The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 01, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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Luu Ho river
fllmiVi nnli fur McKlnloy
Franklin MaeVeagh the Chicago
merchant who six ears ago was tho
democratic election for the United
States senate has written a letter to
Henry C Jajne of the republican na
tional committee declaring his inten
tion to ote for McKinley and to do
nil in his power to bring about his re
election Mr MaeVeagh is u gold
democrat and asserts that silver is
the paramount issue He sas that
Hrynn would make an unsafe execu
tive nnd that the greater number of
Hrynn gold democrats do not want
Hrynn elected furthermore that
ninny gold democrats lime come out
for Hrynn with the obvious view of
being in line for influential rasitions
in the event Nebraskan Is elect
ed Mr MaeVeagh adds that the
Philippine question can wait but that
it is necessary that the country
should immediately be saved fror
The democrats were not so fear
fully afraid of our large standing
army when tnc oted last year that
more men were needed in the Phil
ippines With few exceptions they
oted for the increase and when the
question was pending they made ut
terances that look queer when com
pared with what the are saying now
when small polities are doing
There was Senator Francis M Cock
rell of Missouri On the 23th of Feb
ruary 1S09 he biild bpeakiug ou the
army bill
This measure has been examined
carefully and I want to say I in
dorse it I indorse it because I be
lieve It Is right and just nnd prop
er and necessary and in addition to
that it will settle for years to come
the question of the reorganization ot
the regular standing army When
1001 conies the army will revert to
what it is provided for in the pending
bill without debate or contention and
it will remain at that tigu e and I
think that is amply sufficient
1 have been connected with sev
eral efforts to reorganize the army
We have never been able to get any
thing Hint could meet with approval
nnd I bcliete honestly and conscien
tiously that this is the best measure
that has been presented to the con
gress of the United States for set
tling the regular army of the United
States since I entered this chamber
on the of March 1S75 1 do not
believe that you will ever get a bet
ter one Therefore I hhall
endorse the bill I vote for it heart
ily and cheerfully I beiieve It is
right in the sight of God and man
nnd I am willing to take the respon
sibility for it
Senator Hichard R Kenncy of Del-
nware democrat said on February 27
I agree with the distinguished sen
ator from Missouri Mr Cockrell 1
believe it is right in the sight of God
and man and like him 1 nm willing
to take my shnre of the responsibil
ity for its enactment
Kenntor A O Bacon of Georgia
said on February 27 1S99
1 am voting to furnish the presi
dent with 71000 men which he and
his secretary of war say are neces
sary to enable the president to per
form the duty imposed upon the ex
ecutive by the ratlficatlonof the treaty
of the annexation of the Philippine
6till more emphatic was Congress
man William Sulzer of New Vork
now i Brynn boomer On March 1
speaking on the army bill he said
1 nm in favor of it and shall do all
I can to pass it Fifty live members
of the senate voted for it nnd only
13 voted against it I trust
that every democrat who sympathizes
with the men under arms at Manila
with our soldiers and sailors in the
Philippines will uphold nt this crit
ical moment the hands of the presi
dent and give him the power vested
in him by the terms of this bill I am
n partisan but in times like these I
nlvvoys subordinate my partisanship
to my patriotism We should all be
patriots to day We must not forget
we must not forsake our brave and
heroic soldiers and sailors who are
upholding and defending our flag in
the orient
This is no time to be captious
This is no time to split hairs or play
small polities We should do our
duty We should do whnt is right
and the people will judge us accord
Farm Product Weill lp in Siilte of
Ilia Dolt fill
Dont forget that Bryan predicted 40
Bryans Connection with Croker
and Commercialism
colored was arrested at Alltla charged
with usMiultlng Siitiih Hovel a widow
