The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 28, 1878, Image 3

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Communications, to Insure insertion
In the next ifssuc, should be in hand on
Mondays; if lengthy, on Thursdays
preceding issue-day." Advertisements,
of whatever class, should be in hand by
noon, Tuesdays.
Advertisements under this head 10
cts. a line first insertion, 0 cts. a line
each subsequent insertion.
U. I Time Tabic.
Eastward Bound.
Freight, No. 8, leaves at
at . . . 8:00 a. m.
44 . . .11:25 a.m.
" 12:05 p.m.
at . . . 1:30 p.m.
" . . . 4:25 p.m.
" . . . 0:30 p.m.
" 12:10 a. m.
raescng'r, -4, "
Emigrant, " C, "
Westward Bound.
Freight, No. f, leaves at
Paiseng'r, " 3, "
Freight, ' 0,
Emigrant. 7. "
Every day except Saturday the three
lines leading to Chicago connect with
U. P. trains at Omaha. On Saturdays
there will be but one train a day, "as
shown by the following schcauie:
& X. AV.
7th and 28th.
C R. I. & P.
) 21st
(C- B. &Q.
-JC, R. I. & P.
(C. & X. AV.
rth nnd 2Gth.
2d and 23d.
9th and 30th.
7th and 28th.
(C, R, I. & r
-In. AV.
(C, R. & Q.
(C, P. & Q.
iC, It. I. & P.
C. & X. W.
) 21st
Grain sacks at M. Smith's.
Skirts 50 cents at L. Kramer's.
Powder and Bhot at G. Rieder'e.
Good BootB at $2.00 at L. Kra
mer's. The choicest fine-cut tobacco at
Handkerchiefs at 5 cents at L.
Flannel at 15 cents a yard at L.
Tho Seymour mower at A. "W.
Don't forget, but one prlco at
Galley Bio's.
K. W. "Weber's family aro visit
ing in Wahoo.
Cotton Flannel, 1C yds. for $ 1.00,
at L. Kramer's.
Good cliHiubray 15 cts. per yard
at Iloncslccl Bros.
Platte County Fair September
11th, 12th and Kith.
Go lo Geo. Iticdcr's for strictly
pure cider vinegar.
A now lot of print 5 cts. per
yard at Bonesteel Bros.
Machine oil cheap at Marshall
Smith'c-, 13th street.
Fall fit or. k of men's and bo? s'
clothing at Galley Bros.
See Dr. Boncfitecl's professional
card, iti to-dnv's Jouuxai..
See Galley Bros, new advertise
ment. It speaks for itself.
Grapes, plums and peaches by
tho pound or box at Iludsou'ri.
Tho race-track at the Fair
grounds h:is been put in shape.
Pic-nic at Lvnch's ri-ov Shell
creek, next Thursday, Sept. Silt.
Chicago dailies evekv evening
at E. I). Kitzpatrick's book-store.
Best 50 cent. Japan Tea in town
at M. Smith's store on 13th street.
You can always depend on get
ting the lowest prico3 at Galley
Our dealers cay that the ten
dency in price of fat cattle is down
ward. Just received, a now lot of im
proved buggy tops, at Gus. Lock
ner's. John Moore of Boone county
iias nino hundred apple trees, one
year old.
The cold wave laht Saturday
revived tho drooping, and refreshed
tlic weary.
It is estimated that the prico of
corn hcru this fall will be 12Z cts.
n bushel.
Full sets of Iron Stone China
can be had at Henry Bros, at bot
tom prices.
AVc are informed that Jos.
Apgar Is quito sick with ague, at
"Wool socks at 10 cents a pair
at L. Kramer's New York Cheap
Caih Store.
A. W. Lawcrencc has moved
his pump store to 13th street, west
of M. Smith's.
I. F. Ellis of the firm of Love
laud & Ellis took sick Saturday a
billious attack.
Children's calico wrappers only
85 cents at L. Kramer's New York
Cheap Cash Store.
Morrisscy & Klock will sell you
the best corsets for the least moucy,
of any store in town.
Unlaundricd shirts, Xcw York
muslin and lincn.bosom aud culls for
$1.00 at Galley Bros.
Fivo crates of crockery just re
ceived at Henry Bros., whicli will
be sold at low prices.
Harness goods at cost till tho
1st of Sept. at J. C. Parker's shop on
Olive street, Columbus, Xeb.
Bonestcel Bros, are closing a lot
of laces, Fringes and other dress
trimmings at very low prices.
Frank Gilletto received on
Monday from Geo. Hcnggler and
Win. Gerhold, a very uico lot of
fat cattle.
"Wo arc informed that on Wed
nesday last Michael Costcllo lost
four hundred bushels of wheat in
Btack, by fire.
It will pay you big to put up
your own fruits anil tret the fruit
cans of Robert Uhlig. You get them
now for half nothing.
Call and 6ee those women's
leather shoes at 75 cts. per pair at
Bonesteel Bros., they are the best
bargain in the market.
