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    More Wife h Couatry.
The other night after a ward
meeting had opened, one of the elec
tors preaont btjgan edging for the
door as if ho meant to leave the
place. He wa soon stopped by a
friendj who said :
'Don't leave hb now, I want you
to hear what that Hpeaker is saying
Hear that! He eaya we must tri
umph or the country is doomed.'
Yee,-l ow, but I've got to edge
along toward home was the reply.
Home? Great Heavens, how can
you talk of going home until he haB
finished that speech. .There he goes
again ! He asks if you want to aee
grass growing in the streets of our
cities pur fertile farms returned to
the wilderness our families crowd
ing tbe poor-houses until there is no
longer room to receive another?'
No. I don't know as I would, but
I guess I'll sort o' work my way out.'
Wait fifteen minutes ten five
wait until he finishes. There it is
again: He asks whether you are a
freeman or a slave? He wants to
know if yon have forgotten the pat
riotic principles defended by the
blood of your grand sires if you
have (orgotten the sound of Liberty
I don't know as I have, but I
must go really I must.'
Hear that hear thatt He says
your country will bless you.'
I can't say as to that,' replied the
man as he crowded along; 'but I
I'm dead sure that the old woman
will if I don't git home in time to
put this codfish to soak for break
fast.' '
'Great guns! but do you prefer
codfish to liberty?' exclaimed the
other. '
I iijon't know as I do, bat I git
more of it.
'And you will aee this country
ruined see her go to destruction V
I'd be kindnr sorry to see her go
down hill -Jlowly observed, the de
linquent' as ho reached the door,
but if you had a wife that could
begin Jawing at 10 o'clock and not
lose a minute until daylight, and
then end up with a grand smash of
crockery and a fit of hysterics, you'd
kinder stand off as I do and let this
gloriouB old republio squeeze thro
some mighty flue knot-holes. De
troit Free Press.
iBKerttell em Hacok.
Col. Hob Ingersoll, when in Chi
cago last week, was interviewed and
expressed grave doubts as to wheth
er his party would carry Indiana.
Saturday ovening ho returned from
making a series of republican
speeches in that state, and says that
the meotings were among the larg
est and most enthusiastic ho attend
ed. Republicans are making large
gainB in northern Indiana, and if
they are doing as well in the south
ern part, and there is an honest
election, Col. Ingersoll has no doubt
that they will carry the state.
"Have you read Hancock's letter ?"
asked a reporter.
Ingereoll Yes ; and as far as It
goes it is satisfactory. I go one step
further.: If the rebel is not to be
paid for trying to destroy tbe gov
ernment, neither should he be en
trusted with Its control. What Gen.
Hancock refuses to do is of exceed
ingly small moment with what he
proposes to do. I had rather see
Jeff. Davis on the pension list than
Dresident of tbe United States. I
.had much rather see him paid for
all Mb services rendered the Con
federacy, than to see a man presi
dent that he could control ; in other
words, I would rather see him re
ceive charity than make laws. I
can hardly understand why General
Hancock should make haste to say
-that he will veto any bill for the
payment of such claims or for the
pension of Confederate soldiers. Of
course, he knows that the democrat
ic party of the south is altogether
too patriotic to pass any such laws!
Why should he agree to veto laws
that he must kuow will never pass?
I cannot convince myself that he
woild consent to be tne candidate
of a party that he fears will pas
such laws; bow came he to suspect
that such laws might be passed?
Certainly the people of this country
know the democratic party &b well
as they know him. I think the let
tej'of Gen. Hancock it exceedingly
unwise. Baneoek is a soldier and
Gen. Hancock should depend on hi6
sword. Gen. Hancock should let
the. pen alone.
Way Mam's Way.
tied says: Seek ye first the
Kingdom of Heaven and its right
eousness, and all these earthly
tblBgsj shall be added unto you.
Man says: Seek first worldly
wealth and fame and power; relig
ion you can get on a dying bed.
God says : Open thy mouth wide,
Vnd I wil'l fill it.
