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The Norfolk
State Department Replies to
German Proposition
Iiitlftrity of Ohlneie Kmptro
Cnll to Kiprcis uu i liilon on tin lrl
vate Agreement iiulituitl In thu Third
Glatmc of tliu Trent J
Washington Nov 1 The Mute de
partment made public thi
agteenieiit respecting tlio main
tenance of the open door and trrrl
torlnl Integrity of China with the an
swer of tlio Unit Id States government
Bent In duplicate to each of the princi
pals to the agreement which Is that
the open door should he maintained
nnd that neither power would take ad
vantage of the dlbturliaiice In China
to grasp toriitory lu his reply Secre
tary Hay says
The third clause of the agreement
provides that In case of another power
making use of the complications In
China in older to obtain under any
form whatever such tertltorlal advan
tapes the two contracting parties te
set ve to themselves the right to come
to a preliminary understanding as to
the eventual bteps to be taken for the
protection of their interest in Chit a
As tills clause lefers to a reclpiocal
arrangement between the two high
contracting powers the government of
the United States does not logardlt
Keif as called upon to expiess an
opinion in respect to It
fetormy Debate In llungurinn Parliament
Buda Pcsth Nov 1 A stormy de
bate is proceeding in the lower house
Of the Hungarian paillament on the
Archduke Ferdinands renunciation of
his claim to the Hungarian throne In
behalf of the Issue of his morganatic
marriage Francis Kossuth hail in
eistod on the right oT Countess Cliotek
to become queen of Hungary Premier
Do Syell laid declared that this was
Impossible Immediately theie rose
tremendous tumult with dcalenitig
cries of She shall be queen When
quiet was restoied the premier ex
pressed the gieatest icspcct for the
wife of Archduke Kcidiuaud but ex
plained that it was impossible to alter
L In V Of blicossloi Tlti he tl
lowed with a strong appeal to the
chamber to pass the bill continuing
the renunciation
Annuel of Fiance
Faris Nov 1 The Politique Colo
niale makes the lollowing announce
ment The French ambassador to
Grent Britain M Paul Cainbon has
received instruction to reply to the
Anglo German agreement that France
adheres to the principles of the integ
rity of the Chinese empire and the
open door and that with regit id to
article 3 she reserves the right to act
In such manner as lo safeguaid her
Comment on IaiiHilowneH Appointment
London Nov 1 The Standard says
The appointment of the Marquis of
Lansdoxvuo to her majestys principal
eecretury of state for foieign affairs
Is an almost Inconceivable blunder
He has not the character and qualifi
cations for such n position The only
plausible excuse for the appointment
is that Lord Salisbury will still con
trol the foreign otlice while Lord Lans
dowue relieves him of his loutine du
InlUh IMttorN ImpiUonril
Berlin Nov L For some time the
Prussian government lias been pro
ceeding against anti German agi
tatois nnd a considerable number of
Iolish editors have been imprisoned
for such agitation Yesterday Ladis
lah Siemlatkwskl editor of the Pracn
was sentenced to six mouths
for an offensive article
Not After American Iiinil
Berlin Nov 1 The Cologne Gazette
continuing the dispatches of the As
sociated Press of Oct 120 authorita
tively denies tiie stories of Germanys
contemplated lease from Venezuela as
a coaling etntlon of the Island of Mnr
garita nnd adds Germany does not
covet any acquisition In the vicinity of
the American continent
Anti Tax UlnU In
London Nov 1 There hnve been
eerlous anti tax riots says the Vienna
correspondent of the Dally Express
in the Sernt district of Koumania
Two local officials were killed and the
troops who were sent to enforce pay
ment were resisted by the peasants
who killed eight of them
Halifax Welcome Returning Soldiers
Halifax Nov 1 The transport Ida
ho with the home coming Canadian
