The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, March 29, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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S 15 Towers of Juuiota was In Nor
folk yesterday
M Healil was iu town yesterday
from Crcighton
A A Welch nnd son of Way mi wore
In Norfolk yesteiduy
Mrs O Hoiuun of Battle Creek was n
city visitor yesterday
I II Seaburv of Pliinviow was in
the city over Sunday
7 W Turner of Wayno was in tho
Sugar Oity yesterday
T D Precco of liattlo Creek was n
city visitor yesterday
Miss Gruca Hunter of Wakifleld is
visiting Norfolk friends
Mr nnd Mrs Huntley of Stanton
were city visitors yesterday
Mrs Goo A Brooks of Hnzilo Mills
was a oity visitor yesterday
W W Hughes sister of Sioux City
Iowa is visiting him a lew days
Mrs Sjhoucglo was shopping iu tho
city jestordny from Battle Cretk
Mrs Kuhn has accepted a position in
Miss BendcrB millinery emporium
T D King a Wayno attorney was a
Visitor in this metropolis yesterday
If Mrs Dan Metealf returned lust night
jfrom a visit to friends at Madison
Mrs A 13 Lane and son of Scribner
are in tho city visiting Norfolk friends
M J Moyer and W E Reed wero
Norfolk visitors yesterday fiom Madi
Miss May Durland went to Plainviow
on tho noon train to visit friends u few
Attorney H F Bartihart was in tho
city from Pierce on legal business yes
Helen Lobdale and cousin Frank
SeoQeld have gone to Columbus to visit
A child was born this morning to
Mr and Mrs Cunningham who live on
Soath Third street
John OBanniou who recently sub
mitted to an operation is reported as
getting along nicely
Ed Lawrence of Madison was trans
acting business iu Norlolk yesterday
and greeting old friends
Mrs Burt Mapes and sou Donald
returned last night from a visit to rela
tives and friends iu Omaha
W E Hemlobon is completing tho
loading of a car of poultry today prepar
a ory to shipping to San Francisco
Miss Maude Tanuehill will go to
Wayne tomorrow to represent tho Nor
folk high school in the north Nebraska
oratorical contest
It is understood that E G Ileilmau
has rented the Marquardt residence on
West Norfolk avenue instead of the
Marple property as reported
lhe business meeting of the Y P S
C E of the First Congregational church
vill bo postponed until after prayer
meeting Wednesday evening
Several glass blowers are iu town
looking for a building in whicli to give
an exhibition but it is doubtful if they
foand one suitable for tho purpose
T J Morrow who has been quite
sick with lung fever in Omaha is recov
ering somewhat and it is expected that
he will bo brought home in a few days
Commencing April 2nd a postal treaty
will go into effect permitting the inter
national money order olliees of this
country to draw on Russia This ruling
alfeets the postoflice at this place
Workmen this morning commenced
papering the Odd Fellows hall The
hall will in future be lighted by a sys
tem of electric lights and other improve
ments will be made to the building
All persons interested in bae ball are
requested to meet at tho office of A J
Koenigsteiu tonight at 730 to organize
n team and get iu readiness to sustain
Norfolks reputation as a babe ball town
during tho coming season
A rate of ono and one third fare for
the round trip to Wayne will be made
tomorrow good for two days on ac
count of tho North Nebraska Teachers
association To get tho benefit of this
rate it will be necessary to tnke a receipt
from the selling agent
Fullerton News T S Richardson
has sold his jewelry store to Nelson
Berber who will conduct tho business
Wo have not as yet learned what Mr
Riohardsons plaus are for tho futuro
but whatever they are wo trust that ho
will remain iu Fullerton
A large number of the teachers are
planning to go to Wayne tomorrow to
attend the fourteenth annual ees iorr of
the North Nebraska Teaohers associa
tion Miss Edith Batchelor is on the
program for n paper the subject as
signed being How much nnd What
should be the Nature of the Firot Years
Work iu Numbers
Postmaster Sprecher has been notified
ofau improvement iu the postal money
order regulations that will be a great
convenience to many people especially
traveling men It is that orders irres
pective of the place of payment may bo
paid at offices of the first aud second
dosses and tho oflice here will now be
permitted to cash orders on any oflice iu
the United States
There was a large attendance of con
verts ut tho BaptiBt church hut night
