The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 08, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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saisNaXJrj 7132l x it k
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copMimiiT ifn
lit HMD IM lltMIKK
It CUMiriON OANiS Iiiih
II l lilltl IlltllllllJ Im fines
tils ft lends eniiipliiln Hull lie
pimMs HiiMii iiiili tlie Hi I eel
without iccngiiltlnu and on
Hie oilier liiinil In atleiiiit
llig to 11 x old Ills en or lie litis Hiiiue
tlmiH accosted Hti linnet h III ell emu
Htiiiiees llial weie cMicincly einliar
The joiing til ft 11 bus a cousin Miss
Jnne tleineiiwnv n tail giniidil gl1
with a iiiofiiHlou of dink hnlranil piet
ty In own cveH which however one Is
obliged to lev elleil liy cjcglnsscs
for lane Is somewhat iiiinslghtcd She
1Icn In llentou but oltcn goes to
New oilt shopping or lsltlng her
many ft lends In that city Thus It
would not he Hiirpi InIiik to meet her
nuy day In the shopping dlHtilct of
New Voi It
One may meet a gient many pretty
women In that region and It Ih said
that ceitnlu feeble inluded cicaturoH go
there for that pin pone Study a man
imiHt he tint t who would do It for the
shopping woman Ih too completely tin
dcr the domination of the fixed Idea
to lie of Inteiest to nuy hut a student
of hypnotism She rushes alotiK the
sidewalks In a state of ttaneo and the
luckless uinn who gets In her way will
thereafter view the all devouring trol
ley car with gentle unconcern
Gaines wits In the shopping district
trlctly on IiubIiicsh one afteinoon and
near the Intersection of Twenty third
trect and Sixth avenue he fancied
that lie saw Cousin lane She waa
proceeding weBtwaid with thnt relent
less Uxlty of purpose thnt charactcrlics
the shopper Gaines overtook her and
laid a mildly restraining hnnd upon her
arm for It seemed to him that sho wns
about to plunge out upon the crossing
aud collide with a loaded dray
Dout run over the poor enrt horse
little girl snld Gaines he has trou
bles of his own
She uttered n nervous cry nnd sprang
away but he fancied that she was
only startled
Pass over those bundles to me
youngster snld ho nnd well nnvl
ate the crossing together
At this moment he cuught the 11 rut
lair glimpse nt her fuce Where were
the eyeglasses thnt always perched up
on Cousin lanes nose Where weie
the baby dimples nnd the smile of
era pule good will 7 This lady was n
very haughty person She froze him
with the dlsdalu which seemed to sur
round her like an atmosphere With
fcer face averted as If the sight of him
would be too palnf ul she waved her
left hand as one who cries A vaunt
The next moment with head In air
abo swept across the avenue in front
of a moving car and so close to the
tender that even the hardened motor
man turned pale
How Gaines got away from the spot
he never knew but It Is his opinion
that he crawled down through the
trolley Blot for surely ho felt small
Dough to have done ho Of course be
was entirely Innocent but a clear con
science Is a poor conuolor at such times
The central fact In nature was that
one pretty girl must forever think of
liltn as the lowest form of anthropoid
the masher
UalneB hud the misfortune to possess
that fatal gift of beauty which you
read about In old fashioned novels He
was one of those conspicuously hand
some men who always get the discredit
VTJaJaVTlMlrirfl ii I
of being vain of their looks though
they may prove by every act of their
lives that they ate more modest than
the lowly violet
Gaines was aware that If hp had
been Inslgultlcant uud ugly the lndy in
question might hao paubud to hear an
explanation but that did not console
him Hi took the Incident ery much
to heatt and Indeed felt so bud about
It that he emld hardly bring himself
to attend a social function to which
he wns bidden for that evening It
really did not bccm to him that a man
so dlsgineed as he was tit to go into
boclety Still be eventually mustered
jup the courage
There were a good many people In
the big drawing toom at the Bingham
bouse Washington square north when
Gaines made his appearance some
what late Presently he found himself
In a coiner with Jessie lllnghnm and
