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Communication!:, to Insure insertion
In the next issue, should be in band on
Mondays; if lengthy, on Thursdays
preceding iesuc-dav. Advertisements,
of whatever class, s'hould be In hand by
noon, Tuesdays.
Advertisements under this head Id
ctB. a line first Insertion, 10 cts. a line
each subsequent insertion.
New corn meal at Loveland &
L. Kramer returned to Silver
Creek Monday.
See J. M. Honahau's card and
give him a call.
A. M. Darling of Schuyler was
in the city Monday.
The Columbus greenback club
numbers forty members.
"Wm. Lisco expects to leave for
Sidney aboat the 20th inst.
A. X. Burgess aud C. E. Chapin
have dissolved partnership.
"Work has begun on Thomas
Flynn'fi new brick residence.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Henry return
ed Monday from their visit cast.
Mr. Couriright of Hillsdale,
Mich., was in the city yesterday.
The new school building in
District No. 13 will soon be com
pleted. David Anderson shipped to
Chicago last Thursday ono car of
fat hogs.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Jenkins of
Kalamazoo came to the city last
Crops in tho northwestern coun
ties, as threshed, arc better than
Every species of hardware at
"Wigcins's, prices away down, to suit
the times.
Mrs. "Wm. ITunncman tuid
children left for Oshkosh, "Wise, on
Thursday last.
J. P. Wolfe of HI., brother-in-law
to .Ino. "Wise, spent a day with
him last week.
Lewis Hoopes a? teacher began
school in Dist. No. 27 on Monday,
term, flvc months.
John W. Martin and wife re
turned to the city from the Black
Hills one day last week.
Is it a fuel that the Greenback
club of this place have passed a res
olution, in favor of repudiation?
Charlie Morse and Lute North
passed through the city Thursday
last week with cattle for Chicago.
Gus Schroder's horse ran off
Sunday no one in the buggy how
ever, but it was smashed to pieces.
We :ue glad to note that Father
Smith, who has suffered so long
from fever, is rapidly gaining in
Nine applicants for teacher's
certificates were examined by Sup't
Barrett on Saturday last; five of the
number were rejected.
Grain elevators at Omaha and
bore are full, there is no place to
store wheat, no cars can be had, and
the price is downward.
Hon. E. W. Arnold of Grand
Island, stopped Friday evening with
friends in the city, on his way home
from the State convention.
Our localizer last week forgot
to chronicle the arrival of a very
young lady at the residence of G.
". Clother, on Saturday laet.
Colnmbus will have quite a
pugilistic reputation after a while- if
our fellow citizens keep on as they
have been doing the past week.
G. W. Baruhart of Big Springs,
on his way home from the Itcpubli
enn State Convention, stopped off
here to visit his father-in-law's folks.
M. Smith went cast Thursday
to purchase goods for the new dry
goods and millinery store to be
opened shortly by himself and Mrs.
Platte Baker left Sunday for
Golden, Col., where he expects to
work on the Colorado Central U. It.
His wife will follow him iu a few
Frank Gillette, J no. Harrigan,
O. P. ltced and John Williamson
have been subpoenaed to Leaven
worth, Oct. 17th, as witnesses in the.
Burgess case.
It. II. Henry's new dwelling
house on Olive and Fifteenth streets
approaches completion. When fin
ished it will add greatly to that part
of Olive 6trect.
It. Miller, of Polk Co., sowed
. his wiuter wheat a week since,
which is now up and lookiug .splen
did. He has also sown his rye
which is also looking well.
Mrs. Martha Barrows, living
cast of this city, has leftatthcJoun
xai, office a splendid sample of wild
nlums. We passed them over to an
Ohio friend who will probably take
4lrmi triHt fitiri kt liis rlictont hninn
Mr. D. Redpath, of Marengo,
111., was in the city one. day last
week. He still owns a valuble farm
in Neb., south of the Platte riyer,
and annually pays a business visit to
the State to look after his interests.
Mr. A. Dresser, who for a long
time kept hotel at Genoa, on the
Pawnee Reservation, has recently
erected a new building on his farm
near Albion, Boone Co., aud with
his family removed there last week.
O. P. Reed has purchased the
house and lot south of A. W. Crites's
aud north of the now school-house
aud moved into it the first of the
week. The trade which secured this
property was made iu about three
Mr. Arthur Truesdcll of Wisner
was in the city yesterday on busi
ness. He represents the wheat aud
lumber trade there as good. He es
tablished himself at Wisner in Sep
tember, and purposes along with his
buying of wheat, to sell coal.
L. Schroeder has been engaged
to teach the Antelope Co. band.
S. O. Raymond, who has been
seriously ill for some time past, is
getting better.
Miss Jennie McCIure of Chica
go, sister to Mrs. Doland, is here
and will spend the winter in Co
lumbus. Sunday is the business day at
Jackson, at least it so seems to
"Dick" Itossiter, who was there
last Sunday.
F. M. Sackctt returned from
Omaha Monday. His wife, whom
he was expecting to meet at Omaha,
did not arrive.
