The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, April 21, 1880, Image 3

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Communications, to Insure insertion
iu the next issue, bhould be in band on
Mondavi; if lengthy, ou Thursdays
preceding issue-day. Advertisements,
of whatever class, should be in hand by
noon, Tucvdays.
Advertisement under this head 15
cts. a line first insertion, 10 cts. aline
each subeauent Insertion.
The JOUK.'VAL mtabllRk
nt in nevr permanently lo
cated ob II th street, nptalrs
ia ike JOURNAL balldlnc.
j3"Cards under this heading will be
lnf erted for $3 a year.
O. A. R. Baker Pot No. 9, Department
of Nebraska, meet every second and
fourth Tuesdav evenings in each
month in Knights of Honor Hall, Co
lumbus. John Hammond, P. C.
D. D. WadsWOKTH, Adj't.
H. P. BoWKR, Searg. Maj.
To Subscriber.
Your name, trlth the iiatk at which
youk MjiisciuprioN' expires, placed
on each Journal you receive. A prompt
renewal or discontinuance will ac the
publisher', both trouble and expense,
and be better for all concerned. A re
newal ii respectfully solicited. ?2 for 1
vr.; $1 for 0 mo.; .V) cts. for 3 mos.
JOURNAL, with either the American Ag
rlculturM or Nebraska Farmer S3 a yr.,
post-paid, cah iu advance; JOURNAL
and the Xursery
C. D. Tyler was in the city Fri
day ef last week.
A good blacksmith wanted. In
quire at this office.
J. O. Shannon has completed a
barn for T. C. Ryan.
School books at Ed. Fitzpat
rick's, opposite the p03t-office.
More gentle zephyrs now-a-days
thau "heated brows to fan and cool.'
Wanted, a girl to do general
housework. Inquire of J..N. Taylor.
A large assortment of all kinds
of farming implements at Schutte &
Some folks begin to think that
the ground-hog did see his shadow
after all.
John Keeler's health has very
much improved. He was iu the city
Albums Another fine lot, cheap,
at Ed. Fitzpatrick's Book Store, op
posite P. O.
The cheapest place to buy boots
and shoes is at J. M. Honahau'i, on
Olive street.
Stcphcu Gleason of Platte Cen
tre has been very seriously ill with
typhoid fever.
O. II. Brigham, from Illinois, is
in the city looking after a suitable
location for a dentist.
See Mr. G. Heitkemper's now
advertisement. He has a new es
tablishment on 11th street.
Miss Francis E. Willard is re
ceiving high encomiums for her tem
perance work in Nebraska.
For sale or rent, a blacksmith
aud wagon shop, with complete set
of tool". Inquire at this office
II. P. Rawer & Co. are handling
the Peoria plows and cultivators.
Call aud see them beforo baying.
P. W. Schmitz, at R. II. Henry's
old stand, is Felling plows, harrows,
and all kinds of farm implements.
Three seeder, 2 brood sows, 1
blank stallion coming three, and 1
top buggy for sale at cost at Law
rence's. A farm hand wanted by N.
Crabtree, Genoa, Nance county.
Call or address soon, with "cre
dentials." A sidewalk has been laid on
Pacific Avenue between Olive and
N street, and half way between
N and M.
John Wiggins has the biggest
lock and the largest assortment of
barbed fence wire ever brought to
Col ambus.
O. A.Stcarnsthc photographer,
has just put in a lot of new scenic
backgrounds in his gallery. Call
And see them.
Don't forget to call on J. C.
Elliott, at his new pump house on
Olive street, if you want a wind
mill for $40.00.
Master Halla Speilman, after
going through a eevore case of diph
theria, is now suffering seriously
with the ecarlel fever.
Fred. Gottschalk had t stack of
hay burned in the prairie fire last
week. It was too far away for
Fred, to reach in time.
Blank notes, bank, joint, indi
vidual and work-and-labor, neatly
bound in books of 50 and 100, for
.sale at the Journal office.
J. G. P. Uildcbrand, correspond
cnt and special agent of the Pawnee
Jiepublican and Xetc West Monthly,
ivas in the city Saturday.
At the meeting of the Council
Saturday eveniug, it was determined
to have a complete and accurate
statement of the city finances pre
pared. For pure white lead, French
zinc and Unseed oil mixed paint,
ready for the brush, producing a
beautiful gloss, go to John Wlggins's
Hardware Store.
We are prepared to furnish
horse bills at reasonable rates, and
an good styles." Also blank note
"bookR put up in any desired form.
Give us a call before ordering.
N. French, of St. Edwards, who
has been quite unwell for some time
pat, we are glad to know is
better, and around again. He was
in the city Saturday on business.