Go to S. T. Hill's to get your
watches, clocks and jewelrv repair
ed. First door south of C.L. Hill's
book Btorc, Olive street.
Special bargains at J. C. Par
ker's harness shop until the 1st of
Sept. Do not fail to call and secure
while the opportunity lasts.
When you go to Rieder's for
SLOG worth of dried apples take a
coffee sack with you, because it
holds more than "a grain sack.
Ten or twelve new buildings
are now hi course of erection in the
city limits, including the commodi
ous ucw school-house in Dist. 13.
Dusty roads.
Fall weather.
Everybody, come to the Fair.
The boss 50 cent Tea at Rieder's.
Dr. Stull was iu the city Mon
day. A good suit for ?5.00 at L. Kra
mer's. George Lehman went cast yes
tcrda'. J. B.Wells returned from the
east yesterday.
Writiug paper nnd envelopes
at Geo. Rieder's.
When you want Boots cheap go
to Bonesteel Bros.
Platte County Fair September
11th, 12th, aud 13th.
Ladice' Slippers, all sizes, at 50
cents at L. Kramer's.
Harry Coolidse returned home
from Glcuwood Friday.
Canned fruits nnd confectionery
of all kinds at Hudson's.
A nice lot of C. S. C. hams Just
received at Geo. Rieder's.
If you want all goods at straight
prices call on Galley Bros.
Buggy Tops for sale cheaper
than ever at Gus. Lockucr's.
N. Millett, Esq., was in Omaha
last week, on legal business.
W. n. Winterbotham returned
from Boone county Sunday.
James McDonald has employed
two, new, first-class barbers.
If you want a dish of gilt-edge
velvet cream call at Hudson's.
Just received a nice lot of gen
uine cod fish at Geo. Rieder's.
Bonesteel Bros, sell good wear
ing slipper for 25 cts. per pair.
Henry Bros, have for shipment
three hundred head of fat cattle.
Get yonr school books, paper,
pens and ink at Ed. Fitzpatrick's.
Bonesteel Bros, sell 36 inch
bleached muslin G cts. per yard.
It will pa' you to trade at L.
Kramer's New York Cheap Ca6h.
Bonesteel Bros, sell 36 inch un
bleached sheet ingo cents per yard.
Byron Millet was on a business
trip to Albion, Boouc count, last
Bleached muslin 5 cents a yard at
L. Kramer's New York Cheap Cash
Choice apples by the barrel or
peck at Hudson's?, opposite tho post
ofJicc. Tho best assortment of crockery
at Henry Bros., which will bo sold
Mrs. A. R. Page of Republican
City is visiting her sister, Mrs. A.
Galley Bros', fall stock is now
in, and will be soul at tlic lowest
possible profit.
Gus. Schrocdcr is fitting up a
very neat residence on 1-tth street,
cast of J. E. North's.
Charles Barber and Miss Pur
chase of Waterloo are visiting Mr.
Bailey's folks in tho city.
Pat. Murray's new brick build
ing to be erected on Nebraska
Avcuuo will bo ouc story.
Mrs. J. N. Lnwson's many
friends will be glad lo learn that 6he
is gaining strength every day.
Max Wciseiifluh is the gentle
man who will occupy Mr. Kum
mer's new building as jeweler.
Barney McTaggart is building
a blacksmith shop on tho north sido
of 11th street, west of Farmers'
It seems lo be generally conced
ed that the nominations for senator
in this district will be due to Colfax
The varieties of wheat produc
ing tho most and best this season
arc Polish, Mediterranean, Mammoth
aud Grass.
The approach to tho Platte
bridge is reported to be in a very
dangerous condition, and needs im
mediate repairs.
Morrisscy & Klock have a new
sign across tho sidewalk, bearing
these words: "Tho Original, Onc
pricc, Cash store."
Be sure to not your namo on
your grain bags ; get the adjustable
Stencil Slates at 5 cts. a letter at
Robert Uhlig's Hardware store.
Mr. M. Bloedorn has rented his
farm to some new comers from
German v, ho furnishing seeds aud
machinery and
the crops.
getting one-half of
Hon. n. T. Spoerry of Stearns
Prairie wants us to ask this ques
tion : "Is Platte county so poor that
she can not pay her last-year's
road work?"
Buy peaches, plums, pears, ap
ples, &c, save the pits for planting,
and the fruit you will raise will pay
you double compound interest on
your investment.
We are in receipt of a letter
from O. L. Edholm, dated at Pad
ucah, Ky., and principally concern
ing the yellow fever. Wo shall find
space for it next week.
It is said that most of those who
fed cattle here last winter lost mon
ey, aud that none, except farmers
who have extra crops of corn, will
undertake it this winter.
Plows, plows, plows in great
numbers arc arriving at Gus. Lock
ner's preparatory to fall trade. If
you want A. No. 1 article in that
Hue, call on him. Satisfaction
We learn that V. Kummer.Esq.,
is about to begin the crction of a
business house for rent, one door
cast of Dr. Heintz's drug-store on
11th street. A good investment.
