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1 Br the assessor's census Blair has a
population of 2,233.
AIbailboao eating-house is being
built at West Point.
The estimated reduction of the pub
' lie debt for March is 19,500,000.
There is a big small-pox scare at
Galena and Empire City, Kansas.
G. W. Post took charge of the in
1 ternal revenue office at'Omaha on the
2d inst.
The President haB appointed E. O.
Graves assistant treasurer of the Unit-
ed States.
': The private bank of P. H.Tomkins,
'6( Elpaso, 111., closed its doors one
day last week.
Chbistine Nilsson dined with the
': President at the White House the
- other evening.
' Eleven new cases of small-pox
were reported one day last week at
Nashville, Tenn.
.Six deserters, recently captured
-: somewhere west, were brought into
'-fort Omaha on Tuesday.
t . Confederate graves and monu
ments were handsomely decorated at
New Orleans on the 6th inst.
. Max Bruch, the famous German
"composer, organizer and leader of
"male chorus, will arrive in New York
' . The post-office department has re
Ivoked the order placing George S.
.-Mayo & Co., on the list of fraudulent
.. The postoffice department has de
clared the Marion Trust companies of
'Chicago and Indianapolis fraudulent
' Judge Pound last week gave his
: decision on the county seat .contest,
declaring Alma the county seat of
"Harlan -county, Neb.
,. Jx a recent interview Senator Man-
deraon says that his colleague Senator
.Van "Wyck is "active, aggressive and
.always on tne alert."
A conversation was had the other
morning with New York from the
.Stock Yards at Chicago by means of
the molecular telephone.
Kenner, James Harper and son
.have been arrested for the murder of
Barney Doyle and daughter at West
Union, W. Va., the other night.
: The steamer Britaina left Naples
the other day with 1,000 emigrants
for the United States. The steamer
passed Gibraltar on the 6th inst.
Ben Butler's investigation of the
Alms House at Tewkesburg, Mass.,
.has developed it as being a house of
cruelty, merchandise in dead bodies
'end murder.
There was a severe wind, rain and
hail storm in Central and Southwest
ern Arkansas Thursday night of last
week, doing considerable damage to
buildings, fences and trees.
.Thomas Waldron was recently
tried at Buffalo, N. Y., and found
guilty of an attempt to outrage a little
girl six and a half years old, and sen
tenced five years in Auburn prison.
The board of aldermen of New
York out of respect to the memory
of Pefer Cooper requested that citi
zens close their places the day of the
funeral, and that shipmasters half
mast their flags.
Rhode Island at the recent election
goes republican, electing Bourne, the
Republican candidate for Governor
by nearly 3,000 plurality over Sprague.
The assembly shows 84 republicans
out of 108 members.
We are under obligations to Sena
tor Yan Wyck for a compendium of
the tenth U. S. censuB. There are
many items of Interest in the work
which is one of the public documents
valuable for reference.
The king of the Sandwich Islands
has made application to our govern
ment for permission to use one of the
United States mint to coin money for
his kingdom. It would be nice and
neighborly to comply with his re
quest. The president has appointed A. W.
Sheldon, of Maryland, associate jus
tice of the supreme court of the Ter
ritory of Arizona, vice W. W. Hoover,
suspended ; and S. E. Snyder, agent
of the Indians at Ft. Peck agency,
Last week Col. James L. Corley, a
prominent citizen of Norfolk, Va.,
asd-dnring the war Gen. Lee's quar
termaster general of the army of i
Northern Virginia, committed suicide
at the hotel in Hampton, by cutting
Gov. Dawes has issued his procla
mation fixing Wednesday, April 18,
'83, tff be observed as "Arbor Day."
Doubtless our citizens, having a deep
interest in timber culture will cheer-
folly respond, and place in Nebraska's
rich 6oiI millions of trees.
The interest in the nitroglycerine
discoveries continues to grow,and the
excitement is intense in London. The
newspapers are making the most of
their opportunity, and selling fre
quent editions with such headings as
A Plot to Blow up London."
Barney Doyle and daughter,' of
West Union, Va., were murdered the
other night by robbers. It was
known they kept money in the house.
The' second daughter was beaten with
a poker and left for dead, bnt she re
vived and told the story of the crime.
Peter CoorER, of New York, the
great philanthropist and one among
the beet of American citizens, quietly
and peacefully passed to his long
home at 3:30 on the morning of the
4tb of April, inst, aged 93. The im
mediate cause of his death was pneu
monia. It is claimed by persons who are
wWl'acqaainted with the subject that
under the postal law, reducing letter
postage and regulation of the pay of
pastmasters, the receipts of one office
in every four on the general 'average
will b in excess of the postmasters'
The great libel suit of the Hites
against the Lovisville CouritT'Jour
nal for allegations touching Mrs.
Hite's relations with the late Jesse
James, was concluded one evening
last week, the jury finding for the
The other morning a frame house
in Allegheny City, owned and occu
pied by Edward Graham, was de
stroyed by fire. Two twin boys, aged
fifteen months, children of David
Faulkner, who lived in two rooms,
were cremated.