soldiers from South Africa is an
nounced entering the harbor and the
cannon on the citadel has commenced
roaring a welcome
Powder Muffarlne Explode
Rhnnghal Nov 1 -The Dally News
reports that a powder magazine at
Nankin has been exploded by light
ning and that many persons weie
killed or InJuied and much property
Howie Fluul Meeting lu London
London Nov 1 John Alexander
Poxvic the Chicago Zionist held his
llnal meeting in London yesterday
lie announced that he would letive a
beacon to curry ou the xork
Foxincr Attornc leneral Itnrmon Im
Iclr Ml the Meeting
Cincinnati Nov l Hon V 1 Bry
an mude the tirst speech heie last
night that he has made In tills city
dining V e ptesent cntnpnlgii He ur
rived on a special Until at 8 oclock
nnd went dlicct to Music hall vrhrtc
fco talked for an hour Hon Juilson
Harmon formerly attorney general
under President Cleveland presided at
the meeting and there were many
other leading Demon tits present The
doois weie opened at 7 p in but more
than enough to till the hall weie pies
cut before 0 oclock
The day was spent entltely lu this
state and the Itlneiury coveicd the
country between this city and Toledo
A majority of the places wheio stops
were made weie small towns and as
a result the ciowds were not large
Theie weie however Hue audiences
at Toledo Wnuseon Plquu Dayton
College Corner as well as here
Eight DMInct Mincln Intending Oxer
bevel ill Hutu fell lit luulKonllle
lttit Causing No Damage
Jacksonville Fin Nov 1 - Light dis
tinct earthquake shocks were felt In
Jacksonville ycsteulay The Hist
shock was at 1110 a m and shook
some of the large buildings in the
city At 11 Jr another shock equally
ns sevete was felt and they continued
at Ifi uiluutc intervals until 2w
oclock At 1 112 p in tiie seventh shock
was felt followed four minutes later
by a repot t and shock the severest of
the day The last disturbance made
the window panes rattle In several
sections of the city There was no
dlstui bance in the water noticeable
and tlio shocks were not seven enough
to cause any damage
Changex III Amerlean Ieigiie
Chicago Nov 1 President Ban
Johnson of the American League took
another stop in the reorganization of
his baseball circuit by reconciling
James Manning of Kansas City to the
expansion plan Manning has prnc
tlcally decided to transfer Ills ball
kani and take up the fiauchise offered
at Washington When Manning left
for home last night he said lie would
have to say good bye to Kansas City
and that Minneapolis would diop out
Opinion iuwirrt Demoiints
Frankimt Kv Nov L In the court
of appeals yesteiday the Judgment of
the lower court lu the contests over
the minor state olliccs was allirinod
thus establishing the title of the Demo
cratic incumbents of these olllces The
three Republican judges dissented
This case applied to all of the state
olllces except governor and lieutenant
governor the contests over which was
settled by the legislature
llaniitt Spealin at Wnrnv
Warsaw Ind Nov 1 Senator Mark
A Ilanna chairman or the Republican
national committee spoke at an en
thusiastic all day Republican rally
held here yesterday He spoke of the
business conditions under Mr Cleve
lands last administration in compari
son with those existing today The
ciowd mostly farmers troin stu round
lng counties was estimated at 15000
Truidcu for the Countm
Paris Nov L The civil tribunal has
appointed Geotge 1 Gould tiustee for
the Countess of Castellanc his sister
Accoiding to the pleading hi the case
hrr husband Count Boni de Castellanc
spent iooo000 francs in four ycnis
wheieas his Income from his wiles
fortune is only 15000000 francs
MinUter of Alnrlno bxinrn In
Madrid Nov L General Azcarraga
the premier has accepted the condi
tions of Rear Admit al Ramos in lefor
ence to an increase in the naval budget
and the latter was bworn in as min
ister of murine
By the collapse of a wall of the city
hall in Puebln Mex several children
