The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, March 11, 1885, Image 3

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Oar spring importations of cloths
and woolens for suits and trousers
have arrived. "We are prepared to do
fine merchant tailoring at reasonable
price?, guaranteeing satisfaction in
every respect.
C. & L. Kbamkb.
Hfaaajer famitare.
It pays to trade at Kramer's.
Evergreens for sale by John Tan
nahill. 5-46 4
The supervisors will meet next
Great Jersey sale at Kramer's
this week.
Band night thii evening at the
skating rink.
Special "Hamburg" sale at Kra
mer's this week.
Photos, best in the city, $1.50 per
doz. at R. R. Car.
Jerseys in great variety very
cheap at Kramer's.
Coffins and all kinds of funeral
goods at Hunger's.
Found, a large brass door key.
Inquire at this office. 461
Now leave your measure for a
new suit at Kramer's.
Everybody are rushing to the
Railroad Car for fine Photos.
The warm weather confirms the
spring fever in many patients.
There will be a dance at the
skating rink St. Patrick's Day.
The postoffice at Alexis, Butler
county, has been discontinued.
Green willow posts for sale. In
quire of Gus. G. Becher & Co. 47-4t
Three dollars gets 12 of the finest
Cabinet Photos made in the city.
Boots, Shoes and Gloves cheaper
than ever, for caBh, at Honaban's.
Pride of the Kitchen Soap, for
cleaning tinware, at Wm. Becker's.
Hutching'u Rail Road Photo Car
will leavo Columbus about March
Wood for salo in any shape re
quired. Inquire of Gub. G. Becher
& Co. 47-4t
Honahan is selling boots at bot
tom priceB, to make room for spring
stock. 45-2t
100 head of young ewes for sals,
or trade for horses. Call on L. D.
Clark. 44-3t
Wanted. A girl to do gedfinMl
housework. Apply to Uus. G.
Becher. 47-2t
All varieties of garden seeds
fresh and true to name at John Tan-nahill's.
See now samples of our Colum
bus work in post-office. Railroad
Photo Co. 5-44
"Wanted. Eight or ten pupils in
instrumental music. Apply to Mary
M. Turner.
You can save 20 per cent by buy
ing cloakp, Newmarkets and circulars
now at Kramer's.
Any book published furnished
you at publisher's retail prices, from
Turner's Book Store.
-Ghn. . Becker 4c Co. Head
quarter For cheap Steaaasata
Tickets, wold ea tlase. 45-tf
Sunday school as usual at Grace
church. No church services during
the absence of the rector.
Invitations are out for a party at
Mrs. Jackson's this evening in honor
of her niece, Miss Haudy.
All varieties of house and bed
ding plants and hardy flowering
shrubs at John Tannahill's.
The regular spring influx of
geese and ducks is making the heart
of the sportsman very glad.
Leave your measure for a suit at
Kramer's Tailoring Shop. First-class
work at reasonable figures.
Spring weather seems to have
come with a determination to bounce
old winter without ceremony.
Sec Cbas. Thorson's notice of
sale in today's Journal. There may
be something there that you need.
,w John Tannahlll is prepared to
7 take contracts to furnish and set out
trees of all kinds and fix up resident
City Council or no City Council,
John Tannahill can furnish shade
trees to any one. batisfaction guar
anteed. For sewing machines and organs
call on or address A. & M. Turner,
Columbus, Nebr., or G. W. Kibler,
Creston, Nebr. 39-tf
The flooring and stringers of the
Loup bridge have been taken . up.
No mere crossing with teams until
after the break-up.
Several inches of very wet snow
fell last Saturday, followed by a mild
atmosphere and dissolving Bunshine
on Sunday and mud.
John Timothy, Esq., dealer in
school books, stationery, etc, at Platte
Center is the authorized agent of the
Journal at that place. 5-tf
S. L. Bingham will have a sale of
stock, grain, poultry, farm imple
ments, household goods, etc., at Lost
Creek, March 14ih. Terms, cash.
Preparations are being made by
Baker Post No. 9, G. A. R. for a
grand camp fire and supper to be
held Saturday evening, March 21ct.
Now is the time to clean up and
dispone of the rubbish which the
a coming warm weather may turn into
'noxious, disease-breeding substance.
Two car-loads of thorough-bred
Holstein cows and a car-load of Nor
man stallions passed over the U- P.
yesterday, consigned to some point ia
Mr. . M. Sparhawk, who re
sides on the Platte bottom in Butler
county, was in the city Saturday and
'reported about forty feet of the Platte
bridge carried away.
Next Tuesday is St. Patrick's
Day, dear to the Jieatts of Erin's sons
as the day when Ireland's patron saint
banished from the face of the "Little
Green Isle" the toads and snakes.
