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The Norfolk Weebxy News
MM fib
President McKinley Has a
Popular Running Mate
Enthusiasm Was in Full and
Complete Control
Nutlnnal Chairman Cimldtil Stem the Tide
ir 1opulnr Sentiment 1 emlers and
Kteryhody IMho Coiilldent of tin Over
whelming Majority Thin Fall
Philadelphia June 21 tllO P M
Special to Tun Nnws Amid a sceno
of enthuFioEtu which has seldom if evor
been equnlled nt a nominating conven
tion the republican national convention
this afternoon placed in nomination
Wm McKinley of Ohio for president
and Govenor Theodore Roosevelt of
New York for vice president the former
by tumultuous acclamation and the lat
ter with lucking but one vote of being
President McKiuleys name was
placed before the convention this after- j
noon by Senator Foraker of Ohio in a
brilliant and effective speech Gov
ernor Roosevelt of New York seconded
the senators nomination and at 1241
in a burst of enthusiasm that threat 1
cned to dissipate the mammoth building
in which the convention was held
President McKinley was unanimously
renominated by acclamation as tho
standard bearer of the republican forces
during the campaign of 1900
When order had been restored tho
convention was literally carried off its
feet by Lafe Young of Iowa who placed
in nomination for vico president Gov
Theodore Roosevelt of Now York On J
roll call the dashing Rougli Rider re 1
oved 92 votes one delegate refusing I
to vote
The convention then adjourned
Early yesterday Chairman Hanna saw
that it was impossible to stem tlm drift
of sentiment toward Roosevelt and at
last gave a reluctant consent that ho bo
the nominee and it was then a foregone
conclusion that he would be the choice
of tho convention
Party leaders did not expend all their
enthusiasm at the convention but are
enthusiastic in support of its action and
believe that with McKinley and Roose
velt as the party leaders a wave of en
thusiasm will sweep over the country
that will culminate in an election this
fall by a leiord breaking majority
Other Candidate Withdraw In Favor of
the ltuugh Killer Hero
Philadelphia Juno 21 Sonator
Hanna authorized the following The
administration has had no candidate
for vice president It has not bem for
or against any oandidate It has deemed
that thb convention should make the
candidato and that has been my posi
tion throughout It has been a freo
field for all In these circumstances
eeveral eminent Republicans have been
proposed all of thorn distinguished
Ifbota by Rice
men with many friends I will now
Kay that ou behalf of all these candi
dates and I except none that I havo
within the last 12 hours been aeked to
give my advice After consulting with
m many delegates m poMible in tho
time wlthia mj tJtyce I tare
ciuaen to accept tho responsibility in
volved in this request In tho present
situation with tho strong and earnest
Bontimcnt of tho delegates from all
parts of tho country for Governor
Roosevelt and since President McKiu
loy is to bo renominated without a dis
senting voice it is my judgment that
Govornor Roosevelt should bo nominated
for vice president with tho samo unan
Philadelphia Juno 21 lrosidout
MoKiuloy was not nominated at tho
see of tho Republican national con
vention yesterday but today will wit
ness in all probability tho un paralleled
spoctaclo of both tho presidential and
vico presidential candidates being nomi
nated by acclamation Sonntor I latin a
threw np tho spongo yesterday Ho
found ho could not stem tho tide of tho
popular favorite withont using tho
direct influence of tho administration
at Washington and this ho could not
get Possibly oven with it ho might
havo failed Out without it the task
was hopeless Tho president would
have no hand in an effort to control tho
convention Ho inndo known directly
to Mr Hanna his wish that tho will of
tho convention should not be thwarted
and when that unequivocal time came
Mr Hanna abandoned tho fight With
hiB retirement from the contest against
the Empire state governor both nomina
tions could havo been mado before tho
convention adjourned yesterday Tho
original program was to renominate
McKinley Wednesday and to nominate
tho candidato for vico president Thurs
day But the national Republican com
initteo had mado a compact with the
local Philadelphia committeo to keep
the convention hero for three days and
it was feared that if tho nomination for
president was mado tho convention
might take tho bit in its teeth and wind
