The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 17, 1884, Image 1

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:m. e:. tttser & co.
Proorietcra and Bunliiaeri .
-OFFICZ.-ELezenZh St.. tip 'tavrs
m Journal Building .
Per year 1 '
Six manias '
Three raoctas TZ
Single copies
S '
jliKXYX. M P r.W. -cm-o..-"-"-
. -vr r
jjrs. -XS5LTTS & 5 CHUG,
U. S. Examining Surgeons.
CeHsultatiens m German and Enaiish.
Telephones at eiiice and residences.
.Pii r a ax s cb geox.
Di-ea-e- -r women and children a p--,.-..
. nnv.u-na OtUee fanner-
rr"I.....i , lr Bouesteel Telepnotir
On corner of Eleventh and North streets.
over Ernst nardware store.
it J. uriwo,
lith Mm-t. i J.him -t ftf lUaaonJ How,
Colum'iua. Xeb.
-r i. KEEDKR,
Omee on ulir -I.. Nebraska
Fortum and Domestic Liquors and
llth -trewt.
alumoua .xcu. "--
Olhee np-stairi
ins. 11th t. W
in McAllister'
A JIi'Aliister. Notary
Keep- a ml. Ine o: -tationery and 3cnool
-upplies. and a, kinds of ierai forms,
insure azains- nre. Iishtnina. cvelone
and tornaaoei Oniee in Powell Klo.-k.
Platte centei I,-i
Rl.VNEK. M. 1-
r- A. --: i
- T B'rE"y '
Reiruiar railuate o
leires uif uo -tair-lartfa
ot -tale Bant.
t w ,i mediea. eo.
m hricV building
Justice. nii surveyor. v,..r7-u.
Land ini ' Mlertujn Aten'.
STPart is detriHS -arvvmi done can
aaut m- n ma:, a: Platte t entre. !.eb.
T H-
Iltn St.. opposite Lindell Hotel.
-ell. Ham saddles. Collar-. Whipa,
BUnsetj.. urrv lomav Brushes. trunks,
valise- m2i top-, .-u-hiona. carnage
buibht." .t.- a- tne lowest possible
ri-e Repair-, pr mpUv attended to.
Will tli general surveying m Platte
and adjoining -uuntiei Uilife with . C.
J Carpenters and Contractors.
Have had an extended experience, and
will guarantee satisfaction m work.
All kinds of repairing done on short
notice Our motto is. Good work and
fair prices. al. and trive a an oppor
tunitv to estimate for sou 3f"-noP on
"iath suntte iloor west of r riedhof Jfc
Co'a. stare, colambus. Neur 4S2-V
1xaM.FaCTT.REK of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware !
Job-Work. Soofn? aad Gatter
ra a Specialty
J--nop on Olive street. 1 doors
aorta ot Hroaieunrer - ki -wi.c
Hi- lands compn-e some nne tracts
in the Shell creek Valley, and the north
ern nnrunn at Platti- countv. Taxe-
paid for non-re-idents. -atisfaftion
sruaranteed. -' v
CULL J12SL2, - -y-a.,
Packers and Dealers in all kind. erHojr
product, cash paid for Live or Dead Ho-
or zrease.
iJirecrora. R. H Henry. Prest-; John
Wigzins. Sec aad Treas.. L. Gerrard. s.
Plans and esamates -upphetl for either
frame or brick buildimrs. Good work
oTiiranteed. Shop on 13th street, near
St, Paul Lumber Yard,
Columbus, Ne-
5 6mo.
J. S. Mcscrief, Co. Sopt
rai be in his ofice at the Court Haue
on tne third 5amrdav of each
zionta far the purpose of exxniini
tn jirtsents jiren rtsaiy-1
Send Us 5 cnts postage.
11H Hv ttimiI Tnn tvill Tft. I
free a pacxare of :rood- of larre vaine.,
that wil tart tob m work taat will at
once bnnir jou in money foster than any
thimr else in America" All about the
53OO.OOO in presents with each. box.
Agents wanted everywhere, of either
sex, of all ages, for all'the time . or spare
time only, ta work for us at their own
homes. Fortunes for all workers b
olntely assured. Don't delay. H-Hai.-tm
k. Co., Portland. "SLiiae.
a. R. cifwuititx.
n. (
.3tilicaat5 lor teacner's certiacaiea. uu ; ...a.1 . .. i- r .--- . -., .-. leito ij. a itjck 1.1:11 nmia.L minti.
for the traasacttnn of any other business nznt awav taan anytainc else in tnis (f neild vociferated in his nariv
i , -, rnpii' in of either er. sneceea tram . ... . .
TT-LmllZlZr UO SCUDQia. wl-. .. w.. . ... -...,... tf,,,- ff t-?,. na-.w-nry
T - . u Tkn V,-n-irt n.,1 Tn mrrnnp KUli,i.r ..;,- -ii uu.
VOL. XT.-NO. 34.
CASH CAPITAL - $75,000
Lean'Dkr Gerhard, Pres'L
Geo. W. Hexst, Fi'ce Prea'i.
J anus A. Reed.
R. II. Henry.
J. E. Tasxan. Cashier.
Lmk of Deponit,
m.11 Foist)..
i Promptly Made
Pay Istserttt asi Xii
Furniture. Chair3. Bedsteads, 3u-
reaus. Tables. Safes, iicunges.
&.c Picture Frames and
3"Jiepariag of all tiniu of lvu-lttry
coLnrars, neb.
Buckeye Mower, combined. Self
Binder, wire or twine.
Pumps Repaired on short notice
23"0ue door we-t of Heint'- Drui
Store, 11th Street. Lolusnbu-., Neb. -
for worfcimr people, -end in
cent postage, ana we win
mail vou tree, a ioval. val
uable sample box of soott-, taat will put
vou in the way of makimr more money m
a few davs than you ever thnuirnt po
sible at anv bu-iuen. t.apital not re
quired. You can live at home and work
in spare -tune only, or ah the time. All
of both sexes, of ah ae. andlv -ue-eesful.
