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WEDXE' :AY AUGUST 19, 1885.
Pa3. Freight.
Leare Columbus. S:10 a. m. 2:00 p. m.
Bell wood s:S5 " 2:50 -
David Citv 9:00 - 3:25 -
seward 10:10 " 6A"
Arrive? at Lincoln 11:23 "
The pa.-enjjer leaves Lincoiaat3:55 p.
fee fceSdte iSves l LtaSto rk,d PPrt7 in the neighborhood.
arrives at Columbus at 1 p. p. The Third Ward achool-hoaae is
MI'"M'M to oe veneered with brick- The Board
The JorssAi. has decidedly the ars to j hizhlv commended for this,
largest circulation of any newspaper wbjca- wm tend to keep the pupils
published in Platte county and ia the warm 6C comfortable.
only one printed wholly in the coun
ty The Jocexai. i the official paper
of the connty, and publishes, by
authority, the proceedings of the
Board of Supervisors, the road noti
ces authorized, and all other connty
printing required by law to be pub-li-hed
in a county paper.
Come to the Fair.
. It davs to trade at Kramer's.
-Mondaj ia very sultry day.
Some delightfully cool days last
The Firemen's dance brought
them about $50.
Platte County Fair at Columbus,
Sept. a, 9, 10, and 11.
The Methodists are talking of a
new church building.
'i. Headquarters for machine oils at
Wermuth .: Bcettchers.
- Thre nonnds honev locust seed
for 1 at J. B. Delaman's.
t The best of Flour at the
lowest i
prices, at J. B. Delsman's.
,i -Pride of the Kitchen Soap, for
Cleaning tinware, at Wm. Becker's.
A. Bkood Mare foe Sale. I have
tweutv that I will sell.
G.W. Elston.
H. T. Spcexry tells us that crops
were never better in his neighbor
hood. Mooey to loan on real estate. W.
B. Backus, attorney at law, 12th street,
Columbus. 4-tf
We learn that David Thomas is
to return home from Wales in about
two weeks.
Tuesday of lat week a barn be-
longing to H..T. Neisius burned down,
Insurance ?2W.
In a recent storm Pat. Griffin had
a colt killed by lightning and Mr.
Wiaslow a cow.
"j Money to loan in almost any way
desired on real estate security at Gu.
G Becher 5: Co'. 52-tf
Wnc Walker had a hoase warm-
in? Mncda$urfat.
Dancins was the
ordaswf the-eveninz.
. Recher Jc Co.-HeaS-
SBrtem for caemp Wteminhln
Ticket. olti liwie. 4.'-tf
fw We have only two Refrigerators
iett, which we offer at a reduced
price. Wermuth x Brettcher.
Wet Toint will have waterworks
to bti construored by A. L. Strang AT
Co. of Omaoi at a cost of 115,450.
o t t--.i. v.-,.,- .a
-xv. x. u-.i u uuat,H-u
postmaster ai latte Center, and
Henrv A. SiiHiTer at St. Edwwds.
present, his horse dropping down
Saturday and dying Sunday morning.
D. J Maher, son of onr worthy
County Supervisor Martin Maher, is
attending school at Burlington, Iowa.
The Schuyler Sun remark- that
Butler county folks are selling hogs '
in large number?, fearfal of the hog
R,men,ber that th hr Fair to ,
be held in Nebraska this vear will
take place at
9, 10 and 11.
Columbus, Sept. S,
a i
n e jearu iuai a cumFnu ui men
are about to purchase the town site
of Lost L reek, and do -onie improv-
;-- a .r.A mj
n-. . .! . I
r "
A. M. Wat-on gave u a pleasant
business call Monday. We are always
glad to see our trieuds, and secure an
item of local news.
-J S. Murdock Co., who have
the eontnet for the new school house
at Fullerton, hav put a force of men
at work on the same.
yy John Timothy
E-q.. dealer in '
school book
taiioaerv,etc,atriaiie 1
Pdntor ii ihr inthiirrMii nt nf th
Center is tne auttiorixe! aent ot tne
Tnr-PVAT Ht that nlrp tf '
.JOCENAI. at mat place. z-u ,
-.r x..- .. 1. 1. 1 - .
Mr. Elliott has been doing some j
excellent work lately on 14th street, I
where heretofore there have been
quite a number of mud-hole.-.
re wo
-It 15 stated that the man who , the IitUe reptile. bout a foot in 2.0C-0 worth of farming implements, , cipation on one side and the recollec-' V' "' 4n ' !l inbi
killed young Keagan ha been ar-, length and lively enough to wiggle 1 and estras, and several wagons. Al- i tion of it on the other will enliven the I T l -Pers, ;1
lc"lcu "" -t" " w-iuuej iui ni4. consiaeraoiv. most an was uesirovea wun a iar?e vnrt an that nriti ha tw-.j i -T '' .-- anias
Dan. Condon o-oei: on foot for the tk t,.A,; .u, r,A: amount of notes, and Mr. Kranse'i :u nha at;mr.i : r t -- - iy iw 1" cres.
r- XV .. pibUUUCUi.Cl 11.C iCH luii ' t n-w rw us c pitiuutua al xs. i
sU-C. Haamjg
Kea arellls anilBl
in ants sm.
nT. ,; v 1 ' na
mm sairtswmaqe na
ITftmnre tnVOest inat
. A thousand copies of the report
of the school land investigation com-
mittee have been sent to the County
Clerk: for gratuitous distribution.