Now is the time for tboBe who do
not take a county paper to begin. On
receipt of 19.00 we will send, postage
paid, one year, to aay address in the
United States, six copies of- the
Journal. v ' tT
Mrs. J. J. H. Beedy U. lu:nuch
better health, aad her- recovery is
assured. The. peat fear aiea the have
beea a perioa af saaTerlajy bnt-tae
tide of lifeeeenu aow ta haVrtanad
It. tli vtarlt AlMfftfiua --" "-
" w mutWMVM
-v r 5
At the adjoeraea' the
scaoel board Tuesday eraaiac laat it
war decided ta sbaiit ta aiaa'tke
contract for tae maw scaW baJldiaf
furniture. PartkaVnn are ereaf la
notice which appears ia this Issue
John Schmocxer, haying pur
chased forty acres of land within a
stone's throw of the depot at Puaeals
and built him a dwelling; moTetf into
it, taking possession the same day
Cleveland entered -the White House.
Take advantage of the war among
the Steamship lines. Prices aow less
than half the usual rate. Buy your
ticket now. Old rates may be re
established any moment. Will sell
on time if desired. First National
Bank. 40-tf
A petition was in' circulation the
other day for Hhe: appointment of W.
N. Hensley to the Columbus post
office. This implies, of course, the
removal of the present incumbent, as
his term of appointment has not yet
All Columbus folks who wish to
attend the stock sale at Jos. Gardner's
March 16th, can go from here on No.
11, which will .stop for them at
Gardner's and Mr. Gardner will fur
nish conveyance to Duncan on return,
free of charge.
At the Cooper sale at the Sam.
Galley farm east of Columbus Friday
last, stock of all kinds brought the
usual good prices all other articles
selling well. John Hnber, the auctioneer-general
of Platte county, was
master of ceremonies.
The Columbus Cornet Band are
feeling 'good over the arrival of eight
new silver horns. When the boys
have a full set of new silver instru
ments, they will be one of the best
and most stylishly equipped bands in
the state, as well as the finest musi
cians. An advertisement in a recent
number of the Hunphrey Indepen
dent, by Mr. Cookineham, agent for
the Singer Sewing Machine, fafera
that the original cost to the 'man
ufacturers of the Domestic is 12.
Take that for true, what, oh what
does the Singer cost ? G: W. Kibler.
With proper drainage mud in the
streets of ColumbuB would be a thing
of very short duration. This is some
thing which should be attended to
ju6t as promptly as is at all practica
ble by our city authorities. The
bealthfulness of the city is not the
least thing to be considered in this
The Attorney General has writ
ten to the county treasurer that the
repeal of the five per cent penalty
law will not take effect until after the
first of June, there having been no
emergency clause in the bill ; that the
legal way to do is to collect the pen
alty with the taxes, and then' refund,
after June 1st.
The Cedar Rapids Bra Bays that
Mr. Lawless of Freeman Creek, Gree
ley Co. was accidentally-killed Mon
day of last week, by his wagoa over;
turning, he falling headforemost into
the mud, and a plank, sack of flour
and wagon box upon him; that he
was not found until' next morning,
when life was extinct.
Grand Island is socially agitated
over the discovery that it has in its
midst an opium den or "Chinese
joint," the same being run in connec
tion with a Chinese laundry. The
place was pulled the otbar night and
a young man and woman found who
did not deny the fact that they were
there for the purpose of smoking the
seductive poison.
C. M. Waldron returned last
week from his trip to Iowa, accom
panied by several gentlemen who
wished to become land owners in Ne
braska, and on Friday last went up
into Cheyenne connty with the party
to look at land in that locality, and
yesterday was aboat closing quite ah
extensive deal. The whole world
seems to want Nebraska real estate.
The elite of the city indulged in'
the terpsicborean delights of the Now
and Then Club dance at the ekatiag
rink last Wednesday evening. These
dances are very popular with the
young people as well as with many
married couples, who do not find
that the hymenial yoke interferes
with the pleasures of life, and who
are still devoted to the gay- muse of
the dance.
When the very delicate, article,
Corn Starch, so largely used for food
is adulterated with poisonous and un
healthy substances, it is important
that every housekeeper should be
cautioned. Careful chemical analysis
shows that Ottumwa Lily Corn Starch
is pure. It is made from selected
Corn and guaranteed. Ask yoar gro
cer for it and take no other. A Lily
on every package.
A great many of the state papers
got mixed, np as to congressional
action with regard to the pre-emption
and timber-culture laws, aad pre
maturely anaoanced the repeal of the
same. The bill passed the Hoase aa
read, but was ameaded by the Senate,
which mast be concurred in by tha
House. At this writing the bill has
net been brought up aad may not be
at this aessioa, aad should it he is very
liable to be defeated.