Mr. J. C. Briggs addressed the
Greeubacker's at the Opera House
last evening. A goodly number
were present.
Mrs. C. Fifield returned to the
city last week. She will resume
work in the new school building,
Ditrict 13, this session.
G. W. Brown and his neighbor
Mr. Decker, spent several days in
the city last week. George is still
afflicted with the ague.
We learn from tho Schuyler
Sun that Mrs. J. A. Hood and
daughter left Tuesday of last week
on a visit to New Hampshire.
Ttcv. Sherman's lecture last Sab
bath evening at the Congregational
church was listened to with interest
by a large number of our citizens.
O. P. Itccd and family will start
Friday, overland, for Pawnee City,
where the family will visit friends,
while O. P. goes to Leavenworth.
When in Omaha the other day
we saw Pal. OToolc, formerly of
of this p'ace. lit. looks in excel
lent health, and is making money.
C D. Tyler of the Wattsvillc
neighborhood lost, by prairie fire
Monday night, the grain from 2G
acres, besides some hay aud trees.
Louis Schroeder will, the com
ing winter, give musical lessons to
brass bands, and also on the violin,
and teach string bauds. He is an
expert iu this business.
It is a fart worthy of praise to
her citizens that Uoone county shows
the shortest delinquent tax-li&t in
the State, which embraces 70 pieces
of land aud 5 town lots.
John Itoutson, of this city, was
engaged last week in surveying and
platting the town of Genoa, located
on the Pawnee Reservation, twenty
two miles west of this city.
Be sure to sec Wiggins'a Ftork
of stove before you buy. He ha3 a
splendid assortment, the best over
brought to tJic city, and is selling
them at marvelously low prices.
The new school building re
cently erected in this city by the
Franciscan Fathers is about com
pleted and makes a nice appearance,
aud adds much to the beauty of
their ground.
Thos. P. Coan. father to our
townsman IT. D. Coan, arrived in
the city Saturday from Illinois. He
purposes making this his home, and
will probably engage in the ma
chinery business.
Jos. Lockhart of Polk county
was arrested ctcrday afternoon
for drunkenness and disturbance,
not without considerable resistance
agains.t the officers. The trouble
arose over a feed-bill.
County warrants, school orders,
school bonds aud good bankable
notes, also first-class mortgages
bought. Money loaned on good
farming lands for a term of years by
A. Henry, Columbus, Neb.
The City Cemetery grounds
present a very bad appearance just
at this time a heavy coat of dead
grass and weeds looks like a very
lonely and uncomely place in which
to deposit our loved" dead friends.
The Japanese juggler at the
show Monday performed some
wonderful feats, but the most mag
nificent affair was the speech of the
after-concert solicitor. We com
mend him to the good graces of
the public, who look upon "elo
quence" as a gift from the gods.
Jacob Weber and wife, of Henry
Co., 111., are on a visit to children in
Neb., Mrs. Catherine Miller, Mrs.
Margaret Mycr and Wm. Weber the
two former of Polk Co.. and tho lat
ter of Butler county. The old peo
ple express themselves wr-11 pleased
with that portion of Neb. which
they have scon.
It is said that W. N. Ilcnsley
will be a candidate for nomination
for representative in tho Float dis
trict, including Butler, Colfax and
Platte counties. We arc sorry that
our preserved candidate for repre
sentative of Pliftc countv has con
sented to stand for the Float, where
he is absolutely suro to be beaten
oni ot nts ooois. "".j
V TVT Tir Vnnnlnnlnn Tr-tfrt nvi7 h
f ,, IT . 1&.tlliaif ilWII, IV IIU 4UIIV
'daughter, from the Indian Territo-
ry, arnvea at tnetr menu uarciay
Jones'? on Monday of last week.
Ruth, their little daughter 13 years
old. traveled the whole distance 500
mile, on horseback. Mr. Manning
ton reports a decrease of GOO Paw
nees since thev left Nebraska. Mr.
M. will remain in this State. .
Hon. Loran Clark passed through
the city Saturday on his way
home from the Convention at Lin
coln. Ho may rest assured that,
though he did not receive the nom
ination for Treasurer, he has gained
manv friends by the straight-forward,
upright course he pursued in
canvassing for the nomination.
friends that will be valuable to him
in the future.
That female who was observed
by the larger portion of the crowd
coming from the CQncert after the
circus Monday night was not crazy
as some supposed, she was "mad,"
for she was heard to remark, "If I
could only find the man who per
suaded me to remain to that concert,
I'd 'tickle him under the chin, again
and again,' and it would be no gen
tle tickle cither, you bet !"
City Council Proceeding.
City Hall, Columbus, Neb.,)
Saturday, Oct 5, 1S78.
At regular meeting of the City
Council this evening were present,
his honor the Mayor, Charles A.
Speice, Couucilmcn Baker, Burgess,
North and Pohl, and J. J. Rickly,
City Marshal. Journal was read
and approved.
Petitions and bonds for liquor
licenses were filed by J. M. Miller,
R. C. Langc and Ryan & Dechau.
Referred to Judiciary Committee.
