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Result of the City Convention
Saturday Night
3 II MoFitiliiuil for Oily Olork 1 II Miiy
lonl forTroiitirmrS Wllnin Tor Inllrn
Iui1ri II I huh lor City IIiiRlneer
HIhIi mill Inttomoii for School Itoiinl
From Mondnys Dully
Tho republican city convontiou wns
liold at tlio city hnll Saturday ovoniug
pursuant to call In tho absonco of tho
chairman of tho city central committoo
tho meeting was callod to order by O J
Stockwell soorotary Tlio convontiou
waa orgauizod by tho election of Judgo
Isaac Powers as temporary chairman
and W N IIusp as temporary secrotary
On motion a committoo of three was
appointed on credentials consisting of
A II Vielo 0 J Stockwell and W
After n recess of flvo minutes tho
committeo reported that tlio several
wards wero roprosouted by thoso dele
gates whoso names wero published last
Thou tlw tomporary organization was
mado pormaueut and tho convention
was roady for business
Motion provailed that tho nominntiou
of a candidato for mayor bo considered
aftor all other nominations had been
disposed of
For city treasurer tho names of J B
Maylard G B Salter and Goo B
Ohristoph wero proposed
Motion prevailed that tho vote bo
taken by call of wards Tim voto on
city treasutcr resulted Miylurd 2
Salter r Chi istuph 11 Mr Mnylard
was declared the uomtMo
Vcr iaudtdatf J or polico iuif n L M
G aylnd M CJ lirui and S V Hijos
veru placed iii l omnia bin Ttit vito
resulted Goyltirrt Hi IIiiziii 1 Iliyes
St Mr Hayes was dcclircl tho nom
For city clerk S R McFarland and
Geo H Spear wero named Tho voto
resulted McFarland il Spear 11
Mr McFarland was declared tho nom
For city engineer tho rules wero
suspended and W II Lowo nominated
by acclamation
There wero three nominations for tho
two members of tho school board to bo
selected H H Patterson W II llish
and P T Birchard
Voto was takeu with the understaud
stauding that tho two receiving tho
highest number of votes should be
declared tho nominees resulting Pat
terson 27 Rish -10 Birchard 17 Messrs
Patterson and Rish wero declared tho
Having disposed of all the other
nominations the convention was ready
to take up tho mayor W M Robert
son was placed in nomination and an
effort made to suspend tho rules and
nominate him by acclamation Before
this could be done Mr Robertson so
cured tho floor and declined emphatic
ally to bo a candidato
Tudgo Barnes was then placed in
nomination but ho promptly declined
saying that he now had tho respect aud
esteem of the peonle and ho wanted to
retain it therofore ho could not accept
tho nomination
Then the convention took a recess for
15 minutes
Upon reconvening tbo namos of V
H Bridge V II Blakonmn and It A
Stewart oro proposed Mr Blakonmn
declined aud this was followed by tho
statement by Mr Bridge that he would
not bo a candidato
Upon motion that six members of tho
convention bo appointed as a conference
committoo the chair named W II
Buoholz H L Snyder W H Rish H
H Patterson W M Robertson and 0
T Stoclcwoll
Tho committoo retired to another
room and after a few minutes returned
and roported through its chairman that
tho uauio of W M Robertson had been
solected and tho chairman of tho com
mittee stated that it gavo him pleasure
to announce that Mr Robertson had
consented to stand as tho candidato
Tho announcement was greeted with
cheers from all parts of tho room and
tho rules wero hastily suspended and
tho nomination was mado by acclama
tion without a dissenting voice
Mr Robertson was callod for and after
the applause had subsided so that he could
be heard ho stated in substance I
had never intended up to threo minutes
ago to accopt this nomination but such
a spontaneous demand on tho part of
my neighbors and friends has caused mo
to change my mind and I am proud to
know that my neigiibors and friends in
Norfolk hold me in such high esteem
I havo therefore said to tho committee
on conference that I would accept tho
nomination aud I will on these condi
tions I take it without any strings
tied to it I take it as a republican from
tho ground up j I reproseut no faction
whatever I neither represent tho
Good Government club tho Anti Saloon
leaguo nor any other faction or clique
whatever Tho only platform I will
stand on is that if eloctol I will givo a
fair honest economical administration
I repeat that in accepting this nomina
tion it must bo rnuemberod that the
only platform I will stand on is that if
olocted I will givo a fair honest rlonn
economical administration
This statement on tho part of tho
uomineo for mayor was greoted witli
