks
must pay double damages.
A. Slull, who has been south of
the Platte'inost of tho winter, has re
turned to his old "stamping ground,"
at the Clother House. It looks very
natural to see him around again.
Canon City, Colorado, coal is free
from dust, burn? all up to a ffno ash,
and makes no soot, and for making
heat and lasting qualities cannot bo
excelled. Give it a trial. Weaver
& Reid.
Money to loan at once aud with
out delay on real estate, in large or
small amounts, on time to suit.
Promptly, quietly and at the lowest
possible rates. Apply to Gus. G.
Becher & Co. 19-tf
The Sidney Telegraph has a
lengthy article against the railroad
commission on the price of coal at
that place, claiming that tho discrimi
nation against tho western part of the
state is unjust.
Michael Savago gave us a very
pleasant call Monday. In speaking
of a wagon bridge across the Loup,
near the Union Pacific bridge, he sees
several objections, both on account of
travel and of fire.
Jonas Hedman was in town yes
terday aud gave us a pleasant call.
He is somewhat afflicted with rheu
matism, but was able to do his. own
work through the storms this winter,
and not lose any stock.
Washington correspondence of
tho Omaha Bee intimates a comprom
ise between the Miller and the Morton
wings of the democracy, whereby the
two great leaders have divided the
spoils of office between their ad
herents. It seems that our Dan. Condon
has been to Omaha, and got away
with some of the contractors there on
doing some of their grading. The
proposition to relet the bids because
a "non-resident" secured the contract,
is pronounced by tho lice a little thin.
The Grand Island Independent
says: "Gue Koehler has purchased
116 acres of land south of town. He
intcuds putting in two more large
spring lakes on the same, and stock
ing them with fish." Here is a man
who has made fish farming practical
and paying. Why caunot others fol
low suit? Fremont Herald.
The Texas hotel proprietor that
fiddled while the rain poured down
through his roof, had an excuse,
"when it rained ho couldn't put on
the now roof, and when it didn't rain
he had no need of one," but Colum
bus aud Butler and Loup precincts
and Plat to county need a bridge
across tho Loup all days of the year.
Good, pure seeds of all kiuds aro
investments necessary to success.
Buy of a special dealer whom you
know to bo reliable and responsible.
Thous&qds of dollars have been lost
to Nebraska through iuferior Beeds
and bad nursery Btock. Patronize the
best, and patronize home dealers, who
deal fairly, and whose interest it is to
build up a business.
A late number of the American
Volunteer, published at Carlisle, Pa.,
has au extended account of our ven
erable friend John Elliott of this
city, that docs him great credit as a
soldier of the war with Mexico, and
as a man among his first friends and
neighbors. John Elliott, the writer
says, was the model hero for all the
boys who knew him, after "he came
home from the wars."
Mr. Pollock, the signal service
officer at Omaha, says, "We have had
a tremendous enow-fall this year as
compared with former seasons. The
total 6now fall thus far this season has
been two feet nine inches, with six
weeks of snow weather to hear from.
We have already had far more 6now
than during any entire season since I
have been in charge of the office, five
years. I think it beats the record."
The Jouknal job department is
prepared to furnish, on short notice,
all kinds of commercial work, snch
as letter heads, note heads, bill
beads, statements, circulars, envel
opes, cards, dodgers, posters, &c. ;
visiting cards; lawyers' briefs;
pamphlets; catalogues; sale bills,
&c. Satisfaction guaranteed. Orders
by mail promptly attended to. Ad
dress, M. K. Turner & Co., Colum
bus, Nebr. tf
The electric apparatus is being
pnt in place over town, by the Co
lumbus Milling Co., and soon Colum
bus can congratulate herself upon her
increased facilities for seeing the
world and being seen. Light is the
best policy, and if night hawks could
be induced to stay home, communities
would be much better off. Consider
ing how much it costs the honest and
industrious portion of citizens to keep
and care for the dishonest and disso
lute, it is a wonder they don't get dis
couraged and give it up as a bad iob.
However, the light will help some.
truce Muafcers.