School begins in district No. 1
on Monday next: L. J. Cramer,
Principal ; Miss Annie Bremer, In
termediate; Mrs. H. E. Ballon, Pri
mary, arc the teachers, who will,
doubtless give good satisfaction.
G. W. Fulton was in town one
day last week. George is a staunch
Republican, and his removal to
Platte adds one more to the Repub
lican hosts who purpose lo strive on
and strive ever until their banner
shah float proudly victorious o'er
the fallen ramparts of tho enemy.
Mr. John Sullivan, who has for
some time been in the city, left
Monday for Syracuse, N. Y., carry
ing the good wishes of his many
friends with him.
Wm. Tillman of this city left
Monday morning for David City.
We commend him to the citizens of
Butler county, as a steady young
man and a lirst-class workman.
Our readers will not fail to
notice the advertisement of Morris
sey & Klock in an other column,
and after dealing with them once,
they will bo very apt to call again.
Last week, while digging the
race to his mill on Shell Creek, Joe
Buchcr came to a big tree, twenty
feet below the surface. This was at
a distance of a hundred feet from
the creek.
The Prcsbyteriau8 arc soliciting
subscriptions towards the erection
of a church building. If Columbus
is called a city of6aloons, sho can
more justly claim the title "city of
Lecture to young people at the
Congregational Church next Sun
day evening, by E. L. Sherman,
Pastor. Subject: "Life's work, or
choosing a profession." A general
invitation is extended.
Saml. J. Davidson writes us
from West Hill under date of Aug.
20th, that he has a stray bay marc,
twelve years old, with shaved tail.
Mr. Dayidsou is hereby authorized
to collect for us 70 cents for pub
lishing this notice.
G. W. Stevens is a born philo
sopher and a big-hearted friend.
Long may he live to enjoy life and
raise good watermelons. Sorry we
couldn't accede to his request to
come aud eat his patch of the lus
cious Nebraska fruit.
Mr.McWilIiani8of Boone coun
ty was in tho city Monday. He
tells us that Ellis, eon of George W.
Brown, fell through the roof of a
cattle shed the other day and split
his upper lip. A few stitches
brought the parts together.
The Republican Valley R. R. is
to be continued from David City,
west, and a little south, to the boun
dary of tho county. If the business
men of David could have had the
time extended it would probably
have been to their advantage.
Mr. G. W. Stevens presented the
boys of the Jouhnal office one day
last week with three large water
melons. Mr. Stevens is " generous
to a fault" toward tho printer boys
iu fruit and melon season, which
they very heartily appreciate.
Wo never said that the editor of
the Em had consented to become a
candidate for the legislature, but wo
did state that it was said his friends
would uoniiuatc him. Wo are
now told that A. W. Crites, Esq.. is
also spoken of for tho same office.
This is the last week of the
Teachers' lnslitulo. The money ex
pended by Platte county and by the
teacher? themselves will be amply
repaid to both in the increased effi
ciency of the teachers, and iu the
great improvement of the schools.
On Saturday the wind was
from the northwest, and about half
past ten the air changed suddenly
from hot to cold. It was reported
that a snow storm had 6truck as far
cast as Ogallala. The true-hearted
American must account for every
Mr. Mooro of Boono county
called upon us Monday; Ho repre
sents Boono as in a very flourishing
condition, tho crop of small grain
harvested as good, and the prospect
for corn as first-rato. About all
the government land iu his neigh
borhood has boon taken. Mr. Sni
der's store on Plum creek is well
Wc don't sco so mnch abuso as
usual of gentlemen who aro candi
dates for nomination before tho Re
publican State Convention. Let
every man have a fair chanco upon
his merits; then let the convention
select competent, able men for offi
cial position aud they ought to, as
they will, rcceivo the support of the
entire party of the State.
A note from.E. Pierce of New
Tacoma, W. T., under date of Aug.
12th, informs us that he desires the
Jouiixal to continue its periodical
visits, and wants to know if the
thermometer here has been above
1000 yet this summer. We judge
from this fact and this query that
our former friend and fellow-citizeu
is hale aud hearty, fat and saucy.
C. II. Young begins to erect a
grout or concrete building ou Olive
street, one door north of WandclPs
saloon. The front, will bo of brick
to match the buildings south of it.
It is intended to be one-story for tho
present, but with walls strong
enough for two. Jas. McDonald
will superintend the concrete and
Geo. T. Spo er the brick work.
John Strasscr of Jackson was in
the city Monday. Ho has rented
his saloon to John Graf of this city,
and will hereafter give his attention
entirely to the grain business. Mr.
S. tells us that he pre-empted one
quarter of tho section upon which
Jackson stands, only for the purpose
of preventing any body else from
taking it, and that he does not pur
poso making any "fight" with the
R. R. Co. at all.
Columbus could now support a
good high school and tho youth of
the city bo educated at home, at
much less expense than abroad.
All who have children whom they
expect to educate, aro immediately
interested in this matter, and those
who have growing families are
prospectively interested. In the
present arrangement, in both dis
tricts, pupils of the highest grades
are simply neglected, by the force
of circumstances.
