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    The Norfolk Heui
Tho paramount issue wasnt
How does it seem anyway to bo tho
Klnvoof nn empire
Mr Bryan will now have timo to no
oumulnto n llttlo moro of McKlnley pros
Tho republic 1ms fallenIt foil on Mr
Uryan nnil otlmr antl imperlalists
with u il s t
Tho Dakota volunteers evidently had
n message for AgulnaldoH friend Pet
tigrow nnil delivered It
Tullt about republican apathy A few
more doses of tlnvt ltlml would com
pletely aiinthlliato tlio domoorntio party
Tho World -Heralds last fako that
betters wore placing 01lH on Hryn
tho oast didnt havo any appreciable
Tho follow who hot on tho World
Heralds forooaHtH and olalniB In pain
fully conscious that tho papur Ih not
altogether rollahlo
Stanton county gave W W Young a
plurality of 125 votes whilo tho returns
on tho majority of otlmr candidates
show a natural f union plurality
Tho stockmen in tho western part of
tho state did what was expected of thoni
Thoy indicated that MoKinloy prices
for what thoy raised woro quite satis
Tho fusionists claimed Indiana ho
ntroiiKly mid persistently that tho re
publicans woro almost ready to give
thoin tho state until tho votow were
Tho republicans inado some magnifi
cent galiiB In Missouri and tho party
workers In that Htato aro encouraged to
rouowod endeavors In behalf of republi
can polloiuH
Tho Now York follows who hot on
MoKinloy woro evidently notjputting
up their largo buius to bo lost Thoy
offered oddH only to induce tho Bryan
money to come out
Tho fusion trust continues to lose and
will do so as long as it persists in lining
up one sot of candidates under tho prin
ciples of sovoral separato and diBtinct
party organizations
It is presumed that tho Fourth of July
will not bo colobratod next year Mr
Jlryan said snob ovidencos of patriotism
would pass away before tho ouward
march of imporiiilisui
Tho electoral eollego will meet in the
various states on the second Monday in
January and complete tho work of the
peoplo President MoKiuley will enter
upon Ills second term March I
On tho trust question tho result seems
to mean that a jiarty which iuakes n
specialty of fighting tho ootopus must
not tie led by men who are deeply inter
ested iu tho success of the trusts
Pettigrow is going to organize a party
of his own Ho should invite all such
men us Altgeld Tillman Towue Bryan
Crokor Sulzor and TellerJ to join and
migrate with them to tho Philippines
The peoplo of this country have shown
that thoy have 110 uso for their politics
1iorco precinct in fierce county gave
Couob lWi and Boyd 80 while on other
candidates a republican majority was
shown Cones carried the county by
807 whilo on presidential electors the
voto was a tie They seem to know
how n home candidate should be treatod
in Pierce
While tho American peoplo havo en
dorsed expansion as far as tho Philip
pines aro concerned tho result may not
bo taken to mean that they would favor
a policy of further territorial acquisition
for the moro Bake of expanding They
will much prefer that all such may bo
tho result of legitimate purchase or de
pendent upon a war started upon as just
a cauBO us was the war with Spain
Bryan succeeded iu carrying but four
northern states aud these wore four
western mining states tlmt wero carried
by immense majorities for free silver In
1801 Colorados majority was reduced
about 100000 Montanas majority was
reduced about f0 per cent Nevadas
majority for silver was nlniostannihil
a ted and Idahos showing for the chain
piou of silver was rodu ed over 10000
iu a total voto of about 10000
The pross bureau conducted under the
Hupervision of the republican Btato com
mittee by L A Williams of Blair has
been carried on in a most eillcient man
ner during the campaign just closed
The sorvice furnished the republican
papers throughout tho state has been far
superior to anything ever attempted be
fore by the state committee and that
together with tho work of the whole
committee shows its result in the great
victory won iu Nebraska
Speaker Henderson evidently believes
that Senator Hantia could win out for
president in 1001 The senator has
ahown a remarkable ability iu wiuuing
for other people and he has ascended
several notches iu the estimation of the
western people he visited but whether
ho will prove as inipnlar as n presidential
candidate an ho is successful m a cam
paign manager is a question Event
seem to provo tlmt n limn who Ih suc
cessful In getting votes for others In
something of a failure In getting
for himself
Antolopo county did tho right thing
by Its homo candidate for an Important
otllce Judge Boyd carried tho county
by a tunjority of 2IK Tho only other
republican that got a majority was tho
candidate for county attorney In
