The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, May 03, 1900, Page 10, Image 11

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I i I v r
We Invite You
to Our Store
Our suit Iuih
InesB 1h u pro-
11011110 01 DUO
most Hattcrlng
Why Our suits
wore selected
from tlm sales
rooms of Now
lnnkcrs O v o r
UK suits for our
lect from They
mo designed nf
tor tho lutost
and most ac
cepted fashions
mid right bo
yod n doubt
Our prices com
pared with anv
catalogue will
provo to your
own witlsfao
tion n snving to
you All wool
ot 500 Others up to sfi 00 A lot
more now HuitH on tho wivy Childs
jnokotp ladios cnpoH mid jnekots
Oront showing in ludioH sepamto
BklrtB IS5 to lf00 each
Dress Goods
Tho public is well ncquaiutod with
tho superiority of our DroBB Goods Btook
This Bprlng we positively uunounco a
largely increased and bettor stock than
wo havo ovor shown Plain rich fab
rics onco more provnil and wo filled our
Btock toovortlowing A GOOD DRESS
Ask to 10 bIiowu our Dross Goods and
yon will bo pleosod oven to outhuBiiiBin
Evory want can bo filled at our pricos
from 10c to 300 per yard
Wo most emphatically challcngo com
parison with silk samples from imy city
IfOK Mice goods wo made persistent search for four weeks in the great iirkois
- selecting tho choicest and most pleasing styles adapted to our trade 1ksht
and better than over in our history Hought tho lowest On sale tho lowest I fliti
tcr values or more correct up-to-date merchandise
Ladies Tailored Suits
store Onr silkfl are bought from first
linndBand fioni tho best mnnufnetur
Examino our Black Dross Silks 8fo
100 125 sJUiO and Satin DucIichh at
DOr Too 100 1 25 and 1 50
Handsome Dress Foulards Liberty
Silks lastcl Shades in Cropo Do Chino
FanrioH TnlTutt is Silk mid Wool Glial
Una iu tho nuw designs etc
Dress Trimmings
Laces Neckwear
Wo especially ask you to look in this
department because wo uro showing a
very much liner assortment than wo
over carried before
Trimmings in tho rii best but dainty
designs of Applique Edges Galloons
Fringes Spangled Nets etc 10c to
750 a yard
Ijiicofi Yokings in Plaucn
sance Chiffon Appliquo etc up to
0 00 per yd
Nookwear Ploted Satin Stocks Chif
fon Jabots Mulls oto
Silk Waists
Profusoly tucked many Btylos black
and colored Silks latest ideas iu correct
Dros WnlBt making 3 50 to 750
COTTON WAISTS 50 dozon is our
Btook to select from Pick from this
enormous assortment and you may And
to please you Colored Iercales and
Batistes Lace mid Insertion Yokes
Pletings etc 50c to 175
WHITE WAISTS the dainty airy
creations so much in vogue 100 to
Lace Curtains
l1 M u W l 1
Lnco Curtains double tho stock wo
ever showed Arabians Renaissance
Tambour Esprit Brussels
Kid Gloves
MENT of our NEW Kid Glove stock
After carefully inspecting and compar
ing the values and merits of tho many
glovo manufacturers and importers in
Now York wo bought and adopted
three entirely new lines which wo will
keep freshly assorted iu colors mid
shades as fashion may decree
Clasps havo entirely replaced liooks
overywhero henco wo bIiow tho throo
grades in Clasp only
Alexandria black mid colors 100
Victoria black colors and white
1 25
Dufour black only 175
Muslin Underwear
A Healthy Locality
To nil nppoarnnoe Ardnnmurchan on
the west coast of Scotland Is u great
plnce for longevity Whether It Is be
cause of tho soft nnd salubrious cll
ninte or the remoteness of the place
from the centers nnd the sins of popu
lation or something Indigenous to tho
Ardnnmurchan nature It would be rash
to say but certain it Is thut nn Ardnn
murchnnlte seems to hnve u good
chance of becoming n patrlnrch With
in M yenrs many of the inhabitants
have been cut off nt verylng ripe ages
between 100 nnd 112 Scottish American-
A man who owns n eocoanut giove
In Venezuela Is Independent as the
fruit continues to ripen all the year
round and brings a good price Each
tree averages an annual income of
1 120
junkIer qAr m im fr
Immenso Now Stock from tho best
manufacture in tho U S The Royal
of Worcester Mass
Corset Covers lo to 100
Drawers i8oto100
Skirts 50c to 150
Gowns 50c to 175
Childrens Muslin Pants 15c to 50c
Wash Goods
Thousands of yards in the graceful
dainty stylos of the season
Antrine Linens
Dotted Swiss Muslins
Kildare Dimities
Primrose Batistes
Ondine Muslinettes
Crepons Crinkles etc
5c to 75c per yard
Springtime Announcement With Every Department in Our Store Filled With
Appropriate Now Needed Goods
of the ensl searching for tho 13EST VALUES in every line CASH PURCHASES would buy
