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if otum&us fhutimt,
At the Grand Pacific Hotel, 5,000
spring chickens, for which the high
est market price will be paid. 14-tf
New goods at Kramere.
Stump's advertise-17-7-tf
Good goods and low prices at
Stock sale at llobt. McPherson's
Sept. 15th.
Boy's boots for $1.00 at J. M.
llouahan's. 2-lS-2t
The best kitchen safe ever made.
See it at Mungcr's. 1
The Nellie Boyd combination to
night and to-morrow.
For flannels, yarns and water
proofs go to Kramer's.
Ladies line kid side lace shoe?
for $1.00 at J. M. llouahan's.
Fire, lightning and wind storm
insurance at Early fc Niblock's.
The new addition to Galley Bros,
store is ready for the carpenter.
The best boots and flioes at the
lowest prices at J. B. Delsman's. 2
Be sure to go to Gus. G. Bechcr
& Co. for abstract of title to lauds.
Ladies, have you seen the fine
ladies' neck-wear at Mrs. Stump's.
Ladies' Blaine lace pins and
other new goods at Arnold's jcwelrj
store. 1
August 2Sth was reported to be
the hottest day of the season in Ne
braska. I will pay market price tor hogs.
John C. Tasker, St. Edwards, Boone
Co., Neb. 10-2-21
A goodly number of Platte county will attend the re-union at
The Columbus Comet Band took
the Denver train for the re-union this
Nobby hats and stylish suits just
recoived at Kramer's.
Gus. G. Bechcr & Co. represent
the leading insurauce companies of
the world.
The largest stock and lowest
prices at Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
Nellie Boyd at the Opera House
to-night aud to-morrow night two
nights only.
Both Alliance communications
received go over till next week, for
lack of space.
Early & Niblock represent the
best line of fire Insurance companies
in Columbus.
All kinds of campaign badge and
charms for sale cheap at G. Jleit
kemper t Bros. 1
Kramer has the finest stock.
Supt. Moncrief had good support
in the State Convention for Commis
sioner of Public Lauds.
The best selection of buggies in
the market at way down prices at
Krausc, Lubkcr & Co's. 19-2t
Money to loan on real estate on
short or long time at a low rate of
interest, by Bechcr & Co.
Ladies go to Mrs. Stump's for
your fine neck-wear. She keeps the
latest and the finest stock.
Kramer soils the cheapest.
Mrs. Stump has just received all
the new shapes and styles of hats and
bonnets for the fall trade.
The Democratic county conven
tion which met Saturday was very
harmonious iu its deliberations.
The Dodge County Fair is to be
licld Oct. 1st, 2d and .Id. Wc have a
press-ing invitation to be present.
Becher & Co. arc in the insurance
business to stay and they represent all
the leading companies of the world.
A car-load of Studebaker wagons
just received by Krausc, Lubkcr &
Co. which they offer at bottom prices.
A. J. Arnold at his jewelry store
is closing out a stock of "Wheeler and
"Wilson, and White sewing machines.
It pays to trade at Kramer's.
John C. Tasker has permanently
located at St. Edwards and is prepar
ed to pay the highest cash prices for
Wanted, a good girl to do general
iouso-work. Good wages. Steady
employment. Call at Galley Bros,
store. H-tf
Kramer has bought a finer line
and a more complete assortment of
dress goods and trimmings than ever
Daniel E. Brandman, the cele
brated German tragedian, plays Ham
let at the Opera House, Saturday
Go to Mrs. Stump's for your
wadding and birth-day presents. She
keeps the finest stock of novelties in
John Timothy, Esq., dealer in
school books, stationery, etc., at Platte
Center is the authorized agent of the
Journal at that place. 5-tf
The fine apples left with the
Journal last week were from J. II.
Galley's place and not G. W's. ; the
latter has somo good fruit on his farm.
The work on Messrs. Smith and
Young's block which was delayed
somewhat in the matter of the iron
fronting, is again going ahead
The mammoth skating rink
which is being erected on 13th street
by Mr. Hardell will open up for the
diversion of the public about the
middle of the month.
Krausc, Lubkcr & Co. are kept
right under the whip to supply the
demands of their customers, but wear
a supremo smile of content as they
wait on them and rake in the chink
the result of letting the public know
what they can do for it.
JIrt. Slump's DlilliHery and 3fo
tion. Ladies hat, trimmed $ .25
Feathers 20
llibbons, all silk, per yd 03
Itibbons, two yds for 05
All linen handkerchiefs, two for .25
All silk lace, 3-inches wide per
yard 25
Silk glove 25
Fine plush pocket-book 1.00
Ladies' fine collars 25
Hoop skirt 25
Bustle 50
Corset, the best for 1.00
The cheap velvet and silk by the
yard. If you waut to save money go
to Mrs. Stump's.
Krause, Lubker & Co. have a
large selection of the very best makes
of cook stoves, which they sell
cheap. 19-2t
Ilalladay wind mills, a car-load
lately arrived at Krausc, Lubker &
Co's., and they are prepared to do
better than ever on prices both on
mills and pumps. . 19-2 1
Mr. J. H. Reed is about com
mencing the erection of a large stock
barn on his farm in the vicinity of the
city. The building will be 70x9G feet
with stone foundation.