Parties owaing Bnckeye ma
chinery should at once leave their
orders for repairs with H. P. Bower
& Co., east of Speice & North's 11th
street, to avoid additional expense.
, me KfitSalla
beware 1
VanaiEkiil, . , .
City the 19th.
,. i is oi
billed for His
Mrs. Rosa i
Cily to rcicle. ocs to O'SjiH
C. A. Spcice, & .
again from his recoup ul RUd "1
J. S. and "Hntrii"8,
town again, and are. of (?c areln
M. Smith started6' busy--
morning for the Presbyter411?
pillion. X pa
For the best custom-mad
aud ngatest repairing go to Il
hau's, ou Olive street.
Miss Belle Hartley, formerly
Columbus, but now of Schuyler, is
visiting friends in the city.
J. A. Reed, who has a -large
amount of land for sale, has opened
an office opposite the post-office.
Get prices of croquet, base balls,
bats, and archery goods at E. 1.
Fitzpatrick's Book Store, opp. P. O.
Anderson has 20 nice sucking
pigs, several brood sows, 50 light
shoats and 2 high grade boars for
sale. v .
We learned from the "Omaha
Jiepublican for the first time that
we were an aspirant for U. S. Mar
shal. Mr. Albert Stengger, ,who has
been home from Europe about two
weeks, thinks very-favorably of Ne
braska. The Schuyler Sun, in reference
to conventions, &c, at Columbus,
says "verily it never rains but it
- Our citizens may calculate on
entertaining from 600 to 1000 stran
gers during the Republican State
We are informed that Michael
Sullivan of the Cedar valley, for
merly of Madison, is near to death's
door from lung fever.
Herman Oehlrich presented his
brother, Arnold, a handsome Elgin
watch and a chain on the "Judge's''
birthday, Monday last.
Barbed fence wiro is quoted at
Chicago, at 10 cts. a pound. John
Wiggins sells it here at 11 cts. Why
can't you fence a little?
The Soldiers' State Reunion
takes place, under the auspices of
the Grand Army of the Republic, at
Central City, Sept. 13-18.
The Greenback State Conven
tion to appoint delegates to the
National Convention will be held in
this city on the 28th inst.
Nick Adami lost the other day,
by prairie fire, three acres of trees.
AUo lately be has lost, by what is
called hog-colera, 75 hogs.
Wasted To correspond with a
practical book-binder with a view
to business. Address M. K. Turner
& Co., Journal, office, Nebraska.
It would seem that Mayor Beck
er's motto which may be briefly
stated "Necessity and utility first,
oruament last," is to be strictly
carried out.
We learn that many cases of
measles have occurred in the vicini
ty of T. H. Saunders, Colfax Co., and
that his sou's wife is going through
a severe attack.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Tigner have
beeu ill several days. It Is supposed
that they are taking- the measles,
some of their children having had
that complaint. ,
Wo notice that in the list of
petit jurors drawn for the next term
of the United States Court in May
occurs the namo of our townsman,
Michael Weaver.
Mr. Hildebrand, representing
the New West Monthly, has been in
the cjtys several -days .getting-data
for a igraad article B.Colnrabus to
usher in the new road.
And dig about your lands i '.
Of beans and peas and squashes talk.
And buster up your hands.
Boston Transcript.
At the last meeting of Engine
Co. No. 1, Exempt Certificates, hand
somely framed, were presented to
tho five-yeara' mqn,- aad badges,
neatly engraved, issued tomembers.
Dr. Isaac Bowman, of. Upper
Sandusky, Ohio, brother-4o our
townsman, G. G. Bowman, Esq., is
visiting here. He is very much
struck with the beauties of Nebraska.
A. Smith, of Metz, was in the
city Saturday. He was full of busi
ness, and no time to give us a
pleasant chat, but we .shall remem
ber one remark he mado for a long
Wiggins proposes to sell barbed
wire at actual cost He has had
some adverse experience with prai
rie fires, and is determined that this
country shall be fenced, If cheap
wire will do it.
WanlDd, a stout, healthy girl to
take the summer care of a small herd
of cattle. German or Polish pre
ferred. For further particulars
apply to Louis Swartz at Wiggins's
hardware Btore.
P. W. Schmitz, at R. H. Henry's
old stand, is selling Wood's ma-chiney-the
reaper, tho mower, the
twine binder, the wire binder, and
the harvester, as well as air kinds of
farm implements.
For Sale. A dwelling-house and
lot in a very desirable part of the
city. Will be sold at a sacrifice, as
the money is needed. -The honso is
new and cost more money than is
asked for both house and lot. For
farther particulars Inquire at the
Journal office.
