The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 08, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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1 II
Has Gone for McKinlcy by
8000 to 10000
Tim Mlti Olllcen iiiu III IlinlH nlxl II
111 liiiilr Mure font 1 1 1 t Itettitiii tu
flltltUI lllltll till ItCMlll Mllllllllll Iniinly
U III lllitt
Tlioro seems no doubt this nftornoon
but that McKinley has carried Nobniska
ljvery product in thu stato that has thus
far reported gives mi increased gain for
McKinley The ratio of gain through
out the stato may fall oil and Mill the
stato will be safely in tho ropubliean
column Chairman Lindsay issues tho
statement this nftornoon that Nebraska
will give MoKinloy anywhere from
8000 to 10000 plurality Ho says that
tho stato ticket is very close but tho in
dications point to small republican plu
rality oa governor and t lie minor stato
The Comity MiiikIh liy llm Ailniliilslriitloii
hut Nolfolll Ik nil
Madison county gives McKinley OVi
votes unrt Bryan 1711 a majority for
M Kinley of 31 I This r suit is brought
about in the city of Madison anil in tho
country precincts Republicans point
with slinmo to tho vote in Norfolk
which seems to bo tho only blade spot
on the map in this day of hope and
ltcliniiH by 1iorliirli
Omaha Nov One hundred and
thirty pi relucts in Nebraska outside
of Oniulia and Douglas county give
McKinley 15710 Bryan iiSi The
same precincts in 1S0 gave McKinley
14345 Ilryun 13015
On the national ticket nt 230 n m
850 precincts give McKinloy a plural
ity of about 3000 outside of Omaha
and Douglns county
For congress 5S precincts give Mer
cer Hep 7717 and Howard Dein
K120 votes It is believed that the
vote of Sarpy and Washington coijn
ties will sweep away this lead and
give Howard a small majority
Saunders county Cedar pre
cinct gives Iiryan I- plurality
Crete Saline county Crete precinct
complete Bryan 351 McKinley 315
Papllllon Sarpy county rapillion
precinct gives Uryan 170 McKinley
Herman This precinct gives McKin
ley 151 Brynn 101 showing a McKin
ley gain of 13
Congressional ticket York county
Raker township Pope 81 Stark 05
state ticket Dietrich St Poynter 95
St Paul This precinct gives McKin
ley Bryan 271 Same precinct
gave McKinley 218 Bryan 210 in 18015
Wood River Hall county Wood
River township McKinley 181 Bry
an 119 Same precincts gave McKin
ley ISO and Bryan 130 in 1S90
Lincoln 27 out or 52 precincts In
Lancaster county give McKinley a
gain of 003 over 1805 These Include
19 out of the 20 precincts in Lincoln
Geneva Kllmore county Geneva
city gives Bryan 80 McKinley 110
Geneva precinct gives Bryan llr Mc
Kinley 120 Five precincts in Fillmore
county gives Bryan 552 McKinley 057
Beatrice Four precincts in Gage
county gives McKinley 500 and Bryan
FlcraUty for MoKlulny Will Exceed
Ninety Tliouiaml
Chicago Nov 7 Complete returns
from 15 counties In the state and par
tial returns from the others includ
ing the full vote of Chicago indicate
a plurality for McKinley that will prob
ably exceed 90000 Chairman Watson
f the Democratic state central com
mittee concedes the state to McKinley
by 50000 Returns also indicate the
election of the full Republican state
ticket by majorities considerably un
der the presidential figures the scratch
ing of the state ticket being confined al
most entirely to Cook county where
Mr Alschulers personal popularity
told heavily for the Democratic nom
inees so much in fact that It Is probable
that that county wns carried for the
Democratic state ticket Returns so
far Indicate that the Republicans have
lost two and possibly three congress
men in Chicago tho most sensational
defeat being that of William Lorlmer
Outsldo of Cook county the congres
sional delegation is in doubt Tho