evidences of approval
Tho convention then finished making
the city central committoo as follows
Fourth ward O J Chapman W H
Rish 1 K Hutchrson Third ward
V II Buoholz J Gow M O
Hazon The First and Second wards
had named their momborsof tho central
onnuitteo ut their caucuses
Aftor a motion that tho central com
mittee bo empowered to till any vacan
cies on tho ticket that may occur the
convention adjourned
ll Itniirlio
At tho primary election in tho First
ward Saturday aftei noon the name of
II 0 Trnmun was placed on tho ticket
in place of that of O F Hiseley who
declined to run Mr Truman has now
refused to allow his name to bo used and
the vacancy will havo to bo tilled by tho
In tho Second ward Gay Halverstein
declined to bo a candidato for council
man aud II A Pasewalk was elected
us tho candidate for tho short term
Jury Aofiulti llnliliii Ni vrnpupor Mttii of
tliu Mtirilrr of lllnnklmii
Haktixciton Nob March 31 Not
guilty was tho verdict in the caso of
Editor Harris who shot John Blonk
iron brought in by tho jury aftor two
hours of deliberation last night
Tho quarrel between Harris imd lohn
Blenkiron a wealthy stockman in
which tho latter was killed grow out of
a dispute over an article about tho dead
man which appeared in Harris paper
Blenkiron came to Harris oflieo at Bel
den and made threats and according to
the newspaper mans story which was
evfdently boliovod by tho jury tho ed
itor did not pull his revolver until ho
feaw his untngonist reach for his hip
Cniinnll 1llit lVtltlon
Lincoln March 21 City Attorney
Council of Omaha appeared boforo tho
supremo court and asked permission on
behalf of tho mayor and city council of
Omaha to intcrveno in tho lire aud po
lico commission suit now pending Tho
request grows out of tho action of Gov
ernor Poynter last week appointing a
now fire and polico commission in tho
face of a decision declaring tho law
giving him such power unconstitutional
City Attornoy Council contends that if
tho governors action is legal tho pooplo
of Omaha aro deprived of local self
government Tlio court declined to
take up tho caso yesterday
Dilllcult to Sneurn iTitrom
Hasiinos Neb March 21 When
Judgo Adams rapped tho district court
to order Viola Horlocker and her sister
Zora wero tho only women present
but tho court room was crowded with
men Tho work of trying to securo a
jury was continued until 10 oclock
when tho regular panel was exhausted
A recess was taken until 11 oclock
during which timo tho sheriff aud sev
eral deputies wero ordered to summon
30 talesmen who were qualified to servo
as jurors to appear At 11 oclock court
was again called to order but not a
single talesman materialized and court
again adjourned
StuUi Getn Jitilmont
Lincoln Mnrch 21 Tho attornoy
goneral received from St Louis the
gratifying news that tho caso of tho
state against McDonald recoiver of tho
Capital National bank of Lincoln has
been decided by Judge Caldwell of tho
United States circuit court Judgo San
born concurring in favor of tho state
Tlio suit was for 230000 of state funds
deposited in tho bank at tho timo of its
failuro It was appealed to tho circuit
court and tho caso thoro argued aud
submitted last January
Climlron to Loan Itallrond Shop
CiiADUuN Neb March 21 is as
serted on information from official
sources that tho Chicago and North
western as tho first movo in its raco
with tho Burlington for tho Pacific will
romovo its shops from hero to its tor
minus at Casper Wy Tho Burlington
expects to build to Salt Lake this year
and tho Northwestern is credited with a
similar intention
Alliiiicitotit Irolilb Meit
Minneapolis March 21 Tho state
convention of tho Prohibition party was
called to order hero yesterday and there
was a largo attendauco from all parts of
tho state Throe sessions wore hold pre
liminary to tho work of nominating a
ticket which will take placo today
Tho indications point to the selection of
Professor Charles Scanlon as tho iiomi
noo for governor with a strong rival in
J A MeConnoll
Dr Humphreys
Specifics cure by acting directly upon
tho disease without exciting disorder in
nny other part of tho system
no cures nucra
I Ffltpm Congestion Inflammations 1S
U Worma Worm Kovor Worm Colic 15
3 TeiMliliiB Colic CrylngWakefulnesa 1S
1 Diarrhea of Children or Adults IS
7 Couglia Colds Dronchttls 25
8 Neuralgia Toothache Kacoacbo J 5
II Headache Sick Ilcadacho Vertigo J5
10 lvpeptlaIndlgestlonWcakbtomacbJ5
II SupiiroKcd or Painful Periods 1S
lJ Whites Too Profuso Period J5
13 Croup LnrtnuItU IToarscuei is
1 1 Halt Ilheum Erysipelas Eruptions IS