The Clerk stated to the Council
that Pat Murray desired to have
.$3.70 deducted from the bill pre
sented for excavating cellar, owing
to the fact that the city had not
caused the removal of all the earth
from his cellar.
On motion, the Clerk was in
structed to collect whole amount of
original bill.
The City Marshal's monthly re
port was read and placed on file.
Committee on Police were grant
ed further time to investigate charg
es against tho Marshal.
Sidewalk Committee reported on
ordinance as per instructions at last
An ordinance to provide for the
working of city prisoners was read
first time.
An ordinance to prevent the in
jury or destruction of public prop
erty wa3 read first time. On motiou,
the rules were suspended and the
bill passed second and third read
ings. On the question of its ap
proval and final passage those vot
ing in the affirmative were Council
men Baker, Burgess, North and
Pohl, In the negative there were
none; the Chair announced that the
ordinance was passed.
An ordinance entitled "Special
ordinance for levying a special tax
for the construction of sidewalks"
was read first time. The rules were
then suspended and it was read
second and third time. On its final
passage Councilmen Baker, Bur
gess, North and Pohl voted in the
affirmative, in the negative none.
The passage of the bill was an
nounced by the Chair.
Councilman North introduced an
ordinance appropriating money out
of the street fund. After first read
ing the rules were suspended and it
was read second and third time and
passed by unanimous vote.
An ordinance to appropriate mon
ey out of the general fund was in
troduced by Councilman North and
passed first, second and third read
ing under suspension of the rules,
and was approved by unanimous
votcof all members present.
Saloon keepers Paul Hoppcn,
Samuel Gass, P. W. Schmitz and
Win. Schroeder appeared to show
cause why their licenses should not
be revoked as provided in ordinance
No. 09, they all having been ad
judged guilty of violating the pro
visions of said ordinance by keeping
saloons open on Sunday. The evi
dence in each case was heard, and
motion not to revoke license was
made and carried in each instance.
At the request of Samuel Gass his
license was changed from lot 3 to
lot 1 in block 117.
The following preamble aud res
olution offered by North at previous
meeting was taken up and on mo
tion adopted :
Wheheas, It is believed by the
members of the City Council that
there is a desire on the part of a
large number of the citizens of Co
lumbus to do away with the office
of Night Police for the reason that
it is an expense to the city for which
there is very little need, therefore
be it
llcsolccd, That the office of Night
Police be and the same is hereby
declared vacant for the term of from
November first, 1S78, uutil the ucxt
general election.
The following bills were examin
ed by the Finance Committee and
recommended for payment :
Ilunncmau & Tolman. lumber,.. S 72 GS
Pearsal fc Davis, repairing ve!ls
Go 00
SO 00
2t o."i
7 00
George Y. Clark, labor on streets
Chas. Rrindley, " "
David Smith, scraper
Cha. E. Rickly, services as spec
ial police $
George L. Clark, do
Frank Fields, Night Police and
Gerbcr & Co., 4 dozen chairs for
Town Hall
John G. Kout,on. Citv Engineer.
2 00
2 00
37 00
JO 00
100 00
54 65
23 00
John J. Rickly, Marshal's salary.
John Schraraj Clerk's salary and
Iliggins & Crites, services in case
of State vs. Winterbotbam. ..
" State Journal," blank warrants
On motion, the report of com
mittee was adopted aud bills allow
ed as by them reported, and the
Clerk was directed to issue war
rants on proper funds for same.
The Clerk was also directed to
issue warrants on special fund
levied for the construction of side
walks agaiust such property and
for amounts as specified in special
ordinance levying such tax.
On motion, Council adjourned.
John Schram, City Clerk.
In a conversation Saturday with
one of our wheat buyers, he tells us
to advise farmers to hold their wheat
for a better market. The railroad
was blocked, and it was impossible
to obtain cars. He thought the
reason of it was that great numbers,
of cattle were bciug shipped from
the west over the U. P., and that all
the extra cars were being used for
this work. In this trade they had
to compete with the B. & M., but,
east of Grand Island, they would
get the carrying trade any how, and
the other, having to be done now,
they couldn't afford not to get it.
This is one of the beauties of having
no competition.
The Era says that "every man
who casts his vote against Mr. Hen
ry for commissioner will say by
his ballot that he is opposed to an
economical administration of our
county affairs, opposed to every
needed enterprise, opposed to low
taxes, opposed to impartiality and
an unswerving purpose to be and do
right." Now we undertake to assert
that Mr. Wise's record as commis
sioner (and our opinion is that he
will be allowed to make a record)
will show that he is not opposed to
an economical administration of
county affairs; that he is not oppos
ed to needed enterprise; that he is
not opposed to low taxes ; that he is
not opposed to impartiality and an
unswerving purpose to be and do
right. Whatever good the Era may
have to say of the Democratic nom
inee, it ought not to be necessary
for that sheet to slander the fair
fame of Johu Wise, by saying that
those who vote for him, are in favor
of high taxes, uncalled-for expendi
tures, partiality, economy and an
unswerving purpose to do wrong.