An other incident showing the
importance of hitching teams took
place Saturday last. Wm. Grant
had purchased a threshing machine
and had loaded it ou his wagon and
stepped iuto Lamb's grocery on Ne
braska Avenue, being just a few
feet from the lines, wheu his team
became frightened at something and
ran tearing up tho 6treet, upsetting
tho machine at tho corner near the
residence of L. Gerrard Esq. No
one was hurt, or even narrowly
escaped iujury, that we know of,
but the very next team that ruus
away in the city, may perchance
kill some one. It is important that
those in charge of teams should see
that they aro secure.
L. Kramer, of tho New. York
Cheap Cash Store, has received an
immense stock of dry goods, car
pets, clothing, boots and shoes, hats
and caps, shawls, hosiery, etc., and
invites his friends and the public to
give him a call. You can buy ev
ery article that he keeps at rock
bottom prices.
Saml. A. Russell, Esq., paid a
short visit to friends in this city last
week. He left on the Thursday
morning train for his home at
Washington, Iowa. He is the same
amusing, social aud companionable
gentleman as iu days of yore. We
inquired as to his sight now, if it
had improved "never better," was
his reply, "can seo ninety-five mill
ion miles." Strange, how is that?
"Why, I saw the eclipse and they
say it was ninety-five million miles
A week ago yesterday, a son
of Geo. Graham, living eighteen
miles west o f Columbus, and eight
miles north of Silver Creek, a lad
about fourteen years old, shot him
self in tho stomach while drawing
his gun out of a wagon with the
muzzle towards him. Drs. Mitchell
aud Martyn of this placo were sent
for, but before their arrival tho lad
was out of misery, living just four
hours after the accident. Dr. Mar
tyn says that during his practice he
has been called upon iu a half dozen
similar cases.
Ou Saturday last wc witnessed
the operation of Juo. Routson's hay
press for putting hay, straw, &c, in
shape for use as fuel. We suggest
ed to John the propriety of rigging
his machine for, exhibition at the
Couuty Fair, so that the public
could see its utility. There is heat
enough goes to wate every year by
prairie fire to warm every body in
tho land during the severest winter,
if we can but put hay and straw
in convenient shape for burning iu
our etoves. John's plan is certainly
unique, and experienco alone will
tell whether it will be profitable.
On last Thursday afternoon
Edward Jesse Curtis and a boy by
the name of Cory, who livo about
twelve miles from Columbus, aud iu
Butler county, were out hunting
prairie chickens. In shooting at one,
Cory accidental! v shot young Curtis,
tho load being scattered from the
breast bone to the groin. Dr. E. L.
Siggins of this city, who was in the
neighborhood at the time, was call
ed in, arriving fifteen minutes after
the accident. He lived about twenty-four
hours, resting easily most of
the time, until nature called for a
motion of the bowels, when he was
seized with violent retching and
vomiting, aud died iu great pain.
How do our Democratic friends
who have the matter iu hands pro
pose to run the machine this fall ?
August 17th, was the day appointed
for the meeting of the Democratic
Central Committee, and the com
mittee met on that day, but what did
they do? Where is the report of
their proceedings? Why aro they
not published? When arc nomina
tions to be made and how? Why
all this silence? We believe it was
Thomas Jefferson, the father of De
mocracy who proclaimed open, fair
discussion of all public matters, or
words to that effect, and is it possi
ble that our friend A. W. Crites, an
avowed disciple of aposflc Thomas,
is afraid of the light shining ou the
doings of that central committee of
ten days ago ? Let us have the facts,
not as political opponents, but as
neighbors interested iu public mat
tcrs. An interested citizen sends us
the following quips:
Detroit, Michigan, has long been
noted for its quaint nnd funny re
ports of the police court. Among
all of which there were none where
in Bijah was told to release the pris
oucr because he was too drunk for
When a man is too drunk for trial
is he sober enough to run loose in
the streets?
Is it a fact that a man from tho
country when too drunk to under
stand that a court has power to try,
aud to inflict punishment, he is too
drunk to run at large in the streets?
What is the differenco between a
rural drur.t and a city tight?
From our knowledge of our Po
lice Judge, wo think the questions
imply an injustice to him. Ho has
requested the Marshal not to bring
drunken men before him for trial,
and this the Marshal has not done
till recently.
It is singular what effect a little
paragraph in a newspaper will have.
Even a small country paper, which
gives scarcely any news or anything
else, has its influence. Yea, even a
professed newspaper, whose items
can not always be taken as strictly
in line with perpendicular facts, has
its power. As for instance: our
eight-paged, marginal cotemporary
had the following last week: "A
two-story brick hank building will
be erected on 11th street, on Vincent
Kummer's lot. Work will com
mence the latter part of this month."
There is nothing on tho face of this
little four-line item that looks out of
the way, and yet it was the cause of
considerable talk on Monday. Wm.
