The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, April 05, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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The Mother of Consiunnlion
How this Dread tlcwc May brProentu and
Curcd The drcatut nl Specialists Wrltra
on the Subject
Cslnrrh Is tlm mother of eniisniniillnn
llr tills I tli II ini iui inni ii rry rnwm i
floe Into coiinuiiiilioii bull
ilo lnnin tlml rnimiii wiipiiuii
rlirt ktsl niu wlii n lilt i n tlm
iirtiixT oiiiirtniiHli fur IUlen
don from llx plnr imf Ik hIiiiiIiuc
nlilrli I the nnNil ihimiikoki
iImIxt mill iliiiHr along llii
tiroiitliltiu trnrt Inviirliililr wnl
lii1iiiiiiiiiMloiior IIik Liiiibi
1iitnrrli niiltmi iIckIiojh niif
iWBiyi rnnslilrriiMi lm 01 uw iium hub
LipLv fc luirfncn of Hi iiltcr iilr im
itgKriflfcW hitch II Inllmni d mill roiuii st
RKNF llifin raining iiMinllr I
TmI nlntAittil mill offotiMto din
rlmrcPtlml lion It nwIiimi tlm H f1
lliilniiot llinlmlMlkn liiiiKtiilialiil I ll llKl J
thn mlliiiniitloii and rowii flloli ilch
rliwthfn wiwll lr inwniMs n nil iilli w ItiK Him
imlrlililldrlinritKil matter d iimiw at n r i 1 i rot
tinu iihiit of bin mninliriiinN rwnlllnu In wlml wii
rKlVVidimiitiiin of tlm Lungs A
Tlmtmiiliiid of rnliirrh hImmi II liiwoiicnolitnllieil
1 foolliill In iinv portion iif thn VA rnT
wlilch line men emit ot Hm hod lulo rnnMiilitl
starts ii it d
Onturrli In iilimwt u irs Indliuiro
fniniiiniilrkiiimn 111 coil In tlm lmii I I his rolil is
sdiMl ilo iiimliii r Ikm humi itt poiii i ttn iiiwirfi
nrwiniilinr of II111 hjMkiii 11ml Iiwoiiii h rlminlr
NsmI t irrh H Hi n diilt 1olcid 11 riiilli nlriirii of
tlilNin llloi ldirnrli l tlm 1 IdoiiM iidji H riijli II
litllin thniit to Hi Immrliliil tubes ami then to tlm
tJnniiiiiiillniiriiiiiot Im rincil Nun lungs riinnnt
Iniiiimliiforii mini niiy mine limn imw lingers or 11
inn iiidiiliiit rnliirrli run Im cured In nil Hm rtutrt
iirtittlitdlliiiil nil iilmijd IiiImIiiiiii
In 1111 inimrlnniM of twonlv jeiit during tite Jj
tliur1 liiintrimliMl nmny thousand of rases of nil
roriiidiifrnliirrli I Juno inner Jit falli il tiinllrrlii
ruillcnl mill iHinniiiliiil cute llii imllioil I Iliilliir
IdiiimiiKrtitdltKlv nivimn 11ml Hm riiiiwllpiiwlililil
usnnro vriiniriil undor my iwiiinl illrecllnn In my
iiitii InlHiriiliirlnd
MiinvmiiioliniKlnii HiiV ImMiConmimiil onwliiii
In riilty Hm iIIimiho luid not niilt rciiclmil Hint
Mnuii I inn trmilliiif imil ciirlnu ciim h r Hild rort
nviryiliy So Imiif im Hm iinyi dd of diTiiy Imyn
tioiruii liitlin ItliiKt tlinmiMilvtw 1 cull limku tlio tmtlont
lerfirlly ull 11ml dtnmK nifiiln
nnoiN at oNcn
It mo onco inoro urifo nil mliirrlinl Minrjrn In
tPHlolriiitmiMit nt onpo for n nimitli of trciiliucnt
now Id lxUir Hinn H10 Hiroo montlid lntir on
1 hIiiiII limko for tlm not month 11 KiiiClully low Imi
fur tlm Iriiilmiiit of mtnrrli not ciiiiilllcnlii Iiy
tnnklnir no oitru rlmri forulluiwl
lclniw do Uiutuiiiy Iki riHiuiroil
Dr Iliitlmwiiy Co
Coinnurclul Hloili Sioux CllyIowa
North -Western
p E IB V R U Is the best to and
from the
North Nebraska
My wlfo bad pimples on har face but
ibe has boon taUlna CASOAUISTS and thoy
have nil dUappoarod I had boon troubled
wltb oonitlDiuton for nomo tlmo but after
Idb tbo first Casoarot I bavo bad no trnublo
wltb tnl ftllmont Wo oannot npoalc too high
ly of Casorcts FnED Wahtman
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bmd Ii tiling tobacco bbtt
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reu 11
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Pcrllnc Kemedy Co Chlcaco r New York
nml In that way he Iiiih encouraged 1110
until Im likely to lame myHulf for llf
If I dont Htop goliiK to his place
One day It was a war picture that he
was making 1 was a Yankee shooting
a Spaniard- When I lieKitn to pose the
Ktin Lorrlmer gave me was Just an or
dinary rllle Half an hour later It was
a lit Inch cannon to Judge by the
lust as 1 was on the verge of col
lapse the prettiest girl in the world
walked Into the studio Thats the on
ly way to describe her Mv heart didnt
beat for ten minutes after she came In
lint Lorrlmer well you know hltn
He merely nodded his head toward a
chair on the other side of the room and
went right on with his job
The girl seemed to be used to that
kind ofreception She walked or glid
ed or lloated or whatever word Is good
Enough to describe such a carriage as
she has over to the chair that he had
indicated and sat down In It
ioiTliner Had posed me in such a
way that 1 was pointing the gun ex
aetly at the girls head She didnt
r coiii to mind it much but it was al