wleaa converts culture cIbbs was
orgAUized After the organization had
been perfected those iu attendance wero
invited to tho home of Rev and Mrs
Eaton on South Fifth street whero a
happy social time it h games nnd re
froshmonts as interesting features was
enjoyed until n Into hour
National banks under tho new law
permitting their organization in a town
of less than ltK0 population with a
capitalization of 20000 aro being rap
idly instituted One of tho first iu this
state to bo approved by Comptroller
Dawes was tho First National bank at
Elgin with a capital of 25000 E 0
Million A 1 Thatch T P Meinmingor
and C B Burrows nro approved as in
Tho llftconth woddiug anniversary of
Mr and Mrs Aug Hagoman who re
side on South Fifth street was pleasantly
colobnvted last night by a number of
intimato lriends of tho family quietly
calling in to spend the oveuing Thoy
camo with rofreshniouts which wero
served in duo tlmo and tho occasion was
very heartily enjoyed Tho uninvited
guests left bohiud a present to lemind
the couple of tho occasiou
Tho public schools will close tomor
row for tho spring vacation There
will bo literary exercises in tho various
rroms iu the forenoon and the pupils
will be dismissed at noon Orlinanly
there is but a weeks vacation but thin
sptiug the school closes n few days
earlier so that tho teachers may bo per
mitted to attend the teachers meeting
at Wayne tomorrow afternoon Thurs
day and Friday The schools will re
couvouo Monday April
Tho first thunder storm of tho season
prevailed here during the night aud a
considerable amount of moisture fell
The lightning was quite vivid at times
and the thunder occasionally roiled
and reverbrated in true summer fashion
Toward morning tho rainfall was qui o
chilly aud formed in icicles on tho trees
wires and other objects This fouture
was probably viewed with alarm for a
time by tho tolephouo and telegraph
men who remembered a similar calam
ity of several years ago but tho rain
ceasod about 8 oclock and up to the
present time the ice hasnt broken any
Brnnning Courier Wouldnt a dido
like this which was received the othir
day pull your cork under Sond mo a
few copies of tho paper which has the
obituary and verses about tho death of
my child a month or two ago You will
plcaso publish tho enclosed clipping
about my nieces marriage aud 1 wish
you would mention in your local
columns if it dont cost anything that
I am going to have n public salo and
will rent part of my farm also that I
have a few extra calves to sell at public
auction Send me a few papers this
week but as my time is out you may
stop my paper as times aro too hard to
waste money on a newspaper
During drill at tho armory Inst night
one of the members of tho compauy ac
cused another of hnving his gun He
was promptly told that he was a hur
This brought on a blow on the part of
tho one accused of untruthfulness and
the incident was ended for the time be
ing After drill however the two got
together aud according to reports ap
pointed a referee time keepers and
other necessary attendants of a ring
contest aud proceeded to settle the mat
ter iu true prio ring style the decision
being averse to tho soldier who supposed
he was sustaining his record for truth
and veracity It is said tho bout was
very entertaining to those present
W E Powers of Pierce started to
drive home last night and when near
the oil house on the road north his team
ran into another driven by Mr Darnell
who was accompanied by his wife
There was a lively mixnp for a time but
fortunately no one was injured Mr
Powers team ran away however and
broke loose from the buggy After re
covering somewhat from the excitement
Mr Powers started out to fiud bis team
but was unablo to locate it and re
turned to town where ho hired u livery
team aud driver to take him homo On
his return to Norfolk the drivor dis
covered Mr Powers team entangled
among tho trees near tho St Panl church
and he secured them aud brought them
to town
To RelloTH Coughing
A persistent and annoying cough
which occurs at night and keeps tho pa
tient awake may frequently bo control
ed by a glass of warm milk with seltzer
or some mineral water a cup of warm
cocoa drunk slowly ou retiring Cough
makes cough Tocoutrol cough says
Dr Abrams of San Francisco in one of
his popular lectures at Cooper Medical
Collego is a matter of discipline If
we are in a public place and our skin
itches we do not always scratch the part