A good deal of surprise and in
terest was created in the community
last week by news of the existence in
the city of a case of hysteria catalepsy,
very similar to that with which Miss
Minnie Dishner, of Columbus, was
lately afflicted. Miss Mattie Lucas,
a young lady of abont seventeen, at
tending onr public schools, retired to
her bed Thursday evening complain
ing of sickness, and the next morn
ing was fonnd by her sister, Mrs.
Geo. Davidson, in an apparently un
conscious condition. A physician
was at once summoned, and the case
found to be as we have stated. Miss
Lucas' symptoms have answered very
closely to those of the somewhat
notable case which we have quoted.
During a part of her sickness she
called occasionally the names of re
latives and friends, and would oc
casionally beckon to those whom she
seemed to perceive at a distance. At
other times she became nnable to
move or to manifest any sign of con
sciousness, and would remain in any
position in which she was placed,
although, as Bhe has since stated, she
was generally aware of what was
going on aronnd her. At these
periods any conversation calculated
to excite her emotions, which would
perhaps be quite lively in a case of
this kind, wonld bring tears to her
eyes in great profusion. Nourish
ment was given her occasionally,
through the means of liquid food,
which was placed in her month in
such a way as to excite the action of
swallowing. Last Monday evening,
however, to the great relief of her
friends and all concerned, she awaked
from her protracted sleep, having
been nnder its influence abont
ninety-six hours. The case has
naturally attracted a good deal of at
tention, although all will be glad to
learn that apprehensions need be no
longer maintained. Central City
Colambaa aLycesue.
Fbiday, Feb. 19, '86.
Piano solo, Mamie Ublig ; recitation,
Zura Morse ; essay, Mrs. W. B. Back
us; song, Mary Turner; reading,
John Wiggins ; recitation, L. Phillips ;
duet, Messrs. Bowman and Corne
lius; 6peecb, W. H. Leavy; song,
Lillian Smith ; recitation, Mrs. C. A.
Brindloy ; piano solo, Lizzie Sbeehan.
Debato Which was the greater gen
eral, Washington or Grant? Affirm,
L. J. Cramer, M. K. Turner ; deny,
W. B. Backus, Robt O'Brien.
Fbiday, Feb. 24.
Piano solo, Mary Henry; recita
tion, Annie Hoehen ; recitation, Miss
Clara Weaver; select reading, Miss
Helen Foster; declamation, Willie
Coolidge; ossay, Mrs. Rose T. Page;
recitation, Eva Clark; speech, J. S.
Freeman ; declamation, C. A. Brin
dlcy ; piano solo, Clara Lehman.
Debate Should a third political
party bo founded with prohibition as
its basis? Affirm, E. A. Gerrard,
O. V. Rico, deny, L. A. Clark and J.
L. St. Clair.
The Bent Feace Yet.
At George Yale's stand on Olive
street, may be seen one of the best
patent fences manufactured. Messrs.
Williams & Gates, the proprietors,
have established a factory here, and
will soon canvass tho county in the
interest of their enterprise. In brief,
it consists of pickets four feet in
length, 1. inches wide and inches
thick, woven at short intervals be
tween five pairs of galvanized wire
the five pairs of wires being twisted
between the pickets to hold them
solid. One can not well imagino a fence
made of pine pickets and wire that
could bo stronger for the expense than
this is, and it combines all the good
qualities of a fence strength, cheap
ness, durability, attractiveness to the
eye, no injury to 6tock, easy to repair.
Don't build any fence without seeing
this. Call at the factory or address
Williams & Gates,
2 Columbus, Nebr.
CoHBcil Proceeding.
At the meeting Monday night the
Council succeeded in locating the
fire mains, which are to be eight, six
and four inches in diameter, as fol
lows :
From U. P. depot, east on 11th St.,
to block 102, Stauffer's. South from
Henry's corner on 11th and Olive, to
Pacific Avenue, then east two blocks
to M. street, then south one block to
9th, then east to the southeast corner
of Court nouse. On Olive from 12th,
north four blocks on Sycamore street,
in StevciiH addition. From 13lb
north on R. street to west-end school
house. From southwest corner of
block 46, on 14th street, then south
one block to 13th, then west on 13th
to Hays street, out-lot addition, then
north one block on HajB street.
