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Communication;-, to Inurt- insert inn
lu the mxt ihMii, Mioulri le in hand on
Mondays; it length, on Tliurtla
prvneiliu ihMic-day. Advert ioi'incnf,
of whatever ola.., hnuld he in hand ly
Dtton, TuPMla.
AilvertlMTnents under this bead 15
etc. a. line first Iutrtion, 10 ct. :i line
each Mlhseuileut iu-ertion.
E. T. Graham was in the city
Tuesday 1 o'clock p. m., 101 in
the shade.
Alcohol for eale at Win. Ryan's,
on lllh st.
Abner Turner returned from
the west Sunday.
Frank Galhraith of Albion was
in the city Monday.
If you want groceries at Omaha
prices call on Lamb.
Mra. Jane North returned Tues
day from her western trip.
Dr. E. L. Siggins of Omaha, was
in town the first of the week.
Phil. Cain will ship a car load of
potatoes to Omaha this week.
The Colfax County Fair is to be
held Sept. 2Sth, 29th and :$0th.
Kev. J. Q A. Fleharty is sick
with billious fever at Harvard.
Forty cars of stock passed east
on the U. 1 rail toad Saturday.
Prepare for the l'latte County
Fair, Oct., 1th. fh, fitb, and 7th.
Maj Frauk North came down
from the weal baturday morning.
J. K. Co tiro th and wife returned
Saturday from their weddiug trip.
Mr. SheritF Spielman goes to
Excelsior Spriugs, Missouri, for her
S. C. Cushiug gave us a business
call Monday. He looks iu excellent
Saturday last Elliott & Luers
received si large shipment of car
riages. If vou want a choice article of
Michigan oider vinegar call on Win.
Ed. Kossitcr of Omaha is home
on a visit, and did duty Saturday as
an umpire.
Chas. Clark of the Genoa Leader
waj iu town Saturday on a col
lecting tour.
Win. Tillman, of David City
came over Friday, staying till Mon
day morning.
Uob. HnrriM returns to his old
home at Utiea, N. Y., leaving mauy
friends behind.
R. Millpt and Judge Iliggins
werrt in attendance on the supreme
court, two days of lat week.
Geo. Scott has rereived from
some quarter a nirp looking horse
thai is supposed to be a trotter.
Mrs. Johnon Craig and grand
daughter returned Thursday last
from their visit iu Roone county.
Mr. Charles F. Kobertsand Miss
Hairiett M. Cook were married
yesterday by Judge J. G. Iliggins.
M unlock & Sou have the con
tract of building L. Gerrard's new
business House, near Recker's block.
Dikh. Monday morning, 10 a. in.
in this city, Minnie, daughter of
Mrs. Itobt. Mclntire,aged21 months.
M. Reckman of Chicago passed
several days in the city last week.
He thinks Columbus is a growing
"Vm. Gerhold of Shell creek has
left us a very nice sample of corn,
planted ou the 23th of May. It
iti big.
J. S. Murdock sayp he has corn
the ears of which are fourteen inches
long, and the kernels well filled and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe. Gross re
turned from Milwaukee Friday last.
Joe. sold his famous horse "Rostou
Dave" for $2,000.
Elliott & Luers have erected a
wind-mill and large tank in the rear
of their business house. They make
au excellent sign.
Cari Kramer accompanies his
sister Mrs. Huchberg, this morning,
as far as Council Rlutls, ou her way
home at Chicago.
John Graf returned home yes
terday. He had a pleasant trip, but
didn't see any place that ho liked
better than Columbus.
II. C. Ritteubender, of Osceola,
we learn, has taken his printing ma
terial to Dorchester, Neb., where he
will establish a paper.
A very gentle and nice rain
Friday afternoon and evening. It
cooled ofi'thc heated earth, and toned
down the hot atmosphere.
Farmers, bring your poultry,
butter and eggs to Lamb's near the
jost-oflice, and get the highest mar
ket price in cash for them.
Gerhard Loseke gave us a bus
iness call Saturday. He is ouo of
that family of successful fanners
well knowu throughout the county.
Win. Aspall, a lato resident of
Stanton precinct, Colfax couuty, was
buried here on Tuesday last. He
was a native of Lancashire, England.
The amount of money to be dis
tributed at this point for the flax
eeed that has been engaged for de
livery here, is estimated at .$40,000.
Monday being one of the holi
days of the Catholic church, services
were held in the churches on that
day here, which were well at
tended. Judge Kinney will open a state
fair office this week at the Wilhnell
bouse in Omaha, and will, remain
there all the time until the secretary
moves his office up from Lincoln.
Those at the ball Saturday even
ing, given by the Keystones of this
city in honor of the R. & M. Club of
Omaha, report it as a very enjoyable
The Messrs. Ernst expect to
move to their new place of business
the second week iu Sept., the notice
(Mr. Gerrard's now building.) to be
finished by that time.
Adam Kail, Esq., a prominent
attorney of Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
is sojourning in Nebraska for his
health, which is improving. He is
an old friend of Dr. Schug and
Judge Bowmau.
