The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, July 20, 1881, Image 2

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Lntorvil at the Port-oilier, Columbia,
Ncl., a cvcond clu-.& matter.
Southern grape3 last week were
ou sale in the Chicago market.
Vice President Arthur left
"Washington City on the 13th for
New York.
A fire at Lincoln one night laBt
week destroyed George Boyor'a
slaughter nud packing house.
Twenty cases of sun stroke oc
curred one da' last week at Cincin
nati. Several proved fatal.
Ninetv-sevf.n burial permits wero
issued in Cincinnati on the 13th
inst., the largest number ever known
in one day.
Great damage resulted to prop
erty in Iowa from the terrible rain
storm which visited certain por
tions of the state last week.
It is reported that 60on the U. P.
railroad intend to reduce first-class
rates from Omaha, Kansas City, St.
Joe and Leavenworth to Denver.
Some cases of hog cholera are re
ported in the Blair Times, Mr. J.
Gilbcrsou having lost in a short
time by that disease nine large hogs
aud fifty-three shoals.
From reliable reports it is staled
that the French wheat crop will not
exceed an average crop and may be
elightly below it. The Austrian
harvest will be fully up to the
Venezuela, oue of the most
northern of the South American Re
publics, has a revolution on hand.
It is staled that the president, Gen
eral Gusmau Blanco, has 10,000 men
under arms.
The ballotiugs for senators at
Albany on the 12th resulted as fol
lows : Lapham CS, Potter 52, Conk
ling 32. For a successor to Piatt;
Miller 70, "Wheeler 21, Kernan 52.
Rogers was withdrawn.
Three Xcw York thieves made a
big haul the other morning, getting
away with about $10,000 in bills at
the Grand Central depot. It is sup
posed that the monoy was from the
safe at the express ollicc.
It is reported that a woman of the
sickly-sentimental kind, called the
other day at the Washington City
jail and wanted to give Guiteau
aomo broiled chicken and sweet
meats. The food was denied him.
The Catholic Knights of America
held a meeting last week in Cincin
nati. Bishop Elder addressed the
meeting, approving of the order and
denouncing secret societies. About
two hundred and fifty delegates
were present.
SouTn Dcs Moines was under
water one day last week, and out
of connection with the cast, the
track of the C. B. & Q. went down
or gone out It was the heaviest
rain storm ever known in that part
of tho slate.
JrixsE Crouxse has added a few
head of fine blooded heifers to his
already due herd of short horns.
Omaha Republican. "We BUggcst to
the Judge the addition of a few full
blooded Herefords, which promises
fair to be a new favorite.
Henry Smith, the colored wretch
who committed the abominable out
rage upon Lucy "Webb, and after
wards murdered her, near Little
Rock, Ark., was hanged by a mob
last week on the trco where the
dead body of the girl was fouud.
A new railroad is being talked
about and the route viewed by par
ties interested. The route is to be
a direct line from Lako Superior to
Omaha, rm Eau Claire and the Me
nomonee branch. It is alreadv
etylcd the "Omaha Lumber Line."
The vicinity of Fairfield postoffico
near Benson, Minn., was visited last
week by a tempest which leaves
nothing upright in its track. Many
of the citizens dangerously injured
but no lives lost as yet reported, but
a large number of horses and other
stock killed.
A statement cornea from Balti
more saying that within the past few
days eight children and youths have
died of lock-jaw superinduced by
what appeared to be trifling bums
caused by discharging paper caps on
toy pistols. In each case death was
preceded by the most agonizing
David & Sexton's bank, located
at Rivcrton, Iowa, was robbed last
week of about .$4,000 by two men
who jumped over the counter and
secured the money while the clerk
was getting. change for a bill pre
sented by the robbers. They then
mounted their horses, rode away and
were not captured.
Citizens of this nation will great
ly rejoice at the announcement of
tho improved health of Mrs. Abra
ham Lincoln. She has been able to
ride out and receive callers. The
news of the attempted assassination
of President Garfield was a great
shock to her and almost prostrated
her, and for a time produced a re
turn of illness.
The latest news from Albany is
up to the ICth. The balloting re
sulted as follows: For 6hort terra,
Potter 47, Lupham OS, Conkling 29.
For tho long term, Kernan 47, Miller
7G. Nine members changed their
votes to Miller, making his vote S5.
The speaker declared Warner Miller
elected to fill the vacancy occasioned
by the resignation of T. C. Piatt.
."Murder and Kobln-ry.
A gang of robbers side-tracked a
train ou the night of tho ICth ou tho
Rock Island road at Winslow sta
tion, near Cameron Junction. The
signal was given, the robbers rushed
forward and shot the conductor aud
made an attempt to kill the cugineer.