The State Journal "Topics"
commented oa the late weather as
follows: The weather is aow ap
pearing to rise superior to the wretch
ed misrule of that detected tyrant, the
-The winter term t echool' at
West Creston ended laat Friday, Miss
Maria Miles .teacher. A aamber of
visitors, n-ere preeeat at tha cleeiag
exercises. Tha . eebeel .haa beea rary
weir coadected, - tha etteudnnee
averaging 26, wlthaa earollmeat of
367 very good for a raral district.
TheJouajTAi. jab department is
prepared Lto furaish, aa short aotice,
ail kiade of commercial, work, each
aa . letter heads, sata- heads, hill
heads, - tatemaaia, elrcalara, aayal
opes, cards, doeerapoeters, ate.;
visiting 'cards; lawyers' briefs;
pamphlets; .catalogaae; sale hills,
Ac.' Satisfaction guaranteed. Orders
by aiaiPprpoiptly attended to. Ad
dress, M. K. Turner A Co., Colaaa
bnNebr. : tf
c Eight emigrant families with aa
many cars ooataiatag aeaseaold
goods; farming implemeate teams,
etc., from Marshal P county, Illinois,
were side-tracked at this place Thare
day last, aad weat over the Norfolk
branch in the evening to Humphrey,
in which locality they had previoasly
purchased land. They will all ha set
tlers of Platte- conaty, aad have the
appearance of an iatelligeat, thrifty
lot of settlers, who will be a valuable
acquisition to its citiaenship.
The experience that Columbus
has generally had with ahowa of tha
minstrel clase-.hai tended to the con
clusion that there waa not a troupe of
the kind on the road which did not
deserve to be denominated teaide."
The Georgia's who. showed here
Thursday night are an exception.
They are a flrat-class comblaatioa,
and no person who appreciates a good
minstrel show can fail ta be eater
tained by them. They bad only a
fair house, but If they ever visit us
again can pack the bailding.
The many friends of Bob. Clark
in this city will sympathise with aa
affliction which overtook him last
Friday ia -Omaha, where he receatly
took a position in the employ of U. P.
R. R." Co. as telegraph operator.
While skating at tha rink he met with
a fall which fractured a leg in three
places below the knee. Dr. Schug
was called down by telegram Friday
last at Bob's, request, and with
the assistaace of the U. P. physicians
at that place, reduced the fractures
and left his patieat doing nicely the
next day.
The new U. P. time-table which
went into effect Monday last makes
a general slight change in the arrival
and departure of trains at this point.
Going east, No. 2 now arrives at 4:07
a. m., one minute later, and No. 4 at
12:45 p. m., twenty-three minutes
later than the old time. West-bound,
No.' 1 arrives at 12:07 a. m., one
minute later, and No. 3 at 2 :58 p. m.,
twenty-seven minutes earlier than
former time. The arrival and de
parture of the two branch trains ie
regulated accordingly to connect
with trains No. 4 and 3, east and west
bound, and will consequently leave
here a few minutes earlier ia the
Monday last John Doerscb, liv
ing about 12 miles north of Colum
bus, a brother-in-law of .Wra. Hage
man, of this city, met with a serious
and painful accident from the bursting
of a gun, which he was ia the act of
discharging previous to bringing it to
Itown for repairs. The discbarge
burst the gun at the breech, tearing
away the thumb and the entire thumb
partion of the hand. After the acci
dent which scattered a goodly por
tion of his hand to the four winds of
heaven, Mr. Doersch walked a mile
aad a half to -a neighbor's aad with
no other stimulant than a cup of coffee
rode to town and wentto the office
of Drs. Martyn A Schug, where the
injured member was cared for and
dressed. The next day he was walk
ing about upon the streets.
The time has come when Ne
braska farmers who want to make the
most of the advantages offered for
getting the very largest profit ont of
their calling will do well to pay mora
attention to the quality of the stock
whfch they raise. In past years this
has not been so much a necessity, for
reasons that are obvious and are in
cident to the settlement of every new
country. But henceforth the success
ful farmer will be the one who, when
he has stock of any kind to sell, can
accommodate the demand for good
blood. "Blood will tell" in the brute
creation as well as in the human
family, and pays proportionately as
well in a chicken as in a cow. At a
sale the other day, fair grade Ply
mouth Rocks went off readily at 66
cents when commondung bills wanld
have been slow sale at 20 coats.
A bold burglary was committed
in the city Thursday night on the
hardware store of Ernst A Schwarz,
which resulted ia the laas of abeat
$200 worth of property, coadstiag of,
four fine breech-loading guns. The
glass of the show wiadow was broken
and the guns taken out through the
aperture, the break beiag made at the
end of the window, next to the door
way and the guns takea from tha
rack as fares an -arm wanld reach.
The robbery was a dariag oae from tha
fact that it seems to have been com
mitted shortly after the miastrel
show was over, and there were a
good many people still oa'the street.