The chief business of an editor is
still to keep lies out of his paper.
Wcuthct Report. v-
The following is a review of the
weather at Genoa, for tho month of
September 1S7S:
Mean temperature of the mo dcg. 61.09
Mean do of same mo. Jast year 09.0!)
Highest do on the 4th, (leg !3
Lowest do on the 20th, deg 30
Ordinarily clear days 20
Very cloudy days C
High winds, days 4
Calm days 4
Ruin felf during portions of davs. 7
Inches of rain fall ".. 2.80
Am't of rain same mo. last year,.. 2.70
Prevalent winds duringthe month S.
to X. west.
Fogs 7th, 8th, and 23th.
Hazv on the mil and 14th.
Frost on the 10th, lltli, 12th, 24th, and
3(5 tb.
Ice on the 20th, fii st of the Season.
Thunder on the ."th aud 30th.
(Irar-hoppcrs lly South on the 9th.
Geese lly south on the 14th.
Cranes lly south on the ISth.
Soon after we went to press last
week the price of wheat went down
several cents on the bushel, and as a
consequence left the reported prices
of Tuesday evening unchanged.
This is a trouble that wc can not
anticipate, and must rely upon our
reporter for the markets taken on
Tuesday afternoon of each week.
Everything in the hardware
lino can be found at John Wiggins',
on 11th street. lie recently receiv
ed a car-load of stoves, a car-load of
iron, two car-loads of nails, and has
the finest line of heating stoves,
with and without ovens, ever
brought to the city.
oliticnl 3Xcu(in.
Hon. M. L. Hay ward, Judge John
M. Thurston and dipt. J. C. Cowin
will speak in this city, October 17,
at 7 p. in. All arc invited to attend
and hear discussed the political is
sues of the dajr.
Persons who a few years since
lived in this city, and who have re
cently visited it, express great sur
prise at the rapid improvement of
the place.
Advertisements under this head live
cents a line each insertion.
SSstray IVolice.
Came into the herd of the sub
scriber, on Sec. 17, Town 17, Range
3 West, Friday Oct. 4th, 1S78, the
following described cattle, vi?: One
roan cow, about 7 years old, one
roan cow about 3 yrs. old, one black
spotted cow 7 yrs. old, one roan
heifer 1 year old, one black spotted
steer 1 year old, one roan steer calf.
Tho owner is requested to provfc
property, pay charges and take them
away. Joxas Hedmax.
Keatskotoos. Oct. 7, '7S. 439-5.
Ivyc, JRnr ami OcformltieM.
One or more of the Surgeons of
the Central Surgical Infirmary, of
Indianapolis, Ind., will visit Colum
bus, professionally, at the best hotel,
Fridav, Sept. 20th and Schuvler
Saturday Sept. 2lst. All afflicted
with anv disease of the Eve or Ear,
Catarrh Cross Eyes, Ciub Foot,
Spinal Curvature, Piles, Epilepsy or
chronic diseases, can consult them
free of charge. Artificial Eyes in
serted. Remember the dates.
dissolution of Co-partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore existing
between David Schnpbach & G. A!
Schroeder, is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. All outstanding
accounts will be settled by G. A.
Schroeder. David SciiurnACii.
G. A. Scnuuzder.
Monday, Sept. 2d, 1S7S.
For Sale.
A business House and Lot, good
size and pleasantly located, in the
business part of the city of Colum
bus, north of railroad track, is offer
ed for sale, on reasonable terms. It
is well adapted to various kinds of
merchandising or other branches of
business. For particulars, inquire
at this office. 434-x.
T'T' everyone would preserve their
lJT health during this warm
weather they should use concentrat
ed essence of Jamaica Ginger. It is
cooling and refreshing, tcnic and in
vigorating aud not expensive. Pre
pared and for sale only by Doland
& Smith.
A buffalo robe and an overcoat
between Browner's bridge and Co
lumbus. The finder will please
leave the articles at the Journal of
fice. George W. Brown.
One quire note paper, 25 envel
opes, 1 penholder, 1 bottle of ink, 50
cents worth of stationery put up in
a new box for 20 cents, at F. W.
Shirts at 25 cents at L. Kramer's.
Go to M. H. O'Brien's for gro
ceries. Boys boots $1.00 per pair at Bone
steel Bros.
Don't forget, but one price at
Galley Bro's.
Old Government Java coffee at
Geo. Rieder's 438-2t
Boy's suits and coats cheap at
L. Kramer's.
Mens' boots $1.75 per pair at
Bonesteel Bros.
Grain sacks $2.25 per dozen at
Bonesteel Bros.
Wanted 500 doz. eggs at Bul
lard & Smith's. 43G-X.
When you want Boots cheap go
to Bonesteel Bros.
Good chambray 15 cts. per yard
at Bonesteel Bros.
Fine-cut tobacco, GOcts a pound
at Geo. Rieder's. "
Bleached muslin 4 cents a yard
at Bonesteel Bros.