A passenger by the name of Miller
in the darkness was mistaken for the
engineer, and killed immediately.
Having secured possession of the
train, one of them ran the engine.
The robbers next made a dash for
the cars, ordered the passengers to
hold up their hands aud give up
their money and valuables. The
other set of robbers that went to
the express car succeeded in knock
ing the messenger down and secur
ing his keys. The' obtained from
the safe $500 in money, -$300 in val
uables and a government bond to
the amount of $1,000. Chas. West
fall, the conductor, was killed ou the
first attack. About the time the
robbers demanded money of the
passengers a brakesman started for
ward on the train after the conduc
tor was killed, and pulled the cord
attached to the air brakes and soon
the train stopped. The robbers
jumped from the cars and left the
It is claimed by other accounts of
the robbery that they succeeded in
getting about $15,000.
A good deal of sickness may reas
onably bo expected to occur this
scasou along and near to tho water
courses so unusually flooded by high
waters in the spring. Already it
begins to tell in Omaha in the num
ber of people that are sick, as well
as the number of deaths reported the
last week. Citizens in all localities
visited by the floods should in every
instanco of feeling unwell without
delay apply to their family physician
and have the causes of disease in
stantly removed from the system.
If this is not done immediately it
may become so deep sealed as to
require weeks and mouths to con
trol, and perhaps obtain such a hold
upon the system that the best efforts
of your physician cannot control it.
We admouish all to take prompt
action with the diseases of this year,
in all localities that have been flood
ed by the high waters.
The President on the 14th was
still better and improving. The
doctors all agree that he is getting
better right along, aud that the dan
ger is about passed. He had a bet
tor appetite that day and had taken
more food. Some eflbrls are being
made to locate the place of the lodg
ment of the ball in the President's
body. The investigations of Dr.
Bliss lead him to the conclusion that
the ball must have passed through
the liver or must havo grazed it in
its downward course and lodged in
the interior wall of the abdomen, as
at first supposed, aud it will be easy
when the time comes to roraovo it
from that point without danger.
The report from tho President under
date of July 15th says the President's
condition h better than ever. His
appetite is very good, ne atn with
a relish, and retained everything on
his stomach.
James O'Brien, who had been
working on tho section at Nicholas,
just west of North Platte, and learn
ing that a fellow laborer, William
Moflit, had by industry and economy
saved over two hundred dollars,
which he kept in hia room locked iu
a trunk, O'Brien feigned sickness,
and after the man had gone to work,
he broke open the trunk, and taking
the cash, besides several other val
uable articles, he skipped out. The
sheriff of Dawson county captured
tho thief at Plum Creek, where he
was found riding in a box car. Ho
was brought back to North Platte
aud immediately committed to await
the action of the grand jury.
The attending physicians upon the
President on the 12th inst., say they
have not concealed the fact that the
presidcut is a very sick man, and
that he is not out of danger,.but they
do insist that all of his symptoms
are favorable, and that there is no
indication of unfavorable symptoms
to come. They state .that on the
11th inst., the president passed tho
most comfortable day since the
July 12 12-40. The president is
resting quietly, his condition is
somewhat improved. Pulse 182.
July 132 a. m. The president
rests well. His condition continues
the same as at last report.
The town of New Ulra, situated
on the Minnesota river, some sixty
five miles from St. Paul, and con
taining about 3,500 people, was
struck by a wonderful cyclone on
the afternoon of the 15th. The track
of the cyclone is described by the
Pioneer Press as a scene of awful
grandeur during the storm, and an
appalling wreck after it, while the
troubled air was full of debris, and
wildly lit up by blazing balls of
electricity. A large number of the
citizens were killed and others
wounded and a terrible destruction
of houses and other property.
Cranky Bill, a sort of a crazy
dare-devil, fires at three men on
Dodge street, Omaha, last week, and
drives two more out of a saloon with
his pointed revolver. He was finally
captured by policeman Gorman and
placed in the lock-up. The Omaha
Bejniblican thinks he is crazy, and a
dangerous luuatic at that, and eho'd
be sent to a lunatic asylum.
The Kansas City Journal, from
reliable sources estimates the' wheat
and corn crops of Kansas as fol
lows: The yield of wheat will ag
gregate over 20,000,000 bushels, and
the grade will be excellent. The
acreage of corn planted has beou
greater than usual, and it is safe to
estimate the product of this season
at 125,000,000 bushels. The same
Journal, from a careful examination
of the reports,says Nebraska's wheat
crop will reach 1C,000,000 bushels
this year, and her corn to near 90,
000,000 bushels.
