The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 15, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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Novniulinr SomOon lnrgoly lontnl In
Auditing Account - Keort f
liilonilent oT Poor Khmii
Madison Nob November 7 1100
Hoard of county commissioners mot
pursuant to adjournment PreBint H
W Winter J 1 Hughes and Christ
Minutes of liiat mooting woro rend
mid on motion woro improved
On motion tlio following bills woro
A W Tillotson boarding nud curing
for Mrs Mary Woods to Nnvoinbor 2
Fremont Tribune books mid Htation
ory 1IV2
O W Cruni salary for Septotnbor
and Octobor and olllco expenses s lkO
Nebraska Telephone Co 1115
Phil Baudi oxpross postage etc to
Novombor 1 1M0 M85
Phil Bauch mnkiug tax list lJ
Madison watorworks ront to May 1
1001 7r0
Wm Bates postage oto from May
7 1100 to Nov 7 lWO 1 05 nnd
costs in caso of state vs ltolla Lowis
trr aso
Boouo county lumber and work on
county lino road 101 1
Win Brummnnd appropriation for
asylum road 15Ilo
Carl Davenport assisting county sur
veyor 1
Wm Donbigh laud used for road by
county 15
W F F Winter bridgo work 10
Paul Brummund bridgo woik
O A Youngquist bridge work fcS
G S Craig work ou road 10 ap
plied on porsonal tax
Chos Hichardson road work 775
L B Baker lumber 21 10
Alvah E Crooks road ditching
On motion board adjourned to 8 a in
November 8 1900
Board met Nov 8 at 8 a m
On motion the following bills were
Edwards Bradford Lumber Co
Norfolk luuibor 4859
J B Hume lumber iJ5J0
J B Hume coal 1750
Crowell Lumber Grain Co lumber
1 S3 10
L B Baker lumber 27 -10
Li B Baker lumber 559
Li B Baker lumber 5890
L B BaVor lumber 0070
Thos Ostorgard Co lumber
Howard Miller Lumber Co lumber
293 71
H W Winter freight paid 195
P JJohnsou lumber and labor mak
ing booths and ballot box 5 05
W V Gambill digging vault for out
house 50
A D Webb making election booths
Olo Johnson bridgo work 10
C F Moutross euvelopes for clerk
7 applied on personal tax -163 bal
ance 2 17
Battle Creek Enterprise stationery
for county superintendent and judge
S Jones Son ice for court house
J R Sams bridge work 5
C A Vickers work on tax list 04
applied on personal tax 2408 balance
Hansen Reavis blacksmithing
Wm Dahnke road work 5
Adjournod to 1 p m
Board met pursuant to adjournment
Gust Kaul salary for October etc
L M Johnson bridge work 6
Western Wheeled Scraper Co belt
lor grader 0975
August Steflin coflln etc for Mrs
Mary Woods 1790
Hiram Strong 8 wolf scalps 10
Chittenden Snyder blacksmith
work on grader 2420
P L Bussey assisting county sur
veyor 5
W J Freeman assisting county sur
veyor 3
Henry Aldag assisting county sur
veyor 150
W II Lowe surveying 25
A R Frazer work on delinquent tax
hat 80
W H Lowe surveying 750 ap
plied on porsonal tax
L M Johnson bridge work 30
B K Molau bridgo work 1350
Simon O Simouson bridge work
L M J Vaage road work 1500
A L Stuart printing for county
superintendent 250
M O Wager salary for quarter ond
ing Ootober 1 1900 10000
Wm Frey assisting county surveyor
Win Schmitt assisting couuty sur
veyor 225
Ohrouicle printing 175
On motion the bond of F II Palmer
road overseer district No 20 was ap
On motion tho followiug resolution
was adopted
Whereas it appoars that the couuty
of Madison has purchased several tracts
of land at tax sale iu the years 1883 and
1880 and that the said Bales have not
yet been redeemed
Therefore the couuty clerk is hereby
requested to assign suoh certificates to
suoh persona as desiro to purchase the
samo upon tho payment to tho county
treasurer of 50 jwr cent of tho amount
expressed in said cortitlcatos
On motion Clans Young was allowed
a warrant for 5000 on the soldiers
