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WEDNESDAY, A I'll! L 13, 15581.
Communication?, to IiiMire munition
iu the next ibMie, should bo In hand on
Mondays; if lengthy, ou Thursday
preceding Isiue-day. Advertisements,
of whatever cla.n, Miould be in baud by
noon, Tuesdays.
Advertisement under this bead 15
cts. a line first insertion, 10 cts. a line
each bUbieUUeut insertion.
Wanted. A herder. J. H. Reed.
No mails Sunday east of Omaha.
' Rev. J. A. Reed is home again.
R. B. Mclntire ie improving iu
Columbus "took water" from
the Loup.
Kramer has received his entire
new spring stock.
If you want groceries at Omaha
prices call on Lamb.
Foragood article of table butter
call at Win. Becker's.
Choice Michigan cider, bottled,
to be had at Wiu. Becker's. Come
and try it.
A farm of 200 acres for rent four
miles from Columbus. Enquire ot
Byron Millet i.
If you want any paper hanging,
kaUomiuing or painting doue, go
to J. C. Echols.
Tfie 20th"of' April S1, is arbor
day In Nebraska, anil iB set apart
for planting trees.
Engineer Pauning has run the
liui! of the new route between Co
lutnbue and Lost Creek.
Wanted, a few boarder9,at build
ing formerly occupied as Journal
office. A. M. Jenniugs.
Cu8tomerd say that Wm. Becker
has got the best stock of potatoes iu
town, aud they are going fast.
Joseph Loeb, representiug II.
F. Hahu & C6., wholesale jewelers
of Chicago, was in the city Monday.
A good family driving horse for
sale; also a set of single harness,
nearly new. Inquire at Jouk.vai.
Hiram Rice's resignation as
postmaster at Albiou appears uot to
have stuck. He has been reappoint
ed at that place.
Remember that Ed. Fitzpatrick
can furnish you any book published,
or anything in ue anywhere iu the
line of stationery.
Farmers, bring your poultry,
butter and eggs to Limb's uear the
post-office, and get the highest mar
ket price in cash for them.
Senator 11. F. Cady of Nebraska
City was iu town last week looking
after business interests. He is a
member of the Chicago Lumber Co.
- The sociable at the M. E. Church
Wednesday evening was well at
tended, aud the young folks claim
they epent a very pleasant evening.
All are invited to attend a so
cial at the M. E. Church Wednes
day evening, April 20th, literary and
musical entertainment. Refresh
ments also.
D. Anderson purchased of R.
Reynoldsou, of Boone county, 27
fat steers, that averaged nearly
1-100 pounds. They will be shipped
east in a few days.
Snow rain and sleet last Wed
nesday night. Worse and more of
it Sunday night aud Monday. It is
truly an extraordinary winter aud
spring for Nebraska.
The bright, shining implements
are putting iu their appearance, and
many a farmer will be tempted to
buy more than he actually needs,
simply because he can get it on time.
Our tit st snow this season was
on the 14th of October. The snow
of the 11th and 12th was pretty near
ly six months afterwards, and it has
been pretty steady winter weather
all that time.
Next Sabbath evening, in place
of the usual preaching service, the
pastor of the Presbyteriau Church
will bold an appropriate Easter ser
vice, consisting of Easter Anthems,
Hymns and Scripture response by
the congregation.
Thomas O'Neill, whose arrest
for alleged burglary at Humphrey
was mentioned last week, had a
hearing and was discharged, there
being no bufficieut testimouy against
him. The witness couldn't swear
that Thomas was the man.
J. Shaw of Evansloii, Wy., gave
us a pleasant call Monday. In his
country they have been having
splendid weather for several weeks.
Men work out of doors iu their shirt
sleeves, wheat is all iu, grass is up
in the valleys, aud the spriug is
well along.
'Elliott & Luers have established
themselves in the implement busi
ness, and both being reliable, res
ponsible, thorough business men,
and well informed in their line, those
wishing fatm implemeuts, buggies,
pumps, &c, will find it to their in
terest to see them.
Wednesday evening in this city
and vicinity it rained, sleeted, snow
ed, lightninged and thmidered ; and
Thursday evening about three or
four inches of suow fell. The wea
ther otherwise is pleaaul enough,
and the larks were siugiug Friday
morning as cheerily as if there was
no "beautiful snow."
A. W. Doland wishes to sell his
property In Columbus, aud will give
a good bargain. Good house and
lot 132x132, enclosed by good fence;
a good barn, nearly new, all in good
repair. A good horse and buggy,
harness, robes, etc Will sell them
at a big sacrifice, and give time if
deiired. Apply to A. W. Doland
9r to Becher & Price.