1 3 Rheumatism Rheumatic Pains 1S
10 Malaria Chills Fovcr and Ague 1S
10 Catarrh Influenza Cold lu tho Head IS
liO VIiooiiiioubIi IS
147 Kliliiuy IMsensen 1S
tlH enous Ilt hlUty 100
3D Urinary Weakness Wetting Jlcd tin
J7 Grip Hay Peter
Or ltumpliroj Manual of all Diseases at j our
Druggists or Walled Free
80I1I hy druggists or sent on receipt of price
Humphreys Med Co Cur William John Su
New York
Plattonr Adopted by the Dem
ocrats of Nebraska
llipnlM Content Inn Itrfmr to KiMnir
nlo the Mlil ltniulfiit liuli Wmlnwr
Wlplila tlio lintel I liotnin SiircniMli
DnuteriM Niitliimil tniiiliiltlcMinmi
Lincoln- March SO In effect William
J llryau announced last night to tho
Democrat io party and to tho nation at
largo the platform which ho considers
best for tho Democratic party and prac
tically upon which ho desires to stand if
nominated at the Kansas City conven
Tim platform which was adopted by
tlio Nebraska Democracy with tlio
greatest enthusiasm rimlllrniH tho Chi
cago platform declares for III to I
opposes a largo standing army de
nounces the action of tho llepiiblican
party on tho Porto Kico tariff bill de
clares against trusts and imperialism
favors tho initiative and referendum
an income tax and tlio choice of United
States senators by popular voto Tho
platform concludes as follows
Ilii to Kleo Hill tiiiiilminiiil
We condemn the Porto Kleo tariff bill
recently passed by a Hopubllcan house ol
representatives 11s a bold and open viola
tlon of the nations organic law and 11
tltigrant breach of good faith
We assert that tlio constitution follows
thellagaud denounce the doctrine that
an executive or a congres i created and
limited by tho constitution can oxorolso
lawful authority beyond that constitu
tion or in violation of It
Uoliovlng hat a nation cannot long en
dure half republic am half umpire wo op
pose wars of eouiucst and colonial pos
The Filipinos cannot lie eltlens with
out endangering our civilization hey
cannot bo subjects without endangering
our form of government and as wo aro
not willing to surrender our civilization
or convert a republic into 1111 empire wu
favoran iininedlate declaration of tlio na
ions purpose to give to the Filipinos
first a stable form of government second
independence aud third protection from
outside interference us it has for nearly
a century given protection to the repub
lics of Central and South America
We favor the expansion of trade by ev
ery legitimate and peaceful means but
we aro opposed to purchasing trade at tho
cannons mouth with human blood
neither do wo believe that trado secured
and held by force Is worth the price that
must ho paid for It We are in favor of
extending the nations- influence but wo
believe that that infiuenco should bo ex
tended not by force and violence but
through the pcrsuuslvu power of u high
and honorable example
Wo oppose militarism It imposes upon
the people an unnecessary burden and is a
constant menace A stnull standing army
and a well equipped stae militia are suf
ficient in time of pcuee in timo of war
tho citizen soldier should bo u republics
We believe with Jefferson in peace
commerce and honest friendship with all
nations and entangling alliances with
none and wo regard with apprehension
the doctrine advocated in some quartors
that this nation should in its dealings or
diplomacy show partiality toward any of
the European nations
Not becuuso of hostility to foreign lands
but because wo believe in ho principles
of a republic and reject us did our fore
fathers tho theory of monarchy we syn
pathiso with tho Uoers in their heroic
efforts to preserve their national Integrity
Tho failure of Republican leaders who
four years ago expressed symputhy for tin
Cuban patriots to feel an interest In the
struggle of the Dutch in South Africa
shows tho paralying influence of the i it 1
perliil policy to which tlio administration
is now endeavoring to commit tli is conn try
Tlio platform is practi cally tho crea
tiou of Mr Bryan Ho did not writo it
porsonally but was consulted concern
ing it and beforo it was read to tho
convention ho hud approved of it
Tlio platform adopted by the Populist
convention was substantially tho saino
as that adopted by tho Democrats It
differs somewhat in form but conflicts
in no essential point
Both conventions wero enthusiastic
for Bryan to tho last degree and every
montion of his 1111110 was greeted with
cheers of delight and approval Instruc
tions wero given to both delegations to
stand for Mr Bryan in tho Kansas City
and Sioux Falls conventions