Man says: Let prayer go, and
wo'rk for what you want.
""'Godsayo: Give and it shall be
given unto you; good measure,
pressed down and shaken together,
and running over, shall men give
uato your bosoms.
Man says: Charity begins at
-ome. Why give to others that for
yhich you have tolled so bard?
.;Vounown family-may want it
God says: Whatsoever ye would
that men should do to you, do ye
even to to them.
Man says : Each man for himself.
Look out for number one.
God savs: Lay not up for your-
41vm treaiures upon earth, but lay
upforyourselvcs treasures in Ueayen.
Man says: Make sure of your
worldly treasures. Heaven is a long
way off. ...
God says: Whosoever hath this
world's goods, and secth his brother
have need, and shutteth up his how
els of compassion from him, how
dwelleth the love of God in him?
Man says : What guarantee have
I, if I give ray earnings to the poor,
that I shall not come to want my
self? God eayB : There is that scattereth,
and yet increaseth.
Man says: It is only by paving
and hoarding what you have that it
will increase.
Reader, what Bays your conscience ?
Is not God's way better than man's?
-Christian Standard.
Democratic Testimony.
The Bourbon organ says Gen.
Garfield is a dishonest man. Here
ia some testimony from distinguish
ed Democrats which may be con
sidered quite aa good as any asser
tions by Bourbon organs :
I am proud to call Garfield my
friend, and I would not call any
man my friend whom I even sus
pected of dishonesty. Hon. Henry
B. Payne, of Ohio.
No living American, in my esti
mation, stands higher for integrity
and purity than James A. Garfield.
Hon. Allen O. Thurmun of Ohio.
"Garfield's honesty, and integrity
are beyond question." Judge Jerry
Black, of Pensylvania.
"Garfield is one of the most sin
cere, and honorable men I ever
knew in public life, and his record
is without a flaw." Hon. Randolph
Tucker, of Virginia.
I will tell you whom I think the !
Republicans should nominate, and
whom I consider THEIR STRON
FOR US ALL. Personally. I con
sider him the BEST MAN you
could nominate. I refer to Gen.
Jamf.3 A. Garfield, of Ohio.
Thomas A. Hendricks.
I have been his devoted friend for
many years, and I am resolved that
I never will believe that he docs not
deserve the i flection I have bes
towed upon him. If he would carry
the principles which regulate his
private life into his public conduct,
he would make the best chief Mag
istrate we have ever had. Judge
Jere Black.
In the mid6t of the organized car
nival of corruption which has been
going on now so many weary
months and years at Washington, it
is really satisfactory to catch glimp
ses now and then of honesty for
honesty's 6akc, and without consid
erations of party. Gen. Garfield, of
Ohio, is a Republican of Republi
cans, but it is his simple due, which
we gladly pay him, to admit that he
has done more thanjuiy other single
member of his party, during the
late session of Congress, to bIiow
that it is not impossible for a man
to act with a Congressional majority
and yet to keep his self-respect and
the respect of honest men. Xeto
York World, Democratic.
Va JTudlcioaa Wife. -
"A judicious wife iB always nip
ping off from her husband's moral
nature little twigs that are growing
in the wrong direction. She keeps
him in shape by continued pruning.
If you say anything silly, she will
affectionately tell you so. If you
declare that you will do some ab
surd thing, she will find some means
of preventing you doing it. And by
far the greatest part of all common
sense there is in this world unques
tionably belongs to women. The
wisest thing a man commonly does
is that which bis wife counsels him
to do. If Johnson had been mar
ried there would have been no
hoarding up of orange peel, no
touching all the posts along the
street, no eating and drinking with
disgusting voracity. If Oliver Gold
smith had beea married he would
never have worn that memorable
and ridiculous coat. Whenever you
see a man you know little about,
oddly dressed or talking absurdly,
or exhibiting any eccentricity of
manner, you may be tolerably sure
he is not a married man ; for the
corners are rounded on", the little
shoots pared away, in married men.
Wives have generally much more
sense than their husbands. The
wife's advices are like the ballast
that keeps the ship steady.