relief fund
Tho quartorly report of M O Wager
suporiutondont poor farm was sub
mitted as follows
Battik CurKic Nebr Nov 5 1000
To tho Honorable Board of Commis
sioners of Madison County Nebr
Gentlomon 1 herewith render report
for quarter ending Oct 1 1000
Wo have had ono now inmato since
my last report Mrs W 1 Wynan ad
mitted August 1 and left September 7
The othor inmates are tho same as iu
last report
Tho live stock is doing well
Wo delivered to tho Harding Croamory
Co during the months of June Inly
August and September 17030 lbs of
milk and received therefor tho sum
of 100 79
Sold 12 hogs July 11 to L H Maker
weighing 1215 lbs at 115 I9I7S
Received of Frank Hughes for
bull 150 IK
Sold to tho Western Poultry Co
chickons weighing 1S5 pounds
at ti cents 9 25
Win Nicolay hay 2 20
Total cash received 15 1 02
Cash disbursed as follows
Frank Kopach for 3 months and
3 days work 02 00
Hired girl for 0 weeks work 15 00
R Phillips for 1 months work 20 00
P F Zimmerman Co for
binder 125 00
Wm Loary for bull 150 00
Houry Berry holplug throsh
man and team 2 00
Houry Stollo helping thresh
man and team 2 00
Total 370 00
Balance cash ou hand 78 0
Bills incurred during last quarter aro as
W B Fuorst groceries 20 08
M L Thompson merchandise II 15
Hall Moiucko merchandise 20 15
J Severa merchandise 9 09
L B Baker coal 8 70
Howard Miller Lumbor Co coal
and posts 14 73
O A Hedman hardware 2 25
L F Merz hardware 2 95
White Drug Co 2 55
Frank Ruzick moats 22 30
Hansen Roavis mower repairs 5 00
Wm Young harness repairs 80
P F Ziinmerni n Co well
pipe 3 24
iMaasifc Hainan machine oil 40
Total 153 09
Our small grain turnod out fairly well
Wheat went between 14 and 15 bushels
to tho acre oats about 25 and corn is
going about 25 Potatoes if air Hay
good Yours truly
M O Waoer
The claims of J Sevora and C A
Heduian above noted were applied on
personal tax
Ou motion the report was approved
On motion tho bill of costs in tho case
of state vs Leroy Alyea was npproved
as follows
J H Colegrovo justice of peace 900
applied on personal tax ZZ
W M Palmer constable 1125 ap
plied on personal tax
Robt Crook constable 10 35 applied
ou personal tax 795 balance 340
Frank Flood constable 85 cents ap
plied on personal tax
Dr E Tanner witness 200
Ed Suow witness 130
Albert Hans witness 170
Tom Morris witness 105
Harry Mitchal witness 105
Art Colegrove witness 105
Ott Obor witness 130
Henry Doud witness 105
Wm Hopkins witness 105 applied
on personal tax
On motion tho following billswere
C G Gross steel door on jail 0800
H W Winter salary as commis
sioner 5500
J J Hughes salary as commissioner
95 1 a
O Schmitt salary as commissioner
On motion appeal bond of Wm Botes
was approved
On motion tho bond of Geguer mid
Wetzel was approved
On motion board adjourned to Novem
ber 27tb 1900 at 1 p m
v Phil Bauch
Couuty Clerk
Funning In Colorado iintl Now Mexico
The Denver Rio Grande railroad
The Scenic Lino of tho World has
prepared an illustrated book upon tho
above subject which will bo sent froo to
farmers desiring to change their location
This publication gives valuable informa
tion in regard to tho agricultural horti
cultural and live stock interests of this
soctiou aud should bo in tho hands of
everyone who desires to becomo ac
quainted with the methods of farming
by irrigation Writo S K Hooper G
P T A Denver Colo
A Mountain Tourlnt
In search of grand and beautiful
scenery finds such a profusion of riches
iu Colorado that before planuiiig a trip
it will bo well for you to gain all the in
formation possible The Denver Rio
Grande railroad publishes a series of
useful illustrated pamphlets all of which
may be obtained by writing S K