M. T. Kinney was in the city
Mrs. C. M. Chambers is on the
sick list.
J. U. Mitchell of Geueseo, 111.,
is in tho city.
Frank Gillette is home again
from the west.
Era. J. Potts is still sojourning
in St. Joe, Mo.
Herman Oehlrlch went down to
Omaha Sunday.
Walter Phillips visited friends
at Elkhorn last week.
Good, double harrows, complete,
at Wm, Becker's, for six dollars.
Chas. Land ore has taken charge
of a telegraph otfk-e at Grand Is
land. Mr. Piaper of the Omaha Bee
took iu the town from Saturday to
Dr. Schug has removed his office
to the front room up-stairs iu J. II.
Mitchell's building.
Go to J. C. Echols for j'our wall
paper, where you can get it furnish
ed on the wall cheap.
Charlie Clark, son of E. V., an
old-lime "typo" of Columbus, gave
us a call Wednesday last.
L. Kramer has received a splen
did, large stock of new goods to
please his numerous customers.
Saturday was the last meeting
of the old City Couucil. They and
the Mayor have done some very ex
cellent work.
Mrs. Lewis, nee Miss Olive Rose,
of Decatur, Col., -arrived in the city
Suuday, aud is visiting with the
family of J. E. North.
Charley Wake iB having a very
serious attack of the mumps. We
are informed that on Sunday night
he was not expected to live.
Theo. Friedhofl returned Tues
day of last week from New York,
where ho purchased au immense
stock of goods for this market.
From fifteen saloons Columbus
has now got down to two under the
new ordinance, made in compliance
with the new law. These two
Sheehau aud Bucher, will run right
along, having taken out the required
license, aud two more, Schmilz' and
Schroeder's, will begin on Friday
Dr. A. Hcinfz and wife, Arnold
Oehlrich and George Birucy have
bought tickets for Europe, aud
will take passage on the Cimbria
on the 30th iust. at New York
for Hamburg, aud expect to be
absent five months. The Dr. left
Germany fifteen years ago, and
Arnold eleven. Bon voyage.
The lecture delivered last Fri
day evening, by R. F. Steele, on
Julius Cu.'sar, his life aud exploits,
is highly spoken of by those who
heaid it, as full of wit and humor.
Mr. Steele is gaining quite a reputa
tion as a lecturer and humorous
paragrapher. He seems to have hit
upon his life-work iu this veiu.
Everybody is expected to buy a
ticket in the raffle forau organ. The
organ is Prince &. Co's make, six
octave, seven stop, and cost $150. It
is being put up by R. B. Mclntire,
who has been very sick for a num
ber of weeks. Mc. says "music bath
charms," etc., aud is good, but it
buyeth not coal and provender.
Charles Wentworth, son of Z.
Wentworth, and formerly one of the
proprietors of the Courant of Platts
moutb, and the Democrat of this
place, died at Racine, Wis., last week.
We sympathise with the young wife,
and with the aged father in his de
clining years, who naturally leaned
on his son for 6iiccor and comfort.
The first number of the Colum
bus Democrat, A. B. and J. K. Cof
froth, publishers, made its appear
ance Mouday last. It is a teven
column folio, patent outside, and
for politics purposes taking the
place of the late Era. As another
worker for the welfare of the city
aud county the Journal welcomes
the new paper.
Henry Lubker tells us that we
were wrongfully informed in pub
lishing him as having a second run
away on the same day, or at all. He
thinks one waB enough auyhow, as
he had a very narrow escape, being
dragged quite a distance, behind the
horses heels. He says that if they
had been vicious be would have been
kicked to death.
M. Erb of Shell creek was in
town Saturday, and gave us a busi
ness call. Like every seneible, hon
est man, Mr. Erb would like to see
some way devised so that district,
county and state governments would
be conducted on a more economical
basis, thus lessening the burdeua of
taxation. Public debts have become
enormous, with very little to show
for them.
John L. Peters of Boone county
was in the city Wednesday last ; he
was glad to hear of the situation of
railroad affaire, and said the new
route would be just the thing for all
tho towns and tributary country on
the new line, ColumbuB being their
old trading point. Columbus, too,
would find it of advantage in a
thousand ways that could not now
be thought of, but would develop as
business interests would grow.
The concert of the Columbus
Maennerchor at their hall Thursday
evening for the benefit of the suffer
ers from the recent flood, was, con
sidering the unpleasantness of the
evening, very well attended, and the
music was first-class, the kind the
society always give to the public.