David Carrig has had a touch
of ague lately. Twenty-two years
ago when he lived iu Indiana, he
was vexed with it all the time. He
has it now, once in a long time
when he catches a bad "cold."
Harry Rriggs of Albion was in
the city several days last week. He
is just "as fat as he used to be," but
it is distributed over more space.
He has grown so much that some of
his old acquaintances didn't kuow
It was a caution to see old Jim,
(Gus. Recher's twenty-four year old
white horse) keep his place ou the
road Saturday, iu front oi some fast It is said that old Jim in
his voung days used to make a mile"
in 2": 40.
The Democracy of Platte county
are beginning to "set up the pius"
for the couuty offices this fall. No
use, gentlemen, the tide has come,
and you might as well get into the
other boat or conclude to be left
high and dry on the beach.
Ahner Turner and E. J. Raker
have a large interest in cattle in the
South Park country, under the
charge of Charles Zeigler. They are
all there now. Charles snys that it
is a splendid country, and that the
cattle will got hog fat on the grass.
L. Rcrhanpt returned from
Chicago "Saturday. He has had a
very liberal proposition made him
from the east, and will probably
leave us this week. He has been a
faithful, good workman, making
man friends during his sojourn
among us.
Charles Dietrich is at work on
a portrait, in oil, of E. I). Shechan.
lie is making a tine likeness of Ed.,
one that no acquaintance of his can
fail to recognize. Charles will evi
dently make a good painter his
improvement in the last year being
something wonderful.
As to their Platte river bridge,
which was new when the flood
strurk it, tlio North Rend Bulletin
has to say : "There seems but one
thing for us Renders to do regarding
a permanent bridge, and that is to
stand back and let tho company,
commissioners and time solve the
Mr. W. N. M.Candlish brings
us from the (arm of J. L. Brown of
Humphrey precinct, a fine sample of
German inillett from a two-acre
field. It grew six feot in one month
and twenty-six davs. Mr. Brown
was cutting it with a harvester, and
binding it. Some heads measure
seven and a half inches long.
A lady writes to us concerning
the organization of a county society
in furtherance of the Woman's sun",
rage amendment to the constitution,
to be voted upon next year. Such
organizations are being completed
in many counties of the Slate, nota
bly in the south Platte region, and
they seem to be doing good work.
There will probably be no organized
The Union Pacific railway, dur
ing the Nebraska State Fair, will
give the following rates to Omaha
and return, including admission to
the grounds, during the Fair. From
Columbus aud Schuyler $2.75. From
Duucan, Clark's, Silver Creek, Al
bion, St. Edwards, Genoa, Norfolk,
Munson, Madison, HumphreyyPlatte
Centre and Lost Creek $:.")0. Tick
ets good three days.
Two fine Jersey cows passed
through the city Monday morning
to the farm of P. D. Smith of Roone
county. This gentleman is a sou of
the late Adam Smith, and evidences
the possession of those qualities
which made him an excellent busi
ness man and a public spirited citi
zen. Mr. Smith has a number of
head of fine stock, as well as some
novelties in that line.
Dr. Hoehen says that two young
men were racing their horses Satur
day last along the street in front of
his house, frightening a horse which
his daughter Amy was driving to a
buggy, so that her life and that of
three little children was greatly
endangered. They were all saved
by the pluck aud coolness of Miss
Hoehen as wo I as the timely assist
ance of Mr. V. II. Dyer.
Thos. Cantwell, employed with
L. Kuhue, Silver Creek, met with a
serious accident Thursday last. He
kept on au express car while it was
in motion, until he saw that he was
about to be mashed against a coal
shed, when he jumped, his foot be
ing caught somehow in the ladder
of the car, causing a comminuted
tracturc of the leg. Dr. Boucsteel
was called and dressed the wound.
It is a very common thing in
Columbus of late to 6ee a ruuaway
team, and too fast driving. We have
had complaint after complaint en
tered here, but those who do so
should remember that we are not a
court of justice, empowered to take
testimony and impose fines for the
violation of law, neither is it the
function of a newspaper to make
personal accusations in such cases.
The parties iujured should do that
before the proper authorities.
The Butler Couuty Press re
ports the arrest of Michael Gray of
Ulysses, ou a charge of assault with
intent to kill "Wm. Dobson. There
is an old feud between the men.
Gray went home and got his pistol
and attempted te hoot Dobaon, but
was prevented. Also the death of
David Owens, an old settler of But
1 c county, sixty years of age.whose
death was caused by the kick of a
J. N. Reynolds, Esq., of Fuller
ton, Nance Co., was in the city
Monday on his way to Omaha, to
confer with the U. P. authorities
concerning the exteimion of their
branch road to Fullerton. lie says
it seems natural to be in Columbus.
The railroad companies are this year
doing their full share for tho devel
opment of the country. In this di
rection lies their interest as well as
that of the public. Let the good
work go forward.
Work begun Monday morning
last on the re-construction of the
Platte bridge, under the supervision
of County Commissioner John Wise,
who will put the work through as
rapidly and as well as it can be done.
With no back-set our south-side
friends may reasonably expect to
cross about two weeks from to-day.