Hooper General Passenger and Ticket
Agent Denver Colo
Otiinlm llpn Ititutin IHrrt IMitilcli for
Coin nor mill llm llntlin
lliun SI ill r Ticket
Omnliii Nov I- The Hoe bus com
plele returns on governor from every
rnittily Iu the state except Mrlltorsoii
mill the vote In he county Is lens hull
100 Two years ago It gave s plurality
of one for I lay ward On tin faro of
these returns IMotrleh has n plunillly
of 10 1 Ou the minor state oIllelaN
tin Itee has returns from SO counties
7J or which are otllclul and eight unof
llcliil The counties embraced In tin
totals for minor state olllcliils this
year gave Iovnler n plurality of 70
mid In the same counties the plurall
tics of the Ucpulillcan olllclals range
from M I for Savage to JL for lrotit
for attorney general Marsh for him n
tnry of stale has 1971 Weston for mi
dltor I ISO Stuefcr for treasurer JoJ
Fowler for siipcriut undent of public
Instruction U092 Kollmcr for coinmls
Moucr of public lands mid buildings
According to the Bee the Kepuh
Means havo 18 in the senate tin fu
sloulsts IU and three In iloiilit Iu the
house there are f4 Uepubllcans 13 fu
sloulsts mid three In doubt It will
require tho ofllclal count to settle the
doubt fill ones
Omnliii Nov 0 -Complete returns
from two thirds of the counties In Ne
braska mid scattering returns from
the balance show MclClnley has car
ried Nebraska by a plurality of at least
Both sides arc still claiming the slate
ticket anil the legislature
The Icglshituie will likely be drcliled
by Douglas county in which It will
take the otllclul count to determine
the vote
I u Douglas county the count Is close
nnd charges of fraud arc made by the
Democrats The Uepubllcans claim to
have elected one out of three senators
mid six out of nine representatives
while the Democrats claim two sena
tors and all of the representatives
The Bee says Returns from all but
ten of the 90 counties in the state show
the Republican electors have a major
ity of 87I3 The missing counties
four years a no gave Bryan a plurality
of 17it nnd If they give u correspond
ing verdict this year the Republican
plurality will be i790 The Bee feels
Justitled by the returns In claiming the
election of Dietrich for govenor by at
least 1000 In the T2 counties re
ported he has a plurality of 39 The
missing counties two years ago gave
1oyntcr a plurality of only 1589 anil
If they should vote tho same this year
It would still leave a plurality of 810
for Dietrich
The Bee claims the legislature will
be Republican by a safe working ma
jority in both houses
The World Herald Dcni claims the
lieutenant governor will cast the de
ciding vote Iu the upper house and
that the lower house Is evenly divided
with two pluces In doubt
The World Herald says Complete
returns from 07 of tho 90 counties in
the state Indicate tho re election of
Governor Poynter by a plurality of
J 1 00 These counties give Poynter
901S0 nud Dietrich 89219 These
same counties in 1S9S gave Poynter
75848 and Haywurd 731587 This com
parison shows a net loss of 1300 mid
it covers about throe fourths of the
vote of the state The later returns
Indlcnte that McKinley carried Ne
braska by fi000 plurality Complete re
turns from 07 counties give Bryan 95
053 and McKinley 19913 Four years
iigo these counties Rave Bryan 90571
and McKinley 85105 This shows a
net loss for Bryan that nearly wipes
out bin lead of four years ago and the
remaining counties yet to come In will
undoubtedly give McKlnlpy a plurality
of about 5000 Tho state ticket seems
to be running right up with the gov
ernor and some of the candidates will
probably receive a larger plurality
than that indicated by Poynter
