The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, April 26, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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W N UUBK Publisher
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Dnwson 13
Dtiuol 4
Dixon II
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Totnplionn No 22
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nnarlnlsiulniil of imbllo liiMrnrtfim
4lolmli of rnpiwontiilloii I ono iloWnto nt
largo mill onn iloWnl for nib V
iiinlnr friictlon Iboroof nml for lion M li
1S forjudge of tlo stipromn court iittlinoloo
lion lmlil In W Tho Hmninl counties boing
miiilnl in ilnlniintiui tin follow m
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Nuckolls IK
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Parkins 1
Philip U
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Ilutlo 12
Iolk 0
lloil Willow II
IllcliaiiUou 2 1
Hock A
HhIIiii H
Harpy 7
HiiiuhIith IK
Scott HlutT 4
Howard 1
Hliorlitan ft
Hliorinnli ft
Hioux 2
Slnnton 7
Tliajor 17
Tlioiuatt 1
Thurston 0
Vulliiy S
Washington U
Wimio 10
WnlwUir 12
Wlioolur 2
York 21
lnuml hut that tho ilolcuatoa nroBuut cant thu
full voto of tho ilnhatlon Tho county con
TontloiiH in thimnviual coiintioH bulil for tho
pilriHMM of HOlOCtllll lloloKlltO to thill
tlou shall soloct tho county cntnnilttoo mill of
llcorn thoroof At tho Btnto cououtlon tho
Htato coutral comnilttnoiuiiii fioin tho odd iiiiiu
borod doiiiitorlnl dltrlctB will ho uoloctod for
tho otiBUiiiK two joars and tho now statu com
mittoo will hold its mootiixr at tlm closo of tho
jitntn contention Ouivsuo Tiri T
J T Maiiaiikii Oliairiiiau
Socrotary IroToin
lion John It Hujh
No groator compliment could bo paid
a man than was tendered to Hon John
31 Hays by tho congressional conven
tion yostorday His candidacy was not
nnuounced until after niauy of tho dolo
gatioua had boon soloctod from tho
various couutios and yet in faco of tho
fact that most of tho delegates camo
hero oxpocting to voto for somoouo olso
bo popular is John 11 Hays in this
district that ho wns nominated on tho
iifth ballot nnd that with a hearty good
will that presages his election It
should not bo understood thnt Mr Hays
woe at any tlmo nn active seeker after
the nomination but his candidacy wns
aathor brought nbout through tho do
maud of Madison county that wo bo
given tho republican candidate on tho
congressional ticket a position that this
county bos not had tho honor of holding
in many yonrs Even yesterday it is
doubtful if Mr Hays was as much in
terested in tho outcome of tho contest as
his friends who wore championing his
cause Aside from tho matter of county
prido they wore conviucod that ho was
tho most available mau in tho field for
the position honco tholr ellorts in his
behalf were earnest and sincere
Mr HayB ha all tho roiuireniauts of
uv statesman Ho has brains in abund
ance ho is a bright original speaker ho
is prepossessing in appearance and ho
laid tho foundation for boing a man of
affairs by being born in Ohio and on n
farm This happy event took place in
Clinton county on April UO 1845
When he was loss than u year old his
father dlod and all that John It Hays
iB today he can attributo to his own
Ewrsovorance and hard work Mr Hays
aiow carries an empty sleevo where his
yight arm ought to bo This was
brought about through an accident
which occurrod whon ho wns n farmer
boy 14 years old Ho was ridiug one of
the horses attached to ax reaper when
the team ran away and threw him uu
der tho sickle which so mangled his
arm that amputation just below the
ehoulder was necessary Surgery in
those dnys was much more crude thnu
it is now nud he was compelled to suffer
the tortures of tho damned during tho
operation which was necessary and
which was done without the use of
unaesthetics This is a subject which
even yet Mr Hay does not refer to