The recent rain storm in Iowa
did immense damage in some local
ities. By tho overflow of tho Skuuk
and Dcs Moines rivers, the damage
on low lands of Mahaska is very
serious, hundreds of acres being
submerged. Thousands of dollars
worth of stock was lost, whole herds
numbering over a hundred each
being drowned. Two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars will not cover
the damage in Mahaska county.
On the afternoon of tho 10lh a fire
broke out in DaviB's drug Btore in
Hastings, said to bo the result of tho
explosion of a case of kerosene, and
burned down the whole of the post
office block on the north side of
second street with the exception of
a block on the southeast corner, aud
the livery stable ou tho northwest
corner. Tho loss on buildings will
foot up $40,000, and perhaps half as
much damage on goods.
Thos. K. Pugh, who was supposed
to have been killed by the Apaches,
turns out to be a prisoner in their
bauds. In searching for him a small
note was found in the dust, written
by him, which said, "I am a prisoner.
Apaches have got me. Hurry after
me." The authorities of Mexico
and tho United States have sent
troops after the Indians, and every
effort will be made to save Pugh if
he is still alive.
The Democratic convention of
Ohio held at Columbus on the 13th
inst., placed in nomination the fol
lowing state ticket: For governor,
John W. Bookwalter; lieutenant
governor, E. M. Johnson ; supreme
judge, E. F. Brigham ; state treasur
er, A. F. Winslow; attorney general,
F. C. Dougherty. The convention
passed resolutions deeply deploring
the recent attack upon the life of
the President.
Wonderful feats were performed
by the telegraph on the day of the
President's assassination ; tho West
ern Union company sent 275,000
words of press matter and 6,000
words of private dispatches for its
day 8 work. The American Union
company ran all day, and four news
papers received 30,000 words. All
the wires in Washington that day
sent out about 400,000 words.
Great damage resulted to prop
erty in Marshalltown, Iowa, from
the recent unprecedented rain storm.
The water from Linn Creek rose to
such a height as to float about forty
houses. Some thirteen manufactur
ing establishments wero moro or
less wrecked. In the city the dam
age amounts to $200,000, while out
side, the loss in crops and farm
implements is very largo.
Commissioners Proceedings.
junk 27, continued.
School tax levied for Columbus
School District for general purposes
one and one-half mill, and on the
property of District No 1 as originally
located 5 mills for bonds.
Board took a recess until 1 o'clock
p. ar. At 1 o'clock all present. The
following bills were allowed and the
clerk instructed to draw Warrants
therefore on general fund levy of 1881.
Paul Gertsh, grand juror 1881 . . .? ! SO
.joun wyaiiu
Ignatz ""eith
Ellis Johnson
11 so
10 20
s 10
10 00
8 70
8 80
8 50
11 00
8 50
8 10
8 10
8 10
8 10
Jacob Tschudi "
P.J. Kosno
Maurice Langcn"
Thos. Keating "
James Galligan "
Fred Zoll "
Peter Albaugh "
E.T. Graham "
Nathaniel Rice "
John Rickly "
John C. Tasker
14 .... 8 10
' .... 8 10
Yalentine Losak 8 50
Rufus Leach 12 50
Andrew Paprotzki 3 70
Chas. E. Rickly 8 30
Daniel Ryan 8 10
Thomas Greene 12 50
Erie Erickson 13 30
J. K. Bullock 13 80
Denis Duggan 9 00
Peter Zilrack 11 00
Theodore Friedhof 8 10
James Murdock 10 00
FrankGillett 10 10
D. A. Lord 8 40
Siebert Wenpel 10 SO
J.A.Fulton 12 20
V. T: Price 8 10
Bernard Bubach 8 10
Loren Rasmussen 12 30
Rudolph Jcnni 9 00
John Devine 13 80
JohnKnapp 1120
Isaac Marvin 8 10
Guy C. Barnum 4 10
St. Mary's Hospital, boarding and
nursing paupers 420 95
John Staun'er, Co. Clerk, express
age and postage 22 50
Wm. Deitrichs, goods for county 1 10
John Iluber 1 $ It 00
Charles Wake 10 00
M.E. Clother 10 00
W. A. Routsou 10 00
Julius Kurger I 10 00
JohnStupfel f 12 00
JohnJ.Ricklv 12 00
C.A.Newman 10 00
C. A. Brindley 10 CO
Wm. Terrell j 4 00
John Stauffer, half year's salary
as County Clerk 200 00
Pat. Hayes, goods for paupers... 7 25
F. W. Riemer, labor for ccunty.. 3 05
John Bader, do 14 75
Nick Blascr, work on bridges ... 01 81
Andrew Lockner, labor for coun
ty in court house yard 2000
Fred Blaser, do 59'25
John Staufl'er, Co. Clerk's fees... 21 00
Dr. E. Hoehen, professional ser
vices 58 35
Adolph Jaeggi, house rent for
, jailor 30 00
John Y. Early, mnncr advanced KW W
Jobn IIiiIht, deputy sheriff 1!) Oo
II. Oehlrich .t lire," goods for Co. f 20
J. Nicinollur, do 13 00
Win. A. Houtsou. hauling bridge
timber 500 00
John Stuuffur, compiling census
.returns 41 00
J. E. .Moncrief. services as Coun
ty Superintendent S."i 00
John Stau tier, fees as Clerk of
District Court C! 20
Bills of J. W- Early and J. C. Ic
Mahon iu the safe burglary matter
were laid over, and referred to Byron
Millett for his opinion.
