The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 17, 1881, Image 2

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n:ixi:sn.vv, aug. it, issi.
Kntereilat Jhe Pot-oHR"!-, Columbus,
ScU as fccvond cla mutter.
The stock yards at Omaha arc to
be quadrupled in size.
A $20,000 butter packing house is
to be built in Lincoln.
The Norfolk Journal is putting
up a building for itself.
West Point is to have a new
school-house to coat $11,300.
A new directory shows that Oma
ha has a population of 3S,000.
The horses at Camden, Ohio, are
suffering from a terrible disease.
President Garfield baB lost
forty pounds during his sickness.
Central and southern lown is
Buffering greatly for want of rain.
Ten burglaries were committed
at Des Moines one night last week.
Albionites regard a hook aud
ladder company as a great neces
sity. August Miller, a laborer , of
Fremont, died from sunstroke last
There were 08 deaths and 35
births in Omaha during the month
of July.
Omaha has 3,000 dogs and the
Republican says 500 could do the
Two thousand men it is said are
out of work at the Susquehanna
coal cprapany, Penn.
Orville Grant, brother of Gen
eral Grant, died on the 5th inst, at
Morris Plains, X. J.
The death of Hon. T. L. Schick,
of Nemaha, Neb., was reported at
Lincoln on the 10th.
The first car of barley of this
year's crop received in Chicago, was
from Adams county, Neb.
The West Poiut Butter and
Cheese Association is building barns
to accommodate 300 cows.
A fire at Pawnee City last week
burned twenty-fire business houses.
The loss will reach $40,000.
Bryan Golden, of New York, on
the 11th probably fatally assaulted
his wife, then killed himself.
Cait. J. S. Greer, of Hastings,
Mich., died one day last week, of a
clear case of Asiatic cholera.
There are ten saloons in Lincoln,
the proprietors of which pay into
the treasury $10,000 per year.
In the House of Lords the other
day the Irish land bill was read the
third time without a division.
Dillon, it is stated, was released
from jail because further imprison
ment would eudanger bis life.
Four hundred and fifty pnsou
gers at Chicago bought Grand
Trunk tickets for Boston at $5 each.
The United States internal rev
enue collections of this state for the
month of July amounted to $80,000.
C. C. Kitchen, of Cincinnati, em
ployed in the signal service, com
mitted suicide last week by taking
E. A. Hark, a railroader, had his
head taken oil" and right arm severed
while coupling cars at Dayton, O.,
last week.
Dr. Miller of the Omaha Herald
is to deliver the address at (ho Burt
county fair, to he held September
7, 8 aud 9.
H. A. Allen and F. J. Wright
have been appointed internal rev
enue storekeepers for the fifth dis
trict of Illinois.
Nebraska's second annual dog
show will be held at Norfolk, com
mencing August 30th and contin
uing four days.
Judok James D. Colt, of the
Massachusetts Supreme Court, com
mitted suicide the other evening by
shooting himself.
Every house but three burned
from the spark of a locomotive in
the town of Trafalgar, O., the other
day. Loss $50,000.
In a large section of the northern
part of Michigan, fires are raging
and threatening immense destruc
tion to standing pine.
Six monster sharks have recently
been caught in the North and East
rivers, New York, weighing several
hundred pounds each.
The Irish-Americans of Lawrence,
Mass., ceicbrated the other evening
the liberation of John Dillon from
jail by a mass meeting.
The West Point paper mill is
erecting an extensive addition to
their buildings. The new improve
ments will cost $00,000.
German is to be the official lan
guage of the Republic Transvaal.
Natives and British residents will
be placed at a great disadvantage.
Charles Zei, of Des Moines, la.,
who had been beating his wife re
cently, was arrested at her instance.
He got drunk afterwards, and on
the night of the 11th shot himself.
The Laughtin nail works at Mar
tin's Ferry, near Wheeling, W. Va.,
burned last week. Two hundred
men will have to find other work.
The Times says that all the gov
ernment fountain at Lincoln needs
to be complete is a bronze monkey,
perched on the apex of the masonry.
Edward S. Bandall, a letter car
rier, was arrested the other day at
Indianapolis. He has been opening
letters for months. Over five hun
dred complaints bad been made to
the post-office authorities.
The state reform school building
at Kearney is comi-lctrd, and we
learn that the institution ip now
ready for the reception of inmates.