Mrs. Bowman, Miss Rosa North,
Miss Mamie Huuueman and Mary
Turner took part in the evening's
It is stated on good authority
that our branch railroad will now
be extended to Columbus. We be
lieve, if that is true, that it is a wise
move, and ono that 'will be most
satisfactory to the greatest number
of all parties concerned. It will
certainly help Platte, Nance aud
Boone couuties, as will it the cor
poration. We understand that work
will begin immediately. Genoa
H. C. Beau says that the channel
cut by the Platte, across J. E. North's
farm west of Barnum's, was one to
two rods wide, aud iu some places
fourteen feet deep. During tho rise
there was four feet of water in the
Mat. Beebe honee, and two feet in
No. 5 school-house. Mr. Barnum
had two miles of his fence swept
away. Mr. Beau lost the half of
his. Mr. Smith, who was preparing
to build a stable, had the lumberand
a keg of nails washed off, but he will
probably get it all back.
We see it suggested that coal be
supplied to school-districts iu the
summer time. We add that it
would be an excellent thing for
manufacturing establishments that
use coal, for business men and such
well-to-do citizens as have (he means
to be economical and buy their fuel
in large quantities, .'wheu it is easily
obtained and can be had at reasona
ble rates. Columbus has been well
situated this winter in that respect
her coal bills being very reasonable
in price and tolerably abundant iu
The editor of the Genoa Leader
recently visited Keatskotooa in
Platte county, to see their new pub
lic library, and grows very enthu
siastic over the same. Every com
munity of any importance or self
respect should be provided with
some sort of public library worthy
of the name. Modem civiliza
tion, our free-school system, are not
complete without it. It is in this
way that the poorest son or daugh
ter of the republic, may have fac
ilities for self-education equal to
the richest.
Supt. Clark came up the track
last week as far as Schuyler. He
came by rail, on foot and in a wag
on ; but he was bound to know how
it was for himself. News.
Yes, and he is Just the man for the
place, strong, pushing, thorough
and determined. His work after the
recent floods has proved all of this
of Mr. Clark. Everything that fore
sight could do was done for the
traveling public and the business
communities along the line, aud reg
ular trains running at the earliest
possible moment. The management
deserves unstinted praise for these
Additional news from Omaha
reports the high waters of the Mis
souri at that point on the 9th not
falling, but had reached twenty-two
feet above low water mark. The
lower portions of Council Bluffs are
very badly flooded and at least five I
hundred people living in that part
of the city have been compelled to
abandon their houses and are being
cared for at the Court House and at
Bloom & Nixon's Opera House, fed
and lodged at the city's expense. It
is also reported that portions of
Nebraska City are flooded, and the
citizens compelled to move up on
higher ground.
Dan. C. Kavanaugh returuea
Monday from Milwaukee, where he
had been called by the illness of his
brother Ed. Before arriviug there
he received word of his death. The
deceased was fifteen years old and at
the time of his death was one of the
messenger boys of the Wisconsin
assembly. At the adjournment, the
Speaker referred to the deceased as
"our very amiable little messenger
boy, whose efficient services have
been 60 much missed." Eddie waB
well known her.e, by many of our
young folks who became acquainted
with him last summer, and who will
he sorry to bear that he has been cut
down in the flower of his youth.
"We are certainly justified in
calling this a democratic victory,
for every man we had in the field
was elected. We now have a ma
jority in the council and we will
have a just, fair, impartial and econ
omical administration. The en
forcement of the laws, and city or
dinances will be had, and there will
be no cause of complaiut during the
ensuing year:"
We clip the above from the Dem
ocrat of this place. Why that paper
should feel justified in a party
"crow," we cannot tell. The re
publicans, as a party, made no nom
inations and no fight. The intima
tions contained iu the article against
the late officials of the city are cer
tainly out of place, as the Mayor and
Council have done some very ex
cellent service-
The B. & M. have a large force
at hand ready to work whenever a
chance offers in repairing the dam
age done by the recent flood, to their
road and bridge. It was thought
that the work could have been com
pleted by the first of May, but with
the recent bad weather, and more of
the same sort that may be in store
for several days or weeks to come,
it is a matter of conjecture, just as
uncertain as the weather.when trains
will run direct to Lincoln. In the
meantime, those wishing to go to the
capitol cau take the eveuing express
here for Central City, and the B. &
M., there at 7 the next morning,
arriving at Lincoln, 11:45, or the
east-bound U. P. to Yalley, thence
to Lincoln.