lloiHiMlctrM llaro ICItMtml Nine Cinrni
iikM unci the DrmociulH Four
Indianapolis Nov 0 Republicans
have elected nine congressmen in In
diana and the Democrats four In the
Fourth district Francis M Jrifflth
Dem Is elected The Indiana con
gressional delegation remains the same
s it stood in the last congrosf with
the exception of the Fifth district
where K S Holllday Rep succeeds
George Paris Rep
Olliclal returns are in from 15 coun
ties The plurality for McKinley will
be between 0O0 and 5000 Tho
legislature is 41 Republicans on joint
ballot from present Indications
Indiana Republican leaders will urge
Senator Fairbanks for the presidency
In 1901 Leading Democrats favor re
organization of the Democratic party
with the retirement of William J Bry
an from the leadership and a different
management of the party from that of
the past few years Hill Olney and
Pattison ure suggested as candidates
for the presidency four years hence
Clulnn Stutu ly Ovr 7000
Lincoln Nov 9 The State loirnal
has complete returns on president from
70 of tho 00 counties In tho state
Careful estimates on the remaining 1 1
show that McKinley has carried tho
state by 7885 The Journal has re
turns from 59 counties on governor
These make Dietrich Rep 092 votes
nhead of Poynter fusion Tho re
maining counties should slightly in
crease his lead but as Dietrich has run
behind McKinley the result is doubt
ful The Populist state committee
claims Poynters election by 1500 So
close Is the legislature that oIHcIh
count on tho 12 member from Douglas
v rr
leave no
In some cases the external signs of Contagions lllnod Poison ate no Might that the
victim is firmly within the gtaap of the moiistet befote the tiue tiatiitr of the iltscair
Is known In othci cases the blood Is quickly tilled with this poisonous vims nud the
II 1I I 1 if I
ViS i nun un iu tin- iiiniHii Hinri oil scnip Hurts Ml longltc VHC
Wu Hit out eruptions ou skin coppci coloied splotches and fulling hull mid cebrows
tniiitl for tlnnltt mi tlmm m nil iitiinlululs ulili f f ml 1tliul
-- - - fiYw iiiwni iMrii
Dfielllt4 t I f 1 fltlttlil flu fMitffMM ti tl iiilnull itu llM ill r 111 I t Il - 1
-- - - i i rw - tihi win mi iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii i 111-11- J 11 -till 11 lll mill
crnls never vet nude a comnlctcimd ncimiimuil run of Cotitmiioiw Itlonil lnium Tlu v iliivc iln iliuniur
c ant tt on ill druseists
S OT A UOWNb Chemist New York
g F
Not Cures
back into the system covet it up fot a while but it breaks mil again iu woiscfotin These powetful minetnls piodnrc uierrtiriil
rheumatism and the most offensive sotvs and uleets causing the joints to Milieu and fiugei nails to dtop oil Murotiry mid
potlVRh 11UIKO wroullH not auron and those who have been dosed with these dings wc unci after free from uches anil ptiu
S S S nets in nit entttely dilTrtetil timiiuei being a putely vegetable teineilv it Ioh im Hie poison out of the nystein nnd
iiistcndof tenting down builds up and itivigoiates the genetnl health S tt S i the mlv aiitidole foi this spei ilii vims ninl
theteforc the only cute foi Contagious Ulnod Poison No imtttet iu what stage or how hopeless the use inav appeal even
though pronounced turntable by the doetois S 8 8 can be tolled upon to make a niptd iirtiiMtiriit cute 8 8 8 Is not it
new untried teiuedv an expettence of neatly lift v cats has ptoen it it sine nud unfmliiie cute for this disease II is the
only putely vegetable blood medicine known
Mt It II i Mytii iimMullmivHI NnvniV N J n I win Mill Ifil nllli n In MMr 11 -I illsnur lit Ii m In ln nt finl Iml nllctwiuili
j t inr inn inn viii h nun ii 11 rmv in miliums mr fiiiiiriui I rnniitrii iirinir I liriiiinr imivliirri III it I lie