The Atlantic Flouring Mills at
St. Louis, Mo., owned by George
Bain, was struck by lightning the
other evening and entirely consum
ed. Action is being taken to locate a
$100,000 Congregational college at
Yankton. It is to be erected on a
bluff, either north or west of the
Mrs. Millard Fillmore, relict
of ex-President Fillmore, died at
Buffalo, X. Y., on the 11th. She
died from a second attack of par
alysis. The thermometer reached 10S de
grees at Quincy III., and 102 at Des
Moines, Iowa, on the 11th, the hot
test day ever known at the places
It is said that money and freedom
from taxation are offered by the
Russian Government as an induce
ment to men to settle in Nova
The artesian well at Yankton,
which is down 300 feet, struck a
blue shale formation the other even
ing which was saturated with pe
troleum. A dense fog prevailed the other
day in New York, working great
damage to shipping. Nine vessels
went ashore on Blackwell's island ;
two sank.
It is stated that the Germau Gov
ernment are doing their utmost to
suppress Jew baiting in Pomerania.
At Koslin, twenty-one persons were
The Supreme Court adjourned last
week to the 17th of October, at
which time opinions will be filed in
a large number of cases held under
Butler and Burt counties have
already made application for ex
hibition space at tho State Fair.
Both counties iutend to exhibit on a
largo scale.
Crow Dog, the murd.crcr of Spot
ted Tail, accompanied by another
Indian, came to Ft. Niobrara the
other day and surrendered to Col.
M. Michael who is wanted at
Meadville, Pa., for stealing $G,000 in
government bunds, was arrested
near Topeka, Kansas, disguised as a
farm laborer.
The Sioux City & Pacific road, it
was expected, would be finished to
O'Neill sometime last week and that
the road would be opened for busi
ness this week.
E. D. Northrop, a lawyer, shot
John O'Donuell, a rich lumberman
last week, at Elliottsville, N. Y.,
who afterwards died. Both were
prominent men.
Maud S. at Rochester, N. Y., on
the 11th inst., beat her former rec
ord, making a mile in 2:10, re
ceiving the applause of fifteen
thousand people.
The report that tho Pope intended
to leave Rome was circulated by
the Vatican, with a view, it is stated,
of enlisting the .sympathies of tho
foreign Catholics.
Eleven men-of-war are being
built by the Spauish government,
and six more in foreign dockyards
to form a fast and well-armed squad
ron for the colonies.
The U. S. treasury department
has received about $40,000,000 worth
of bonds for continuation from Eng
lish holders. The London agency
will be closed at once.
Cuba, as well as other parts of the
Wet Indies, is Buffering from a vir
ulent season of yellow fever. The
dreaded disease has also appeared
on the Gulf of Mexico.
Miss Minnie Williams, daughter
of Prof. Williams, editor of the
Hastings ITebraskian, while on a
visit to Lincoln last week, was found
drowned in Salt Creek.
At a camp meeting being held at
Chautauqua, N. Y., last week the
Rev. E. E. Hale read one of his own
stories, and Prof. Liebling, of Chi
cago, played a piano 6olo.
"The treasury department at Wash
ington arc about to put a stop to the
custom of punching holes in coin.
They intend to invite the public to
refuse any clipped money.
A severe drought is roportcd in
Switzerland. There is a scarcity of
water in most parts of the country.
In Savoy beasts are perishing for
lack of wnter and from heat.
The heat throughout the United
States last week was very oppress
ive to man and beast, and in many
localities they were compelled to
stop labor and get out of tho sun.
Gen. Grant has purchased a large
and nice residence in the city of
New York, costing $95,000. It
would appear that he intends to
make New York his future home.
Lv the public square on which the
Cathedral of the city of Mexico is
built was found, while exca
vating for a public garden, a
column of the old Cathedral of 1526.
The dronth in Kentucky is very
severe, and more so than any other
Bince 1S54. The corn is twisted and
curled with the heat and dry
weather, and will certainly be a
short crop.
Charles Botnton, of Bar Mills,
Me., tried to kill his wife and her
sister, and then succeeded in killing
himself. The sister's wound may
prove fatal. Cause wife refused to
j lire with him.
The IreIIon.
For sometime past it has been
doubted by those who have been
reading events as well as bulletins
that the president's couditiou was so
rose-colored as was given forth by
tho constituted authorities at the
capital. There has seemed to be an
effort to make it appear that the
president was abundantly able to
fulfill the duties of his office; and
perhaps this is sufficient to account
for such a course, as in case of dis
ability the constitution provides
that the vice president shall act as
president, during such disability.