50 cents to $." easily earned
everv evening. That all who want work
mav test the busine-s. we make thi- un
paralleled oner To all who are not well
satisaed we will -end $1 to nay for the
trouble of wnan? Us. Full particular-,
direcuons. etc . ent free. Lmmen-e pay
ab-alutelv sure for ail who -tart at once.
Don't deiav Address STUtsON .t o..
Portland, Maine.
FARjfEIiS, stock rai-er.. and all other
interested parties will do well to
remember that the -Western Hor-e and
Cattle Insurance Co." of Omana i the
onlv company doinir bume .rnthn state
that insures" Hor-e-. ituie- and Cattle
against loss by thett. accident.-, di-ea-e-.
or injurv, as also against to ov lire and
lihtnm'i . All representation-by aent
of other Companie- to the coatrar hoi
withitandin. P. W. HENRlt H. -pecial Ajr"t.
LVv columou-. Neb.
a Grrand Success,
t ter Trough for stock He refer- to
ut- Tmn whn h-t it in n-e all on ar
leave" order- at George Yale;, oppo-ite
Uehirich' grocery. uhva.
;T. 3 T J Cia.Th-1
1 ,1 VPr :illll rttll rlillllrT
j lil CH dUQ T CtTU OiaUIC.
I- prepared to furni-h the pnblic w'th
zood teams. l)U2Zie and carriages for all
occasions, espeeiallv far funeral-. Al-o
conducts a ale stable. 44
nnRArisiT HOUSE.
,..T v .
JOHVDCKfiV5. .... Prsipnetor.
The best accommodation for the travel-
ue public guaranteed. Food good, and
plenty of i. Beds clean and comfortable.
I cbarges low. as the lowest, IS-y
I -
' T3T T "JT? d aix cents for
. A P Hil L. fSlVr
Send six cents for iuju.- w. u
nrit hour. The Droau roau to ioixune
oDens before tne worker-, absolutely
sure. A:
; once auurese.
Trux a Co ,
ts t MsBrae Sis.. Chicago.
"TZliwil . ilTn nj- ' i I
a Bit UTILULUt. '
XBK. sub n-i ..v f.Ti .
U. SKUS, UEk Snu.
Eaim. CuLxBca.
ihm HiwXSai sd
war. BuJ Onto. 1'mt'H
.lhrrmiT inm n '"- . :
f nv.A w.J.,, ..?11 laH Tnn m mnep mnnT .tt ... j . r i. r x
11 !w
" A
I tbocznx 3he was a lovely stijat.
As daunilv- arrayed in white.
Tilth rasy-cheeks and usances crisat
Thar summer day
She played croquet:
Tntlbeneara a shady tree
I stopped to rest, winch cnanced to be
Where in tae kitenen I could see,
Thar summer day
She played croquet;
And mere aicne in that hot place
Eer motner stood -aa eare-ram face.
And ironed a irown all tells and lace.
That 3uinmer day
she played croquet:
A iWKi. the very counterpart
Of taat sne wore with witching' art;
And so stie did nut wm my heart
That summer day
She played cronuet.
Earper't Basar.
Hcrw It Came to 3e Called by
TJzax Significaiis Name.
The winter of 4-9 wi not severe in
the Drv Digging. The populacon wa?
maile np ot Engll-h-peakinr people.
Sandvneu fciantiers. old Caiifomians.
ami aiiL-ii as could gt there before the
tide of "49 et in. iliner- from, the
fork.- of the American riveri had made
their winter quarters there, and there
waa. no doubt, a pile of gold dost big
enouirn to tempt the cupidity of enter-nre-ing
highwaymen. The lo cabins
of the men lay along both side- of the
main ravine and its branches, and theae
were u-ualh diviied into two rooms.
the berths or sleeping-cnbs bemr bunt
no. one abive anuther. on both -ides of
tbi.- partition, which was usually eov-
prl with white mushn- but the loir did
not come elo-e togtther. and they who
iav m bed on the one side mi:rht hear
much of that which was spoken, even
m a low tone or vuiee on the otner side.
It M rell out that one mirnt an Amen-
can. frying aw ake upon one side, became
mtere-ted m what was transpurmjr m the
house of in-, neighoor-. wno were French
men. It --em- that there wa- a visitins
Dartv of three countrymen tliere and the
entire comnanv hal pa d the evenuur
plaving, -omeocrdy lo-imr heavily The
n,u,nnnnt. rf riiM hniii hriii retired Iij
tneu berth.-, and one of the isinng jiy neighoor had placed her two boy
nartv nroceeded to ririe the chest, while m'mv chanre. that wnat t saw thev
the other two -toou witn urawn citks
..' . Tl
by the beils. threatening instant
H either of the -Ieeper moved. All ot
thi.- wa- overheard by our mend Nutter.
whi under-D)od French. The end of
the cabin occupied by hi.- company wa
next below and onrV a few vard- di
tance from the hall in which we lived
and tor wh:cn we paid tne modest little I
sum of ?.))) S10 each the other hall , The story wa.- told tar and wide. A
ot our hou-e being owned by a ILirtin, spring re-tored good roads and many
wno with hi- wife and two children left.eaeh with his own account. -onie tor
hved there , Oregon, -ome for ( alifomia. -ome tor
.w it -o liippenei tha; in the long the tite. and me tor .-an Franci-co
evening- and oaim dav- our little rooni (Teroa Buon). the ncident or the
wa- m.ule to -nib-erve tlie mrere-t or a
spelling i-ircle. debanng. court or jud
icature ttjc tiie rruil of imaginary off-n-e-.