were killed and several fatally In
At the new Goodwin club Boston
Wednesday Billy Gordon of Boston
beat Charles Tlllie of London In the
fifth round
H B Bench well known In secret
societies and -10 years agent for the
Big Four died at Pana Ills Wendes
day aged 7
The gunboat Annapolis went Into
commission at tho Norfolk navy yard
Wednesday and will shortly sail for
the China station
There Is no truth In the report which
renched New York from Kingston that
President Simon Sam of Iluytl died
suddenly recently
According to Vokohnmn advices tho
Buddhists of Japan are making great
effoits to celebratn the beginning of
the new century by active mission
ary woik
Tho contract for furnishing the
quartermasters depaitmeut of the
United States army with 1000000
yards of khaki cloth was awarded lo
the American Khaki mills at S2 cents
n yard
By a vote of 55 to 109 the Minneapo
lis Chamber of Commerce has voted
to reject the proposition to ally Itself
with the proposed Exchange Tele
graph company which is being fos
tcred by llie Chicago board of trade
General Botha Advancing Into
British Territory
Iretorlu ttlnpntth Saj nntlia Admit De
feat but Will IIkIiI on a Long m
ItuiKherM Am or Tliul Mlntl Htoyn Will
Not Surrender
London Nov 1 A belated dispatch
ft om Ptctorla tells of the failure of
the British negotiations with General
Botha for the stiriender of the Boers
Rotha received lenernl Pagels lag of
truce courteously and admitted Ills de
feat but said It was Impossible to
treat tor stu tender as long as any
burghers wished to continue the war
Piesident Steyn was more Irreenn
clliable lie letused lo even see the
beaier of a ting of tiuce
Rothn Is matching with a strong
force to Invade Cape Colony near Ken
liardt whcie It is said the Iricconcill
nble Roeis aie icaily to Join him
The Gotdon Highlanders and Devon
shlie regiment have been unified to
be icady to sail lor China lu a few
Another long casualty list has been
received by the war otlice Lieuten
ant Loid Ginsxcuor was wounded In
the tight thigh lining the lighting tit
Door and Siiemi Tumi Ilnlea
Detioit Nov I Continental
company the National Screen Door
nnd Window Scicen 1 1 list formed
about a jear ago In Detioit closed Its
business heie yesteiday 10 M Kemp
for the board of dliectois gave out
the following statement After a
years expeilence as a combine we
decided to quit rather than to build up
fin t her competition On account of
outside linns who have created a prej
udice against us we thought it best to
dissolve at once Everything has been
harmonious among tiie llrins interested
in the dust The combine did a busi
ness dining the llrst year or s1o00000
In the United Stales and Canada
Fastest Ship ICver Dentned
New Yotk Nov L Chillies It Flints
Allow under contract to lie the fust
st ship ever designed was launched
a Ayies ship ynid at Nyucli N Y
She has been liuill lindei a giiaiantce
by her designer of 1J miles tin hour
and it is expected that under pressine
she will be able to make Ml The im
piesslon lias been glxen out hat she
was constructed as a yacht for Mr
Flints personal use but the Impul
sion gains that she was built under
contract for one of the South Amer
ican governments ns a torpedo boat
No Agreement nll iiUKiU Tinlllc
Chicago Nov L No agreement as
to the lutuie division of Immigrant
traffic was reached yesterday at the
confeience between Trallic Manager
Kerr of the Canadian Pacific and pas
senger olllclals ol the western lines In
the Immigrant pool The Canadian
Pacific wants a share of the imiiiigiaut
trifllc out of Atlantic ports in the Unit
ed States I nit does not want to give
them a shaie ol the trallic fiom Cana
dian ports The western loads want
to dixido the business of ail ports or
Ilemy Sueur imports
Philadelphia No L The inipoits
of sugar at this port during the month
of October eclipsed the iccoid for any
corresponding period In the history of
the port Mote than 0000 Ions of