It is reported at Victoria, B. C,
that extensive gold and silver depos
its have been discovered at the north
ern end of Vancouver's Island, also
that an English and Scotch colony
are coming out to settle on the Queen
Charlotte Islands.
The state supreme court has deci
ded that "Repeated acts of removal of
government section corner stones by
a county surveyor, under a claim of
right so to do for the purpose rectify
ing the original government survey,
amount to wilful maladministration
in office."
Our soldiers in Nebraska should be
on their guard to receive a man d rest
ed in soldier's uniform, who has about
got through swindling soldiers in
Iowa, by receiving fees on the pre
tense of being an agent of the pension
bureau, with authority to secure jfor
them an increase, in their pensions.
-President Arthur has appointed
Judge Gresham, of Indiana, Postmas
ter General and he has accepted the
appointment. First assistant post
master general Hatton has been des
ignated by the President to act as
post master general for the period of
ten days, until the arrival of Gresham.
Bobbin P. Dunn, of Bloomington,
111., a rather hard citizen, attempted
the other day to kill his family. He
first shot and wounded his wife.
Then he fired and missed his son, a
young man, and then attacked his
daughter with a knife, but was over
powered by the son before any injury
could be done.
Last week Ingram and Green, two
of the murderers of Millett, at Hast
ings, were taken from the sheriff by a
vigilance committee composed of
thirty-five masked men, and hurried
to the bridge on the St. Joe & West
ern railroad, one mile north of town,
and hanged. Babcock was reserved
for trial because he was the first to
Mary Ann Dooley of Chicago waB
arrested the other day on her arrival
in New York at the central depot,
charged with murdering her mother
by poison. Her mother was supposed
to be worth $200,000, and, previous to
her death, had opposed the daughter's
marriage with a certain young man,
and this is supposed to be the motive
on the part of the daughter to take her
Witnesses testified the other day
before a Massachusetts legislative
committee that the Tewksbnry almB
house authorities 6old dead bodies to
the Harvard medical school; that
some corpses were pickled and sent
to Boston in pork barrels, and that
funeral services had been held over
coffins filled with wood. The inves
tigation was brought about by Gov.
Butler, who made the charges, and he
was present in the role of prosecutor.
A singular fact was noticed the
other night in Chicago. At a certain
hour all who had occasion to UBe the
telephone found it vibrating to mu
sical tones. Private and public tele
phones alike were affected, and even
those of the police and fire alarm
instruments. The music was subse
quently explained by a telegraph
wire from the stock yards, passing
near the telephone wires, oonnected
with the harmonic system, and that
tunes were being played over it, and
that the telephone wires took up the
sounds by induction.
Advices of a recent date from Col
ombo, the capital city of the Island of
Ceylon report vicious riots having
occurred between Buddhists and
Catholics, the CatholicB seriously ob
jecting to the religious processions of
Buddhists, in which was carried a
crucifix surmounted by a monkey.
This latter combination, which the
Papists held to be an insult to the
Catholic religion, brought about a
violent contest in the streets, which
was only stopped by the vigorous
efforts of troops who dispersed the
rioters and restored peace without
The remains of Miss Amelia
Church, the young lady who disap
peared from Norfolk about December
the 29tb. were found about five miles
from Stanton, Neb., one day last
week. Three letters were found on
her person one of them to her father,
in which she stated that she was on
her way to Ogdenaburg, N. Y., and
for him to meet her. She said she
was hungry and cold. It is stated
she was laboring under a fit of insan
ity before she left Norfolk. About
$28 was found scattered near her.
Her remains had been buried under a
snow bank. A portion of her body
was eaten by wolves.
C. M. Millett, a grocer in Hast
ings, while passing to his home the
other night was halted by three men
and commanded to hold up his hands.
He at once told them to help them
selves to what they could find on his
person, and was informed they want
ed him and not his money, and com
manded him to march on, with one of
the men in front and two in the rear.
They marched him in the direction of
bis own home and just as he passed
his next neighbor's lot, he saw bis
gate open, through which he sprang
and started at full speed for the house.
One of the party opened fire at him
with a revolver, the ball striking him
in the back, ranging upward and for
ward through the lungs, and is sup
posed to have lodged in the stomach.
Mr. Millett has since died, and a short
paragraph in another place trivea sub
i sequent proceedings.
The Mormon re-union.hold at Eirt
land, Ohio, on the 5th inst., was some
what interfered with on account of the
bad weather, but religious services
were held and a fair number attend
ed. Rev. Joseph Smith, jr., president
of the. re-organized church of Latter
Day Sainta was present and spoke.
He gave a brief outline of the purpose
of the re-uuion, the condition of the
church, the outlook for the future, &c.
Rev. Gurley made an address. Speak
ing of the Utah Mormons, he said
they were dissenters from the original
church. He said they had practised
the meanest things that ever disgraced
the world. He said polygamy was a
curse as black as Egyptian darkness.