At abont half-past elevea, Mr.
Yogel, who keeps a restaaraat next
door, heard what he now supposes ta
have been the breaking of the wia
dow, while?' the lights in his place
were still burning, and the street oc
cupied with people coming aad
going. 'In fact the act eeem reckless,
as ia nine liases ia taa, with a watch
fal police, tha burglars would have
beea captared.
Tha last Democrat contained an
article with the sensational heading,
"Hauliag Down the American Flag,"
professing to give certain facts in re
gard to occurrences at the High
School building, March 4tb, and re
porting Prof. Cramer as "saying that
no democratic lag could float over
that echeel house while he waa in
charge," Ac. Our information is that
aa Wadaaaday morning last Prof.
Cramer foand two boys on the roof
f tha echool building putting up a
tag aad that ha' told them to come
dowa, which they did.. Doubtless,
there waa no thought, at the. time, of
iaaagaration day or of politics at all,
oa Mr. Cramer's part, aad, we pre
sume no expreesioa of political or
other opialoa whatever. . Boys have
freqaeatly been on the roof of the
building, and of course are ordered
down, aad we presume this ia done,
not because the boys are repabllcaaa,
democrats, aati-monopolista,or green
hackers, or because Arthar or Cleve
land ia president, or because they
hare aa American' flag or aay other
kiad of flag or device, but simply in
the interests of good order on the
echool grounds. Any one who haa
atteaded echool knowa how auch
things are.' We are informed that
later la the day, other lads were en
deavoring to aay something suppoaed
to be emblematical, in the way of a
flag at half-mast, and draped, which
waa, of course declared out of order.
We have noticed that .in associa
tions for special purposes, such, for
iastaace, aa the various secret orders,
it Is tha universal custom, so far aa
we kaow, to forbid the discussion of
political and religious questions, men
well knowing that such discussions
are usually attended by bjiter feeling
calculated to break ap their organiza
tions, aad if this be so as to men, why
ahoald aay one, inside of school or
out, object to the same course in re
gard to our public schools? Mr.
Cramer haa taught school here aa
principal aad superintendent for eight
years, and ia well known to this
community as a solid man in every
way, coaservatlve, careful, slow
spoken, just, in language and act, and
this reference to the Democrat's arti
cle would not have beea made except
that it placed Mr. Cramer in a false
light with those who are not acquaint
ed with him.
flscasarr hkktice.
Nearaalca atat Detective
It appears that the initial steps in
the movement for a law providing
for the incorporation of a State De
tective Association were taken in
Columbus, J. C. McMahon, who has
something more than a local reputa
tioa in the line of detective work, pro
curing the draft of the bill passed
by the late legislature. The bill, to
which was attached an emergency
clause which provides that it shall
become a law immediately upon its
pasaage, makes it lawful for a number
of men to associate themselves to
gether for the purpose of the detec
tion and punishment of crime. 'Before
receiving a charter a bond must be
given in the sum of $10,000 by each
member, signed by all the members
of the association, with sureties equal
to two for each member. After re
ceiving a charter, members of the
association, under the supervision of
a chief and secretary, whose signa
tures will be required to all official
documents, may enter upon their
dnties with authority equal to a
sheriff aud extending to any portion
of the state.
A bond has already been filed with
sufficient names to organize, J. C.
McMahon will be the chief and the
second principal office of the state
located here, with headquarters at
With the class of secret officials that
the provisions of the bill would seem
to warrant, the ends of justice should
be furthered by such an organization.
The democrats of this progressive
town do not seem to be overlyjiun
gry nor yet so very thirsty for office
aa has generally been attributed to the
waiting, longing and at last dominant
party. Present indications seem to
warrant the conclusion that a call for
the uplifted hands of all who expect
to get the postoffice would result
about thus :
Just how many index fingers would
puncture the atmosphere on a call of
those who would be willing to repre
sent Uncle Sam in this official capac
ity we are unable to conjecture. Co
lumbus ambition shoots high. Put us
down for consulships, territorial gov
ernorships and such like honorous
positions, and possibly a collector of
revenue aspirant or- so. Later
Since writing the above new de
velopements have loomed up in the
somewhat troubled horizon of post
office affairs in Columbus, and at
least one more aspirant has "bobbed
np serenely" from among the ranks of
the faithful, and petitions are thicker
than flies in dog days. The situation
may be summed up about as follows :
W. N. Hensley and M. Weaver, dem
ocrats, waat the. post-office and their
adherents say Hudson must go, while
hie friends demur to the proposition,
among whom are counted not a few
platan at" latere
-ea a.