Krausc, Lubker & Co. have sold
this season five outfits for manufac
turing horghum. They are prepared
to furnish the very best sorghum ma
chinery at bottom prices. 19-2t
Those wanting to bid on the new
school house will find plans and spec
ifications at John Wiggins's office.
The time for receiving proposals has
been extended to Sept. 15th.
The old Dan. Ityan hotel property
on 11th street has been purchased by
Wm. Ryan of O'Neill, who contem
plates in the near future erecting a
brick building upou the site.
The concerts given Saturday and
Monday evenings by the Columbus
Music School, under the management
of Mrs. Page and Miss Lillian Smith,
were very enjoyable aud well pat
ronized. Lounges, the best assortment ever
brought to the Columbus market, a
line of new and nice patterns, also
fine book cases and secretaries for
6ale at J. E. Mungcr's furniture estab
lishment. 1
J. P. Becker and F. Bauer have
recently had their residences fitted
up with hot air heating apparatus
furnished by Krausc, Lubker & Co.
This method of heating is becoming
quite popular.
Mrs. Stump keeps silks, end silk
velvets. Call and see her prices
before going elsewhere. Jersey
jackets and a fine stock of cloaks and
ready made suits, the latest right
from New York.
Krause, Lubker & Co. are pre
pared to furnish aud put in operation
hot air heating apparatus. Those
desiring comfort combined with a
saving of fuel should investigate this
system for heating. 19-2t
Mr. Jacob Grcgorius is the only
authorized agcut for the Western
Horse & Cattle Iusuranco Company of
Omaha, Neb. for Platte county. They
insure against death caused by disease
or accidents and theft. 1S--1
Krause, Lubker fc Co. have fitted
up a tin shop in connection with their
hardware establishment and have
three tinners busy turning out tin
ware. They are prepared to do auy
work in this line at reasonable rates.
The sultry rains of the fore part
of the week were followed by swel
tering heat on Thursday aud a de
lightfully cool wave Thursday even
ing. The season has been noted for
tho absence of any continued heat
J. S. Crawford leaves with us
some fine specimens of tomatoes,
with the remark they don't keep
long this season. We arc of the
opinion that these particular ones
will not keep long they never do,
at our house.
The attractive half-page ad. of
tho enterprising firm of Krause,
Lubker & Co. is doing its work with
telling effect, and the sheckels arc
literally pouring into their till from
the sale of goods which they there
introduce to the public.
It is becoming quite tho proper
caper for the young men of the city
to keep their own turn-outs, and
soon the young fellow who can't
take his girl for a ride with his own
horse and buggy must rank below
par in the feminine estimation.
Tho sympathy of his friends will
go out to that young gentleman of
the city who in a ride with his girl
the other day had the misfortune to
break a whipplc-treo and was
obliged to walk more than a mile
before the damage could be repaired.
Grouud was broken last week on
the site of the new Lutheran church
building which will be erected on the
corner of M and 14th streets, just west
of O. T. Roen's residence and the
structure which is to be a frame on
stone foundation is now well under
The Columbus Base Ball Club
won second honors at the Friend tour
nament, winning four games out of
five. The regular nine would have
taken the first honors. The club left
one sick horse at Seward, and a run
off at the bridge near this city broke
up their wagon.
The Domestic Sewing Machine
is not excelled for ease of running,
good work and durability. It will
last you a life time, and with proper
(ordinary) care, will always be ready
for service. For 6ale at A. & M. Tur
ner's book aud music store, or by G.
W. Kibbler, their traveling sales
man. 14-tf
The Nellie Boyd theatrical com
bination will appear at the Opera
to-night for an engagement of two
nights only. The agent assures us
that this charming actress, who will
be remembered by our citizcus, is
traveling this reason with a com
bination that is better than ever aud
cauuot fail to please.
The Platte County Teachers' As
sociation will hold a meeting Friday
evening, Sept. 12th, at S o'clock in
Columbus, at the west end Echool.
To this all engaged or interested in
the educational cause arc earnestly
invited to come. The following pro
gram will be presented : C J. Gar
low, paper, "Disadvantage of our
Public Schools"; Miss Martin, recita
tion; Miss McGath, paper on Geog
raphy; Miss Lizzie Senecal, select
reading. The program will be inter
spersed with music.
M. E. Coalter,
Emma E. Bauer,
W. H. Tedrow.
Ex. Com.
We are sorry to learn that H.
Wurdeman, residing in Sherman
township, had tho misfortune to have
his house and contents destroyed by
fire on Thursday last. Only a bed
and sewing machine were saved out
of the entire furniture. A hired man
of the premises lost $50 in cash which
was in the house, and the hired girl
of the family also lost .25. The fire
is supposed to have originated in a
defective Hue in the kitchen, and
when discovered was too well under
headway to succumb to such means
for extinguishing as were at hand.