and a court of equitv fur the -ettlement
of difference- between rnends. It had
taiien to mv lot fo pre-ule. and ro thi-datr-
matter- had bi-en arra ngi-d -t a
thar ail leit that even-nandetl jnnce j
had Ot en it-a, our
Yen natural! Xurter. the Amncan.
made hi- appearance arlv nex morning
seeking advice. There wa.- no Ju-tiee ot
the Peace there, tor the laws of the
United State- had not been extended
over tni- regum Then wa- no alcalde
except n the tii -i-rtiemenr and mis
sions. Ir wa- a -a-e rejuirng prompt
dipatcn The villain- miht aireadv
be mtunng off with their -rolen gold
dust. or. wtat was even wor-e. pernap
dtimiciied in our verv mid-t. liki- a lion
m ni Lur. readv r pounit? upon -ome
oUier unwar onf. The re-ult of a con
ference wa- that X'ltter wa- appointed
i Shenff. to give tne-e neighbor- a calL
1 and ask for inf"rniarnu .'oucerning
! thtc visitor- wno t-ame and went in
the pirchv darkne . The Frenchman
rem.-d for rear of venganee. unuLupon
a -etmod i-it they wen- notified they
tnem-eive- would be arre-ted a- coii-fetitrate-
unle thev nyealet! what
the fenew There w-x- a cabin -tantiing
at tne distanm or. -a, a -juarter of a
mile away from all other-.our m a loneiv
ravine. pa.-t which men irom tlie :ori-n-uallv
came tlieir m-a-iire How
it came there, when it eonie.wiio hvetl
tliere, what tbe did. wa- ill a my-rerv
( n- old man wa- -omennn -en. but
he wa- busy, appearing to nuuee nothing ,
but his work. Xevenlule . suspicion j
hail often pointed her linger at that hab- '
! iuiritn when -onie nii)erv had bvn
I cummitteiLor-iimemi. .1. rei'.manftnind
; tlie fti .idt and wneu X utter re
l i.iraed with ui- reptirr that -even ni-u
! li-d then a.'d tliai tlie tiiree robier-
w et- a par ot that bantL jrre4uiretl no
I lng -pHt-ue- tt brmg the company to
i a d-ei-le -tind.
Ltcketl in lor the -eason by wretched
road- impas-able for team.- ten mile-
J Irum the neare-t settlement Sutler -
mill the disi-overy ot a ne-t ot vipr
at work in our very mul-t can-i-tl each
one u feel it to be important rhat no
time be lot. The tw Frenchmen were
warned uut to move out of their hou-e.
Qor to commnnteate bv sign.- or other-
wise with anvone during tlie dav Mean
tt-1,,2.. TT-,er4 . .s,t!He irrun Tt in.J,
' a- eould be relied npon to acr
h o-ini '
i .. ...irT,JT;,rJ fh.itrnm,rrii
Nutter opened 2ie door waere the
teven amieil at aroimd the supper
fcibie. and chargiti them with the theft. ,
In an m-tant hand- moveti to the re- i
. -., " , , ----"" -" "-'
volver- bv the -ide-. a -brill whistle bv ,
tne snerm cnecKeu mem. anu wnen
, . - thronrrh thatdoorand sUI
aronnil tliem. they surrendered. The
excitement was inrensc.
Ex-Judge Russell of Oregon, was
there at tlie time, and a- I declined to
take tlie re-oonsibilirv in the presence
j of one skiiled m law." he took the bench.
; A court wa.- organized, jury impanneled. '
pro-ecuting attorney and prisoners
counsel appointed, in order that everv
thing should oe done lainv The result or
"r , , -
1 the nrt trmi was that nothing beyond
die act ot robbery was proven, and the
three on Sundav monirng received a
, of thinv-iune lashe- on the bare
b:,c 3100 noce doubted that they
de-erveii hanging. Thev had escaped
, tne gaiiow-.
, J
One or tae men tnev called him
reneh Chariev a short .stout, restless
M- KJfcfc-W-J i-i-i. I
- in
taat acu
2on it came out rhat there
wen thirtr-three members of the band
opr-mrng otherwheres This awful all proper oeea-huu- di- clun stand
Chari v was thct lieareuanr. He vowed J ready co elucidate its doctrine- an" ziv
death to judge. jar . and all conserned. f its reasons, but dis am. not one of de oc-Th:-
being mterpreted fired tie pop- 1 cashnns. WHIe de attest artpr an" may
i.Tf. PnTHrn. fnr?W(?t rln frrrrhe i -i;rvim i?nr t"-irrse ee-If Ar ut-
execution of the ntence. L e,, banish-
mem rrom tne diggings. It would hare
J. bei Ls.e 1-tnng a pack of blood-hounds
loo r-i prey upon th- villagers Ihe saalt an battery would pass unqoai
ex t -:: -nrxva- attended b die most tioneiLebeiLby a, oae-hoss lawyer. "" auxittry, as the caorr mi Dcrnii FrurJ'ru.
with, open doors day after dax, deter
mined'to do nothing rashly. Men wer
out in all directions, traveling' sloxviy
and on foot, yet getting over ground,
notifying all to come and look at tae
prisoners, who did not seem to be tm
easv. being confident they would noc
hair without clear and conclusive ev
idence Ims tney believed could not
be produced,
little did thev believe that their davs
were even then numbered, and that
thev would be buried.three in one grave,
with their boots on and the hempen i
collar around their neeks.and that from
tnis awful fate should grow the name ef
Han Town.
The desired witness was mcoving
leisurly alons:. little thmk;ng that ink
voice would -eal their death warrant.