Boyds homo precinct Oakdale ho re-
nuntviil n vote of I fill to 71 wlllU tllO
proolnct wiih pretty ovenly divided on
other candidatoH It wan a llun tribute
to a fellow citizen and it Ih promimod
that Mr HoydH election Ih not moro
gratifying to liini than tho treatment he
received at the handH of his nolghlKirs
Business Hagaolty should continuo to
oxoreiso an lntluenco over alTalrH at
Washington and thuH encourage It on
the part of tho people of the country
A stutmndouH victory mid an overflow
ing treaHiiry will tend to encourage ox
travngauco and thodomandH for appro
priatloiiH mid othor expenditures are
likely to bo proHHOil but the expenses
Hhould bo kept within the income and
tluiH allow no opportunity for panicky
conditions to creep in Tho republican
party Ih In the ascendency and It may
enjoy a long and honellcent control of
the country by oxeiviHing duo caution
and business foresight
Many democratic exchanges appear to
think that tho majority of the people
claiming relationship to Uncle Sam are
llrst class chumps and dont know
enough to come in out tho rain How
ever that may be tho majority rule and
will continuo to do so until an empire
iH oonsuinmutodJwhich will never be
Meanwhile everyone or tho majority
undoubtedly fools that lie litis used good
judgement in casting his vote as ho did
and confidently beliovoH that tho ad
ministration endorsed will bo conduct
affairs that ho will have reason to bo
proud of hiB voto Should tho contrary
provo true many of them will undoubt
edly join with the minority iufouryeara
iu asking a cliaugo
The United States is coming right to
tho front ob a world power In 1800
this country stood nt tho bottom of the
list of tho eight great iowoifl of the
western world iu tho matter of popula
tion In 1000 it stands second with
HuBsia at tho head In somo particulars
this country is even now stronger than
ltusssa undoubtedly in faco of the fact
that tho land of tho czar has almost
twice tho population The election of
last Tuesday indicates that tho people
of the country dosiro that it should
assert Its place among tho powers Not
necessarily in a manner that character
izes tho bully but its rights among tho
creat commercial nations of tho world
should be maintained It has tho re
sources to handle a good sharo of
worlds commerce aud if it does
aBsert itB place and provide for tho
volopmout of those resources there
be disappointment
this paper In suspended liecmiso of tho lnck
of upiort When tho time comes that
tho business men can givo it tho support
necessary to put It on a pnylng basis
its dally vlsitfl will bo resumed Until
thon wo shall furnish the dally sub
scribers with the weekly and that wo
shall endeavor to mako it tho best
weekly iu the county
Tho collapse of tho Daily
wan not unoxectod It Inw been
known for a long timo that tho paper
waH in a prcoarioiiH condition but it wan
hoped by its frionds that tho election
would open an aventio to keep it alive
This hopo went down with Hryanism
and tho paper sonslbly stopped
There has never been a field in Norfolk
for two dally pajierB in fact It has
been a question for several years
whether the town is enterprising enough
to furnish a logltimato field for one
This is still an opon problem which
must bo solved by future developments
As to whether Norfolk will continue
to have one dally paper dopends wholly
upon tho business men of this city If
a dally is not considered a good thing
for the town thon it would bo a kind
uess to the publisher if tho patronage
which is now being given It should bo
withdrawn 011 tho othor hand if it is
desired to havo it continued then it
should bo given such business as will
make it self sustaining No publisher can
bo vxpooted to continue to take earnings
from other sources and put them into
the maintenance of a daily paper for
tho sake of keeping up his reputation
for enterprise or for tho benefit of tho
town unless there be a fair showing of
What is to be tho result of tho late
disaster to democracy is a question now
agitating tho leaders Thoy seem quite
thoroughly convinced that Bryauism
and the froo silver issue havo forever
passed from the political stage The
Sioux City Tribune has interviews with a
number of democrats of that place and
with scarcely an exception they seem to
favor a return to tho old party aud the
old conservatism National leaders
seem to bo quite generally of the same
opinion It is quite possible that two
parties may form one supporting the
radical measures of Mr Bryan and tho
other advocating the conservatism of
Cleveland and othor old loaders It is
certain that tho two elements cannot bo
united under tho same leader and if tho
old democracy is reorganized it may be
expected that tho element which has