Gerhold was in town that morning,
and meeting John McMahon, the
president of the new bank, secured
the position of cashier. We have
not heard who the other officers of
the bank are or are to be Mr.Kum
mcr disclaims any connection with
it except as builder of the building.
Last Friday being the fifth an
niversary of the organization of the
Engiue Co., was celebrated in fine
style by a parade of the Department
in the afternoon, and a ball in the
evening. The procession attracted
no little attention, the Brass Band
discoursing lively music, a mounted
guard, dressed in Japan uniform
keeping the streets clear, and the
companies following in full uniform,
the hook and ladder truck, the en
gine and the hose cart being splen-
aiuiy aecoratcd, and drawn by gray
horses. Tho Department were "re
ceived" at the Opera Houso by the
City Council (his honor, the Mayor,
being sick and absent) and short,
appropriate speeches were made by
Wm. Bnrgcss, J. E. North, E. J.
Baker, and E. Pohl, of the Council,
and J. W. Early, Foreman of the
Engine Co., J. A. Baker, Chief of
the Dep't., Geo. Clother, Foremau of
the Hook and Ladder Co.. and Mr.
P. B. Bonesteel. Notwithstanding
the heat and dust and general disa
greeableness of the day aud evening,
the ball wa3 well attended and cverv
thiug passed off pleasantly.
One day recently wc spent ten
minutes with C. A. Speicc, Esq.,
Columbus's steady-headed mayor,
in his garden iu the eastern portion
of the city. He invited us down to
sec his bees, thinking that wc were
an old bee-raiser which we woren't,
aud of course couldn't give him any
information. Mr. S. has ten col
onies of bees and has had good suc
cess with them. He is very fond of
them ; takes great delight in study
ing their habits, and in caring for
them, aud consequently has his re
ward in the harvest of honey which
he gathers. We admire tho men
who strike out in new lines in new
lands. With Mr. A. J. Arnold and
Fred. Reiuicr, wo believe, Mr.
Speicc is one of the pioneers here
in this industry, which wc hope to
sec extended with the growth of
flowers and applo-blossoms, the
thicker coming of the fragraut
peach, and tho sweet clovor blos
som. Little by little the timo will
come when we can sit down iu tho
morning to strawberries aud cream,
sweet honey on bread spread with
clover butter, with plenty of rich
fruit besides, and all other things in
proportion, the great beauty of
which will be, not that wo have
them, but that we raised them,
they are our own. Although Mr.
S. wished us to sec nothing but his
bees, wo could not fail to notico his
apples and grapes, which he has in
quantities sufficient to show the ca
pabilities of Nebraska soil when
presided over by Intelligence and
Hope, and cared for by Industry
and Perseverance. One other thing
we must mention, viz., a cave. Wo
had seen but two of these bofore,
here, one at S. J. Marmoy'a iu the
city, tho other at John ill-owner's.
These are not made above the sur
face, as is the custom east,, but,
nearly altogether, under tlic surface,
simply a house iu the ground, the
walls, the natural earth, beveled to
wards the floor, the roof framed
strong, covered with boards, and
these, jn their turn, with earth,
making a very convenient milk
houso and place for storing vegeta
bles, which, to our mind is much
better, moro convenient, and more
wholesome than the cellars under
our dwellings. Those Ncbraskaus
who aro dilatory about planting
trees, would havo their energies
aroused somewhat by a sight of the
large, broad-brauchiug,cottou woods
and box-elders iu Mr. Speice's gar
den, and would straightway go and
follow his example.
Wo learn from Mr. Huuucman,
who it is well known is a large
dealer in grain in this city, that the
wheat of tho new crop already
brought to market falls short in
quality with the average crop of last
year, but due allowance, he thinks,
should be made ou account of it's
not having passed through the prop
er sweat. He still hopes that after
proper curing tho present crop will
grade up better. He gives tho dif
ference in prices in the Chicago
market by which the buyers hero
will have to be governed. Wheat
No. 1,1.02; No. 2. 1.01; No. 3, J
jeeted, 05.
Atlcntion, Co.!
On Next Saturday evening, be
ginning at 9 o'clock there will bo a
shooting contest at Schroder's Gal
lery on 11th street. Tho prize will
be a splendid accordeon, worth $24.
A ticket entitling the bearer to three
shots will be sold for-25 cts. Fresh
beer on tap, and everything con
ducted in first-class style.
Police Court.
On Tuesday of last .week F. Gil
lette was fined $10 and costs for dis
charging firo arms within the city
On Thursday, Paul Iloppcn was
fined $1 and costs for selling liquor
on the Sabbath day.
The canvas of the Columbus
City Directory is being pushed vig
orously. The business portion is
now complete, and the general text
and advertisements will soon be in
the hands of the printer.
Steven-son & Newman'.
Threshers' notes, iu book form,
for sale at thi3 office.
A nice lot of herring, by the kit
or barrel, at Marshall Smith's.
McCREA An infant child of Itobert
31cCrea's, on the 2Gth inst.