without living ovor tho terror of that
day nud in an aquaiutauce of nearly 13
rears the writer has never heard him
speak of it but ouco
After the misfortune overtook him of
course his whole lifo was changed For
a number of years ho alternated his
time between teaching school and at
tending college graduating from the
Cornell college at Mt Vernon Iowa
with the class of CO After that he
taught school a few years lougor He
moved to Story county Iowa in 1807
where he remained uutil 1880 While
in that coumy he was elected couuty
aapcriuteudont of schools aud at tho
expiration of his term of oflico he was
elected county auditor which position
he hold during five terms or ten years
positively refutliK to bo rv camHclnto
rtRnln Kvon iluriiiK lil coIIoko tlnyn ho
hiul boon stutlyiiiK Inw mid wlitlo In
olllco lio dovototl nil htsHiro tlmo totlio
pursuit of Hint brnnoh which nttmctod
hliuso tliut in ISSi ho wumulmltted to
tho Imr with hluhost lionorH
hi I8S0 ho enrnu to Norfolk to itccopt tho
portion of cfishlor of tho Norfolk Nation
itl lmnk which ho hold for your mid n
hulf mid thou ioslBcd tocntorthopruo
tlco of IiIh profession which ho hits boon
actively mid Hticcossfully oiiBiiftod ovor
hIiico lit fltmuls now ono of tho lend
ing nioinberH of tho bur of north No
liiiiskn mid Is n ninu in whom tliopooplo
lmvo tho utmoHt conlldoneo whurovor ho
is known Uo hns ft wido nciiuuintnnco
tliroiiKliout tho Htuto mid If ho isolootod
to tho position to which ho is nomlnntcd
ho will nutko a congrossinmi who will
reflect credit upon tho Third district
Holms boon u republican ninco ho wns
anything in n political way mid ho has
novor hesitated to spend his tlmo and
monoy In furthering tho Interests of
republicanism and his frlonds fool thoy
havo tho right to expect tho satuo sup
port for him that ho has so cheerfully
glvon to othors in tho past
It may bo rouiarkod incidentally that
tho facts for this skotoh woro obtained
only in part from Mr Hays fragments
boing plckod up from othor sources
known to lo correct
A dologato to tho convontlou yostor
day ronmrkod that Madison county was
protty well flxod for candidates for con
gross or nhnost certain to bo and tho
fact cannot bo douiod Tho county is
tho homo of both congressional candi
dates of tho district and ono souatorial
aspirant provided tho oflico trust at
Madison again asserts its prerogative
Tho republican undoubtedly camo to
tho sonsiblo conclusion that flro should
bo fought with flro and dooldod thnt a
candldato taken from near tho hot bod
would bo in a bottor position than any
other to broak tho combination All
tho same it has boon many years since
Madison county was ropresoutod in
cougross by a republican or even favored
with a candldato for tho position
Hon ltobert M Novln tomporary
chairman of tho republican state conven
tion of Ohio in his nddress boforo that
body mado a uumbor of poignant obser
vations In speaking of tho Philippine
situation ho said I cannot under
stand how auy mau born and raised in
tho United States of Amorica familiar
with tho spirit of our peoplo governed
by its institutions roared under our
lag can bollovo for ono instant that any
administration that over could be
elected could or would daro do anything
oxcopt that it would lead to the peace
and tho happiness aud tho prosperity of
this people
Tho Madison couuty republican con
vention seems to havo set tho pace in
tho coutost among certain party loaders
for tho position of uatlounl committee
man nnd it is quito tho thing for con
ventions to send delegates uninstructed
while newspapers uro nlmost unani
mously urging iudopoudeut action nnd
nro endeavoring to pour oil on tho
troubled waters It mny yet transpire
that matters will be adjusted to tho
satisfaction of tho aspirants and tho
good of tho party
Tho republican convention of the
Third district was not unanimously for