raw sugar have been deliveied on
the xvhurxes of the sugar lefineih since
Oct 1 Enough material has been de
liveied here to Insure the running on
full time throughout the entiie winter
of the local ictiiieiies
Vitriol Thrower Indicted
Vanwcrt o Nov 1 Mrs Kmma
Van Licw was indicted last owning
for murder in the first degtee and was
Immediately in rested and committed
to Jnll Mrs Van I lew throw vitriol
In the face of Mrs Alice HanmieL the
later dying of her Injuries nfter live
weeks of terrible ngony Jealousy
was the cause of the crime Mrs Van
Llew had been prominent In society
Fire In Illlnol nefonaattory
Pontine Ills Nov 1 The thinl
story of the west wing of the ndmln
Istrntion building of the state reforma
tory wns burned yesterday and the
stories below badly damaged by water
Fire broke out in the chair factory
from an unknown cause There was
no loss of life the Inmntes being out
of the building at afternoon drill Tho
loss Is not over r000
Ituliug In Armour Aaemeiit
Leavenworth Kan Nov 1 Judge
Hook In the federal court yesterday
afternoon tendered a decision in the
case of Armour Packing company
against tho cleik of Wyandotte county
refusing to continue the temporary In
junction and holding that the clerk
had the right to make an Investigation
to determine If the assessed pioperty
returns were correct
Major Moi timer A lilt ley Head
Cedar Rapids la Nov 1 Major
Mortimer A Hlgley one of the pioneer
residents of Cedar Rapids ami a man
who hnB been Identified for more than
40 years with the business educational
and social life of the city died yes-
tcrdny nioiulng nl 7 HO oclock after a
long IlluesH nt the ngf of 12 yenis
It I Diiiiii nuilllliin
New YoiU Nov I The condition of
R G Dun Who lias been III foi some
time at his icsldeiice Is unchanged
He Is icstlnc com foi tn lily
Ilnlnuir In ItintMtV Hand Ordered IaIiI
Into mill loi lllnlrlhulloii
St Paul Nov 1 Judge Sanborn
made an oulei e ttciiln for the dls
chaige of the iciehcis ol the Union
Pacllle company as rcceheiH of tho
hospital fund upon their paying Into
the icglstiy of the mint the remain
der of that fund which has not been
dlsd United mid placing their icpuit on
tile for the time picscilbed by the
rules of the com I The amount of
money for dlstiiblitlon to those who
coutilbiited to the hospital Hind of the
inllway company was iHil MiJttt The
amount ol ilalms allowed was JW
7ltt The number of allowed claims
was R till Allowed claims to the
amount of 55rt tt liae not been
piesented to the rceelveis for payment
and that amount of motley was oi
deled by the Judge to be deposited In
the teglsliy of flic coin I to be paid to
the claimants as they appear by the
cleik of the cum I at Omaha No Tees
or allowaiiee wete asked by the rc
eelveis for their sei vices lu iiilmiuls
terlng and dlsttibiiliug this fund and
none was allowed but the entiie fund
was distiibuted to the contilbiitots
alter deducting the actual necessaiy
Uplifting Which Mm iIiihI Taken Place lu
Spain May lleleat lUell hy llelui
Too Ilenialure
Madrid Nov l It Is said the Call
isls icMilutloii was timed lor the llrst
foitnight in November The couspir
ators in three groups wete to attack
simultaneously the muiilrlpil council
the civil government mid the captain
The minister of war says the number
of Carllsts lu Catalonia will not icach
the nuinheis asserted by the uiiulstei
of interior who asserted that there
wete S00 Carllsts in the vicinity of
The Itareeloua police somewhat be
latedly have dlscocred two depots of
arms lilies and vaiiotis i outi ibutions
of sabres enough to till six cults
The lesignatloii ol the prefect of Itar
eclona will probably be accepted
Paiers and si imps brining the In
Bcilplion The Rotl Army of Cata
lonla have been seized
Communication between lterga and
Rairclona has been bioken The gen
dariues w ho searched the country
house of Honor Karros brothcr in law
of the Duke of Sohorlno who has dis
appeared whete they seized several