There was only .200 insurance on the
house and furniture.
One of the very meanest of offen
ces is the wanton destruction of prop
erty. The windows of unoccupied
houses have been the peculiar and
favorite point of attack by "hood
lums" around town, but last week
somebody broke out one of the win
dows in I. Gluck's dry-goods store.
Of course it must have been done
under the cover of darkness and by
thoughtless boys. It would bo a good
thing for the boys if they should be
caught in one of these ventures and
punished to the full extent of the law.
Bliud Boone, the colored musical
prodigy who gave two entertainments
at the Opera House Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings, is destined to
rival the famous Bliud Tom in the
plaudits of the world as a musical
phenomenon, many experts iu music
pronouueing him much superior.
His entertainments are undoubtedly
more exceptablo and pleasing for tho
absence of the self applauding
characteristic of Tom. The enter
tainment drew good houses aud gave
perfect satisfaction.
Wo cannot speak from personal
observation, but are reliably informed
that the recent work on the brick
school building of the east end of the
city has placed the structure in first
class repair and a much better availa
ble condition lor school purposes.
This has been accomplished by entire
ly remodeling tho inside of the build
ing. The grounds have alco been
graded with a view to their orna
mentation with shade trees next
We print elsewhere in to-day's
Journal an open letter by Hon. Jno.
McUugh of Crcsco, Iowa, on the
political . situation. This talented
gentleman is a nephew of Jno.
Walker of this county, and like him,
is very enthusiastic for Blaine and
Logan. The Iicyislcr, from which
wc clip, says that Mr. McIIugh is one
of the substantial, respected citizens
of northern Iowa, and his words and
example will havo great influence
with the Irish wherever he is known.
The Columbus Driving Park &
Fair Association arc making extraor
dinary exertions to make this season's
fair a grand success; the directors
have reduced the price of tickets in
lots of ten or more to business men,
who, it is expected, will buy aud give
to their customers, which will bring
many people to the fair who would
otherwise not come. Give the society
a lift and help make the fair a success.
Morrissey Bros, have removed
their scales and located an oflico on
the corner of 13th and N. streets, the
same block in which their elevator is
located, and have associated with
them Loucy Weaver of this city, the
business in the future to be run under
the firm style of Morrissey Bros. &
Weaver. Lou has first-class business
qualifications that will make him a
valuable acquisition to the business.
Railroad tickets to the re-union
at Fremont will bo sold at TJ. P. and
B. & M. stations for l' cents a mile.
They will be on sale to the fifth, good
for going passeuger one day after date
of sale aud limited for return on or
before Sept. S. Round trip tickets
from Columbus $1.35; Lost Creek
$1.G5; Platte Center $1.S0; Humphrey
$2.10 ; Genoa $1.95 ; St. Edwards $2.30 ;
Albion $2.65.
Our enterprising fellow towns
man, Mr. J. N. Taylor has recently
come into possession of the forty-acre
tract of land near Mr. Gotschalk's
residence, formerly owned by Capt.
Wadsworth. A good share of the
tract is under cultivation and we ex
pect Mr. T. will turn to practical
account "what he knows about farm
ing." The re-union program was re
ceived too late for publication last
week ; it includes company and battal
ion drills, artillery evolutions, dress
parades, camp fires, state re-unions, a
grand sham battle.naval engagements,
reception to Sergt. Brainard of the
Greely expedition and a children's
camp fire under direction of Captain
Hammond of this city.
Sec our proposition for the Jour
nal and the Weekly Chicago Trib
une, until the issue after the pres
idential election, for 75 cents. Present
subscribers to our paper can obtain the
Tribune free by paying a year in ad
vance for the Journal. We heartily
wish all our subscribers would avail
themselves of this liberal offer, tf
At the canniug factory, men, wo
men and children as help. tf
Don't forget the Fair.
John Becher is down again with
Carl Kramer returned Sunday from
Thomas Ottis left for Michigan on
J. G. Reeder, Esq., returned home
R. P. Brigham is recovering from
his two weeks illness.
Major Frank North and brother
Lute are expected home daily.
Mr. Gerhard Schutte is making a
tour of Oregon and California.
W. J. Hardell, father of our enter
prising townsman, is in the city.
Rob. Clark took in tho Butler
county fair at David City last week.
J. B. Delsmau and G. Heitkemper
go east next Monday for new goods.
Hon. A. J. Sampson and family of
Denver are visiting friends in the
Mrs. Sage, of this city, left Monday
for a long visit to her parents in
Mrs. Rebecca Jones of Genoa was
in town Saturday with Mrs. Man
nington. Chas. Wuudtand family are visit
ing friends in Platto and Boone
A. J. Whittaker has been suffering
with inflammatory rheumatism the
past two weeks.
Geo. Harmon of Indiana is in the
city, and expects to engage iu teach
ing, in Nebraska.
A. B. Coffroth is down again from
Wyoming, and has the color of a cow
boy, from exposure.