Oapi. Wadsworth has warchased
the brick-store formerly owned by J.
A. BakarpTlt has not transpired what
bcsinaerthe Captain expects to open
A good stock man tells that pure
Stockholm tar is an excellent preven
tive of the hog disease. Pat the tar
in the bottom of the troughs where
-hogs are fed.
1 Lost. Either at the Fair Grounds
"" er between that and Columbas, a
cecklace belonging to Zora Morse,
with Zara engraved on the clasp.
j" :Mxs. C. E. Morse.
o James E. North and John Stauf
ler hare put down some hmdnamc
walks at their respective residences.
0 Tne canienl walks are becoming
qnite popular here.
W Toc will find it to yonr advaa-
tage not tn buy a sewing .nuchine
0 nntil yac have canvassed the merits
of the Iight-rnnaing. DoBaestlc, sold
have by A. k M. Turner, only, G.
V. mTrhier, traTelizf salesman. 2
Come to tfie fair.
Excitement, good or bad, some
people meat have.
Wb. Lamb's family have mo red
into their new dwelling house.
The Grand Pacific Hotel make a
fine appearance in its new coat of
The new brick opposite the Tat
teraall is making a nice showing-, And
will add a food deal to the value of
A tent meeting is announced be
ginning Sept. 2d, on Gramd Prairie
near Sparry'? school to inc. Seven
Evangelical ministers bferVagreed to
be present. Everybody invited.
The trotting race between-iate
North's "Allen Almont" and "Hud.
Murdoch? "Bessie Murdock," came
i off at the track Saturday last, and was
bv "Bessie Murdock'
in three
traight heats.
More than the usual number of
farmers were in town Saturday.
Harvest over, stacking done, school
teachers to take home from the in -
stitnte. exnlained the rrefnpf nf th
T I j
unusual number.
The debt against the M. E. church
of this place, contracted in 1877, and
i aaiuuuung to ?xj, Juiyxtx, nas oeen
J paid off. Eev. Robinen desires to
i express his thanks to friends who
! have contributed.
! James H. Galley showed us the
other day some very fine specimens
of apples grown at his farm east of
the Cltv- He dit "m feel
d t0 PIuck the frnit Sown from
his own plantinsr.
V Just n
i '.
Hog cholera is not letting np any
along Platte vallay. if reoorts are true.
Thomas Howie, of Bone Creek is re-
J ported to-have six left oat of a herd
j of 125, and Bobt. Lockwood three
out of 150. Butler Co. Press.
Norfolk is having her bout with
the gamblers. It has been known for
. some time in other parts of the state
! that Norfolk has been pestered thus,
Dut onl7 recaatly have the citizen?
I l?ere eeemea to ae alive to the sitna-
xucic win ue a sociauie at me
I " r n ba mmm 11 1km T Tl j. it -
Tain n ah a U a f I XJiZ J3 a 31
cuunfuui n rnmj, au-. -i,
j, iujt iue ucueui oi me ji. x caurcn.
( ah are mvueuio come totneoociocc
' supper, with families. We hope our .
uusmesw men wm oe presenr. rnce
ro ceuts.
-Rev. E. J. Robinson of the M. E.
church has been sorely afflicted the
past year in the death of two of his
children. Ida. and now recently. July
21st, Clara, wife of Geo. Ruell. Both
died during s3fions of the District
Conference. !
TnViT TuitotkaMl.s. j.r-'.:u
"W" "c "" " "".
breaking sod plowed ap two nests of ,
I ruic&a&ves coniAXQia lony-one
. .- 1 ?? ' 4
eT3. which when broken, diadosed
a the McCrmickBe
em usingyeensiaeranm printJrM ink
tsmfng tocoflrince sflpie dfatBieir
mWshinamvilHwork ne malts, as
oiHuper SKpremes Mrfter alMpe
DeeWg is tsmhfst,"
mBahiue hmKriven 1M
aKts msJ,Kd thewl
toBurrinw tnl DeeimV
ve res-ted
11 df m Bscr
JL.verman agenright
-A workman livin here, whose ''
name we have not learned, but who
1 -- -......... ...w... W... V...U.
evidently understands the business.
bii laid down cement walks for L.
Gerrard, J. E. North and M. Whit-
I mover : these, to onr nn.inn ,h-
i . ". II.- --,..1 ,' . . f
' beIn? ""-proof and orna- ;
John L. Meiins. wn; Tn tnvn i
DCBL Ul WUki. -OlIU &IK1 Siting
ado dey are, y sS
vwt aemame. Am
"AVys, becumes an
aionaay on ni, way to fullerton,.
m 3 i
wnere he with ome dozen or sooth-
w lu cuuiu wun ngures tor a
bridge across the Loup. If any of '
them beat John they will have to ,
work cheap. He is now haifdin?
... . -r, .
bridges in Buffalo. Greeley, Hall and 1
Boone connUes.
ut i. v
Wm. Bucher has a svsrem of
r n?a n .n,t... .:'....
I " f-".-. u h,lCUu 1
nth street wnrthT-nf.Tn;r.t;T, Kt,iiJ
e 1. 1
owners of business property who can
r a -. . 1 i - ... -
afford it. A look at it will convince .