The ElecttoBS
Kearney was excited, and elected
A. L. Webb as mayor.
Plattsmonth elected Geo. Smith for
mayor by 250 majority.
Fremont elected John C. Clelland,
republican, for mayor, over W. H.
Lincoln elected a republican ticket
by 500 majority.
Cleveland, O., elected a democratic
mayor 4000 majority.
Cincinnati democrat! elected a
Kansas City elected a democratic
Denver elected ex-Gov. Routt as
mayor with the whole republican
ticket except perhaps attorney.
Omaha elected Chase, mayor ; Buck,
treasurer; Beneke, police judge, and
Kaufman, Red field, Hascall, Murphy
and Woodworth, councilmen.
CHtjr AAair.
Ed." Journal : The County Alli
ance at a meeting held at Platte Cen
ter the 17th of March, adopted the
following resolutions :
Resolved, That we, the County Alli-ance-of
Platte county do respectfully
ask the Honorable Board of County
Commissioners to more fully explain
tbrongh the county papers the purpo
ses of the seventy-one thousand dol
lars levied for county purposes or
I am inclined to think the County
Commissioners will pay no attention
to this important resolution, for the
reason that there is no such levy made.
The Alliance Is a' little mixed up;
they have got the January estimate of
expenses twisted into a levy of taxes,
when the levy cannot be made till
June of each year, and then the com
missioners will cut under the estimate
all that they judiciously can.
The next resolution is more to the
purpose, and seems to do away with
the first. It reads :
Resolved, That we as a County Alli
ance will take steps to ascertain where
and how our county funds are ex
pended. I hope, for the general edification
that the second resolution will be car
ried into effect, provided they publish
the result of their investigation. There
has been a groat amount of random
talk, mixed with some fact, in refer
ence to the use and expenditure of the
county funds. It is a matter that
should be looked into, aud the people
HbUUia tie in Turin od in oil ouvU cuuuiy
business affairs; thoy should be better
understood by the voters and tax
payers, and suggestions made for the
help and benefit of the commissioners
when it -can be done in a proper and
unselfish spirit, in place of finding
fault about business that we know so
little about, simply for the want of
investigation and study in such mat
ters. The commissioners hold the
most important office in the county,
for the reason that they have the most
responsibility. They have the over
seeing of the county finances, the dis
bursements of all fonds, the care of all
property, the overseeing of all county
offices, to a great extent, and are held
to account for all miss-cues or diffi
culties that may arise in the County
machinery, and get the leaBt sympathy
from the people for their labor and
pains. Below I have made a table of
the county expenditures by guess as
it occurs to me somewhere in the
neighborhood of the yearly disburse
ment of county funds. Some items
are, I think too high, while others are
perhaps low. In the clerk's fees we
include the expense of making tax
list, and postage used in the office. In
the treasurer's fees I include the pay
of deputies, stationery and postage.
Court expenses includes juries and
witnesses. Sheriffs fees includes
turnkey and board of prisoners, and
bonds includes interest and five per
cent, of principal. Twenty-five per
cent, of levy not drawn.
Clerk and deputies, &c, average.. f 2,000
Treasurer, deputies, Ac, average . . 3,000
Commissioners, average 1,000
Sheriff, deputies, &c 2,500
Assessors 1,500
Road Supervisors 1,200
Coroner and attendants 400
Com. Insanity and attendants 100
ClerkofCourt 400
District Court expenses 3,000
CountyPoor 1,500
Roads and Bridges 0,000
Delinquent Tax 15,000
Bonds and Interest 15,000
Election Expenses 300
County Matters at Court 200
County Attorney 250
County Superintendent 500
We would suggest to the Alliance,
that they appoint one of their best
men to sit once a month at the com
missioners meetings, and with them at
their annual settlement for the pur
pose of learning where the money
goes, and report his observations to
the public through the county papers.
He can also take in the board of
equalization, and seo who pays the
taxes. The records of the county are
accessible, and such information
would be of great benefit to all. There
are a great many who would be will
ing to be taxed for money to be used
for the purpose of diseminating such
knowledge. X.
Ed. Journal: In your issue of
March 28th I notice two items, which
in my humble opinion is not either
beneficial or proper for the lovers of
pomona's rare products among your
many readers.