D. B. Slaughter of Fullerton, re
turning from the State Convention at
Omaha, was in the city Friday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Hockeubcrger, of
Boone county, were visiting their son
Henry and wile, iu this city last week.
Miss Laura Butler went to Topeka,
Kansas, last week to finish her edu
cation at the female seminary at that
Messrs. J. W. Early, B. R. Cowdery
aud Ed. Iloare attended tho state con
vention at Omaha last week as spec
tators. Miss Anna C. Turner returned
home Friday from Council Bluffs,
where she had been in attendance at
Paulson's Commercial College the
past ten weeks.
E. T. Long, of Boone county, was
in the city Monday. His familiar face
reminded us of early days in Nebras
ka. He reports excellent crops iu
Boone aud the farmers happy.
Al. Rieder, returning from his sum
mer vacation trip, was in the city Sat
urday. Al. was visiting iu Iudiana
and also in Tennessee and is not iu
love with either of those states.
George Schram returned to Colum
bus from St. Paul last week, where he
his been engaged in the drug busi
ness. We understand he has sold out
at St. Paul and will look up a new
Elmer Sheets came up from Colfax
county last week to attend the insti
tute at this place. We arc pleased to
sec that Elmer is advancing iu his
profession. He has been employed
as teacher in the Schuyler schools.
"Fatty" Woods returned home from
Chicago last week. He visited several
days with friends in Indiana, aud re
ports a good time. Besides fiudiug
out that there i3 no place like Ne
braska, he also got several "pointers"
in regard to hog raising, and the care
of sick cows.
A iew Enterprise.
Messrs. Armstrong and Davis have
engaged in the business of a canning
factory in this city, their building
being located on the alley between
12th and 13th streets at the rear of
Eimcr's building, where they have in
position an engine and all the neces
sary machinery to carry on the busi
ness on a large cale. Mr. Armstrong
is the practical member of the firm,
and has had ample experience in the
business in the east to insure the un
dertaking against experimental fail
ures, and he has associated with him
Mr. Chas. Davis of this city who is
well known as a gentleman full of
energy and push iu whatever he un
dertakes, and we predict for the en
terprise a cotnpleto success, which
means wealth for its projectors and a
valuable acquisition to the business
of the city.
Starting, as it does, a little late in
the season, the enterprise will not
assume the proportions and import
ance as a business that it is intended
it shall take on next year when beef
canning on an extensive scale will be
This season's work will embrace
the canning of all kiuds of available
vegetables and fruits.besides the man
ufacture of the delicious condiment
known as catsup, made from the pro
lific and toothsome tomato, which
will be a large item'in the productions.
Irycr C-Hre Up.
If you arc sullcriug with low and
depressed spirits, loss of appetite,
general debility, .disordered blood,
.veak constitution, headache, or any of a bilious nature, by all
means procure a bottle of Electric
Bitters. You will be surprised toiee
tho rapid improvement that will
Mdlow: you will be inspired with
new lite; strength and activity will
return; pain and misery will cease,
and henceforth you will rejoico in
the praise of Electric Bitters. Sold at
fifty cents a bottle by Dowty & Chinn.
The Platte County Fair which
opens on Sept. lGth should be remem
bered by every farmer and stock
raiser of the county. The season has
becu favorable for a splendid showing
of all kinds of farm products, and for
the credit of the county we hope that
farmers will all take an interest iu
1 swelling the exhibit.
Tho G. A. R's. started for Fremont
Tuesday morning.
School commenced Monday, Mr. I.
M. Goudcnng, teacher.
A very interesting temperance lec
ture was given our people by Rev.
Mr. Bink from Dakota on Sunday and
Monday evening last.
What was supposed by some to be
a free fight Saturday turned out to bo
somewhat expensive; three of the
party were taken before F. M. Cook
ingham, Esq., aud mado to pay a fine
to the village of Humphrey, $3 each
and costs.
The County Alliance held a love
feast at Blocdorn's hall Saturday last.
"Turn the rascals out, execration,
cremation and preservation" wero
talked about. Two sets of delegates
were elected to represent Platto coun
ty, and Lincoln will probably be
compelled to right up the bolt, bolt
ers, &c.
Last Thursday morning the village
was wide awake at an early hour;
people apparently knew that some
thing joyful was iu 6toro for some one.
The Humphrey band assembled near
tho Catholic church with their instru
ments well in order. The occasion
was the marriage of Mr. Nicholas
Fleicher to Miss Carrie, daughter of
Wm. Eimcrs and at the final perform
ance of the ceremony at the church,
tho .Band escorted the happy couplo
with joyful music to the bride's home.
They took tho train for the east on an
extended trip. Their future home
will be at Humphrey.
A. Great Discovery.
Mr. Wm. Thomas, of Newton, la.,
says : "My wife has been seriously
affected with a cough for twenty-five
years, and this spring more severely
than ever before. Sho had used
many remedies without relief, and
boing urged to try Dr. King's New
Discovery, did so, with most gratify
ing results. The first bottle rcliovcd
her very much, aud the second bottle
oas absolutely cured her. She has
not had eo good health for thirty
Trial Bottles ireb at Dowty &
Cbiun's Drug Storo. Largo size
$1.00. G
BucIclen'M Arnica Salve.