Democrats claim gains In one or two
districts but Republican leaders as
sert that the delegation will remain
It is practically certnln that the next
legislature which will elect a United
States senator to succeed Shelby M
Culloin will bo Republican on Joint
ballot nt least and by a sufficient ma
jority to elect n senator
The total vote In this city wns Mc
Kinley 1S0070 Bryan 172521 Woolley
3335 Debs 5022 Barker ISO Muloney
205 12111s 90
Boise Ida Nov 7 Seventeen pre
cincts in Idaho give McKinley 1329
Bryan 1590 In 1S00 they gave tho
Rcpublkuui 707 uud fuslouhts 1132
Latest Returns Show Over
whelming Republican Victory
They Indicate a Plurality lor Mc
Kinloy or iioooi
STeKlnley Curl lea Kiii y Slutu Tluit Jn
Him Its Kleiloiul Vole Iniir Veals Ao
ami Sl Otlii isTluit Went for 111- an
Clean Sniii In Muijlund
New York Nov 7 It became evi
dent at a very early hour last evening
that the election of McKinlcy and
Roosevelt was assured At 830 p in
returns from nearly two thirds of the
election districts of Greater New York
had been received indicating beyond
question that Bryan and Stevenson
could not expect more than 25000 or
30000 pluraty in this Democratic
stronghold and unless theie was a
landslide in the outside counties be
yond all reasonable expectations the
pivotal state of New Yoik had de
clared in unmistakeable terms al
though by a reduced majority for the
Republican candidates Returns from
Illinois betrayed a like condition The
Republican gains over IStO seemed to
Indicate that Delaware Maryland and
West Virginia had given decisive Re
publican pluralities The count In sev
eral of tho far western stato was nat
urally so delayed as to give little In
dication of the outcome there but they
had ceased to have a determining ef
fect nnd before 11 oclock tho Demo
cratic leaders had given up the con
test amV It was announced that Mr
Bryan had gone to bed and was sound
The whole story was easily and briefly
told The Republican ticket would have
a larger electoral vote than four years
ago but in the larger state of the east
nnd middle west the pluralities had
been greatly reduced
Massachusetts had fallen from 171
000 to 0000 New York from 208000
to 135000 and Illinois from 112000
to 100000 or less
The roll call of states Is apparently
ns follows
For McKinley
Connecticut 5 Delaware 3 Illinois
21 Indiana 1 Iowa 13 Maine 0 Mary
land S Massachusetts 15 Michigan 11
Minnesota 9 New Hampshire 4 Now
Jersey 10 New York 3U North Da
kota 3 Ohio 23 Pennsylvania 32
Rhode Island 1 Vermont 4 West Vir
ginia 0 Wisconsin 12 California 0
Kansas 10 Oregon -1 Wyoming 4
Washington 4 South Dakota 4 total
For llrjun
Alabama 11 Arkansas 8 Colorado 4
Florida 4 Georgia 13 Louisiana 8
Mississippi 9 Missouri 17 Montana 3
North Carolina 11 South Carolina 9
Tennessee 12 Texas 15 Virginiu 12
Nevada 3 total 139
Uni rjim tcil
Idaho 3 Kentucky 13 Nebraska 8
total 24
The 57th congress seems to be Ro
publiean by a substantial working ma
Fboto by UUtkcnnft
The gubernatorial tickets liae ap
parently followed tilt- tin lot i it I and
Oilell is elected in New York and Yates
in Illinois
Returns received up to 1 n in
show that Bryan received pluralities
J over McKinley In four counties In the
Male of New York as follows Now
York 31801 Queens 2000 Richmond
i Schoharie 370 The counly giving
McKinley the largest plurality over
Iryan was Onondaga where McKIn
lc leads by 10712 votes McKinleys
total plurality in the state based on
the returns received is 130009
Philadelphia Nov 7 Fstlmate
from one half of the counties in Penn
sylvania indicate a plurality for Mc
Kinley of over 203000 In Montgom
ery and Chester counties where the
fusionists made a strong light to elect
nine anti Quay members of the legis
lature they suffered a severe setback