1st I refer to that new method of
grafting the grape vine (by whip
grafting) by which even a whole vine
yard ot inferior fruit ean be easily and 1
quickly changod to better varieties,
? . , ,. ,..,., .,
Now we cheerfully admit, that the
grapevine can be grafted, but whether
7, . . j i.
it is a process to bo commended is a
question to which we demur, although
.. , ,
as you say, so particularly recom-
mended by the American Agriculture
ist. There are many things that the
.. . .. . f . j 7 a .
practical horticulturist and florist can
certainly do. Some things the expert L. A. ewman, rees cieric imum
, . . ,,, , Court oo w
can do, but not successfully, only i w Early, cash expended for Co. 42 To
under care, and very favorable cir- LBnd
cumstances. And many things that petit jurv, do 383 70
neither can positively do at all. Now d jury witnegg. ....... -- 28 so
we take it for granted that what wej court, sundry cases 73 10
can certainly do in the art of Pomo-;- in dist cou 192 w
logy, is at all times the best and safest Board aajourD'ed to Tuesday, May
course to pursue. That which canx 1883 tl0o,cIockaro.
only be done under very favorable, JoHV Stauffkb,
circumstances, is of doubtful expedi- County Clerk.
ency, and not to be recommended as a i
practice. And that which cannot be We have made arrangements to fur
done at 11 let it ilono altogether An ish to lbe subscribers of this paper,
aone at ail, let u aiono auogeiuer. as , t eMe,lent n,n-iculturnl and stock
for instance, flowering shrubs ate
multiplied by layering the branche,
and also by cuttings from the branch
es; yet no florist has ever made a
layer of a branch of the .sweet-scented
shrub (calicanthus) grow, and uever
win. ir propagaiea omerwise man
from seed, it must be by cuttings of af
Iotugumt pun vi "
aA Mat M MtAa ..;.,
two thrifty young trees planted uearX) rectert and issued out of and under the
n,h nthr and if anffiriontlv nlllbloJ
eacn otner, ana ir sumcicnuy pii:iui
can be brought together; a graft in.
serted, and become one tree, the gra)
growing and bearing fruit The trunfc
of each tree, too, may bo bent into t
circle, or other feasible shape, tiedj
the tops brought together, a graft iu
sorted, and become a tree, and beat
fruit But is it to be recommended
as aa easy and quick way of renovat
ing an orchard of inferior varieties
Jnst so the grapevine can be grafted
but the process or modus operandi i
so uncertain and so difficult of opera
tion on account of the time at whicl
it must be done ; that certainly if w
wanted a better variety, we shoult
prefer to buy and plant it, believinf
our chance of eating the fruit wouh
be far more certain. I might, die
space permit, describe the different
modes by which the grape is grafted
but let this suffice, they, and alsi
'Whipgrafting are not new, but as ole
as the art of the horticulturist itself.
2d. The advice on account of cheap
ness to buy root-grafts in preferenct
to trees, is at least injudicious from
the fact that forty-nine out of ever)
fifty of your readers would certainlj
fail In raising them to sufficient size t
plant in orchard. And we do saj
moBt emphatically, with twelve yean
experience in Nebraska, that if wt
wanted our orchard to be a success,
we would gladly pay twenty-five
cents each for good, nice, thrifty, and
clean four year old trees, than to plant
any other age as a gift Our windy
and severe climate, with its occasional
severe dryness, demands it. I have
quit the nursery business and have no
axe to grind, but I assure your read
ers they had far better pay a good
price for a good article of sufficient
age than to take a good deal of the
trash that is bought as a gift. I have
a ffreat mpat r. i j -MJ-"
riculturist, but it (like other papers)
is not at all times to be followed, as
our Magnus Apollo.
John Boans.
Rising City, April 2d, '83.
CmalnsloMe Proceed IagH.
March 27th, 1883.
Board met as per adjournment ; at
roll call, all present. Minutes of pre
vious meetings were read and ap
proved. Report of grand jury on jail was
read and filed.
Communication of Patrick Mur
phey in regard to damage on town
ship road was referred to Commis
sioner Rivet.
Report of Jacob Ernst, arbitrator
on P. Griffin's claim, was read and
The board authorized the sheriff to
procure one set of underwear for
prisoner Eicker, aleo four pair of
blankets for use in jail.
The board instructed the treasurer
to apportion the tax assessed against
the sw of ne sec. 29-17-1 east for
the year 1877 to the several subdivis
ions in said quarter.
The board agreed that hereafter no
parties be admitted to St. Mary's hos
pital at the expense of the county,
except such that are recommended by
the county physician and accepted by
the board. The county physician was
also instructed to report to this board
such parties at said hospital for which
the county is responsible up to this
Resignation of road overseer Tyler
of district No. 20 was accepted and
S. Alexander appointed to fill the
The board allowed lumber to road
overseers Daly and Reagan as applied
for. Board took a recess until 1
o'clock p. m.
At 1 o'clock p. m., all present.
Section line road as petitioned for
by Dennis Reagan was established
and clerk instructed to publish notice
for damages.
Application of road overseer Lucid
for lumber was granted.
The matter of the Brugger road was
examined and action thereon deferred.
Report of M. Reagan, arbitrator in
P. Reagan claim, was filed.
Board agreed to examine road work
performed by road overseer Griffiu at
next meeting and to take action on
his claim. The clerk waB instructed
to ascertain the amount already drawn
by said Griffin.
The board appointed C. S. Webster
justice of peace for Butler precinct.
The appraisers appointed to assess
the damages claimed on location of
Bucher road reported that no damage
is sustained by any of the parties.