but suppress the sensation by will
power Cough like itching is a reflex
act and can bo controlled by will power
Many individuals exhaust themselves by
unnecessary exertion in coughiug Take
your cough coolly Avoid cough rom
odies if possibly during the daytime
avoid a crowded room before retiring
or if this is impossible smoking or auy
thiug which will taint the atmosphere
muBt be interdicted Tho application of a
worm poultice or uhot bag to tho chest
will often relieve coughing
To Cure I it Orlppe In Two In
TakeLaxative Broino Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E W Groves signature on
every box 25c
Miss L D Stiano of Ewiug was a city
visitor yesterday
1 A Tovvnsoud of II istlngs was a
city visitor yostoidoy
J K Bvlliugerof Hoklns was in the
city yesterday on business
Mrs Broker who lives on South
Fourth streot is still ory sick
F HMninwald who 1ms been quite
s ok is reported us much better
A J Durlaud returned last night
from a business trip to Boyd county
Mrs Vincout of Crolghton was hero
yesterday purchasing millinory goods
Miss Lesslo Megan of Petersburg was
iu tho city over night onroute to Wayne
Mrs 1 J Mines aud children of
Wayno visited Norfolk friends yester
Mr and Mrs Albert Saunders of
Verdigto wero Norfolk visitors yester
D Aniariuo has been quite sick at
tho homo of his daughter iu Fdgovvator
ltuk ad ition
S L Gaidnerand Alf ierecko are
endeavoring to bag a few ducks at tho
Pierce sloughs today
G B Salter and son Dr Frank wont
to tho Platto yesterday to try their
fortune with the ducks and geese
Mrs Joe Kilpatrick and daughter
passed through tho city for Pender to
attend tho ladies missionary sockty
It is said that the luoky fishermen aio
catching somo excellent strings of bull
heads and suckers in the Northfoik
MIfs Nellie Staples of Noligh visited
with Mrs F G Coryell while on her
way to Wayne to attend tho teachers
Misses Prudence Baird and Georgia
Fouts of Contral City stopped in Nor
folk on their way to tho teacheis associ
ation meeting in Wayne
The rains have produced quito a slip
pery una sticky quality or mud but on
Maiu street it is not more than a couple
of inches deep at present
Mrs S F Shorpless left on the after
noon train for Pender where she goes
as a delegate to the ladies Presbytrcnui
society to be held at that pluce today
and tomorrow
Tho Robeitson building lecently va
cated by the Huston diy goods store
lias been routed to M B Fisher of Red
Oak Iowa who will occupy it May 1st
with n hardware storo
Wm Krug tho lngar beer magnate
of Omaha is in the city today It is
undorhtood that helms under conteinptn
tion some extensive improvements on
tho companys property here
The library social given by tho ladies
of tho Presbyterian church nnd an
nounced iu the Times Tribune to bo
held tomorrow evening should read
Tuesday evening of next week
Mrs W W Roberts received a tele
gram yesterday announcing the deatli
of her brother-in-law Sam Hook at
Creighton which occurred yesterday
Mrs Roberts went up ou todays tram
Dick Edwards says the new elevator
contemplated by the Nye Schneider
company is not at Iludar but at Foster
two stations north There will also be
built a residence for tho local manager
Misses Mary Sturgeon Bessie Lurmy
and Edith Ray ot Fullertou were in the
city over night on their way to Wayne
to attend the teachers association
Miss Ray will bo one of the contestants
in the oratorical contest this evening
Tho late rains have not been exactly
agreeable to painters carpenters and
others but if thoy could behold tho
smiles dill using over the farmers faces
thoy would be able to endure the iucon
vonlenco with some degree of compos
Tho rowdyism heretofore practiced at
tho Auditorium by kids and hoodlums
has been taken coguianco of by tho
present management and the assistance
of tho police forco has been secured to
600 that it is suppressed in tho futuro
and auy indication of unnecessary noise
will bo promptly aud effectually sup
pressed beginning with tomonow
Miss Gearhart of this city has been
given the place on tho progrnm of the
North Nebraska Teacherss association
at Wayno tomorrow afternoon which
had beeu assigned to Prof J H Miller
of Lincoln the subject boing English
Literature below tho High School
Tho declamatory contest takes
this evening at the M E churoh Sev
eral of tho Norfolk teachers left for
Wayno on tho ono oclock train this
The total moisture precipitation thus