Thn lipst Salve in tho world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, .Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It ia guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Dowty & Chinn.
june lS-y
Caution to the Public.
Beware of purchasing auy cyclo
pedia of reference that contains less
than 700 pages. Pealc's Popular Edu
cator and Cyclopedia of reference is
the recognized authority on law and
social and business forms. Sold only
by subscription. See business ad
vertisement. 14-1 m
Iand lor Male.
W. N. E. yA Sec. 30, T. 18, N. ot
It. 2 cast, iu Colfax county, 24 acres
broke. The tract is to be sold soon
and any one wanting to purchase can
addrccs, II. W. R., care of Journal,
Columbus, Neb., or call at this office.
11 tf
The followiu is a li.-t of unclaimed
letters remaining in the post-otlice, in
Columbus, Neb., for the week ending
August lit), 18S4:
A Mr. Florence Anderon.
It .1. O. Rrown. 31 r. Joseph lSurke.
I Mr. Lena Dalstrom, Nellie I leg
man, Susie 1 )egman.
CJ .lohn Garbanz, A. II. Graber.
1 Eniil Honcger.
1 Mrs. Jngels.
.1 Anthony Joy.
I, Mr. 1). E.Loomis.
HI Jane Morrow, .lames E. .Miller.
It P.. M. Ree, Alvis Rohrict.
S John Sieke, Mr. W. Schemes, W.
W. Skinner.
T Mis J. W. Tinket.
W J.G. Wilson, Frink J. Waldruin.
ll not called for in .'!0 days will be cnt
to the dead letter ollice, Washington, 1.
C. When called for please say "adver
tised," as these letters are kept separate.
11. J. IlUDbON, 1 M.,
Columbus. Nebr.
LUBKER SCHULTZ .Mond.iv, Sept.
1st, by Rev. O. D. Rice, Henry Lubker
and Miss Sophia Sehultz, all of this city.
The sensible, happy couple aie each to
be congratulated upon their selection of
a lire-partner, and the Journal heartily
wishes them long life and prosperity.
III'JGINS After a two weeks illnt--,
Andre.i J., daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. J.
G.Htegin-, aged eight weeks.
Advertisements under this head live
cents a line each insertion.
Choice qnality of Nebraska winter
apples at Wm. Becker's. 41-tf
For good young breeding stock of
all kinds, call at Bloomingdale stock
farm. A. Ilenrich. .'i0-tf
Wm. Schiltz makes boots aud shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the
very best stock that cau be procured
in the market. 52 1
For books, stationery, slates and
pencils, also the renowned American
sewing machines, call on F. M. Cook
ingham, the authorized agent for the
Columbus Journal and job work,
Humphrey, Neb. -4G-tf
"We have made arrangements to fur
nish to the bubscribers of tliit paper,
that excellent agricultural and stock
journal, The Xrbraaka Fnrmcr, for the
small sum of $1.00 per year. The
Farmer is published at Lincoln, Neb.,
O. M. Druse, Editor, and is devoted to
agriculture and stock growing in the
west. Every farmer should take it'
Send $1.00 to this office and we will
have the Farmer aent to you.
Five Bhoats that will weigh about
100 lbs, each. Will liberally reward
tinder. 18 Dan Condon.
Stock lor Mule.
I have 1,000 good clean, healthy
sheep and 100 young cows for sale.
8-x J. M. Hill, Genoa, Neb.
For Sale.
Cheap for cash, one span of ponies,
harness and wagon. Apply to Mrs.
W. Smith, west end of 15th street,
Columbus, Neb. 17-3
Orders lor Store Front Curtains rilled.
You will also nnd a good line of Brushes, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Curtain Loopi
Pulls, Cord. Tassels and Curtain Fixtures at bottom prices. All orders for house
sign and carriage painting, kalsomining, glazing and paper banging promptly filled
Call and see goods and prices before buying elsewhere. Shop always open from
7 a. m. to G p. in. J3J"Don't lorget the place,
13th Street, opposite Firemen's Hall, Columbus, Neb.
Pasture for Colts.
I will take a limited number of
colts into my (partly blue grass) pas
ture where they will haye good grass,
shade and plenty of good spring wa
ter. 51-x A. IIenkicii.
Tlios. Flynn has on hand a large
number of "brick and is burning still
more. Those who know they shall
be in need of brick would do well to
call at once. 11-tf
Wli ile nt Humphrey Stop at the
CSranville House.
Mr. Jacob Steflis has completed his
large and commodious hotel and will
be pleased to see all of his former
patrons as well as new ones. First
clas rooms and beds as well as first
class table. Farmers and traveling
men call on him. He has every facil
ity for making you at home. A good
livery attached to hotel. 21-tf
li-.iml Tor Male.