Once he h:ul been assailed. Once tha
knife gleamed above mm and he fell
When he revived he wa- alone, his
money gone, but the face of the would
"be murderer had been indelibly en
graved npon hi- mind. As he entered
file court-room with a fr.end he caugnt
sihr of tin.- hariey at mc. hi- cheeks
paled, and he -td for the moment
transiixed. Bystander noticed all this.
and manaired to draw L hariey "s at
tention. The robber looked, and in his turn
was -urprt-etL but it wa- not much
astonishment he did not look long
There are -cene- in some lives that ux
themselve- with die unviel !mg tenacity
of memorv This hardened sinner said
that his innocent life had oeen as a man-o"-war
man. He had been a slaver,
robber and pirate, and when asked to
confess said that he had nevr ceased
to see blood from the time of the hrst
murder He had not loit -ight of that
face which he iett for dead. All eyea
were riveted on him when he sprang
coward the new comer exclaiming
"vou alive' vnu here"" and tearing j
open the -hirt bo-om his eye caagat
-int of the star hi- knife had made. a
h ecla.nied -I'm a dead man' This
-ettle- my wise'" And it did Three
tmie- tr.eil for hi- life, and cleared
througn a daw in tne mdictment. he
had found eonviction where he lea-t
expeeted it. Twu lonir line- of armed
men. -tandins: shoulder to -boulder.
formed the iruani. through which tho-e
three men marsned to the gate- of de:tth.
rtrir -rrirt -i-Mmn nnilHV mominP"
nngnt see out it i- a -au. saa signt
that of three men writhing in the
agonie- of death, and we did not tay j
The re-t or the Dand were wametL
Thev kept off.
The effuse wa- magical. X"o stealing, i
no running off murder- one'-
nure mi?rht he npon the door-tep all
dav. none would touch it alter that.
writer w.l- related cnw d- or attentive
And that L- now the -Dry Diggin-
-onth of the American iwk of rht -ac-ramenco
River came t. ;ec:died "Hing
Tnwn "" Ci ''" He ild.
sensi ami Vonwau1 trom tlin Eloquent
and fcrutllt Unith flartlnr.
Brothee (xardner
iowmg new lg-nd-wall-
during thi tai.
A bigo. am mo
a-,ntunc-tl the roi
t oe nnug on tiie
and winter term
to be feen-u dan a
rule '
"You km silence a man oy snockm
him down, but it taKe- argyment to con
vince him.""
Hnman natur kin sometime- bi de
pended on ober night, but it - de -afest ,
wav to Utke a note of hand fur .
"A man - rating am nut how much '
he can run in debt, our how nigh he km I
-tinar" up ebt r -aturda nignt." j
"Indu-rry am -aran to bring plenty
an" economv neoer goe- b'annt in ra
ter"" -Between -avm nufiin' an talkin
um muca de world lean.- u de man vho
hold- his tongue "
Our opimou ot onr-elve- make- us
all great men
I would announce lie facie." tintin
ned the Pre-ident, "dar de Hot' -uam-boo
-mith of Kenrucks . ha- ipuealed tt)
1L- ctub nir mnd- tt -tart him nt on tie
road to leefctur on d -ubjick -i 'Do
We Fulnl! Our iL .ou-"' Wh.le he am
not a member of di- clut he -eem.- to be
a pu on wid a de-iah to aid in de pru-gre-
ot de world, an w.- wu Like up a
colleckshun fur hi- ben-'Ui. Mr L-aac
W.ilpole. will vou pa. ue hat"
The hat wa- pa ed a;l tlie collec
tion matie and turned over to the Presi
dent, who counted Up tile rllJLAgi and
-De -sur total ngger- np nineteen
cent.-, mcludin" a ilime wui a hole in it
De nionev wll be for arded to de Hon.
Shamboo. an he can -tart a- -oou a.- he
pleases. "
The Secretary announced . commnni
canon rrom jLm-Ueld. iLu . offering a
new variety or -undower -eed- to mem
bers or the club at rate-, and in
viting a cash offer from the niii-euni tor
the skull- of -everal celebrated munler-
' er-.
Lce afraiti we can t trade wid him.
repiieu uie m nieui aiier
a brief con
sultation with the ( ommitree on Agri
culture. "Dl- club doan" ran to -undower-
won" a cent, an our line or" relic-
doan inelocde any -kuII lower in de
ca!e of -oeiety dan a member of tie
Legisiachur "
Giveadam Jonea hen arose to make
an mtiuiry . and when hi- pre-ence hatl
been officiall reegniad he a-ketl if
the club bi'Iieveil in die doctrine of tlie
survival of the titte-i Brother Gardner
scratched his head and -eonied to be
: con.-ider.ibh perpieteii. and (xjveadam
' coutinueti
"in ea-e we dtjan it am an ac
knowledgment that the imbecile an" the
idler hev de -ame rights an" privileges
a- de statesman an" de repre-entarive of
industry. In ease wr; do. we who hev
survived am consequent! de nttest, an
darfore good "nuff. I -uouid like a
sjair deci-un in. de case to-nignt."
- Brudder Jone-. who put you up to
dis business?" asked the President. in a
voice mil of solemn warning.
There was an interval of -olenee -o
deep and painful that Elder Toot- could
be heard breathing a he pared down
his corn, with a borrowed jack-knife.
1 reckon -ort o put mvseir up to
' ir, sah,
came the answer at last.
WelL vou sot down to once! On
ye nev outlived a heap of odder folks
dar vou am any cfcer t'n vou osxr
be, or dat your testimony in a case of
National Bank!
Aftttarized Capital. -Paid
In Capital,
Surplus and Profits, -
- 6,000
A. A2TDERSOX. Pres't.
2A1TL C. SMITE. Vice Prii'Z.
O.T. ROEX, Cashitz.
Farein and Inland Exchange.
Tickets, ana Real Estate Loans.
Rock Spin? Cutil S7.U0 per ton
Carbon 'Wyomin?' Coal M
Eldan Iowa Coa! 5.00 "
Blackamitli Coal of beat quality al
ways on hand at low
est TJrices.
North. Side Eleventh. St.,
Improved aad Uaiinproved Farma,
Hay and Gnmg Landa aad City
Property for Sale Caeap
Union Pacific Land Office,
On Lona Time and low rate
'of Interest.