.. . .l. j , I
any that thus, mud-paddles can be.
avoided in front of business houses
a serious annoyance
street after a rain.
.11 a.uus xxui ,
Mr. Fred. Jewell has returned
from his tour threagh California and
Texas and says he has been through
seven states aadiive territories within
the last three months, and for the
crops raised, healthfal climate, water,
soil and acceas to market he still con-1
siders Nebraska at the head, and is
vcllci niuucu iu remain uere man
ever before. So much for Nebraska.
A social in the interest of mis
sionary work will be given at the
Congregational church, Tuesday even
ing, Aug. 25th. Will the ladies who
are interested m its success- please
send donations of cake, sandwiches,
coffee ar cream? No soliciting will
be done. Music and literary enter
tainment, besides a feast of ice cream,
c will be served. All will be wel
come. The W. T. Bissell Hose Team
went to Grand Island yesterday. The
Team is composed of the following
niea: Wm. Dougherty, foreman;
Geo.Spaoner, plngman; Henry Hock
enberger aad Charles Cman, coupler ;
J. C Martin, Frank Dongherty,ir-B-Backns,
Fraak Preiai, aea. Benson,
Jnlins Phillips, FraatFagard, Frank
Tamer, Fred. Shaw, J. J. Martin,
Bob. Hemphill naiCap. Tscandy.
The boys all aelangia Celnmbas, and
FTArTA.. 16? Aa3 .. K .1
if they da not have tn
"ringers" the team ,
msa-piii afcaiiii 1
fc L
nt heats them (
will know they hTe And a race.
can do is to misuse a dumb animal.
A man was observed this week throw
ing brickbats at his. team because they
were unable to pall the heavy load
with which they were burdened. A
repetition of the offense will lead to
trouble. A civilized commnaity will
not long endure the inhuman treat
ment of defenseless animals from, any
man. ZTance Co. Journal.
Prof. A. E. Clarendon, Sapt. of
the public schools at Fremont, deliv
ered a lecture at the Congregational
i church Thnrsdav evening Last. The
1 keynote of his address was that the
' theory and modes of education must
conform to the prevalent idea of citi-
' zenship. He made a strong plea for
, the development of character as a
I unit, and the progressive attainment
of a constantly rising ideal of human
t nature.
Messrs. C C. Valentine and My-
' ron v.. TT,P,.ir rm-n .hf.),.n
t :.:...,. t :-i t-.u irr-
luauiukc liUikuiu jmUSli 1IU1. wt e
't understand that Mrs. Valentine, who
is an expert reporter, will be one of
the teachers. To all intelligent young
men and women it is not worth while
I in these times to urge the importance
I of a knowledge of short-hand writing,
and we believe that this school will
and we believe that this school will
' a00? &e best of the kind in the
Messrs. Jones & Roberta, lessees
of the Creamery of this place, have
quit the business, leaving an indebt
i edness of about 400 to the Company
for rent, and perhaps f 300 to those of
whom they purchased cream. Oat of
a thousand patent cans belonging to
the Company only 200 are on hands.
It seems that the lessees have been
running the business at a loss all the
t aAllsnn mil warn mnt finanj?ll qKIa
' to do so anv longer.
Perhaps the young men never
thought of this consideration, sug
gested by an exchanze, when advisin-'
them not to mm on th nthr aid nf
the street and dodge the ice cream
festivals, but recollect that thMe r?ri
by their side cheerfully and uncom-
"w w "-
plaluingly furnished light and fuel
for their comfort through the long,
chilly winter evenings. An occa-
gional fifteen cent dish of ice-cream is
indeed an inadequate return at the
me JocBsat j ob department is
prepared to furnish, on short notice,
all kinds of commercial work, such
as letter heads, note heads, bill
heads, statements, circulars, envel-
ope., cards, dodgers, posters, &c. ;
viritinar card-: lawyers' briefs:
pamphlet: catalogue: sale bill.
fee Satisfaction 2imranteed. Orders!
by mail promptly attended to. Ad
dress. II. K. Turner & Co., Colum
bus. Xebr. tf
oe. Krause, formerly of this
tllaco nnlr nf llh.nn In: Kaon r.nA.
-- - - -.-.
tunate in losing his warahnnas by i
fire, Aug. 7th. The rsays : The
. . .
building contained from IL000 to-,
- T
account books, which were in the
desk in the office. The building and
stock was insured tor50G which will
cover less than half the loss."
A scalawag doctor of Scribner
who consorted with a girl of bad re-
pute, putting up a: a notei witn ner,
orderinf lhe hon'e likf a millionaire, (
waen nis wue ana ennaren were at
e not ttree woens away, .tarring
.. . '
Lr.Dred' came snddeniy to grief. ;
" . hf"-- i pe mu ;
"r were MUS mMe Ior nim De "racK '
for the river, since which time he has
a man
not been seen. Good citizens it
woa,d m be o
tfaat he had ended his life by the .... n..r
Prof, W- w w j Sm ,
Su,L , pQblic SchoQ,9 .....
Tuesdav eveniD, of la5t week at the
Congreational church to a goodlv
,,: nf fMf.ha anA nth '
- - - i
1 a.b.. w V. -.. a MM UIMt Ty UiWU
:.-.: 7." .T" " .'. If.. .
euucsuuD. xn. lecture was repie.e
with u . d excellent aBlM
w t,mely ua e3fclent sugges -!
tion Pertaining to the work of edu-:
.... - ..