lilies also obtained possession of doc
uments giving the names of 150 Cuil
Ists and liOO Cailist soldiers
More CollleileK Kennine In the Anlhiaeilu
Coul ltffioii
Hazlet Pi Nov L Te
ville collleiy opeiated by the A S Van
Wlckle estate will icsiime woik Fri
day The company agreed lo grant
the men till the oiKcsslous made by
the other oiiipnnies and opciatois
Calvin Paidee V Co and a committee
lepieseiiting the strikers for whom
theie was no woik at Lattlmer when
opciatlotis -wen icsuincd Monday ar
rived at an amicable agieemeul yes
teiday anil all the discharged men will
be back at their places today
The Susquehanna Coal company at
William Peiin gi inled the demands of
the mine woikers in that olllery and
will icsiime opotations today This Is
one of the largest collieries lu the
lountiy 700 men being employed
A young negro named Abernathy
was lyneliisl al Duke Ala for attack
ing a while girl
The Womans Foreign Missionary
society in session at Worcester Mnss
belected MlnneapoliB as the place of
next meeting
Tin board of bishops of the Metho
dist ISplscopnl church of America be
gan Its seml nnnual sessions at Tren
ton N J Wednesday
The Avondnle tlio estate of the
late Charles Stewart Parnell was sold
nt auction Wednesday by the land
Judges court at Dublin
T F Keane the American runner
defeated F C Bredin English In a
3r0 yard race at Northampton Wednes
day Time U8 U ft seconds
L G McCabe brother of Bishop C
C McCabe of the Methodlfit Episcopal
church died Wednesday at the family
residence In Lvanston Ills aged CO
General James K Wilson has been
detnehed fiom duly us chief of btaft
under General Chaffee in Cliinn and
ordered to teturii to the United States
Major It D L Mltehle now on duty
In the Depaitmeut of Western Cuba
has been ordeied to Oinaha for dutv
as adjutant geneial of the Depaitmeut
of Mlbsouil
rnrelfii Trailo Inereaie
Washington Nov L During the
first nine mouths of the year 1000 the
exports of merchandise from the Cult
ed States were alued at a1iJ7JI3
This is more than double the value of
the exiKirts for tiie corresponding time
In 1S1H when the total talue was only
Extrnct from n Spoocli in
Which Answors Rooso
velts Quostion
National IUhciiIi Conipnuj Not a Imihi
Conccin Itedxal In tlio
lion Itiulc
Chicago Nov I The Tltncslleiald
Is publishing cveiy day ail extiait
rioin a speech by Itiyati the coire
kpoiidlng da Just dim vciiih ago It
jiubllsliid Monday an exliact which
appeals to answer Roosevelts un
iiusweied question or tills campaign
D Mill aie elected piesident will yon
piiv lite obligations ol the nation In
gold Ol HilMl
On Oct ls l sim Mr llrvau said
1 piopose Hint Hie Pulled States shall
he opened In Hie fire and unlimited
linage ol slhei on equal linos with
gold and Hie money coined shall be
IllIKe a legal tetidei lot all dehls pub
He and pihnic Ami then I piopose
thai we shall say to our loielgn eied
Itots thit we Intend lo pa our colli
obligations in eltliei gold oi slher I
piopose lo siy lo ilinse gentlemen
that II lhr onsplte to maUe the sll
vet- dolhii woi Hi less than the gold
dollar we pa llietii lu that sil
ver dollat
Slllf IN Iltlisr htlIS
llrjan Charged with temniinl Miillin In
At linn AkiiIii IIIki nit iiiiipnii
IJlitolu Neb No I I he suit be
gan b Itrjans filend Attoiuey Gen
eial Siulhe against the National Ills
cull cntnpnii1 is altiilnited line to Ml
HiMihs peisoiial spile against Chailcs
1 Jones the hiiil maiiagei of Hit in
puny Mr Jones lives right opposite
Mr Itryan and has a McKlulc poster
In his window Mr RrMin nevei te
fers to his nclghhot except as CiacUei
Tiust Jones It Is coiiiinoiilN lindei
stood thai Hie suit against the Maich
Avoiks at Nebiaska City was also Mi
Hryans slle woik the dliectois In
the coiiipau being leading gold lleuio
ocrats and lilttei politic il enemies of
Mr 1 i 1 1 1 1 No in lion has been taken
against the silvei smelling trust of
Women Oil ll Tl 1 1 x t Mix II