any one candldato but they arrived at a
unanimous decision aud there were no
soro heads whou tho result was an
nounced Tho candidates came with au
honest dotermluatiou to try for tho
honors but were willing to submit to
tho docroes of tho delegates
He Could Shoot Straight
Said the man who had traveled
Years ago In a western frontier town
a traveler footsore and weary arrived
ono afternoon and mado his way down
tho one street of tho burg He wits
suddenly startled by tho sounds of
shots nud looking up discovered four
men shooting at one another Tho
men were standing nt the four comer
of nn Imaginary square nud each wns
shooting at the mau catneoruer to him
llclng lu whnt ho btipposed n safe posi
tion ho paused to watch tho outcomo
of tlio fray when a bullet going wldo
of Its Intended mark cut by his ear
That roused his wrath and drawing
his pistol he dropped the man In his
tracks who had all but dropped him
Another bullet Hying wldo from Its
mail but near to the stranger caused
him to lay out ono of tho other pair
and tho two remaining men sought
safety In flight In that particular
town duels had been previously com
paratively harmless amusements ow
lug to the poor marksmanship of tho
contestants but tho man who could
shoot had nrrived and the inhabitants
although they turned out to greet him
in u body nnd grant him tho freedom
of the city did so in manifest awe and
Whenever ho told the story after
ward he used to wind It up impress
ively by saying And boys in that
town after that they went around mo
as If I hud been a swamp New
York Tribune
JVlicrc llopo Muttered
Negroes nro unconsciously humor
ous The other day two roustabouts
were overheard talking They mot on
the levee after ono had been absent
from the city for several weks
Hello Bill how is ycr said tho
Well was the reply do doctors is
give mo up but de police alut Mem
phis Sclmltjtr
A young womnii nitlst In this city
who became an adept In dellcato proc
esses of enameling while studying In
Paris hns Just completed a gold nnd
enamel noso for n woman who hud
lost that oignti from cancer The suf
feier hud tiled lo conceal hor dlsllg
uremiiit by wax nuses but tnln nnd
sunshine plnyed hnvoc with thorn
llubber noses bIio found too heavy for
everyday wear nnd besides they had
to bo touched up frequently to keep
Ihem piosontuble Tho rubber too
Irritated tho skin
The nttlst suggested nn experiment
8 1 it offered to bi fjr the expense In enso
of failure aud woman without n
nose consented
Prom pliiHtor of pnrls tho artist mold
ed a 1 1 illy nrtlntlc nose miltuhlc to tho
pnllents stylo of faco Then she took
the cast to Maiden Innc nnd bought
gold nnd lind it carefully shuped after
tho pattern IJy drawing out very
finely the edges where the metal would
touch the llesh the lines of contact
when the noso wns worn woro hnrdly
detectable A pair of spectacles fas
tened to tho nose held the noso In place
Then camo the niof ticklish part of
tho work the ennmcllng
Tho noso wns re enameled 10 times
before tho artist wns satisfied that sho
had matched exactly the womans com
plexion As the patients sklu was
dark and reddish and full of color it
wns difficult to Imitate Finally how
ever when the nose was finished it
was as natural as could bo darkest at
tho rootB lightest nt tho bridge and on
the tip and It rose out of tho faco In
stend of resting ngalnst It Now tho
woman hns n better shaped noso than
Bho over bad before and besides tho
most durable one Now York Herald
llne HecomlnK Scarce
The Chicago Tlmcs nerald says that
during the coming winter there will bo
nn army of 35000 men euguged In tho
remaining pine forests of Minnesota
Wisconsin nud Michigan cutting logs
for tho market Tho present supply of
pine lumber Is insutllclent to meet tho
demand nud It will not be many years
before consumers will bo obliged to go
out of the country to get auy couslder