SFin.ii proof made on Timber Claims.
H.iuiesteads and Preemptions
i 5" li wishing to bu v lands of any de
i scription will please call and examine
mv list of lands before looking elsewhere
2fAll having lands to sell will pleas
i call and .rive me a description, term .
prices, eu.
I 22TI a so am prepared to insure prop
' erty. as I have the aencv of sever il
tirt-clash Fire insurance companies.
i K W OTT. solicitor, speaks Ciermju
olumbus. NebrasSi.
h Vi-Tl
lienral Agents for tae Sale of
Union Pacinc. and llidland Pacinc
R. R. Lands for sale at from 3.00 to Jlu.00
per acr for cash, or on live or ten years
time, in annual payments to suit pur
chasers. "We have also a large and
choice lot of other lands, improved and
unimproved, for sale at low price and
on reasonable terms. Also busines and
residence lots in the city. "We keep a
complete abstract of title to all real es
tate m Platte County.
comma, .ieb.
All kinds of Repaitinz Jone on
Short Xotiee. Knriei, Tr"a
ons. etc.. made to order,
and all work Guar
anteed. Also sell tha warld-czmmis Walter A.
Wood Sowers. Reapers. Combin
ed Xachines, Sarrmzen,
aad Seaf-binders tie
best sade.
Shop apposite the Tatters alL" on
SecauJ-Hanil Boalc Dnlar Explains
How H Carrie, oa Hit Buiae.
"Where do all the old books come
trom, VeIL that is a question which. J
requires a long answer, it is one wnicn
we are asked a srood manvtime during
the day," said the proprietor of a second-hand
book store to a reporter.
There i a prevailing idea that mot
of the books unon our snelve- are sold
to us bv destitute people who take this I
UL tUi.JiU" Altefat- --. UUb Mlfc
iNiintv MrrlA ooh hnT ttif ,
i true m a limited nunmer ot ca-es
only It is true that people wno-e fon-une-
have -udd-nly change i for the
wore are re:uiy to sell their books if
thev have many of them. Many books
arebrought to us bv a class of people
who have no desire to keep them after '
thev have once been read. Ihe moaev
which they get for them a spent for
othen. which in turn are -old to us. !
Tl. . . . i U
i-Ilirt 3J 31CU1 3LXUU11L!- iUi lUUIV Ui. tlie
u-v, uuuu uu.-i:iu wuiuu axe uu uui
-so many book- are now prinred and
sold in pamphiet form, however, that
this l- not done -o often a- formerly
Only tho.-e book- which are -oLl m
bindings by the publisher and are r
published m pamphlet lorm reach us in
this wav.
"The great bulk of our volumes are
bought in large number-. whole
uoranes ymcu are ouioy tne executor,
ot tne wilt, ot persona to sat- I
the claims of creditors, or Iibrane-
I I !..
, w i i .. .u . I vour emooons when,
them, so commou ha-thi-become that ! ;, , , . .
.i... i... .... .u.. i . .u.. therowl to your wue
r, , u-v"ru"1 "--l"'-"-- l -":
oook-s ui cuarge sumiuou uic ottjK. meu ,'
and reque-t them tu make estimate- np-
. .K . , I. .1. . .. .......- V...I
or work. I he highe-t bidd-r gets Che
lot. Ihe value ot a hnrarv l-no reg-
mmiwi mv i n. nftrni'M .t tit i iiimh. i
which it contains, nor tiie condition- of
the covers and the general state of '
pre-ervarion. but by the nature oi reatl
mg matter contained. Patenrofnce report-
and medical and legal book- may
co-t fortune- to print, and be the be-t
works extant noon rnu-e -unjeet-. Dut i
the average bu er- of -eeoad-hand vol- '
am-! are not the poor. uurst..r
-tutlents. anxiou- to mip-me tneir
munis, which they ar; -imeume- repn--enteti
to be. Oeea-ionalh we are af
fiieted with a per-in wm spend.- hour
looking througj our -helve- for ran
work-, but the majonn of our buyers
are looking for -ensational work-. .
novels, border drama- in their lhelie-t
forma and entrant, ing work- of fiction of j
al! kinds. '
"The larger the nunmer of the-e
wonts in a Iinrary . tiie greater the value
or that Iibran ro the -ecoml-hantt otiok
dealer The per cent of -olid reading
matter sold would not pa the inten-t
on the co-t of works or lietion.
ehool bootcs are eeored rrom thi
cia lhcarion. seeond-uand iook -tore-ap'
ne,gmxed a- mark it- f r -ihi
oii.sand w- deal .n them htrgelv Pu-pd-
gratluaie rruai one et or oook- to
another long hefore the uid one are
worn out. V, e pay giod prices for
fie-e work- when the are standard.
for Uie -ell readily anil are quite a
goml ind an-wer the -ame oarpo-e to
ti!t ouvcr- WrK- on Lrrronom.
P'uv-ioiogy. Phys.ognom and Elec
tricity are scarce and not equal t rne '
d -mand for tiiem. Latin iiramniar-. '
r--ac:i primers, law and meuicai works
ar a- plentiful a- Bible- At pn-ent
w- are experencing a demanti for rks
on magnet.-m and me-mensm. The
prof or or animal magnetLsm have
turned the head of boys, and the eraze
to become mesmerists. I should judge
from the demand, will -oon take tne
place of the older idea of gjing West a
nghr the Indians.""
price- do you pay for
WIL th-y range from rive t
seveni -live cents. Good novels which
are ponular are worui thirty or forty
c ui- if they are in la.r condition
iiiustrac-d wors. m iy be worth a- high
a.- ventv-tive eents. scienrihc booK.