Although we have no knowledge
of precedent in our history, it has
seemed to us all along that the pres
ident's disability was such that the
commaud of the constitution ought
to have been obeyed.
Mrs. Garfield wrote a letter re
cently to a friend in Ohio, in which
she stated that the reports concern
ing the president's great appetite
were not correct, that his appetite
was poor; aud latterly Mrs. Dr. Ed
ison, the lady nurse, has said : "he
is a great and constant sufferer, and
is at present exceedingly feeble.
He talks very little. His condition
is serious."
While we wore thinking of these
things, and a possible motive for
deceiving the public as to the pres
ident's actual condition, a telegram
is received from Washington, dated
7a. m., Aug. 10th, saying: "The
President is failing rapidly, and is
not expected to live."
Latest, 11 a. in. Tuesday. The
president is in a critical condition.
The doctors don't say much because
the don't know much.
The baby giant of Iowa, whose
homo is in Atlanic, was in Council
Bluffs the other day. The parents of
this wonderful child accompanied it
aud left over the Northwestern for
Missouri Valley, where the child
wonder will bo exhibited and will
then go to Minnesota in quest of
cooler weather. The Iowa baby
giaut is 3 years old and weighs 125
pouuds. The baby was born in
Anamosa, this state, and some time
since the parents removed to Atlan
tic. The baby is an intelligent and
handsome looking child, there being
none of those disgusting features of
make-up that characterizes monstros
ities generally. The fat youngster
knows its letters and is capable of
making known all its wants by word
of mouth. Th'o parents are both
spare built persons, and neither
weighs over 135 pouuds. Council
Bluffs Xonpareil.
It is a waste of time and words to
talk about who will succeed Judge
Maxwell in the Supreme Court. He
will succeed himself and he ought
to. He has labored faithfully aud
brought forth good works. He has
steadily riseu to a position where he
commands the respect aud confi
dence alike of litigants and attor
neys. His re-election is duo to him
and to the people of this slate whom
he has diligently served for the past
nine years. Vast interests public
and private arc concerned in the
make up of the Supreme Court, and
hence as little experimenting as pos
sible should be practiced in electing
its members. Schuyler 2Tcws.
Look out, and you may detect a
counterfeit twenty dollar bill, one of
which was recently received at the
Omaha National Bank, and which
has been executed entirely with a
pen, by somo expert penman aud
forger. It is executed in all the
various colored inks used on bank
notes, and even the paper itself is
made to look like bank note paper
by little strokes of the pen. It is a
great curiosity. It was paid to the
bank by a government official, thro'
whose hands it passed without de
tection. A serious accident occurred on
the Grand Trunk railway on the
13th near Prescott Junction, N. Y.,
which resulted in the death of the
engineer, the serious wounding of
the fireman, baggage master and two
express messengers, and various in
juries to a number of passengers.
The locomotive was thrown from
the track, carryiug the tender, bag
gage, Bmoking and two passenger
cars with it. The cars were thrown
upside down, and the express car
smashed to kindling wood. A cow
on the track did it.
A storm cloud burst last week
over Central City, Colorado, and
immediately thereafter a volume of
water from four to five feet deep
rushed down the streets, Sweeping
overy thing before it. Great boul
ders, weighing nearly a ton, were
rolled around like pebble stones.
Several residences, bridges and rail
road tracks were swept away. The
damage at Central City and Idaho
Springs is estimated at $250,000.
A mass meeting in favor of pro
tection for home industries was held
at Exeter Hall, London, one evening
last week. The proprietor of the
Morning Post, Mr. Borthwick, pre
sided, and made a" telling Bpeech
agaiust free trade. Captain Camer
on, the African explorer, said that
protection was as necessary for
England as it was for America.
It is claimed that the British gov
ernment will cease prosecutions
under the coercion act, and after the
passage of the land bill there is a
show of law and order; tho prison
ers arrested under the act will be
The general government will loan
the state for tho soldiers' re-union,
to be held at Lincoln, commencing
Sept. 5th, seven hundred hospital
tents and two twelve pound'eannou
with equipage complete, and other
supplies. The tents, &c, will be
drawn from Jeftersouville, Ind., and
the cannon from the United States
arsenal at Rock Island. It will re
quire five freight oars to transport
the tents aud other supplies.
The supreme court of this state
decided last week that the Slocumb,
high-license law is constitutional,
and that city and county authorities
may refuse to grant license, if they
see proper to do so. The court also
hold that a license obtained under
the old law is no protection or bar
to a prosecution for selling liquor
without license since the first of
June, the time the new law went
into effect.