KAMSBURGII Aup. 24th, nt Clarks
ville, Miss Mary A.KambburKb, Bister-iu-Iuw
of Dr. .Mitchell.
SCIIWARTZ-Aug. 23d, Mrs. Louisa
Schwartz, aged 07 years, mother of
Henry and Louis Schwartz.
100 head milch cows, 2 years old,
heifers, yearlings and spring calves
and 2 Durham bulls, 3 and 4 years
old, at Gerrard's Corral,
Columbus, Aug. 31, 10 A. M.
Tekms: Ninety days time given,
if desired, on bankable paper with
12 per cent, interest, or a liberal dis
count for cash.
431-x Phil Cai-.
T"T everyone would preserve their
1" health during this warm
weather they should use concentrat
ed essence of Jamaica Ginger. It is
cooling and refreshing, tonic and in
vigorating and not expensive. Pre
pared and for sale only by Dolaud
& Smith.
I hereby caution tho pnblic
against trusting my wifc,Jauc Tracy,
on my account, as she has left with
out provocation, my bed and board,
and I can not nor should not be
responsible for her debts.
433-3 Timothy Thacy.
Colin for Sale.
A splendid pair of four year old
colta for sale, with harness, cheap
for cash. Inquire at this office.
122 HEAD of CATTLE !
The undersigued will offer for
sale at his rcsideuco on Shell Creek,
3 miles west of Becker's Mill, and 7
miles northeast of Columbus, com
menciug at 10 o'clock a. in., on
Tues. and Wed., Sept. 10 and II,
52 Steers, one and a half to two
years old, 40 good Milch Cows, 27
Heifers, one to three years old, 1
yoke Work Oxen, fivo "years old, 1
Yoarliug Bull, and 1 five-year-old
Bull, all iu excellent condition.
Terms. $20 or less, cash ; on all
sums above that amount a credit of
four months will be given, on prom
issory note with good security, ten
per cent, interest, and these notes
may be immediately discounted 10
per cent, for cash.
John IIunKn, Auctioneer.
A Itemarlcablo KcNiilt.
It makes no differenco how many
Physicians, or how much medicino
you have tried, it is now an estab
lished fact that German Syrup is the
only remedy which has giveu com
plete satisfaction in severe cases of
Lung Diseases. It is true there aro
yet thousands of persons who arc
predisposed to Throat and Lung
A flection s, Consumption, Hemorrh
ages, Asthma, Severe Colds settled
on the Breast, Pneumonia, Whoop
ing Cough, &c, who have no per
sonal knowledge of Boscheo's Ger
man Syrup. To such wo would
gay that 50,000 dozen were sold last
year without one complaint. Con
sumptives, try just one bottle. Re
gular size 75 cents. Sold by all
Druggists in America.
I want a good man that under
stands farming, a man of family a
preferable, to work a farm of 2S0
acres, 90 under cultivation with all
farm utensils, one span of horses, a
good frame building, granary and
corn crib. Eight miles from tho
city of Columbus. I will pay a
salary or rent on shares by the year.
Apply to E. C. Kavanaugii.
Mowers uml ICultcs.
Now 13 the timo to buy your hay
harvesting machines. Messrs. Jacob
Ripp & Bros., on 13th street, near
Becker's are selling the Bradley
mower and self-dumping hay rakes,
as good machines as aro on the
market. Give them a call. 430-4
Krlck Work.
Tlic undersigned nro ready now
to take contracts for brick work, to
be begun ns booh as the season opens.
They guarantee good, honest work
nt $12 t thousand in the wall, in the
city of Columbus. Those contem
plating building the coming season
will do well to call soou.
402-x. Tiiob. Flvnn Ss Sox.
Pocket Hook I.oxt.
In this city Monday evening last,
a pocket-book containing a valuable
paper to tho owner, and some
money. A liberal reward will bo
paid to the finder.
Gottlieb Bons'.
DcKlrublc ICcsidcnuo Property
lor Sulo.
Sixteen two and one half acre lots
for sale in the South East part of the
city, nicely located, in a desirable
neighborhood, and on easy terms.
Call early ou
415-x. SrEiCE & Noktii.
The Tattcrsall Livery Stable is an
excellent place to stop at when you
arc in town with a learn. Good ac
commodations. Reasonable charges.
On Olive street, one door south of
Coohdgcs hardware store. Try
Don't buy your machine oil until
you have examined ocu stock and
nuens, Dolaxd & Smith.
North of Faucette's Harness shop.
For Sale.
A farm of 159 acres, 125 broken.
One milo west of Barnum's. Please
call ou A. Haight on the Big Island.
Terms easy. 3C1-X
ICeftuInr Stock l:ilur.
All kinds of horned stock bought
and sold; alio fat nnd stock hogs.
37S-y I). Andkksox.
ik w. itarvsrcy.
"Will run his colt and cattle herd this
senson between the Looking Glass and
Loup river, twelve miles west of Colum
bus. Citizens arc requested to make
their contracts early. 413-3.