are rarei. worth over a quarter unies
uiey Ak: of me kmd thai are in de
mand The-e price- ma -eem low tor
bound volumes, ou when vou reniem
hr that p.opie expect u bny them for
alaio-t nothing aad tna: we have to
s.e-1 tliem on the -helve- -ometimes for
years and som-'ime- fonver. they are
in reality high pnees. Bible are wortn
tim two to tnree cent- each, unie
the happen to ue copies oi "l.l pnn
wiii.-h is une or th
mprooa.k- hap-
L-vniaga. altliougli tw
lO 1,1 UlO-e OUKs
w uteh are valued in the thoi.-amis of
dollars wen- f juud upon ta.- -nelve- of
eCO' l)tofc -rin-
"Vv .ie i ( .e-ar wr u ai Commenta
ries ue did no. think tna: tue w mid go
a i.egg-ng on the shdv ot dealers in
oi-l oook.- at twent cents apiee-. nor
d d .Jo-t-pii bmith
think 1 would have
tui-H- rail- m one dj. for Mormon
Bibles, which I could not-uppiv
Crreeiileaf. wien he uzzieti hi- head
paraivze the -chool eniidreu witn hi-
1 , - . , , , ,
itiiema.icai pniblem . had n. idea
. . . - . .
... . .. r. ... 1 - i . - . .... ..' .1. .... I .... . .1 . . I
liiL 1. . oiitu oe one ol uie uu-oiv Liuie
p-aolem.- how to -ell a -core of eopie
or tnem at tu cents apiec" or three for
a -,uarte.- Only the writer- of r-n-eent
pore-.- can Mope to hav- we:r wrk rui-
1 app e
COOte- ot
lated. We sometimes have
-tandanl niagazi-ie- and uri-
odica'- only a montli oui tna. we -et. ten or htteen cear-. The nacu n
m two wax- b- the rrtr-n.- wgn nave
read tnem. ami - tne publish-
er- -end to tae dealer- copie- thai an-
. . . , , , ' .
lertonthe.r hand.-, and we ar- thus
able to di-po-e of them before rhe leave
have been cut." .Wwrrs: .Wrcs.
1 Grapiua- Description of an Xnliion. ami
I'rutntefetl -trujale. 'Wliieh Kiiil- ill a J
Vli-torr Hat ijtrle Utti-r tltun Defeat.
You tnrow efi" aur an-i after a
half hour - manem enng -u.-eeed in get- .
cng the roo-ter headed off in a corner. (
when he -tands evemg your approach !
1 with the mo-t -social indifference. Yea j
advance cautiou-h w th arms -pread
1 out on either -ide of your body, until
jii-t as you are congratulating your-elf
ort a -needv capture, and an- beginning
to pitv lui mkocence. he gentiv slip-
..- .C fr.. ,.; ur.r,-, .iv ..rr- it's-
eoncernedlv Bv thi'- um. you an
strongly inclined to lose your semper,
but vou remember taat getrmgmad wul
, i .., w. .
not neip tne matter .rovou re-oiv to
trv again, and start oil whistling cheer
fully In dim time your game is -cornered."
Thi- nme you determine to
dispense with all caution, and rcy one
-wit. oolil dash secure your prize.
cordingix vou orace yourselr in a coa-
fidenriarmanner. and jnst a vou mag"-
me tiie towl safely fallen off mro a doze.
make the descent. Ala-, for the uicon
-iSteuey of Diiti.m hopes anil human
actiapat ona- iou
cocl. dfw anon
x our hands and knce an xv jour,
n fjMr- aiCo tuv graca aarag? l
j irt e-erj rafl, the rooster
so as o
WHOLE NO. 762.
londly and nutter- up into vonr ace.
nrr-riT j. isa m vour chek with hr
ciaw-. and rillinr vour eyes with du-s
and f -ather um I you are quite bund.
4n? vour wife comes out at the bar!
toop" and yells to know if you will be
all dav catching Chatcnieken. and if yon
mean to tear tae place down. Tour
blood is up to nofling pitcn. and you
rush madlv forward, resardles- of ail
thrairs save the objeet of your wrath,
until suddenly yx: ami yourself spravrl
ms fiat upon the irround, in eon.e-
qwncr ot Uavmir raalvertenuy stum-
" -i i - '- - . -w- -
have sworn wa- -aie ui the house an
nour uefore. You ne. muttering mi-
precation on the a-h-pan and. tne per
son that wa- alwav meddling wth
other people'-, things. and once more
turn your attention to the rooster, who
ho.-, apparently become quite -anguine
i over tne pro-pect o e-4ape. anu. is- en
joying himseli at the tartaer end ot tne
barnyard. After a -ene- of falls and
blunders, intermingled with numerous
and groan.-, vou succeed in
running him into an old ouc-house.
wnere he ensconce- hmi-eif among the
barrels and hoops and miscellaneous
debn.- wrirh which it i -trewn. You
craw' in after bm. confident tau ie
I ce will at la-t erown your labo." You
knock vour heail against a bean and
tear pantaloons, and burst the bc-iiles
off vour supender-. and finallv uc-
1 ...-1 an (Ti.tfnm.tll It- T1"-1 Mi t"f -)
teniAeA bmetL Y"ou 5tl f5r the house
e; tllIciatIv; w,plIr VOIlr brow to Tot. ,
lU -j ,1 TOur ca-I a ,
I at la-t ended. But who can de-enbe
upon pre-ennng J
-he teli- vou.
with uolifteti hands
suggestive of th?
deepe-t a-tonishment. that you hav
noc got the right one alter all. that -he
mz Jtfr w
- .
alter the proper one. nght -tnngut
Bv the time the roo-ter with the -whu
tuft "" L- captured, your dinner 1--poileil
and your inclination Zu sleep
nuite gone. Boston Glooe.
