The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, August 30, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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The Norfolk flccas
Thostnto Institutions hnvo RufTorod
nnlnlnntlr from PoYlltorlfllU nlld Will
undoubtedly bo given relief
Now that tlio Kitzslntmon Shurkoy
contest is otr your attention is
rcppoct fully directed to tho fact tlmt n
great national campaign Is on
Mnnyof the common pooplo are
oiHovliitt excursions outings nud lmlH
tiros nt summer resorts tblH your whloh
tboy didnt dare tblnlc of unilor tho last
democratic regime Prosperity V Well
Tho fuslonlMs started the rumor re
cently tlmt Governor Pingroo of Miolil
gnn would support Hrynn Tho govor
nor lu n published Intorvlow denies tho
rumor nud unnouncoa his lutotitlou of
voting for MoKlnley
John It Hays Is building somo strong
fences about tho Third district nnd will
receive tho support of nmny who nro
cnpnblo of tolling the dllTeroncobotwoon
prosperity and calamity nml who fnvor
optimism rather than pessimism
Mr Bryan 1ms nil the stntos In tho
union solid for him nml ho has lately
been spending purt of his valuable tlmo
lu talking for tho statu and congres
sional tickets lie doosnt want to loso
tho Unltod States sonntorship ovou
though ho does lose tho presidency
Tho fusion fakir who goes in to assort
or prove that there is an alllanco
botweon this country and Knglund is
uudnunted by tho fact that tho constitu
tion provides that no allianco shall be
entered into by this country with
another oxcept such allianco is approved
by congress
It seems that all this crazy talk about
imperialism in a republic has boon
directed ngiiiust a crazy republican in
Iowa Such a hituatiou would bo posi
tively humiliating to anyone but a fu
sionist editor or orator but they simply
buckle on a littlo more presumption and
make more ridiculous assertions and
If tho fusiouistB wilt kindly point out
a fow ropublicnn enndidntes who favor
imperialism thoy will havo the
thanks of a large numbor of autis
To mako a paramount issue thoy
should produco something definite ovll
prognostications and groundless assor
tions will hardly nnswor for para
At Iudinuapolis Mr Bryau woro a
wonderfully constructed anti imperial
istic mask nt Knnsas City his woll
known but somowbnt haggard freo sil
ver visago was disclosed to his populist
frionds Mr Brynu may bo honest nud
his convictions may bo doop soated but
ho has n surprising faculty of dodging
on occasions
It is claimed that ono of tho republican
country weeklies of Nebraska has de
clared for Hrynn nud fusiou ami tho
World Herald and its satellites nro
jubilant Dont blauio thorn for giving
vont to their feoliugs Thoy dont often
havo such an opportunity Whore a
dozen or more papors hnvo broken nwny
from fusion ono lias gone tho other way
fiend out tho glad acclaim Whoop
Lost Somowhore between Knusas
City July and Lincoln Neb Au
gust 0 a crown of silver on n cross of
gold Somotimes it is known ns the
crime of nud is of no vnluo to tho
maker except as a reminiscouco of tho
row of DO It is supposed to havo been
jostled out of tho band wagon by a para
mount Isbuo The Under will bo paid u
small reward if ho will return it to W
J B Lincoln Neb before his lotter of
acceptance is written Kxohnngo
Tho fusloniBts would like tho pooplu to
ittnoro or forgot tho fact that to adopt n
couBtltutionnl mouarchy would re
iuire tho assent of tho pooplo through
tholr stato legislatures Thoy nro got
ting positively silly regarding imperial
ism uud nro frenzied bocnuBothey can
not make it or any other issuo para
mount to prosperity If thoy would
stop their ghost danco long enough to
hunt up an issuo with oven a slight
basis of fnct tho peoples opinion of
them would bo materially iniprovod
Tho Bee yesterday contained n fow
prosperity items based on fncts gloaued
from Omahn wholesalo ami mauufactnr
inir firms thnt it will be impossible for
the fusionists to deny Interviews with
forty three different firms show that
present bubiuess as compnred with 1890