Adjournment to meet next morning
at 9 o'clock. 29, 1SS1.
A. C.Tigner, grand jury witness $ 2 SO
Jacob Greiseu, do 2 10
John W. Earl; , do 2 10
Charles Wake, do 4 10
Louis Weaver, do 2 10
C. W. Edgerton, do 2 10
John Iluber, do 2 IV
Jame9 Ducey, do 0 00
Edward Uadram,do 5 fin
Johanna Ducey, do 4 f0
Patrick Ducev, do.
4 ..0
2 10
f 00
2 10
2 10
2 10
5 20
2 10
o (W
Terreuce Brady, do
lat Noonan, do.
Mrs. Potts, do
V. Scheck, do.
Geo. G. Bowman, do ... .
J no Nickolichtek,do...
William Lamb, do . .
Joe Nickolichek, do....
31. Nickolicheek, do ... .
J. E. North, do
J. J. Rickly, do
Frank Owens, do....
P.W. Schmitz, do....
Walter Phillips, do....
0. C. Shannon, do....
J. G. lliggins, do
Byron Millett, do
Abner Turner, do....
John W. Early, do
1. Gluck, do
F.Connelly, do
5 00
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
2 10
4 50
4 50
2 10
3 10
2 10
3 10
2 10
James Ducey,Jr. do
Geo. Clother, do
Win. Edwards, do....
John Iluber, do....
Geo. Fields, do
Bcu Speilman, do 2
.Michael Doody, do V
Charles Doody, do o
J. W. Early, witness State ys
Louis Weaver, do
Wm . Terrell, do .-.
John .McMahou, do
Chas. Wake, do
John Iluber, do
F. Sehek, do
Kodcr, do
Price, do
Abner Turner, do
C.H.Wilson, do
D. Anderson, do
C. W. Edsrarton, do
Herman Wilken, assessor
Christ. Meedle, do
C.J.Snyder, do
John Burke. do
2 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
11 20
84 78
!t(l 84
S3 82
1)2 10
Robert Piuson, do 10:t 00
Chas. Heitsman, do 3!) 04
John Albracht, do ST SO
S. II. Wanzer, do Ur. 44
J. W. Apjrar, do 57 14
MelcboirBruggerdo 07 T'
E.B.Hall, do 102 28
John Eisenmann do 5C 24
Robert Lewis, do 00 31
J. A. Maag, do.'. 75 SO
Peter Noonan, do 70 01
John Zumbruni, do: 70 CS
I). C. Kavanaugli do part pay .... 315 00
John W. Early, county treasurer
monev expended for apprehen
sion of burglars 233 00
John W. Earlv atfy fees state
vs. Lewis 25 00
Chas. E. .Ricklv hauling bridge
lumber. 120 00
S. A.Bonestcel commissioner of
Insanity 11 00
E. D. SUeelian nag
J. Rasmussen goods for paupers
James Salmon repairing boat
Charles Brindley repairs iu court
house vard
J. B. Delsman & Co. goods for
J. H. Galley & Bro. goods for
county g
II. Ragutz goods for county
Will B. Dale copies of plats
Geo G. Bowman Police Judge fees
State vs. Lewis et. al
John McMahon Chief Police do
C. M. Chambers witness
40 00
2 50
3 00
39 72
1 00
0 90
75 00
13 15
111 15
John .McMahon do,
John Early do
Mr. Scheck do
L. W. Roder do
Mr. Price do
Mrs. Ella Potts do
Mrs. Esslingcr do
John Honahan do
Walter Phillips do
James Lewis do
M.II. White labor for county 150
State Journal Co goods for ronty 79 95
Bill of Jacob Gcrber for hauling
lumber in Butler Precinct was refereJ
to the roadoverseer of said District.
Pleascn valley Precinct was divi
ded in two road districts by a line run
mug north and South in the centre of
said Precinct, and Jonas Ducey was
appointed as roadoverseer for the new
District, it beiug the west half of said
Precinct and known as Road district
No. 2G. .