together too thrilling for me and I
gently shifted my aim
Dont move Dont move yelled
Lorrlmer Get back to your pose or
youll ruin everything
I didnt want to spoil his picture so
1 hastily resumed my position Then
the girl started to move her chair but
Lorrlmer called out
Keep still Alice You bother me
And she subsided This Interesting
situation lasted for about teji minutes
and then Lorrlmer said All right as
if he had been a hypnotist aud I his
subject and he jumped up and went
across the room to shake hands with
the girl
Splendid model I heard her whis
per Who Is he-
Ills names Williams Lorrlmer re
plied Shall 1 Introduce him
She laughed and said Certainly
and Lorrlmer galloped through the
form of an Introduction 1 was pretty
warm by Unit time In this democratic
laud professional models may be as
good as anybody else but I didnt care
to be mistaken for one It was espe
cially painful that the error should be
made by a member of the profession
who ought to know the trademark
Perhaps 1 might have scorned her
Judgment if she had not been so atro
ciously pretty and so well got up If
I had not recognized her as the origi
nal of many female llgures in Lorrl
mers plctuies I might have thought
her an acquaintance of his In high so
ciety despite her free and easy way of
wandering Into a gentlemans studio
and the brusque treatment accorded
In conversation she was as sweet as
she could be She talked about art
with that superllcial familiarity that
people get who frequent studios yet I
could see that she had considerable ap
preciation of what was really good
When 6hc mentioned posing of
course she gave the Idea that she did
It for amusement and because art
wouldnt be art If she didnt whereas
I did It for a living and being a pro
fessional could doubtless teach her a
great many things
Lorrlmer was hugging himself with
delight He Is a practical Joker who
stops at nothing Hed let himself be
buried alive for the sake of getting a
laugh on the sexton The way in which
he treated me as if I were worth SO
cents an hour and no more was beauti
ful to see
1 fell In with him to the best of ruy
ability If the girl couldnt tell the
difference between me and a profes
sional model I would not point it out
to her It struck me that 6he might
feel worse about it If she found out
JwwwJwW9wvi wvt4
i l J JI
llnnico I ori Itiii r lie llliiHtriilor Iiiir
n Httidlo on 1 lie top llnor if tin- Uokiih
liultilliiK I k P tliin rroitiiiily lit
ciiiiho 1 llko 11 tn anil tin view from IiIh
Htuillo wlmlowH
lh iiiiuly nlwityH 1h for
I1I111 IiihIiik Ih linnl work If I over
Iohi Hit propiily wlilfli my aiiccHtorn
wimo 11ml IlititiKli U iiiiiiih 1 hIiiiII lint
turn o pohliiK Tor a living Wn won
derful how tlriMl oiiii kiIh HtamlliiK or
cviMi Hit Inn ptrfectly Ht 111 for half an
hour lint IoitIiiht has played 011 my
vanity lie Iiiih told ine that I ean
hold a piiHe Ioiikim than any one cIhc
that Im 11 llerenleH for HtamltiiK on
one foot In the attitude of a man ko
liiK tii HtalrH with no HtnlrH to ko up
CojivriflM SS9 Xv Cfuult W Hook
5I J
her mistake at a later day MoauwhlU
I treated her with the deference appro
priate to my humble station nml let
me lemnrk right here In parenthesis
that nt duference 1 could show to her
If I were the sole ruler of the universe
would be more than her due
However I could not help cherishing
n petty resentment against her for the
estimate she had made of me ami so
I was willing to let the little Joko run
on There was good sport for a few
minutes and then I positively had to
I knew that 1 should meet Alice I
hadnt caught her last name again In
Lorrliners studio and as a matter of
fact she was there the very next time
I called That day Lorrlmer got uh to
pose together for a society picture
something sweet and sentimental I
had the pleasure during almost an hour
of gazing Into the softest brown eyes
In the world while I maintained a
loverllko attitude that nearly broke
my neck
That evening Cnrletftn King came
round to see me nt my rooms and from
him I learned some facts about Lorrl
mens model Alice tJray Mns her
name and she was well liked in all
the studios because she posed so well
for society stuff
She had three swell dresses that
were her business capital anil by
means of them and the pcrsonnl charm
that gave them grace she earned from
7 to 10 a week Aud she had to
take care of a little sister who was an
I relleeted quite seriously upon this
information nml the more I relleeted
the less easily could I reconcile any de
ception practiced upon Biich a girl with
my Idea of gentlemanly conduct How