The following, by that sort of
mishap which sometimes does occur,
even in the Journal ofllco, failed to
gel published Inst week :
"Columbus, Platte Co., April 2d,
1SS1. Mrs. Barrow and family, and
Mrs. Dykes desire to return thanks
to the gentlemen who so kindly aud
nobly assisted in rescuing them from
the water and ice of last Saturday's
flood ; tendering our heartfelt grati
tude and thanks to the railroad offi
cials and to every other person who
rendered us assistance in our almost
hopeless condition."
A. Good Record.
The late Mayor and City Council
are certainly deserving the hearty
thanks (pocket-deop) of this com
munity for their management ot
finaucial matters. It was generally
supposed that the city wa9 under a
mountain of indebtedness, but it
seems that after deducting outstand
ing indebtedness, the city has $14 28
We shall take occasion to refer to
this matteragain, giving particular?,
for which we have not the space
this week.
A New
Real Estate
By reason of tho prospects of Co
lumbus becoming the terminus of
the O., N. & B. H. R. R. which will
establish the fact that Columbus is
to become a railroad centre in the
uear future, W. S. Geer & Co. will
hereafter publish a monthly Real
Estate Register of all lands left with
them for sale, under the title of "The
Nebraska R6al Estate Recorder." It
is designed to send these papers to
all parts of the Eastern States with
price and full description, so that
every man east cau see and know of
the bargaius awaiting him in Ne
braska. This will be of great ad
vantage to the seller as well as the
buyer. The buyer can tell just what
he cau do before he leaves bis home
iu the east. No charges unles3 the
laud is sold.
City dovermnent.
The uew members elect are J. R.
Meagher, Mayor; I. Gluck, cotincil
mau 2d ward ; Julius Rasmusson and
A. A. Smith of the 3d ward ; John
F. Wermuth, Treas. ; L. J. Cramer,
Engineer. Mr. Hudson was re
elected clerk without opposition,
and G. A. Schroeder, councilman
first ward.
The term of the old officers ex
pired Saturday night last, and the
uew ones took their place. The
Mayor announced the following
stauding committees: Rules, Priv
ileges and Elections Rasmupsen,
Smith, Schroedor. Finance Lamb,
Gluck, Rasmussen. Judiciary
Rickly, Lamb, Smith. Claims
Schroeder, Gluck, Rasmussen.
Streets and Grades Lamb, Rasmus
sen, Rickly. Police Smith, Schroe
der, Lamb. Public property and
improvements Gluck, Rasmussen,
Rickly. Fire Schroeder, Rasmus
sen, Lamb. Sidewalks and bridges
Rasmussen, Schroeder, Gluck.
Printing Rickly,Smith,Rasmussen.
It has been said that he who
makes two blades of grass grow
where only one grew before, is a
benefactor of his race. Evon so, he
who shows a man how to accom
plish a given object with one-half
the expense ordinarily made. And
it is a false notion, too, to think that
this will discourage business. On
the other hand, it greatly encourages
it. A correspondent of the Genoa
jEectrfer.who evidently knows where
fof be affirms, has this to say of con
crete houses: "Sixteen years ago, I
luelped to build a house width, 44
ft. ; length, 80 ft. ; height 42 ft. When
the walls were ready for the wood
work, it had cost $1,150. It stands
as firm yet, as the day it was built.
A concrete house can be built at 35
cts. per yard. Get coarse, clean
sand; take 1 bbl. lime, 7 of sand, 1
pail of cement; mix well. If too
rich, add sand to reduce it to the
stiffness for stone work. Put the
mortar in the wall and crowd it full
of brick bats, gravel or stone. The
more you put in, the cheaper the
house. This most any one can do,
but the cement face will have to be
put on by a mason. A frame house
that will cost say $1,200 cau bo bail
of concrete for $650."
The New Route. "
We received the following com
munication, too late for last week's
Journal :
As a voter and citizen of Colum
bnB, and a poor one at that, I hope
the project will not fall through, for,
as bluff Dave Anderson says, we
want that road, right here. In the
first place, it will bring as residents
here, probably from ten to twenty
workingmen, who, I contend, are as
essential to the building up of a
town as any part of the community,
for whatever recompense they re
ceive for their labor, is circulated in
the town. Therefore I earnestly
hope the moneyed men of Columbus
will be willing to risk a little of
their wealth for the welfare of the
city,wbere they have mostly made it.