We may say in this connection that
ColumbuB will be far aheaJ of some
of her neighbors who lost their
bridges during the flood.
The provident farmer will re
member that winter came upon us
last year the middle ot October, and
there was no let-up until the middle
of March. Make hay fast while the
sun shines and before the frosts
come. We may have another season
like the last. A vast amount of hay
has already been put up in Nebraska,
but the teams should be pushed
right forward for tho next Bixty or
ninety days, and every effort made
to secure all there is. If not needed
for home consumption, it will pay
to ship.
The Driving Park Association
have purchased 40 acres of laud near
Flynu's brick yard, paying $000.
They will fence 25 acres of it, within
which they will have the best half
mile track iu this s'ection of country,
and a floral hall that will be an
honor to the enterprise of the asso
ciation. Cash premiums will be
paid, without doubt or discount. As
the fair is to be held Oct. 1th to 7th
inclusive, we shall have more to say
again ; but get ready, bring some
thing to exhibit aud see that your
entire family have a time for enjoy
ment at the fair.
To llic TeaelierH of IMntte. Co.
The Annual Normal Institute will
begin Monday, August 22d, 1881,
and continue for a term of two
weeks. All those who expect to
teach iu the county arc requested to
attend. During the last two days
examinations will be held for both
county aud state certificates. Dur
ing a portion of the term, Hon. W.
Y. W. Jones, State Sup't, will be
present and take part in the exer
cises. J. E. Mo.vcrif.f,
Co. Sup't.
It has been suggested to us that
the papers of the city should pay a
srood deal more attention to the
markets than they have heretofore
done, especially the stock and grain
markets, but more especially the
latter. It seems that as much as
ten cents a bushel has been paid by
some of our dealers, above the price
as quoted by some of the papers.
This ought not to be. The news
papers should have enterprise
enough to keep up with the times;
tho markets are among the most
important facts that the papers can
give, and to be of value they must
be a true and accurate index of
prices for commodities exchanged
here. Certainly, the newspaper that
does not give the highest market
price actually paid for wheat, corn,
oats, hogs, cattle, bhtter, eggs, &c, is
doing no small injury to the busi
ness interests of the city, and should
cease to do so. Sel f-interest, if noth
ing else, would dictate this course,
and wo hope to see, henceforward,
all the Columbus paperB vie with
each other iu furthering the mate
rial interests of the city iu this, as
well as in all other respects.
Schuyler IVote.
A Kansas doctor's manuscript con
tains such words as "small paux,"
"8karlit fcaver" and "rumatie," aud
yet he charges $2 for looking at a
sick man's tongue.
"We notice the steam hay engine
is on deck again in this vicinity .for
another season's work. There is
nothing like it. Hay being a chief
staple of this country, we are pleased
to see the hay business boom.
Another child of the late widow
Kelly has fallen a victim to the diph
thretic croup, having died at the
house of the widow Hawe, Shell
Creek Precinct, on Monday last.
The victim in this instance was a
boy 9 years old.
We are informed that owing to
au insufficiency of bauds the county
bridges will not be replaced before
late in the fall. The demand for
hands competent to build bridges is
so urgent everywhere that it is im
possible to obtain the help it is not
in the country. '
The three-year-old child named
Dworak, injured by a reaper in
Shell Creek Precinct, at the begin
ning of harvest mention of which
waB made in the Stm died Mon
day. But the parents say it died
from dysentery with which it was
overtaken. Schuyler Stm.
The Diamond Field.
Saturday afternoon last the B. &
M. Club of Omaha and the Koy
stones of this city met on grounds
near Judge Higgins's residence in
thi eastern part of the city, aud en
gaged in 3 very interesting game of
base ball. Both uines were very
tastily dressed in the uniform of
their clubs, and are to be commend
ed for their neat, trim and tidy ap
pearance. Our nine are unstinted
in their praise of the gentlemanly
brethren who subdued them so
handsomely. An examination of
the score, which we give below,
showa that the seveuteen runs wee
all made on the 1st, 3d and 4th in
nings, the only run of the Keystones
being on the 1st, and three for the
B & M's. on the 3d and thirteen on
the 4th. In seven innings the B. &
M's. were whitewashed, in eight the
Keystones. Tho fourth inning was
a mountain with only one spur on
the hither side, and a precipice be
yond ; three runs were made on a
lost ball. The B. & M's. seemed to
have gotten the "twist" on Kavan
augh's balls, and kept knocking them
right along. After this inning a
change was made on the part of the
Keystones, among the most import
ant of which were Landers as pitch
er and Hudson as first-base, after
which neither side scored any. It
is duo to Mr. Kavanaugh to say that
a matter outside of the game alto
gether, occurring about this time,
attracted, not only his attention, but
that of the whole nine, diverting
them somewhat from the game.
The occasion was graced by the
presence of a large number of spec
tators, among them not a few ladies,
and enlivened by straius of excellent
music from the Columbus Cornet
We are informed that in either
two or six weeks it is expected that
the Keystones will pay the B. & M's.
a visit at their grounds in Omaha.