The following bills were allowed:
Jacob Held road work overseer 0 00
George Rollins do 10 50
Wm. Blocdorn goons and.laborror
county ."
J. G. Routson surveying
T. C. Ryan merchandise
25 00
o 00
2 50
Henry Gibson records 17 90
Hen speilman bnenit lees state
vs. Lewis et. al
Jonn StaullVr fees clerk district
court do
Ben Speilman, Sherin' fees dis
trict court
L. Kramer, merchandise...."" ..
Mrs. Hamer, boarding Chas. Ha
uler . ..
J. E. North & Co., coal for pau-
Jaeggi & Sehupbach, lumber
Henry Gass, merchandise
Ed. Fitzpatrick, stationery
Omaha Republican, merchandise
Carl Heinreichs, Keys
Mills & Co., merchandise"
Gibson, Miller & Richardson, rec
or us y
Henry McCabe. notifying conimis-
12 50
19 93
73 15
18 53
27 00
32 55
47 70
12 00
18 GO
20 90
5 00
10 25
SI 75
20 00
3 00
Wm. Routson, labor as overseer
Wm. Routson, hauling bridge
lumber 50 00
i0 00
1 25
I. Gluck, goods for county
Jos. Martin, SheriffMadison coun
ty, serving grand jury supoena.
Aug. Weissuand, notifying com
missioners I. Gluck, canvassing election re
turns S.S. McAllister, do
2 SO
1 50
2 00
2 00
Paul Iloppcn, jailors fees and
boarding prisoners 70
D. D. Wadswortli, juage 01 elec
tion Michael Weaver, do
John Iluber, do
J. J.Sullivan, clerk of election..
Will B, Dale, do
Joseph Rivet, services as county
Michael Manor, do
John Wise, do
D. C. Kavanaugh, bal. assessors
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
50 00
01 20
71 20
42 00
Fees for defendant witness in case
state vs. Lewis et al were refered to
Byron Millett for his legal opion.
Board adjourned to July 7 1881 .
JOLT 7th, 1881.
Full board present, reading of minutes
defered. The following bonds were ap
proved viz : .
Thomas Keating, roadoverseer
Peter Schaffroth do
Hans Christenser do
Peter Ripp ' do
Tohn H. Wurderman do
Wm. J. Wymond. Justice of the
Itoadscrapers were allowed to Road
overseers, Keating, Schaffroth and J.
II. Wurderman.
Report of Grand Jury on condition
of jail Was read and filed.
The County Treasurer was instruc
ted to furnish R. Ra tickets to Mrs.
Sylvan, and girl at Hospital.
J E. North was appointed to ascer-.
tain if O. N. & B. II. R. Ti. is built
according to Plat on file.
Ole W. Olson was appointed Road
overseer for district No. 5 in Walker
Edward Jones made application for
a coflin aud buryiug place for his
child, the same were duly granted.
Bill of M. E. Clother constable, for
fees iu case State vs. Walker before
Tasker J. P. was refered to Byron
Millett for his legal opinion.
J. E. North tiled affidavit stating
that O. N. & B. II. R. R. had been
built according to Plat on file where
upon the board adopted the following
preamble aud resolution to wit.
Whkukas on the 2lst day of April
A. D. 1SS1 the County Commission
ers of Platte Couuty Nebraska, caused
to be submitted to the electors of
Columbus Precinct iu said couuty a
proposition to issue aud give to the
Omaha, Niebrara and Black Hills
Railroad Company the bonds of said
Precinct iu the amount of 25.000, to
aid iu the construction of said Rail
road. Commencing at a. point on the
Union Pacific railway, in the city of
Columbus in said Count', and extend
ing thence to Lost Creek station also
iu said county ; to be voted at an Elec
tion day called and held on the 28th
day of May A. D. 1881, and,
Whereas at said election, said prop
osition was adopted by the requisite
votes, and the board of Couuty Com
missioners having duly canvassed the
same aud haviug given notice of such
adoptiou iu the manner provided by
Law ; and,
Whereas said Railroad has been
built, constructed aud completed ac
cording to the terms of said proposi
tion, in accordance with the Plat on
file in the office of the County Clerk of
said Platte County, to the satisfaction
of said Commissioners. Therefore be
it resolved that said bonds be duly ex
ecuted and signed by the County Com
missioners of said County, bearing
date June 1st 1881, with interest
coupons attached.