np tho proceedings before dark Know
ing the temper of the delegates and tho
crowdfl Mr Hanna decided to take no
risks And consequently tho immense
thron gs which blackened the vast amph
itheater were compelled to content
themselves with tho routine incidents
connected with tho permanent organi
zation an oration by Senator Lodge the
permanent chairman and tho scene
which attended the unanimous adoption
of tho platform Then they returned to
the city to wait another 21 hours for tho
nominations which they havo traveled
some hundreds some thousands of
miles to witness It wus a great disap
pointment to most of them
Convention Mnvea Smoothly
Tho machinery of the convention
moved t o Miioothly that there was no
opportunity to let off steam There
was not tho slightest jar The hand of
Hanna was at the helm Ho is an ex
perienced and an accomplished engi
neer At one point when tho conven
tion scraped on a sandbar over a propo
sition advanced by ex Senator Quay o
cut down the representation of tho
southern states in futuro conventions to
a basis of votes polled for tho Repub
lican candidate tho lever was reversed
and the convention promptly backed off
thus avoiding tho threatened shoal by
postponing a decision upon the subject
The southern delegates without regard
to color are very much incensed over
what they regard as a blow at their
power in national conventions and the
growl they omitted indicates that they
propose to fight in their effort to avert it
Again Governor Roosevelt earned off
the honors His entrance was again
the signal for the most pronounced
demonstration of the session It was
as dramatic as that of Tuesday and
was practically a repetition of his ex
perience then He still wore his rough
rider hat Sorao of his austerity bad
departed With the relaxation of Mr
Hannas opposition the governor real
ized that ho must succumb to the in
evitable and he appeared resigned to his
Tho most striking incident of the day
was tho appearance on tho stage of IS
of tho survivors of the original conven
tion held in Loonst street in this city in
Lodge Takes the Oavel
Senator Lodge young brilliant al
ready famous as a scholar statesman and
historian mado a fine figure as he de
livered his address as permanent chair
man His finely poised bead close
cropped iron gray beard delicately
chiseled features and slender athletio
frame were clearly outlined as ho faced
the convention His speech was tho
scholarly clear cut effort expected of
him but it covered the same general
ground Senator Wolcott went over
Tuesday and though somo of tho fine
periods elicited applauEC as a whole it
did not stir up any great enthusiasm
Neither did tho reading of the platform
a very strong document by Senator
Fairbanks and for the samo reason
Both in different forms were epitomes
of the record of tho administration upon
which the party will ask tho country to
return it to power a record eloquently
placed before tho convention Tuesday
by Senator Wolcott
Mlunc sotu Dcinorrnts Indoma Tonne
Minneapolis Juno 21 Tho Demo
cratic state convention yesterday was
ono of tho largest and most harmonious
held by tho party in this state for years
Charles A Towuo of Duluth Populist
candidato for vico president was given
tho heartiest kind of an indorsement
and tho delegates to Kansas City were
instructed to support him by their
votes and by every honorable means
Iowa Sunday School Srtdon
CitEfiTON la Juno 21 Waterloo will
likely get tho uext maoting of the Stato
Suuday School association Fifteen
hundred dollars was raised for stato
work Tho feature of yesterdays pro
gram was an address by ex President
Cole who organized the association in
A Strong Statement of Repub
lican Principles
No Thought of Niitliimtl AggriiiiilleHient
Tnrnlnhrd tlm IIIk llirpiiNfi with Willi h
American Standards IVrtti tnlnrlid
Truats Mtuulil be Curheil
PiiiLADUMPiUA June 21 Following
is the full text of tlu platform udnptttl
by tho national republican convention
The Republicans of the Putted States
through their representatives In national
convention looking bock upon an unsur
passed record of achievement ntitl looking
forward Into the grout Held of duty ami
opportunity ami appealing to the Judg
ment of their countrymen make theo
Tho expectation In which the American
people turning from the Democrat la
party entrusted power four years ago to a
Republican chief magistrate anil a Ne
ptibllcau congress has been met anil sat