JOlllM TPaa AVlAa '
cai,n? me yoarn3 ' IDe country,
u. n.Milnln.l,i.0. -..'
-I" 1
r. .)one evinces a good undetand-
;. nf tha fn,: ,:,,. V
ms of the functions of his officfand a
. nnn h- r. ,,' - . .
sf'P apon his work that is telling
upon the schools of the state.
Ttt.- .1 ,
iuiuituiitc.. upuu uic A.v.c(Ji&ui:e
by rUm Tan Wyck to 9peak faere
during the Fair, Secretary Eourson
notified the newspapers of Central
Nebraska, and the fact has become
widespread. Columbus may reason
ably calculate on a very large number
of neonle beincr nnpnt that Att fr
., .j,,, thA A nm ... -'
,,, a e !-. .-.,
aw.uuui uui.uicu ui 11UC CUUUtJ Will
be admitted to the Fair, free of charge.
The Fullerton Journal has this to say :
"Senator C. H. Tan Wyck will ad
dress the citizens of central Nebraska
at Columbus, Sept. 10th. This will
be a rare opportunity for the citizens
of Nance county to hear a sonnd
speech by Nebraska's best friend.
Remember the date."
E. G. Cook of Genoa passed
through the city Friday on his way
home from Holt county, where he
had been on business. He reports the
upper country as lively. Chadron,
for instance, the new railroad tewn
beyond Valentine, was laid oat a short
time ago, and at the sale of Iot3 they
ranged from. 1225 (which was the low
est bid accepted) to 1750 and one of
these latter was resold in a few days
for 41300. $45,C00 worth of lots have
been sold aad 125 buildings were pat
ap the first weak afterwards. The
first bank traaaactiea was a draft to
Chicago for 1468Lwerth or lamber.
Mr. Cook says that the railroad
aatheritiea pnrnase kinr of Chad
ron a mmatsr place- thaa-Chev
for I
tne atTfment of stack. "
"" ' , e'-" " uic.uiUH.Ji
J. J. Graves gave as a business call
Saturday last.
J. B. McGlinchey of Albioa, was
in the city Satarday.
Mr. and Mr?. H. H. Hake case in
from the east Monday.
Mrs. David Schapbach is recover
ing from her recent illness.
Mrs. J. B. Meagher is slowly recov
ering from a recent severe illness.
Carl Vermuth, of Omaha, was in
town over Sunday, visiting friends.
Mr. and Mn. Joe. Gross, of Madi
son, came down on yesterday morn
ing's train.
Thomaa Darnell, Esq., District At
torney, 6th Judicial District, was fa
town Monday.
Frank Falbaum, of Chicago, brojhgr
of Guj, is in the city and may make
this his future home.
J. M. Hoffman, Esq., private secy.
to Gov. Dawes, was in town Thnrs
dav, calling in our absence.
Tbeo. Schupbach came np from
Omaha last week and is eajoyiag him
self among his many friends here.
Prof. Rakestraw, formerly princi
pal of the east end school here, now
I ot Nebraska City, was in town last
W. T. Calloway of Butler county,
was in town Satarday. He says his
mother, who is quite aged, is in feeble
Herman Schitterer, a former knight
of the razor with 'Tatty" Woods of
this city, was down from North
Platte last week.
C. D. Clother has been unable to
speak since his stroke of apoplexy
Thursday last, althoagh coasciou3 and
able to indicate his waats.
Gas. E. Kraase left Thursday last
for "Wisconsin, on a short visit and
will be accompanied on his return by
his wife, who has been visiting with
her pareata.
Rev. D. J. Meese, pastor of the
First Presbyterian church, Sandusky,
Ohio, was in the city Friday and Sat
arday visiting his old acquaintance,
Prof. Cramer.
r and rs- W. Phillips went j
tn Genoa Saturday. Walter returned
! Monday, but Mrs. Phillips will re-
, main a short time visiting with her
8iter ra- W. H. Winterbotham,
Bev. Whitehead, a minister of the
M. E. church here fourteen years ago,
was in town recently. His home now
is Council Blnffs, and he is engaged
ia canvassing for farm machinery.
j xr- a ii. j t. .
f from a visit to Cedar Eapids, Boone
I county.
He reports the crops there
as unexcelled, and say- they have the
finest corn he has seen. Mr. Clark's
health has improved very much in the
last two weeks.
last two weeks. " -
"cu " urfc uu ;.e ,u "u
XW Fmir. J
The Fair.
TKirio t nnn tn vnn'"
ieciae at once to attend roar
i - - j
county fair, and make your arrange-1
meats accordingly. Of course, there
is no need to neglect matters at home.
. i-Mi . - t. u
A little extra exertion bv each mem- '
I r .t. . r ..-i. . .. x.
wr ci me iann community rwmen an
-iU irladiv mato at thamrrn f
" m J iMmfcw inn nmrnmr rrm n r is ui
- - - - J " r mm r
amannt of chor dnn. nd ,h. TnrT.
Remember the Children's Day is
Thursday, and on this day, ia the
afternoon Senator Tan Wyck makes
his address. The Senator is a think-
I ,TT L .1. - ' J
- , uvm.uiuiit,
when necessary, and. whether vou
believe with him or not, it will
vnn unnA m hor- Kir
t .