That the Clerk of said Couuty at
test the execution of said bonds and
attach the seal of said County thereto,
and that said bonds, when signed and
executed as aforesaid be delivered to
the Oinalia, Niobrara & Black Hills
Railroad Company by J. S. Shrop
shire its attorney, taking his receipt
therefore j and s.sid Clerk is hereby
directed to prepare a record of all the
proceedings had in relation to said
bonds, and have the same presented to
the Auditor of State as required by
. Motion of Gerrard and Whitraoyer,
in case of Gerrard and Whituioycr vs.
Platte County, was laid over for the
purpose of conferring with Byron Mil
lett, the County Attorney, iu regrrd to
the same.
Board adjourned until to morrow
- Friday July S, 1881.
At roll call, all present.
On motion the Clerk was instructed
to prepare lists of labor tax and road
Roadoverseer Wurderman of Hist.
No. 21 was instructed to get balance
of material for Pieper bridge and
build the same.
Henry Loseke made claim for dam
age for use of his private bridge ac
cross Loseke creek, whereupon said
Loseke was instructed to file his bill
for the same.
Resignation of Joseph Rivet as su
periutendant of Loupfork Uridge was
accepted and on motion Com. Wise was
appointed as such superintendent.
On motion the Clerk was instructed
to notify the several Hoadoverseer? to
draw the funds of their respective
District in the County Treasurers of
fice as provided by law, and that they
bo guided in the expenditure thereof
as provided by law.
Application of David Anderson for
refunding of taxes on lots in Oida
Village was laid over.
Claim for damage of Pat Fahey on
Knapp Road was laid over.
Petition to change Polls in Hum
phrey Precinct from the School Houso
in District No. 19 to the Drug
store of Geo. Forwood iu the town of
Humphrey was read and said change
duly made and ordered.
Tho following roads were located.
Koch road, Meyers road, Jones
The following bills were allowed:
John W. Early, county treasurer
refunding tax to Nitl'encgger . . .
J.E. Tasker, lumber
Byron Millett, county attorney
from Feb. 1SS1 to July 7th 1SS1 .
Wm. Dietrichs, goods for county
Columbus Democrat printing
lfi 3.1
2 05
a 10
01 10
John McMahon capturing safe
burglars bill $309.50, allowed.... 200 00
James Kay, granu jury witness..
A. G. Quinn, repairing bridges,
f 00
bill $85, allowed 70 0(1
Paul lloppen, jailor, Hoarding
prisoners and fees
Mrs. Clark assistant taking Mrs.
Farley asylum
Pat Doody repairing Burkes
A. O. Quinn do
M.K.Turner t Co., printing
32 flu
3 00
12 fiO
11 00.
Ben Speilman acting coroner
?11. 10 less cash received $10.... 4 10
John Iluber deputy sheriff $10.95
less cash received $9.00 195
John Eusden, juror 100
Geo.A.Field do 100
W. Eschelbeckcr do 100
Terrence Brady do 100
J. Niemoller do 100
Dan Mucken4 do 100
Pat Murphy, witness 1 20
Fred Leisriug, do.
1 10
T.C.Ryan, do.
M.Bruk, do.
Mr. Keypus, do.
John Riley, do.
Mr.Ryley, do
Dr. Edwards, do.
John Stazotts. do.
1 10
1 CO
1 40
1 40
1 40
1 10
1 50
Dr. Edwards, expert 5 00
Louis Swarz, interpreter 2 50
C. F. Goodman, rope 35
John Eusden, collin and burying
D. Murphy, guarding body and
Ben Speilman, spirit vermenti ...
Ben Spielman, acting coroner . . . .
12 50
0 00
1 00
14 00
Henry G. carew, constauie
10 85
Joseph Maynard, juror 1 70
K. A. Sage; do
Henry Allison, do
William Knight, do
AVesley Devenay, do
J.B.Potter, do
D-J. Clark, witness
1 20
S.J. Wheeler, do
C. O. Kobb, do
L. Westcott, do
J.Potter, do
Wm. Robb, do
Charles Russell, do
Wm. Mayuard, do
Russell, do
S.J.Wheeler, notifying coroner
1 00
1 10
1 20
1 10
1 10
1 70
1 20
3 SO
14 ST
5 75
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
I 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
1 10
Benj. Spielman, acting coroner
John Iluber, deputy sheritf
II. J. Hudson, jiiror
John Rickly. do
M. Schram, jr., do
C. II. Young, do
Win. Burgess, do
Hugh Hughes, do
S. Hill, witness
Wm. Lawrence, do
John Honahan, do
II. D. Coau, do .'.
Dr. Marty u, do
Bills of defendant's witnesses in case
of State vs, Lewis et al, iu District
Court, Platte county, were rejected.
The following receipt was ordered
to be spread on this Record, viz.:
Columbus, Neb. July 8U1, '81.