ablo quantities of white pine In 1802
the three white plno states Minnesota
Michigan nnd Wisconsin were cutting
nt the rnto of 7000000000 feet annual
ly which thoy hnd six years Inter re
duced to 5500000000 feot Todny tho
country Is bnclr on the basis of con
sumption In 1802 and the basis of pro
duction In 1S0S nnd It will tnkc some
time to mako up the difference of
1500000000 feet The forests of Mich
igan and Wisconsin are now so nearly
exhausted that they can never mako it
up aud the entire burden will rest on
the Duluth nnd Minneapolis districts
in Miuuesota For the next teu years
thoso two districts can probably pro
duce as much pine as they are now
cutting At that time tho end of tho
white pine timber in the United States
will bo In sight
Delaware nnd the WhlpitnK Poat
It Is said that the morals of Kent
county Del are Improving On Sat
urday only two men were lashed at tho
whipping post the first to suffer in six
months Mnkiug tho punishment fit
tho crime hns a peculiar application lu
Kent county Tho culprit Is not only
brought up publicly to the post but
tho olllclals allow him to hear tho ro
mnrks of the crowd which nro often
uncomplimentary nnd the kodak men
can get all tho snap shots desired with
out charge
Without doubt the ignominy of pun
ishment under such circumstances
must be keen to ono who is still moral-
y sensitive but tho effect on tho ha
Mtunl criminal may be different The
object lessou Is n terrible one but so
nro the crimes for which the lnshlng Is
administered A wife beater for in
stance does not deserve tender treat
ment from tho law If he cannot bo
reformed by other means the lash Is
none too severe for his crime Dela
ware Is making a thorough experiment
of this matter and whether tho whip
plug post Is adopted elsewhere or not
the lessons of tho oxporlment will not
bo lost Baltimore American
Two nenaona
Yon mustnt play with Mr Borumt
hat Bobby Bald a young lady who
was entertaining a caller to her small
Why mustnt I asked the young
Because you might break It re
plied his sister and besides he will
want It shortly Chicago News
Thcro is inoro catarrh iu this secitou
of the country thau all other diseases
put together nud until tho last few
years wns supposed to bo incurable
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease nud pre
scribed local remedies aud by constantly
failing to euro with local treatment
prououueed it incurable Science has
proven catarrh to bo a constitutional
disease nud thiroforo requires
treatment Halls Catarrh Cure
manufactured by P J Cheney Co
Toledo Ohio is tho ouly constitutional
euro on tho market It is taken Inter
nally in doses from 10 drops to a ta
spoouful It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfnees of the system
They oiler one hundred dollars for auy
case it falls to cure Send for circulars
aud testimonials Address
F J Chkkev Co Toledo O
Sold by druggist 75o
Halls family pills aro tho best
Apiillcntluu fur Saloon Liquor Llcriue
Matter of tho application of Sam
Notice is hereby given that Sam
Schneider did on tho 14th day of April
1000 file his application to tho village
trustees of the town of Battlo Creek
Nebraska for liceuso to sell malt spirit
uous and vinous liquorsat Uattlo Creek
Nebraska from the 1st doy of May
1D00 to the 30th day of April 1901 at
lot 4 block 17 in tho building known
as tho Hans building
if it trots no objection romonstrnuco
or protost filed within two weeks from
tho 10th day of April 1100 said Hconso
will bo granted Sam SniNKinrn
Application for Saloon Liquor llcmin
Mattor of application of Harry Lodor
for a liquor license
Notice is horoby given that Harry
Lodor did ou tho 10th day of March
1000 filo his application to tho mayor
and city council of tho city of Norfolk
Nebraska for liconso to sou malt
spirituous and vinous liquors nt Norfolk
Nouruska from tno 1st day of May 1100