has made galus of from 20 to 50 per
ceut but ono firm reporting nu iucrenso
of less thau 20 per cent Tho numbor
of salesmen nud employes ougnged is
from 15 to 200 per cent nud tho incrense
iu salaries paid range from 25 to 50 per
cent and yet the fusionists will continue
to insinuate and try to prove that tho
pooplo need n change
Governor Poyuter has mado an euvi
ablerecordafc pardouiug crimnals and
has evidently attempted to exceed the
reputation of the famous Altgold of
Illinois in that line It has been done
under commutations which is but
another name for pardon Tho jury
which convicts a criminal and thu judge
who sentences him cannot be certain
that their desire will not be ovorruled
by the reform governor Two mur
derers who wero sontencod for life lmvo
hail their sentenco commuted to a
few years Cattle and horso thioves
rapists burglars and other crlmnals
have come under his bonlfleonco and
baen again turned loose on tho public
The Alnsworth Stnr Iournal also
charges that tho pardons wero illegal
Somo of tho critiumls wero sont up from
that county
Mr Hrynn seems from a rocont col
loquy nt Wahoo to bo In doubt whother
Mr MoKlnley Is tho onewhodonounced
drover Cleveland or tho ono who Is
following in his footsteps It Is
certain that Mr MoKlnley did not sit lu
oongress nml support Mr Cleveland as
Mr Hrynn did and then turn about and
assault nil notions of his own as well ns
thoso of thu administration ni Mr
Hrynn did Thero Is some question
about MoKlnley following in Clevelands
footsteps ho hnsnt been compelled to
issue bonds in tlmo of penco ho hasnt
hauled down tho flog in Hawaii be
hnsnt been compollod to sign n Wilson
bill under protest his country hnnt
boon ntlllcted by froo soup housos nml
Coxoy urinios but there is no quostlon
but that Mr Hrynn supported Olovolnnd
nud then denounced him
Tho fusionists hnvo n toudonoy to go
to ridiculous oxticmos in support of nu
issue or ono that is claimed to be an
Issue Just nt present thoy nro publish
ing in display typo what purports to bo
an extract from a republican pnpor
which argues for a mouarchial form of
government u largo standing army
strong discipline etc Thoy are brought
to any oxtromo for a bugnboo thnt will
senro the voter Admitting thnt tho
paper quoted contained tho article and
that it was written with deep conviction
doos it signify that it is the policy of tho
republican party and the dosiro of nny
number of people Thoroaro extremists
of nil kinds in thp country This may
bo ono of them On tho other hand
thore nro aunrohists and anarchistic
publications but is that an nrgumout
that tho country is going to nnnrchy or
thnt nny number of tho pooplo favor
anarchy or that anarchy is tho policy of
auy party Such bosh us the fusiou
organs try to foist upon an intolligout
public is an outrage on that intelligence
and will oporato agaiust them
In 1SD0 Mr Bryau assorted that the
gold standard would stnrvo ovorybody
excopt the money changers and money
owners Quito tho contrary bus proven
true If any set of people have n kick
coming on tho results of tho past four
years it is tho inouoy chnngers and
money ownors Not only havo their
rates of interest beou greatly reduced
but it is a mutter of some moment for
them to place loans As one broker
said During tho Olovolaud adminis
tration pooplo tlocked to us for loans
ana wo una to refuse many who wero
olVeriug good security Now wo havo
to hunt up borrowors and oveu tho low
rates of interest are uot an inducement
Many pooplo are unsolflsh enough to
want to soo tho money changers and
money ownors make a profit on thoir
work and investments bt thore nro few
who ngnlu dosiro n condition of ntfnirs
when the common people nro at their
meroy and when thoy can force busiuoss
at their owu rnto of interest as they
could iu tho disastrous Cleveland times
Tho borrowers should not desire a
William K Curtis is having somo fun
iu tho Chicago Record over some of the
recent converts to imperialism He
says It would amuse tho peoplo of
Chicago to see the importance that is