The board confirmed the proceedings
had in location of said road and de
clared the game duly established,
Peter Schaffroth was appointed road
overseer for district No. 23.
Peter Oalliger, road work $ 6 00
John Blaier, work on bridge 8 00
Win. Knight, road overseer 34 75
Frank Owens, work on Loup bridge 10 09
t. Brigham, do ....
. Spooncr, do V . ou
i.G.Brindiey,do a
ac. Olur, do 7 50
. Stollcls, do 1 W
shank, do -
.Gutzman,do i 50
d. ox, do .,
J. Matbis, do l o
general fund.
jrelscn Bros., soods for paupers.. $ 4 50
.f.T.Riekly, mdse for paupers 10 6o
f stunner, salary as Co. Clerk.. 100 00
, innrnai. Theu Velranka Fanner, for the
aiMll sum of S1.00 uer year. The
Farmer is published at Lincoln, Neb.,
O. M. Druse, Editor, nud is devoted to
agriculture and stock growing in the
west. Every farmer should take it-
- SKnnt ir"US tto you.
Rend 1.00 to this office and we will
-nY virtno of .n nrdw nf sale to me di
el 0I ine uisiriciuourioi i-iaiiecouniy
v,,,k. hnarinr dato on the 27th dav of
March, 1883, and the judgment and decree
of said court upon the same which was
iBStied. I have levied upon and taken as
upon execution the following described
property to wit: The South Half of the
Northwest quarter S.U of N.W. )Sec
tion So. 14 in Township No. 19, Range 2
West f.f the sixth principal mo: idian, in
Platte county, Nebraska, and on the
14th day of May, 18S3,
at one o'clock in the afternoon of said
day, at the west front door of the court
house In the city of Columbus, in said
county and State,(tbatbeiugthe building
wherein the last term of the court was
held) I will oU'er the same for sale at pub
lic vendue to the .highest and best bidder
for cubh to satisfy said judgment and
decree in said court rendered on the ICth
day of January, 1883. in favor of Augustus
Lockner as plaintiff, and against Paul
Klas and Christina Klas as defendants,
for the sum of $488 25 and costs, taxed at
$35.88, together with interest and accru
ing costs, when aud where due atten
dance will be given by the un
dersigned. Dated at the Sheriff's office this Tth day
of April, 1883.
Sheriff of Platte county, Nebraska.
NOTICE is hereby given that I will
offer for sale at public auction at the
west front door of the Court House in
Columbus, Platte county, Nebraska, (said
Court House beiii the place wherein the
last term of the District Court in and for
said county was holden) on the
14th Day of May, 18S3,
at one o'clock p. m. of taid dav, the fol
lowing real estate, to wit: The north
two-t birds of lot five (5), in block one
hundred and nineteen (11), in the city of
uoltimiius, I'latle county, JNeiirasKa,
takeu as the property of M. It. O'Brine
on an execution against said M. H.
O'Brine Hud in favor of Biles & Bridges,
issued bv the Clerk of the District Court
of said Platte couuty April 9th, 1&3, and
to me directed as Sheriff of said county.
Given under my hand this 9th day of
April 1SS3.
00.1 D.C. KAVANAUGrr,
Sheriff of Platte County, Nebraska.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue
of an execution issued out of and
under the seal of the District Court in
and for Platte county on a judgment in
favor of C. H. & L. J. McCormick and
against J. .M. Eummelu and to mc direct
ed I will at one o'clock p. m. on the
33 day of April, 18SS,
at Wcibler's store in St. Jlernard, Pleas-
- --.- ....., S... nia ,, .. J WAV...
for sale at public vendue the folio wing
goods and chatties, to wit: One bay stud
colt two years old, one heifer calf about
nine months old, taken on said execution
as the property of J. M. Eummeln.
Dated this Tth dav of April, 1883.
50-1 D. 0. KAVANAUGH,
Sheriff of Platte count-, Neb.
Eugene Durr, defendant, will tako no
tice that on the 10th day of April, 1883,
Isadore Durr, plaintiff, filed her petition
in the District Court for Platte county,
Nebraska, against said Eugene Durr,
defendant, the object and prayer of which
is to obtain a divorce from said defendant
on the ground that defendant has wilfully
abandoned said plaintiff for more than
three years last past. Defendant is re
quired" to answer said petition on or
before Mav 28th, 18S3.
Dated April 10th, 1883.
By John G. Higgins,
her Attorney. 50-tf
Application for Liquor Licensa.
Matter of application of John J. Macken
for liquor license.
Notice is hereby given that John J.
Macken did upon the 10th day of April,
A. D. 1883, file his application to the
Board of County Commissioners of Platte
county, Nebraska, for license to sell malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors, at Platte
Center, in Lost Creek precinct, Platte
county, Nebraska, from the 2d day of
May, 1883, to the 2d day of May, 1S84.
If there be no objection, remonstrance
or protest tiled within two weeks from
April 11th, A. D. 1883, the said license
will be granted. John J. Mackkn.