Uy fjir the largest stock of nierchaiHlise we have over shown Each department is now full 3
imuilinn iu full nf Mirfrrnaeiirnnncu nrl lrwttru
niu1 tin -U i 1 1 1 i
iiuuihuu iu v hhvuuioj o uu in cn
umpuuiuiuu uiiy y LiiiiD can give
ww Jlllii
arrangement of bandeau or handker
chief silk In colorings of blue and gold
tho points thereof held together with
gold buckles
The other bodice Is of old rose glnce
silk nnd torchon Ince through which
rows of nnrrow velvet nre threaded
which nre tied In a loose knot on the
left side
Fiidn and Fanclca
In continuation of the furore for
white it Is predicted that white cloth
will be largely employed for visiting
nnd traveling costumes nnd will be
made up Into clonks coats and wraps
of nil kinds hut smarter still Is white
taffeta for coats and Jackets and long
driving clonks
A novel collar band eiunnntlng from
Paris Is a stitched plain baud of rib
bon passing through n lnrgc dull gold
buckle nt the throat nnd finished off
In a pointed short tab It looks well
for traveling aud morning suits
A note of blnck Is struck In nil the
most elegant light gowns either tulle
choux df black black frluges or blnck
A shoulder scarf of chiffon fnlls In
a twist uud long ends from nn elegant
linen nnd pique costume These old
fashioned tlonting scarfs sit some
what oddly on the energetic ladles of
today but they are pretty and quaint
and require ns much practice In the art
of wearing them ns does tho fashion
able skirt If it is to be lifted in the
way It should go
A Pretty Table Decoration
Get a long piece of glnEs for the cen
ter of tho tablo nnd put brown pnper
nronnd Make it as rugged looking ns
possible Then arrange damp not wet
moss on it nnd stick small fronds of
fern in tho moss nnd nny wild Dowers
or simplo garden lowers uvailablo
Water lilies look delightfully cool put
on tho glats
There is more catarrh iu this seciton
of the country than all other diseases
put together and until the last few
Black Petticoat 100 to U00 Styles
that aro fascinating
Baby Millinery Caps Bonnets Mull
Hats direct from manufacturer
Tablo Linens exquisite patterns 25c
to 2 00 per yd
Nnpkius to match 100 to 750 per
Umbrellas and Parasols
Handsome Styles iu tho Parnsols
Carpets and Mattings
Ingrains 80 15
40 45 00 05 and
Fino Carpets for
your parlor iu stock
or additional big
Bample lino to se
lect from
First class Bis
sels Sweeper 108
Shoes Shoes Shoes
We will save vou monev on evervnair
good Shoes Our Styles aro kept
fully selected in tho up-to-date shapes
The llcforiiHMl Ionchrr However In
of tilt- Oitliilcm Thill There l Little
Dirterenee llcleeit llelux Killed
nnd IletiiK Soured to Dentil
The closest call I ever hnd remarked
the reformed poacher turned out to be
no call at nil but for a time I was sure
old Gabriel had his trumpet tuned up
for me and after nil there aint a
mighty sight of difference between get
ting killed and getting scared to death
And thats about what happened to me
It was In the early eighties tho llrst
winter 1 trapped In Allegash waters
nnd although up to the 1st of February
tliere wasnt six Inches of snow in the
woods I hnd snlted down In my slinck
the prettiest lot of furs Ive seen before
or since And out of 200 skins some
thing like 70 were otter
Funny thing too that run of otter
I took every one of them from a short
lino of traps set back of a small stream
of dead water The other traps tool
everything that came along beaver
fisher mink nnd ermine but these half
dozen somehow or other would spring
only on to the leg of nu otter And I
didnt kick n bit for the skins were
worth then just 15 apiece
Well come the 1st of February and
about time for a big snowstorm I got
unensy as trappers will wanted some
thing more exciting I guess and one
fine morning 1 bundled my furs on to n
big sled and set out for Klneo Tliere
wasnt any snow to spealc of on the
river and I made pretty good time up
Churchill Inke and about dark reached
the thoroughfare Into Englo lake
where 1 built a tire and got a bit of
Biipper It was a tine night but n
little breezy aud n big circle around
the moon told me of snow and lots of
it not far away So I figured twould
be a good idea to get to the settlement
about us soon as 1 could aud packing
up again I set out down the hike
Tho wind was at my back aud Just
boosted me along but the sled traveled
faster and kept bumping Into my feet
Says I to myself Why dont you use
the wind And I did Huuulng ashore
I cut a Btout pole and two crosspleces
and soon had n tlrst class sail set aud
was dying dowu the middle of Eagle
lake n smoklng my pipe as hnppy ns