Wholo number of hydrants, 26.
The people of Milford have got
themselves into a muss over their
water works. It seems that after the
water works had been built, the
bonds which were to pay for them
were found to be illegal, and a new
election was called, to vote other
bonds. In the meantime the water
works collapsed, and when the elec
tion came off the bonds were defeated.
Thereupon the contractors, Cocklin
& Noakes, sued the village for 1999.99,
and the case will be tried before
Judge Lowley on the 12th. It will
doubtless be an interesting case.
Seicard Blade.
Or. Powers. Deatlst. .
Teeth extracted without pain. The
Dr. will make his celebrated $20
upper sets of teeth for $15. These
sets are of superior workmanship aud
contain two gold fillings. Call on the
Dr. if you want good work. In office
every Monday, over Ernst &
Schwarz's. 39-tf
To-day the Grand Army en
campment is to be held at Red Cloud.
Some think that Grand Island will be
the successful point for the next re
union. ..
Skell Creel Item.
Th ere is singing school held every
Wednesday night in the Welsh
It is a great blessing that the 6now
is going off so slowly. If it would
go off with warm and heavy rains we
would get terrible freshets.
The Good Templars lodge at Platte
Center is going ahead, prominent
ladies and gentlemen from the neigh
borhood joining at almost every
Mr. A. Henrich is going to have
his fourth annual sale Feb. 25th. A
big crowd is expected, for everybody
knows that very good stock is sold
cheap there.
The Platte Centeritcs aro expecting
a new bank there to put their sur
plus money in. Hope they will get
oue as good and reliable as our Co
lumbus institutions of that kind and
have money to deposit.
February is doing hotter than Jan
uary so far as tho weather is con
cerned. Our provident farmers have
but few losses to report. They are
getting more careful and better ablo
to provide feed and shelter for their
Says the Yankee to a German and
an Irishman : "You drink lager bear
and eat sauerkraut, and you drink
whiskey and eat potatoes and wear
wooden shoes, and ain't you begin
ning to liko them all, even better
than we?" said they. Are they
The snow is melting, nest eggs only
being left in the sloughs. Speaking
of nest eggs, don't forget to get them
ready, as the hens are beginning to
cackle. They often, however, cackle
when they have not layed, like some
men talking abont their own good
works when yon look closely, no
egg is there.
Speak and write proper names
plainly and distinctly, is a lesson and
a moral taught by a recent mistake
in the Journal. Another point
found out is this: The Journal is
not a small, obscure local little rag of
a thing, but a papor of largo and ex
tensive circulation. Now to the mis
take: The Journal reported a few
weeks ago that Rev. A. Henrich had
gone to Denver on a visit, but he had
only gono to Glenville, Neb., but
mark the result ! His son and daugh
ter, residing in Denver, Colorado,
went to the depot again and again to
meet him, and feared he was snow
bound on the way and wrote letters
to find out what had become of him.
Moral to the Editor: Be careful
what yon print ! X. Y. Z.
Messrs. Gillispio are having a well
bored on their placo.
The roads are in an almost impassi
ble condition with an ordinary load.
Mr. Koch is building a now house
which will leave one less sod house
in the county.
Mr. Lew Wright has sold his farm
to Messrs. Frost & Courrier , and rent
ed Mr. Bullock's farm.
Messrs. Abrahamson and Hanchett
visited at Roselma, Boono county, a
couple of days last week.
Mr. G. K. Bullock has rented his
farm and about the first of March will
start on an extended visit to New
York, Iowa and Virginia.
Our school closes next Friday. Mr.
Rolf is an excellent teacher, and the
school has been a success. There
will be an entertainment tho last
afternoon of the school.
Yes ; brother T. D. X., tho names
of that couple that were marriod
might have been those you suggested,
but they didn't happen to be, and wo
have not learned what they are yet.
Guess again.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hamilton of
Overton, Dawson county, visited at
Palestino Saturday and Sunday, and
on Monday started for a two week's
stay at Elgin, Illinois. Mr. H. reports
tho little town of Overton in a flour
ishing condition.