isfied When the people then assembled
at the polls after a term of Democratic
legislation and administration business
was dead Industry parolyml and the na
tional credit disastrously Impaired
The countrys capital was hidden away
and its labor distressed and unemployed
The Democrats had no other plan with
which to improve tho ruinous condition
which they themselves produced than to
coin silver at the ratio of 111 to 1 Tho Ho
publlran party denouncing this plan as
sure to proilueo conditions even worse
than those from which relief was soiiKht
promised to restore prosperity by means
of two legislative measures a protectee i
parity of the Democratic party to conduct
public affairs The prime essential of
business prosperity In public confidence In
the good sense of the government anil Its
ability to deal Intelligently with each new
ptoblem of ailmlulstratlun and leiflsla
Hon 1 hat confidence the Democrat In
party has never earned It Is hopelessly
Inadequate and the countrys pruMxTlty
when Democratic success at tho polls Is
announced halts and ceases In mere an
ticipation of Democratiu blunders and
Maud Out for loltl
We renew our allegiance to tho princi
ple of the goltl ktnmhml and declare our
confidence In the wisdom of the legisla
tion of the Klfty sixth congress by which
the purity of all our money nnil tticsta
btllty of our currency on a troltl basis had
been secured We reeognlo that Inter
est rates ate a potent factor In proline
Hon and business activity and for tho pur
pose of further equalling and of further
lowciltig the rates of Interest wo favor
such monetary legislation us will enable
the varying needs of the season and of all
sections to be properly met In order that
trade niny bn evenly sustained Inbor
steadily employed aiul commerce en
larged The olumeof money in circula
tion was never so great per capita as It Is
today We divlurn our steadfast opposl
Hon to the fice and unlimited coinage of
aIIut Mo measure to tliat end could be
consliWreil whMi was without tto support
of the leading commercial countries of tho
world However firmly Republican lrnis
latUm may seem to have secured the coun
try against the peril of Imso and discred
ited i uireiiey the election of a Demo
cratle president could not fall to Impair
the countrys credit and to bring once
more Into question the Intention of the
American people to maintain upon tho
gold standard the parity of their money
eltculation 1 he Democrat lo party must
bo coin Inced that tho American people
Vill neer toletato the Chicago platlorm
tariff and a law making gold the standard
of value The people by great majorities
Issued to the Republican party a commis
sion to enact these laws This commis
sion has been executed and the Repub
lican promise is redeemed Prosperity
more general and more abundant than
we have ever known has followed theso
enactments There is no longer contro
versy as to the value of any government
obligation Every American dollar Is a
gold dollar or its assured equivalent and
American credit stands higher than that
of any nation Capital is fully employed
and everywhere labor is profitably occu
No single fact am moro strikingly tell
the story of what Republican government
mains to the country than this that while
during the whole period of 107 years from
1790 to lb7 there was an excess of exports
over imports of only JJ8a02847 there has
been in tho short threoyears of the present
Republican administration an excess of
exports over imports in the enormous sum
ofl4ba7380UI and while tho American
people sustained by this Republican leg
islation have been achieving these hjllen
dld triumphs in their business and com
merce they havo conducted and in victory
concluded a war for liberty and human
rights No thought of national aggran
dizement tarnished tho high purpose with
which American standards were unfurled
It was a war unsought and patiently re
sisted but when it ramo the American
government was ready Its fleets were
cleared for action Its armies were In the
field and tho quick and signal triumph
of its forces on land and sea bore equal
tribute to tho courage of American sol
diers and sailors and to the skill and fore
sight of Republican statesmanship T
10000000 of the human raco tliero was
given a new birth of freedom and to
the American peoplo a new and noble re
President l Coiiiiiieiidrd
Wo Indorse thi administration of Will
lam McKinley Its acts have been i stab
lishetl In wisdom and in patriotism and