placed upon tho dofectiou of Magnus A
Hess who is advertised as a leadiug
business man of Chicago the first to
propose tho nomination of William
McKinloy for presidunt a lifelong
friend nud financial backer whoso
fortuno as well as energies have been
dovoted to tho udvnncemeut of the in
terests of his patron It is represented
thnt Mr Hess hns been compelled by
conscientious scruplos to withhold
further support from tho president
became of his tendencies to imperialism
an l the retention of tho Philippine
islands by our government Webster
Davis comes next iu prominence to Mr
Hess and is the subject of an eloquent
eulogy Without intending to reflect
upon the motives of tho recalcitrant re
publicans whoso names appear in tho
published list it is significant that moro
than a majority of them formerly held
oillco under republican administrations
nud failed of reappointment Several
others hnvo personal grievnuces agniust
the president as woll as a horror of in
periahsm I noticed tho names of
others besides Mr Hess who sought
oguition at tor tho t inauguration in
Tho average newspaper is ofton con
fronted with tho fact that it is an utter
impossibility to please all its readers and
most of them go in to pleaso themselves
nud let their patrons think what thoy
niny Tho same difliculty confronts nu
administration only that thu condi
tions are greatly magnified Here at
homo we are tolrt that tho Molvinley ad
ministration is a cruel heartless imper
ialistic government robbiug the Fili
pinos of their homos their lives and
their freedom In tho Philippines u dif
ferent view Is taken thus expressed by
the Manila Times A local paper ad
vocntes vigorous trontment for nil Insur
noto cut throats who nro horenftor cap
lured All foreign residents of Manila
eudorso this idea Outside of tho pnlnco
olllcials ovory olllcer soldier and civilian
in thu Philippines believes that hemp is
tho romody for brignndngo nml tho devil
work of n miscellaneous lot of vlllians
nuisquornding ns insurrectos Tho
Spanish wont to ono oxtromo thoy
wore fiendishly cruol wo hnvo gone to
tho other extreme wo nro too ensy our
treatment of the native brigands is
idiotlo When tho insurrection com
menced u locnl pnpor referred to the In
surgents as nlggors Oen Otis lm
meillntoly sent an ofllcor to tho editor of
tho paper In question and gnvo orders
that no opprobrious epithets wore to bo
used in speaking of tho blaokhoartod
wretches who woro tiring on flags of
truce nud mangling our soldier doad
And an aid in General Otis olllco told
the wrltor thnt tho papors of Miuiln
woro giving them more troublo than tho
Insurreotos Sad indeed It is quite
evident that brignndngo will not coaso
until it is made odious It is not odious
in Luzon today
Ah thou tho republican party didnt
leave Charles A Towuo Wobstor Davis
ut nl ns hns beou ropontedly asserted by
tho fusion press They are plnln dp
sorters Tho Times Tribuno lias fur
nished tho correct definition Thoy
cannot bo cnlled republicans they nro
democrats At least it is a poor rule
that will uot work both ways and when
that papor was cornered in tho oldest
domocrat uinttor it wiggled out by call
ing Mr Powell a dosorter and there
fore no longer u democrat Ho wns a
deserter in tho sixties when ho voted
for Abrahnm Lincolu nud Is a deserter
because ho didnt support Bryan in 1SD0
and wont do so in UlOt All domocrnts
that cant swallow tho Bryan vngnries
nro deserters tho Times Tribuno hns
said so It is u mighty poor argument
to induce any of tho dosertors to re
turn to tho fold Mr Brynu himself
would hnvo been u deserter somo
yenrs ngo if ho hadut succeeded in
forcing freo silver down tho democratic
throat ho snid so Therefore tho demo
cratic party is composed iu largo part of
deserters Tho gold men deserted
and tho silver men would have douo so
had the gold men prevailed Tho Times-
Tribuno further says it did not call Mr
Powell a fako or fakir What is this
taken from its dally issuo of August 15
By tho way tho News has claimed and
so does linr Harrison that the oldest