For whatever may be the faults of
railroad companies, this much must
be acceded to them ; they are the
advance guard of civilization in the
building up of the country which
they go through, and I believe the
good will of the officials of the Un
ion Pacific road will greatly advance
the prosperity of our city, because
bur interests aud theirs will be more
nearly identical. Jas. Salmon.
Attention, Farmers.
I will close out my etock of im
plements at cost price. Call and
examine, and learn prices of Gorham
seeders; also harrows, plows, culti
vators, wagon springs, buggy tops,
&c. My goods are equal in quality
to any on the market, and it will pay
you to buy while you can get them
cheap. Wm. Becker.
Stoclc hemx.
The largest cattle sale we have
heard of is that of Hall Brothers of
New Mexico, who sold their rancho
aud stock for $100,000.
The tiotting stallion Wedgewnod,
(record 2 :19,) ha9 recently been sold
it is said for 120,000. W. P. Balch
and others of Boston were the pur
chasers. A stock raiser in Helena, Montana,
writes: "I have paid $45 per ton
for the last hay I got. This territory
will loose at least one-fourth of all
its stock.
The demand for shorthorn cattle
seems on the increase; extensive
sales are reported by many breeders
at good prices. Stock is good ; bet
ter etock is better, and the best is
the best.
Mr. John Clay of Bow Park writes:
"The demand for shorthorn bulls of
the better class is very great. We
have three to four buyers every
week and they all mean business.
Nearly all the common bulls in this
neighborhood arc bought up."
There are now in the state of TexaB
ton breeders of Angora Goats, hav
ing flocks numbering from 100 to
1500 head. Tho Texas Sun calls the
Introduction of this animal iuto that
state an established fact, and pre
dicts for it a prosperous future.
A gentleman of wide agricultural
knowledge said to a writer in the
Rural Spirit, of Oregon : "I have
r raised and sold $3,000 worth of
wheat this year, and it cost me every
cent to raise aud market the grain,
and I Bold $4,500 worth of horses,
cattle, hogs, sheep, wool and poultry,
and they did not cost me $1,000;
besides they put back on tho farm
more than half that amount, while
the elements that it took to grow the
wheat are now on their way to Eng
land. Every bushel of the writer's
wheat cost him about four times its
value last year. II. A.
In tbe churchyard bleak
Where winds do speak
In only mournful numbers;
Where all is-still,
With death's dark chill
"We've laid to rest
Our darlings.
Tbe bitter moan
In grief's sad tone
From fond hearts
Wrung iu anguish;
The futile wisb
That we bad back
Our darlings.
They were so dear,
To us while here,
It makes our hearts still sadder
To think that tbey
Can never say
Fond words we loved to bear, '
Our darlings.
lint none could save;
So in the grave
They're laid away for aye;
And ne'er again
Will sickness, pain
Or parting hurt
Our darlings..
We've said farewell,
But none can tell'
How hard it 19 to bear
And say, God send
We humbly bend
To Him who gave and now dotb take
Our darlings.
Mrs. Jennie M. Mc Cann.
Letter llst.
The following is & list of unclaimed
letters remaining in the post-office, in
Columbus, for the week ending April
9, 1881:
Miss 31 Adams, Edward Manley,
John Borehera, G P McDonald,
John Peter Brown, William W 31cDon
Andrew Cartonron, aid,
H A Guy, Mathias Schumaker
Ludwlg Ileyden, 31 P Savylge,
J J Lockner. Mr Toss,
Frank Longhomar, Capt C Wentworth.
Those marked " V postal card,
field for postage II. Beller. Milton,
If not called for in 30 days will be sent
to tbe dead -letter office, Washington, D.
O. When called for please say "adver
tised," as these tetters are kept separate.
E. A. Gerrard P. 31.
IRWIN ELSTON On the Gth day
of April, at the residence of the bride's
parents in this city by Judge J . G. Hig
gins, Mr. Samuel J. G. Irwin and Miss
Sarah A. Elston.
Advertisements under this bead five
cents a line each insertion.
New oranges and lemons at
20 yards of crash for $1 at L.
New Comb Honey at Hudson's.
Ladies button shoes for $1 at
Sweet Valencia Oraugos at
Come and see that new style of
plain shoe at Marshall Smith's.
Good crash only 5 cts. per yard
at Kramer's.
If you want to buy a sewing
machine call at the siuger office.
Sewing machines from 7 dollars
upwards, cash or on tiriie at the Sin
ger office in A. J. Arnold's jewelry
Ginghams 8 cents a yard at
Blank notes, bank, joint, indi
vidual and work-aud-Iabor, neatly
bound in books of 50 and 100, for
sale at the Journal office.