at home and abroad it has distinctly ele
vated and extended tho influence of the
American nution Walking untried
Iiaths and facing unforeseen responsibil
Itles President McKinley has been lu ev
cry situation tho true American patriot
and upright statesman clear in vision
strong in judgment firm in action al
ways inspiring and deserving tho confi
dence of his countrymen In asking tho
American people to Indorse this Repub
lican record and to renew their commis
sion to tho Republican party wo remind
them of the fact that the menuce to their
prosperity has always resided in Demo
cratic principles and np less In the
We rccognic tho necessity and propri
ety of the honest co operation of capital to
miet new business conditions and espe
cially to extend our rapidly Increasing
foreign trade but we condemn all con
rpiracies and combinations intended to
restrict business to create monopolies to
limit production or to control prices and
favor such legislation as will effectually re
strain and prevent all such abuses protect
and promote competition and secure tho
rights of producers laborers and all who
are engaged In Industry and commerce
We renew our faith In the policy of pro
tection to American labor In thatpolfcy
our industries havo been established di
versified and maintained By protecting
the home market competition has been
stimulated and production cheapened
Opportunity to tho inventive genim of
our peoplo has been secured and wages in
every department of labor maintained at
high rates higher now than over befiro
ulways distinguishing onr working peo
ple in their better conditions of life from
those of any competing country Knjoy
ing the blessings of American common
s hools In the right of self government
und protieted In tho occupancy of their
own markets tho constantly increasing
knowledge and skill havo enabled them
finally to cMer the markets of tho world
We favor tho associated jiollcy of reci
procity so directed as to open our markets
on favorable terms for what we do not
ourselves produco in return for freo for
eign markets
On Ilehalf of Labor
In the further interest of American
workmen wo favor a moro effective re
striction of tho immigration of cheap la
bor from foreign lands the extension of
opportunities of education for working
children the raising of tho ago limit for
child labor tho protection of freo labor as
aguiiint contract lalior and an effective
bystem of labor insurance
Our present dependence upon foreign
shipping for nino tenths of our foreign
carrying is a great law to tho industry of
this country It Is also a serious danger
to our trade for its sudden withdrawal In
the event of European war would seri
ously cripple our expanding foreign com
merce The national defense und naval
efficiency of this country moreover sup
ply a compelling reason for legislation
which will enable us to recover our former
placo among tho trudo currying fleets of
the world
The nation owes a debt of profound
gratitude to tho soldiers and sailors who
have fought its battles and it is tho gov
ernments duty to provide for tho surviv
ors and for tho widows and orphans of
those who have fallen in tho countrys
war Till euiloajAWI fiOQilcd In tbia
just sentiment should be llboial am
should be liberally administered and
should be given wherever ptiicll
cable with respect to employment In the
public service to soldiers and sailors and
to their widows and orphans
Mill Nervier Htatmii
Wo commend the polity of the Repub
llcuti party lu maintaining the efllclitie
of thcchtl service The adiiiinlstiatlou
has acted wisely In Itseffoit to secure for
public senile lu Cuba Porto Rico Ila
wall and the Philippine Inland only those
whose fitness has been determined bi
training and experience We bellee hat
employment In the public serle In these
territories should be confined as far as
practicable to their Inhohltnnts
It was the plain purpose of the 1Mb
amendment to the constitution to pre
vent dlsi limlnatlou on account of race or
color In regulating the legislative frim
ehlse Devices of state goiernmentN
whether by statutory or constitutional
cnactnlcnt to avoid tho purpose of this
amendment are revolutionary and should
be condemned
Public movements looking to a permit
not Improvement of the roads and high
ways of the country ineel with our eoidlal
approval and we recommend this subject
to the earnest consideration of tho people
and of the legislatures of the seveitl