Twe-ty-fivk Chinese students, on
their way from Hartford home,went
west last week. They say they have
completed the studies for which they
were bent. One reason they gave
for being summoned home is that
this government's military and na
val academies are closed to them.
As Germany aud England allow
them to enter their institutions, it is
probable they will go hither here
after. Kaufman Ingkrsol, a well-to-do
fanner of the German settlement in
Richland precinct, Washington coun
ty, Neb., committed suicide one day
last week, and his remains were
found near his house in a corn field,
with a revolver close to his body,
a ball wound through the head.
He owned a valuable farm that was
well stocked. He was unmarried ;
no cause can be assigned for his rash
J. W. Dawes, chairman of the
Nebraska Republican Central Com
mittee, has called a meeting of the
members of the committee to be
held at the Commercial Hotel in
Lincoln, Wednesday, Aug. 31st, '81,
at 2 p. m. The member from this,
the Fourteenth district, is Mr. A. E.
Cady, of Schuyler, who is always on
tho alert for political duties.
Destructive wind, rain and thun
der storms visited Petersburg, Va.,
and Philadelphia, Fa., on the 13th.
At the former place trees, fences
and chimney were blown down and
the damage by the storm everywhere
is terrible. At the latter place the
storm was equally as fierce and des
tructive. The roofs of about fifty
dwellings were demolished.
Recently in New York there
haye been large purchases, up into
the millions, of old United States 5
per cent, coupon bonds not extend
ed at 101... These bonds will soon
bo called in and sonic folks claim
that purchasers will make a nice
profit. It is stated that one national
bank made an operation of this kind
to the extent of $20,000,000.
Georgia is about to pas- a law to
suppress Mormonism iu that state.
It will provido that any person rnn
victod of teaching such principles
and endeavoring to decoy emigrants
to Utah shall be fined not exceeding
$100 or imprisonment for more than
one year, or both at the discretion of
the court.
The John street church in New
York was crowded with members
aud frieuds of the M. E. churches of
that vicinity on the 5th, to extend
greeting and say farewell to nearly
two hundred delogates aud their
friends, who sailed on the (Jth to
attend the Methodist ecumenical
conference in London, Sept. 7th.
The funeral of Gen. Robert Pater
son took place at Philadelphia on
the 11th inst. The pall bearers were
Gens. Grant, Sherman, Porter and
Hancock, Joseph Patcrson, John
Welch, Judgo Riddle and A. II.
Drayton. Many other Generals
were present.
G. H. Long and C. R. Howard,
president and treasurer of the Alli
ance Insurance-Company, were ar
rested the other day in Boston on
the charge of embezzling funds bo
longing to the Company. The defi
ciency is about $11,000.
Secretary Blaine lately had
malaria and a tendency to chills.
Ho has been advised to go to the
seashore. Let the capitol be remov
ed to the elevated plains of Nebras
ka, whero tho pure air will give our
public men clear heads.
A sfecial from Pino Ridge agen
cy, Neb., Crow Dog, captain of po
lice at Rosebud agency, shot and
instantly killed Spotted Tail one day
last week. There had been ill feel
ing between them for somo time.
Trouble is anticipated.
Henry Williman, Mr. Dorflinger
and Wensol Ratznecker,incn injured
at St. Louis at the burning of the
Atlantic Mills, died on the 13th.
Herman Herschfield, an employee
of the mill, is missing. It is believed
he is burned.
Miss Lena Homan aud Miss Louia
Farber wero- instantly killed one
night last week on the Staten Island
railroad, at the Scgiuus Lave cross
ing. The carriage in which they
wero riding was crushed, and the
horse killed,
Three convicts escaped one night
last week from the p'enitentiary at
Lincoln. Their names are L. M.
Goddard and James Richardson,
horse thieves, and George Davis,
grand larceny. Fifty dollars reward
for each.
Five hundred and twenty-seven
deaths in one week in Chicago. The
highest number ever reached before
was 452. The intense heat two
weeks since is claimed to be the
cause of the increased mortality.
BY VIU'lTUofa license i.sued by the
INtrkt( owrt nr the Fourth Judi
cial District ot Xlir.ikn, in anil for
Platte count , the undersigned, exeett
tor of the eitatt of John A. NorrN, late
of Franklin count . in the State of Ohio,
deceased, will sell at public, vendue the
"follow ins: described real estate, situated
and leii.j.' in tho county of Platte, ami
State of Nebraska, to wit: The south
west 3- or the omliwet i of Section S,
in Township IT nortli of K.uiso 1 eat
The eat V4 of the southwest i of Sec
tion 3. in Township IT north of Ran-e I
east. The north ' of northeast Vy of
Section 27. in Township 17 north of
Range 1 east. The southeast l of the
northeast Vf of Section 27. tn Township
17 north of Range 1 eat. The northeast
Vf of the southeast yA of Section 27, in
Township 17 north of Range 1 east.