tothoWfh day of April 1101 at east
ij lot 4 block 1 of Koenigstolns addition
in first ward of said city
If thoro is uo objection remonstrance
or protest filod within two wooks from
tho llth day of iMnroli 1100 tut said
license will bo granted
J O Stitt City Olork
A ppl lent Ion fur Saloon Liquor Ilrniiftc
Mattor of application of Wm G
Borner for a liquor liconso
Notice Is hereby given that Win Q
Bonier did on the 27th day of March
1000 filo his application to tho mayor
and city couucil of tho city of Nor
folk Nebraska for liconso to soil malt
spirituous aud vinous liquors at Norfolk
Nebraska from tho 1st day of May 1000
to tho IJOth day of April 1001 at lot 11
block 5 original town in First ward of
Said city
If thoro is uo objection romonstrnuco
or protost filed within two weeks from
the 27th day of March 1000 tho sold
licouEO will bo grnntod
J O Stitt City Olork
Application Tor Saloon Liquor Liconso
Matter of application of JoBoph
Vlazuoy for a liquor liceuso
Notlco 1b hereby given that Joseph
Vlazney did on tho 10th day of April
1000 filo his application to tho mayor
aud city council of tho city of Norfolk
Nebraska for liconso to sell malt
spirituous and vinous liquors at Norfolk
Nebraska from tho 1st day of May
1000 to tho 10th day of April 1001 at
lot 4 block 1 Koenigsteius addition in
First ward of said city
If there is no objection remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
tho 10th day of April 1000 tho said
liconso will bo grautod
J O Stitt City Clerk
Application for Saloon Liquor Llcmmo
Matter of application of William Blatt
for a liquor liceuso
Notico Is hereby given that William
Blatt did on tho Gth day of April 1000
filo his application to the mayor and city
council of tho city of Norfolk Nebraska
for license to sell malt spirituous and
vinous liquors nt Norfolk Nebraska
from tho 1st day of May 1000 to the
30th day of April 1001 at lot 14 block
4 origiual town In First ward of Baid
If there is no objection remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
tho 0th day of April 1000 the Baid
license will bo granted
J O Stitt City Clerk
Application for Saloon Liquor License
Matter of application of Geo Eble for
a liquor license
Notice is hereby given that Geo Eble
did on the 27th day of March 1000 file
his application to the mayor and city
council of the city of Norfolk Nebraska
for license to sell malt spirituous and
vinous liquors at Norfolk Nebraska
from tho 1st day of May 1000 to the
30th day of April 1001 at lot 0 block
2 Mathowsons addition in First ward
of said city
If there is uo objection remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
the 27th day of March 1000 the said
liconso will bo granted J C Stitt
City Clerk
Application tor Saloon Liquor License
Matter of application of Chas
Rico for a liquor license
Notico is hereby given that Chas Rice
did on tho 30th day of March 1000 file
his application to tho mayor and city
council of the city of Norfolk Nebraska
for liconso to sell malt spirituous and
vinous liquors ut Norfolk Nebraska
from tho 1st day of May 1000 to the
30th day of April 1001 at lot ouo block
two Boars addition in First ward of
said city
If there is no objection remonstrance
or protest filod within two weeks from
the 30th day of March 1000 the said
liceuso will be granted
J O Stitt City Clerk
Application for Drueglgta Liquor License
Matter of application of J L Her
shisor for a liquor license
Notico is hereby given that J L
Hershiser didon the 15th day of March
1000 file his application to tho mayor
and city council of the city of Norfolk
Nebraska for license to sell malt
spirituous and vinous liquors tor medic
inal mechanical and ohemical purposes
at Norfolk Nebraska from tho 1st day
of May 1900 to the 30th day of April
1901 At lot 8 block 4Norfolk Junction
in fourth ward of said city
If there is no objection remoustrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