James Duusford, who has been
in the city several weeks, left for
Canada Monday moruiug. He ex
pects to return shortly.
As we go to press (Tuesday
evening) the elite of the city arc in
readiness to attend the lecture of
Miss Willard, one of America's
ablest exponents of the temperance
Keating & Sullivan have for
sale, at their place four and a half
miles northwest of the city, the
nicest bunch of young Illinois cattle
that have evor been brought to Co
lumbus. Conmlaint has been entered
ouh U8 ueaiustsomo unknown row-
s who, last Monday night, com-
esu divers potty depredations on
thehousP3 iu the south half of
Rockfo5 McS weeny & Crotty of
Saturday111-' arrived in the city
very nie?nt wi,h a car load of
1100 to l-iT608' weiSI,in f,om
stopping at tfyounds. They are
tt 'Ueckered barn.
n. P. Bowv
charge the agen Co" haviuS in
machinery, have sY lhc Buckyc
and are now open f ft ful1 li,,e
ties wishing anything?1"' rar"
line will do well to call P machine
On Wednesday lask
stable in the western part o s .
belonging to B. II. RoScClty'
burned. It contained ome JV9
household goods. TheDepartti
was called out twice duing the di.
A shower of ram th other da
was very gratefully rececri by the
waiting grain, and now fary where
tho wheat appears green nd nice to
Cattle and shecrran now
get grass euough flourish
Look out next weekfofDolands
new advertisement, andfj tho mean
time go there to buy our drugs,
paints, oils, wall papcistationery,
flower pots, mixed pals, garden
seeds, trusses, pyrin gesigars, to
bacco, &c.
The graders on the incoln &
Northwestern are at wormear the
U. P. track, working thcitrvay to
wards the new depot. Ilia now
confidently stated by the ahorities
that the cars will be runug into
this city by tho first of Maj
E. P. Draper on Tucsdr night
last week lost by prairie re his
sheds, bam, harvester, hanss, 70
bushels of corn, 22 of flax amahog.
Loss, between $200 and $30t The
fire was set out by one of hiseigh
bors to clear a piece of his Ian.
Wo learn that S. M. Barke who
was out working hard againi the
prairie fire one night last wcelwas
considerably prostrated aftcrwrds.
Heavy, fleshy men are not bes ad
apted to hard, quick work. Ware
glad to learn that Mr. Barker isup
The entertainment and ball gien
Monday night by the German Tfca-
tro troupe, formed the most enjoa-
ble combination of the season 'o
those who were present (which ws
a goodly number) and the dancig
was prolonged till 3 o'clock in te
young man living south o
the river was arrested one night lasj
weok on a charge or bastardy. Wi to tho ticket. IT is strange how
refrain from mentioning names in simultaneously everything is corn
regard for the feelings of tho parents ing to or looking toward Columbus
on both sides. We understand that this year. We sav it, and in no
the suit was compromised by the
payment of $325.
They say that Win. Dietrich is
preparing to erect a two-story brick
business house, with hall in second
story. We can't get anything from
him as to the truth of it. We rath
er guebs there is something in it,
however, from the manner in which
he is inquiring as to material, etc.
Pursuant to instruction, John
McMahon was around Monday
morning, notifying everybody to
clean up their alleys, cellars, &c. A
timely act. Let there be no filth
left above ground, and while it is
being buried, let care bo taken that
it don't taiut the water in the wells.
Wm.' O'Brien, S. A. Crosby and
F. Morgan of McIIeury Co., III.,
arrived iu the city Friday last, with
6ix car loads of splendid young
stock, which can be seen at Keating
& Sullivan's. We hope they will
-find it profitable to come aerain.
This country needs ten times the
stock it has.
The Clolher House omnibus ar
rived last Sunday. It is a splendid
looking" vehicle, -will seat twelve
persons inside, and, on occasion,
four to six on top. One man on
seeing it said, "Just as good as any
body's." Sure enough, aud why
shouldn't it be? It is an exceed
ingly handsome "Pet." .
There was a big prairie fire in
the vicinity of Monroe Centre last
weejc which did considerable dam
age. We learn that Mr. E. P. Dra
per lost his stable, corn, flax, wood,
a hog, and part of bis chickens. His
dwelling house was barely saved.
Mr. Hodge was damaged by tho fire,
but what extent we did not learn.
Parties living in the vicinity fonght
the fire nearly all night.