became nwiiie that she had something
of gieal liiipoiiam e to cointuuiileiiti1
Natalie Clair Ih lieie said Hhe with
the all of a small hoj iiiinuiineliig that
the eluits has come to town
Miss Clnlr was a oung woman
whom SiiIiich had Til times iniiiowly
iiiIssimI meet lug Two yeais ago when
the Chilis weie about to come to New
Vol Ic to live Haines had heiiid so
much about Natalie that he had begun
to dislike her Many gills In his social
set knew her and they all declined
that he and she weie made for each
oilier The basis of that lew so far
as he could discover was that she was
tall ami dink while he was tall aud
light and that both of them had the
reputation of being very cold reserved
aud haul to appioach In filemlshlp
or flit tit t lot
As a inle he did not llko girls who
weie cold and reserved Suffering
ft out a chtonlc embarrassment him
self he found It haul enough to get
along with glils who were Jolly tnlk
ntlve and open hearted Moreover to
be slated as a gills admirer before
a fellow has met her Ih enough to kill
all chance of liking her Gaines waB
glad when Natnllu went nbrond with
her mother Instead of coming to New
York Within two weeks he had heard
thnt she was home again And now It
seemed he must meet her
There she Ih whispered Jessie
Bingham Isnt sho perfectly lovo
Gnlnes glanced across the room and
his blood beenmo Ice water He had
always regarded himself as a peculiar
ly unlucky man but that Natalie Clair
of all people In the world should
prove to be the heroine of the Twenty
third street adventure struck him as a
little tho worst blow In even bis ex
Or com se I should be greatly plent
ed to moot her said he aud his
voice sounded in his own cars ns if it
were being giound out of a phono
graph Hut theres no hurry Any
time will do
Whnt nonsense exclaimed lesslo
Of comae you want to meet her this
minute And theyre htlnglng her right
over here
Gaines perceived thnt Jessie spoke
truly A half doeen young people with
tho most obvious Intentions were gen
tly steetlng Miss Clair In his direction
She however Beemed to be wholly un
aware of their purpose until she was
within Blx feet of him Then she start
ed as prettily as a frightened deer
Gaines looked anxiously into her
face and when he saw thnt be was
recognized be felt as one upon whoso
shoulder the hand of the sheriff Is laid
It was all over In a moment Karly
In tils life Gaines had been Introduced
to a Boston east wlud and once when
a boy he bad been locked in an Ice
house as a Joke but Miss Clair gave
him a new sensation No one else ap
peared to notice the chill though It
setuned to him that all New York muBt
be shivering
He dared not say anything to the
point among bo many people and so he
mumbled the ordinary nonsense while
waiting for a chance to escape That
was not to be however Ho saw Miss
Bingham going one way and Miss
Somebody Else going nuother way and
there wns no way at all for him He
simply got left la the corner with Na
talie Clair aud If It had been done on
purpose It couldnt have been dono bet
A man of tact and nssurnnco would
have found no difficulty In saying tho
right thing but Unities lacked those
qualities und his faculties were in a
The situation is somewhat difficult
Miss Clair he said You must be
strongly prejudiced agaluBt me but
What utter nonsense Why couldnt
ho say straight out 1 saw you on
Twenty third street today and mistook
you for my cousin He knew aa well
as anybody could thnt that was the
right thing to say But the words didnt
come to him
You cant help It sold she nei
ther of us can help It now Let us for
get everything thnthnppencd before
we met toulght
And then she looked around with a
frightened eye for somebody to come
and take her awny
Gnlnes felt ns If the black cap had
been drawn over his face He had had
his chance to speak aud It had pnbsed
Evidently Miss Clair knowing the cir
cle In which he moved had decided to
tolerate him perhaps even to be silent
about what bhe believed to be his black
If Jane were only there he could
have poiuted to the resemblance and
have told his Mory with a good grace
He hnd heaid that bhe was expected
Inter In the evening He would reserve