states We favor the extension of ho
rural free delivery service wherever Its
extension may bo justified
In further pursuance of the constant
policy of thu Republican party to prolde
flee homes on tho public domain wo
recommend adequate national legislation
to reclaim the arid lauds of the United
States reserving control of the dlstrilm
Hon of water for lirlgatlon to the respec
tive states and torrltorli s
We favor home rule for ami the early
admission to statehood of tho ferritin les
of New Mexico Arizona and Oklahoma
Itediietliin or Wnr Tniri
Thu Dlngley act amended to provide
sufficient revenue for tho conduct of the
war has so well pet formed Itswotk that
it has been possible to reduce Hie war
debt In the sum of f 100011000 So ample
are the governments levenues and so
great Is the public confidence In the lu
tegrity of Its obligations that Its newly
funded 2 percent bonds sell ut a premium
The country Is now justified lu expecting
and it will lie the policy of Die Republican
party to bring about a lediictloi of the
war taxes
We favor the construction ownership
control and protection of an Isthmian
canal by the gmcrnment of tho United
New markets am necessary for the In
creasing surplus of our farm products
Every effort should bu made to open and
obtain new markets especially In the Oil
cut and the adinliiistiatiou is warmly to
lie commended for Its successful effort to
commit all trading and eoloniiiig ua
lions to the policy of the open door in
NiH Cublnit Olllcur Kicuiiiinuiolril
In the interest of our expanding com
merce we lecominend that cougicshiTcalo
a department of commerce and industries
lu the charge of a secretary with a seat
in the abinet The United Mules con
sular system should he reorganised under
thi supervision of this nev depailmeiit
upon sin h a basis of appointment and
tenure as will render It still more service
aide to tlie nations increasing trade
J he American government must protect
the person and property of eveiy titleu
wherever thev aiu wrongfully violated or
placed In peril
W congratulate tlie women of America
upon their splendid reeonl of public serv
Ice In tlie volunteer aid asrociatlon and as
nurses in cam mid hospital during tho
recent campaigns of our armies in the
Eastern and Western Indies and we ap
preciate their fait lit nl co operation in all
works of education and industry
President McKinley has conducted the
foreign affairs of the United States with
distinguished credit to the American peo
ple In releasing us from the vexatious
conditions of a European alliance for tho
government of Samoa his course Is espe
cially to be commended Hy securing to
our undivided control the most important
island of thu Samoan group and the liest
harbor In the southern 1aciflo every
American interest has been safeguarded
Wu approve the annexation of tho Hit
wullan islands to the United States
Wo commend tho part taken by our
government in the peace conference at
The Hague
We ussert our steadfast adherence to tho
policy announced In the Monroe doctrine
Iloer KritUh Flunk
The provisions of Tho flaguo convention
were wisely guarded when President Mc
Kinley tendered his offices in tho war bo
tvci n Great Urituln und the South Afri
can republics While tho American gov
ernment niiiFt continue the policy pre
scribed ny Washington affirmed by every
succeeding president and Imposed upon
by The Hiiirue treaty of nonintervention
In European controversies the American
people earnestly hope that a way may
soon be found honorable alike to both
contending parties to terminate the
strife between them
li accepting by the treaty of Paris thu
just responsibility of our victories in the
Spanish war the president and the senate
won the undoubted approval of thoAuicr
loan people No other course was possible
thun to destroy Spains sovereignty
throughout the West Indies and in tho
Philippine Islands That course created
our responsibility before tho world and
with thu unorganized population whom
our intervention had freed from Spain to
provide for tho maintenance of law and
order and for the esalillnhment of good
government and for the performance of
international obligations Our authority
could not be less than our responsibility
and wherever sovereign rights were ex
tended It became tho high duty of the
governmuit to maintain its authority to
put down armed insurrection and to con
for thu blessings of liberty andclvilkatlou
upon all the rescued peoplo Tho largest