And the undivided half of the south l
of the southeist j of Section 2.1, in
Township 17 north of Range 1 east.
Alo the following lots in tiie city of
Columbus, to wit: Lot 7 in block 3s,
lot 8 in bloel; 3S, lot 3 in block 3i lot 4
in block W, lot 1 in block -10. lot 2 in
block 40, lot 1 in block 4!!, lot 2 in block
13, lot in block ."S, lot 4 in block 53, lot
," in block 72, lot 0 in block 72, lot 7 in
block 74, lot 3 in block 74. lot :t in block
sS, lot 4 in'block bS, lot '! in block 121,
lot in block 121, lot 0 in block 12S, lot
3 in block i:J, lot 1 in block ISO. lot 1 in
block 1S3, and lot 2 in block 133. Said
sale will take place on
ThurMluv, the 8tH lny ofSep.
teinler, 1881,
at 10 o'clock, a. in., at the west door of
the Court House in Columbus, Platte
county, Nebraska. Terms of sale: one
third cash, balance in two, equal, an
nual payments, with interest at ten per
Columbus, N'eb., Alls'. 17. '31.
Kxceutor of the estate of John A. Xor-
ris, deceased. .33-4
BY VIKTCE of an order of sale is
sued out of the District Court of
Platte county and State of Nebraska,
by the Clerk "thereof, and to me direct
ed, on a judgment and decree obtained
before said Court at its adjourned
March term, A. v., lsSl, to wit, .Mine
10th. A. D., 1831, in favor of Nannie O.
Motlitt as plaintiff, and against Karoliue
Bader, widow, and Henry Bader and
Josephine' Bader, children and minor
heirs of Karl Bader, deceased, as de
fendants, for the sum of two hundred
and ninety-seven dollars and ninety-tive
cents damages, and costs thirty-eigbt
dollars and eight cents (f 53.03), and ten
dollars as guardian ad litem, and ac
cruing costs, I have levied upon the
following described real estate, to wit:
The north half (J) of the northwest
Uarter(VO of section number twelve
(12) in township number eighteen (13)
north of range one (1) west of the sixth
principal meridian, in Platte county,
Nebraska, taken as the property of
Kitroline Bader, widow, and Henry Ba
der aud Josephine Bader. children and
minor heirs of Karl Bader, deceased,
and will offer the same for sale to the
highest bidder, for cash in hand, at tho
west front door of the Court House iu
Columbus, that being the place where
the last term of the District Court ot
Platte county wa held, on the
ISMli tlay r Au-iisi, A. !., ISWI,
at the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said
day. when and where due attendance
will be given bv the undersigned.
Dated at ( olumbus, Nebr., Julv 18th,
."s.i Sheriff or Platte Co.
1Y V1KTTE of an order of sale is.
! sued out of the District Court of
Platte county, and State of Nebraska,
b the Clerk thereof, and to me direct
ed, on a judgment and decree obtained
bflore said Court, at its adjourned
March term. A. D., 1S31, to wit, June
Mil, A. D., 1SS1, in favor of Charles P.
Dewey and Albert B. Dewey, executors
ol C. Dewey, deceased, as pl-iintiils and
I'll tries Kohlrust and Ellen Kohlrust
as defendants, for the sum of live hun
dred and Mt-two dollars damages,
and costs twenty-nine dollars and thir
teen cents, and accruing costs, 1 have
le ied upon the following described real
estate, situate in said eoiintv and state,
to wit: The south half (J4) of the
outhwest ijnarter (4) of section num
ber two (2) iu township number nine
teen (Mil) north of range one (I; west of
the sith principal meridian, taken as
the property of Charles Kohlrust and
Ellen Kohlriist, and w ill offer the same
for sale to the highest bidder, for cash
iu hand, at the west front door of the
Court House in Columbus, that being
the place where the last term ot the
District Court of Platte county was
held, on the
lOtli day r Aiir n. A. !., 1881,
at the hour of three o'clock p.m. of said
day, when and where due attendance
will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Columbus, Nebr., Julv 13th,
pssi. benjamin spii:i;man,
.VM-.-I Sheriff Platte Co.. Nebr.