BlfiHtark Precinct.
One of O. D. Butler's valuable cowa
died last week.
Andrew Matthis visited the Bis
mark Academy on Feb. 12.
Mr. Craun has bought another
young mare of C. J. Moore.
Bella Montana, of Richland, is vis
iting friends in this vicinity.
John Salfeld sold two cows and
Andrew Matthis one, recently.
Frederick Mueler has erected a
great many buildings this year.
One of John G. Dreher's horses got
cut in a wire fence tho other day.
There was an oyster supper at J. C
Swartsloy's last Saturday evening.
Daisy Burns is visiting with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Swartslcy.
O. D. Butler left for Anchor, Illi
nois, on the 8th, in answer to a tele
gram, that his father is very ill and
not expected to live. C. D. W.
Programme of the C E.. aid . C.
To be held at the residence of Mrs.
Geer, Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 1886, at
half past Beven o'clock, p. m. Paper,
cultivation of taste, by Mrs. Picket ;
reading from Longfellow, by Miss
Wells; selection, Mrs. Brugger;
music, Miss Fannie Geer; something
about science, Mr. Brugger; recita
tion, Helen Foster; essay, character,
Rose T. Page; music, Mr. Picket.
Questions on the month's reading.
A cordial invitation to all.
Bent la the World.
Ottomwa Lily Corn Starch has been
brought 'to the highest attainable
quality by employing the beBt skill
and scientific aid that money can fur
nish. It is the most strengthening
and health-giving food now before the
public, and is especially recommend
ed for children and invalids. Every
package guaranteed strictly pure.
Remember and ask your grocer for
Lily Corn Starch.
The weather was clear on Tuesday
Feb. 2d.
Tho ground hog dictated 6 weeks
more cold weather. We will have
it, if we don't have it warm, says
Tom on the bill.
Our literary is running with fnll
speed, with Mr. C. S. Webster in the
chair. A scarcity of questions for
debate is reported.
The Loup river bridge is in bad
shape again. Tho people of Platte
county must come down to business
in the near future, regarding the
bridge question.
Our genial hotel and restaurant
man, Mr. Gregorius, had the pleasure
of greeting an interesting new comer
some time during the stormy weather
of last month. We havo not learned
about the weight, but judging from
the voice, it must be fully up to
the standard.
"WATTS LARSON Feb. 10th, by
George N. Hopkins, Esq., Mr. Arthur
Watts and Miss Clara 31. Larson.
STUPFEL Fob. 11th, infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Stupfol, aged fifteen
Advertisements under this head five
cents a line each insertion.
Good farm horse for sale, enquiro
of Aug. Lockner. 43-3t
iii aaMa m
For good yonng breeding stock of
all kinds, call at Bloomingdale stock
farm. A. Henrich, Platte Center P.
O., Neb. 30-tf
Hides, pelts, wool and poultry,
highest price paid. Office at Jaeggi
& Schupbach's old stand. T. Keat
ing. 30-tf
Wm. Schiltz makes bootsand shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the
very best stock that can be procured
in the market. 52t
A good many people have taken
advantage of G. Heitkemper & Bros,
cheap sale. A great many goods aro
bought but still there aro lots more
to be sold. Call on them if you want
a bargain. 42-tf
Book Bladlaer
All kinds of book binding promptly
done, inquire at Sam. Gass' furniture
store. 42-2t
The Bent Roller Onto lllage la
the World.
Every farmer should use them.
Sold by D. Anderson. 22-tf
Laad for Hale.
120 acres in Platte Co., 25 acres
broke. Address D. R., care of Jour
nal offico. 4-tf
For Sale or Trade for Stock,
One-half section of land in Wheeler
Co., all valley land. Will trade ali
or part. Address, D. N. Jennings,
43-tf St. Edwards, Neb.
Seed Wheat For Sale.
GOO bushels Sea Island wheat, pure
variety. Inquire of or address,
Rout. E. Wiley,
Feb. 17-w-4-p Okay, P. O., Nebr.
For Sale.