farfor March exceeds that of nny mouth
siuce September 1890 except tho month
of Decombor Siuce September the
total precipitation has been 4 07 tho
time elapsed being a few days short of
seven mouths Tho procipitatiou as
recorded for each month is us follows
iu indies and hundredths of inches
September 81 October 03 November
20 December 1 85 Januury 14 Febru
ary 34 March up to tho present time
117 The procipitatiou for January
was remarkably small being n littlo
moro than ouo eeveuth of on inch
T 1
jjootico express a new one was
worked iu Beatrice recently A stranger
it was probably Richard Roe iu dis
guise called upon u prominent dentist
groaning horribly with the toothache
Ho explained between groans that ho
hud sullen d so long that nu alcoholic
slimulout was nocessniy buforojho could
undergo auy work on his teeih Me
would not enter a saloon under any
citcunistanetH and being a stranger
could not buy what he wanted at the
ding store Thereupon the dentist
volunteered to get him a little whisky
and went away aud purchased n four
onnco bottle of it Then he returned
and handed the poison to the stranger
aud went into his little dark room to
gi t his instruments ready for tho tor
ture When he emerged from the
room ready for business tho strongor
and the bottle had disappeared aud
havent been scon since This is an ab
solutely now dodge in Bead ice and
it is paiticulurly funny became the
dentist who was so successfully worked
is an active piohibitionist
Sflf llwilitl Uh
Tho week of sell denial of the Salva
tion Army commences Mutch With and
continues until April 2nd A circulai
letter sent ftom Army heudqiturtois
gives the following teview of the objtet
Self denial S If imposed not as a
punishment but as a profitable joylttl
privilege for practical put poses This
is what tho Salvationists are arranging
to do for a week There is no special
tax- imposed and yet each nieinbci
voluntarily assumes a given responsi
bility Tho total laised they hope to
reach iiiOOOO Lost year the same
effort produced JISOOO in tho United
StatCB But America did not do as well
in this regard however as some sinallei
countries Austtalin raised lir0
while Engla id raised f2HK All of
this sum was used for tho development
of the enormous Christum and humane
work tho Army has in hand in the
countiies that imsm1 it a poition being
contributed to the work iu the heathen
This j car theie isa specially pathetic
cause that is not alouu appealing to
tlMir hearts but to the world ns well
by the thousands stricken witli famine
aud starvation in India The tain
failed to fall and consequently the
crops weio ruined and over thirty
millions of poor heathen are ou the
verge of starvation Thousands and
tens of thousands have alteody sue
cutnbud The Solvation Army ptnposes
to set upnit a poition of the ptoceeds ol
thu soil denial lesnlts to relievo thoir
follow mottals
It is easy sometimes to give a mere
donation but to deny ones self to give
tho proceeds of that self denial lsanother
This is what they propose to do and
what thoy cull upon tho nation to do
They propose not only to deny them
selves of somo necessary article of food
or clothiug or walk when pMrhnps they
would pieler to rido and save that but
they will go further and canvass every
oflice and every homo and storo in
nearly every town and city in tho United
States and request co operation from
everybody The noble soul saving home
building drunkaid recliiimiug work
they do all over tho world upon Mich a
magnificent scale makes thu purpose of
tho effort and nppoal tor self denial most
commendable and worthy
Warner lllo
Our farmers aie sowing grain
A son of II C Stange is seriously
with lung fever
The M 13 A lodgo initiated five new
members Saturday evening
Harry Gibbs returned from the
pineries of Minnesota last week
Miss Ltlho Brown of Watson Mo
is the guest of her sister Mrs Fred
Tho young people of this vicinity
gathered at the homo of O D Munsou
Thursday evening to celebrate the l5th
birthday anniversary of his daughter
Olive Refreshments were served
Music aud gomes helped to make u
pleasant evening Miss Olivo was tho
recipent of several beautiful presents
ItoeM ColtHf Afr With You
If not drink Graiu O made from
pure grains A ladv writes The
first time 1 made Graiu O I did not like
it but after using it for one week noth
ing would induce mo to go back to
coffee It nourishes and feeds tho
system The children can drink it