In Colfax Co., near Platto Co. line,
SO acres, 70 of which are under tho
plow; frame dwelling, horso and cow
stables, cow sheds and corrals, corn
cribs, wiudmill and 2 pumps (water
-10 ft. from surface), some fruit and
forest trees.
Also 1(50 acres, 120 under cultiva
tion, 7 acres of forest trees. Both
tracts havo first rate stock rango, and
road facilities. $2,500 tor each tract,
on easy terms.
15-x II. Mackenzie.
Cattle Mule.
I will sell at public auction, at my
residence 7 miles east of Columbus,
aud 2h. miles south of Richland, on
the Old Military Road, on Monday,
September 15th, 18S4, at 10 o'clock a.
m. the 'following cattle, to-wit:
2(1 milch cows, 22 calves, 2 three-year-old
steers, 2 two-year-old steers,
0 yearling steers, 8 two-year-old
heifers, 8 yearling heifers, 1 grado
Durham bull, 5 years old.
Terms of Sale : 14 months time
will bo given wih approved security
at 10 per cent, interest, 10 per cent,
off for cash.
Robert McPuerson.
G. II. Wells, Auctioneer. 19-2
Proposals for the furnishing of ma
terial and the erection and completion of
a two-storv, four-room, brick school
building will be received by the under
signed until Monday, September, 13th,
lsbl, at S p. in.
Plans and specifications can be seen on
and alter Sept. 1st, lbSI, at the oflicc of
John Wiirgins, Columbus, and at the
ollice orC. F. Driscoll, Architect,
Pid will be received as follows:
First For all material and labor ac
cording to the complete drawings and
Second For all work and materials
according to the Mason's specilications.
Third For all materials and labor ac
cording fo the Carpenter's specifications.
Fourth For all materials and labor
according to the Painter's specifications.
The riL'ht is reserved to reject any or
all bids."
Hoard of Education. Columbus, Neb.,
lS-2t Carl Kramkr. Chairman.
Land Ollice at Grand Island. Neb.,)
August 29th, 1884. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice ot
his intention to make final proof iu sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before Judge of District Court,
at Columbus, Ncbr., on the 17th day of
Oi-tobi-r, lvsl, viC:
Jarob Esdiler, Hnmotcad No. lliK'.O,
(additional to Homestead No. liS0.",) for
the S ', N. E. Yi, Section 2(, Township
17 north, of Range 2 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his
continuous resilience upon, and cultiva
tion of, s.iid land, viz: Nick IMaser,
Hector Rl.iser, J. .-fillister, C. Ross, all
ol" Duncan P.O., Platte Co., Nebraska.
l!M C. HOSTETTER, Register.
Land Ollice at Grand Island, Neb.,)
August 4th, lbM. J
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
low ing-nained settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proot
will be nude before the ( lerk of the Dis
trict, Court, at Columbus, Nebraska, on
.September 12lli, 1SM, i.:
(ieifge G. (Jla-, Homestead No. ll.'iOl,
for the W. JT of S. W. y4, Section 20,
Township I, Range ." west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his
coutinuoiii residence upon, and culti
vation ot, said land, viz: Nunucl Ma
hood, Henry Hurly, James Free and
Anthonv Cadv, all of Postville, Nebr.
li.U " C. IIOSTETTER. Register.
Land Ollice at Grand Islaxd Neb.,)
Aug. 12th, 1884. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Clerk of District
Court or Platte county at Columbus,
Neb., on Saturday, September 27th, 1884,
Charles Ereck Grip. Homestead No.
8158, for the N. W. X Section 22. Town
ship 20 north. Range 4 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, ir: Nils Nilsson, S. H.
Johnson, John P. Johnson and Peter
Matson all or Looking Glas, Platte Co.,
17.i; . HOSTETTER, Register.
To llichards
tfc Keetic, and
L. D.
that the property described as
follows, to-wit: The N. E. , of section
28, township 1!), range 3 west, situated in
Platte County, and State of Nebraska,
was purchased on the 2d day of January.
1884, at tax-sale, by V. L. Selby, and was
taxed and delinquent for the vear 1881,
that the same was taxed in the name or
Riebards fc Keene, and that the time or
redemption will expire on the 1st day or
Januarv, 18o.
19-p.o" V. L. Selby
To Wm. Gerhold & Feter Wyss:
that the property described as fol
lows, to-wit: The S. E. X, or the N. E.
14, or section 21, township 18, range 1
eat, situated in Platte County, and State
of Nebraska, was purchased on the 10th
day of January, 1883, at tax-sale, by 3Irs.
I. selby, and as t-ixed and delinquent
for the years 1S7C, '77, '78, '79, '80, aud '81,
that the same was taxed in the name or
Wni. Gerhold, and that the time or re
demption will expire on the 15th day or
January, 1&85.
lli-p-3 MHd. 1. SKLUY.
TIig Largest and Finest
Assortvient of
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.,)
Aur. 20th, 1884. f
OTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make tinal
proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before the Clerk
of the District Court at Columbus. Ne
braska, on Friday October oil, 1881, viz:
Ilenrv fluntcmann, Additional Home
stead No. 11518. for the E. KS. W. K, Sec
tion 2, Township 19 uorthol Range 1 east.