Hickory nuts 5cts per quart at
Send for samples aud prices to
L. Kramer, Columbus.
A fine line of gentleman's shoes
just received at Marshall Smith's.
The Skandia Plow at the new
implement store of Elliott & Luers
on Olive st.
I have two dry cows, in calf,
that I will exchange for two fresh
ones. H. J. Hudson.
The latest stylos of dress goods
with trimmings at Kramer's.
Back-ache is almost immediate
ly relieved by wearing one of Car
ter's Smart Weed and Belladonna
Back-ache Plasters. Try one and be
fpom pain. Price 25 cents. For sale
at A. Heintz's drug store.
Remember that at A. J. Arnold's
jewelry store is the only place iu
Columbus where you can get a geu
uino Singer Sewing Machine.
Now is your time to buy your
boots and shoes at Marshall Smith's.
Ladies fancy hose, good heel?,
only 5 cts. a pair at Kramer's.
Spring wagons and buggies for
sale cheap at Elliott Ss Liters.
Please bear in mind that yon
cau get nil kinds of Machines re
paired as cheap as dirt at the Sin
ger office. All work warranted.
Young's Plaiters, and Needles aud
repairs for all kinds of Machines.
J. L Lewis, Agent, in A. J. Ar
nolds Jewelry Store opp. Post
Derangement of tbe liver, with
constipation, injurehe complexion,
induce pimples, sallow skin, etc.
Remove the cause by using Carter's
Little Liver Pills. One a dose. For
sale at A. Heintz's drug store.
Young's plaiters and neodlos,
and attachments of all kinds and for
all machines at wholesale or retail at
the Singer office, A. J. Arnold's
store, J. L. Lewis, agent.
The raffle iu aid or Mrs. J. Regan
for a cow has been postponed to
Saturday, May 7th, when it is ex
pected that all who have purchased
tickots will pay for the same, prior
to the above mentioned date of
drawing, which will take place at
Thos. FarrelPs, this city.
L. Kramer is agent for Selz's
custom made fine boots and shoes.
Every pair warranted or money
Ministers, Lawyers, Teachers
and others whose occupation gives
but little exercise, should use Car
ter's Little Liver Pills for torpid
Liver and biliousness. One is a
dose. For sale at A
Heintz's drug
For rent. Apply to John Wiggins.
Vov Sale.
Two teams of work horses, cheap
for cash. Henry Sohwarz.
Hungarian, Millet and Blue grass
seeds at Herman Oehlrich & Bro's.
It rood Jlnre.
A good brood mam for sale,
quiro at Galley Bro's store.
For Salt'.
Three teams of good work horses,
cheap for cash. Call on
John IIaney.
Nloclc Farm to IScnt.
A No. I Stock Farm with hay and
water facilities, to rent. Apply to
D. Anderson.
Patent Fire Kiiullerw.
Just the thing for these cold morn
ings; try them, and see your wife
smile. A full supply at Hudson's.
2ool AVorU ISorxes
Three, for sale cheap, at Stynger's.
Call soon.
Several hundred bushels of oafs
and corn. "Will pay the highest
market price. A. Henrich.
Hlother Sliipton' PropliecleM.
"The world to an end shall come
iu eighteen hundred and eighty
one," get one, 20 cts. -at E. D. Fitz
patrick's opp. P. O.
Curl Kammxkl,
A veterinary surgeon of 15 years
practice in the Prussian army, may
be found at Dowty, Weaver & Co's
M. Postle, at tho Checkered Ram,
has just received a car load of horses
which wll' De sold singly or in pairs
to suit purchase.
Hay for Sale.
From 50 to 75 tons of first quality
hay by the subscriber, on the L. W.
Plat to farm, at Keatskotoos, Platte
couuty, Neb. L. Andkrson.
Unity Unfile.
BuggioH, cartR, wagons, etc., will
sell cheap to make room for my large
stock ot spring goods. E. D. Fiu
patrick's opp. post-office.
Important to Hotel and lloime
Carpets, crumbcloths, matting,
door mats, oil cloths, rugs, table
linens, napius, towels, &c.very cheap
at Kramer's.
Fruit and Forest Tree.
B. McVioker, Peru, Neb., has for
sale a select stock of Fruit, Forest
and Ornamental trees, Grape Vines,
Evergrceue, Hardy Flowers, Shrubs
and Vines. I will deal direct with
customers, and guarantee everything
I sell. Prices given ou application.