any old salt coining Into port before a
fair wind There wasnt anything for
me to do but steer clear of Plllsbury
island not a hard Job so 1 burrowed
under the furs and sort of dozed off
thinking of the good times those otter
skins were going to bring me
The wind kept rising but the old
sled kept right along with It Thnt
didnt worry me any however for
there was no danger nud the faster we
went the better 1 liked it Well we
were drawing under the bead of the
Island when the sled struck a wrinkle
that sort of Jarred some life Into nu
nnd rousing up 1 looked about to get
my ben rings
Gee whiz What I saw drove nil tho
day dreams out of me Hlglit ahead
not 1000 yards away was a stretch of
blnck open water reaching clear across
the lake and the sled rushing right
into It ns fast as half a gale could drive
It Throwing myself forwnrd on my
knees I grabbed the mast to unship It
but I hnd done too good a Job puttiug
It up to be undone In n minute 1
pulled nnd pushed with all my strength
but It wouldnt give nn Inch Then 1
tackled the ropes that held the blanket
but they were drawn so tight you
couldnt start them although my nails
were torn off to the quick And all this
time the sled was driving nnd swaying
nloug nt race horse speed toward tho
awful black gulf yawning ahead I
could almost hear the waves breaking
along the Ice front Every moment I
expected to go through never to come
Cut the ropes enme to mo nnd
like n flnsh my hand sought my belt
But the sheath was empty I hnd used
the knife to cut tobacco nnd It was
somewhere beneath me among the
skins Too late to hunt for It too Into
even to Jump for safety for at thnt
instant the white Ice nt my side fnded
away Into blackness nnd throwing
myself forwnrd on tny face nmong my
precious otter skins I nwalted the fatal
How long I lay there 1 dont know
It seemed hours but It was only sec
onds I began to wonder If I had real
ly gone to the bottom nnd never
knew It If 1 was really drowned
why I wns not cold nud wot and
strangling Then came n sudden shock
a crash and I was hurled more dead
than alive from the sled
For a time 1 knew nothing 1 was
too near dead from fright to think
Then 1 mustered courage to look
around No I wasnt at the bottom
of the Inke or tlonting ou the Icy wa
ters but I was lying mighty well
bruised anil shaken up ou the rocky
shores of Plllsbury Island
It wasnt open water after all that
awful black space It was simply
black Ice across the channel that had
formed nfter the other nnd since the
last fall of snow But It fooled me
terribly And this is my closest call
no call nt all you see But 1 tell you
there Is mighty little choice between
being killed and being scared to death
Bangor Whig nnd Courier
Wtien u husband gets up to give his
wife a chair sho fairly beams nt the
thought thut other women now see
that he Idolizes her nnd would be will
ing to die for her Atchison Globe
It Is said that dried currants given to
horses occasionally In lieu of oats will
Increase the animals powers of en
Funny Story Abont a Itanalnn Beast
Which Slept In u lied
Livonia Is a pnrt of our globe where
fondness for pets coexists with love
of sport A Russian subject from thnt
province tells me of the strange con
sideration evinced by one of her neigh
bors for the feelings of a bear The
animal hnd an odd fancy for sleeping
Indoors nnd In a bed To humor him
a l ooiii in a tower wns always left
open for the nnlmnl Some nights he
came nnd availed himself of the hos
pitality but often he staid out In tho
woods If ho nrrlved nt his tower nnd
mounted tho long flight of steps which
led from outside to Ids own door nnd
found that anything prevented his en
trance the bear mnde a horrible noise
growling nud battering the woodwork
In Livonia during the brief northern
summer the locnl magnates visit each
other without prior arrangement nnd
they nrrlvo prepared to stop the night
It not Infrequently occurs that many
carrlnges converge nt the same time on
one country house with the result thnt
ns many as 40 beds may bo required
A large influx of visitors nrrlved one
night nt tho house where the bear had
his room The last comer wns n timid
n cousin of the house The host
met him rndlant
What n pleasure Ivau Youll And
hnlf the relations here But nlns
youll not have n good room Every
other corner Is full Theres only the
tower left As you know the bear
conies there But never mind Ho does
not put in nn nppearancc every night
The young man would fain have gone
farther but the nearest country house
wns ten miles off his horse tired and