The management have done their
part to make the fair a success, and
now tne public should do theirs. If
Y n&ve anything in the way of ves-
atahlM fmJf crp.;n ,. mQK-;li
grain or mechanical
Qf tteidiysfnKarL n . ,, ,cu acre. .
- - - .. w. mw tm fc . ijia cn.r;i-vv: r
products that is particularly nice, J Creetf on tne eveDinsr of Wednesdav,
bring them in, not merely to get!.in,frl Mpa puri:no r,rAnr n
j the money offered as premium, but to
ehntt ?tBA...n .. fc. . "V 1 I t
- - ---j
auvrw rmsuiprTin wn.ti li'iirNMkH nu '
uvw siiuiKcrB wuai .-teur&MKa na:
. : ."?: . ' t
uwc au luuucutc uu yuur ueiguoors ;
that is not to estimate.
mere be one man in a community of j
"cul wuo lK pr,ue m nDe 3loCK
nf all kind, and nf farm hniMin..
! " - buildings,
and q modeg of farminff and every .
man i planed to emnlate his .ffl
man 1. piquen to emulate ms exam-
pie. and, if posSble, excel him-and
,. ., - .. i
a" lUie P., even in uoiiars ana
dimes, in "the increased value of farms
and tock, and the progress of the
neighborhood in better schools and
social morals.
The fair this year will doubtless be
the mot interesting of any in the
history of the connty, and yoa will be
lonesome daring that week, unless
yoa make it a sort of holiday time for
yourself, yoar good help-meet and
the young folks who long for the in
nocent delights of such a time. Come
to the fair.
. .lewweMt arrmeaL
Seyeral days ago D. Anderson
wrote to S. B.. Callaway, general man
ager of the TJ. P. road, in regard to
the erection of a new depethere and!
received the following ansmez; ander
date of Aug. 12th :
Dear Sir: Referring to .yoar favor
of August 10th. There is no doubt
that many of the stations oa the main
line should be renewed, bat the diffi
culty is that at present we have hard
work to get sufficient money to pay
onr .wages and other necessary ex
penses. It will, therefore, be im
peesible for as to nuke any improve
ments until a revival in the business
of the country eaables ns to increase
our earnings. Yoors truly,
S.E. Calxaway.
A bridge meeting was held Satur
day evening by a number of business
men ef the city. The Platte bridge
was under discussion. We do not
uaderstaad that a project has been
folly matnred yet The first fmt
to a good market town is that the
reads leading into it be kept in ftrts-
clam ceaditioa, and we are jlad to see t
na interest rrriTedia this matter. i
Mr. Kibler is plastering his house.
Beaker wet for stacking grain, bat
it makes the grass grow.
Mr. Oken steps mere carefully
now than- he did before ae stepped on
that sail.
Mr. Kibler ha3 an Adams wind
mill at his hoase, with piping running
to his barn and hog lot.
"We have plenty of. rain now-a-days,
whica helps the corn to shoot. Corn
is locking very well ; it bids fair to
make from 40 to 50 bushels per acre.
Miss Sampson's school closed Fri
day last. Quite a number of the
parents and others met at the school
hoase to listen to the closing exer
cises, which consisted of recitations,
declamations and select readings, also
a paper prepared by the scholars, in
terspersed with vocal and instrumen
tal mnsic, after which they all repaired
to Wm. Van Owen's, where a boun
tiful dinner was spread under the
trees, served up with ice cold lemon
There were over fifty present
and all pronounced it a good time.
Perhaps ; Mr. Moncnef thinks I did
nim an mjusUce. I did not intend to.
After I had mailed my letter to the
Jocrxal I learned that he had been
here; but then I can't take back anv
thing I said. The winter-schools
were not visited at all. Bat he says
the law does not require him to visit
the schools but once a year. Well, if
he never does anything only what
the law requires, the people will be
thankful. Bat I think that in all
cemties that are as thickly settled
as Tlatte, the efllce of county super
iaUadent should be done away with
and each precinct, have a superinten
dent of its own, a good practical
teacher who should visit the school
twice each term. The expence need
not be much if any more, and the
practical benefits that would result
would more than over-balance the
extra expense. Of course all those
wjio are aspiring to the office of
caunty superintendent will object.
Meal Eatmte Xraauriers.
Prepared specially for the Jocex al
Y Gas. G. Becher & Co.
I Geo Warren Smith to Dan Schram,
J - ... . ... . . . -
aiau; smith's addition, lot 4 and lz,
block 6.
US to John Miller; e , se f, se
iiVne h, and lot , 23. 17, lw.
, Joseph Banure single to Thomas
m uaca, ?zuw ; s, nw, ancv n s,
nr h, 17, 18, 2w, 160 acres.
u . mmmmm,. i.C w
l-h.M? &.'nnlte ClfUVk. 1- t '
, -- -k., tuv, . 2f uc 4, -x,
IS, 2w, SO acres.
ri,5 i .- . -k
A.OUIS senrcaer ana wue 10 l u
-...twu, uu.ui.uic. 4., t .,
r, -- T -
D,ocki- ..
iTeo Laric and w:.e to Louis
bchroederlaO; Humphrey part. lot
m . a Li . &, . i . - - . -
T. ' ' '" "' " ' "
i imnsn. uzir aw -,
Imhoff, $1320; sw , 21, 17. 2w
m , ., . n
R T Maxwell and wife to Peter
o , . 0 an -
J3aj aD.l; t SW Jy. w, -U, W.
t-tt .- irnu... t n.,,
c "y ,u 'I"uur DenaP.