Received of the County Commis
sioners of Platte county, State of Ne
braska, tweuty-five bonds of Columbus
preeiuct. of aid Platte county, of one
thousand dollars each, for the Omaha,
Niobrara and Black Hills Railroad
Company, duly executed by the said
J. S. Shropshire,
Attorney for said Omaha, Nfobiara
and Black Hills R. R. Co.
Filed July 8th, 1881.
John Stauffer,
Couuty Clerk.
Motion to adjourn until Tuesday,
July 19th, 1881, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Attest: John Stauefer,
County Clerk.
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale is
sued out of the District Court of
Platte county and State of Nebraska,
by the Clerk thereof, and to me direct
ed, on a judgment and decree obtained
before said Court at its adjourned
March term, A. D., 1S31, to wit, June
10th. A. D.. 18S1. in Tavor of Nannie O.
Motlitt as plaintiff, and against Karoline
Bader, widow, and Henry Bader and
Josephine Bader, children and minor
heirs of Karl Bader, deceased, as de
fendants ftr the sum of two hundred
and ninety-seven dollars aud ninety-five
cents damages, and costs thirty-eiht
dollars and eight cents (?3S.0s), aud ten
dollars as guardian ad litem, aud ac
cruing costs, I have levied upon the
following described real estate, to wit:.
The north hair (J) or the nortnwest
quarter (K) of section number twehe
(12) in townhip number eighteen (IS)
north ofrange one (1) vetof the sixth
principal meridian, in Platte comity,
Nebraska, taken as the property of
Karoline Bader. widow, and Henry Ba
der and Josephine Bader. children and
minor heirs of Karl Bader, deceased,
and will Oder the same for sale to the
highest bidder, for cah in hand, at the
west front door of the Court House iu
Columbus, that being the place where
the last term of the District Court ol
Platte county was held, on the
liUIt day of August, A. I., 18S1,
at the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said
(lav, when and where due attendance
will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Columbus, Nebr., July ISth,
Sherin' of Platte Co.
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale is
sued out of the District Court of
Platte county, and State of Nebraska,
by the Clerk thereof, and to me direct
ed, on a judgment and decree obtained
before said Court, at its adjourned
March term, A. D., 1881, to wit, June
8th, A. I)., 1881, in favor of Charles P.
Dewey anil Allert 15. Dewey, executors
01 U. ncwey, deceased, as piamtltls anil
Charles Kohlrust aud Ellen Kohlrust
as defendants, for the sum of live hun
dred and sixty-two dollars damages,
and costs tweniy-niue dollars aud thir
teen cents, and accruing casts, I have
levied upon the following described real
citato, situate in said couuty and state,
to wit: The south half (14) of the
south wet quarter () of section num
ber two (2) in township number uiue
tceu (1!) north of range one (1) west of
the sixth principal meridian, taken as
the property of Charles Kohlrust and
Ellen Ko!ilrut, and will oiler the same
for sale to the highest bidder, for cash
iu hand, at the west front door of the
Court House in Columbus, that being
the place where the last term of the
District Court of Platte county was
held, ou the
lOlli day ofAupriiNt, A. ., 1881,
at the hour of three o'clock p. 111. of said
lay, when and where due attendance
will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Coliunbus, Nebr., Julv ISth,
;")Sl-r Sherilf Platte Co.. Nebr.
BY VIRTUE of two certain execu
tions directed tome from the Clerk
of the District Court of Platte county,
Nebraska, First: On a judgment ob
tained before S. S. McAllister, J. P., in
and for said Platte county, Nebraska,
and certified by G. 1$. Bailey, J. P., in
fayor of John Partsch aud against Moritz
Stoltze, for the sum of sixty-three dol
lars and sixty-live cents damages, and
the sum of six dollars and ninety cents,
as costs and accruing costs. Second:
On a judgment obtained before S. S.
McAllister. J. P., in aud for said Platte
county, Nebraska, and certified by G. B.
Bailey, J. P.. in favor of Franz Koenig
and against Moritz Stoltze, for the sum
ol fifty-one dollars aud seventy-hve
cents damages, and the sum or six uol
lar aud ninety-one cents costs and
accruing costs, a transcript of which
said two judgments has been duly tiled
with the Clerk of the District Court of
IMatfe county, I hive levied upon the
following described real estate situate
in said county and state, to wit: The
undivided one-half of northeast quarter
(X) of the northeast quarter (,) of
section No. six(O), in township No. sev
enteen (17) north of range one (1) east
of the (Jth P. M., in Platte county,
Nebraska, together with all appur
tenances thereunto belonging, and will
oiler the same for sale to the high
est bidder, for cash in hand. (The said
premises to be sold subject to all prior
incumbrances be the same more or less)
on the
10th day of August, A. I., 1881,
at the west front door of the Court
House in Columbus. Platte county, Ne-
Hjabraska, that being the place where the
last term 01 me uisinci court was neiu,
at the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said
day, when and where due attendance
will be given by the undersigned.