How ttl N itives secure Garu
A. L-pmu.
Recently it wa- given out that a large
tract of conntry. abont six miles from
here, wa- to be hunted. About seven
o ciock the native- began to move, the
men with nets hrst. Th e are cr-ire-mesheiL
strong net-, abont four feet
deep of various lengths. Far a--"ay to
the leeward of the grass to r. burnt
thee net- an stood up with short
-takes, each man's net joinett to his
neighbor s. The gras- i pt3ed up in
front of the net- to prevent taem catch
ing hre. The owners ot tne net- -tand
ov with -pe:ir in -dlence awajmg their
prey Ir i- the ra-liion for all she young
men to wear their head-dii er- and
finery to the hunt. Thev shave the
h:ur. tneir temples, svery hair rrom
their eyebrow-, and any otner anont
their race. All carry several speer
ronghiy made rrom a hartl wain wihI
Thi point- are 'harpened. and even?
ne na- a boar - tus. or oiee of gia.--bottie
to -crape them a- ofen a- tnev
retiuore it. L.rtfe ooy- of three ami fu:
veas-- old. with their ornaments on
face- pamteik and pear on their
-houlders. march along wnrh the crowd
A nuaioer of young gin- go. to. to
carrv water for rhe men. It being j.
grand hunt, we foreigner- joined th-
company on horeoack. Mr. Lawes
hemg one of our party The natives
aiway- walk in single file, and the
hunting proeeion wa- i vert long
one. The meet was at a creek half wa
tt the Laroge Rivr Tbi was the ren
dervoua. when ali re-ted and wa-te.!
for a -tnng. -teady wmd The neL- llulI
gone i-i antt were in po-inon.
The master of ceremonies was a
KoitapuCh-ef nameti Mvm. When 1
first knew -lvarr. -ome vears ago. he
wy a ane-iooiimg man. agile, and act
ive now he !- a pitiaoie object hu
toe- And anger earen awav b leprosy
and his arm- and legs in a dreatimi
state He can hobble about on a snejt.
Pnt he cannot walk far Two of his
wive- earned him by turn m a netted:
hammock on then Dacfcs. sUspendett by
a band acra the forehead Th-e are
-ome of the honor- which fall to" the
-hare or the wive- of NVv- (itxinea. The
ngai to carry tneir husband- to the
. ml j h The o.d , inner.
.,. .. . ., .
miserable object though he l-. ha. had
six wive-, -ome of them young aad
good-loofung. recently annexed to m
harem. Soon the wind iegtn 10 whistle
tsringh the tree-, and tnen wa- a gen
eral stampede The gra wa- -et fire
u in manv place-, and wa- -oon crack- I
bug, hi uig .uid olazmg awray belore
the wind. The air wa- full of -park,
and a dense cloud of -motte ra-e above.
The native- shouted, the .tog- veiped.
1 , K.. ' ' , x " ,. ..
and then. -jme ecaprntr -pear and
, . , . . , . ,. .-,, . r,
liir, hnr nio-t or tliem tllin"- It re-
4 tt.vnr ifiiuil 'llKjJa T9ilua4 K
j nmn- a good deal of pracCce u, -pear a
i wallabv going full -peet. -timetime-
one would rush past with two or three 1
! spear- hanging rrom him nd .1 bevr of
dog after him. There wa.- a good deal
of -langhter aHd -ome -cin or walhroy
earned ni. One man wa- badry gored
o a wiiii boar Ir 1- onlv verv muck-,
men who w.ll race the-e. They carrv a
circte of -tout cane, in 1- ia-ned
. , -e, . . . -u ,. -u-
large me-fae- lfai 1- held -o that tae
... . .., . . ..;.
ptg ruaae- m anu gee- mnzzieu ov it.
then a man throw- himself on the pig grip- him tight until he w dt
patchetL When the have tn.-k- the
hunter often get? verv agiy wound.-.
The man ww saw had a naty Uoits
ploweti in h"- thigh by a -hart tusk.
The pig. however, wa.- tverpjwefeti
and killed. AVr thunetz .'or S'inrtf
Can n fcalism.
Until Mr. Hutchinson wrote i waa
not generally crediteii that the We-tera"f
Amcans were auaicteti to CAnnitmii-m.
out his evsienct l- mc to be douoted.
In lv59." he savs. "human flesh was
! expo-ed a butcher- meat m tne
i kn at Duketown, old Lalabar."
It al-
mo-t -eems that some religious grounds
mav actuate them, a- the -ame writer
-rav-- -In Bra. (ortho 3timne coun-
.! , -
try; '-aanioalism orten occur-. r.ven
within the last year a chief or that di
me:, named Imamy. nilled two
Aertelia people who were saenriced to
tlie manes of hi father In Bra. . as
iD. Bonnv. thev eat all enemte- taxen m
. w-ar. anu tney put icrtn, as a .-unca
, tioe for this, that devourmg the fleu
! of their enemies make-, them brave
I 1. . . I ? .
ane accuun. given uj tne same wnser
of tae killing of a native for the pur
poses oi canhibahsTn, of wnieh. he was
.in eve witness. ia mos-t admirably
. . -, , . r
grapmc ami stnxmj. inc (jcr,ri. -
1 Mniozzn.
2T"3usiiie33 and professional cards
cf fire lines or less, per amxczn, fire
ST Tar tine advertisements, applr
at inn oEce.
SETT-egal advertisements at statcta
iisTFor transient, advertising,, see
rates en third page.
advertisements payable
In Aberdeen, D.T.. all the editor
are j edges.
E. F. Greener, the first colored
Harvard graduate, is writing a novel on
race distinctian-
George Leybcme. the Americac.
singer, who died a pauper in London
recently, once made 515.000 a year otn
ofhi3 voice.
Robert Burns Wilson, the poet
artist of Kentucky, has been elected Sec
retary of the Kentucky Eistorical So
ciety" at Frankfort.
"Nrr Twain likes to have a good
time once in. a while. His last bust coss
h? SU200. I: was a bronze ona of
HtTT-pTf. Chicago Herald.