To William J. Brausen, non-resident
TAKE NOTICE that rbarles P.
Dewey and Albert B. Dewev have
sued you in the District Court in aud
for Platte county. Nebraska, and that
you are required to answer the petition
tiled by said Charles P. Dewey and Al
bert B. Dewey, on or before the 2!tth
day of August, 1331. The prayer of said
petition is for tho foreclosure of a
mortgage made by you to Charles P.
Dewey and Albert B. Dewey, on the
24th day of April, 1830, on the north
li'ilf of the northwest quarter of Section
20, in Township 1! north of Kange 2
west of the sixth principal meridian in
Platte county, Nebraska, which mort
gage was given to secure the payment
of live several promissory notes all
dated April 24th, 1830, four of said notes
being for thirty dollars each, and are
payable in one, two, three and four
years after the date thereof respective
ly! the other or ilftli note being for the
sum of three hundred dollars and is
payable in five years after the date
thereof, all bearing interest at the rate
of ten per cent, from maturity till paid,
which said promissory notes were made
and delivered by vou to the said Charles
P. Dewev and Albert B. Dewev.
By ClUS. A. Sl'ElCK,
their Att'y.
Administrator's Sale.
BY VIRTUE of a license issued bv
the District Court of the Fourth
Judicial District or the State of Nebras
ka, in and for Platte county, tho undersigned;-
administrator of 'the estate
of 3Iariah Arnold, late of said Platte
county, deceased, will sell at public
vendue the following decribcd real
estate, situated and being in the county
of Platte, and State of Nebraska, to wit:
The west half of the southwest quar
ter of section number thirteen, and the
northwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of the northwest quarter of
section number twenty -four, all in
township seventeen north of range one
west of the sixth principal meridian.
Said sale will take place on
XIiur.da.y, tlic IStli duyofAu
Rust, 1881,
at 10 o'clock, a. m., at the west door of
the Court House, in Columbus, Platte
county, Nebraska. Terms of sale: one
third cash, balance in two annual, equal
July 27th, 1831.-
Charles B. Stillman,
Administrator of the estate of 3larlah
Arnold. 5S.V1
To Augustus W. Lawrence, non-resident
X on the 21st day of Jul, 1831tla
rian Lawrence filed a petition airainst
you in the District Court of Platte
county, Nebraska, the object and prayer
of which are to obtain a divorce from
vou on the ground that you have gross
lv, wantonly and cnully refused and
failed to provide maintenance for said
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 12th day of Sep
tember, 1831.
July 21. 1331.
By JOHX G. niooiNS,
her Attorney. 535-4
Leonard F. Parker.
Augustus AY. Lawrence
e,ef al.)
In District Court, PlatU county, Ne
bra ska.
Augustus W. Lawrence. The Eagle
.Manufacturing Company, Tlirron Cum
mins, Henrv T. Noble and Orris B.
Dodge, doing- business hi tirm name or
Cummins Noble ,fc Dodge, non-resident
defendants, will take notice that on the
30th dav of Julv, 1331. the above named
plaintiil'liled in the otlice of the district
court of said Platte county, Nebraska,
his petition against .aid defendants and
others, the object and prayer of which
is to foreclose a certain mortgage exe
cuted by said Augustus W. Lawrence,
on the 10th day of July. 1370, on the
northeast quarter or 'section two (2),
township seventeen (17) north, of Range
one (1) east of the sixth principal me
ridian, on which there is now due the
sum or Five Hunded Dollars ($W)
with twelve per cent, interest thereon
rrom July 10th, 1ST, for which sum
plaintiff prav.s judgment, together with
a forecloseiire ol' said mortgage, and an
order tor the sale of said premises.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the lUtli day of Sep
tember. 1381.
Wmr.MOYFis. Gkukaud Post,
530-" Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To Charles Walker, non-resident de
fendant: rp.VKK NOTICE that Albert B. Dewey
JL has sued vou in the District Court
in and for Platte county, Nebraska, aud
that vou nre required to answer the
petition filed bv said Albort B. Dewey,
on or before the 12th dav of September.
1831. The prayer or said petition is for
the foreclosure of a mortgage made by
you to Albert B. Dewev on the 10th
dav of April, I860, on the south half of
the southeast quarter ot Section 23, in
Township 13 north or Range ii west or
the Sixth Principal Meridian in said
Platte county. Which mortgage was
given to secure the payment or five
several promissorv notes, all dated
April 19th, 130, rour or said note being
for the sum of twenty dollars each, and
are payable iu one, two, three and four
vears after the dates thereof respective
ly, the other or tifth note being for the
Mini of two hundred dollar. and is piy
able in live years alter the date thereof,
all bearing interest at ten per cfnt.
from maturity till paid, which said
promissory notes were made and de ti
ered bv vou, to the said Albert B.