A Boston paper gives an account
of a remarkable woman born in
Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and now
ninety-three years old. When she
was but twenty-threo years old, hav
ing two young cnildren, her husband
was brought home to her from his
wrecked vessel an invalid for life.
He saw nothing but destitution Btar
ing him and his family in the face.
Then it was that her wonderful
energy was equal to the occasion.
She started a store, very small at
first, but its profits gradually in
creased, and she says that many a
day she has taken in over a hundred
dollars. For fifty-nine years she
made monthly visitB to Boston in
small sail boats to replenish her
stock. For fifty years she took care
of her invalid husband who waB not
able even to dress himself. She
educated her two boyp, and started
them in business. She also adopted,
clothed, fed, educated and placed in
good positions in the world twenty
omhan bovs and eirl?. besides visit
ing and taking care of tbe sick at all
hours, day and night
Trials of "Literary .lien.
Talent of any sort is generally ac
companied with a peculiar fineness
of sensibility; of genius this is the
most essential constituent; and life
in nny shape has sorrow enough for
hearts so formed. The employments
of literature pharpen this natural
tendency ; the vexations that accom
pany them frequently exasperate it
into morbid soreness. The cares aud
toils of literature are the business of
life ; its delights are too ethereal and
too transient to furnish that peren
nial flow of satisfaction, coaise, but
are plenteous and substantial, of
which happiness in this world of
ours is made. The most finished
efforto of the mind give it little
pleasure; frequently they give it
pain, for men's aims are ever beyond
their strength. And the outward
recompense of these undertakings,
the distinctions they confer, is ot
still small value; the desire for it is
insatiable, even when successful ;
aud when bafiied, it issues in envy
and jealousy, aud every pitiful and
painful feeliug. So keen a temper
ament, with so little to restrain or
satisfy, so much to distress or tempt
it produces contradictious which
few are adequate to reconcile. Hftiice
the unhappiness of literary men ;
hence their faults and follies.
A steam ferry is now in running
order at Vermillion.
Johuny Daiuy, Fremont, had his
arm broken by the kick of a horse.
A colony of fifteen families is ex
pected into Boone county from In
diana. Mrs. Cooley, near Fricndvilio, fell
through a imp doorlracturing two
Nemaha Citwlll build a consid
erable addition to her already fine
Walter Holden, of Nebraska City,
was kicked by a horse, and it was
thought for a time that he was fatal
ly hurt, but he soon recovered.
Robert Nelson and Anna Wanitch
sky, ot Nebraska City, ran away
from l!io girl'? parents, and were
married in Missouri. On their re
turn home they were duly blended
and forgiven.
The Nebraska City News pub
lishes in full the Omaha Republi
can's arraigument of J. Sterling
Morton on the matter of his pockot
ing a large share of the bonds so
confidingly voted to railroads by
the people of Otoe.
Useful Memoranda,
Morning's milk is richer than that
of evening.
Wood ashes form a good lye for
flofteninr water.
Green bay leaves allay the inflam
mation of bee stings.
Old clothes should be saved to
weave into door-mats.
Apple pips impart a fine flavor to
tarts and dumplings.
All linen pieces should be saved
aud kept for domestic purposes.
Kettles aud stew pans should be
washed outside as well as inside.
Soap-suds and soapy water supply
the manure for garden soils.
Sage leaves in small quantities
make an excellent addition to tea.
Lemon juice will allay the irrita
tion caused by gnats and flies.
Cold potatoes, mashed with peas,
will make an excellent pudding.
An oyster shell put into a tea-kettle
will prevent it getting furred.
Cold green tea, well sweetened
and put into saucers, will destroy
The trouble with the south is they
won't acknowledge that they have
done anything wrong. Ou tbe con
trary they claim they have done ev
erything right. It is a question that
four years of war, involving thous
ands of lives and millions ot proper
ty, did not decide. It is a useless
play upon words for them to say the
war is over, and then vehemently
declare that the principles that Lee
and Jackson fought for an yet alivo.