The score, given below, needs a
little interprcpatiou to the uninitiat
ed, as follows: It, runs made; P.
O., No. of times put out ; O, No. of
opposite side put out; A, assisted in
putting out; E., errors tnade.
n. am. n po o a E
Durkee, p .'5 1 1 0
Austin, 2d h . . . '2 '.' 1 1 ()
Kurtman, 1st h . . 1 3 fi 0 0
Itrandt, u 1 4 G 0 i
Miller, 1. 1 i.' .'! 2 0 0
Mahonev.JUl h... 2 .1 4 0 0," r. f .... 2 V, 0 0 0
Goodman, s. s ... 1 ." 0 0 0
Scott, c. f 2 :i 0 0 0
Total 10 27 ll 2 'i
'turret 1, ."Id h 1 1 .'! 1 1
Landers, 2d It.. .. 0 4 2 4 0
ltaker, 1st b 0 4 0 0 1
Hudson. 1. f 0 4 5 0 0
Kavanaugh, p .... 0 2 1 IS 1
Coolidu'e, r. f . . . . 0 4 0 0 0
ltrindley, e. f.... 0 .'( 1 0 1
Newman, s. 0 ." 10 3
Wake, e 0 2 0 2 1
Total 1 27 2.5 10 8
Umpire Kd. lto.iter.
Scorers G. W. Phillips, Win.
m mi.
Time of panic Two hours.
letter List.
The following is a list of unclaimed
letters remaining in the post-ouice, in
Columbus, for the week ending Aug.
13, 1831:
It John Itauer,
Mrs. Francis Clark, 11. M.Clark.
Schuyler Goldsmith 2, It. Gallus.
t. Jno. G. Loretiz, Mary Larenc.
31 George Maxwell.
S Jno. Stewart.
W Michael Wogan.
Those marked " V postal card.
If not called for in 30 days will be sent
to the dead letter office, Washington, D.
C. When called for please say "adver
tised," as these letters are kept separate.
E. A. Gerhard P. M
For Sale !
My house and lot in Columbus.
House in good repair. Lot 132x132
feet. Good barn. All enclosed by
good fence. Will sell it very low,
and give easy terms. Apply to
Becher & Price.
A. W. Doland.
Advertisements under this head live
cents a line each insertion.
New fine laces at Kramer's.
Alchohol for sale at E. D. Shee
han8. Ladies' goat lace $1.50, at Hon
ahans. Good
fresh lard at Weber &
Sond mail orders to Kramer's.
Slippers, 20 cts. a pair, at Gal
ley Bros.
The best custom work at Uon
ahau's. Good toweling only 4 cents at
Eight lbs. of cofleo for $1.00 at
Marshall Smith's.
Grapes and green apples by ex
press daily at Hudson's.
One price, aud that always the
lowest, at Galley Bros.
Good men's heavy boots for
$1.25 at J. B. Delsman & Co's.
A full Hue of men's, ladies' and
misses' shoes at Galley Bros.
Cheviot shirts 25 cents at Kra
mer's. Rodi Oranges and Verdelli Lem
ons. Choice fruit at Hudson's.
Peruvian beer, the best drink
for the blood. Try it, at Hudson's.
Ladies' sewed Bhocs $1.00, 'at
. Cream Baking Powder, only 30
cts. per pound, at J. B. Deismau &
Summer Knickerbocker dress
goods reduced from 10 to 6 cents per
yard at Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
Blank notes, bank, joint, indi
vidual and work-and-Iabor, neatly
bound in books of 50 and 100, for
sale at the Journal office.
It. & M
12 3 4 r o 7 8 o
o o .; 13 ooon o
10 0 oooooo-
It pays to trado at Kramer's.
Buy your smoked meat at the
Columbus meat market, of Weber fc
Men's "Webster ties $1.00, at
r Forks, nails, hand -rakes, etc.. at
Elliott & Luers.
wlt is moucy saved to trade at
Boots and shoes cheap for cash
at the Boston Shoe Store opp. P. O.
Diuner plates Oleakiu's goods,)
at 55 cts. per set at Marshall Smith's.
Cool, refreshing and pleasant to
drink is Peruvian beer at Hudson's.
If you want the very best wiiAl
mill in the market, get it at Elliott
& Luers.
For choice dried fruits call on
G. C. Lauck, one door east of
Heintz's drug-store.
Send for samples to Kramer's.
Try one of Ball's Health Pre
serving Corsets, the best in the
market, for sale only, by Galley
Children's laco shoes 05 cents,
at Honahan'a.
Crockery and Glassware at
Hempleman's, cheap for cash, or
butter and eggs.
Now is the time to buy Dishes
and Glassware cheap, as I am going
to make a change iu my business.
M. Smith.
And still a small lot of crockery
to be sold, regardless of cost, at J.
B. Deismau & Co's.
Dowty, Weaver ,fc To. sell the best
cough medicine. They have eoulldence
in it, aud they are willing to refund the
money if it does no good. Ask for I'io's
Cure for Consumption. Price, A"i cts.
and $1.00.
The best bargains in boots and
shoes in town at Boston Shoe Store.