ever I couldnt bring myself to tell her
who I was for I was afraid she would
treat me differently If I did and I was
more than satisfied with the situation
exactly as it was
We met frequently at Lorrliners stu
dio Indeed we posed for nil the llg
ures In that long series of illustrations
that he made for Ilentnu Ives Inter
minable magazine serial In half a
dozen sets of characters she was the
loved and I the lover
I was on my knees before her until I
wore a hole in Lorrliners hard pine
lloor I posed with my arm around
her I kissed her hand I wns accept
ed with maidenly reserve I was re
jected with scorn In fact I passed
one half my time pretending to be in
love with her and the other half try
ing not to be for It really wouldnt do
you know I was fully aware of that
Williams said Lorrlmer to me one
day you make a great lover You
look the part
And Alice laughed and said I was
the most realistic man In that capaci
ty that she had ever met
I had made up my mind that thei
thing had gone far enough Without
allowing myself to be an Idiot about it
1 couldnt help noticing that Alice was
becoming Interested in me I couldnt
let that go on
Then there wns another aspect of the
case 1 wanted to help her 1 learnt 1
from King that the poor little sister
was worse that she needed everything
that the rich can have and others ennt
aud that there had been some talk of
a subscription among the artists Now
of course 1 could have ilxed that whole
matter and my pocket would never
have known the difference but
couldnt do It In the character of a f0
cents an hour model
I had decided Just how and when I
should tell her all about it and then
of course I did It exactly as 1 wouldnt
have planned to do We had left the
studio together and were wnlklng up
llroadway Hroadway of all places for
v oil
such a scene She said that she must
hurry home nnd I saw a pained look
In her face
Alice said I theres a secret 1
must tell you and nows the time Thli
begins like a scene in a melodrama
but dont you laugh Ive been sailing
under false colors and I want to hoist
the true ones Im not a model 1
cant lay claim to that or any other
honest trade Im merely a rich fellow
with nothing to do aud no disposition
to do anything even If 1 had It Im
the son nnd heir of the Williams Iron
works aud the Iroquois Loan and Trust
company Do you see that bank right
ncross the street We happened to
be opposite the Ninth NaUonal Well
that bank would cash my check for a
Naturally when I spoke of the bank
her eyes turned In that direction In
stantly nlio Interrupted mo with n
sharp cry
Walt she exclaimed Walt for
me liortl Ill cotno backl
And she darted across the Btreet re
gardless of cable cars and lesser com
mcrclal Juggernauts Hho disappeared
In the Ninth National bank building
and a moment Inter regardless of her
request I rushed nfter her
The situation wan too much for me
It looked as If the girl had gone across
to I mill I re what my balance was which
you will admit would have been a very
unusual proceeding I could not find
her In the bank and the king of tho
elevators In the main hall said that ho
had seen no one answering that de
scription After a fruitless search 1
returned to the spot where wo had
parted regretting deeply my folly In
over having left It Alice did not ap
On reaching my homo In the Ilelle
aire apartments late that afternoon
the hnllbov handed me a letter that
had been addressed to me thero In
care of the Janitor The envelope
bore the name of ho llrayton Car
Wheel company and the letter within
merely requested John Williams to call
at the ofllce on a matter that mlglfc
prove to be considerably to his advan
I knew Chnrley llrayton of that com
pany very slightly but had never nipt
his father who Is the head of the firm
I Judged that young llrayton had dic
tated a note to me about some club
matter and that a stupid secretary bad
mlxed It with some other
llelng down town the next day I
called at the llrayton companys of
llce Charley was not In but the old
gentlcmnn wns just passing by as I
gave my name to the boy nt the rail
Williams Williams said he
Oh yes let him come in
I followed the pompous old fellow
into his oflice He seated himself and
beamed upon me through powerful
glasses which however appeared not
to quite remedy tho defects of his
Williams said he I have been in
formed by a a person In whoso opin
ion I have the greatest confidence that
you are a very worthy fellow
Dont you ever have confidence In
lint persons opinion again snld I
Hes off his base
The old mans Jaw dropped
More likely perhaps he was refer
ring to somebody else I continued