been in control during tho past eight
years will eitner torm 11 now party or
return to the populist organization
Senator Beverldgo of ludinna is one
of the rising stateBmeu aud it may bo
expocted that ho will bo heard from in
the future He made somo of the best
speeches and strongest arguments dur
ing the campaign just closed Of the
result ho said Americanism won
It was not a political campaign at all
it was the uprising of a poople the
awakening of our nation to its powor
opportunity aud destiny Now the
watchwords must bo conservatism con
servatismmoderation moderation
moderation Slapdash statesmaushin
would ruin all The senator is right
the republican party has won the con
fidence of tho peoplo mid because that
confidence was given in such substantial
doses does not permit of a deviation in
the slightest degree from tho principles
for which tho fight was made- The
greatest care should be taken that this
tribute of the Americau poople to re
publicanism is not violated for it will
mean defeat at a timo when defeat may
bring disaster to the party and the
One Dally one
Yesterdays editon of tho Times-Tribune
contaius tho following aunounce
meut over the signatures of O SKvaus
manager and A P Childs editor
reciprocity by those whom its publica
tion bonellts
The Irrigation Question
The matter of irrigation and tho con
servation of the countrys water supply
is one of tho importnnt questions con
fronting tho peoplo Its propor solution
means n groat deal to tho country es
pecially of the semi arid dlstrictB Tho
idea of prominent peoplo who havo
given it much study is not only to
utilize the water of stroauiB but to cro
ato immouso storago reservoirs or lakes
in which can be rotaiued tho surplus
water that fall during the spring
months to bo used during tho Kummor
in irrigating growing crops audorohards
Not only will this water prove of Im
mense value during the summer but the
retention of it during the spring will
prevent or at least mitigate tho dangers
of freshets mid floods If instead of
constructing lovees aud dikes the money
used for this purpose is omploycd to
build dams that will retain the water in
the hills from which it comes a double
purpose will bo served
The congress that is to nssomblo in
Chicago Novomber 21-2-1 is to be an im
portant factor in starting this move
ment and the west should bo well rep
resented at its session Guy E Mitchell
secretary of tho National Irrigation
association has this to say in a recent
artiolo 011 tho subject
The history of levee construction ou
the Mississippi river has be in along and
expensive one The first levee was be
gun in 1717 which wos when com
pleted one mile long erected to protect
New Orleans then a mere village This
levee was four feet high and eighteen
feet across at tho top It was not how
ever until after Louisiana had beeu
ceded to the United States that lovoe
construction was begun ou a large scale
an enlarged systematic scale Ab the
work progressed up tho river and addi
tional basins and bottoms wero enclosed
tho lovees necessarily increased in
height Tho average height of the
levees in Louisiana above New Orleans
is now between twelve aud thirteen feet
and this height proved insufllcout in the
great flood of 1807 This flood indicaes
to the engineers that three or four feet
additional will be required
Millions and millions of dollars have
neon appropriated oy tlie federal gov
ernment for tho building of those lovoes
and other constructions intended to pro
tect tho surrounding country from
floods and millions more must be up
propriated by every congress to come
unless stops aro taken to prevent these
floods Those measures of tho govern
ment aro merely palliative thoy do not
go to tho root of the evil Tho loport
of Captain Hiram Chittenden of the
government engineer corps however
shows that there is a way to strike at
the trouble itself and largely prevent
the floods instead of trying to enclose
them between banks after they havo
become such
He shows in his ofllcial reports that
by the building of a series of great
storago resorvoirs at the headwaters of
the Missouri Hoods can be prevented
through tho diverting of the excess of
waters into Uieso artificial lakes Surely
this is something for congress to give
its attention to Here is a practical
plan An ounco of prevention is worth
a pound of cure Congress will go
ahead appropriating millions every
session for flood prevention without a
question hut it will not appropriate
tho same amount for a plan which
according to tho governments own
engineers promises far greater results
Of course the storiug of these reservoirs
would meau tho reclamation of large
tracts of land to irrigation but this need
not worry congress even its eastern
members for the eastern merchant aro