A complaint filed Monday last
before Police Judge G. G. Bowman,
by one of our citizens against an
other, charges the latter with put
ting 3 drachms of corrosive subli
mate in 7 pounds of sugar given the
complainant, on tho 24th of Nov.,
'79, with intent to poison. A hear
ing will be had next Friday. We
have not conferred with either
party in the case, and refrain at
piwoin?nsmea. me
trial of the case is anticipated with
considerable interest.
present from publishing names. The
Messrs. Lubkcr & Kramer arc
the authorized agcuts hero for Mark
Twain's new book, the "Tramp
Abroad." They are not, by any
meauci, -assuming to fill any con
tracts made by a certain traveling
fraud who was not an agent for the
work, but will sell it to all who may
desire it.
M. A. Upton has again beeu
placed in confinement, his mental
faculties becoming deranged once
more. All the time that he was re
cently at liberty, it was noticed that
his mind had not become fully res
tored. It has been definitely decid
ed, we believe, to have him sent to
the State asylum for the insane.
Schuyler San.
The premium lists for the forth
coming State Fair are printed and
in the hands of the "cretary, D. H.
Wheeler, of Plattsmouth. Would
it not be well for our farmers to
send for copies and look about and
see what they will have to take to
the fair. You may have something
that you may think not worth ex
hibiting, but to others it might be
very interesting.
The following are the officers
elected by the Grand Lodge of the
Kuights of Honor at the meeting in
this city last Tuesday and Wednes
day: F. P. Ireland, Die; D. M.
Welty, V. Die. ; A. Hardy, A. Die. ;
J. D. Edwards, C; S. S. Reynolds,
Guide ; D. II. Wheeler, Rep. ; S. G.
Owen, Treas.; J. W. Brooks, Gn.;
E. O. Richardson, Sec. ; Trustees, G.
W. Covel, C. S. Goodrich, B. C.
Howard; Supreme Representative,
3 1C T.ntior
-TJie Jours-al has for several
weeks -.ontaiucd an advertisement
"wauled, a stout, healthy girl to take
the hummer care of a small herd of
cattle." An Ohio exchange quot
ing, says :
"Girls of Ilarnsnn no,. .-7
do you think ot the following para
graph, which wo clip from the Co
lumbus (Nebraska) Journal, and is
a genuine advertisement?"
By all means let us hear from them
when we may have something to say
in return, concerning Nebraska girls
and Nebraska women.
Pedestrianism in Columbus is
looming. Our neighbor, the New
York Cheap Cash Store, boasts of
two professional "wnlkists," the first,
Mr. Edward Kenn, better known as
"Jim" Ivcan and still better by tho
6izc of his No. 13 boot ; the other is
Mr. "Nimrod" Harris. They walk
ed to Jackson against time the other
day, but time combined with Ne
braska's gentle breezes, beat them.
If you mention walking to Jackson
to "Nimrod" he immediately walks
ofT "on his ear," but "Jim" Kenu
will start oft on a walking match to
the Black Hills as soon as the grass
grows so that he can feed on the
The people of Columbus, Nebr.,
and traveling men generally, favor
John Hammond, the popular land
lord, for Vice Presideut of the
United States. New West Monthly.
The above may be called the be
ginning of the Hammond " boom."
In another place, the Monthly con
nects the Captain's name with that
of the General!, as forming a strong
ticket. Mayor Becker thiuks the
Captain's name would be an honor
to th
boasting spirit, either, we can put
uir hand on the shoulders of half a
ozen men in Columbus who could
reditably fill the office of President
f these United States.
While cleaning up the other day
a the U. P. Elevator in this city, the
vorkmen came upon a good sized
byttle filled with strychnine, "con
taring enough of the poison to kill
all the people in Columbus. It had
poised through tho elevators and the
clcuer and was caught by the sieves,
and strange to say was still corked
andunbroken. Of course thero are
varbus very natural ways of ac
counting for its presence In the
clevdor, such as, that it might havo
boenplaced on a projection in some
farmtr's granary and fallen una
warei into his wheat, or it might
have rallon out of a pocket into a
wagon load of loose wheat, and been
shovehd into the elevator; but just
think if the dreadful consequences
that tn'ght have befallen some east
ern cock if this bottle had burst!
We leae it to the imagination of
our realers to conjecture a family
down with, poison, the bread exam
ined, the cook arrested, &c, &c.
Thetfre set out by somebody
unknown, near the Stolce brick yard
came verj close to proving a disas
trous thiog to several persons. A
considerable portion of hay iu tho
valley wa6 destroyed, but nothing
more serious happened. It may be
set down as a good rule of conduct
that no ram, woman or child has
sense enough to set out a prairie
fire, except tvheu, the fire will inevi
tably sweep by them anyhow, and
that is their only hope of protection.
Don't take the risk. It is too great.
It would- seem that so long as no
great damage results, the law will
not be enforced, but some of these
days it may happen that a prairie
fire, sot out even in a calm time,will
be caught by a sudden rise of the
wind and will carry destruction and
devastation in its path, until men
will become so enraged that they
will show no mercy to the gnilty.