democrat in tho county is supporting
McKinloy This is another fake sluco
tho oldest democrat in the county who
commenced voting for Van Buran is still
a democrat and if ho lives to November
will vote foi William J Bryan And
his name is Johu Bohaunon of Madi
Mr Bryau is about as consistent in
his plnn for tho future of the Philippines
ns ho is on other matters Ho promises
if elected to call congress in extraordi
nary sossiou establish a stable form of
government iu tho Philippines give tho
Filipinos independence nud protect the
islands from outside iuterferouco by so
extending the Monroe doctrine that this
portion of the far east shall come under
its protection Tho champion of auti
liuperialism aud anti militarism is
likely to meet some akwnrd tituations
whon he comes to put his policy into
effect if ho is ever permitted to try
In the first placo he promises a stable
form of government to the dusky
itauts of the Philippines A stable
government menus ono that will last
and when he establishes it he must pro
tect it from rebollion aud internal as
saults of whatever character He must
strengthen it with militarism Thou
to protect the government from outside
interference he must be ready with a
navy that can whip the fleet of auy
Kuropeau or Asiatic country which may
assault it nud this too regardless of
what insults his stable government
may offer to tho powers If it chooses
to kill missionaries or consuls Mr
Bryau must stand leady to protect it
trom the outside interference of tho out
raged governments And all this is to
be accomplished without this govern
ment having a foothold on the islauds
Tho operations must be directed from
this country Mr Brynn is very gener
ous nud it would uot bo surprising if the
next time he stretched the Monroe doc
trine it would bo mndu to cover China
or the Boxers the Kast Indians or ovou
the Boers He is to bo the champion of
auy country that needs protection All
to be dono under anti imperialism
or auti militarism Then ho is to es
tablish the tree nud unlimited coiungo
of silver nt the ratio of 10 to 1 without
tho aid or couseut of auy nation ou
earth While he is protecting his
stable governments from tho powers
he will at the same time make an assault
upou their fitiauces with a debased cur
rency or bo will comer nil tho silvor in
tho world and put its price up to 123
nu ounce regardless ot tno tiuauctnl
condition of this couutry Mr Bryan
is a wonderful persno principally won
derful for his prophecies nud promises
It will be a sight worth seeiug whon he
comes to carrying out his plans if he
ever does Meanwhile some peoplo are
wondering how the busiuess of the couu
try would bo affected
As tho enmpnign progresses democratic
hopo of victory does not appear auy
Tho npuu season for prairie chicken
shooting begins next Snturdny and
Johnny can get his gun without fenr
of running into tho cold nud cruel
clutches of the lnw
Tho Omahn Nows Independent snys
thnt If Brynu can enrry a fow more
Htntes than thoso nccrodltod him by un
prejudiced obsorvors ho will bo elected
Tho News is however particular to add
Noto tho IK
Tho WorldHoruld hasBonslblybncked
wntor on tho ovidouco of imperialism
contained in tho Dos Moines Globo
Somo of its satellites however Boom to
think the matter is too good to drop oven
though it was written by a orazy man
Tho paramouut issuo of tho campaign
is prosperity for tho Amoricau peoplo
based on facts and history and it is use
less for tho fusionists to oudonvor to
substitute tho bogoy imperialism
based solely on fiction nud prophecy in
its stead
The republicans of Dodge county shot
it into tho party of inconsistency in
this manner Wo challenge tho sin
cerity of domocrnoy in pleading for
govornuiont by tho consent of tho gov
erned while it is deliberately and felon
iously disfranchising a race set freo by
Abraham Lincoln
Tho Germans havo decided to omit the
Sedan colebrntiou inasmuch as German
and French troops nro now fighting side
by side No such proposition hna beou
made by tho pro- British admin