his defense till then
Somehow he escaped from Miss
Clare and immediately to fortify his
soul he mentioned to n number of per
sons that in his opinion Miss CIhIi
strongly resembled bis Cousin Jane
The first two or three had never no
u - - v
ticed It Gnlnes began to be nlnrmed
lie ran fiom one to another Appar
entlj there was not a human creature
piesent who had the eyo to see a trace
of thnt likeness upon which his fate
depended So It seemed that Janes
coming would onlv heighten the Im
piobabllltj of his tale already weaken
ed by delay
Many of the people whom re pies
tinned spoke of a strong resemblance
between Miss Clair ami Olive Tiask a
voting lailv whom Gaines had met sev
eral yeais before Would It he possible
to substitute her In this story Ills lie
qualiitatico was JiiHt HUlllcieiit to wai
taut him In uildiesslng her He
couldnt call her little glil but pinb
utilv the fact that he had used those
womIm would not come out In the e
A sudden resolution seized him Me
would lake the i Ink rearing that his
eoiitage would ooe away If he hesl
tilled he sought Miss Clair at once
An link would have II lie found her
with Jessie lllugham and Olive- Trask
To his gieat delight MImh TiiihIc greet
ed him very coidlnlly 1 1 Ih coinage
mounted higher
Miss Clair said he boldly 1
think therell never be a better time
than this to set no self tight for the
unfortunate mistake I made HiIh after
noon When I spoke to jou on
Twenty tliltd street I mistook yon for
MIsh Tiask whom I have known some
jciuh It was veiy embarrassing of
eotitKC but you kindly promised to for
get It I think however that a full
1 premised to forget It exclnimed
Miss Clair Why nothing of the sort
ever happened 1 never Bnw you be
fore tonight and when I spoke of for
getting I rofoired to all the silly things
thnt our fi lends have said about uh
Ah to the Incident on Twenty third
stiect I fear you will hnve to tnke
your npoloj y to the young lady whom
jou actually accosted If you can llud
There wns a moment of awful al
ienee nnd then Miss Trask en mo to
the rescue boldly it somewhat In
Well ns Mr Gaines thought It was
I she began and stopped not know
ing bow to llnlfih her sentence
Gaines groaned
At this critical moment who should
nppenr but Cousin Janel She wns ball
ed ns the deliverer from an awkward
Oh Miss Clnlr she exclaimed 1
am so glad to see you again See is
MV LttKl
hardly the word for me tonight for
Ive lost my eyeglasses and you know
Im half blind without them
How did you lose them asked
Gaines rejoiced to say something that
wns safe
Why said Jane I was coming
out of a Btore on Twenty third street
this afternoon There was a dreadful
crowd and a brnte of a man brushed
against me and caught the chain of the
glasses on a button of his coat The
chain broke the glasses fell nnd the
brute stepped on them And would
you believe what the creature did
He asked me to go to an oculists with
him and let him buy me a new pair
I led but tho fellow followed me all
tho way to Sixth avenue I could see
him out of the back of my head It
seemed And Just as 1 waa about to
cross be spoko to me again He
Jane cried Galues you have sav
ed my life The man who had been
following you was not the one who
spoke to you It was I
You Bhe exclaimed Can this be
possible Of course I didnt look at
him but his voice
What did ho say demanded
Dont run over the poor cart horse
little girl Little girl Fancy it
And you thought it wa4 I Mr
Gaines said Miss Trask Icily Well
upon my word
No I didnt snld Gaines with deep
humility I thought It was Cousin
Jane at the time nnd later I thought
It must hnve been Miss Clnlr But ev
erybody snld they didnt look a bit
nllke whereas you nnd Miss Clair
you know I I thought you wouldnt
The sentence ended In something so
like n sob that nil the girls laughed
And then they agreed thnt he had re
established his reputntion for be wns
proved to hnve been guilty of only a
little white He which In society entnlls
no pennlty
And they nlso ngrced to keep the
story secret but It would have puzzled
jou an hour Inter to hnve found any
one In the house vv ho hud not heard It
Our or Itae Otbrr
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