already alive to the situation and real
ize that fthe reclamation of the arid
west would open to them the lluest
For the time being the daily issue of market in the world
J Sterling Morton and tho Argo
Starch company feel pretty good A
fusion majority of 100 in Nobraska City
was converted Into a republican majority
of 100
It is promised Jfor Teddy KoorovoH
that ho will not be altogether a mere
llguro hoad as vlco president His
stronuousness demaudB action and will
havo it
Tho Hebron Journal of last week was
printed iu red mid blue with a full pago
red rooster crowing lustily on tho edi
torial pugo
Kansas farmers havo been compelled
to cut back their crop of winter wheat
Tho growing weather of the past month
has threatened to develop 1 premature
orop of tho cereal and to keep it for tho
propor season this extraordinary method
lias been employed
A ball bearing watch was an exhibit
at tho Parts oxpoHition by ft Swiss
factory Tho idea has heretofore been
employed in tho construction of clocks
but tho delicate work necessary for a
ball bearing pocket time picco has never
been attempted heretofore
Not satisfied with tabulating pre
cedents galoro to indicate that the re-election
of MoKinloy was in impossibility
tho World Herald Is now busy showing
itB readers that a democratic administra
tion will be a certain sure thing four
years honco In view of what has just
passed it would probably bo unwise
however to stake more than a million
dollars on tho forecast
Admiral Dewey speaking of the
recent presidential election says I
thank God 1 was not wanted It iB
presumed that he means he is glad ho
was not cnlled upon to fill Mr Bryans
shoes and take tho crushing defeat that
was administered to him It sometimes
appoars that n candidate for president is
uotin nn envlublo position This would
especially seem to bo tho case when tho
people havo twico overwhelmingly indi
cated that tho candidate is not wanted
RopublicauB throughout the country
are well pleased with what Nebraska
has dono in a political way this fall and
it is believed that oven the fusionists of
Nebraska outside of the stuto house
ring and those benefited by tho patron
age are not sorry It is certain that be
ing in lino with tho prosont administra
tion and indicating that it is iu sym
pathy with republican measures and
progress the state is in in better position
for development than over before iu its
history Nebraska is too good a Btato to
be eternally dominated by calamity aud
populist vagaries
The presidents coming message is to
deal with some of the gravest questions
over presented for consideration iu this
country and he is expected to outline
policies that will inure to the benefit of
this couutry and its island possessions
Ou the success aud popular approval of
these policies will depend the political
aspect of the country in the future He
has something to guide him in the issues
discussed during the campaign just
closed and the endorsement of his poli
cies heretofore was unmistakable The
same conservative wisdom that has
guided him in the past will undoubtedly
come to his aid now and the very best
solution of the problems is anticipated
Perhaps the fusionists will soon begin
to beliove the reiterated assertions of re
publicans that fusiou is n makeshift pol
icy which is certain to bo loser in the
end They have been repeatedly
warned that the fate of that method if
not all the parties to the deal was in
sight and this year they have been
given substantial evidence of tho fact
They havo been pleased to shout with glee
ovory time lusion had been consum
mated in either count or state conven
tion and have been going right merrily
to their doom If this falls results do
not convince them there is more of the
same kind in store and they will finally
bo brought to acknowledge thnt 0110 party
with one set of principles is much stronger
than two or three parties with several
platforms A rody one pat ty h is almost
sloughed oil
While the fusion party attempted to
shoulder the responsibility for all the
patriotism which had beeu is now or
would be dispeusod in this couutry it is
very evident that their professions were
received with a great decree of allow
ance and that they were under no posi
tion to prove by any recent eveut that
thoir olaiins were suppoited by history
This condition win voiced recently by
Geueral Joe Wheeler who said I
did not go to Decatur to hear the ro
turns Tnesdiiy night I do not like to
go to funerals and I felt and knew that
Mi MoKiuley would be overwhelmingly
re elected There are two things tho
American peoplo reverence First
their God and second their flag A
word agaiiiBt either will bring down
their coudeninatiou There never was
a president defeated for election who