istration of this country iu regard to tho
Fourth of July nlthough Amoricaus
nud Britons are fighting side by side
nud tho fusionists havo repeatedly ns
sorted thnt there was a secret alliance
What is more no such proposition will
bo made Tho Fourth of July is n
firmly established Amoricau holiday and
if tho British are offended by our cele
bration of tho oveut thoy must grin
and bear it
When you assume to believe that
democracy is not closely allied with
plutocracy you must close your eyes to
fncts Besides Senator Clarks contribu
tion to the fusion campaigu fund there
nro othor millionaires giving of their
hoard to elect Mr Bryan nud it is posi
tively asserted that Tammany hall alone
will coutributo 2000000 to the poor
mans party Could it bo possible that
tho millionaires want another series of
democratic hard times so that they may
loan their money nt their own rates and
invest in property at pnnic prices If
they Jo it is just ns certain that no poor
man enn afford to assist them in carrying
out their purpose
When another issue is uot at hand
the fusionists accuso President MoKlnley
of almost anything to fit the occasion
There is ono issuo however on which
they do not dare accuse him of chauge
of heart aud ho has that much advantage
of Candidate Bryan Mr McKiuleys
lifo fight one might say has been for a
protective tariff to home iudustries and
he has won out for tho question so often
that Mr Bryau does not dare oppose
him although he did so when Cleveland
was tho democratic candidate MoKiu
leys position is impregnable while
Bryan switched from free trade to froo
silver aud from free silver to auti imper
ialism McKiuleys paramount issue has
always been protection
The following from the Times Tribune
is especially recommended to the con
sideration of free silvor or Abraham
Lincoln republicans to tho pipulists
who intend to vote for tho democratic
national tickot to the democrats who
iuteud to vote for Poyuter and other
populist state olllcials nud to tho demo
crats or populists who propose to vote
for n freo silver republican The
TiuiPS Tribune believes in partisanship
nnd honors the mau who is u partisan
but it has no use for tho uamby pamby
individual who chums to be one thing
nud constantly votes the opposite ticket
Such people are just mugwumps pure
audsimple and are tho class Christ spoke
of as being Pnnrisees aud hypocrites
They wear broad phylacteries and a sort
of I am holier thau thou lcok nud
aro a credit to no party
When Mr Brynu wns n congressman
his speciul plea was for free wool That
tho wool aud sheep business did uot
prosper uuder his policy isnotsuprising
That it has prosped uuder the McKinloy
policy of protection for the wool is
boyoud question Tho Dawes Couuty
Journal speakiug of conditions iu that
couuty says Iu tho development of
tho sheep mdustry n number of meu
hnvo made a competency during the
pnst four yenrs The Agnows Dr
Kouiiuo Tim Morrisoy A M Bnrtlett
II M Wilson Wallace Wilson nnd a
dozeu others who might bo meutioued
bnvo doubled aud some of them thribbled
their wealth Meu that were worth two
to five thousand dollars four years ago
aro rated at from four to twenty thou
eaud now Will auy one contend that
uuder Bryan and a MO flto 1 Mexican
dollar aud free trade policy such re
sults could uot be shown
Iiettcr Apologic
I see by nu articlo in your valuable
paper that you claim Mr White to be
tho oldest domocrat iu Madisou county
but I claim that distinction James
Powells lotter lu The News July 27
Tin News hns claimed nud so does
linr Hnrrison thnt tho oldest democrat iu
tho county is supporting MoKlnley
This is nnothor fuko Timos Tribuuo
I wns born Juno 22 1815 nud voted
for Van Buren lu 1831 and lu 1810 nud
nm still a domocrat I voted for Mc
Kinloy iu 1 801 nud shall in 1000 if living
on election dny Who is tho fako ho
editor TtniosTribuno talks nbout lu
his nrtlclo James Powells lottor iu
The News of August 21
If The News can find nny grnmmn
rlnn In Norfolk who will sny thnt in tho
item quoted by it Moudny night tho