One horse, ono mare, ono Marsh
sulky -plow. Cash or lime, or trade
for young cattle. Inquiro of R. W.
Young, I- miles north of Colum
bus. 41-4
A. iVo. 1 Farm for Sale,
Containing 240 acres of choice laud, 5
miles southwest of Humphrey, in this
county. Terms reasonable. For fur
ther particulars inquire of or address
T. Keating, Columbus, Neb. 4-tf
For Sale or Trade.
I will sell for cash, or on time, or
will trade a No. 1 horso for a good
gentle well broke pony. Enquiro of
Geo. Derry or Geo. Spooner.
S. J. Mabmoy,
3S-tf Columbus, Neb.
To Oar CaMtomers.
Gentlemen, wo havo carried you
during tho past year and now kindly
invite you to call and settle your
accounts with U9 as wo need money
and must have it.
33-tf. Cakrio & Lynch.
Wp have made arrangements to fur
nish to (be subscribers of this paper,
that excellent agricultural and stock
journal, The Nebraska Farmer, for the
small sum of $1.00 per year. The
Farmer is published at Lincoln, Neb.,
O. M. Druse, Editor, and is devoted to
agriculture and stock growing in the
west. Every farmer should take it
Send $1.00 to this office and we will
have the Farmer sent to you.
Stock Sale.
Will bo sold at public auction, by
Pleyte Bros., three and one-half miles
north of Columbus and one mile
west of Jacob Ernst's on
Friday, Feb. 19, '80,
their Nortnau brood mares and heavy
colts, 75 head of cattle, and a full line
of farm machinery, nearly new. The
sale being extensive, will be started
very early. See posters.
Pleyte Bnos.
John Hubeb, Auctioneer. 41-3t
Go to Joha Ilemplemaa'd
For your Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Boots, ShoeB and Groceries. A
few of his low prices are here given :
Arbuckle's or any other pack
age coffee, 15c each or 7 for. .$ 1 00
Climax, Spearhead or other plug
tobacco, per lb 45
Soda or saleratus, 4 papers for. . 25
Soap, usually sold 4 for 25c, at
5c per bar, and regular 5c
bars, G for 25
Matches, 25 boxes for 25
Salt, per barrel 1 75
Starch, all kinds per package. . . 08
Scrubbing brushes 10
A good winter cap 25
Gloves and mittens, from 25c upward,
and everything else cheap in propor
tion. 11th street, next door west of
Rusche's harness shop. 38-14t
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.J
Jan. 18th, 18S6. f
NOTICE is hereby Riven that the fol
lowing named settler has tiled notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Judge of the District
Court at Columbus, Neb., on March 20tu,
Lewis C. Thompson, for the S. W. M,
Section 32, Township 19. Range 4 west,
lie names the following witnesses to
Drove his cnntiniirmaroaiflonpo nnnn and
cultivation of, said land, viz: William
""ji""! nenry uuiies, ij. a. uorman anu
M. J. Thompson, of St. Edward, Neb.
39-6 JOHN G.HIGGINS, Register.
Of th Indebtedness of Piatt County, Nebraska, on January 1, 1886.
July 1, 1870, To general bridge bonds, redeemable 20 years from date
with interest at 10 percent, perannum
" 1, 15, To County funding bonds, redeemable 10 yean from date
with interest at 10 per cent, per aununi
By amount or funding bonds, redeemed
Jan. 1, 80 To L. & N. W. Ky. bonds, redeemable 20 years from date
with interest at 8 per cent, per annum
To balance
Jan. l. 'ee. To amount of County bonds outstanding ....
July 1, 1874, To Butler Precinct bridge bonds, redeemable 20 years from
date, with Interest at 10 per cent per annum $13000.
" 1, 'SI, To Columbus rrecinct bonds, Issued to O. N. & B. H. Ry.
Co. redeemable 20 years from date, with Interest at 7
per cent, per annum 23000.