Ile names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, said land, it: Wcudel
ien Krauncrof llohcet, Platte Co., Ncbr.,
.lohn Bade ot Crcston, Platte Co., Nebr.,
John Hoessel and Hcury Tabke of Co
lumbus, Platte Co., NobrI
18-G C. IIOSTETTER. Register.
Land Oflico at Grand Island, Neb.,)
August 21st 1881.
"VTOTIC'E Is hereby given that the fol
J.1 lowing-named settler has tiled notice
of his intention to make tinal proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will bo made before Judge of the District
Court at Columbus, Neb., on Oct.
10th, 1SS4, viz:
John A. Zicgler, Homestoad No. 1WI88.
for the S. E. K section 20, 18, .".w. He
names the following witnesses to provo
bis continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, said land, viz: John
Elliott, of Columbus U. C. Elliott, or
Poetville, Wm. Sipplc, ot President, and
D. Y. Ziegler, of President, in Platte
County, Neb.
1S-G C. IIOSTETTER, Register.
Land Ollice at Grand Island Neb.,)
August 21st, 1881. J
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice
ot bis intention to make tinal proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court at Columbufi, Nebraska, on
Thursday October 9th, 18S4, viz:
Edward Mapes Homestead No. 7407,
for the E. X. S. E. X, Section 24, Town
ship 19. north of range 4 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: Andrew
Nelson. John Munson, Swan Nelson, or
"West Hill, Nebr., and Nels Christenson,
of Palestine Valley, Platte County
18.0 C. HOSTETTER, Kcgister.
Land Office, Grand Island, Neb.)
August 25th, 1881. j
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in sup-
Eort of his claim, and that said proof will
e made before Clerk of District Court
of Platte county, at Columbus, Neb., on
Saturday. October 18th, 1881, viz:
Josef Haschke, Homestead No. !):5:!:;,
for the N. K. N. W. K. Section 2S, Town
ship 20. north or Range 1 west. He uames
the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, aud cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Ferdinand Fuchs.
Conrad Fuchs. Iguatz Zach, John Rrucli
ner, all of Humphrey, Platte County
18-0 C. HOSTETTER, Register.
Land Ollice at Grand Island, Neb.,)
August 2Tjth, 1834. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler ha filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support or his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court of Platte county, at Colum
bus, on October 2d. 1884, viz:
Michael .1. Clark, Homestead No. 132U9
fortheE. H.of " '- lA- Section 12,
Township IU, Range '& wjst. He names
the following witnesses to prove His
continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation or. said land, viz: Hewey
McCabe, Thomas McPhillips, Martin
Maher and John Dccgan, all of Postville,
Platte Co., -Ncl.
C. IIOSTETTER, Register.
Land Ollice at Grand Island, Neb..)
Aug. Pith, 1881. )
OTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has tiled
notice or his intention to make tinal
proor in support or his claim, and that said
proof" will be made before Clerk of the
District Court at Columbus, Neb., on
Saturday, September 27th, ISfl. viz:
Nils Nilsson, Homestead No. tO'A, for
the N. E. i, Section 28, Township 20,
north of Range 4 west. He names the
following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz: Charles E. Grip, S.
II. Johnson, Jhn P. Johnson and Peter
Matson all of Looking Glass, Platte Co.,
17-0 C IIOSTETTER, Register.
( OUNTY OK l'LATTK. f ' "
In the matter of the estate of Augustus
Mil Ier. dee'd. late of said county.
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
l'.)th day of August, lv(4, Mosu Iv.
Turner, administrator or said estate tiled
in court his final report as such adminis
trator and asked to be discharged from
said trust. Thereupon it was ordered
that said report and application be heard
at the ollice or the.County Judge, in said
county, on the 5th day or September, ls4,
at 10 o'clock, a . m , and that due notice or
the time and place or such hearing be
given by three publications iu Tiik Co
lumuus Journal
(A true copy or the order.)
17-3 County Judge.
Send six cents for
postage, and receive
free, a costly box or
goods which will help you to more money
right away than anything else in this
world. All. or either sex, succeed from
first hour. The broad road to fortune
opens before the workers, absolutely
sure. At once address, Tkuk t Co.,
Augusta, Maine.
Bran, Shorts,
J2TA11 kinds of FRUITS in their sea
ion. Orders promptly tilled.
11th Street, Columbua, Nebr.
47-0 in
T. R. per Acre.
17 1 east $12 60
17 1 " 12 50
17 1 " 12 60
17 1 " 15 00
17 1 " 15 00
17 1 " 15 00
17 1 " 15 00
17 1 " 12 50
17 1 " 12 50
17 1 " 12 50
17 1 " 10 00
Description. S.
W.of S.E.K-13
Kot S.TV. K 13
Jof S.E.K 1
E.K 1
"W. K 15
of N. E. Ji ....21 22
W.K 23
KofN. E. K 23
El' 4
, . ....