Times Tribuno cnlls Mr Powoll oither a
fako or fakir wo will bo porfoctly will
ing to offer thnt goutlomnn nu apology
Times Tribune August 20
All A Crazy Miuih Whim
The fusioulst papors that havo been
publishing a quotation from tho Dos
Moines Globo iu display typo for tho
past fow days nro tho victims of n most
cruel hallucination Iu their ardent
desire to mako imperialism tho para
mount issue thoy seized with hungry
avidity upon the Globo article aud pub
lished it broadcast ns tho policy of tho
republicnu administration nud republi
can party
Tho articlo lu question asserted that
tho republic was somowhnt out of dato
and should bo superceded by a constitu
tional monarchy
It was tho thing baldly needed to fill
an aching void iu fusion logio aud It
was worked day and night for all it was
The News at once pronounced tho
nrticle ns tho views of nn extremist a
crnnk but it wns worse Tho article
wns written by n paroled inuiata of an
insane asylum whose papor is a weekly
and hns a circulation of perhaps a thou
sand in the city of Des Moines The
editor E Ohavanues ran it first as a
populist or democratic paper but after
ward changed it to n republicnu sheet
He started in for imperialism in his
issuo of Mny 11 Tulk about the paper
being n life long nud lending republicnu
paper is ridiculous It wns for Bryuu
nnd freo silver iu 1800
The Des Moines Eveuiug Capital of
Inst Friday has this to say concerning
It is not a pleasant task in attempt
ing to explain to tho outside world the
true attitude of the Globe to be com
pelled to discuss the fact that Mr
Ohavennes the editor while he has not
a known enemy has onco been an in
mate of an iusano asylum for a period
of several mouths only being released
by the express understanding that he
wns to be under the guardianship of his
wife It is snd that the exigencies of
politics makes this disclosure uecessnry
Republicans in other states who have
been horrified at the widesprend quota
tion given these editorials are entitled
to know the facts and wo believe the
law of the land permits the Capital
without malice to state these facts be
cause in no other way can these un
reasonable aud perfectly Indefensible
editorials be explained
The Peerless Prophet
In 1890 W J Bryan said If we
have a gold standard prices are as cer
tain to fall as the stone which u thrown
in the air This ia found on page JiOl
his own book The First Battle
At Baltimore he said If we are
defeated in the campaign there is
uothiug before tho people but four years
more of harder times First Battle
Aud again Businessmeu complniu
that busiuess conditions nre bad I
warn them that busiuess conditions can
not bo improved by following out the
finnnoial policy which has brought busi
uess to its present condition First
Battle page 104
At Minneapolis The gold stnudnrd
nienns dearer money dearer money
means cheaper property cheaper prop
erty means harder times harder times
menus more pooplo out of work more
peoplo out of work menus more people
destitute more peoplo destitute menus
more people desperate more peoplo
despernto means more crime First
Battle page Sot
At Horuellswllo NY Aug 2 190
The gold standard encourages tho
hoarding of money Aud Jnow the
polioy of hoarding is driving thousands
nud teus of thousands aud hundreds of
thousands of working men out iu the
streets when thoy beg for the privilege
of working for their daily bread
At Monmouth 111 I canuot uuder
stand how a man living on a farm cau
be deluded with tho idea thnt the gold
standard has anything but misery and
suffering for him Havent you inde
pendence enough to leave your party iu
order to Fava ynur houipsj aud families
from tho gold standard
Mark my words If the gold stand
ard goes on and tho peoplo coutiuue
to complain tho gold standard advo
cates iustend of trying to improve tho
ooudition of the people will be recom
mending that you close your schools so
thut people wiil uot realize how much
thoy are suffering First Battle page
At Erie Pa Aug 25 1890 Do not
let the republicans beguile you nbout