Jan. 1. 1880, To general fund warrants, outstanding and unredeemed .. . $13 099.38
To interest accrued on same 392.98
" " " To bridge fund warrants, outstanding and unredeemed.... 3438.85
To Interest accrued on same 10X17
" " " To road fund warrants, outstanding and unredeemed .... 14.23
To interest accrued on same .48
To Libor tax fund warraats,outstandingand unredeemed.. 47.75
To interest accrued on same tM
" " " To county general fund, overpaid 4&U.BU
Jan. 1, 1880, By taxes due and deliniuieut for years 1870 to '84 inclusive
(less state, school, city, township and village funds)
" " By 1885 taxes, due but uiu-ollected uess state, school, city,
townhsip and village funds)
" " " By net cash in treasury (less state, school, city township
and village funds)
To balance
To balance
I certify that tho above statement exhibits the whole amount of county and precinct bonds
issued, of county warrants outstanding and unredeemed, also all delimiucnt aud uncollected taxes
on the 1st day of January, A. D. 1880, less state, school, city, township and village funds, aud that
the amounts atove enumerated aro true and correct, to the lost of my knowledge and belief.
John STAirrran.
Columbus, Nebraska, January, 138C. County Clerk.
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware,
Pumps, Guns and Ammunition.
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Here.
RUFUS LEACH will take notice, that
on the 28th day of January, ISSti,
John llammond, a justice of the peace of
Columbus, Platte county, Nebraska,
Issued an order or attachment for the sum
of $109.00, in an action pending before
him, wherein Daniel W. Fowkcs is plain
tiff and Rufus Leach, defendant: that
property consisting of one frame house,
known as the Nebraska House, situated
on lot one, block one hundred aud twenty,
in the city of Columbus, Platte county,
Nebraska,i has been attached under said
order. Said cause was continued to the
23d day of March, 18S6. at 10 o'clock a. m.
Danikl W. Fowkks, riaintiff.
By McAllister Bros., his Atty's.
Columbus, Feb. 10th, 18S0.
Land Office at Grand Island, Ncb.,1
Jan. 30th, 18S6. J
NOTICE is hereby given that the
followimr-named" settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof will bo made before the Judge of
the District Court, at Columbus, Nebras
ka, on March 13th, 1SS6, viz:
Peter N. Bauer, Homestead No. 0478,
for tho W. M, NW. yA, 24, 19, 4 west. He
names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, said land, viz: Nils
Peterson, Nils Christcnson, Johu An
derson and Peter Swanzen, of Palestine,
Feb. 3-w-G Register.
Laud Office at Grand Island, N"eb..l
Jan. 30, Iffi. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice
ot his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Clerk of the
District Court, at Columbus, Neb., on
Friday, March 19th, ISSti, viz:
Peter Buhl, Homestead No. 10820, for
the N. E. K Section 12, Township 10
north, of Range 4, west. He names the
following witnesses to prove his contin
uous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz: Christian Johnson, Hani
Jacob Johnson, John Brandt Koch and
Peter Christcnsen, all of Looking Glass,
Platte County, Nebr.
Feb. 3-w-G Register.
AT A REGULAR meeting of the Board
of Supervisors of Platte County, held
at the Court House in Columbus, on
January. 20th. 1886, the following esti
mate of funds necessary to defray county
expenses for ensuing year was unani
mously adopted by the Board viz:
Expenses for district court ...$ 10,00.ixi
" " support of poor . f,COO.0O
" officers salary
fuel, etc 9,00 '.00
" " records, station
ery, etc 2,000.00
" " redemptions and
road damages.. 4,000.00
Making a total for county gen
eral fund includingsupportof
the poor of 30.000.00
For countv bridge fund 3.000.00
For general bridge bond fund . 8,000.00
For payment of interest on $100,
000.00 of L. & N. W. R. R.
bonds 10.0J0.00
For payment of interest and
r per cent, of principal on $15,-
000.00 Butler Precinct Bonds . 3,000.00
For payment of interest on
$2.1,000.00 Columbus Precinct
R. R. Bonds 2,000.00
For Couuty Bond sinking fund 4,000.00
Total, $00,000.00
A true copy.)
y order of the Board of supervisors.
County Clerk of Platte County, Neb.