Dewey.' " ALBERT B. DEWEV.
By Ciias. A. Spkick,
Attornev. 33i-Ti
Land Otlice at Grand Island. Neb J
Julv 23th, 1831. f
NOTICE is hereby given thai the
following-named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make tinal
proor in support or his claim, ant that
said proor will be made before the Clerk
of the District Court of Platte Cunt.
at Columbus. Neb., on Thursday Sep
tember I.'ith, 1381, viz:
Carl F. Steiner, Homestead Nr. 00".",
Tor the N. W. J Section 1 1. Townihip 1!)
nortli, Range I west. He names .he fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continu
ous residence upon and citltivitioii of
said aiid, vi.: Charles Stone Hans
Christenson, John ChrWtensnii:fid Nils
Peterson, all of Looking Class Platte
Co., Neb.
."i3..") M. B. IIOXI K, Rejister.
Land Otlice at Grand Island, Jeb.J
Julv 23th, l.sSL f
"TrOTICE is hereby given that the
LN following-named settler las tiled
notice of his intention to nuke final
proof iu support or his claim, ind that
said proor will be made lefore the
Clerk of the District Court of Platte
County, at Columbus, Neb., ni Thurs
day. September l."th, 1331, viz
Andrew Fredrick Andersdi, Home
stead No. G.:2, tor. the S. W. , Section
2(5, Township 20 north, Ranje I west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous resUeuce upon,
and cultivation of said laul, viz: Hans
Chrisieuson, John Christeiou, Charles
Stone and Nels Olson, aL or Looking
Glass, Platte Co., Neb.
WW M. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Otlice at Grand Island, Neb.,1
July :t0;h, 1831. f
NOTICE is hereby jiven that the
following-named M'ttler has tiled
notice or his iuteutioi to make tinal
proor iu support of hi claim, and that
said proor vill be m idebefore the Clerk
or Dist.Court or Platte Colum
bus, Neb., on Thursd j, Septemler8 th.
Is;t, viz:
.Michael J.t lark, Honestead No. (5187,
for the W. y2, X. W. '.Section 12, Town
ship li nortli, Range J west. He names
the following witucises to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Henry .McCabe,
Edward Rogan, Thomas MePhillips and
Wilbert, Fortune, all cf Postville, Platte
Co., Xeb.
:3.r M. B. IIOXI E, Register.
Land Otlice at Grand Islaud, Neb ,)
Jnne29th, ls31. f
"VfOTICE is hereby given that the
JA following-named settler has filed
notice of his intention to make tinal
proof .in support of his claim, and that
said proof will lie made before Clerk of
the District Court ol Platte county,
Nebraska, at the County Seat, on Sept.
24th 1331, viz:
" Lewis White, Homestead No.. 1822, for
the X. W. K, Section 22, Township 20
north, Range 2 west. He names he fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continu
ous residence upon and cultivation or
said land, viz: Abraham Rowe, Byron
Churchill, William Selsor and George
W. Clark, all or Humphreys, Platte
Co., Xeb.
o3G-.r 31. B. HOXIE, Register.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.J
July 11th, 1831. f
NOTICE Is hereby given that the
following-named settler has tiled
notice or his intention to make tinal
proor in support of his claim, and that
said proor will be made before John
Stauffer, Clerk of the District Court of
Platte Co., Neb., at Colnmbuu, on the
13th of August, 1381, viz:
Thomas Blandford, Pre-emption D.S.,
Itisy, for the N. E. , Section 24, Town
ship 10, Range 3 west. He names the
following witnesses to prove his contin
uous residence upon, and cultivation of
said land, viz: George Lamb, Robert
Lewis. Wilbcrt Fortune, John Griffey,
all of Postville, Platte Co., Neb.
.-83-.- 31.15. HOXIE, Register.