the future the future is written iu
blood crushed out of you by gold
The democratic party lias begun a
war of extermination agniust tbo gold
stundard Wo ask no quarter wo glvo
no qunrter Wo will prosecute our war
fare until there Is not an American citi
zen who dares to advocate tho gold
standard First Bittlo page TOO
At Boston I tell you that nglta
tiou will never stop until the gold stand
ard is wiped out of exlstouco In this
country First Battle page WW
At Lincoln on July 7 1000 In this
campaign wo havo at Issue tho principles
which Ho at tho basis of our government
Tho fight this year will bo to carry out
tho Bontiinout of that song you havo so
oftou ropoated My Couutry Tis of
Thee If wo loso our chlldrou and our
childrens children will not succeed to
tho spirit of that song nud celebrations
of tho Fourth of July will pass away
for tho spirit of ouipiro will bo upon us
Oilier Whys
In 1802 Mr Bryau traveled about tho
couutry with a collection of tnble cut
lory and other merchandise telling tho
laboring man aud farmer ho was taxed
to death by tho robber tariff
Tho laboring man aud farmer believed
him elected Grover Clovelnud to the
presidency aud a reigu of panic freo
soup houses and Coxey armies prevailed
In 1800 Mr Brynn almost totally Ig
nored the tariff Issue
In 1800 he told tho laboring men nud
farmers that they were being crucified
ou a cross of gold aud that relief would
never come uutil this couutry was
blessed with the free nud uulimitcd
coiuage of silver at the ratio of 10 to 1
without tho aid or couseut of auy nation
on earth
He said prices uuder the gold standard
were as certain to fall as a stouo
throwu iuto the air
Mr Bryau supported Mr Cleveland in
congress and out with all his best elo
quence and af terwnrd condemned him
nud his policy unmercifully
Mr Brynn used his influence iu get
tlrg the Paris treaty through tho senate
nnd is uow abusing the administration
for complying with the provisions of
thnt treaty
Every prophecy made by Mr Bryan
In 1890 proved fnlse
Mr Bryau forced free silver ou tho
Knusas City convention and afterwards
declared that imperialism was tho
paramount issue
Mr Bryan utterly ignores free silver
iu the east but mentions It lu the west
Mr Bryan eucourages the Tagals of
the Philippines to coutiuue their as
saults ou the United States soldiers and
the American flag
Mr Bryans friends declare he Is
honest sincere aud patriotic
Mr Bryau accepted a commission as
colonel and weut to Cuba with the Third
Nebraska regiment and resigned his
commission with his command still in
the field
Mr Bryau devotes his entire time to
criticising and coudemuing the adminis
tration rather thau disclosing a remedy
or showing results
Because It Is easier for some men to bo
critical thau it is for them to be either
logical argumentative or consistent
Adapted from the World Herald
Michaels Studio
We shall bo pleased to see you even if
you do uot need nny work iu our Hue
Come iu aud get acquainted and see our
lovely line of photos where you will
find the very latest in styles of mounts
aud finish All work guaranteed satis
factory We hnvo a flue line of Oil
Paintings Water Colors Pnstel nud
Crayon Work A large stock of Pic
ture Frames and Mouldings Amateur
supplies always ou hand nnd your work
done prompt nnd reasonable Your
trade is wanted at the finest gallery in
this country
Yours for Business
Witch Hazel Oil
One Application Gives Relief
It euros Iiles or Hemorrhoids External or Inter
nal Wind or WeedlnKltchlugorUurulngKUsurw
and Fistulas Heller Immedlato cure certain
It cures Hums Scalds und Ulcerations and Con
tractions from liurus Tho Hollef
IirulST TrU ClU r IaeeraUJ wl3 and
It cures noils Carbuncles ivions Hunrounds
SoWHMrt 1UlK ErU1 or
It cures Inflamed or Cikcd leasts nnd Soro
Nipples Invaluable
It euros Salt Hbeum Tetters Scurfy Krunllons
CIarpHl Hands Kever WUcrs bor U s or
Nostrils Corns llunlous Sore
und Chafed n
mf f 1U1U 1us Sunburns
Throo Sizos 25c 50c and 100
Sold by Druggists or sent pre paid on receiptor price
Cor WllILm d Johu hu RBW ViUI