Dated at Columbus, Nebraska, June
27th, 1881.
582-Ti Sheritt of Platte Co., Neb.
BY VIRTUE of venditioni exponas di
rected tome from the District Court
of Douglas county, Nebraska, on a judg
ment obtained before the county court
of Douglas county, Nebraska, on the
fifteenth day of June, 1878, in favor of
C. K. Allen as plaintiff, and against
John H. Green as defendant, for the
sum of seventy-four dollars and ninety
eight cents, and interest at 12 percent.
per annum, and costs taxed at six dol
lars and fifty cents and accruing costs,
I have levied on the following real es
tate taken as the property of said de
fendant, to satisfy said judgment, to
wit: Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 70, lots 5
and ti, block 42.
And will offer the same for sale to the
highest bidder, for cash in hand, on the
23d day or July, A. I., 1881,
in front of the Court House, that being
the building wherein the last term of
court was held, at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m. of said day, when and where due
attendance will- be given by the under
signed. Dated June Cth, 1SS1.
Sheriff of Platte County, Nebr. J
Columbus Dm? Store.
Si::ss:n to A. W. Dr-AUS.
The Leading Drug House
" "O
A full and complete line of
Drags, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines, &c,
Painters' Supplies,
Window (Unssf
Wall Paper,
When you need anything in our line
we will maKe it to your inter
est to call on u.
BMr. A. A. Smith retains his
position as Prescription C'lerk,which
is a positive guarantee against mis
takes, and with our facilities every
thiiui in the 2'escriplion. line is
Dou't forget the place, a doors
north ot l. O. 557-y
E. J. & J.
(Successors to
5 1 R a
2 I S J
i 1 1
Keep constantly on hand the celebrated
WHITEWATER WAGON. We also handle a full line II. D. Buford A CVi
goods, such as PLOWS, HARROWS and CULTIVATORS. Fount niii Vay
SEEDERS and DRILLS, the bet on the market. Champion and Avery
CORN PLANTERS, with or without wire Hut!, rowert. Agents for
, the MARSH HARVESTER, twine :.nd wire binder. WIND MILL
and SULKY PLOW. ANo for the l. M.O, borne SELF BIND
ER, either wire or twine, and Wln-Her' No. coihMhim!
REAPER and MOWER. JST Ki-iiiimhImt. we deal iu
Buggies, Phaetons and Platform Spring Wagons,
Don't fail to call on Us and Examine Goods and Prices!
OUlce opp. Town Hall on 1.1th St., COLI'M P.!', NEB. WJWIui
All those in wiuib of any thing in. that line, will consult
their own interests by giving him a. call. Remem
ber, he warrants every pair, lias also a
First -Claps Boot and Shoo Rtoro in Connection.
JST .Repairing Neatly Done.
Don't forget the Place, Thirteenth Street, one door west of Marshall Smith's.
Dry Goods and Clothing Store
Has on hand a splendid stock of
Ready-made Clothing,
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Hats, Caps, Etc., Etc.,
Al prices it were never tarfl of More in Colili.
I bay my goods strictly for cash, and will give my customers the
benefit of it.
Give Me a call and covince yourself of the facts.
Said House has been re-ntted, painted and is in flrst-class order for the
accommodation of transient guests and boarders.
Transient, per day $1 OO I
Single Meals
25 j
j3TTwelfth St., nearly north of )
U. P. K. K. Depot.
. IU .&, TT
Fine anal Ornamental Italian. American and Fancy
Marble Monuments, Headstones, or anything
connected with the Marble business. s
Call and examine -work, get our price, nml be conviHceil.
N. B. Being a workman of ten years experience, we can guarantee you good
wort at a saving of from 20 to 25 per cent., by giving us a sail. 139hop and
office opposite Tattersall livery and feed stable 34',4Jni
a well selected stock.
Teas, Coffees, Sugar, Syrups,
Dried and Canned Fruits,
and other Staples a
CJooIh Iellverel Tree to nay
part ol the City.
Farm and Spring Wagons,
of which I keep a constant supply on
bund, but few their In style
and quality, second to none.
Cor. Thirteenth and K Streets, near
A. tfcjV. Depot.
A largo and complete assortment of
Men's, bo's and Children's Boots and Shoes,
Day Board per week $3 OO
Board and Lodging per week 4 OO
Joiiy iia:ti;tio:i.
C? 38C X X XT,
7 i