the Kith day of March 1900 tho said
liceuso will bo granted
J O Stitt City Clerk
Agents wanted for the best typewriter
on tho market the Pittsburg Visible
writing iu Bight at all times exclusive
territory given Address Bindley Hard
ware company Pittsburg Pa
Everybody wants the best oj
meats We make a speoia1
effort to please our trade
Oar Shop 1b the Neatest
iu tbe City
Miss Bruuotto Hello I Got a new Sailor
Miss Bloudo Yes this Is ono of Inskcops CO centers
Miss Bruuotto Wolll Forovermoro 1
Miss Bloudo Yes a funny thing happonod I tried ou several hats
and enllors aud whou thoy showed mo this ouo I liked tho looks of It
and It was so becoming I guoss thoy nro becoming to everybody And
soo it Is that now rough Jap Brnld and I thought it was all right nud
worth nbout 85 cents nnd whon thoy said CD ceuts Well I you could hnvo
knocked mo down with n steam hamnior
Miss Bruuotto I Forovermoro I
Miss Bloudo I Yes nud thoy had that now Drop Brim Sailor at 08
conts and ono othor ouo that thoy are making n run on nt 39 ceuts
Miss Bruuotto I Forovermoro I
Miss Bloudo Yes it was Saturday whon 1 got miuo and they woro
nearly all gone but said thoy would havo thorn in ngaiu this week Aud
say did you ovor iu all your born days seo such a lot of elegant nnd
really practical stylish hatB Hats mado to wear not for mere window
display as thoy havo at IuBkeops
Miss Brunette Wolll Forovermoro
sSxxJx 4 x8S4xms 444J4S4k
Tried Them
The Norfolk Bicycle Men Proprietors
Manufacturers Jobbers nud Doators Iu
Bicycles Sundries Parts and Repairs
for Wnltham Manufacturing Vs Orlont Bicycles tho Finest Strongest
nnd Fastest Hicjclo in tho World Wo also liiiudlo tho Acmo World Tribune Hoobo
Sjcnmoro Puttee nud our own mako either chain or clminloss which will bo knouu ns
tho Ahlman Specials
We do Repairing Promptly and Reasonable
G A LU1KAUT President
CHAS S BRIDGE Vice President
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 85000
Buy and sell exchango on this country and all parts of Europe
Directors Gael Abmcs W U Joitnson Chas S Bridge C
Swank G A Ldikabt T F Memminoeb L Sessions
Farm Loans
W Bbaasch
W B BBAASOH Asst Casuieu
The Norfolk Building and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
N A BAIN BOLT President
W H BtJOHOLZ Cashier
E V ZUTZ Assistant Cashier
Capital 10000000
Surplus 2000000
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Sells Exohange
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Drafts and Money Orders Sold on any Point in Europe
A General Steamship and Foreign Passage Business Transacted
Railroad and Business Directory
I o
Fremont Elkhorn Mo Valley
0mnlmPa8Bcnger 6M a m
ChlciiKO ExpresB 1210 p m
Chlcnifo Kxprosg 7Up m
Oiniilm Passenger 1210 pm
Black Hilts express 710pm
Vnrdlgre lasseuger 1210 p m
Venliro Accommodation P00am
Black Hills Express 1120 pm
VordiKro Passenger 005 a in
Verdigris Accommodation 70pm
Tlm Chicago and Black HIUs Express arrives
and departs from Junction depot The Omaha
aud Yerdlgre trains arrivo and depart from city
depot H O Matbau Agent
Union Pacific
Tolumlms Accommodation 03 pm
Omaha Dourer aud Pacltio Coast 1100 a in
Columbus Ace mmodation 1030pm
Omaha Kouvor aud Pacific coast 000 pm
Connects at Norfolk with P E A M V going
nest and north and with tho O Bt P M A O
for points uortli aud past
F W Jonkman Agent
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis
BIoux City and Omaha Passenger 030 am
Sioux CltjPassonger 100pm
Sioux City Passenger 103iam
Biocx City aud Omaha Passenger 730 pm
Counects at Norfolk with F E A M V goiug
west and north and with tho U P for points
south F V JcNEMAf Agent
Jal except Sunday
Spencer Ovetmcn
Boots and oes
Repairing Neatly Done
Contractor and Builder
1 1 7 Fourth Street
Cheapest and Best
Norfolk Avenue
The Norfolk Horseshoep
All Wobk Jiabanteed
Cor 4h St and Braascu Av