I lie regular Republicans winning by
large majorities
Pennsylvanias delegation In the
next congress will not be less than 21
Republicans to l Democrats as against
20 Republicans and 10 Democrats In
the present congiess
M S Quays friends are claiming
they will have a majority on joint bal
lot favorable to his re election to the
1nlted States senate
Illiodu iHlaml
Providence R I Nov 7 On an in
ii eased vote Bryan has made consid
erable gains in Rhode Island McKin
leys plurality of tour years ago was
22978 Only half of the 143 districts
in the state Iihvo beeJi heard from
McKinleys plurality will be about 20
000 It Is believed Providence which
in 1890 gave McKinley 8211 plurality
while electing a Democratic mayor
has elected Granger Dcm by n plu
rality of less than 1000 In 1890 every
city and town in the state gave a Mc
Kinley plurality The Republican
state committee admits a reduced plu
White River Junction Vt Nov 7
At 145 a in returns had been received
from nil but 03 towns In the Mute
mostly small agricultural places
Those will probably give additions to
the Republican majority From the
towns which have made returns nt this
hour Bryan received 11S91 nnd Mc
Kinley 33795 This will give a Repub
Hcan plurality estimated at 30000
The net gain for the Democrats In this
election over that of 1890 Is about 29
per cent while the Republicans have
a net loss of ubout 11 per cent
Cheyenne Wy Nov 7 Additional
letunis from tho state outside of Chey
enne received by the Republican state
central committee show great gains
for the Rfpubllcau ticket ocr the vote
of 18S The Republican majority for
Wyoming Is now conservatively esti
mated ut 3000
New Haven Nov 7 Connecticut In
the election yesterday decided that
her doctoral vote of blx should bo
placed in the McKinley column The
entire Republican stato ticket wa
elected The plurality for McKinley Is
about 23000
Complexion of Conii fi
Chicago Nov 7 -Returns from 2S7
congressional districts show the elec
tion of 151 Republicans Rio Demo
crutfa 1 fuhloiiist 1 sllverlte and 1 Pop
Republicans Carry Every Con
gressional District
Ateincn Cain Ih ll VoIch per Ileflnrt mill
J hut IMeana One lliinilieil Tlioiinaiiil
riimilll SdiiiiiiI DUIiIrl in Cloao uud
CluiiiKil by Hot li Tin Urn
Des Moines Nov 7 It Is apparent
that Iowa is Republican by 100000
and that a solid delegation of II Re
publicans will be seal to Washington
Because of the late closing of the polls
all over the stale 7 oclock bill 023 out
of 217 precincts in the state have
been heaid from These give McKin
lcy 299707 and Bryan 205812 a net
Republican gain of 20 to a precinct
If tills ratio Is maintained and I here is
little doubt it will lie McKinleys plu
rality will be 101000 the largest on
rccoul in the state In 1800 McKin
leys plurality in Iowa was 05552
Chairman Weaver says Iowa Is
McKinley by over 100000 and we have
elected all the congressmen Rumple
in tlie 2d district the only close dis
trict Is elected by 350 plurality
Chairman Huffman of the Democrat
ic central committee says We con
cede the state to McKinley by 50000
We claim the election of Vollmer In
the 2d district
The entire Republican state ticket Is
elected by the largest pluralities ever
rolled up In Iowa
Returns show that a heavy vote has
been cast all over the state The re
sult In the congressional lights cannot
yut be told although the indications
are that all the Republican congress
men will be elected
Polk county In which Is Des Moines
will give about 1000 majority an In
crease of about 2000 for the Repub
There seems no doubt that the
amendment to the state constitution
for biennial elections instead of annual
ones has carried
The vote on the state ticket In Iowa
is running very close to the national
showing thai most of the members of