Land Office, Grand Island, Neb.,)
July 18th, 1831. S
NOTICE is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has tiled no
tice or bis intention to make final
proor in support oT his claim, and that
said proor will be made before the clerk
ot the district court or Platte county,
Nebraska, at county seat, on August
31st, 1881, viz:
Robert E. Wiley, Homestead No.n7.VJ,
for the E. K. S. AV. J, Section 10,
Township 18, Range 3 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion or said land, viz: William J. Thurs
ton, or Columbus, Nebr., John D. Dack
and E. B. Hall, oOLonroe, Nebr.,.IehieI
J. Judd, or West Hill, Nebr.
58.--r, 31. B, HOXIE, Register.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.,)
July 2.ith, 1.331. f
NOTICE is hereby given that the
following-named settler has filed
notice or his intention to make final
proor in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before Clerk of
District Court of Platte Co., Neb., at
county seat, on August 31t, 1881, viz:
Alfred Fish, Homestead No. GT.00, for
the N. . S. E. i. Section 8, Township
8 north, Range 4 west, ne names the
following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Frank Beard. John
Coop, William Wright, Jacob Swighart,
all or Woodville, Platte Co., Xeb.
535-5 M. B. HOXIE, Register.
y i. n
l'KOrKIU mils OP THE
urns FAam
S3::u:;j t: kt 7. 30. :;3.
The Loading Drug House
A full 4 ml complete line of
Drags, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines, &c.
Painters' Supplies.
Window (Jlass,
Wall Paper,
When you need anything iu our line
we will lnnKe it to your inter
est to call on u.
3-JV. A. A. Smith retains his
pavilion as Prescription Clerk,whic1i
is a positive tuarantee against mis
takes, and with our facilities every
thing in the prescription line is
Won't forj-t thp place, :t door
north ol'p. O. .V7-y
tt umi
E. J. & J. A. ERst,
(uceesors to SCHUTTK .t POIIL).
Keep constantly on hind the celebrated
WHITEWATER WAGON. We aNo handle :i full line It. I. ISitforil A Co'
floods, such an PLOWS II VRROV and Cl'Ll'I VTOKS. F.uintiiii Cltv
FEEDER, and DRILLS, the best on the market. ( haiupion anil Atery '
CORN PLANTERS. With or Without wire cheek mwi-r Agent lor
the MARSH II ARVESTI-R, twine tind wire hinder. WIND .MILL
anil SL'LK PLOW. ANo for the I. M.O-.b.irii.- sKI.K KIND
ER, either wire or twine, ami V heeler No. J combined
REAPER ind MOWER. JjT K. member, we deal in
Buggies, Phaetons and Platform Spring Wagons,
Don't fail to call on Us and Examine Goods and Prices !
Otlice opp.Town Hall on
All in ivatil of anything in lhaf line, will consult
their own interests hi) giving him a. call. Remem
ber, he warrant's every pair. Has also a.
First -Class Boot and Rhoo Rtoro in C.'onneotion.
13T Repairing Neatly Done.
Don't forget the Place, Thirteenth Street, one door we9t of Marshall Smith's.
Dry Goods and Clothing Store
Has on hand a splendid stock of
Ready-made Clothing,
Dry G-oods, Carpets,
Hats, Caps, Etc., Etc.,
At Drices Uial i m per
I bay my goods strictly for cash, and will give my customers the
benefit of it.
Give Me a call and covince yourself of the facts.
aw I. GliTJCK.
Wareroom9 and Office on Thirteenth St.
7rt zl "iri:ii i.7t.
Repairing Cheaply and Promptly Executed.
i2 ojJTicr: up to 10 tonh.
Having bad years of experhnr in the Wind 31 ill and 1'umn Business, 1 in
prepared to Mill.- and Puuipe. Do rpp.ifrin on short notice, and wilt
warrant any article sold or work don ly me, togv atisfa-tioii or no pity.
Fine and Ornamental Italian. American and Fancy
Marble Monuments, Headstones, or anything
connected ivith the Marble business.
Call anil examine -n-orlr. gfeC our priee. ami be coh rlacetl.
X. B. Being a workman of ten vears experience, we can guarantee you good
work at a saving of from 'JO to UT per rent., bv Jfi ving us call. jSTShop nd
office opposite Tattersall llYery and feil stubie. 5Mia
a well selected stock.
Teas, Coffees, Sugar, Syrups,
Dried and Canned Fruits,
and other Staples a
GocmN IeIIvertI Tret lo aar
part of the City.
Farm and Spring Wagons,
of which I keep a constant supply on
hand. but (ew their eu,nttl. In atjrlt
aud quality, second to none.
Cor. Thirteenth and K Streets, near
A . it y. Depot.
I.'Ith ?t . COLl'M 1UTS. XEB.
A large and complete assortment of
Men's, ten's and Children's Boots aniSto,
taril of bin in
f t