inn inn i iiuiii iiu mr tin imiii nun niriu it iinimirii iiii in r i u mi n will tnoiy Ultimo mvity I turn
lllcil vittmiH piUml incilli liif n 1ml lliry illil lint Irmli llir ilnnur Wlirti I Imil liiililini my Mint
Iml tlr of S S S I uniiriilh Imptiivril nml wmilrllnlitr1 w llli the if iiill 1lir Inlr iril aiitolclir
on til i lirht di Kittl In Klniv imIim nil I millri nml lirfmr lni lhnriiirl rnllirly I irnliinl my
lint mcIkIiI liriitmr nltoiiri Hint Illy npprlllr llililnvrl I imh nion rnllirly wfll mill Illy ikln
drill iihii ilriro kImh
8end fot out Home Treatment Hook which coutaius valuable iufoimntiou about
this disease with complete diteetious fot self tteatmeut Out iueilicl depititmriil ii
in chitgc of physicians who have tiinde n life tune study of blood diseases Dont
It tciit it t lt luiilti fm iint j mil iiiit mtiiKft iiiiiilal lf ii1M -
icomitv mi miwiiiiniiou i nnii muni trr iniiKr iii i iinirr wimi
ever for this All correstmnilenre Is held iu the most sneieil conliileuce THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY ATLANTA CA
county Oiiialut tuax lie necessary to
1oKir Willi In Vnlilnutnti
Port land Dr Nov 9 Complete re
turns to the Oregoulau from one third
of the counties In the ntiito of Wash
ington mid partial returns renin all
but three of the remalnltiK counties
show that Rogers Dem for gov
ernor Iiiin m ilurallty of t57l over
Krlnk Rep
Seattle Wash Nov 0 following Is
n conservative estimate of the election-
McKinley HUM majority gov
ernorship In doubt remainder of the
Republican stale ticket and congress
men 5000 majority The legislature
Is Republican
VlllnKrrs Seiiiniili KniKittcIt
New York Nov 9 1oitr or live hun
dred iiciulihors and friends of I inv
entor RoomVoII erenaded lilin lit
Oyster Bay last night line of the tele
grants which came to the governol
yesterday was from Set It Bullock
whom the governor described us Onn
of the best known cowboys Iu the
west It read South Dakota 15001
Republican Iettlgrew Is now a mav
North Dnlioln
Pargo N D Nov I Nearly com
plete returns have so far changed the
sltnntloii that all counties are now said
to be Republican The lowest major
Ity in any Is said to be Individual
figures have been lost sight of In the
grand majority which is now 1377
nearly ono fourth the total vote and
Claim Dlvtileli Is Kli itml
Lincoln Nov 10 The State loiirnal
claims for the Or I time in its issue of
today the election of Dietrich for gov
ernor ami the entire Republican state
ticket Its claim is hatted on complete
returns from 8 of the 90 counties in
the state which gave Dietrich a plu
rality of 189
ItenlfH Cliuito of Imvinillin
Loudon Nov II -Lord Roberts in
response to an inquiry from the Prince
of Wales lias telegraphed uuthorliiig
a denial of the charges of cowurdice
made iu Lord Rosslyns book against
British officers in the South Afrlcvu
campaign Rosslyn has apologized
Its Easy
To Take
Thin pale anaemic girls
need a fatty food to enrich x
their blood give color to w
their cheeks and restore their
health and strength It is
safe to say that they nearly i
1 all reject fat with their food
C 3
is exactly what they require
it not only gives them the
portant element cod liver oil
in a palatable and easily di 1
gested form but also the hypo-
phosphites which are so valua 1
ble in nervous disorders that
ft usually accompany anamia
l fatty food that is more easily
i digested than any other form
j of fat A certain amount of
1 flesh is necessary for health m
jj You can get it in this way
We have known per 1
I sons to gain a pound a t
dny while taking it
The Norfolk llicyclo Men Proprietors