WKJ Applicant.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.,
March 20, 1883. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol-lowing-named
settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made uefore C. A. Newman. Clerk
of District Court, at Columbus, Nebr., on
April 2Slh, 1883, viz:
James Butler, for the S. W. Section
32, Township 20, Range S west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz: John "Walker, Patrick
Duffy, James Galliger aud John Galliger,
all of Lindsav, Nebr.
48-5 31. B. HOXIE, Register.
PT?"rQTnTGTOAL1" Soldiers that
X JjlNOJLUiXDwere disabled bv
wounds, disease, accident or otherwise,
widows, mothers and fathers of soldiers
dying in the service or afterwards, from
causes which originated while in the ser
vice, are entitled to a pension. New and
honorable discharges obtained for sol
diers. Increase of PeaNioait ob
tained at any time when the disability
warrants it. All soldiers who were rated
too low arc entitled to an increase of pen
sion. Rejected and abandoned claims a
specialty. Circulars free. Address, with
stamp, 31. V.TIERNEY, Box 485, Wash
ington, D. C. 45-1 2ct
February 20, 1883.
RESOLVED, That all delinquent per
sonal taxes not paid by April 15th,
1883, be placed in the hands of a collector
for collection by sale aud distress of
property to satisfy same adding a fee of
five per cent, and costs of sale as pro
vided by law.
The above resolution, adonled bv the
County Commissioners, will be complied
with to the letter,
Special Inducements.
Since the distribution of premiums is
over and our Premium List closed until
next year, we are yet anxious to increase
the circulation of the WEEKLY BEE to
such a number as to greatly reduce the
cost of the paper and to furnish it to our
subscribers at a mere nominal price. In
order to do so, we offer the same for the
balance of the year, from now until Janu
ary 1st, 1884, for ONE DOLLAR. This is
the lowest price ever asked for any west
ern journal of the size, and all should
avail themselves of this liberal offer.
DO'S Onaaa, Neb.
KfiAOSE, LMER & G0.'S,
Pamps aad Wiad MIUk.
Laud Office at Grand Island, Neb.,)
April ;". 185. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
lowin..naiued Settler has tiled notice
of bin intention to make tinal proof in
Mipport of bis claim, and that said proof
win oe lliawe ueiore o. a. jewrasu,
Clerk of the District Court, at Columbus,
Nebraska, on 31ay lth, 1833, viz:
Franz Krins, "Homestead 7339, for the
S. X of S. E. a. Section 22, Township 1!,
Kange 2 west. He names the (ollowiu
witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, aud cultivation of, said land,
viz: Peter Hipp, John Greisen, Jacob
Labens and Ferdinaud Kipp, all of Platte
Center, Neb.
o0w5 31. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Oflice at Grand Island, Neb.,k
April Tith, 1883. )
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has tiled notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Clerk of the District
Court for Platte Co., Neb., at county seat,
on May 19th, 1SS3, viz:
AVilliam lte3ler. Homestead No. T19C,
for the S. J S. Y. i Section 8. Town
ship 19, Itauge 2 west. He names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous
residence upon, and cultivation of .-aid
land, viz: A. J. Wright, Solomon K.
ilorgan, Jame- Noonan and Peter Noo
nau, all of Humphrey, Platte Co., Neb.
80-r. M. H. HOXIE, Register.
Land Ortice at Grand Island, Neb.J
March 20, 1333. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the tol-lowing-named'settler
ha tiled notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, aud that xaid proof
will bemade belore C. A. ewman,OJerK
of the District Court, at Columbus, Neb.,
ou April 27th, 1883, viz:
John Hanson, for the N. E. K of S. E. V
and S. E. i of N. E. K and N. i N. E. K
Sec. G, Township 18, Kange 3 west. He
names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and culti
vation of said land, viz: Peter Erickson,
of O'Kay, Platte Co., Neb., aud Nils Mun
on. Swan Nelson and Andrew Nelson, of
West Hill, Neb.
4rtw5 M. B. HOXIE. Register.
U. S. Land Office, Grand Island, Neb.)
March Uth, 1S83. f
VTOTICE is hereby given that the fol-
1N lowinsr named settler has tiled notice
oi ms intention to mab.e uiui prooi in
support of bis claim, and that said proof
will be made before C.A.Newman, Clerk
of the District Court at Columbus, on
April 17th. 1883, viz:
Pasqua L. Baker, for the N. -' of S. E.
i. Section 30, Township t!0, Kanire i,
West. He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of, said land, viz: A. II.
Potter, .Tas. H. Sloan, L. Ulry and T. 31.
Olin all of Humphrey, Nebr.
JC3 M. 15. HOXIE, Register.
U. S. Land Office Grand Island, Neb.,)
March 31st, 1883. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol-lowing-named
settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before the Clerk of the District
Court of Platte Co., at Columbus, Neb.,
on Thursday, May 10th, 1S33, viz:
Christian Petersen, Homestead No.