Hooker was taken before the grand
jury Before an indictment was re
turned Sheriff John Holier wan com
pelled to got liis prisoner out of town
to prevent a lynching Indignation ls
high In Allila and the timely action
of the sheriff undoubtedly saved
Bookers life
IrtiiurliiK to lEtMilvi Kitigir
Marseilles Nov 1 The Kramer re
ception committee lias Issued an ap
peal to the population to participate
in the demonstrations that are being
arranged for Mr K rubers reception
but to abstain from hostile acts or
words toward u nation friendly to
Akron Hint or Cnuvlclml
Akron O Nov 1 Harvey Marl one
of the rioters Indicted by the -special
grand jury was yesterday convicted
of Illegally possessing and using dyna
mite This Is the tlrst of the riot cases
to he tried
Iroiiton tllll StnrU Up
Irontou O Nov 1 I ronton mill
owned by the Uepublic Iron and Steel
company and which has been Idle
since May last was started today giv
ing employment to 1100 men
Iatnl rail rroin CHIT
rUlora la Nov 1 Thomas M
llniley an old resident of Hardin coun
ty fell HO feet from a cliff iu Ulver
side park and was killed
CtTlilu Iorco Occupit it Yiiiik Slut
Berlin Nov 1 A special dispatch
from Peking says mi Anglo flennan
force lias occupied Yung Sing Kii
west of Shan Hal Kwuu ou the Tsung
lj cireil 1 Uciiititiiiti In CiniKrcai
hen Tlli uUil I list
cent wheat ten cent corn and ten cent
potatoes unless he was elected
And remember
That the advance In prices in the New
York market between July 2 1S90 and
July 5 1900 the dates of his first nnd
second were
Per Cent Increase
Wheat 35
Corn c
Oats 3
Lard to
Muss poik 0
lieof 41
Cotton ro
Wool iii
a li
Uuttcr 37
Average 45 4
Mr Br an wasnt much of a prophet
was he
Now he sajs the prosperity is not
real and predicts the fall of the repub
Mr Bryans predecessors all said in
1S01 and 1S72 that the republic was
It isnt
Mr llrj an is as good a prophet as
the were
Two Hud UUpm
Diogenes being asked What is that
beast which Is the most dangerous
teplled Of wild beasts the bite of n
slanderer nnd of tame beasts that of
the tlatterer
If the average man could read tho
story of his life he wouldnt believe
It Chicago News
Sonrcc of lit llcvenue Which Aliln
to the Uiiniioriitle CniniuiK
1uiiiIn An Infiimoti
One of the most remarkable attacks
ever delivered against Bryan was the
likening him to Satan uy Carl Sehur5
on September 5 1S96
In his famous speech nt the Central
Music hall Chicago Mr ScIumv said
Mr Bryan has a taste for Scrip
tural illustration He will remem
ber how Christ was taken up on a high
mountain and promised all the glo
ries of the world if He would fall
down nnd worship the devil He will
nlso remember what Christ nnswered
So the tempter now takes the Amer
ican people up the mountain and
says I will take from you half your
debts if you will worship me But
then brave old Uncle Sam rises up in
all his dignity manly pride and hon
est wrath and speaks in thunder
tones Get thee behind me Satan
for it is written that thou bhalt wor
ship the God of truth honor and
righteousness and Him alone shult
thou serve
Since 1S9G Mr Schurz has become
one of those who has listened to the
voice of the same tempter he warned
the American people against in 1S9G
Not for all the glories of tne world
but for infinitely cheaper reasons he
has fallen down to worship the one
who in 1S9G lie pictured as akin in
his principles to Satan Brvan is still
as in 1S9G the personification of the
doctrine thou mnyst steal from the
laborer 50 per cent of his hire nnd
from the farmer 50 per cent of his
crop value
Mr Schurz worships his new idol
with his face turned away He Is
nshnmed to mention his name when
he gives testimony in his cause But
by their works shall ye know them
and by his present works Mr Schurz
leaves no question in public mind
whose servant he has become
Mr Bryan has recently said Great
Is Tammany and Croker is its
He has in these words made an oppn
expression of his sympathy with the
political power which tends to make
of Greater New York a hell on earth
The New York World democratic
has figured out that Crokers commit
tee is collecting 4150000 a year
through the police as a tax on crime
and gives a list of the forms of vice
nnd the average rate of tribute which
Is from 75 per month to 100 per week
each as follows