I am Jack Williams loafer and any
clubman In town will tell you that Im
no good at any honest work for I
take It my dear sir from your man
ner Unit under some strange misap
prehension you were about to offer me
a job
Is Mr Williams lie
stammered to be perfectly frank with
you my daughter who sometimes vis
Its the studio of her cousin Mr Horace
Lorrimer told me that you were earn
ing a precarious living as an artists
model and that she believed you capa
ble of better things
Mny I ask Mr llrayton if you have
seen your daughter since yesterday
No sir no sir 1 have not I spent
the night out of town I am told by a
young man who was hero a few min
utes ago that my daughter narrowly
missed me yesterday afternoon nt the
Ninth National bank She saw me
from across the street or something of
that sort 1 dont fancy It could have
related to this mntter
Hut It did snld I Miss llrayton
had just been Informed that I did not
need work aud she wanted to tell you
about It In a hurry knowing that oth
erwise she mightnt see you till today
At that moment Alice herself burst
Into the olllce She checked herself
suddenly nt sight of me and stood
thero looking from one to the other
of us
Well I hope you nnd father have
had a good time snld she at last
We havent quarreled yet said I
Hes offered me a Job but it isnt the
one I want
Whats that
I want him to engage me as a son-in-law
She looked at the second button of
my waistcoat for about a quarter of a
minute nnd hen up into my face again
I hnve already recommended you
highly for 11 ny position she said
So that was all settled and nothing
remained but to square accounts with
Lorrlmer and his usslstant Ilur Carle
ton King
Const w I fce
Papa said Tommy Northslde who
laid been reading news from the Atlan
tic shore what kind of a steamer Is
a coastwise steamer
A steamer wise enough to keep off
the rocks along the coast replied Mr
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serious diseases begin in a diseased condition of the stomach and organs of
digestion and nutrition The stomach is really the vital center of physical
life It furnishes the blood which nourishes the whole body in brain as
well as brawn When the stomach is weak it is not equal to the work of
supplying the blood upon which depends the strength and vigor of the body
Without this essential blood supply the body weakens in all its organs The
condition of the body when the blood stream runs low is the same as that
of the mill when the mill stream runs low There is
not enough power to do the work The heart feels the
lack of power the brain feels it so do the lungs nerves
liver and all the vital organs Dr Iierces Golden
Medical Discovery cures the weak stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition increases the activity
of the blood making glands and pours a tide of pure
blood along the arteries and veins which nourishes
every organ into strength It is the great stouiacli
strengtheuing nerve nourishing lung healing muscle
making remedy of the age It contains no alcohol and
is free from opium cocaine aud all other narcotics
Doctors Disagree
About ten years ntjo I began to have trouble with my
stomrich writes Mr Win Connolly of 555 Walnut Stteet
Iorain Ohio It Rot so bad that I hid to lay off finite
often two and three days in n wet k 1 hae lutn tr nted
by the best doctors in this city but gut 110 help Some
said I had cancer of the stomach others caturli othus
dyspepsia Then I wrote to you for advice You advised
the use of your Oolilen Medical Discovery and lleatant
Pellets These medicines I have taken as directed I
commented to get better from the start ami have not lost a
day thissummer on account of my stomach I feci tip top
and better than I have for ten jears
Keep tho bowels healthy by
using Dr Pierces Pleasant Pcl
lets They dont gripe They aro
easy to take and sure to cure
womanhood aiding development
known remedy for women equals them
They overcome Weak
ness Srreguluritv ami
omissions increase
ur ttuu uuumu pains
aro LIFE SAVEBS to girls at
of organs and bodv Kn
Cannot do harm life
becomes a pleasure 81 OO lJ51t BOX BY MAIL
by druggists Dlt MOTTS CHEMICAL CO Cleveland Ohio
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of our medicine ulto Free Home Treatment a HOpago lUubtratuu book describ
ing symptoms and cause of dlbeoscs with bebt treatment also many valuable recipes
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Dr Kays Renovator
cures tho veryworst cases of Dyspepsia Constipation Headache Palpitation of
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