Undershirts and Drawers 25 cts.
each at L. Kramer's.
Threshers' notes, in book form,
for sale at this office.
A new 'lot of print 5 cts. per
yard at Bonesteel Bros.
Fall stock of men's and boys'
clothing at Galley Bros.
Baskets of all kinds at M.
Smith's in Central Block.
Good Water proof Cloth for 50
cents a yard at L. Kramer's.
Canned fruits and confectionery
of all kinds at Hudson's.
If you want all goods at straight
prices call on Galley Bros.
It pays to trade at L. Kramer's
New York cheap cash store.
Ladies' and children?' shoes
cheap and good at L. Kramer's.
Best Norfolk Flour at $2.50 at
M. Smith's iu Central Block.
Sash Weights at the Foundry
1 cents per pound. 4t
Ladies' Dresses and Wrappers for
fall and winter at L. Kramer's.
Fruit, canned aud dried, at bot
tom prices, at Geo. Rieder's. YA
Grain b;igs$2 25 at L. Kramer's
New York cheap cash store.
Grape?, plums aud peaches by
the pound or box at Hudson's.
M. II. O'Brien sells good gro
ceries at very moderate prices.
The place to buy Teas is at Mar
shall Smith's in Central Block.
Bonesteel Bros, sell good wcar
iug slipper for 25 cts. per pair.
While Blankets $1.50 a pair at
the Revolution Dry Goods Store.
Bonesteel Bros, sell 3G inch
bleached muslin G cts. per yard.
Sweet potatoes at Bullard &
Smith's very cheap. It
Ladies' cotton hoseO pair for 25
at the Revolution Dry Goods Store.
Ladies' felt shirts at 50 cts. a
piece at I. Gluck's Revolution Store.
Morrissey & Klock will sell you
a good, all-wool suit of clothes for
Choice apples by the barrel or
peek at Hudson's, opposite the post
office. Horse Blankets at 1.00 at L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Cash
Store. 437.
You can always depend on get
ting the lowest prices at Galley
Woolen yarn 50 cts., a pound at
I. Gluck's Revolution Dry Goods
Socks at 5 cents a pair at L.
Kramer's New York cheap cash
Heavy gray blankets at $1.00 a
pair at the Revolution Dry Goods
Bullard & Smith will pay cash
or exchange goods for farm pro
duce. Men's heavy woolen suits at
$4.50 at the Revolution Dry Goods
Good Handkerchiefs for 5 cents
at L. Kramer's New York cheap
cash store.
The highest cash price paid for
butter and eggs at Bullard &
Smith's. 430-1
Men's woolen hose at 10 cents a
pair at t. Gluck's Revolution Dry
Goods Store. .u,
Boots and Shoes at bottom fig
ures sold by Marshall Smith in Cen
tral Block.
Half bleached fable cloth at 25
cts. a yard at the Revolution Dry
Goods Store.
A good pair of boots for $1.75
at L. Kramer's New York cheap
cash store.
A large stock of Qucensware,
Glassware and Cutlery at M. Smith's
iu Central Block. 43G-3.
You can buy flour and feed at
Bullard & Smith's cheaper than any
other place in Columbus. It
IS yards Cotton flannel for one
dollar at L. Kramer's New York
cheap cash store.
Canton flannel 18J yards for
one dollar at the Revolution Dry
Goods Store.
Unlaundricd shirts, New York
muslin and linen, bosom and cuffs for
$1.00 at Galley Bros.
Bonesteel Bros, are closing a lot
of laces, Fringes and other dress
trimmings at very low prices.
Waterproof that beats anything
in town at 50 cents a yard at the
Revolution Dry Goods Store.
A good suit of clothes, .coat
pants and vest, for $5 00 at L. Kra
mer's New Yrork Cheap Cash Store.
It pays to go to Bullard &
Smith's to buy your groceries, flour,
feed, fruit, vegetables, etc. It
I am selling shelf hardware,
tinware, nails and cutlery at reduced
prices. Robert Uhlig, 12lh street,
next to bank. 38-4
Geo. Riedcr has just received
a nice assortment of glass and
bronze Lamps which he will offer
at bottom prices. Give him a call
on Nebraska Avenue. 433-2
Bonesteel Bros, are selling a
good pair of kid gloves at 30 cts.
Sash Weights at tho Foundry
2 cents per pound. 439-4
Best Albion flour at Bullard &
Smith's, at $2.50 per hundred.
Good Warranted No. 1 Flour
at 2.50 per sack at Geo. Rieder's.
NcwstylesBourettes and Knick
erbocker dress goods 10 ccut3 a yard
at L. Kramer's. 437.
Baskets, and wooden ware of
all kinds at bottom prices at Geo.
Reider's. 437-2.
Gray and White Flannel 15 cts.
a yard at L. Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
L. Kramer has opened a branch
Store at Silver Creek aud will sell
goods there at the same low prices
that he docs here. 43S.
Those who want to put up sauer
kraut, remember that you can gel
the kraut knives at Robert Uhlig's
hardware store. 3S-3
The finest lino of cooking stoves
at a reduced price, that can't be
beat; come and convince yourself.