Chicago No I Piesident Craw
foid ol Hie National Iisi nit lompiny
sas 1 1 ii I the Iinge that this emu
puny Is a liust is absolutely lalse
Tho business of the onipanj is
based on ttade niaiks whiih are as
legitimate as pattuts ami Seiiiitoi
Jones has said in i onnei Hon with the
Ainetican Collou ompaii in ulilih
he is iuteiestid that a mimopiil
based ou patents Is not a tiust Rut
tho National ltlscult company Is not
even a monopoly loi It has plenty of
compii illou and is a tiusl only for
JtlS stockholder of whein I0OS aie
women If the suit should picwill
It would foi re the closing of plants in
Lincoln and Omaha employing S00
men Mr Oawfoid altilbules llie
suit lo Mr Brians personal dislike of
C 1 Jones the Lincoln manager
Itexivnl III Iron Trade
Raltillioie Nov 1 A special dls
patch ft om Itilstol Va sajs Theie
Is now cMry liidlcallon that the lion
Indnsliy of this section is to he ptetty
geneially teled tot thwltli It will
li lemembeied that the Vliglnla lion
Coal and Coke omjiiiiy during llie
summer shut down a doen or mote
fuinaees lu Virginia Keiitinky ami
A heady two oi thiee of
these furnaces -lie In blast ami the
company now is picpariug to stall I hi
Bristol lion l in mice whiih Is one of
the laigesl and liesl Local atitlioil
ties In the lion trade picdht uiipiece
deiiti d acthlty alter the ic election of
President MiKinley -hill iemoe all
hesitation of tailioads In making luge
otitlas foi new oiistrm lion
Iliiuilfiii Hirer Material
Washington Nov 1 The bin can of
statistics of Hie ticnsuii department
has Just Mituplftfil a statement ol the
linpoits of iiiaiiiifactuieis iiiateilals
such ns lubber and ccitaiu haidwoods
not prodmed In this coiiulry for the
llrst nine months of the current al
endar vear They are valued at JfJSl
571010 as compared with fliJ01ii2
in the same mouths of ISO I an In
crease of IBI71SS7 More raw
tnateilais have thus been Imjiorted
than during the time that the free
traders sought to build up the manu
facturing Intciests of this countiy by
their free law material theory
M Kiiiley lroperlly
Trenton N J Nov L The
lishmont of John A Roebllngs Sons
company has completed two new
buildings which moie than double the
capacity of the plant and will neces
sitate an increase of 1000 men In the
working force The managers attrib
ute the prosperity of the company to
the good times generally which they
expect will continue with the reelec
tion of President McKlnley
Our Slok or Hold
Washington Nov 1 The gold sup
ply in the Inlted States tieasuri Is
today at the highest figure on record
lsiril 177IOI which with gold certifi
cates amounting to OS ISO makes
a total of IS7iiirS4 This would
allow to every man woman and
child In the United States ou the
71000000 population Gieat Brit
ains entire stock of gold is
Want More Iroperl
Joplin Mo Nov 1 Zinc nnd lead
prices continue to advance dopite
larger production at tho mines Com
paring hiM week with the ime week
of IMltl there Is a gain of Jil10 a ton
In zinc nnd SI 7 a ton lu lead nrlces
The innjoilty of the ptople here hope
for the reelection of Mr McKlnlej so
that the good times mux continue
I iKhtluu llii llteu P lei Mi and nMlnllln
Alruidy Sninliir 100110
New oik No I C II Htm Unit
ed Slates inlulHlei to Colombia South
AiiiciIiii who has anlMsl heie and In
ou his va to his home lu Wheeling
V a said In mi interview
MiiHcih lu Colombia aie seriously
mixed lie llheials stalled n second
irMilutloii a few days ago and It has
dcMlopid gieat slicnglh The fight
lug has been lleice ami up to date the
killed and wounded have uuiiibeied
While the Ubeiabi hnve me with
lunch sin i ess it Is my belief that tho
goveiiiiin nl will be eventually success
fill Itul he icMiliitlnn Issetlously dls
tin hlug business Geneial Prospeto
Pltion is lu ommiitid of the govern
mciil tones anil the icvoltillonlslH aio
coiiiuiiimlid bv Geneial Rafael tlrlbe
The scene of the liouble Is In the de
pailuient of Caiua