lTO poolrooms jfl0000
100 swell gambling houses 520000
1000 little cntnbllmr houses 1300000
500 policy Bhops 630000
1000 dives 900000
Illicit tax on crime per year 4150000
And this is the supply tank which
pours revenue into the campaign fund
of Bryan Every dollar of it is tainted
Every dime nnd every penny is smeared
with the vileness of the slums harlot
ries and criminal joints and dens of
New York city This Is the trust in
crime to which Carl Schurz has seen
fit to lend the respectability of his
Gain Over a Illlllon Dollars In Crop
nnd Ile Stock In the
Lnal Year
Washington Oct 24 A statement
of the value of nine of the principal
crops of the United States for 1900
and of the animals on the farms has
has just been made by the depart
ment of agriculture
The crops included in the state
ment nre corn cotton wheat oats
potntoes barley rye hay and buck
wheat nnd their aggregate value is
2707057500 The same crops last
year were worth 2000023171 so that
for these nine crops alone the farm
ers received a total of C47034329
more than in 1S99 and that was ad
mittedly one of the most prosperous
years ever known by the producer of
the United States
The live stock statement is equally
gratifying Swine nre not included
in the totals as the information is
not available but the total value of
the horses mules cows and other
cattle and sheep this year amounts
to 2212750 57S while the same an
imals on the fnrm last year were
worth 1520900604
This is an increase of 3S5855914
Adding this to the gain in crop val
ues and the farmers nre over a bil
lion dollars better off than they were
n year ago the exact figures being
This gain in one year would be
sufficient to pay the entire interest
paying debt of the United States
No Sectional Iliien
Sectionnl lines no longer mar the
map of the United States Sectional
feeling no longer holds back the love
we bear each other Fraternity is the
national anthem sung by a chorus of
45 states and our territories at home
and beyond the sens The union is once
more the common altar of our love and
loaltoui devotion and saeiifiee The
old Hag again waves over us in peace
with new glories which cur sons nnd
ours have this jear added to its sacred
folds What cause we have for re
joicing saddened only by the fact that
so many of our brave men fell on the
field or sit kened and died from hard
ship nnd expsoure nnd others return
ing bring wounds nnd disease from
which the will long suffer The mem
ory of the dead will be a precious leg
nc and the disabled will be the na
tions caie President McKinleys
speech before the Legislature in Joint
Assembly at the State Capitol Atlanta
Ga December 14 1S93
Ilcpnhllonn Turin and Currency
JLimtji Have Helped That
No section of the country has had a
larger share of the general prosperity
during the present administration
than the south and it has been due
mainly to the operations of the repub
lican tariff and currency laws as the
southern business men now under
stand and acknowledge Never before
in the history of the United States baa
the output of the southern iron ore
and pig iron lumber coal and coke
been so large as it has been in the
past two yearB and not for years if
ever have the prices been so high
Never before was so large a propor
tion of southern products shipped
from southern ports Never before
hae money been loaned there at auoh
low interest All this has occurred
under the gold btandard and the pro
tective tariff A few years ago the
eouth had practically no manufac
tures it has now over 1000000000
Invested in factories paying over
350000000 in wages and producing
between 1500000000 and M000000
OO0 products yearly Moat of thia
increase has been secured under the
present administration and it is di
rectly due to the operation of the re
publican policies Senator N B Scott
of West Virginia
Hanl Flic I a yn Ietiiiliiiliii
BradstreetV says There was a
grand total of decrease in the liabili
ties in failures in the first six months
of 1900 from the corresponding period
of lb9G of 45471726
Mr Bryan says The much-vaunted
prosperity is on the wane
Which is right the hard fact busi
ness agenc or the intellectual dys
Sqnareljr Met
The Republican platform doesnt
equivocate or dodge Every Issue in
fairiy met and frankly treated j