A -. . - . r-t r -t -.
u r Y IO LCTrw WOr
I m - m. 5 X" TT I
.u r nj jO io Jticnaei liyoo, n.
70: sw -4, nw -4, 31. 17. lw, 39,90
"U P Ry Co to John Sorenseu, f440;
arJ-4. n.w L4, and K,, nw f4, 23, 19,
4w 120 acres.
IIP Pr Po tn Mifck-Pl nrfnspn
! $160; nw -,, nw i4, 23, 19, 4w. 40
U P Ry Co to Soren Sorenson,
1320 ; n -,. L4 15, 19, 4, SO acres.
la 31eariaaa.
At her residence in Platte count).
Vfchra-ba. five milPs psr nf Silver
MeGaV departed this life.
r-. ... .
uwea.-ea was oorn in ricKaway
countJ-' hl- Mr 3d lals ; was mar
ried to Josepl Gardner near n il-
- '
ltam2nn..r in :)!ri rTTT- TnnM.. . (. t
1S37 bv ReV tUme, Burbridge of the (
..(.tuvrtb .u -it.ui.uuuLf).f3UuaiJ tJkUt
Christian church. Deceased was the
mother of eleven chiidreu, nine of
now living foor -on- and
W ? ! ?'
five 3 autfhters - there rc Un innv.
M M.. ,,,,,,. .
u . . Si ami aau ;il SIJUU
children now living She was taken
with a-congestive chill, June 2Sth,
and for a week suffered great pain.
tBetween the hours of one and two,
Sunday morning, July 5th, she had ,
tfioA arrara ana ma aftnt tvVi!K ?Ka
- . '
seensed to stay in one continuous I
SDasm until 5 o'clock, resnltino- in the I
.. w-b.W a'CUiSl 4LC1 f U1.U ?LIC
a 7 ---. - ,
paralysis of the left side. Up to
within-twelve hours of her death, she '
was perfectly conscious of everything ;
that was transpiring around her,
knew her children and neighbors, her f
sight and hearing being unimpaired.
She died without a shadow of fear or
doubt, rejoicing in Christ. H.
The Xcmcaera' latitm(e.
The Teachers Institute closed Its
sessions Satarday last. We thick
mat sapt. Moncner is to be congrat-
ulated upon its success. Assisted by i
frof. aientme and Miss Austin, the
formei for five years a teacher at Ne
braska City, the latter for seven years
superintendent of schools at Wisner,
also by Prof. Backus of this city, an
educator of experience and good
judgment, the institute was a success
each day and hour, so far as the in
structors were concerned. There
seemed to observers on the outside
more than the usual amount of ani
mation, stir and interest. We have
not space for the names of all the
teachers present, but they deserve
well of their constituency for the time
and attention they give to perfecting
themselves in a profession as honora-
ois Mti Haexui as aay among men.
All henor to sneh. The gliding years
jrill bring them iacreased wisdom aad
tfct rewards ef dsty done.
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware,
Pomps, Guns and Ammunition.
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Here.
Platte jCsutv Pair, to a Kali la C
I&bVu, Swt.S,9,10aall.'S5.
nnsT DAT.
2:40 Class Purse $200. Mile heats bet
three in dye. Five to enter, three to
start. First SLiO: second $60: third $20.
I rn.iTT-T,-ntrir,, t?. nMn m ti hnr.
t 9es owned in Platte connty at least aLrty j
.i r j . j Ic: t " I
$16o. Mile heats best three in five. Five
t tn pntr rhr ro at,rt. r;rs, . ,.0nd
'$25; third$r; fourth $10.
I 7 - - - --- -- . ,.T .
Free for All RnnningBace Purse $150.
Mile heats. Five to enter, tare to start.
First $90; second $40; third $30.
County Banning Bace Cen to all hor
ses owned in Platte county sixty days
previous to first day of Fair. Purse $."i0.
Half-mile heats, best two in three. Five
to enter, three to start. First $23; second
$15; third $10.
Three Minute Class Purse $130. Mile
heats, best three in five; fire to eater,
three to start. Open to all horses that
have not beaten three minutes. First
$90; second $40; third $20.
Pony Rnnning Race Free for all . Half
mile heats, best three in five. Five to
enter, three to start. Purae $50. First
$25; second $13; third $10. Ko horse
allowed to enter over 14 hands high.
Free for All Trotting Bace Open to all
horses. Purse $3fifl. Mile heats, best
three in five. Five to eater, three to
tart. Fir6aW; aecoad $100; third $50.
A complete and reliable
aS has been Ioag needed by
rha desires to keep posti
. to the geography and
ebraska. This want
let by "The Omcial St
i," just issued by J
Philadelphia. It
, nil
me volume
j jdrTe
autifal map
. oa whu
shown the
the last I
ilature, the
udrcial dis-
,rict3 WQO
Indian res-
'everv thins
ling one
coald c
In addition i
' I
. everv ccuntv
forth in a large, ,
1 &ccurate' nd
4aAMi Alv aI nsA
Each ma,
accompanied by a
; !ificate of
maty surveyor,
and complete-
d town in the
at Adnsr it?
r kB
. .
t atate itpla
AS f I
i accurately
The work
paration by
aa on t,
I h,. hlk,
D Dee
rial re
the most si
in the
untry. The
g i ex-
e4iinding d
ser in this connty on
of the finest Nebraska
ever published.
sraie state.