freely with great benefit It is the
strengthening substance of pure grains
Get a packege today from your grocer
follow the directions in making it and
you will havo a delicious aud healthful
table beverage for old and young lro
and 2fic
A Chanter on Children
Dr Humphreys Specific Manual con
tains a chapter especially on the dis
eases of children Mailed free Ad
dresB Humphreys Company Cor Wil
liam John Sts N Y
Somehow there is an indescribable
strength in the suggestive title of the
musical farce comedy The Air Ship
which appeals with a sort of magnetic
iufluence to the amusement loving pub
lic This fact is demonstrated by the
unusual demand for seats for the initial
porformauco in this oity of Mr J M
Gaitos humorous skit at the Auditorium
ou next Thursday evening and by iB
having been almost universally pro
nounced sujierior to any of tho late
force comedy offerings Wherever the
play has been presented theatres have
had their seating capacity fully tested
it1 i - t1a bit I
Chcp washinj soaps and powdets too
Willi alkali air stron
The dire destruction which they do
Is sure to show cte long
But Ivory Soap will never hurt
The fabric hovveer tender
It makes short work of stain and dirt
But no work for the tnendei
and standing room has been at a pre
mium and critics everywhere havo been
outhusiastic in their praises not only for
a well constructed play but lor tin
clever aitists engaged to ptosetit it
Ilio scenery mechanical and elect ucul
ell eels and costumes are esj lolly at
tractive while tho music is ot n bright
and catchy order that readily appeals to
tho public ear The many specialties
ate up tn date and the gotgeoiis and
stunning gowns worn by tbo ladies
have been highly commented on
S R MfFarlund candidate for cnj
cleik on tho republican ticket is one
whom it will bj an honor to suppoit
lie is lndusliious upnglit and compe
tent He has lor a number I
yeais past been employed ill the coal
olliceolli E Haidy and has made
lueiidsol all with whom lie has come
in contact lie is a young man ami not
a politician He will be an honor to
tho ollice and give satisfaction to the
people he represents There is no tea
son why he should not be voted lor and
many reasons why he should
Harriet Tonencu and Albert W
Toiienco mm resident delundouts will
take notice that on the Uih dn ot No
vember lbS Ferdinand Verges plain
tiff heroin filed his petition in the
district court ot Madison county Ne
brask tagaiust II union ieroektiSmah I
Gereckoand others tho object and prajer
of which are to foreclose a certain contract
executed by tho defoudont Herman
ierecko and tho plaintiil tor tho sale of
following describe promises situated in
the said county lrom the plaintiff to tho
defendant Herman Gerooke vi
Commencing at a point fifty live rodB
oust and two rods north of tho southwest
corner of tho northeast quarter of tho
hOiithwcstquarterof si ction twuity two
in township twentj four noth of rnnge
one west of the sixth principal merid
inn nnd measuring from thence north
fifteen rods thence west fifteen rods
thenco noitli three rods thence west
nine rods thence north twelve rods
thenco east ohm rod ond twenty two
links thenco north nine rods and thir
teen links thenco east five iods and
twenty inks thence south twenty eight
degrees nnd eight minutes cost fourteen
rods and two links thenco east seven
teen rods nnd nine and one half links to
tho right of way of tho Fremont Elk
horn Missouri Valley railroad thenco
along said right of way south fifteen
degrees and fifty minutes east twenty
eight rods nnd two links thenc west
fifteen rods and ten links to the place of
beginning containing four acres and
thirty ho and ono half square rods
more or lose which property was uspd
ob a briok yard for the riiannfnoturiiig
of brick said contiact being dated
March 20th 18 and providing that
the said defendant Herman Gerecke
should pay tho plaintiff as purchase
prico therefor tho sum of 100000 as f 1
lowsIliOOODocemberillbt120 00
July 1 lbLl 12000 Dccemborll IfaUl
8000 July I 185 108000 December
ill 18115 1000 July 1 1801 1010 00
December III 1MM1 with interest at the
rate of eight per cent annum from date
paynblo semi annually and iu default
thereof said contract should be null and
void nnd plaintiff would bo entitled to
trio possession of said property that
default has been made in payment of
said sums of money nnd there is now
duo ujion said contract the sum of