J. A. Tawney, Esq., a leading at
torney' of Winona, Minn., .writes :
"After asing it far more than three
years, I take great pleasure in stating
that I regard Dr. King's New Dis
oevery for Consumption, as the best
remedy in the world for Coughs and
Colds. It haa aever failed to cure the
moat severe colds I have had, aad in
variably relieves the paia ia the
Trial Bottles of this sure cure for
all Throat aad Lnag Diseaaee may be
had Free at Dowty China's Drag
Stare. Large -iae. $1.00. U)
Major Frank North is daily ex
pected to arrive home.
Miss Mary Tschudy is visiting at
X)maha for a few days.
-Henry Hockenberger was at Albion
last week visiting his parents.
John C. McMahon came up from
the capital last Friday evening.
Mr. Cook went to Kearney Friday
to attend the funeral of an uncle.
Richard. Jenkinson, we learn, haa
been laid up with a poisoned foot.
Charley Bayles and family, late of
Edgar hare again become residents of
Theo. Friedboff will start east the
first of next week to lay in his spring
stock of goods.
Hon. Wm. McAllister returned
home from his legislative duties laat
Friday evening.
Mrs. Thos. Byan left the city yes
terday to, return to her home at
Watertown, Wis.
Miss Lizzie Davis was visiting at
Bellwood last week, the guest of her
friend, Mrs. W. T. Calaway.
Miss OUa Ashbaugh, dentist, has
been absent from the city for several
days past, visiting friends in Madison
Al. Rieder, with Hulst A Price,
North Loup, came down to Colum
bus Friday evening and took the Sat
urday evening train for a visit to
John Staab, formerly in business at
Leigh, Nebr., has sold out there, and,
after making his collections, will look
out for another business situation.
He has a touch of western fever.
Mr. Ed. Houghton, representing
the stationery department of the
State Journal Co., made this office a
business call last Friday. He has
been unable to make his usual rounds
for some time past owing to ill health.
J. E. Moncrief, county superinten
dent, returned last Friday from his
trip to northern New York. Like
every other person who has been
making a pilgrimage to any portion
of the east, the first incident men
tioned is the deep snow.
G. C. Lauck returned Thursday last
from his trip to Sedalia, Missouri;
where he was called by the illness of
bis brother, whom he reports finding
suffering with lock-jaw. He thinks
the condition of the sufferer at the
time he started to return home
favored recovery.
Rail af Hener aad Average Per
Cent, of Atteadmaea far Heath
Eating Fan. 27th.
High School. Arthur Gray, Mary
Brownlow, Alice Kingston, Ella
Hoisington, Freddie Coffey, Cora
Slattery, Mate Wadsworth, Augustus
Pen field, Cyrus Davis and Harry
Mia Coalter's Room. David Boyd,
Eddie Hoppen, Carl Hoehen, Charlie
Rice, George Winslow, John Wig
gins, Roy Cornelius, Frank Stovicek,
Minnie Bader, Lida ' Distlehorst,
Agnes Keating, Gertie Wells, Jennie
Tannahill, Abbie Hurd,Lizzio Farley.
Mrs. Ballou's Boom. Abbie Kea
ting, Mary Bader, Fred. Bader, Willie
Scott, Otto Blawat.
Miss Martin's Boom. Charlie Se
gelke, Yincent Galley, Ernest Dussel,
Bertie Coolidge.
Mr. Tedroio's Boom. Eva Clark,
Minnie Coan, Albert Parker, Ida
Baker, Herman Brod fuehrer, Gussy
Lockner. Bello Lambdin, Cbas. Ray
mond, Susie Smith, Grace Taylor,
Phillip Smith, Leon. Laughlin, Earl
Miss McGath's Boom. Gracie
Gerrard, Nellie Post, Mary Henry,
Eva Langhliu, Hatty Berger, Alva
Slattery, Roy Slattery, Lee RolHne,
Frank Cowdery, Ella Routson.
Miss Bauer's Boom. Myrtella
Novell, Henry TompBon.
Anrac Dally Ptr Cent, of
Sep't. XaroUaeat. Attwdiact. Attitlasct.
High School 32 28 88
Mr.Brindley's24 19 79
Mias Martiu's 34 24 70
Miss Coulter's 34 28 82
Mrs. Ballou's 45-34 76
Mr. Tedrow's 35 30 86
Mibs McGath's 41 35 ' 85
Miss Bauer's 27 20 74
Mrs.Brindley's45 30 70
Total, 317 248 78
gyaeaals freat the Record of their
Meet -latpertaat Helms.
The city council met on Saturday
evening laBt in regular monthly ses
sion at the office of the mayor.
Report of Police Judge Hensley
was presented up to date of meeting
and also report of City Treasurer
Delsman for the month of February,
and both placed on file. The treas
urer's report shows a balance from
alt funds of $873.32.
The matter of streets and grades
was called up and the committee
granted further time.