other political organizations who have
laid aside party lines have left the
old parly entirely and have votd a
straight ticket The entire Republic
nil state ticket has been elected by a
most complimentary vote
Sioux City Nov 7 Sioux City and
Woodbuty counties will go 2000 Re
publican Lot Thomas of Storm Lake
Is re elected congressman from the
11th district by an overwhelming ma
Clarlndn la Nov 7 Hepburn Rep
elected 4000 plurality
Portland Or Nov 7 Oregon yes
terday gave McKinley the largest plu
rality ever given a candidate for ofllco
in this state With more than half the
total vote of the state counted the re
sult Is as follows McKinley 27120
Bryan 17073 McKinleys pluarlity
Is 10053 Multnomah county which
Includes the city of Portland gave Mc
Kinley 5000 plurality and It Is esti
mated that the state outside of this
city will return a plurality of OimH
making the Republican plurality In the
state dose to 15000
Portland Or Nov 7 Two hundred
and eighty nrcujuctb iu Oregon put of
IJllhl IViM b IUii kwn1 N
772 including 17 ill the city of Port
land give McKinley 22835 Brnn II
5Sll Klexen pieeiucls In I he slate of
Washington gie McKinley 7h0 Bryan
Portliud Me Nov 7 Although he
weather ctuiilil Ions weicnoei liner on
election day a com para lively light
vole was polled iu Maine yesterday
All through the slate according to le
ports al hand there was a consider
able falling oil In the Republican plu
ralltr fiom four years ago and a cor
responding gain In the Democratic
column Ip to midnight returns had
been received from about 210 cities
towns and plantations In the stale
showing a Republican plurality of 1K
4SI as against 31IISS for the same
towns In I VHi The returns to that
hour indicated a Republican los ol 17
per eeul and a Democratic uln of 21
per cent as computed with 1S00 Fig
uring on this basis Hie Republican plu
rality In the state would be aboul
Columbus O Nov 7 At 10 oclock
Icsn returns wcic lecelved than al any
pievloiis return In Ohio up to that
hour This is attributed to the unusu
ally large vote and the full county and
district tickets There weie seven
tickets of presidential electors and live
slate tickets Out of 3109 precincts In
Ohio the state committee had heard at
10 oclock from less than 200 precincts
and from very few county committee
men Indicating no material change
in the vote of 1890 when McKinley
had a plurality of 51309 McKinleys
home county gained 1000
JWnry liiml
Baltimore Nov 7 President Mc
Kinley carried Baltimore city by a ma
jority of 0095 The returns fiom the
counties are meagre but otlicial ad
vices from 81 scatteiod precincts out
of 351 give him 18285 as against 10
197 for Bryan thus assuring him a
majority of at least 10000 iu the state
The defeat of the Democrats has been
thoiough and surprising it being cer
tain that they have lost live out of the
slv congressional districts with the
probabilities in favor of a clean sweep
by the loss of the other
Now iriiey
Trenton N J Nov 7 Incomplete
returns from dlffeient parts of the
stale Indicate that New Jeroej has
been carried for McKinley am Roose
volt by more than 500O0 The Repub
licans elect six of the eight congress
men tin same representation as last
year and will have an overwhelming
majority Iu both houses of the legis
lature Insuring the election of a Re
publican to succeed William J Sewell
Rep i as Pulled Slates senator
IH luHUie
Wilmington Del Nov 7 The count
Is so slow In Kent and Sussex coun
ties that detailed results of tho legis
lative elections there cannot bo given
but the Democrats say nothing has
transpired to destroy their cnnlidence
lu the election of a Democratic legls
latuie It probably will bo 10 oclock
before thu result can be delinltely an
nounced McKinleys plurality lu the