K of N. V,'.li....2l
Terns:-Ono-third cash, balance on
time to suit purchaser at 8 to 10 perceut.
interest. Apply to
Fremont, Neb.
Our quotations of the markets are ob
taincd Tuesday afternoon,and are correct
ind reliable a'tthe time.
Corn, new ..
Oats new,...
2 60S 50
a oor oo
3 00
? 5 00
14 00
0 50
7 00
C 01)
0 00
Fat Hog-..
Fat Cattle
Rock Springs nut .
Rock Springs lump.
WHEREAS, a joint resolution was
adopted by the Legislature of the
State of Nebraska, at the Eighteenth Ses
sion thereof, and approved February 27th,
A. 1. ISNI, proposing an Amendment to
Section Four (4) or Article Three (3) or
the Constitution or said State, and tUat
said section as amended shall read as
follows, to-wit:
'Section I. The term of ollice of mem
bers or the Legislature shall be two
vears, and thev shall each reeehe a
salary of three hundred dollars tor their
services during said term, and ten ceuts
for everv mile they shall travel in going
to and returning from the place or meet
ing or the Legislature, on the most usual
route. J'rorided, however, that neither
members or the Legislature nor em
ployees shall receive any pay or perqui
sites other than their salary aud mileage.
Each session, except special sessions,
shall be not less than sixty days. After
the expiration or forty dajs or the session
no bills nor joint resolutions or the na
ture or bills shall be introduced, unless
the Governor diall. by special message,
call tho attention of the Legislature to
the necessity or passing a law on the
subject matter embraced in the message,
and the introduction oT bills shall be
restricted thereto."
The ballots at the election at which
said Amendment shall be submitted shall
be in the following form: "For proposed
Amendment to the Constitution relating
to Legislative Department." "Against
proposed Amendment to the Constitution
relating to Legislative Department."
Whereas, a joint resolution was adopted
by the Legislature ot" tins State of Ne
braska at the Eighteenth "'cs-ion thereof,
and approved Febru.irj 2Mb. a. i. l-:,
proposing an Amendment to Section One
(l)ot Article Five (5) ot the Constitution
ot sain sr.ue, ana uiai sam icchuh as
amended shall read as follows, to-wit:
'Section 1. The Eecutie Depart
ment shall consist oi a Governor, Lieutenant-Governor,
Secretary of State,
Auditor or Public Accounts, Treasurer,
Superintendent or Public Instruction,
Attorney General, Commissioner of Pub
lie Lands and Buildings, and Board or
Railway Commissioner!,. The ollicers
named in this section shall each hold his
ollice for the term or two years from the
first Thursdav after the first Tuesday in
January next after his election, and until
his suJetssor is elected and qualified.
Provided, however, that the first election
or said ollicers shall be held on the first
Tuesday succeeding the first Monday iu
November or 1SN, aud each succeeding
election shall b held at the same relative
time in each even year thereafter. All
other ollicers that may be provided for by
law. under the provision-, of this seetiou,
shall be chosen in such manner and al
such times, and shall hold their ollices
lor such length of time as may be provi
ded bv law, and shall pcriortn such du
ties aiul receive such compensation a
maybe provided for bylaw. Flits Gov
ernor, Secretary of state, Auditor of
Public Account-, Treasurer, Commis
sioner or Public amis and Buildings,
and Attorney Geiier i, shall reside at tin:
seat of government during their terms ot"
ollice, and keep the p.iolic records, books
and papers there, and the ollicers herein
named shall perforin such duties as may
be required bv law."
The ballots" at the election it which
said Amendment shall he submitted sh ill
be in the following form: "For proposed
Amendment to Section One I of Article
Five 1.1 of the Constitution, entitled,
' Ex-ciitive Department.'" "Agiinst
proposed Amendment to section One 1
or Article Five : of the ( oiistitution,
entitled, 'Executive Department."'
Therefore, I, James W. Dawes, Gov
ernor or the State ot Nebraska, do hereby
give notice, iu accordance with Section
One til Article Fitteeu 1.1 or the Consti
tution, and the provisions ot an aet
entitled, "An Act to provide the manner
of proposing Amendments to the Consti
tution and submitting the same to thr
Electors or this Stite," approved Febru
ary i:ith, A. I. l.77, that said proposed
Amendments will be submitted to the
qualified voters of this State for ratifica
tion or rejection at the General Election
to be held on the 4th day or November,
A. 1. 1S81.
IN Wiinkss Wiikkkoh, I have
hereunto set my hand and eaus
ed to be allived the Great Seal of
or the State or Nebraski.
Skal.1 Done at Lincoln, this IMth day
or.FuIv,A.i. 11, the Eighteenth
year oY the state, and of the In
dependence of the United States,
the One Hundred and Ninth.
Uy the Governor, J A M ES DA W Es,
Attest: Eiwaki P.,
-ecrctary of Stati. H-"m
And all kinds of country produce ta
ken in trade, and all yoods deliv
ered free of chary e to a7iy
arl of the city.
j. it. DKiJtnAi.