the hospitable relations very pressing
Iu their Invitation to him to remain
He was greatly afraid of the bear but
still more afraid of offending host
hostess nnd all the other cousins nnd
neighbors lie decided to stny nnd nt
last retired to rest In a large square
room with two beds In it He Inquir
ed If he might not bar out the bear the
door had but n latch but he wns tod
that no fnstenlugs might be used the
bear was too noisy If shut out He
would not let a soul in the plnce have
a wink of sleep Besides he wasnt
coming very likely And further
tliere wasnt nny menus of altogether
fastening tho door It wns left on
the latch on purpose The Inst words
of a rather sleepy cousin to the new
comer were Bettor take the bed In
the far corner Ivan
The guest can hardly be sold to hnve
slept there The terror of bruin kept
him nwnke nt tlrst nnd then bruin him
self for In the small hours n shambllug
step nud n sound of claws on the steps
nnd balustrade froze the blood Iu the
unhappy youths veins Tho noise came
uenrer There was a fumbling nt the
latch With great growling and grum
bling bruin entered nud put himself
to bed In the couch near the door
There tho beast crumbled crunted
aim seemeu co snirr unat snimng
nlnrmed the other occupant ot tho room
most of all for ho thought It meant
that the bear scented him and might
resent his presence The wretch dared
scarcely breathe Dawu wns breaking
but thnt wns only nuothcr danger Tho
benr might see him Bruin a great
curled lump nbove the blankets be
came In due time visible to his fellow
lodger Then the bear snored There
was comfort In that sound But soon
ho rolled about nnd growled nnd groan
ed discontentedly The heart of the
watcher beat painfully loud no dared
not rise He had not nerve enough to
pass the sleeping nnlmnl nud rush
down the steps Terror paralyzed the
youth and prudence whispered thnt
Inactivity enn be sometimes masterly
The slow hours dragged on All the
company had nssembled down stairs
nt breakfast but bruin still slept nnd
the timid cousin watched him with
eyes that burned nnd throbbed At
last the host said Wheres Ivau
Wheres tho bear too Aud a mes
senger was dispatched to tho tower
there to llnd n pallid guest nnd his un
invited companion The messenger
routed out the bear who had been kept
ns a pet when n cub nnd who wns
renlly only half a wild beast nnd help
ed the nerve shattered youtli to dress
nnd Join the breakfast party London
Her Ambition
After the youthful but powerful in
tellects of tlit observntlon clnss Iu n
West Philadelphia school had devoted
15 minutes tho other day to making
known the results of their thoughts
upon nature and surrounding objects
the teaehei diverted their minds by
asking ench of tho dozen youngsters
what they meant to bo when they
grew up
One precocious girl of 7 looking up
nt the strong but not overly comely
face of the teacher whispered timidly
If Ize prety when I gets blgf I nm
going to be an actress but If I grows
ugly Ill be n schoolteacher Phila
delphia Record
Fnncy Wulnta In Grent Favor
Fancy waists of nil kinds remain aa
popular as ever The cut shows two
charming models One Is made up in
tucked blue satin with a very original
yenrs was Biipposed to be incurable
For a great many years doctors pro
nouueed it a local disease nnd pre
scribed local remedies and by constantly
failing to euro vsith local treatment
pronounced it incurable Science has
proven catarrh to be n constitutional
disease and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment Halls Catarrh Cure
manufactured by F J Cheney Co
Toledo Ohio is tho only constitutional
cure ou the market It is taken inter
nally in doses from 10 drops to a tea
spoonful It nets directly on the blood
nnd mucous surfaces of the system
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case it falls to cure Send for circulars
and testimonials Address
F J Cheney Co Toledo O
Sold by druggist 75c
Halls family pills are the best
For riumbine Steam Filling Pumps Taoks
WiDd Mills
And nil work in this line call on
SntUfnction Gunriintood
Firet door South of The Daily Newb Ofllce
n II tU VJ
Oregon Short Line and
Oregon R It aud Navigation Co
Hno phiced in Sonicn nn ndditionul Portland
Train This Train
Leaver Omalin t21p m nmi
arricn Portland 730 a m
Tho time of tho other Portland Train
uThe OVEtjhAflD ItlffilTED
IenviiiK Omaha b20ain
lib been reduced 2 hours aud 15 miiiiitei
Only f5 Hours nnd -10 Minutes
Hetveon Missouri Ilivernnd Portland
Splendid Equipment
For Ti mo Tables Folders Illuetratod Hooks