It must be so, for everybody
says that the best and cheapest gro
ceries are at J. B. Deismau fc Co's.
Economy is the road to wealth ;
therefore go to G. C. Lauck's, and
buy your groceries cheap for cash.
The action of Carter's Little Liver
Pills is pleasant, mild aud natural.
They gently stimulate the liver, aud
regulato the bowels, but do not
purge. They are sure to please.
For sale at A. Heintz's Drug Store.
llouxc. to lCeut.
Inquire at the Joukwai, office.
For Sale.
A No. 1 shophcrd dog, good for
sheep or cattle. D. Andkusov.
Save Your Dlouey.
You can do that by buying your
goods of J. B. Dulsman & Co.
On Monday, July 25, from my
place in this city, a white heifer
calf. Four months old. A suitable
reward will be given.
J. E. NoiiTH.
iVotice to Farmers.
I am ready to contract, corn anil
hay for fall and winter delivery.
D. Andei'son.
tm. KKvrmAft iu, m ui rnnui .-
We have for sale, cheap, two new
Minnesota Chief threshing machines.
Elliott & Lukrs, Agt's,
"'---. Columbus, Neb.
Karon Oxford.
Farmers are bringing their good
cows for improvement. A few good
ones more will be admitted. Ser
vice onlv 5. A. IIkxi'ICii.
Kxtray IVotiee.
Came to my herd, July ISth, a
daik-red steer, 3 years old, white
stripes on belly. The owner will
prove property and pay charges.
Nicn Blaskr.
The person who borrowed my box
of drawing instruments will confer
a favor by returning them at once,
as I have use for them.
J. E. North.
ltrie.Ic !
Thomas Flynu is prepared to fur
nish brick, either at his kiln north
west of the city ; delivered anywhere
in the city, or built in the wall, at
reasonable rates.
Always avoid harsh purgative
pills. They first make you sick and
then leave you constipated. Carter's
Little Liver Pills regulate the bowels
and make you well. Dose, one pill.
For sale at A. Heintz's Drug Store.
City Froperty Vr Sale.
100 lots in Smith's addition to Co
lumbus, in the northwest part of the
city. The most desirable residence
lots now in the market. Prices low
and terms easy.
Si'kice & North.
K.lraj- rotI:e.
Taken np upon my premises two
miles east of Columbus, last Wed
nesday, oue bay pony, witb a white
spot in the forehead, aud one white
foot. The owner is requested to
prove property, pay charges, and
take her away. Martin Haoan.
Tax Haiti Notice.
I hereby notify the owner of Lot
S, Block 143, Columbus, Neb., that T
have bought tho same for taxes, and
if redemption is not made, I will
apply for tax deed.
Harry Coompok.
May 30th, 1881.
If there ever was a specific for
any one complaint, then Carter's
Little Liver Pills are a specific for
sick headache, and every woman
should know this. Only one pill a
dose. For sale at A. Heintz's Drug
Ir. ITIcAllister
Is making tho best sets of teeth
made in the state, on Celluloid or
RubbeV for ten dollars (former price
tweuty-five), aud all other dental
work at equally low prices ; also the
best photographs, one door east of
O. A. Stearns. Everybody should
call and see for themselves.
Esitrny IIorse.
Came to my place three miles
northwest of Duncan, Platte Co.,
Neb., last week, one dark gray
horse, five or six years old, with
white marks on back, made by sad
dle. The owner is requested to
prove property, pay charges, and
take him away.
588-5 Hector Blaser.
I. I. Upton, Jr.,
Dealer in human hair, manufacturer
of Switches, Puffs, Curls, Frizzettes,
Sec. Old switches cleaned and re
paired at reasonable rttos. All
combings thoroughly rooted and
dressed. Cash paid for combings
and cut hair. Will be iu town in a
few days.
Strayed or Stolen.
Julv 2(Hh, from my corral, one
haii mile south of Matthis's bridge,
a red and white heifer calf threo
months old had a patent muzzle in
nose. A suitable reward will be
given for its return.
C. W. Gktts.
ftole l.oxt.
Seven notes pinned together, all
dated alike, each calling for $25.00,
payable to D. D. Wadsworth, or
order. The public is warned against
negotiating for them. A suitable
reward will be given for their re
turn to the owner.
Advertisements under this head five
cents a line, tirt insertion, three cents
a line each subsequent insertiou.
Loolc Here, Slieep Men.
I have six Merino bucks for sale.
T Kkating.
The Oent IMquors
"Wines aud beer for medicinal, me
chanical or chemical purposes at E. D.
Twenty-five acres of laud broke in
Nance countv. Enquire of
A. H. ltUKl)lcK,ColumbuNeb.
For Sale.
A Minnesota Chief Threshing Ma
chine for sale cheap for cash or ou time,
with uood .securitv.
William It. Knapp,
House, Carriage and Sign Painter,
CaUominer and Paper Hanger. The
best. Try me. Residence iu South Co
lumims. !Ce;iilar Stoclc Denier.
All kinds of horned'stock bought
and sold; also fat and stock hogs.
379-v D. ANDKKSON.
Land Tor Sale.