The popular nhrariea introduced in.
Paria hava proved an immense success.
There are nearlv eighty, and they hav
over 100.COO volumes,
Two of she present Governors of
the South began life an their own m-
j count as clerks on aussissippi iurer
steamboats Governor Cameron, of
Virginia, and Governor William B.
Bate, of Tennessee.
General Grant, in writine his an
toaiography. says that the things he
rememoers most vividly are those ot
his early life, and tha: tne Mexican
i war seems more distinct to hirn than
1 the rebellion. Cktcatjo Inter Ocean.
I An English writer wants to know
' whv it is that Amenean women age
M n.
treal Star.
They don't, say the ilon
alarv Anderson has been
twentv-one for the past five vears.
and aLiggie Mitchell has bien strug
gling to reach her thirtieth birthday
for the past tarty years.
Forty years ago Mr Benamm F.
Taylor, the poet of the recent Army
of the Cumberland reunion. wa.s edit
ing a weekly paper -the Gleaner in
Norwich. Conn., and the pre-ent ed
itor of the P&st-Espresa was she car-ner-bov
who delivered it to its eity
subscribers. So neariy as the writer
can remember the paper was ably ed
ited: it k certain that it was abiy.
and. k is noc too muck co say. grace
fully, delivered. Badiester PMfEz
"Gail Hamilton. or Mary Abigail
Dodge, which is her real name, is a
plain, brown-eyed lady, snort in stanxre
and inclined to stoutness- She is said
to be very fond of dress, adapting the
most advanced styles, not invariably
suited to her advancing years. Bus she
could probably argue this delicate stric
ture of the feminine correspondento until
it would seem almost profanity to abate
a ribbon. .V T SersUL
Dr George Ripley, the scholar and
author, aside from being a man of rare
gifts and attainments, was devotedly at
tacned to his haad-ome and accompfisk
ed wife. The lovmg wife s parting with
her husband on her death-bed was truly
pathetic. She seemed to have a Divine
vision, saying- "How bright the room
grows."" and. putting her arms around
her affectionate husband's neck, ex
claimed with deep emotion Qhi
George, your gooiiness fi""- the whole
room" with light." Her arms feB and
she passed onward to her Maker.
-V. T. Tribune.
Oleomargar ne
ou. Leo Leo Leo' Le!
The -vetes ever -en '
T-ircr. oetter w tad never met,
Ou. Leo Mar2urtn-
lferzinmt Trareier.
Astronomical re-eareb is becoming
the most popular and general scienrilic
work of the age. Everv few days same
theatrical manager djHcover a new star.
Lotcfi.' 1 UiZi'u.
A new brand of cigar advpred
called "Taj '" We should think
that a cigar would be more apt to be a
outter than a kicker The ,oat xvho
-moke- it k proonbrr the kieker. X Y
L- your chum a dose ssndeat1'
wrote a lather to aw -on hi college.
"Ymi bet he i. father."" was th reply.
"You eoalda't borrow 3 V of hna if yua
were in the lat -tag- oi star7otioK.
Buritnsfton Frv Prva
"Mamma, cneii little Willie.
xvant an errand. Oh. I mu-t have an
errand'" "Wu. ehild, what do voa
mean'" -Oh. Harrv mamma saki ht
aad gone dowa-toxvn 00 an erraad. ami
I want one to ride os too." Srrjacr'd
She was going oe a journey and a
long night's rule wa.- uefore hr iSi
dear." she sighed, a- her hii-baad bad
hr good-bye m the sleeping-car. that
night travel us so rediou.-. ami the hoard
are so long." Don tbe discouraged."
Ue said. you are on a last train and
the night will slip by very raatdly "
Boston Trrtn&tpt.
-My dear." sad a wife so her ex
hausted husband :n a dry-goods sSore.
"do yon nonce tno- ladies" pocket
books marked firry cents eaeh Tfcey
are remarkaDfy cheap " I raooce
them, ne -aid. edging m the direeaae
of the -rreet entrance, "but rameraher
the old mTT NveT buy anysfeiag
vou nave no t-e ror because it'a
cheap " " Ciaraao Tnuum.
That mfema'. old hea hasn't laui
an n' m a month. " said Pretzel ta
other morning t ui- fraa. I rhinfr
Til chop her heat! oS"'' - Don't be so
crueL" repfied Gretchen. I hare oase
patieacc mit her " Paaenev' Esvea't
I be-n patient w-tn iwr3 Aad havent
I been to &er ne-t every day for a
month? "Dat- all ngh Carl: ysost
lotik somewhere else. too. I guess may
be she has mislaid them." Pretzetj
Clas- m Geography Teacher
What is the coitlot country in tke
woridT" PrecocaHE, Pupil Chili."
Where do the mules come from?
"BraziL In what land do thev
make ladies" shoes? "Morocco.
-"Where do they fry things' ta
Greece." "And whence comes our
QueeHsware3 "From China," ia
what country are the pecole most eara-
-Thai"ll so: the
e11' - dtomiaed. Go-c. itop.
Merely a Question cf ume.
Merchant "5ee here. I can't staad
this, you know Tou get here half aa
hour after every botiy else."
(Tiers " I get here at evraz and leav
at -ax. I believe those are the hocra
vou recmre put tn."
Merchant - Certainly but veu are
never here tJl half past eight."
Clers "Oh, i See: you understand
the nme matter has never been settled
in Detroit, so I go by both standard and
local nme I gt aer. by eight o'clock
standard nme, that - - .Ju'by your xvatck;
seeJ Then. I ieave ay local ume. which.
is srr o clock."
Merchant "An adrrurabie arrange
ment, but as we had local rime here fce
fore standard nme was introduced just
rive is uk first chance nereafter Get
' sere bveigii; o'clock local and leave
j Jy KKjaawdanL" DetniSFree Frss.