It seems from this that it is not the
North alone that is shaking the
bloody shirt. Not by a good deal.
The patriots of the lost cause, not
alone by their words, but by their
actions, keep alive the old secession
spirit, and shake the bloody shirt as
though they loved it. It is this feel
ing that they have done nothing
wrong, that they are patriots, rather
than traitors, and that they willgaiu
by the ballot what they lost by the
bullet, that prompts them to assume
their present defiantattitude. State
A Wise Plan.
Every man should mind his own
business, and only that. It is hard
to tell him so in plain words ; yet it is
one of the simplest rules of conduct,
and the most useful that mankind
can adopt in their intercourse with
each other. There is a great deal of
Paul Pry in the human heart, or
wonderful inquisitiveness in regard
to the personal and private affairs of
friends and neighbors. This spirit
makes more mischief in the com
munity than almost any other cause,
and creates more malice, envy, aud
jealousy than can be overcome in a
century. Let every man mind his
own business and there will not be
half the trouble in the world there
is at preseut.
Gen. WcsivcV fcpealcs.
General Weaver, greenback can
didate for president, was in Wash
ington the other day on his way to
West Virginia, where he will make
several speeches. Before leaving
here last night he sent the following
telegram to Gen. II. M. Plaisted,
Bangor, Maine: "I "congratulate .
you on the grand fight you have j
made in Maine for the greenback
labor party. It will inspire our
friends with confidence and strength
en them for the great battles which
remain to be fought. I hope you
are elected. It U most amusing to :
see the democratic leaders masque
ading behind the greenback par;'
and pilling our victory a democratic
boom. They fail to tell the pub'ic
that you were nominated as a
straight greenbacker and that a dem
ocrat could not have carried the
state. That tney requested you tu
make pledges to them when they
gave you their endorsement and that
you declined ; that their state cen
tral committee subsequently de
mamled pledges of you and your
second refusal ; said committee re
quested you to withdraw as a can
didate and you declined to do that.
The democrats showed their good
seine by voting the greenback tick
et." James B. "Weaver.
llorrovt'in Trouble.
Borrowing monoy is a bad habit;
and borrowing trouble is no better.
Some people are always borrowing
trouble, and in this way making not
only themselves, but everyone
around them uncomfortable. They
have contracted the habit of taking
a discouraging look at everything.
What time they do not spend in la
menting over the unalterable past
they devote to the prognostication
of evil to come. It is a most perni
cious aud disagreeable habit. There
is no use of regretting the past ex
cept so far as to profit by its exper
ience in the future; while half the
evils a gloomy-minded person is al
ways predicting never happen.
Cultivate a cheerful spirit, not only
on your own account, but for its
happy influence on all with whom
A. IMeimiugr Woman.
What is more charming than an
agreeable, graceful woman? Here
and there we meet one who possess
es the fairy-like power of enchanting j
all about hor; sometimes she Is ig
norant herself of the magical in
fluence, which is, however, for that
reabon only the more perfect. Her
presence lights up the home; her
approach is like the cheering
warmth ; she passes by and we are
happy. To behold her is to live;
she is the auroia with a human fane.
She has no need to do more than
simply to be; she makes an Eden ot
the house ; Paradise breathes from
her, aud she communicates this de
light to all without taking any
greater trouble than that of existing
beside them. Is it not here an in
estimable gift?
"I now have something for a rainy
day," said old Mr. Snifkins the other
eveuing as he entered the room and
greeted his family. 4,A windfall, a
windfall,'' screamed Mrs. Suilkiin
in an ecstacy of mental paralysis. I
,4No, no," he responded quietly, as
he drew his slippers from under the
sofa, "it's an umbrella." Andrews
"Unless you give me aid," said a
beggar to a benevolent lady, "I am
afraid I'll have to resort to some
thing which I greatly dislike to do."
The lady handed him a dollar, and
compassionately asked : "What is
it, poor man, that I have saved you
from?" "Work," was the mourn
ful uiiswer.