Robert Uhlig, stove dealer. 38-4
L. Kramer of the New York
Cheap Cash Store, sells all goods at
the lowest possible prices, aud has
one uniform low price, for all.
Doland Ss Smith arc closing out
their present stock of wall paper at
cost, to make room for an immense
new stock. Give them a call 2t.
Special bargains at J. C. Par
ker's harness shop until the 1st of
Sept. Do not fail to call and secure
while the opportunity lasts.
Lamb wants to buy all the good
fresh butter aud eggs that come to
Columbus, at the highest market
price in cash. 437-3
Call aud sec those women's
leather shoes at 75 ct6. per pair at
Bonesteel Bros., they are the best
bargain iu the market.
Go to S. T. Hill's to get your
watches, clocks and jewclrv repair
ed. First door south of C.L. Hill's
book store, Olive street.
White Shuttle Sewing Machine
The best and cheapest machine ever
offered to tho public. Can be pur
chased fom $20. to $75., at my resi
dence opposite the Tattcrsall, Co
lumbus, Neb.
43S-x. Mi:s. J. R. West.
Make your home happy, and
get you a nice heating stove; on
quality, beauty and low prices they
can't be beat. Be sure and call at
Robert Uhlig's Stove House. 12th
street, next to bank. 433-G
School books at F. W. Ott's.
'S10 AV VI 1 siooq lootpg
See F. W. Ott for your school
siooq moips siios no "AV !I
I will be at my office in Colum
bus the first and last Saturdays of
October, for the purpose of examin
ing applicants for teacher's certifi
cates. S. L. Raijkett,
43G-G. County Sup't.
The SSext
Writing papers and envelopes at
lowest prices at E. D. Fitzpatrick's
book-store. 43S-2.
For Sisie.
A farm of 159 acres, 125 broken.
One mile west of Barnum'a. Please
call on A. Ilaight on the Big Island.
Terms easy. 3Gl-x
I&trny Notice.
Taken up at my premises, Sept.
7th, 1878, a red cow with white star
in face, hind legs white, and is about
seven years old. The owner will
please prove property and pay
charges. Jacod Eunst.
Meat Market.
Jacob Shotwcll, having purchas
ed tho meat market lately owned
by Frank Gillctt, is prepared to fur
nish, beef, pork, fcc, &c, equal to
the best and at prices to suit the
times. 437x.
All persons owing me must call
and settle by the 10th of October,
and save costs, as I shall certainly
collect all accounts due after that
433 It. M. 11. O'Buien.
E.ost Hog.
A little female dog, black and tan
terrier, eight years old above each
eye a little tan spot ; all her feet
tan ; eyes had. She is fat as a seal.
Lost Monday, Oct. 7th. A liberal
reward will be given for her return
to JoriN HuiiKit.
Betray IVotlcc.
Taken up, by the undersigned, at
Woodvillc, Platte county, Neb.
Aug. 21st, one bay mare, 12 years
old. The owner is requested to
prove property, pay charges and
take the animal away.
434-x. W. J. InwiN.
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore existing
between A. N. Burgess and C. E.
Chapiu, doing business under the
name, style aud firm of A. N. Bur
gess & Co., in Columbus, Nebraska,
was this day dissolved by mutual
consent, and all the accounts of said
firm have been assumed and will be
settled by A. N. Burgess, who will
continue the business at the same
place. A. N. Burgess,
Columbus, Neb., Sept. 30, 1878.
A Remarkable ICcsnlt.
It makes no difference how many
Physicians, or how much medicine
you have tried, it is now an estab
lished fact that German Syrup is the
only remedy which has given com
plete satisfaction in severe cases of
Lung Diseases. It is true there are
yet thousands of persons who are
predisposed to Throat and Lung
Affections, Consumption, Hemorrh
ages, Asthma, Severe Colds settled
on the Breast, Pneumonia, Whoop
ing Cough, &c, who have no per
sonal knowledge of Boschee's Ger
man Syrup. To 6uch we wonld
say that 50,000 dozen were sold last
year without one complaint.'. Con
sumptives, try just one bottle. Re
gular size 75 cent3. Sold by all
Druggists in America.
The Tattersall Livery Stable is an
excollcnt place to stop at when you
are in town -with a team. Good ac
commodations. Reasonable charges.
On Olive street, one door south of
Coolidge's hardware store. Try
them. 2GS.X.
Grand Stock Sulc.
Tho undcrsifthed will sell at public
salo at his residence on Shell Creek,
3 miles west of Becker's mill and 7
miles northeast of Columbus, on
TUESDAY OCT. 15th, 1878.
90 head of cattle, consisting of 37
Milch cows, 21 Heifers, 1G Steers,
two and a half years old, 14 Steers,
one and a half years old, 1 Bull five
years old and 1 Bull one year old.
Teams: All sums under $20,
cash : $20 or over, 1 year's time will
bo given on note with approved
security with ten per cent, interest.