100 acres, 5 miles west of Colum
bus; T acres under cultivation, 4(1 acres
hay land, $10 an- acre, on easy terms,
luquireat .Iouknai. otlice.
For Sale.
A valuable family resdence situa
ted in the northwest part of the city.
The houe is 20x31, well finished inside
and outside, enclosed by good fence.
Stable, and all other out-buildings, to
be sold cheap. Tor further information
apply to .Iwiks Kay, at II. Hughes's
Lumber Yard.
ltl',llfi'IC TIE I A a, AT li:iIIV,
McCormick, as Usual, Carries Off the
Royal Agricultural Society's Gold
Medal at the Great Derby Reaper
i riai in tngiano uver I tiirty Com
petitors! The Tribune learns bv special cable
message that the reat berby trial, un
der the auspices of t e Koy-il Agricul
tural Society of England, of which the
Prince of Wales is President, has re
Milted iu a complete walk-away for our
fellow-citizen, the Hon. C. II. Mc
Cormick. There were over thirty entries at this
battle of the reaper giant, iucluding
the Samuel Johnston. Walter A. Wood,
etc. After the most impartial of trials,
for which the English Agricultural So
cieties are always famed, the award of
the highest prize a gold medal was
made to Cyril II. McCorinieL'l of Chi
cago for the best sheaf-binding harves
ter. The .Johnston and SainucNon
machine were aw ndcd silver medals.
Une little incident connected with the
machine that won this great victory it.
worth mentioning: The machine was
on the ill-fated ISrittauic that sank oil'
the Irish coast, and lav under fifteen
fathom of water for a week or more.
The steamer was finally towed into port,
and the machine recovered, and, not
withstanding its sorry plight, it Was
this machine that carried oil" the prize.
Chicago Tribune, Avg. 12.
Our (iiiotations orthe markets are ob
tained Tuesday afternoon. :ind are correct
and reliable at the time.
flKAIN', 4C.
Wheat Xo. 2, )
Com, 40
Oats new, ;
Floifr, $u on3.t ;,o
Butter, Sfgio
Eggs, !),oio
Potatoes, 2."c-0
Hams, ll3 1.1
Shoulders, T6tJ
Sides, !($ll
Fat Hogs, 4."0I7."
Fat Cattle, 2 7.'43 M
Calves $10 00
Sheep O (M)(t4.. .r
fi'ai iicoor.
Land Ollice at Grand Island, Xeb.,1
August 12th, lfSI. f
NOTICE U hereby given that the
rollowiug-hauicd settler has filed
notice or his intention to make final
proor in support or his claim, aud that
said proof will be made before Clerk or
Dist. Court at Columbus, Xeb., on Sept.
17th, 1S81, viz:
George K. Bullock, Homestead Xo.
11118, Tor the S. V.i, Section 20, Town
ship 1!, Range -1, west. He names the
ml. owing witnesses to prove h's con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation
or said land, viz: William Wright,
Martin Swausen, J. B. Devine and Ed
mund Doty all of St. Edward, Xeb.
5s8-"i M. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Otlice at Grand Island, Xeb.,
August 4, 1SSI
VTOTICE is hereby given that the mi
ll lowing -named settler has
notice or his intention to make final
proor in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before Clerk of
the District Court of Platte comity, at
Columbus, Nebraska, ou Thursday, Sep
temberSth. ISal. viz:
Hanson S. Elliott, Homestead Xo.
C.-)81, for the E. yx, S. E. ',. Section 22,
Township in north, Range P. west. He
names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cul
tivation of said laud, viz: Frank Rivet,
James T. Free, Charles X. Armstrong,
of Postville, Platte Co., Xeb.. and Dan
iel W. Zeigler, of Monroe, l'latte Co.,
r87-.- M. P.. HOXIE, Register.
Finul lror.
Land Otlice at Grand Island, Xeb.,)
August 4th, 18JJ1. I
OTICE is hereby given that the
fol.owiug-nameu hottler has tiled
notice of her intention to make dual
proor in support of his claim, aud that
said proof will be made before C. A.
Newman, Clerk nT District Court at
Columbus, Nebraska, on September 10,
1881, viz:
Mary Ann Searles, Homestead Xo.
OTiO", Tor the X. E. M or X". E. 4 or Sec
tion 2, and the r. , or X. W. i, and
the X. E. yt of X. W. 4 of Section 1, in
Township 20 north, Range 1 west. She
names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cul
tivation of said land, viz: George A.
Wbitcher, E. M. Squire, Alice Squire,
John B. Juckou, all of Newman's
Grove, Madison Co.. Xeb.
537-0 M, B, HOXIE, Register.
Land Ofllcc at Grand Island, Neb.,1
Ainrust th, lst. J
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make final
proot in support of his claim, aud that
said proof will be made before C. A.
Newman, Clerk or the District Court at
Columbus, Neb., on the 17th day of Sep
tember, 1S8L viz:
David Thomas. Homestead No. 602
for the S. E. , or N. K. , and N E. V
of S. E. YK oi Section 20. Township 10
north. Range 3 west. He names the
following witnesses to prove his contin
uous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: Mathcw Farrell, Robert
Lewis and Lorenzo Jjoseph. all or Post
ville, Platte Co., Neb.and Hugh Hughes
of Colunihu. Neb.