A motion to employ M. Whitmoyer
to defend the city in the suit of J. C.
Scott against the city for damages,
resulted In referring the matter to
the judiciary committee.
A warrant for $117.78 was ordered
drawn on appropriation for pro
tection against fire, for the payment
of balance on fire bell.
Applications for licenso wero pre
sented by saloons and drug stores,
and on motion referred to judiciary
committee, instructed to report at
special meetiug held last evening.
The judiciary committee was in
structed to draw up an ordinance for
licensing skating rinks.
The matter of improviug Buffalo
Square was referred to Councilmen
Rickly and Lockner.
Far Sale ar Trade!
School land lease on Sec. 36, 17, 3,
Platte county. Also school lands
and deeded lands in other parts of
the state. . J. E. Baum,
45-3 Lincoln, Neb.
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware,
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Here.,
Fear Sear sal Tea with Fear Y
ta Spare.
The residence of W. T. Callaway
at Bellwood, February 17tb, was the
scene of a happy gathering of friends
of the family, the occasion being the
celebration of the birthday of Grand
ma Cullaway, who upon that day
attained the ninety-fourth year of her
age. It was designed that the affair
should be a pleasant surprise to the
old lady, and in this respect as well
as in being a most pleasant social
commingling for all, report says it
was a complete success.
The following persona were pres
ent: Rev. Buckuer and wife, F. M.
Wimberly and wife, J. C. Hager and
wife and Mrs. Vate, of Bellwood;
Mr. and Mrs. Burcb, Mr. and Mrs.
Chadwick aud Darcus Callaway of
Alexis; Mrs. Walson, of Buenavista;
Mrs. Turner, of David City; Mrs. W.
T. Rickly, Miss Lizzie Davis, Mrs.
Geo. Clother, Mrs. Wm. Speice, of
Columbus; Mrs. Charles Matthews,
of Genoa.
As an illustration of old-time poe
try and also of the retentive memory
of Grandma Callaway, we give a copy
of somo veraes which Bhe memorized
when shu was fourteen, and which
she had not read In many years :
There was a man in ancient times
Our Savior doth inform us,
Whose pomp and grandeur aad whose
Were great and very nutn'rous .
This man fared sumptuously each day.
In purple and fine linen;
He eat, be drank, and scorned to pray
And spent his life In sinning.
Poor Lazarus lying at his gate
To help himself unable,
He for the fragments humbly wait
That fell from his rich table.
Not one mite from his rich store
Did this rich worldling send htm;
The dogs through pity licked his soras
Most ready to befriend him.
At length death came, this poor man died
By angels' hands was carried
Away to Abraham's bosom
Where all his sorrows ended.
The rich man died, was burled too,
But Oh ! his dreadfnl station;
With heaven and glory in his view
He landed in damnation.
He cries, "Oh I father Abraham,
Send Lazarus with cool water,
For I am tormented in this flame
With a consuming torture."
Says Abraham's son, "Remember well
You once did goods inherit
And now you're doomed to, death and hell
Because you would not share it."
"Oh! father Abraham, deign to hear
This one, my last desire:
There are Ave brothers in my father's
A hasting fast to ruin.
Send Lazarus there to arouse
And hinder their undoing."
"Your brothers have the means or grace,
The prophets, too, and Moses sufficient,
If they choose good ways to overcome
whatever opposes.
Aa Aaawer Wait.
Can any one bring us a case of Kid
ney or Liver Complaint that Electric
Bitters will not speedily cure? We
say they can not, as thousands of
cases already permanently cured and
who are daily recommending Electric
Bitters, will prove. Bright' Disease,
Diabetes, Veak Back, or any urinary
complaint quickly curod. They pur
ify the blood, regulate the bowels,
and act directly on the diseased parts.
Every bottle guaranteed. For 9ale at
50c. a bottle by Dowty & Chinn. 1
IlHctdea'rt Araica Halve.
The B-'Si Salve in tb: world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcere, Salt
Rheum. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Ilandf, Chilblain, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Dowtv & Chinn.
juae 18-y
A stock of general merchandise or
hardware in exchange for farm. Ad
dress, Sherwin, Sherwin & Co., Lin
coln, Nebraska. p-1
abetter Libit
The following is a list of unclaimed
letters remaining in the post-office, in
Columbus, "Neb., for the week ending
March 7. 1885:
A Col. W. B. Alvord.
B J.H. Bebrns.
C W. J. Clements, 2.
G Wm. Gooden, 2. . W. Uooden.
II Miskate Hensel, Mr. Hensel.
Jf Mr. Jossel.
IC John Kosch.
I. Edde Lewis.
SI Andy Morgan.
MJaines Riley.
W Chas. Woodard.
If not called for in 30 days will be sent
to the dead letter office, Washington, D.
C. When called for please say "adver
tised," as these letters are kept separate.