Joiin Hubek, Auctioneer. 43S-2
We Will Serve IVo ProccsH, Un
it's w.
Notice is hereby given to all
whom it may concern that from and
after this date, we, the undersigned
officers of Platte County will serve
no process without the fees first be
ing paid iu advance, or security giv
en for costs, in accordance with the
provisions of Sec. 31, page 385, of
the revised statutes, as follows :
"The clerks of the supreme court,
and of each district court, the regis
ter in chancery, probate judge,
sheriff", justice of the peace, consta
ble or register of deeds, may in all
case3 require the party for whom
any service is to he rendered, to puy
the fees in advance of the rendition
of such service, or give security for
the same, to be approved by tho of
ficer." Benj. Spielman, Sheriff,
John IIuiiei:, Dep'y Sheriff,
J. J. RiCKt.v, Constable,
Chas. Wake, Constable.
Advertisements under this head live
cent- a line, tint insertion, three cents
a line ea-h uhseiuent insertion.
JSSTBooks, books, school books, all
kinds of books at E. D. Fitzpatrick's.
CSegular Stock Icaler.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and sold; also fut and stock hogs.
"79-y I). Andkuson.
aSrGuYor's Geography is on the
State H-jt :tnd is therefore the only
Geography that ran legally be used in
our M'hnols. Tlib hook and nil other
ftehonl hooks for sale at C. L. Hill's
1'ook Store. 433-x.
b. w. :jasb:v.
AVill run his colt and cattle herd this
season between the Looking Glass and
Loup river, twelve miles west of Colum
bus. Citizens are requested to make
their contracts early. -lllf-.'!.
v3-Baraixs I Bargains I "Will
ell for cash or on time, one llsrht buggy,
and harness, five good milch cows, one
lumber wagon, one heavy j'oke of oxen,
one brood mare she is a rood workdr.
430-x I). AXDEKSON.
I'arm Tor Sale.
90 acres, -Kl acres under cultivation, on
L.t creek elxren milca from Colnmbus.
For particulars, call on the undersigned
near the premiers, or address,
431.4. Columbus, Nebr.
fcSrSly as you keep it, A N. Burgess
& Co. propose and do sell the Victor
Sewing Machine, three styles, other
companies giving us "hail Columbia"
too, to the contrary notwithstand
ing. 437.
Wheat Xo. 1 f5
" t! so
" " a 40
" Rejected 30
Oats 18
is uric v ...,....... o'j
Flour, ?2 2."S00
Graham, ml '1Z(&1 ."0
Meal, S0l 00
Mutter, 101."
K"'s Llfiir'O
Potatoes 2."
P.eans tlbu 1502 (JO
Peas ' !X)7.'i
Onions ' 4064.r0
Turnips' 25 40
Heets ' 2T10
live stock.
Fat Hoj,'S, 2i",
Fat Cattle 2."06'i"
Fat Cows,: 2 2."i2."i0
Calves 3 00gl00
Sheep S 00
Good veal, per hundred fi 00
Hides, green salted, C ."0
Hams, 1012
Shoulders, 47
Side, 6(2''
Corned llcef 7
Steak S12J4
"We give below a portion of the rules
adopted by the Hoard of JJ. It. and
AVarehouse Commissioners, for the in
spection of grain in the city of Chicago.
The in-pection is done by ollicials, un
der authority of law:
No. 1. Hard Spring Wheat shall be
sound, plump and well cleaned.
Xo 2. Hard Spring AVheat shall be
sound, reasonably clean and of good
milling quality.
Xo. 1. Spring Wheat shall be sound,
plum) and well cleaned.
Xo. 2. Spring "Wheat shall be sound,
reaonablv clean, and of good milling
Xo. 3. Spring Wheat shall include all
inferior shrunken or dirty Spring
Wheat, weighing not less that 5.3 pounds
to the ineaurcd buhel.
Rejected Spring Wheat shall Include
Spring Wheat, damp, musty, grown,
badly bleached, or for any other cause
which renders it unlit for Xo. 3.
In case of mixture of Spring and Win
ter Wheat, it will be called SpriDg
Wheat graded according to the quality
Black Sea and Flinty PHTe Wheat shall
in no case be inspected higher than Xo.
2, and Kice Wheat no higher than Re
jected. role vin.
All Grain that is warm, or that is in a
heating condition, or is otherwise unlit
for warehousing shall not be graded.
rule IX.
All inspectors shall make their rea
sons for grading Grain, when necesary,
fully known bv notations on their books.
The weight alone shall not determine
the grade.
C5L7U33 nyASCij.:, haszzt 2r?::r.
Corrected by Columbus State Bank
Gold $1.00
Platte County Warrants.. 85 to 100
Other " " 70 to 00
City " 75to00
School District Bonds 75 to 80
State Warrants 90 to 100
Exchange on Europe 2
" " Xew York... l-,"of
" " Chicago 1-5" "
" Omaha 1-10 "
Canada currency, 5 per cent, discount.
Silver change in large amounts, 3 per
cent, discount.
Sliver dollars, par.
OKIftA:VCI? iVo. 88.