BSS-BahgaixsI Baugaixs! "Will
sell for cash or on time, one light buggy,
and harness, live good milch cows, one
lumber wagon, one heavy yoke of oxen,
one brood marc she is a good workdr.
400-x D. ANDEKSON.
i i saxiiokiv,
PlRCB, of 111., a first -clas black
smith, is now prepared to do all kinds
of wagon and blacksmith work. Will
make new buggies, wagons, etc., or mend
old ones, and repair all kinds of ma
chinery. Cufctom work a specialty
Good work, promptly to promise, and
cheap. Call at the sign of the horse
shoe, Olive street, opposite Charles
Morse's stable 420-3m
Genoa, Pawnee Reservation, Neb.
Term begins September 1878. Three
departments viz:
I. Common School.
2. Normal School,
3. Classical.
Thorough instruction given in all
branches by able and experienced teach
ers. Opportunities afforded teachers to
acquire experience in the school room.
Large building and first-class accommo
dation. For prospectus. &c apply to
432-3. Genoa, Nebraska.
BE OF GOOD CHEER. Let not tho
low prices of your products dis
courage you, but rather limit your ex
penses to your resources. You can do
so by stopping at the new home of your
fellow farmer, where you can find good
accommodations cheap. For hay for
team for one night and day, 25 cts. A
room furnished with a cook stove and
bunks, in connection with the stable
free. Those wishing can be accommo
dated at the house of the undersigned
at the following rates: Meals 25 cents;
beds 10 cents. J. B, SENECAL,
X mile cast of Gerrard's Corral.
We advertise no pri
ces, put up no BAITS,
but if you will call
around we will soon
convince you that
weun ders ell them
all, quality of goods
considered. We have
keg Syrup so cheap
that no one can af
ford to be without it.
Coffees Away Down!
Soaps Lower Than Ever Before !
In fact everything in onr line is
down to BED ROCK. We do not
advertise very low prices on a few
articles, expecting to "catch" you
on something else, bat sell
Come and see for yourself and be
CoIumbuH, 'cb.
lltU Street.
Ranging from $7? $12.50
N Y ytot$VX
N E K "d E H r W i
N i and E K of S E V. . . .
All of
IT M of S W M 'nd S E i
N E K f N E 14
SEX 'd E K of S "V X
nnd S VT i of S AV yx ..
K E U S E M of N W i,
1 C
i e
N K nd S E K of S V K
and w JiorsKK
N lA, N of S E and AV
Mors wj
All of
S Fa&
S i of N E K d N K of
E U of n y M. N E K of
S AV y. and S AV X of
E of N AV X, N AV K of
17 18 lw
23 18 lw
S Ehi of N AV X, N E X ofl
S AV JiandX ofSEM
in 2v
10 I lw
.! A-S fj
Improved l-'urm.
S A v J ... 8
E i and X AV y, of N AV y. .20
AV iaudN E y 20
SV ti
T. U.
10 2v
HI 2w
10 2w
11 3v
j. a. kee:
Columbus, .Nebr.
Genera Agents for the Sale or
Real Estate.
Union Paclil'-, nnd Midland Pacific
It. It. Lands Tor sale at from $3.00 to $'.0.00
per acre for cash, or on livo or ten years
time, in annual payments to suit pur
chasers. AVo have also a large and
choice lot of other lands, Improved and
unimproved, for sale at low price- and
on reasonable terms. Also business and
residence lot in the city. AVo keep a
complete abstract of title to all real es
tate in Platte Couuty.
U. S. Laud Ollice, Grand Island, Xeb.,1
Augut ICth, 1878. J
COMPLAINT having been entered at
this ollice by Andrew P. Johnon
against Nels M. Johnson for abandoning
his Homestead Entry, Xo. 7020, dated
September 13, 1877, upon the north J
northwest y Section 23, Township iy
north, Range 4 west, in Platte county,
Nebraskaj with a view to the cancella
tion of said entry: the said parties are
hcrebv summoned to appear at this
office on the 20th day of September, 1S78,
at 10 o'clock a. m., to respond and fur
nish testimony concerning said nllogcd
abandonment. Depositions in said case
will be taken at the office of M. J.
Thompson, a Notary Public at St. Ed
wards, ISoonc Co., Nebr., on the 13th day
of Sept., 1878, at 11 o'clock a. m.
E. AV. AUXOLD, Ecgistcr.
432-4 AVji. ANYAN, Kecciver.
NOTICE is hereby gievn that an In
strument in writing purporting to
be the last Will and testament of John
Harrow, deceased, late of Platte county,
Nebraska, has been filed in ihe County
Court of Platte county, Nebraska, and
proof or the same demanded, and there
upon it was ordered that the 23th day of
August 1878 at 2 o'clock p. m. be assin-
eu lor the probate of said instrument in
writing at the County Judge's office In
f-aid county when ami where all persons
interested mayappear to show cause why
the same may not be admitted to pro
bate. Joiix G. IIigoixs,
County Judge.