To make candied Lemon or pep
permint tor colds, boil one and one
bait pounds of sugar in a half pint
j of water till it begins to candy
j around the sides ; put in eight drops
of essence; pour it upon buttered
paper and cut it with a knite.
The greatest sticker for etiquette
ever heard of is a man in Michigan
City, who objected to interfering
with a man who was stealing wood
from his wood-pile, on the ground
that he had never been introduced
to him.
The farmers, who cast nine-tenths
of the votes in this state, are begin
ning to feel the necessity of sending
men to the next legislature who are
in sympathy with them aud will
represent their interests. Omaha
A tcaspoouful of finely powdered
charcoal drank iu half a tumbler of
waler will often give relief to the
sick headache, when caused, as it is
in most cases, by a super-abundauce
of acid on the stomach.
A little girl in one of our public
schools the other day had occasion
to parse the word "angel." Coming
to the gender she stopped dismayed
aud asked her teacher if "there were
any men angels."
A miserly man out west is report
ed to make a practice of always rid
ing iu the last seat of a railway
train, to save the interest on his fare
until the conductor gets round tu
There is a fortune in store for the
genius who shall produce a boiler
iron shoe for the small boy. Some
thing warranted to last two weeks
is what is wauted.
A Disappointmeut.-Edwin : "Dull
paper this morning, ain't it, Augy ?''
Angelina: "Yes! .Not a soul one
knows mentioned! not even in tha
i deaths I" Punch.
FIc Will hereafter be found on 13th
street two doors West of Marshall
smith's where he keeps a full Hue of
t verv stvle of
Anrt the Celebrated
As he keeps a Pump House exclusively,
he is ahh- to well CHEAPER THAN
THE CHEAPEST. Pumps for am
depth well. Pump driven or repaired,
:inil KmIs cut.
Zic:::::r: t Qtrurl Sttl isl Timer i Eslit.
CASH CAPITAL, - $50,000
Leandkr Gerhard, PresJi.
Geo. W. Hulst Vice Pres't.
Jumus A Heed.
Edwaud A. Gerhard. '
Ahker Turner, Cashier.
Biiuk oT 3poil, Ii:ouu!
ami F,
'o!tectioiiN Promptly Hade on
nil IoinN.
Pay Interest on Time DepoM
Itw. 2"-
Kami Qehm & B&L
(Successors to HENRY & BRO.)
All customers of the old firm are cor
dially invited to continue their pat
ronage, the same as heretofore; to
gether with as many new custo
mers as wish to purchase
Good G-oods
For the Least Money.
General Agents for the Sale of
Real Estate.
Union Tacitic, and Midland Pacific
R. It. Lands for sale at from$3.00to$lO.(H
per acre for cash, or on five or ten year?
time, in annual payments to suit pur
ehasert). We have also a large and
choice lot of other lands, Improved and
unimproved, for sale at low price aud
on reasonable term. Also business anil
roidenee lots in the city. We keep a
complete abstract of title to all real es
tate in Platte County.
S. J. MARMOY, Prop'r.
Nebraska Ave., South of Depot,
COIjUJIIitlft, I KB.
A new house, newly furnished. Good
accommodations. Board by day or
week at reasonable rates.
jSTNetH a Firm-Claw Table.
Meals, ...25 Cents. Ldgings....25 Cti
iVl Ushers of the Xebraska Farmer,
Lincoln, Neb., arc making that paper a
grand good thing for our country people,
.Hid are ablr seconded by Ex-Governor
Furnas, at the head of the Horticultural
department, and Geo. M. Haw ley at the
head or the Grange department. It
ranks with anv agricultural publication
in the world." X copy of the Farmer
m;iv be een by calling at this oflice, or
bv sending stamp to the publishers.
The subscription price of the Farmer has
been reduced to $1.50, and can be had
bv calling at this oflice, as we are club
bing it and our paper both for one
year at the very low price of $3.00.