measure of self government consistent
with their welfare and our duties shall bu
secured to them bylaw To Cuba inde
pendence and self government were as
sured in tho same voice by which war wus
declnml and to the letter this pledge shall
bo performed
The Republican party upon its history
and upon this declaration of its principles
and policies confidently Invokes the con
slderute and approving judgment of tho
American people
Philadelphia June 21 By a vote
of 12 to 4 tfee Nebraska delegation
selected H B Schneider for national
comatitttawMii -
British Admiral Forcc3 His
Way to the Capital
Nnlltrt SilirTnird Hevrrn Iniii During thfl
Mmeli Wild Hlorj Tlmt liiiprror U
Mm ilntril mill Iniprri liiniiiiir Com
ill Icil Mull 1 1 1 n In Simisilliig
London lime ill A dispatch from
Shanghai dated June 20 says
After an arduous march and fre
quent fighting with tho Chinese Vice
Admiial Heymour arrived at Pelting
Hunday afternoon On fivo soecasions
the Chinese attacked the column in
gieat force There wore many mounted
men among the Chinese but most of
the natives were badly armed At
times they fought with admirable cour
age and biavery The losses of tho
Chinese during tho march aro esti
mated tit fiOO killed Tho losses or tho
foreigners were trifling
Thu exact state of affairs insidf Pe
king it is Impossible to describe in
view of tlm many conflicting reports
nothing having been received from tho
legations of foreigners there
liONiios limn 21 The reports of Ad
miial Seymours urrival at Poking and
of the salety or the legations originat
ing ftom Chinese sources and cabled to
this city ft nm Shanghai aro still tin
veiifled However tho Italian consul
at Shanghai has wired lo the Italian
minister Senor Viscontl Veuostti that
tho legations me safe
The lobellion is spreading far and
wide There is nu impression in diplo
matic ciicles hero and on tho continent
that tho allies have not yet grappled
with tho situation effectively and that
oven fiOOOO I loops would bo powerless
to do much to control 1000000 squaro
Tho lutest story sent out by tho
Shanghai gossips is that Prince Tuan
president ol the has
burned the imperial palace at Pelting
and murdered tho emperor and that tho
empiesH dowager had committed sai
Tho ollect ol tho bombardment or tho
Tnku forts as described by tho Shang
hai cniicHpondcuts was gory in tho ex
tieine nothing loss than rivers or
blood und mutilated corpses piled up
inside tho foils
The Hussions guarding Tien Thin tio
conling to another report fired artillery
ami nfluH June 15 at a tango of 00
yaids into tlio diuiso crowds of attack
ing lioxciHitud killed 300
Japan accoiding to a dispatch to tho
Daily Mail fiom Yokohama intends to
land an cpiditiou at Von Chow
IIiIIIhIi IiiUu Miiehniloilfirp Aflel Heavy
inuiiHiiiriil Willi Artillery
London June J I The Rntisli havo
penetiiited Ttansvaal territory as far
as Machiidndorp Passengers who ar
rived at Ixaireir Marque tell of heavy
artillery being engaged and that tho
Doers abandoned Machiidndorp retreat
ing northward President Krugor is
still at Alkiiitiar Doer bulletins regard
ing General Dewets opunitions along
Loid Roberts communications assert
that two convoys were captured and
800 workmen with 60 military taken
Oin Fur Cornell Cullage
Ckoak Haimuh Juno 21 Attorney
Edgar J Hrackett a member of the
state senate of New York yesterday
made a donation of 1110000 to Cornell
college of Mount Vernon In It ii
understood that a chair has been en
dowed but tho character of tho new
department lias not been given out
Mr Brackctt is a graduate of the olass
of 1872
Klllm by a Uve Wire
Gaikna Kan June 21 City Mar
slial Milfoid Parker was killed last
night A telephone wire had fallen
across the sidewalk and he picked it up
to wrap it around a post Ho walked a
distance of about 10 feet with it in his
hands when ho suddenly pitched for
ward dead In pulling tho wiro to tio
it np it touched a livo wiro which con
nected the current
Fighting Kiirett rire
HouoiiTov Mich June 21 Mass
City in Ontauagon county has been
fighting forest fires all day and tho de
struction of tho town was proveuted
only by favoriug east winds which
aided in holdiug tho flamos in check
I Tho town has sawmills and copper mines
with about 1000 peoplo Tho danger is
not yet past
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar
Safeguards the food
against alum
Alum baking powders are the greatest
menacers to health of the present day
KoraMKihorowticRoaKrw took