Let every one, before striking a
match to touch to the grass, consider
the possible consequences of the act.
Thousands of dollars worth of prop
erty have thus been de8t J be.
sides the lives of men and beasts
Don't set out prairie fires.
Wo have a copy of amendments
to the road law as passed by tho
legislature of '70, which those inter
ested can examine. Soc. 75, which
contains a good provision, was gen
erally, if not universally unheeded
last fall, and this probably happened
because the legislature failed to
provide for the publication of such
portions of their enactments as were
of universal interest. How can the
law be reasonably enforced when it
is not known what the law i?, and
how else can it be quicker, more
effectually and more cheaply made
known to the public than through
the newspapers of the State? The
publication of this one provision
alone, at a nominal cost to the State,
might have saved tens of thousands
of dollars worth of property within
the limits of the State. There is no
reason why all laws of very general
interest should not be published,
and we could hope that the next
legislature will not stand in its own
and the public's light to the extent
the last one did. Having diverged
thus much, wo quote as follows:
"It shall be tho duty of each over
seer of roads during" the month of
AuguRt or September, in each year,
to make provision for the preven
tion and spread of prairie tires in
his district, by causing the grass
along the line of the public roads, at
least two rods in width on each side
of said roads, where practicable to
be mown. Such grass shall be per
mitted to lie where it is cut, and
shall not be raked or gathered to
gether, but shall, at a suitable time,
when dry, bo burnt."
Itlnp ofPlalte Co.
Messrs. Speice & North, real es
tate agents of this city, havo .done
an excellent thing in preparing for
sale a splendid map of the county
showing the location of all tho
towns, farms, &c. It may be h'
down .ia; nuct, in all
important particulars. W. L.
Wright of Omaha is the draughts
man, and the lithographers, August
Gass & Co. of St. Louis. The work
on the map is done in tho
best of style, and one of these, hand
somely mounted, should adorn the
walls of every farm-house and office
iu the county. We find it very val
uable for reference, and have had
ours but a few days. We hope that
while those gentlemen will feel as
sured that they have done a public
good, they will have purchasers
enough for their very handsome
map to justify them in still further
ventures in this line. Sold by
Speice & North, at their office on
11th st.
The Rev. Copelaud preached at
Omaha tho other day what might be
classified as a sensational sermon,
taking for the foundation of his
discourse, Mother Shipton's proph
ecy, closing
''And the world to an end shall come
In eighteen hundred and eighty-one."
All the other prophecies foretold in
the celebrated Hues, having been
literally fulfilled, why not this, is
the probable inference the sensation
al preacher wished his hearers to
draw. Without affirming belief or
disbelief in the so-called prophecy
he referred, among other things, to
the measured space in the great
pyramid of Egypt answering to the
Christian era 1881, and to Prof.
Gould's announcement that if the
immense comet, which is now trav
eling eastward, continues iu its pres
ent course and inclination, which he
can see nothing to prevent, it will
collido with the earth in the course
of a year.
That Ventilation.
Editou Joun.vAL : Iu last Week's
Issue you said "A gentleman tells us
that at the meeting in the M. E.
Church last Sunday evening there
was uot a breath of ventilation."
Thore were two windows lot down
from the top all the time, and two
others part of the time, during the
services, aud yet the gentleman says
thero was not a breath of ventila
tion. He must remember that with
an audience of 150 persons (instead
of 100 as he has it) it would be quite
difficult to please all, for while some
complained of being too warm, oth
ers were too cold, and taking all
the circumstances together, the ven
tilation perhaps could not have been
bettered much, and certainly the fa
cilities for ventilation cannot be
surpassed by any other church in
the city.
Humphrey Item.
Mr. Crue, from Illinois, has bought
section 5, built thereon, a two story
house, frame barn, &c.
Everybody here are well and very
busy, and farmers are setting out au
unusual large number of trees this
Here, as everywhere else, a wed
ding now and then occurs. Mr.
Vanblaricum was married a week or
two ago, to a widow lady from
At the depot there is a dry goods
and grocery store, a drugstore, an
elevator, a boarding house, and (I
am sorry to fay) a saloon. A black
smith shop is being built, and there
are one or two dwelling houses
already completed.
Wm. B. Eager of the West Point
Mnf'g Co. answers our inquiry by
saying: we will pay tho following
prlce3 for rags on board cars at
Columbus : ct. for wrapping pa
per and pasteboard ; $1.20 per cwt
for mixed rags ; $1.50 per cwt. for
white rags; $1.25 per cwt. all kinds
woolen rags.