Sir I liiiuiiiH tlpliui Itepinled to Ham
Made S IiIiio Wan
JO Im llatrel
Chicago Nov I Am ii ichiiII of Ids
deal lu pink heie Sir Thomas llplnn
is liilleMd to have made M 1010
Theie weie onl 10010 baiiels of poll
that could be dellveieil ami Hie Eng
lishman ow ned them all as well as Iw lee
thai Ullllihel bought fiom people who
did not have a baircl they loitlil de
liver when the time came When tint
prh e lent lied 10 some lime ago tho
maioilly ol shoils thought II time to
buy sonic poik they had had con
tiaitcd lo delhei at approxliuately
11 pei hanel dining October Numer
ous private sellleiuents ate said to
have been made so hat while bearish
spei uhitoiH in polk have t im el veil some
painful lluauelal liijuties the wounds
have not been mot till A private set
tlement of I 000 hands was made near
the end of the session Uptons icpre
seutatlM allowing a belatid shoit to
take that amount nt tis per hnricl
nssuiliig the huyei that ill the close
the ii he would he UO I hat be
knew wheieof he spoke was made
plain to evetyboily Inter for as the
closing hell son in li il Wolf was shout
ing bids ol U0
llie Suit AkiiIiiiI ilclo 1 i list
Indianapolis Nov I Two suits
against llie liii yele trust wiie hied In
the fdnnl i onrl ye ierlay the p i
tirrs asking lor a lottil of ifVKioo dam
ages The suits weie bnnulit by 5
II Thiiver Ir and Geoige Miible of
Plymouth Ihese two weie in a com
pany mikiug iluis nl Plymouth ivliu h
sold out to the litis whli h bought
tK shaics of stock In Ihetoiieein 1 he
plalnlills iixci thill a pint of the trade
Wiis that tiny weie to be let lined as
geneial maiiageis of the Plymouth
plant nod each wns to iccehe a sahny
of friOOO a year The aim Is made
that last Mu ch both of the general
mauagcts weie disi lunged their sal
aries being paid to May I
Infeiliil Calllo Qiiiiiaiilliied
Foil Si oil Kan Oct Ill A small
herd ol Texas cattle was hi ought to
this county i few days ago by a eat
Ionian named Palmer of Im t Woilh
Tex They weie iUaialitltied hen up
on i ii t oi million ol a iiiaiaiitlne oflher
of Collcylllo The cat lie were cov
eted with fi mm licks ii -id the cuttle
men of llie lieiglillol hood ille much ex
oiclsed oxer the fait Many lienls
have Is en exposed lo them The uur
aiitlue bun an has In en notiiiid nnd
Pilllliels iiiiest xx III be oiilind He
claims to hnxe thought the iiarau
tine law wns out Oct 1 Instead ol Novl
I hi nll slx Am MNiliiu
Nexv Voik Nov l A nxision made
of those persons inlying and thought
to have perished In the explosion and
llie al Taitaut - Cos ding house
shows UC limn oiiiitid foi Not u
single body has been toiiml In the
ruins though what looked like pints
of bodies have been dug out It be
gins to look as If what lemains are In
the mass of debris which sllll cumucii
the place xvlll be totally unertognlzn
ble us human composition even
should the xxoikmen find them This
Is because of the tremendous heat
caused by the explosion ami the lire
Mrikini Miners Gi Free
Springfield Ills Nov 1 Judge Al
len in Hie United States circuit court
yesteiday discharged the rule hereto
fore entcicd by him against some 00
striking mincis of the St Louis and
Big Muddy Coal company near Car
tervllle that they should shoxv cause
why they should not be dealt with for
contempt of court in interfering with
the operations of the mine Repre
sentative men fiom Cartel vllle ap
pealed before Judge Allen and showed
that nil Hie defendants xvere men of
good behavior
Fern II Attempt Suicide
Marysvllle O Nov Rossiyn u
Kerrell who xvas found guilty of mur
der in the llrM degice without recom
mendation to mercy attempted to com
mit suldde in Hie after part of the
night by smothering himself to death
He wrapped the bed clothing tightly
about ids bead and turned on his face
When his purpose xx u discovered the
guaids pulled the clothes off while
Pen ell fought to prevent their re
Sated Iroui Mob bj sheriff
Ottuinwa la Nov 1 Ed Booker