Mr. Jens Jensen is about to begin
bnilding a new "no die.
Prof. Rushi will preach at Pales
tine school-house Aug". 23d, at 3 p. m.
. f Oif nf th atrtf tner ts Hnno in fK.i '
' ."7 . - . '
. vicinity, and quite an amount of fall j
I Miss Nannie Case and Miss Carrie 1
i . - . ... ,
tlancnett of at. .dward visited at (
! W. F. Hanchett's Thursday. ,
Elder and Mrs. Wright from near
' Rusjrille were in thi- vicinity bid-
i din- old acquaintances good-bye
prior to leaving for their new home.
A snapping turtle was picked up in
tne- door-yard ot tne r U. the other ,
day. Question: how did that water
fowl tret ud on these bluff-, so far
fmm mata-- rv.vr-
.fcfc T .( AA--...
The followmz i- a lit of ani'laiaied
letter remainmsr in the post-office, in
Columbu-!. "efa , for the wef endias
Au 13. Inw:
i .u-tot.
. - at. . .
11 not eaueu iot in & aavs wm t- 3ent
to the dead letter office, V"adhinitos. D.
c- When.caUed for please say "adver-
tised,' as these letters are kept separate.
Columbua. Nebr.
Mcx im the Wrl.
OttumwaLily Corn Starch has been
brought to the highest attainable
quality by employing the best skill
and scientific aid that money can fur
nish. It is the most strengthening
and health-giving food now before the
public, and is especially recommend
ed for children and invalids. Every
package guaranteed strictly pure.
Remember and ask
your grocer for
Lily Corn Starch.
The above reward will be paid for
the arrest and conviction of the per
son or persons who set fire to the
school-house in Dist. 2S, Stearns pre
cinct, July 25th, 1SS5. For further
particulars apply to
Gcs. G. Bichzb&Co,
17-3 Insurance Agents.
sS flium I Maura
Farmers shoald eat ia harvest aad
they will keep strong and well. For
a nice fat sheep or lamb, call at
Bleomingdale stuck farm.
A. HcnticH.
mr-3ir. onn
-ThoSBlaekfV WlnrB
V-Pauarwfc an ms.
ma nw mi ma
smMr.l.Stnnl. m A
HA. M. Her.fIrM. T. EiB w
anmw.aV KmanisV. m t ml
lewriimiiVnVri 1 1
nnwiTr. mWirsT m fa. rp
Ulnee oPfiT
"Bar ffMuolAsMad JHi Anr e
m7cw VSr anrLaW I ffelr
ftfl auttBcsWtimUnw AJm
In thi-t department the people talk, and
not the editor. Kach writer must hold
himself ready to defend his principles
and his statements of facts. 'In the mul
titude of counsel there is wisdom." En.
OT AfetMC ltT
Mr. Editor : Public matters are
' 1- & tor public dis-
cussion, and the expenditure of nub-
. fc
lie moneys by the servants of the
people is an interesting matter when
ever it is about time to nay taxes.
Township organization is a most ex
cellent thing, becaase we can just
aboat tell who is who and what is
what, and if oar money gees scatter
ing we can at least loe-k down the
road where it has goae glimmering.
Bat enough in the way of prelimiaary.
I want to know, as a tax-payer of
Lost Creek township (and there are
scares of the same name) why the ex
town baerd used np the levy of the
spring of S4 (12,000. I believe) and
left the town ISOO in debt, I hear
that some of the board are acbiag to
answer such questioas, and I woald
like to have them fill the achiag raid
of at least one Tax-patkr.
RIVET Saaday. Anr. lth, Horamaa
da, daxzzater of Joseph Rivet of Joliet
A very large concourse of frieads fol
lowed Iiermortal masini to the sravei
AdTertuemeau oadsr this head
cent a line each iaaertioo.
a fr-l pay the very highest price for
hides and pelts, office at Cannon x
Weaver's. T. Keatia:. 46-tf
yTor good yoang breeding stock of
all kinds, call at Bloomingdale stack
farm. A. Henrich. 30-tf
nf - Wm. Schiltz makes bootsaad shoes
m "le Desl tyt and uses aaiy tne
vrarr fia.f ariii!r tKmf an Via nAinm)
in marke, p 52t
j Wt Lave made arranperaent- to fur
' nLb to the subscribers of this paper,
that excellent agricultural and ?tock
journal, I he Arbnt.ikti Tirrmcr, tor the
small sum of J1.G0 per year. The
Former is published at Uncoln. Neb.,
0. 31. Druse, Editor, and 1 devoted to
agriculture and .-tock growing in the
west. Every farmer should take if
Send il.OO to thL office and we will
have the Former sent to you.
Ckraet Weavlan
send orders to Mrs. Bashell. and
get a good Job. 16 4
j . ' La4t far Male.
"120 acres in Platte Co., 25 acres
broke. Address D. R., care of Jocr
kal office. 4-tf
V. llm fr Kale.
gnod piaao for 3ale at a bar?ain.