MmiuriiiluiniH Inlilmin mill DnulorH hi
Ulcyclcs Sundries Pnrta and Repairs
Aitniir fur Wnllliiiiii MiinilfnilniliiK Ciih Orlnnl lliijeliin llm KihhhI HttoiiKniil I
unit KiiHtnnl llliMln in tlin Wnrlil Wi iiIhii luiiiilln llm Arum Win II Ti llmim llnnini I
Sscioiiiiio lallii mill inn nun innlit nUlmr rlinln in olinliilnmi ulilnli will Imi known u
llm Aklinnn HihiiIiiIh
Wo do Repairing- Promptly and Rcaaonablo
---- --
Daily News Job Department
Ouaranteed Oheapest and Most A Hii erlalivo Couditli nor and lattonor
for Live Stock Prices Jo cents anil t lvi tils ptr pm i ag pound bags 350
Keeps fowls heathy Mines girw Makis nens lay Provonta
poultry diseasch Prao i conts nor j ackate
Kor sun 1 v Sugar City Cereal Mills
Norfolk Nebraska
I rcular and pamphlet feo JOS HAAS V S Indianapolis Intl
A Medicine That Cures
That is what you get when you buy CRAMERS
Tho Cramer Company can point to tnoro positivo euros and show moro unso
licited testimonials than any remedy which has boon on tho markut twn times an
Hadnt Long ti Live
Aliiany N Y March 15 1100
Broken down despairing hardly
ahlo to drag about I began to fool as
if I had not long to live I did every
thing money could triod all kinds of
medicine and doctors happening toseo
Cramers Kidney and Livor Cure adver
tised I gave that a trial a thorough
one -for it commoncod to do mo a little
good from tho very start by persever
ance I am today a well man owe my
existenoo to Cramers wonderful reme
dy I am frank to say my caso was so
bad I novor expected to got well
John Hakkic
Court Ofllcer Albany N Y
Thought he Couldnt be Cured
Cramer Chemical Jo
I can freely and with joy recommend
your Cramer Kidney Curo as it com
pletely cured mo of kidney complaint
and that after 1 had mado up my mind
that I couldnt bo otirod I had tried
ovory romody I heard of without satis
factory results I tell you it is tho best
medicine on earth as it made a woll
man of mo and I recommend it as a re
liable medicine to bo depended upon by
a man suffering as I did
I La Graniu
Clork in Soo of States Olllco
Am Well Attain
Amiany N Y Jan 8 1000
Cramer Chemical Co
1 had been nlllicted for a long time
with a severe kidney trouble I was so
bad I was uuablo to work more than
three mouths in a year Had used a
good many medicines but failed to get
any relief At last about two years
ago I commenced using tho Cramer
Kidney Curo From -the first it com
menced to help me and with tho use of
three bottles I was cured and am now
well aud able to do tho heaviest kind of
work To any ono suffering with kid
ney trouble I say by all means try tho
Cramer Kidney Curo
Michaki McAuurr
Manager Hammonds Wholesale Mar
ket Albany N Y
Sulltrel lor Twnty Yean
Aliiany N Y Deo 5 I8i
Cramer Chemical Co
I irmly believe I owe my life to your
wonderful remedy For twenty years I
suffered with kidney trouble and could
Hud no relief anywhere I sp nt hun
dreds of dollars on doctors and medi
cines and could only get temporary re
I lief I finally decided to try Cramers
Kidney Cure and it did more for mo iu
i one mouth than all tho medicines I had
j taken in twenty years I am now en
y MirriiAEi Hiooivs
Chief Albany Fire Department
Manufactured by
I LiEl
TnADE Marks
nnDvmrMTS Ac
Anyone t pndlnif a kctri nml description t3T
I nlllllrll frn lllllHP fill
iiirerirton U probably PMPniulilo Hiriiuiii
llOUStiriCliy ixjuuucmiui iimi w -
jont free Obtest aiienrr fumeouniitf puttiitn
Illieilia IAIUII HHUUMIl ium l vu auvt
aIiiipiIA it IhA
- m - 4J
Scientific flfmericaw
A hndiomoljr lllmtrRted weflklr I Jirsot rlr
culatlon of nr nclentltlo tourna 1 ernii I
Bar lour montUa fL Sola bjrll newJciilMj
Bruoti Offlo 06 F BU W hlnton U V