state may icai h 2500
ljne Wirr It to ItiiiKotelt
Chicago Nov 7 -Vice Chairman
Payne Mint tho following telegram to
Coiuiiel Roosevcli The country is
saved wo have beaten IVttlgrew and
captured Nebraska legislature and
Late Returns Indicate a Ma
jority of Nearly 500
In M 1 1111I1 Slum 11 a U11I11 In Imiir iif
I lie Hi iMililliuii CiiiiiIIiIiiIi I lie m lly
lln Si i lii 111 In Sni li a I If inn Hint It
t initial la It el I num
I ailv leluins on congicssinan
pi ml cnneliiHUely In the ilecllim or
John It llajs In the Thlid district
lb- cm lies MadJMiii county by iw
Mi nick I Mi Itoono 17 Wayne j 0
Manloii i Bun iMimatcd al 00 lu
Pa ice county 11 mil ol lit pteelnetH gives
I lavs a iniijmity ol o fcThe city or Fro
mniit ghcN llasa majniily or ili It
is known that Hays has canied Thurs
Ion ICnov and Anlelopo counties by
good majotilies
Ten mil of o pieeiucls iu ICnon
county give IIiijshT Robinson 718
This is a big icpuhltcau gain Two
eais ago Kno county gave 11 rusiou
majoilly ol unite than 11 t
One half of the pucinels or Dakota
county gie IIiihM9 KoIiIiimhi lai
Thuisloii county nil pnciuds re
polled giH Mays ovei KohiiiMin PJi
It will beoliseived Unit Mays has car
lied a number of enmities that have
hi icloloie I in 11 counted in the lusioit
column The same ratio of icpuhltcau
gain iu the othei counties will elect Mr
Al i o loi k this aliei noon hern re
mains no douhl but I hat Mays is elected
10 congiess The Inllovung table shows
Iiiu iiiajmilich on congieshinan so far an
lieaiil I10111 A portion ol the liguicH
aie uiiollieial icltirns the iiumiiiitler are
oHtimntod hut il is believed thu in Die
estimate a liheial iguie lias been givou
to Mr Robinson
Hays Robinson
Antelope Iii
lloone I
Purl r0
Colfax 350
mining 302
Dodirn Oil
Dixon 100
Dakota ir0
Knox 100
Madison 2IM
Merrick ITh
Nance 50
Thnistoii 125
Wayne 200
Platte 150
Pieict 20
Stanton 25
I I-
I 1 Iil llun Itttnii Kin IimI linlge In tlm
Ninth IHHlrlct
InthoNinth judioal district F Boyd
republican has boon elected dihtriot
judge Antelope county gives him 257
Wayne 2f Knox a smnll majority and
in Madihou he receives 210 It is probable
that Pierce county will give Cones tho
fusion nominee 11 good majority but it
will be impossible to overcome tho ma
jorities given Boyd in tho other countios
Viiiing Kletltnl Hmiutnr In the iivnntli
lltrll - Itltiy unil liiiiiieriiiiin Tin
Tho ruturus indicato that W V
Young has boon elected senator from
tho Klnventh senatorial district He
carries Madison county by 15 Wayne
by aboutjaOO Stanton by 1 10 Pierco
will give Tawnoy a good vote but not
enough to overcome the majorities in
tho other counties
Tho returns on Uley and Zimmerman
indicate a tie tho uiiollieial returns from
ovory precinct iu tho county giving each
candidate 1801 votes It is more thau
probable that the olliciul count will
change this result
M untiir lintel til
Boston Nov 7 As usual In presi
dential years Massachusetts went Re
publican yesterday by a substantial
lint considerably reduced majority
giving to President McKinley 15 votes
iu the electoral college while V M
Crane wns re elected governor nearly
all of the Republican state th ket and
at least 10 out of 13 Republican con
gressmen The state legislature H
also Republican by a inajoiity of about
3 to 1 and will probably again send
Hon Ceoige V Hoar to the national
Wll VilKillll
Charlestown W Va Nov 7 Indi
cations are that McKinlcy has carried
the state by sooo and the Republican
state ticket Is probably elected while
the Democrats will have a majority
011 joint ballot in the legislature
Richmond Vn Nov 7 Virginias
majority lu favor of Bryan Is appar
ently nbout 20000 The indications
are that certainly nine and probably
all of the Democratic candidates for
cousresd arc elected