Summer Herding
I am prepared to furnish the best
ot range for any number of cattle
and horses for the summer. Will
charge 75 cents per head for horses ;
the price of cattlo to vary from 25 to
50 cents, according to the number.
Charles Rickly.
For Sale.
Two stallions, Black Frank, (Mor
gan) and English Lyon (Clydesdale).
Served 141 mares last year. Apply
to undersigned before 1st of April,
'81. Henry Sciiwarz,
Shell Cceek, one mile west of Beck
er's mill.
Don't Have Wet Feet.
But go to G. W. Phillips and leave
your order for a first-class hoot or
shoe. lie works nothing but the
best of stock, and will guarantee a
fit in every particular. Fine sewed
work a specialty. Consult your
own interest, and give him a trial.
Any one who interferes with the
U. P. rip-rap ou the Loup river run
ning through my farm west of Co
lumbus, will be fully prosecuted. T.
J. Ellis is authorized to represent
my interests on the premises, and if
necessary, todrivooffall trespassers.
Frank North.
Need Wheat for Male.
I have three varieties of the best
seed wheat knowu to this section of
country, all clean and pure, ready
for sowing, two hundred bushels
each, of Mediterrean, Mammoth and
Grass, that I wish to dispone of.
Patrick Murray.
A good truvoling salesman who
cau talk German or English. Gd
wages paid. Everything furni-h d
Address or call at the Singer fli
Itnltj- Ciit-rtiir.
Boy's wuafii. t arts, Croquet,
walking Caue, v mow ware etc. at
E. D. Fitzpatrick's JJook Store opp.
Clothing:! t'lollilux'-
If you want good flttiug aud good
wearing clothes nicest stylos and
lowest prices, either lor yoursulf or
boys go to Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
JKIliott V J.uers
Aro receiving farm machinery every
day, which they will sell for cash or
on time cheap. Call at Luers place
on 11th street, or at J. C Elliott's on
Olive street.
Attention Store Keeper.
I have for sale chean 103 feet of
shelving and counters fiuitablo for a
dry goods store. Call on or address
J. C. Elliott,
Columbus, Neb.
UrlvU ! !
Thomas Flyuu, at hiH brickyard
ono mile northwest of the city, will
furnish brick, iu quautitioa from
1,000 to 200,000; at the kiln, .$5 n
thousand; delivered iu any part of
tho city, $b a thousand.
Stray Cir.
Came to the subscribers premises
ono red, hornless cow about 10 years
old ; cau be had by proving property,
paying expenses and charges. Dan
Holloran, Farrall P.O., Platte coun
ty, Neb.
Farmer.. Improve Your Stoclc.
A lew blooded voung bulls for
sale at Bloomingdale Stock Farm
They are the get of the famous
premium bull, Baron Oxford, 13435,
pronounced by a number of stock
men to bo tbe best animal of its kind
in the state. A. H enrich,
Metz P. O. Platte Co., Neb.
Flax Seed Notice.
On and after March 23d, I will
commence delivering seed for sow
ing to thobO vhoo applications are
on file. Parties should come pre
vailed lo execute notes with approv
ed security when they receive the
ieud. E. J. Baker,
Agent Omaha Oil Co.
Columbus, Mar. 20, '81.
I wish to sell my property in Co
lumbuR, and will give a good bar
gain. Good house and lot 132x132,
enclosed by good fence; a good
barn, nearly uew, all in good repair
A good horse and buggy, harness,
robes etc. Will sell them at a big
sacrifice, and give time if desired.
Apply to the uudersigupd or to
Beehor& Price. A. W. Poland
To the Citizens of Columbus and
vicinity : I wish to thank my lriend6
and patrons tor past favors in the
way of a liberal patrouago sinco 1
opened in the hoMiio-is of Merchant
Tailoring in this cii, to call par
ticular attention to very fine line
of Spring and Sunyncr samples just
received aud which I am confident
will pleao you all. I will also
pledge myself to give eutire satis
faction In the way of perfect fits and
first-class work iu all respects.
Respect fully Yours,
Lewis Bekhaiipt.
i'ancer Cured Without a Knife.
No CVre, No Pay !
The undersigned having been cur
ed of a cancer of 20 years standing,
his being one in twenty cases treated
in this neighborhood by Dr. O. C
Taylor, not one of which he loot, and
having purchased the receipt is
ready to attend any one who may
be aflllcted with Cancer or Tumors.
Board can be procured at reasonable
rates by those who miy come from
abroad. Call on or address
S. J. Makmoy.
Nebraska House, Columbus, Neb.