Call upon Mrs. Page, at the residence
of Chaa- A.Speice. 12-tf
ne second nand nor-e-power
nearly new) of Aultman Taylor
manatacture. Enquire of M. Whit
moyer, or Krause, Lubker & Co. 12tf
4 lc rr w.
TTr .u
western part of the citv.
1 Those wanting to pay all ca9h or ex
change horses or cattle for pnrt of the
, consideration, address D O., care of
Journal office. 4-tf 1
?jL A 3I. 1 Fmrmt fr itmle. i '
Containing 240 acre- of choice land, 5
mile.- southwest of Humphrey, in thi- t
county. Terms rea-onable. For fur-
ther particulars inquire o( or address
T. Keating, Columbus, 2.eb. 4-tf
lentv of bard brick at Flynn's
brick yard, two and a half miles
north of Columbus. Delivered in
town, at the kiln, or put into the wall
at reasonable rates. We defy com-
petition. S-tf
ff Umle er Beat.
000 acres of land for sale or cash
, rent. Improved or unimproved farm
land. tiSLv land riA-rnrp nrt wruvi
land. Reasonable terms. Call at j
once on .Keener X Uo., or tne under
signed. 5Ktf Patrick Mubeay.
v Five years' time, on improved farms
with at least one-fourth the acreage
under cultivation, ia sums represent
ing one-third the fair value of the
homestead. Correspondence solicit
ed. Addrtss,
M. K. TcKNrn, I
50-y Columbus, Neb.
L St- Frmmcfe Acmmemtr.
St. Francis' Academy, under the
management of the Sisters of St.
Francis at Columbus, Nebr., will be
re-opened on Wednesday, Sept. 2d.
Parents wishing to give their children
a good education will have the oppor
tunity of doing so by sending them
there. Terms for session of five
months: Board and tuition, 15000,
music extra. For particulars apply
to Sistzk Josepha,
17-4 Superioress.
tk om: jA
ah cnkA nna hnntnt Mnm nntir
BherKaSsK), A(e 'anme
!AldlI.lUi thmerd.
mf WKovSl, HerWn'
sSherehBvflBsH I BlBldenhe
oBcolkBsjBenisV &K,
A rnT1' W fl4illTlef'
esAAre epted Jeqaemsno
nthsmR Jw J. EnMnNcaii
laV . auty fcapt.
Joka Davis,
Issues the popular Lift Kate Endow
ment Policy.
Over 300,000 sold ia Nefecaan la the
pst two years, and over 3Q.0W ia Co
lumbus. Also makes loans oa Real Estate on
loajr lira- at. a low rate of later est. For
term apply to
. D. THURSTON, Special At.
Owtcx: At JocnXAE Sinme, Co
lumbus, Xebr. -t
Crockery and Glaaware
You will a! way find a FRESH aad well
fleeted stock.
Famcy Orwwi
We handle the celebrated
Mir fiatf Run-M
City Qrtiers delivertd free of- charge.
STTeleahoae No..
Our anatatioas of the markets are ob
taiaed Tuesday afteraoan,and are correct
aad reliable at the time.
GB-tnr. Ci
Corn in ear
Corn shelled
Oats aew,
Potatoes, new
Sides, .. .. ....... .
EockSprinrs nut
Rack Spring lump . . .
Carbon. . ...
Z U04 50
I 5 00
14 00
t 30
7 00
e cu
t4 CO
This Houe, recently pureh.ed br rae.
win b thoronaly reittd. Board
bv the daTweefe ar me!. A few room
to let. A share of the public pasroaage
is solicited. Feed atat in coaaectioa.
To Builders tod Comtradnn.
BIDs will be received till 12 o'clock
noon, Saturday. Aur. SSHh. ISO, &r
the construction of three paa of abridav
aero1", the PUttf river snuth of Duacaa.
span to he 2s rs. eaca. strainiag beam,
with a 12 ft. roadwav; 3 pile piers, 3 pile
in each. 10 in. by 10 ia. by 3 teet, with.
cap. Also repairing oa the pn. war j
tructnre. Plans and peeidca:lon tt. y
tile in the office of the Couaty Clerk. CC
lumbu-. Xebr where bid are t h"
Bv order of Bntler Town Bo.ird.
15-1 Supervisor.
MX T)for workiajr people. Send 10
I , Kcent poetize, and we will
-1--1- mail jouree. a iojaI. val
nablf -Ample box of jood that will put
you in the way of m.ifcinvr more money in
i iw dy? than vou ever tnoiint po
sible At any biHiaefr. Capit.U not r.
quired. Vou can live at heme sad work
in spare time only, cr all the time. All
of bota sxe-. of all aes grandly c-ce-smi-
3) cent.- to J3 easily earned
.very evening. That all who wat work
nxav tet the bnsine-ts. wirmsJc thi un
paralleled offer: To all wno art not weil
sati-ned we will -ead 51 to pay far tae
trouble of writing u. Full particular,
directions, etc , ent free. Immense py
absolutelv snr for all who "tart at once.
Don't delay. Addrc- xi-V.-ON "o.,
Portland, Maine.
5ttet.t, CREEK KILLS.
And all kinds of country produce ta
ken, in-traddj and all goods deliv
ered free of charge to any
part of the city.
. j
- 'I