H. J. Hudson, P. M..
Columbus. Nebr.
Advertisements under this head five
cents a line each insertion.
Choice quality of Nebraska winter
apples at Wm. Becker's. 41-tf
Wanted, a few
beans and onions.
bushels of choice
T.Keating. 46-tf
I pay the very highest price for
hides and pelts, office at Cannon k
Weaver's. T. Keating. 46-tf
For good young breeding stock of
an kinds, can at Bloomingdale stock
farm. A. Henrich. 30-tf
Wm. Schiltz makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the
very Desi stocsr tnat can be procured
in tha market. - 521
Guns and Ammunition.
Far Sal.
Thirteen good shoats. Inquire of
Henry Woods, the barber.
Ma, FaraaaraX
I have first-class German Millett
seed for sale.
46-2 D. Andersok.
Far Sale.
300 cords, 14 inch stove wood, ap
ply to C. C. Miller, or to O. L. Baker.
Price, $2.00 per cord, delivered. 40-tf
Steele Sale.
There will be a stock sale Saturday
March 14, '85, at the farm of J. T.
Ferree, two miles southwest ef Post
ville. 45-2p
All persons knowing themselves,
indebted to me will please call at the
State ifank and settle at once. I need
money and must have it.
46 4'p C. M. Taylor.
Far Sale
Ohe span of well mated, heavy
mules, aud a number-one saddle pony.
Fbko. Jewell,
One and a half miles south of Platte
Center. 44-2t
Brick !
Thos. Flynn has on hand a large
number of brick and is burning still
more. Those who know they shall
be in need of brick would do well to
call at once. 11-tf
Betray Sewe.
Came to my premises In November
3 young sows, black and white.
Owner will please call and prove
property. J. D. Williams,
Feb. 4, '85. 45-2t-p Postville.
fteaver Deue.
Rufus Leach, Proprietor. The best
accommodations for the traveling
public can be bad at the Denver
House, second door weat of Lindell
Hotel. Tables bountifully spread
with the best the market affords.
Warm, clean beds. Board by the
day or week. 45-4
For the next sixty days I will offer
the following bargains in rest estate
city and farm property at terms to
suit purchasers :
Lots 3 and 4, Block 131, story
dwelling six rooms and good
barn, fine shade trees $1,900 00
Lot 1, Block 84, unimproved 1,300 00
E X Lot ?, Block 85, improved .... 2,100 00
S. W. i 16, 17, le, hay and farm
land. 160 acres 3,20000
W. X N. W. K 30, 1. 2w, all hay
land, 80 acres 1,60000
N. i S. E. Ji 23, 18, 2w, unim
proved, 80 acres 1,80000
S. W.i 14, 18, 3w, 55 acres under
cultivation, 160 acres 2,400 00
45-2m J. W. EARLY.
At the James Galley farm, March 6,
85, 10 o'clock a. m., 2 span heavy
work horses, pony, 5 fresh milch
cows, 1 heifer, 12 calves, 1 good bull,
60 shoats, a fine lot of poultry, self
binder, mower, corn planter, hay
rakes, wagons, buggy, cultivators,
plows, drags, giant grinder, corn
sbeller, hay racks, hay in slack, a lot
of lumber, pumps, tanks, troughs,
work-bench, grindstone, &c. The
farm implements are almost new and
in good condition.
Terms: $20 and under, cash;
above that sum, ten months time on
good bankable notes, ten per cent,
interest; ten per cent, off for ca-h.
D. A. Cooper.
JonN Hubeb,. Auctioneer. 41 2
Scaeel Faraltare Waa ted.
The School Board of Columbus,
Nebr., will receive bids until 7 :30 p.
m., March 16. '85, for 48 single desks,
I wo feet long, and seats sixteen inches
high; 8 rear seats for the same; 48
pingle desks two feet long, with seats
15 inches high and 8 rear peats for
same; 8 recitation seatB five and a
half feet Ioujr; 30 siugle desks 20
inches long, seats 12 Inche high ; 33
single desks, 20 inches long, Beats 13
inches high ; 9 rear seats for the same ;
63 single desks 22 inches long, seats
14 inches high; 9 rear seats for the
same: 8 recitation scats 5 feet long;
3 plain, two-drawer, teachers' desks.
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bidn.
By order of the Board.
John Wermuth, Sec'y.
Steele Sale.
At 10 o'clock a. m.,
Friday, March 20, '85,
I will sell at my place four miles east
of Genoa, on the river road and near
Matson post-office, 6 milch cowb, 1
span heavy work marus,4 and 6 years
old, 1 span heavy woik horses, 2 colts,
7 hogs, 70 chickens, 1 seeder, 1 riding
cultivator, 1 mower, 1 sulky hay rake,
4 stirring plows, 2 lumber wagons, 1
light wagon, 1 buggy, 1 set double
harness, 1 set singlo harness, 1 cook
ing stove, 1 bureau, 1 lounge, chairs,
etc., etc. The farm will be offered
for sale, and if not sold, then it will
be for rent.