hadcouduoted a successful war
Those who supported Mr Diotrioh
for the position of governor did so con
fident that he has a business mid ad
ininistrativo ability that will be nn
honor to the position to whioh he as
pired Ho is now undoubtedly under
going the supreme test of the honor to
which he has beeu elevated and will be
subjected to a veritable flood of applica
tions for pOBltion under tho new
regime Tho test of his nblllty is in
correctly choosing tho peoplo for these
positions Ho may mako mistakes and
undoubtedly will but ho is believed to
bo a man who will quickly rectify any
mistake he may mako mid do it with
credit to himself mid to the Institutions
under his control His friends might
odviso him to uso oaution and discretion
but tho man is believed to bo 0110 who
will do that without tho ad vlco Thoy
aro perfectly willing to givo that advice
if requested but will hardly nflllct It up
on him while ho is burdened with other
responsibilities A portion of Mr Dlot
riohs troubles may bo realized when It
is considered that there aro now five or
six applicants for tho Btownrdshlp iu
Norfolk for the hospital for tho insane
at this place
Tho Omaha Ueo yesterday had com
plete election returns from overy couuty
in tho state except McPhorsou which
polls less than 100 votes Suvonty elght
of tho counties furnished olllclal returns
aud tho othor eleven whilo unofficial
wero probably nbout correct These
returns show that O H Dietrich has
beon elected governor by a plurality of
about 1021 E P Savage ran slightly
behind Dietrich but has a plurality of
Oil Geo W Marsh for secretary of
state received a plurality of 1071 For
auditor of public accounts Charles
Weston received a plurality of 1080
William Steuiler for treasurer defeated
his onpouent by 2025 votes W K
Fowler wub elected superintendent of
public instruction by 2092 votes Frank
N Prout for attorney general received a
plurality of 22I7 Georgo D Folmer
for commissioner of public lauds and
buildings was given 17 10 moro votes
than hiB opponent While comploto
ofllcial returns may change these results
slightly the entire republican state
ticket is unquestionably elected Tho
smallest plurality was that received by
Lieutenant Governor Savago while Mr
Fowlor for state superintendent had tho
largest plurality None of the plurali
ties were very large but are very satis
factory considering that there was quite
a large fusion majority to overcome
Wane of Crokerlsm
It is quite generally conceded thnt
Croker and Tammany mane the fight of
their lives aud lost aud that with the
reorguuizatiou of tho democratic party
will come a change in the democratic po
litical organization of New York city
that in fact the city organization will
bo reformed Of this the Omaha News
Amoug the other results of the elec
tion there will be some decided eflect
upon the status of Croker and Tammany
hall iu politics As to just what the
effect will be there is some uncertainty
aud difference of opinion but that
Greater New York politics will go ou as
though nothing hud happened seems
There is much talking of deposing
the boss and bringing the famous dem
ocratic organization out of the extremely
bad odor into which it huB fallen a
movement not unlikely to ensue from
the national reorganization of the party
The election has revealed the weakness
of Tammany in a manner no less sur
prising to the country at large than
startling to Croker himself His weak
ness has been made so evident that
some persons are led to beliove that he
made no honest effort to carry the state
for Bryan but on the other hand took
care that the majority in the city shonld
be too small to give the party any
chance of carrying the Btate He
brought Bryan to New York to kill him
say these But tho preponderance of
opinion tlio country over is that Croker
made the effort of his life and against
insuperable obstacles not the least of
which was Now Yorks distrust of him
and disgnst at his methods
Tim first Ktim nf tho nrnnedurn to
rob the autocrat of his power will be
the release of the metropolitan police
from the domination of local politics
The legislature has tho votes and it is
said tho disposition to put not only the
police department of New York but
those of the other principle citieB of the
state iu charge of a commissioner to
be appointed by the republican governor
Croker will then have to struggle for
his sceptre not only against tho better
elemeut of his own party but also
aguiust the state republicans
ltesuli Provokes Anger
Everyone admires a partisan who cm
take defeat gracefully and good ua
turedly He is the Bort of person whom
tho victorious feel that they can tie to
one who places himself in a position to
solicit their votes at some future timo
On tho contrary tho person who gives