Welsh Reserve
April 12th, 18S0.
Mr. Editok: I uoticed iu your
last week's issuo a mistake in the
dato of the ro-organlzation of the
Welsh Rcsorvo Uuion S S , also in
the officers. It had been re-organized
Feb. 8, 18S0, and the following
officers duly elected : Robert Lewis,
superintendent ; L. Lewis, secretary ;
Hugh Edwards, treasurer.
I presume the party that repre
sented the date, of the above school
had undoubtedly been wrongly in
formed, or otherwise had bad in
tentions by so doing.
Letter List.
The followiuff is a list of unclaimed
letters rcmntntng In the post-office, In
Columbus, for the week ending April
17, 18S0:
AnsminKer.LoranUMeMurphy Geo Y
Brausen, Joseph MeClelland, David
Bulen, Geo W Marzlin, .Tohu
Burt, L K KoblnBon, Stephen
Cunningham. Kic'd Stanley. Eugene
Gertsch. Paul Svemon, Mr A A
Kelly. I) Swan, Joseph
Larlin, .1 Olin Miss Inez
If not called for in 30 days will be sent
to the dead-letter office, Washington, D.
C. When called for please say "adver
tised," as these letters are kept separate
A. A. UIKKAlUi, , J.
Roll of Honor, Dlst. Re. 13.
Intermediate Department Albert
Schram, George Graves, Josio Weils,
Albert Scott, Earl Pearsall, Clyde
McGinitie, Walter Henry, George
Ellis, Krncst Gerrard, Clarence Wil
lis, Harry Compton, Clintou Smith,
George Taylor, Luolla Tiffany, Katie
Shotwell, Eva Clark, Cora Slattery,
Nellie Smith, Ida Baker, Carrio
Lawson, Grace Taylor, Orie Mon--
Mr. Wyslng, of Timber creek,
in company with Mr. Wallace, called
to seo us this week. Mr. Wysin
owns twenty ono sections of land in
thin county, uf which he will break
five-hundred acres this spring; he
has built a two aud one-half story
residence, 24x40; ho owns twenty
blooded brood mares; has 500 sheep
and will distribute between 4000 and
5000 head of cattle, among his
neighbors to fatten. Boone Co. Ar
gus. A Curd.
Our sincerest thanks are tendered
to friends and neighbors for kind
ness and assistance in our bereave
ment. S. A. BON'ESTEEL,
Louise D. Bonesteel.
A Card,
Words can not express ray grate
ful feelings to those who, being
friends in need, have been friends
indeed, to me in the sorest affliction
of my life tho death of ray wife.
O. P. Reed.
G. C. Dimock, and C Altschulor
have the contract for tho erection of
a concrete building, for J. K. P. Mc
Callum. It is the first ono to be
built here, and it will be well for
our citizens to note its progress aud
merits. Madison Chronicle.
The receipts, for freight receiv
ed at this station during the month
of March, amounted to twenty two
hundred dollars, being two hundred
dollars more than in February.
Madison Chronicle.
BONESTEKLOn Sunday, April 18,
Violet, daughter ofTTr. S. A. and Loniie
Bonesteel, aged 14 mouths.
STEVENS April lflth. of measles,
Eva, infant daughter of W. M. StevenB,
of Colfax Co. Her funeral takes place
Advertisements under this head tire
cents a line each insertion.
Calicos at 5 cents a yard at L.
Ladies' Kid Gloves, only 25 cts
a pair, at Kramer's.
See the sulky plow attache
ments at Lawrence's.
Valencia oranges and Messina
lemons at Hudson's.
A large, new stock of men's and
women's shoes at Wm. Schilz's.
Choice cider iu half barrels for
family use at Hudson's.
Will T. Rickley pays cash for
Butter and Eggs and vegetaMes.
Fresh oranges and lemons 40
cts. a dozeu at Hudson's.
Toys and toy books at E. D.
Fitzpatrick's, opposite poBt office.
Madame Demorest's Spring
patterns just received at Kramer's.
Plenty of the celebrated Smith
wagons and buggies at Lawrence's.
The Whitowater Standard farm
wagon on band at Schutte & Pohl's.
Ladies' serge Shoes, 75 cts. a
pair, at Friedhoff& Co's. N. Y. City
Just received at Hudson's
choice New York and Ohio boiled
Ladies' serge Slippers, 50 cts. a
pair, at Friedhoff & Co's. N. Y. City
To bo economical, trade at L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Cash
Men's black wool nats at 25
cents at Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
Ed. Fitzpatrick sells the most
books and toys, for the least money,
of any one.
Men's Joans Pants, only 60 cents
a pair, at Kramer's New York Cheap
Cash Store.