Dated, Columbus, Nebr., Jan. 20, 1880.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salt Meats,
And Fresh Pish.
All Kinds of Sausage a Specialty.
JS&Cash paid for Hides, Pelts, Tallow.
Highest market price paid for fat cattle.
Olive Street, second door north of
First National Bank.
But a Grand Success.
ter Trough for stock. He refers to
every man who has it in use. Call on or
leave orders at George Yale'i, opposite
OehlrlcbJs grocery. 9-m
9 25000.
$170 000.00 9170 000.00
S126 500.00
S43 075.17
44 034.36
$188 339.74 $183 239.74
$44 934.30
'rrarcllag MalesnaB.
13rThese organs arc first-class in every
particular, and so guaranteed.
The only practical Button Hole Ma
chine for family use, bcingeasily changed
from plain work to button hole or vice
versa, without the use of attachments or
complicated machinery.
It will make two seams at once, either
zig-zag or straight, being adapted to use
either one or two needles, and the zig-zag
stitch being produced by the same device
used in making the button-hole stitch.
There is nothing of a speculative or ex
perimental nature in any of its mechani
cal details. It is extremely simple, easy
of operation, adapted to any kind of
work within the rango nPlnmily sewing.
The Love is the eual of any other lirst
class machine, and in addition works a
lirst-class button hole, and runs, when
desired, two seams. Tho machine Is
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orders with
Xi-IT TrnTcllnc Mnlcsmai.
Furniture, Chairs, Bedsteads, Bu
reau. Tables, Safes. Lounges,
&c. Picture Frames and
fSTIiepairing of all kinds of UphoUtm
Fer JOITS B.aOCOH'8 ctirelr new book-jastpabllifcad
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can paint thm. It bItm. In per
manent form.hls bit thoozhU.hU
moat tlrrln anecdotes, together
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a OarmaMi r-tta back. Exclusive territory and rtry
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John Davis, Preeideat.
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Assets ver
Issues the popular Life Bate Zadew.
raent Policy.
OTer 000,000 sold ia Nebraska is tee
pst two years, and oyer 80,008 ia Co.
Also makes loans oa Real Bstate ea
long time at a low rate of interest. For
terms apply to .....
M. D. THURSTON, 8pecial AgMj;
Officb: At Journal Saaetua, Co
lumbus. Nebr. 40-tf
Crockery and Glassware
You will always find a FRK3H sad wtll
selected stock.
Fancy Groceries aUai Fin
Teats a Specialty. .
We handle the celobrated
Etlgliesst market price paid lr
country produoe.
City orders delivered free of eharge.
UTelephone No. 29.
KleTeaUsa Street
CelaaaBBM, IVe.
Our quotations of the markets are ob.
talnod Tuesday afternoon,and are correct
and reliable at tho time.
grain, ac.
Wheat M
Corn in ear 17
Corn shelled IT
Oats new, 1?
Rye SO
Flour 1480300
Butter, 10a
Eggs, 1802O
Potatoes, now 3094O
Hams, iaxt
Shoulders, 10
Sidoa, 710
FatHojjs 300
Fat Cattle 2 60(i S?.
Sheep 00
low S S 00
Hani 14 08
Rock Springs nut 80
Rock Springs lump 188
Colorado 0
Mollis Hale Works!
3Thii being tho only shop la Platte
county where any carving or engraving
is done, wo are.of courne, enabled to give
better general satisfaction thaa any
11th St., south of U. P. Depot.
COsLfJ.tlllllN, - NERBA8KA.
Oeaaral Agents for the Sals f
Union Pacific, and Midland Paclao
R. R. Lands for saio At from $3.00 to Slu.oo
per acre for cash, or on five or tea years
time, in annual payments to suit pur
chasers. We havealso a large and
choice lot of other lands, improved sad
unimproved, for sale at low prlco aad
on reasonable terms. Also business and
residence lots In the city. We keep a
complete abstractor title to all real es
tate in Platte County.
And all kinds of country produce ta.
ken in trade, and all good deliv
ered free of charge to any
part of the city.
"l8FzasM saBBBBHS,Ssa
f -5"
-. .
m i