.r3-r M. It. HOXIE, Register.
Laud Otlice at Grand Island, Xeb.l
August "d, 1SSI. i
COMPLAINT having been entered al
this otlice bv Andreas Helnmauii
airaiust Thomas O'Connor for ab.mdon
ing hl Homestead Entry Xo.MI!S, dated
.March 17th, 1ST!, upon the eat yt, north
west Vi Section 12. Township 19 north.
Range : west, iu Platte county, Xebr..
with a view to the cancellation of said
entry; the said parties are hereby
summoned to appear at this otlice on
the 2Sth day of September. 1SS1, at 10
o'clock a. in., to respond and furnish
testimony concerning said alleged aban
donment I Depositions will be taken
before II. .1. Hudson, at his otlice in
Columbus, Nebr., on September 21st,
ISS1, 10 a. in.
M. B. HOXIE, Register.
."S7-. Wm. AXVAX, Receiver.
Elizabeth Kifer and Jacob Ivifer will
take notice that ou the Uth dav of Au
gust, 1S81, G. B. Bailey, a justice of the
peace of Columbus precinct, l'latte
county, Xebraska, issued au order of
attachment for the -um of ?l.".:t; iu an
action pcudiug before hi in wherein the
Singer 31 ami fact u ring Company i
plaintiff, and Elizabeth Kifer aud Jacob
KiTer, defendants; that propeity con
sisting of one white ami red -potted
cow, lias been attached under s:iid or
der; said cause was continued to the"
l.'ith day of September, lStfl, at one
o'clock, ii. m.
August 12, 1SS1. ,1. L. LEWIS,
."sy-l Agent.
In the County Court for Platte countv,
Xebraska. In the matter or the la'st
will and testament or Samuel R.
Curtis, deceased.
"VTOT1CE is hereby given that on the
1 l.r)th day or August. 1S81, an in
strument in writing purporting to be a
copy ot" the last will and testament or
Samuel It. Curtis, late oi county.
Iowa, deceased, together with a copy or
the probate thereof duly authenticated,
were tiled iu the County Court of said
l'latte county, and au allowaiicV of the
same praved as the last will and testa
ment of Samuel R. Curtis, deceased.
Whereupon it is ordered that the Mil
day of September, lSt at 10 o'clock
a. "in., at the County Judge's ollice iu
said county, be assigned as" the time aud
placu for hearing in said matter. Anil
it is further ordered that due notice of
the time and place of such hearing be
given by published notice thereof in
Tiik CoLC.MliUS .IOLi:x.l. for three weeks
prior to said time of hearing.
(A true copy ol" the order.)
Aug. 1(5, 1S8I. ir.S-S.- County Judge.
BV VIRTUEof an orderol sale issued
out ol the District Court or Platte
.county, and state or Xebraska, by the
Clerk thereof, and to mo directed" on a
judgment and decree, obtained before
said Court, at its October term. A. D.
1880. to-wit: October 2M, A. D. 1S80.
Iu favor or the Xew England Mortgage
Security Company as plaintiff, aud
against Wilbert Fortune and Josephine
Fortune as defendants, for the sum of
($472.2.") rour hundred and seventy-two
dollars and twenty-tive cents, damages,
and costs ((.)J") nine dollars and tifty
three cents, and interest and increased
costs. I have levied upon the following
described real estate, to-wit:
The north east quarter (,$) or Section
Xo. twelve (12) in Township Xo. nine
teen (10) north, or Range Xo. three i.'S)
west of the 0th prim ipal meridiaji, iu
Platte couuty. Nebraska, taken as the
property of Wilbert Fortune ami Jose
phine Fortune, and will offer the same
Tor sale, to the highest bidder, Tor cash
in hand, at the west front door or the
Court House in Columbus, (that being
the place wherein the last term or the
District Court of Platte county was
held) on the
lOilt lny ol" Sepn-inber, A. !.,
at the hour or two o'clock in the after
noon or said day, when and where due
attendance will be given by the under
signed. Dated at Columbus, Xebraska, August
th, A. D. lsdl.
Sheriff ot l'latte County, Xebr.
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale issued
out of the District Court of Platte
count' and State of Xebraska, bv the
Clerk thereor, and to me directed on a
judgment and decree obtained before
said Court at its October term, A. D..
18X0, to wit: October 22d, 1880, in favor
of the American Mortgage Compam of
Scotland as plaintiff and against J. lines
Russell and Mary Russell a defend
ants, for the sum of six hundred and
thirty-live- dollars and seventy - five
cents $tKVi.7"ij damages, and costs eight
dollars and three cents l$3.()' and inter
est and increased costs, I have levied
upon the following described real
estate, to wit: The west half I's' o the
southeast quarter ',l of Section number
thirty-two .12, in Township number
eighteen I8 north or Range number
otir 1J east or tin' ixtli Principal Me
ridiau, iu Platte county, Xebraska,
taken as the property ot James Russell
and Mary Russell, and will offer tin
same ror sale to the highest bidder for
cash in hand, at the west front door of
the Court House in Columbus, (that
being the place wherein the last term
or the District Court ot Platte countv
was held) on the
lOtli Iuj- or September, A. !..
at the hour or three o'clock in the after
noon of said day, when and where due
attendance will be given by the under
signed. Dated at Columbus, Xebraska, Au
gust bth, 1881.