vent to a feeliug of hatred whoso spleen
causes a burst of wrath evidenced by
vituperation aud slaudor he is of the
sort who will command no respect
The leadiug editorial of the Madison
Star of this week is in vivid contrast to
those of other papers but iustead of ere
atiug regret the members of tho
ous party aro inclined to laugh at the
tutilo display of wrath and might wish
that thoy had homo down a little harder
It is tho sort of mutter responsible in
large part for tho defeat of democracy
this year and is of the kind thnt will ex
ert an influence in keeping that party
down Not conteut with calling the
victorious pm irtcnt unkind names it
blanden the majority of the jx ople of
tho country including members of ltn
own party who thought timc werent
ripe for a change Tho Star says
Though William Jennings Bryan
has boeu defeated In this campaign of
fraud and farce he yet hai much hon
orablo sorvico In tho United States
Bryan was too honest Independent of
trusts and monopoly and too sincere a
friond of the working man and his coun
try to win any favor with tho money
power of tho United StatcH As presi
dent of tho United States ho would have
stood by the Declaration of Independ
ence docliuod to bo ruled by trustB and
combines and kept the grasping flugcrB
of old England and other foreign powers
off this country This the lovers of
Engluud knew mid for that reason if
nouo other force bribo and fraud was
brought to boar upon the voters iu
powor of tho grasping Hiuiuaitcs
thus an honest trustworthy man
been defeated But Bryans name
ring along tho grooves of history when
all nations will havo forgotten Mark
Hanna aud his dupe MoKiuley There
will come a time at no distant date
when tho people will look upon William
J Bryan as Becond to nouo in tho his
tory of this nation Ho will arise to a
position among tho statesmen of the na
tion far ahead of those gained by Web
ster Clay or Calhoun Though defeated
Nebraska is proud of her noble states
man William Jennings Bryan
Oxunril Siiuitr CainpnlKn
Tlio second omiual beot sugar cam
paign of tho Oxnard sugar factory closed
ou Tuesday of last week with a longer
run than last year by three days and n
record of having sliced II 012 tons moro
than last year Tho percentage of bac
chariuo matter is also considerably
better mid taken all in all tho great
sugar campaign of 1000 is one that will
long remain as a surprise to the people
of Ventura county who early in the
seasoii hardly dared hopo for tho open
ing of tho factory at all
A crop that can bo raised in a dry
year following two preceding dry years
and then make a record in some respects
superior to that of a wet Beason is one
that should receive favor in the eyes of
all farmers especially when greatly im
proved prices have been contracted for
the coming season
ThiB years run has clearly demon
strated that beets us n crop are a8
little affected by dry weather as nny
that can be raised In a wet season
there is a very heavy tonnage
but at the same time there is a
very marked decrease iu the sugar con
tent Mauy farmers have thiB year ex
pressed themselves as being well satis
fied with 8 to 10 tons per acre and the
higher percentage that accompanies it
than with a yield of 20 tons with the
heavier expense and decreased sugar con
On the very first week of the campaign
farmers were greatly surprised at the
result of their crop returns on sandy
soil both as to tonnage and sugar con
tent although the alkali land did not
give as much promise There were be
sides enough beets on irrigated land to
swell the average tonnage and surprise
the whole valley with the first returns
The tests for sugar content ran exceed
ingly high from the beginning and con
tinued much better than was expected
through the entire two months
From Oxnard ami vicinity Gil 18 tons
of beets were received and from Chino
and outside points 4017 tons making a
total of 07105 tons of beets received
Chino Champion October 20
T F Spoer residing seven and one
half miles southeast of tho city iB a half
brother of Stute Treasurer elect Wm
Stoulfer of West Point Mr Spoer was
unable to render nctive service during
the campaign owing to the sickness of
his wife who has been suffering from
dropsy and other diseases for a long
time She has lately grown somewhat
The News od aepartment is com
plete in every particular
Missouri Pacific Ry
Iron Mountain Route
To certain
points in
PLUS 200
1 October 2 and 10
ON TUESDAYS November i and
December and 18
Final Limit of Tickets 21 Days
Stop overB will bo nllowed within
traiiBit limit of fifteen days going after
reachiug first honieseekers point en
For fnrtlitr information or mheitit iiin miit
tur nny iiKtiit tlio company or
AH K ami A TIA
BtmtliMut Cor Htu and Doulc Bit