6897, for the W. H S. E. i Section 14,
Township 19 north ot Range 4 west. He
names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of said land, viz : Bcnj. Hanson.
Ludwig Swanson and Jens B. Koch, of
Lookingglass', Platte Co., Neb., and Nels.
Christcnsen, of West Hill, Platte Co.,
49-5 M. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Oflice at Grand Island, Neb.J
March 31, 1SS3. j
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before the Clerk
of the District Court, for Platte county,
Neb., at Columbus, Nebraska, on Thurs
day, May 10th. 18S3, viz:
Johan Haschke, Homestead No. TlaO
for the S. i N. W. yk Sec. '28, Township
20 north of Uanjje 1 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Ignatz Zarh, Sr.,
Joseph Feik, Joseph Jahn aud M'athias
Fuchs, all of Humphrey, Platte Co., Neb.
49-W-5 M. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Oflice at Grand Island, Neb.J
March 31, 1S83. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make final
prool in support of bis claim, and that
said proof will be made before Clerk
or the District Court for Platte Co., Neb.,
at county seat, on May 23d, 1S33, viz:
Josef Kuhnel, Homestead TG4S, for the
S. i S. W. i Section 2, Township 20,
Range 3 west. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, aud cultivation of, said land,
viz: Wiihem AVestphahl, August West-
pbal, David Blank and A. Bosch, all of
at. .uernaru, .riaiie to., reo.
49-W-5 M . B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Oflice at Grand Island, Neb..
March 10, 1883. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice
ot his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before C A. Newman, Clerk
of the District Court, at Columbus, Neb.,
on April 20th, 1883. viz:
Lewis Little, for the E. y. N. W.K and
N. J4 S. M . K Sec. 20, T'p 1-, Range 3
west. He names the following witness,
es to prove his continuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz:
Joseph Murdock, of Columbus, Neb., and
Hudson Murdock, William Murdock and
John C. Hurley, of Genoa, Neb.
4.-W5 31. B. HOXIE, Register.
Liud Oflice at Grand Island, Neb.J
March 10th, 1883. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the following-named
settler has flled notice
of bis intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Clerk of Dlst. Court
for Platte Co., Neb., at county-seat, on
May 19th, 1883, viz: '
..naJles William Resler, Homestead
7495, for the N. M S. W. J Section 8,
Township 19 north, Range 2 west. He
names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon, and culti
vation of, said laud, viz: Solomon E.
Morgan, Thomas M. Olin, James Noonan
Si..1 ter Jf?onan- a11 f Humphrey,
Platte Co., Neb. J '
J:5 M. B. HOXIE, Register.
rmn, mn m m ,
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China, Glass and Crockery
the revoltttto:nt
Dry Goods and
jj.ck9 uu uiuiu
Ready-made Clothing, l01
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benefit, of it.
Give Me a call and covince yourself of ttie kts.
i. glucel.
abz uv csca uY
Nona ftnslns wtUiout tfcl trtd mark.
A. J. TOWER, Sole Mfr.
Boston, Mass.
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Porters, Ales,
e'e, etc.
Olive Street, next to First National Hank.
Hoo-1 Eo-tato A.fjont,
Genoa, Nance Co.. Neb.
ILD LANDS and improved farms
fnr sh1. nrrt.tinnrionf( srliiir.
Oilice in Young's building, up-stairs.
State & Monroe Sts.. Chicago.
WUlttttd frrpU toaay rnddmt their ,
Lfor 1353. 300 pvo, 210 Lugraniifi
I of lestramrau. Sulu. Capi. ftelu.
BPomaotu. EotuffU. Cp-L&aic.
i Stxnl- Drsia Mto"i Su't aad
Jllerixte,l-otvc:vdn ImtracllOD and Ef.
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cau devote your whole time to the" work,
or only your spare moments. Full infor
mation and all that is needed sent free.
Address Stinsox & Co., Portland, Maine.
I". S. Land Oflice, Grand Island, Neb.)
March ttb, 1SS3. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in Mip
port of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before Clerk of District Court
for Platte county at Columbus, Neb., on
April 13th, 1SS3, viz:
William Gentleman, Homestead No.
7440, for the W. y2 S. E. , Section 20,
Township 19, Range 1, East. He names
the following witnesses to prove bis con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation
or, said Ianu, viz: .lames McCormiok,
Jacob Judd, Joseph Sheleto and David
Streeter all of Platte Center. Nebr.
40-5 31. B. HOXIE. Register.
Land Oflice at Grand Island, Neb.J
31an-h ID, 1SS3. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim,and that said
proof will be made before C. A. Newman.
Clerk of the District Court at Colum
bus, NeW., on April 20th, 1SS3. viz:
William Benson, Homestead No. CiS2.
for the Lot 1 and S K. N. E. , Section
14. Township IT north of Range 3 west.
He name.- the following witnpa.fc t nmv
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation of, said land, viz: W. D. Davies
and Charles K. Davie-, or Duncan, Pla e
Co., INeb., and W. S. Gardner and J.