200 pieces spring calico, all the
new designs, at Friedhoff & Co's.
N. Y. City Store.
Oranges, lemons, fresh cocoa
nuts and green apples just received
at Hudson's.
Open ins: of the IW. . City
Store, Friedhoff Jc Co-, Pron'r,
Central Block.
Ladies' spring gloves only 10
cts. a pair, at Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
Missed and Childrcu's corsets
and waists at Kramer's Now York
Cheap Cash Store.
Tho highest market price paid
by John Uarrigan for cattle, hogs,
pelts, tallow, &c, &c.
Fifty dozen two-button kid, all
sizes 35 cts. a pair, at Friedhoff &
Co's. N.Y. City Store, Central Block.
Mail orders for goods: as well as
for samples, promptly attended to
and satisfaction guaranteed. Ad
dress L. Kramer, N. Y. Cheap Cash
Store, Columbus, Neb.
Seeders, Cultivators, Harrows,
etc., etc., the best goods in market
at Schutte & Pohl's.
Ladies' Berlin Gloves, at 10 cts.
a pair, at Friedhoff & Co's. N. Y.
City Store, Central Block.
Just received a complete new
stock of ladies', misses and children's
fine Shoes aud Slippers, of the latest
spring styles, at Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Storo".
J. C. Morrissey is dealing in
hogs ou a very small margin, and
will continue to do so. Sellers will
consult their Interests by seing him.
qsip jo uvo 'dSK oij) Xq
sjano oq qojijA sjojsXo 30JappBg
qsojj 'U08B33 oq j0 33Utiiqoq) joj
putiq uo daajj Xjiuwjsuoo in pus
pOAjooaa sq usqoaqg q -g
The largest and most complete
Btock of men's, youth's and boys'
Clothing at former uniform low
pricep, at L. Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
500 Pair men's two-buckle plow
shoes, only 65 cts. a pair, at Kra
mer's X. Y. Cheap Cash Store.
We are agents for the celebrated
Sailer Lewis & Co., Philadelphia,
ladies' tine shoes. Call and examine
them. Friedhoff & Co's. N. Y. City
Store, Central Block.
Money Wasted.
To borrow $1500 on landed secu
rity for three years. Address, J. B.
S., care Joukn'al office, Columbus.
For Sale.
Over hundred choico residence
lots in Smith's addition to the city
of Columbus. Saml. C. Smith,
509-x R-"i F.cnte Agt.
For Male
A good one-seatea top buggy
cheap for cash or terms to suit, at
A. W. Lawrence's Pump and Ma
chine Depot.
Pleae Return.
Upwards of two months ago a
gentleman borrowed of me a drive
well auger, a maul and a pair of
tongs, which ought to be returned
Immediately. J. C. Elliott.
Brick aad Brick Work.
Thos. Flynn & Co. are ready to
furnish brick at their kiln, or deliv
ered in tho city, or put into wall, at
reasonable rates and on short notice.
Attention, Farmer.
I am determined to closo out my
Stock of Implements, and it will
pay you to call and examine before
purchasing elsewhere.
Wm. Becker.
A black and white spotted barrow
pig, weighing about 150 lbs. The
finder will please inform the owner
at Genoa, Nance Co., Neb.
514-3 Chably SnnLTz.
The Tattersall Livery Stable is an
excellent place to stop at when you
are in town with a team. Good ac
commodations. Reasonable charges.
On Olive treot, one door south of
Wiggina'a hardware store. Try
hem. 268.x.
Notice is hereby given to the pub
lic not to purchase a note for $120,
given Feb. 7th, 1880, and due Jan.l,
1881, to Enos . Pickering, by John
Devi'ne, and secured by mortgage,
as the same was obtained through
misrepresentation, aud will not be
paid. John Devise.
Cfcolce Rewldence Lots Tor Sale
Choice residence lots for salo in
the southeastern part of Columbus.
From one to forty acres rich, dry
soil and no alkali. Acre lotR for
salo at prices from $20 to G5 per
acre. Inquire of Speice & North.
The above property comprises Hig-
gms and bpielman's addition to
Advertisements under this head five
cents a line, fir it insertion, three cents
a line each subsequent insertion.
K?MTI TalaniliHii .THa1H
aud the American Agriculturist (Oerman
or Euglish edition) ?3 a yr., in advance.
"Keating & Sullivan keep con
stantly on hand young Illinois stock
lor sale.
J. C. Elliott keens the Force Pumn.
Every person should have one incase of
Megalar Mtock Heater.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and sold; also fat and stock hogs.
37-y D. Axdkrsox.
I want no driving across the west
half of Section 12, Township 17, Platte
county. Neb., after this date.