Dated Auguit 0, 1H78 430-4
OFFICE IIOL'RS, 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to
4 p. m., and 7 to 9 p. m. Office on
Nebraska Avenue, three doors north of
E. J. Baker's grain office. Residence,
comer AVyoming and AValnut streets,
north Columbus, Nebr. 433-tf
Threshers, Beware!
OF paying high prices for Machine
Oils, till you have called at the
Red Front Drug Store, opposite the Post
Office, and you will get a benefit. Six
kinds. 433-3m
T)"T7'CrTlbusinc33 you can engage
XJJliyj X in. T to ?20 per day made
by any worker of either sex. right in
their own localities. Paticnlars and
samples worth $5 free. Improve your
spare time at this business. Address
Stinson & Co., Portlaud, Maine.
Dont Yom ElcU"
For if you do you will lose money by
purchasing an expensive AVind Mill,
when you can buy one of J. O. Shannon
for about onc-haif the money that any
other costs. Call on J. O. Shannon, on
lth street, opposite Mahlon Clother's
tore, Columbus, Neb. 411-13
Cash Price List
10 lbs. A Suynr. ,
I0'llH. extra C Snpir
10-Jf lb. cKtr.1 U Sugar
11 lbs. ti, shailo yellow U .Sugar
12 lbs. yollow U Sugar
12 lb. 5 . O. Sugar
2tl bar of good Sonp
10 bar German Mottled Fnj, .
Id bars Savon Imperial Soap,
1 box of ladies' choice Swj...,
ft' lbs. ground Kio Cotnie. . . .
ft lbs. choice (Jreoii Kio ColTuc
Jl' 111- U..TI liat " "
1 00
1 1)0
I 00
1 00
1 00
i oo-
i a
4 tt it
IU lbs. now Dried Apples
VI " " best Teaehos
1G lbs. best Cod Fish
r. " Browing Coffee ...
li " Kice
2ralloni of Molasses
S lbs Smokiug Tobacco
1 lb. of genuine Durham Tobacco
1 lb best Fine-cut Tobacco
1 lb of Flounder's ring Tobacco
l.rl lbs. bctt Making Soda
$1 25 Ten rediued to
1 1.00 Tea reduced to
KIghty-cent T reduced to
t Illy -cent Tea reuuecu lo
8 lbs. best now Knisius 1 00-
(J lt can l'ie l'eaohes 35
3 lb can l'io i'eaches 20-
2 cans new lilackborrlus, each '
H cans 85-
2 ft can best new Peaches 15
3 lb tan best new Peaches 2.V
2 lb can best new Tomatoes K!
2 of 3 lb cans best new Tomatoes 35
211. can or Egg Plnms for 20
2 lb. can (JrccnGagos 20
2 lb can of Pineapples 20
2 lb can Strawberries 20
1 lb Mince Meat, best In market 15.
Kgal.pail Apple Hutter CX
gal. pail Peach Hutter ... M
20 lb, tramline Buckwheat flour 1 00
I lb be'xt I.nrilard Plug Tobacco 70-
1 Keg bct Goldm Drip Svrup . 3 7ft
8 lbs. best new Blackberries.. 1 no
20 lbs of Oat Meal 100
1(K) lbs. or Bolted Corn Meal.. . 1 0O-
100 lbs best Madison Flour ... 8 0O
Genuine Cider Vinegar per gal. SO
Best Tickles per galluti 40
All other good not heroin mentioned',,
accordingly reduced In price. AVo also.
deliver goods bought of us to any part,
of tho city free of charge. Itcmcmber
the place, at
Corner 13th and Q Sts
10ft COLf.MHlS, Nhu
Perfection Attained
-TV Til":
The best and cheapest machine ever of
fered to the public. The proprietors,
having availed themselves of tho expi
ration of patents to combine tho good
qualities of other sewing machines the
public will nee at once tho lulvuntaiio
gained. To see is to convince. Please
call and examine for yourself.
JSTPriee or these machines range from
S30 to 7..
Jlita. J. R. AVEST. Agent.
Olive St., 3 ;l2ors south orPc-t office,
CiX5-12 Columbus, Nebraska.
G-eo. T. Spooner,
All work promptly attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Refers to the many for whom he hnn
done work. His motto in regard lu
prico is, Live and let live.
lb Building of Ci&rca a S;schlty.
t5T"ircadinarter9 nt the " Nebraska
House." Cull anil see me.
4 13-1 m
Daniel Faucetlc,
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Harcs;;, Saddle, hh and Ccl!a?3,
keens constantly on hand all kinds of
whips, Saddlery Hardware, Curry
combs, Brushes, Bridlo Bits, Spurs,
Cards. Harness made to order. Re
pairing done on short notice.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
A complete a'nortmrnt of Ladlm and Chil
dren's bboett It pt oa hand.
All Work Warranted!!
Onr Motto Good stock, excellent
work and fair prices.
Especial Attention paid to Repairing.
Cor. Olive and IStli Stn,
(One mile west of Columbus.)
jVlwnyjs on Hand In
Team3 of
Horses or Oxen,
SAII3.1i PONIES, wild or broke,
at the Corral of