A "WEEK in your own town.
and no capital risked. You
can give the business a trial
without expense, me nest
ipportunity ever offered for those will
'nR to work. You should try nothing
else until you see for yourself what you
can do at the business we offer. Ne room
to explain here. You can devote all
your time or only your spare time to the
business, and make great pay for every
hour that yoti work. Women make as
ran h m men. Send for special private
e ms and particulars, which we mail
- e. $5 Outfit free. Don't complain ol
rd times while you have auh a
ince. Address H. IIALLETT & CO.,
rf.rtUnd, -Jlniue. 4Sl-y
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wagon Material
Corner lltli and Olive Sts.
Till Mpace It Reservod
Boots and Shoes.
'nT v a
KTo Z.
Near Slatthis's Bridge.
JOSEPH BUCHER, " Proprietor
JSTThe mill is complete In every par
ticular for making the best of flour. A
xquare, f'ulr lHIne" 1 thr
motto. 4M-
tainininj; to a general Real Estate
Agencv and Notary Public. Have In
structions and blanks furnished by
United States Land Oflice for making
final proof on Homesteads, thereby sav
ing a trip to Grand Island. Have a large
number ot farms, city lots and all lands
belonging to U P. K. R. in Platte and
adjoining counties for sale very cheap.
Attend to contesting claims before U.S.
Land oflice.
Office one Door Weit of lUmmond Host,
H. Cordis, Clerk, Speaks German.
gfM Pf rVT0 fGGW A YEAR, or
SC I M II I?5 to $20 a day in vour
U)A.UJJ own locality. No risk.
Women do as well as
men. Many made more than the amount
stated above. No one can fail to make
money fast. Any one can do the work.
You can make from 60 cts. to $2 an hour
by devoting your evenings and spare
time to the business. It costs nothing
to try the business. Nothing like It for
the money making ever offered before.
Business pleasant and strictly honora
ble. Reader, if you want to know all
about the best paying business before
tbe public, send us your address and we
will send you full particulars and pri
vate terms free; samples worth $5 also
free; you can then make up your mind
for vouraelf. Address GEORGE STIN.
SON Jfc CO., 1'orUud, Maine. M-J
Kli9rJvijBMP . fr jZ
or Loins. crcoti3 Weakness, ard in fact all disorders of tbe Klioklrr ih! Iritutrv
Organs whether contracted by private diseases or otherwise.
I.AD1FS if you are sutfering trom Femalu WtMkiie-i. I.etteorrkm-:!. r tmv
disease of the Kidneys, Bladder, or Urinary Organs, YOU CAN KB ClKKl"i
Without Wallowing nauseous medicines by simply Wearing
Which cure bv absorption. Ask your drugsiit for PROF. tll'II.MKTTlfS
FRENCH KIDNEY PAD, and take no other. Ifhe not jf..t ii. -eml $.m :hhI
you will receive the Pad by return mail.
JUDOK Hcciuna.v, Lawyer, Toledo, O., says: "One of Pref. Gxilmeti
French Kidney Pads cured me of Lumbago iu three weeks' time. 31 v raur hml
been given up by the best Doctors as incurable. Ouriug all this tim" I -wifrrrd
untold agony aud paid out large sums of money.
Gkokoe Viotek, J. P., Toledo, O.,. says: "I sutTered for three vmir.- wHh
Sciatica and Kidney Disease, and often had to go about on crutehes. vvas n
tirely and permanently cured after wearing Prof.Uuilmette'? French Kh1mv Pud
four weeks.
'Sqcikk N. C. Scott, Sylvanla, 0., writes: "I have been a xn-itt mtVrer ftr
IS years with Bright'.s Disease ot the Kidney.-. For week- at a time was wmiiMw
to get out ot oca; took barrels or medicine, but tbry gate nie enlv tfmfHtr.iry
relief. I wore two of Prof. Guilmette's Kidney Pads ?ix weeks, and" I nw knw
I am entirely cured."
3IlW. Hkllkn .lKUOMK, Toludo, 0..say-: "For years I have be-it eHNel, t
great part of the time to my bed, with Leueorrhitsa and female weakness. I www
one of (lUilinettc's Kidney Pada aud wa cured iu one mouth."