Sii7i with interest from this date at
the roto of eight per cent perounum for
which sum with interest plaintiil prnys
for a decree that the defendants be
required to pav saino or thnt said prem
ises may bo sold to satisfy the otuouut
found due
Cn the 21st dtty of April 18i ploin
tiff tiled a surpplomental petition substi
tuting Harriet Torreiice and Albert W
Torrenco as a parties defendants instead
of Victor K Torrenco the said Victor
K Torrenco having died aud said parties
being his only heirs ut low which facts
at said tinio were unknown to plaintiff
and have sinco come to his knowledge
the said Victor K Torronce having
obtained u judgment against the defend
ant Herman Gerecke of record iu said
court und still in forco
You are required to answer said peti
tiou on or before the 2nd day of April
Dated February 15 1000
Fhhuinamd Vkroes
Vllllllllll lh I null Null til Mllll tllllx
i ilillllillit mill Aiimui l il It
w iiimiios M in ch 2X i iNoaidat
he state ilcpiu I mini I i smiling thostoiy
thai itcMt Milium bus iipolngicd to
this govt iniK ut lei the iictlou ol tho
cousin in opening leltiis ndilresved to
the United SIiiIch consul at Iretutni
tliat the United Slates guvei nuieiit has
miiile no dcmnml npnn the Mulish iov
oi mucin i for an apology Tho Mulish
gov 1 1 iimeiii itsoll voliiniiuily took mi
ni o ol Mr Mm nuns complaint and
finding that ns an incident to tho Iiiiiik
fei ot n Imce quantity ol mull fiom
Dm ban to tipe Town resulting in
lout i oiigosiioii nnd the handling of
mail by in vv agents there luiil been nu
imliMciimiiitio opening of letleth which
liioliablylinl ilhctiil the oiisttlor mail
with olheis Loiil Iiiiiicefote spook
ing fin Ills government disavowed thu
action el the censor nnd declared that it
was uniiiithoiii d in respect to Mr Mil
ci inns mail This iisNuiance was given
long ago ami some ol the membeis of
the house i onimitteo ou loieign alloilH
were made acquaint d with it at tho
SIiiIIiiiin Win I Ih iIimiiIi ir llm V ilium Un
tln I Out ol Ii IhIimih
Taovi Wi h March 28 Several
stations in ai tin mouth ol t lie Yukon
river are sullenng iiom selious loot I
shortage at entiling to advices received
via IJivv oii Malinger ileum ol tho
Alislju Jniniiu loin companys store
at Dawson has roci ivod si letter from
Captain Hanson of St Michaels stating
that Andnsfhki and two Kiissmu mis
sions have had to issue ratioiih to keep
all fiom starving It was supposed lust
foil thnt the stations had supplies sulll
eiont lor all winter A good iiiiiuy In
dians have come in fiom distant parts
to 1m fed
The distance fiom St Michaels is too
great to carry previsions overland Tho
first boat up the nver from St Michaels
in June will be compelled to unload at
these stations m older to relievo tho
South Daldita Il iiIiIIiIIIiihIhIii Hold Htatu
Coo voul ion at IIiiiiiii
Htutos S D Mm oh 28 At tho state
Prohibition convention here yesterday
1 S Wilson of Hidger N G Iteed of
Hrookings A II Heed of Huron and K
K Ostcook of Hrodloy were named for
presidential electors
A O Harpel of Huron and M Rogers
of Sioux Falls wero nominated for con
The following statu ticket was nomi
nated For governor F J Carlislo of
Brookings lieutenant governor K
Iowis of Itko Preston secretary of
stote N J Davis of Wessington
Springs auditor J IS Gamble of Now
port treasurer II II Curtis of Costlo
wood loud commissioner P S Rhodes
of Hrodloy MiixTintondent of public in
struction George II Groco of Mtcholl
Shaiv to Appoint Mlmt lintpvutori
Di Moims Moroh 28 Governor
Slmw oniiounced his intention to ap
point today C F Weiiiierstrom stato
labor commissioner and J W Miller
J A Campbell and John Verner stato
niino inspectors their terms to begin
April 1 Mr Wcnnorstroin lives iu
Fort Dodge but is tho business manager
of the Svitlnod tho stato Swedish paper
published iu Des Moines
Convention or riirlntlnii Cliuri ln
Okdak Raiids In March 28 Over
800 delegates ore hero iu attendance
upon tho annual conveutiou of tho
Noi tlieust district of Christian churches
A number of jMipors relating to different
branches of church woik were read ami
discussed yesterday Tho reports iudi
coted general piogieas in every branch
of chinch woik
Halm for TrarheiV Anxx latlou
SiouiCiiY Muroh 28j Ono thou
sand teachers of uorthwestern Iowa bo
sides a number of educators of natiouul
prominence will bo in Sioux Oity April
10 20 ami 21 iu attendance ou the un
uual meeting of the Northwoatoru Iowa
Teachere aksocjaUori