Terms : $10 and under, cash ; above
that Bum, one year's time on bankable
notes, ten per cent, interest, ten per
cent, off for cash.
Chas. Thorsok.
John Huber, Auctioneer. 1
Aactlea Sale.
I will sell at public auction at my
farm, 3 miles east of St. Edward, on
Saturday, March 21st, 1885, com
mencing at 10 o'clock, sharp, the fol
lowing property, to-wit: 8 head of
work horses, 4 mares with foal, 5
colts, two of them coining two years
old, two of them one year old and one
two years old or over, 9 cows, all will
calve before the sale, 25 hogs (most
of them brood sows,) including one
pedigree Poland boar and five graded
boars, 6 head of two-year-old steers,
stall fed, 1 boll, coming one year old,
1 fat cow, 1. Holstein blooded cow, 2
combined corn cultivators, 2 drags, 2
stirring plows, one of them riding, 1
combined corn shelter and grinder.
Tekms or sale: The 2 two-year-old
colts aud the fat cattle will be
sold for cash. Sums of $5 or less,
cash ; on larger amounts a credit will
be given until January 1st, 1886, pur
chaser giving approved note, draw
ing 10 per cent, interest.
Henrt Guiles.
Hesbt Guiles, and T. X. William
son, Auctioneers. 45-3
Of Claclaaatl, Okie.
Joan Davie, Praatdant.
a. P. aUraaall, Secretary.
Aafeta aver
Issues the popular Life Kate adaw
meat Policy.
Over 500,000 sold la Ntbraska ta the
JMt two years, and over 50,000 in Co
uabus. 'Also aakss lotas ea Seal IstaU oa
long time at a low rate of iaterest. For
terns apply to
M. D. THURSTON, Special Agt.
Omct:-At Journal Saactust, Ce
lurabus, Nebr. 40-tf
Crockery and Glassware
Tou will always sad a FRESH aad wall
sslectod stock.
Fancy Groosarisui amel Fim
Terns a Specialty.
"We handle the celsbratse.
ttfiapls floor ait M
Blalieart market price paid Amp
country prodnoe. v .'.
City orders delivered free of charge
laTelephone No. 2G.
Eleventh Street,-
Celnsnena, If ea.
Columbus isomers.
Our quotations of the marksts are ob-
taInedTuesdayafternoon,and aro correct
and reliable at the time.
Wheat SO
Corn in ear 21
Corn shelled 81
UAvb u6YTj 2Q
Flour ,. 200Q275
Butter, 1015
Aggl) AU0 Xm
Potatoes, 3030
Hams, 10015
Shoulders, 12
sides,. ........... ... . m
LIVE stock.
FatHogs 8 8004 00
FatCattle 4 60
Sheep 3 00
Iowa 8500
Hard . 14 0
Bock Springs nut 4 50
Rock Springs lump 7 00
Carbon 6 00
Colorado 0 00
Laai Ter Hale er Kent.
2,000 acres of land tor sale or cash
rent. Improved or unimproved farm
land, bay land, pasture and wood
land. Reasonable t. rms. Call at
once on Becher & Co., or the under
signed. 42-tf Patrick Murray.
Wf linvc made arrangements to fur
nish to the subscribers o'f this paper,
that excellent agricultural and stock
journal, The Nr.brasku Farmer, for the
small sum of $1.00 peryeur. The
Farmer is published at Lincoln, Neb.,
O. M. Druse, Editor, and is devoted to
agriculture and stock growing in the
weat. Every fanner should take it
Send $1.00 to this office and we will
have the Farmer sent to you.
Will to nailed I
ocderlacit. tteoataiiuUiaBtnttoaa.niete,
daaljiikiiis and dlrecUo acr Ttlasr all
Vsgiatile aad viewer aXBOa, aTOaaTett,
Crate CwtHSgw.
toy stmni. ' partem sate.
Till? DUCT DYVT T? "world toe ln
" " I
ram, wnntlot la aoeu-
Tay, nudity.
nodal and
to aay othar.e
BALLARD Xin?'ama tor Catalogs.
BJ.W IBU1U1LT. BSUUBU ... - - " mmM auj
Jtarun jire Armsuo.,xieir Ataven, uobb.
Red Clover,
White Clover,
Blue Grass,
Millet and
Hungarian seeds,
Herman Oehlrich & Bro's.
Grocery Store.
And all kinds of country produce ta
ken in trade, and all goods deliv
ered free of charge to any
part of the city.
10-tf J. . BELiNAN.
rnfali rpai Tenant
aV . . -