An ordinance to prevent the injury or de
struction of public property.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Coun
cilmen of the city of Columbus:
Section 1. That any person who shall
injure or destroy or cause to be injured
or destroyed any property, buildings or
public fixtures of any kind, belonging
to or under the control of the city cf
Columbus, shall on conviction thereof
by lined in double the amount of the In
jury so done, or of the value of the
property so destroyed, and in addition
to such tine may iu the discretion of the
Police Judge be imprisoned iu tho city
jiil not to exceed thirty days.
Sec. 2. Any person convicted under
the provisions of this ordinance shall bo
adjudged to pay the costs of prosecution
in addition to such tine or imprisonment
aud in default of such payment he shall
be committed to the city Jail until such
tine and costs arc paid.
See. 3. All ordinances and parts of
ordinances conflicting or in any manner
interfering with theprovlsions of thi
ordinance are hereby repealed.
Sec. 4. This ordinance shall take ef
fect and be in force from and after its
passage, approval nntl publication.
Passed and approved. Oct. 5th. 1S78.
Attest: John Schiiam, Mayor.
City Clerk. 433-1
special. okiiia;nck:vo.87.
For levying a special tax for the construc
tion of sidewalks.
Be it ordaiucd by the Mayor and Coun
cilmen of the clfy of Columbus:
Section 1. That the several sums set
opposite the following described prem
ises to wit. the south 22 feet of lot 5.
block 118, J10.88, the middle 41 feet of
lot ,r, block 118, $11.08, on north side cf
lot 1, block 13u. $l..4i, on north end let
4, block 130, $21.32. being the ost and
expenses approved by the City Council
for constructing the sidewalks in front
of -tnd adjoining said premises by J. O.
Shannon In pursuance of a contract en
tered into by the city of Columbus
with J. O. Shannon and after failure of
the owner thereof to do the same, after
due notice, be and the same are hereby
respectively levied and assessed against
each of saiif lots, parts of lots and prem
ises, payable to the City Treasurer
within thirty (30) day's from this date.
See. 2. This ordinance shall that ef
fect and be in force from and after its
Passed October Sth, 1378.
Attest: John Schram, Mayor.
Cliy Clerk. 439-1
Land Office. Grand Island. Xeb., )
September 0th, I83. )
COMPLAINT having been entered at
this office by Elias Stowe against
Daniel Coonfcr " for abandoning his
Homestead Entry. Xo. 7011, dated Sept.
11th. 1877. upon the Xorth West i of
Section S, Township 20 Xorth, Range 4
West in Platto County, Xeb with n
view to tho cancellation of said entry:
the said parties, are hereby summoned
to appear at this office on the 10th day of
October, 1878, at 10 o'clock a. si., to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged abandonment. 'Depositions
in tho above case will be taken at the
office of Speice &, Xorth in Columbus,
Platte county, on Saturday, October 5th,
1S7S, at 10 o'clock. A. si.
M. 15. IIOXIE, Register.
43.V4 Wm. ANYAX, Receiver.
Will be sold at private salo on my
ranche, 21! head of cattle, consisting of
71 head of heifers, 1 to 3 years old; 11S5
steern, 1 to 2 yoars old; 30 steers, 3 to 4
years old; 2 thoroughbred Durham heif
ers with pedigree; 2 thoroughbred Dur
ham bull, with pedigree, which have
been running with the stock. Also 1
yoke oxen, 2 wagons, 1 span horses and
3 Xormau colts, 2 to 3 years old, and my
ranche, located at tho junction of the
Cedar and Loupe on the Pawnee Reser
vation, and containing 1 section and
three-quarters, well timbered.
Genoa P. O., Pawnee Reservation.
Boots, Shoes,
I am selling out my entire stock of the
above goods
Boots Shoes.
First-fa Work aid Gaol Mit;riil,
I23FulI selection of eastern work al
ways on hands. Repairing neatly and
promptly done.
Store opp. the Post-Office, on 13th St.
Elf t nth Street.
Teams of
Horses or Oxen,
SAII,i: IKIES, wild orbroko,
at the Corral of
Threshers, Beware!
OF paying high prices for Machine
Oils, till you have called at the
Red r'ront Drug Store, opposite the Post
Otiice, and you will get a benefit. Six
kinds. 433-3m
I am now agent for Harper's school
book publications, and am prepared to
furnish school-books to individuals or
fcchool districts for introduction to
about one-half the retail price of other
tSTThese books in the main are on the
Stete List. 4. S. L. Baurett.
"Vont Yon Bet,"
For if you do you will lo-e money by
purchasing an expensive Wind Mill,
when you can buy one of J. O. Shannon
for about one-half the money that any
other costs. Call ou J. O. Shannon, on
11th street, opposite 3Iah!on Clotber's
store, Columbus, Xeb. 411-13
$))a week in your own town. $5
rr Outfit free. No risk. Reader,
JJit you want a business at
which persons of either sex
can make great pay a nthe time they
work, write for particulars to II. Hal
lett & Co Portland, Maine.