Advertisements under thh heail lit
cents a lino, lirU Insertion, three cent
:i line ea-h subsequent insertion.
Worlt Oxen.
A ntimbor-oiiH yoke of work cattle
for tale. I). ANUKKbON.
Regular Stoclc Denier.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and sold; also tat and stoek hogs.
379-v D.ANPKRhON.
For Sale or Exchange.
Two town lots in Columbus, near
A. A N. depot, will lie exchanged for
land north of Columbus. For informa
tion call at this otlke.
I hold tax sale certificate on Lot
5 in Draper's Addition; if redemption
is not made at once I will get tax deed
for the same, as time for redemption
now expires. D. Andekson.
For Sale.
I have three barber chairs for sale,
two Rochester, and one Omaha, iu Rood
condition, cheap for cash. I want to
replace them with new ones.
Henry Woods,
Prop'r. Chicago Barber Shop
For Sale or Rent.
Two dwelling houses situated near
the A fc X. depot, which will bo sold
for a small amount of the purchase prlc
down. The property is also for rent.
S. J. Edwards.
For Sale.
Eighty acre of good farming and hay
land, 9 miles west of Columbus. Price,
$10 per acre. Call ou, or address Luther
B. Chapln, Lost Creek P. O., Platte Co.,
Tho undersigned will herd 500 or
60o head of cattle on the Township Farm,
near Leigh post-ollice, during the com
ing season at f 1 per head.
Land Tor Sale.
Two hundred acres of choice land in
Platte county price $f.0O per acre.
Description: S. , N. W. '.. Sec. 1, T.
17, R. 3 wet; S. 14, N. E. yx, and X. E.
i, N. E. M, Sec, 3 T. is, R. 3 west,
tor further particulars inquire of
J. V. Early, Columbus, .Neb.
J. B. Moncriof, Co. Supt.,
AVill be in his office at the Court House
on the first and last Satnrdays of each
month for the purpose of examining
applicants for teacher's certificates, and
for the transaction of any other business
pertaining to bchools. 567-y
Plows, Harrows.
Corn Planters, Cultivators
Brxwe teste theb stock' and learn their
pr'its. I" fnrr lmtfomj your
1vchS'S IWras
Cure Palpitation of the Heart, Nervousness,
namls and Feet, Pain in tho Baik, and other
forms of Femnle Weakness. They enrich and
improve the quality of tho Blood, purify and
brighten the Complexion, allay Nervou Irrita
tion, and cecum Refreshing Sleep. Just the rem
edy needed by women htvo pale color lc faces
show the absence of Iron iu the Blood. Remem
ber that Iron is one of the conxUtnenU of the
Blood, and is the great tonic. The Iron PilLs
are aIo valuable for men who are troubled with
Nervous Weakness, Night Sweat, etc. rrico, 60
cents per box. ScntbymalL Addrena,
22 Park Placo, New York.
Sold by Druggists everywhere.
Grand Opening!
(Jforrissey it Klock's old stand
on Olive Street.)
Where you fiud one of the largest and
best stocks of Farming Implements
kfpt iu CoIuinbiiH. We bandit
nothing but tbe hrt machin
ery in tbe market, Mich
" a. the following:
Buckeye Harvesters
fincon Buggio3 and Spring Wagoni,
'Ji c
1. iC
f -
- - .- s -
C . J
w V - S.
"S3 V 'RarRiit- all work. v are
boumi . to bt undersold bv anyone la
Centrnl Nbra?CH. We pay the biichet
cash r. . for wheat and all kinds of
l-Ctk Suceenr to .1. C. Elliott
B.& M. R. R.
Tni Road together with the C. B. & Q.
Which is called
Forms the mot complete line between
Nebraska, points and alt points Etst
of Missouri River. Passentjera
taking this line erons the 3fo.
River at PJattsmouth
over tbe
Plattsmouth Steel Bridge,
Which has lately been completed.
Through Day Coaohes.
Pullman Sleeping ars
Burlington, Peoria, Chicago and
St. Louis,
Where close connections are m-ule in
Union Depots- for all points Xorth,Et
and South. Trains by this route start
in Nebraska and are therefore free
from the various accidents which
so frequently delay trains com
ing through from tbe mountains,
and passenge-e are thus sure
of miking good connections
when they take tbe B. &
31. route east.
Lowest Rates
in force in the State, u well as full and
reliable information required, can be
bad upon applicat on to B. & 31. R. R.
Agents at any of the principal sta
tions, or to
General Ticket Agent,
560-y OMAHA, NEB.
wmrn BouTB