II. B. Okkkn, Wholesale Grocer, Findlay.O., writes: -I -titTere! fwrift ers
with lame back aud in three weeks was permanentlv cured l weurlH hhu f
Prof. Gullmette'g Kidney Pads."
B. F. Kkkdmnu, 31. D., Druggist, Logansport, Ind., when sending Ih an nlr
for Kidnev Pad-, write: "I wore one of the first ones we had and I reeeied
more benefit from it than anything I ever used. Iu fact the !';, xie Kttr
general satisfaction than any Kidnev remedy we eer sold."
Ray Hz Suok.makkk. Druggists, Hannibal, 31o.- --We are workim: hj a Inely
trade iu your Pads, and are bearing ot good results from them every da."
Will positively cure Fever and Ague, Dumb Agile, Ague ake, BilliHs Fever,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, and all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and IIKhmI. Prioa
$1 60 by mail. Send for Prof. Guilmette's Treatise ou the Kiilnes .mI Liver,
free by mail. Addres FICK.MCII PAD 4'0 Toledo. nHi.
23" For sale by A. HEINTZ, Druggist, Columbus, Neb. .I'M-
olttit(bus anrml
Is conducted as a
Duvoted to the best mutual inter
ests of its readers and its publish
ers. Published at Columbus, Platte
county, the centre of the agricul
tural is read
by hundreds of people east who are
looking towards Nebraska as their
fnture home. Its subscribers in
Nebraska are the staunch, solid
portion of the community, as is
evidenced by the fact that the
Iouknal has never contained a
"dun" against them, and by the
other fact that
In its columns always brings its
reward. Business is business, and
those who wish to reach the solid
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14 Three months, 00
Single copv sent to any address
In the United States for fi cti.
Columbus, Nebraska.
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PERFUMERY, Etc., Etc.,
And all articles usually kepton hand by
Physicians Prescriptions Carefully
Eleventh street, near Foundry.
masTtk era Himi
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Its success has been continued and un
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bunks, 1b- connection with th- stable
free. Those wishing can be accommo.
dated at the house of the undersigned
at the following rates: M'als 25 cents;
beds lOceati. J. R. 8E5ECAL,
i mil east of rrard'i Corral
Five Hundred Dollars Seward !
Have already been sold in .l,i- cuMtrv :ihI iu Kr .;
ery .uo or which ?u .jiv. n prffef ) faviioii IM,i
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to directions. We now a to tk MtUietott al l..rfl
mgones that we will pay the . e reward for a siMght
That the Pad fails to our. . U. Ur-.t fcttudr wIM
Luic BarX. tculic'i-'-; r-, If.aUtea. Jtrofsm.BriSs
Disease oj the Ktdueys, lncmtmiHC anU fiatmitittm mt
the Urine, Inflammation of the Kklueps, t atm-yk 4 tm
Bladder, Riuh Colored L ine, 1'aiH in th ltmk. su.
No Changing Cars
j kkom '
in -
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made with
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the Hiioirr r,ns-J5
via PEORIA for
IndianapoliSjCincinnati, Louisville
The llext Line lor
Where Direct Connections are w.ide h
th UNION DEI'OT with Thrwh
Sleepiui Car Lines for all I'ointa
Tke ShorUst, Speedie.t and MC im
fortable Route
And all Points in
I'ullman 1 K-wheel lalac- SleejHH
Cars, C, U. & Q. Iilaee Drawing ltwi
Cart, with Horton- lietlinintr Chair-!.
No Extra Charge for eits ih K'..-Im
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JIanuJacturer and tlenler in
Wooden anil Metnlie Burial Caskets
All kinds and flizr of Itole, Wv.
bat tbe tole nht to ma:iuf i
ture and tll the
Smith' Hammock Reclining Chair.
Cabinet Turninir and Scroll work. Pic
ture, Picture Frames and MMMi!r,
Looking-glass I'latei, W-Inut Luwht-r,
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3IONTII 8rHaranf-l.
2 a day at home matte by
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bgpwjUjf'fc- 5fBr f j"
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