April 14, im. T. B. VanAlstixe.
For Sale.
A lot and neat cottage building
containing six rooms, conveniently lo
cated in the city. Terms reasonab.e.
For information call at this office.
A Big Bargain.
I have an Elwsrd Harvester, in good
repair, used one season, for sale cheap
for cash or will give one year's time ou
good paper.
Is hereby given to all persons not to
purchase, or negotiate for, a certain
promissory note executed and dated by
me on or about February fth. 1880, and
made payable to one J. K. Hamlin, in
the sum of One Hundred and Fifty
Dollars due on or about Nov. 1st, lwSOr
said note having been obtained by fraud
and without any consideration.
March 9th, 18).
R. Gbaxt Daltox.
DlHftolntlea of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that tho
partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, doing business under
the firm name of Thos. Flynn fe Son,
has been this day dissolved by mutual
consent. The business (brick making)
will be continued by Thos. Flynn & Co.,
who are authorized to settle the affairs
of the old firm.
April 1, 18S0. Joh-J.fVvV,
IVer West Monthly.
Devoted to the interests of immi
gration and advertising. The jrct
circulation of an) magazine west of the
Mississippi river. Terms 60 cts. a year.
Sample copies 10 cts. JoUKNAL aud
'New Wcat," ti.W.
11. II. Allkx, Editor.
Atchiriou, Kan.
rVetlcc Te Teachers.
1 will be in ray office at the Court
House on the tirst and last Saturdays of
each month for the purpose of exarala
intj applicant for teacher's certificate,
and for the transaction of any other
business pertaining to schools.
S. L. Barrett.
County Supt.
Black Frank,
A Canadian Morgan, an excellent
draft horse and roadster, five years old,
weight 1350 pounds, will stand for ser
vice during the season beginning March
loth. Term: single nerIce $1; to In
ure $8. At tav stables on Mondays and
Tuesday; at ilartiu Bloedorn', Wed
nesdays and Thursdays; Fridays and
Saturdays, in Columbus, at Johnson's
stable. HK.NRY Schwasz.
I will take cattle for herding from
3(ay m to Oct. 1st. 1S30, or during th
grazing season, at $1 a bead, furnUhlng
salt, accessible to the cattle all tho
while. My ranche Is 4 miles west of
Genoa, on the Loup. All cattle re
ceipted for at tho Ranche, and all must
be branded or definitely marked. No
stock receipted for after -I p. M. until 8
a. M. next day. Will also buy and sell
stock on commission. Address at Genoa
post-office, Nance Co.
Irbtnmen, Attention!
Preparations are being mado for a
grand rally of Irishmen In behalf of
suffering Ireland, to take place on Sat
urday. May lit, at 2 o'clock p. ra., at the
Opera House iu this city. George R.
Nunnelly (Antelope Dick) will deliver
a poem on the famine Of 1848, and deliver
his address: "Ireland and Her Heroic
Sons." Let every patriotic son of old
Erin turn out. Large posters aad pro.
grammes will be issued at the proper
time. It is expected that all the ad
Joining counties will be represented.
(State papers please copy. )
Itv Ordkr CoMMrrrxr.
Our quotations of the markets are ob
tsincdTiiesday afternoon, and are correct
and reliable at the time.
Wheat No. 1, test .19 lbs....
tt it it 'j u
" " 3, " M " .. .
44 Rejected
Corn Shelled,
Corn In Ear
1 ota toes,. ........
Onions f bu
Fat Hogs,
Fat Cattle,
Good veal, per hundred,...
Hides, greeu salted
Corned Beef
.$3 254 00
. 150&255
1 001 20
. l.iOQO
8 23&3 40
2 r)3 00
2 00(31.-i 00
4 00600
4 00
4 4 51
Drop Siding
Ship Lap
Framing (10 to 20 ft)
Well Tubfng (per bunch)
Lath (p..r M)
Shingled (peril)
Doors 2-8x0-8, lj; thick ..
' 2-tixO-U, li ...
5-urfu; l "
; SO 00(340 00
25 00.To 00
20 0024 00
27 50ao (x)
25 00
1 0U
4 M
3 003 4 W
2 50
2 20
1 75
1 50
1 i j: p (lb.)
Tarre itv t(per lb.)
The New York
On 11th Street,
Bespec'tfully invites your attention
to the Large Addition Lately
Made to hu store,
And to the
Hats t Caps, '
Boots & Shoes,
Men's Furnishing Goods,
Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
I aim to furnish the
In Every Departa8atrat the
Lowest Possible Prices.
An Inspection of my Stock Solicited V J
New York Cheap Cash Store,
11th Street, Columbiis.,
15 ;