.'t87-. Sh eri ffo T Platte Co., Xeb.
BY VIRTUE or an orderorsale issued
out or the District Court or Platte
county, and State of Xebraska, by the
Clerk thereor, and to me directed, on a
judgment and decree obtained before
said Court at Us October term, A. D.,
1880, to wit: October 22d, A. D., 1880, in
favor of Sarah B. Cantield. executrix of
the Jasl will and testament of Philo
Cantield, deceased, as plaintiff, and
against George AV. Stewart and Lois M.
Stewart, as defendants, for the sum of
three hundred and forty dollars and
eighty-three cents MO.&IJ damages,
and interest and costs, nine dollars and
forty-eight cents $!. MJ and accruing
sosts, I have levied upon the following
described real estate, to wit: The west
half 4 of the southeast quarter J of
Section number thirty -two :i2j, iu
Township number seventeen 17 north
of Range number one 1 west of the
Sixth Principal, in Plattv
county, Xebraska, taken as the property
or George W. Stewart and Lois M.
Stewart, and will offer the same forsale
to the highest bidder, ror cash iu hand,
at the west front door ot the Court
House in Columbus, (that being the
place wherein the lat term or the Dis
trict Court or Platte county was held),
on the .
lOtli day of September, A. I.,
at the hour ot two o'clock p. m. or said
day. when and where due attendance
will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Columbus, Xebraka, Au
gust sth, 1881.
5S7-5 Sheritt ofPUtte Co., Xeb.
In District Court of IMatto Co., Xebr.
John Brill:, Plaintiff,
Lizzik Bkiik. Defendant.
To Lizzie Behr, the above named de
qAKE XOTICE that the above named
JL plaintiff has tiled his petition In
the District Court for Platte county,
Xebraska, praying that a decree of di
vorce he made" dissolving the marriage
between the above named plaintiff and
defendant, on the grounds of adultery,
wilful abandonment and habitual drunk
enness, and you are further notified
that you are required to auswer said
plaintiff's petition on or before the
12th day or September, 1SS1, and In
default of such answer a judgment
against vou will be taken as prayed
for in said petition.
By W. S. Gkkic, his Att'y. M7-S
A.t:rsj Mi::u:y?5ili:. CsUinjr.
Columbus, : : : Xebraska.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Store on Olive S'f., near the old Post-office
Columbus Nebraska. 447-ly
Union Pacfic Land Office,
On Lout Time and low rate
of Interest.
All wishing to buy Rail Road Landi
or Improved Farms will tlud it to their
advantage to call at the I. P. Land
Ollice before lookin elsewhere as 1
make a specialty ot buying and selling
lands on commission; all persons wish
ing to sell farms or unimproved land
will find it to their advantage to leave
their lands with me for sale, as my fa
cilities for affecting sales are unsur
passed. 1 am prepared to make final
proof for all parties wishing to get a
patent for their homesteads.
iSJ-Henrv Cordes, Clerk, writes and
speaks German.
Agt. I'. 1. Land Department.
.T.V..y COLL' 31 BUS, XEB.
Ca::u:)rt3 39nirl i 2h1 ial Tsrur It Hilit.
CASH CAPITAL, - $50,000
Lkandku (Jkruauii, Pres'l.
(eo. W. Vice Pres't.
Julius A Reed.
Edwahd A. Gekkakd.
Ak.vkr Tuu.vkk, Cashier.
Ilnnk of Oepoult, UUrouHt
nnd IK4liuns
oll'loiiNlroiuptIy IVIutleon
ii II lo!nl.
Pity Interest oh Time Depe
i. 274
We Mean Cured, Not Merely Relkwd
And Can JProve What toe Claim.
Kyrhrif arrno fallnriml nodlup.
twlntmeiiu. If yon mjrr troubleU wIlS
qolohly fuml, a faunditd lMTe btfg
already. We atutll be pleaMsJ to mail a
hrrt of tsaimonlalM U any In(prrtnl.
Also cure aU form of Biliousness, prereatCcmiU
patlon ana Dyspepsia, promote I)letlnn. rellera
distress from too hearty eating, correct Disorders
tho Bowels. They do all this by takloic Just ooo
little pill at a doe. Theyare purely
not rrlpe or purze.and aro as nearly perfect us It
Is possible for a pll! to be. Price 15 cents, J for IU
Sold by druggists ererywhere or sect by mall.
The Celebrated "Wood Twiae Btad-
iai; Harvester, Chain Ruke and
Sweep Rake Reupar, with aew
Iron Mower; The Dulny Hay
Rake, Adams & French
Harvester, Manny
Reaper aud
H Iver "
" Y?V ' sW MTssssssssr 1