Gardner of Silver Creek, Merrick Co.,
47-5 M. B. HOXIE. Hpristor.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.,)
March Uth, 1883. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before C. A. Newman
Clerk of the District Court, at Colum
bus, Neb., on April 13th, 18S3, viz:
Theresa Greisen, widow of Christian
Greisen, deceased, for the S. y of N. E -Section
28, Township 19, Ran'ge 2, West.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cul
tivation Of. sail! liinrl vii. v..i: .
Rlpp and Peter Ripp of p'lattc Center,
Nebraska and P. W. Schmitz and Jacob
Greisen ot Columbus, Nebraska.
-6-0 M. B. HOXIE, Register
U. S. Land Oflice, Grand Island, Neb )
NftTrpi, . , March 6th, 18$:.. '
OIICE is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice
or his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Clerk ot the Dis
trict Court of Platte county at Columbus
Nebraska, on Thursday April 19th, 1883'
viz: '
Ulrich Von Bersen, Homestead No. 7161
for the E. 4 S. E. v. K;nn m m ' t
hiH-1?? no -th of Ran-e J We9t "e names
the following witnesses to prove his oon-
oV1?0-"!9. revde,nce "Pn and cultivation
of, said land, via : H. T. Spoerry, John U
Rickly, Jacob Maurer and Frea LucKiX:
ger all of Humphrey Platte Co., Nebr.
G-u X.B.HOXIE, Register.
"? .. XW
i t-i. i m - vf w i rv m r. x j
v ki c n. 7Ur
T?C " VJ - .X" -.X-
? V -JY
If 'f CJ k . Z iC
fell aBM
IV t fl.RKU1- ?' LJI
m. m .- i
Vi V 'V r OR k. X. LJf
I "B
Whitebreast Coal.
Rich Hill
Canon Citr "
ikes i
lioits& Shoes, HaUi Caps,
FDBIBBN GJ0D2 3 mgfr
LOW PRICES . , ,vn 'Mil
Clothing Ste:
a aicuutuaiUl'K Ul )md
J wwu) we; Mt,bO, tO
Hats, Caps, Etc., Etc., m J
,,.... Ttas
mmm of oeiore in Mir
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ot th nnU runt.
I f . .1.- .Y
uuur 'ia .ir?-rll
cned Metallic liultust.
For sale ever- here
Wholesale by all Am:
clan Jobber.
Elei cnth Street, oppo-ite ' nt
Lindell Hotel.
C01L.TJ3n$USJ, "ET5KAiaN"-l
Has on h. intl a full assortment
an I
unutni ton
"PT?0'Ts:TOr; ool
Pipes, Cigars and Tobacco.
Highest price paid for Country l'r .a.
Good" delivered in itV.
Buckeye Mower, combined Selt
Binder, wire or twine.
Pnmps Repaired on slioit notice
ISTOnc door xveit of lle:n
Store, 11th Street. Columbu-, Neb.
For Sale ! Tor SaleV
--w- vwi w- -jar
T. .,.. j it . n j ci,. -iff. 61
Yeiiij-iive neaa oi rure oreu j"1"'
Horn Bulls
All eligible to record in the V 1P" -Short-Horn
Herd Book, an.i - -in
age from six month t Will ell tl. .
.. . Cd
Or on time with annroveil t ' v
will trade for stock. Address iy!
Clark-. V '" P
SdSur call at farm h mile r.ort T - pal
4 i-p-jm.
. St I
$72 1
week made it h.-iii''
': dol
industrious. B.-f zt" .
..-... !.... . ..11 I iTl.- J
HUH WCIU1 L" lUt" IULi r ,
needed. Wo " .
you. Men. women, boys and
eu everywhere to work tor .
the time. You can work in s 'r'
' C6
give your whole time to tat
Vn nlhi.. kn.i .. :t n. rH " DJ
well. No one can fail to makt au(&
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and terms free. Money maile tajt. x" thl
anil hnnnmhlv A Titl v: A lv
Augusta. Maine. ' ,H lls
. -c's
noLvnnus packixk "
Packer nml n.ili.r in ill kimN 'If y
product, cash paid for Lie ir P iJ H" ig
or grease.
, Director. H. H Henry. Prest -h
v lggius, Sec
and Trea.; L. Gerrrf
J I ..j J45 """ -'"'' ; ,;jit y;.- urj
d.j.v.i.1 Cjj,?.. i.i 1I"- rl
rC IO -r.II. e CHCI till- '"'-- ..
?li in !? ' A 'I'll I . -1' "
y: .'.m.mmw " V-". " ' ,..r'.
isoaia ami mi th
f" .1 ! . t TV- afVVifV
of Vegetable, Flower. Gr.i
vuaia uuu neat, ami ine -D"- i rp
SEED. Everrthinsr is tested
M wmmi -...lm.n
ur larae Al5ii1
v Mmm9., :ci"-r . m
I. ff-iU,.J
; n -T