National Delegatus Named
Tlio Democratic convontiou was
called to order by Tamos Dahlman
chairman of tlio state central commit
tee Ho announced that Thomas 1
Nolan had boon selected us tomporary
chairman Tho temporary organization
wns mado permanent Wliilo tho com
mitteo on resolutions was out Richard
L Motealfo of Omaha W D Oldham
of Kearney W II Thompson of Grand
Island nnd A J Tibbotts of Lincoln
wero chosen as to tho
national convention nt Kansas City
While tho convention was in tho
midst of a hot row over tho choico of
alternates to tho Mr
Bryan appeared in tho hall Tho sight
of him put a stop to all business and
tho delegates went wild as ho mouutod
tho plutform
Iopullst Convention
Tho Populist convention was somo
what turbulent from tho start The
meeting opened with a spirited contost
for tho position of tomporary chairman
which finally fell to W II Westovor
of Olmdron
Tho committeo on credentials docidod
against tho claims of tho
Populists from Omaha to bo classed
as delegates and barred thorn from tho
Senator William V Allen aud Gov
ernor Poynter wero nnunimouslychoson
as to tho national con
ven tiou
Tho position of D Clom Dcavor of
Omaha us member of tho Populist m
tional committeo from Nebraska was
declared vnvuut and B 13 Thomas of
Omaha nhnwn lu his placo Mr Denver
was ousted for the that he was
not considered a member of the Populist
The Populists decided to hold their
state convention on Juno II Ouudi
dates will be nominated for all slatt
After being denied admission us dele
gates the miihlle of the roaders held 11
small convention of their own and ap
pointed ti Nebraska delegation to attend
the Popuhsl convention nt anciniiall
They also decided to hold a stale con
vention in Nebraska at somo ditto after
the Kansas City convention
Ullll flllllllel MokIIiiu
WniNtnov March 21 Tho cabinet
meeting yesterday developed nothing of
special interest The postmaster gen
eral who has just 10I timed from the
west spoke of the political conditions
in thai sections ami particularly with
rcgaui to the feeling on tho ponding
Porto Kieo tariff bill Senators Spooner
and Korakcr had a conference with the
president he I ore the cabinet met
II111 III Hull Ill IN
Makyviiik Mo March il D H
Olawson who had been in the harness
business in llarmird II years made an
assignment yesterday Ills liabilities
amount to Of his nniount ho
owed 1200 to the Odd Follows lodge
of Ilarnard of which ho was treasurer
B F Thornburg was mado assiguoe
1 11 up I Inn n 1 1 Kill Inp
Lincoln March 21 Governor Poyn
ter will go to Beatrice today to hear flirt
charges that havo been preferred against
13 F Lung superintendent of the Insti
tute for Fooblo Mindod Youths
Hoot Itenrlii N WmnIiIiiiIou
Washington March 21 Secretary
Hoot and party arrived hero yesterday
forenoon from Charleston
Kent IHinut I riiiiHlein
The following transfers of real estate
aro reported by Ohostor A Fuller man
ager of tho Madison county abstract
olllce at Norfolk
Elmer 11 Walker and wife to
D S Wyant wd a part of
sw ofswa ISI 21 I 1200 00
J W Eaton and wife to has
A Holm wd lot 2 block 2 Mc
Combs suburban lots to
Burnett 700 00
Carl Kroblun ot al to A J
Durhind wd nof 11-22-1 100
Carl Kroblon et al to A 1
Darland ijcd noj 11-22-1 MM
Sholdon B Howins and wife
to Win Cr Bonier wd lot i
block Ti Muthowsons add to
Norfolk 1000 00
Anton Bukacek and wife to F
Klug wd lot 1 aud 2 block It
Klugs 2nd add to Norfolk 70 00
Km- halo
1 acres 0110 block southwest of tho
Grant school good six room house
barn etc All now At a very reason
able price Calvin Bimxs
Notice to Dofiiiiiliiiil
John J Farloy defendant will take
notico that on tho Slird day of Febru
ary 1000 Caroline E Farley plaintiff
herein filed her petition in tlio district
court of Madison county Nebraska
against said defendant tho object and
prayer of which are to obtain a divorce
from tlio dofondant from tho bonds of
matrimony on tlio ground that tho
defendant has willfully abandoned tho
plaintiff for moro than two years Tho
plaintiff prays for a decree of divorce
from tlio defendant from the bonds of
matrimony and for tho custody of
Myron M Farloy a minor and child of
plaintiff and defendant
You aro required to answor tho said
petition on or beforo tho 0th duy of
April lOCO
Dated February 21th HI00
CoiiOMNi B Faiuky Plaintiff
By Mapes and Haon lior Attorneys
To the Musical Public
Write to day
and receive a
genuine Walo
Slhcr Stcel
Strlnit forclther
Oultiir Mando
lin Violin or
llunjo absolute
ly VM I on ic
cclja of a ccnt
stump for re
turn postage
We do this to
lriuoduco tlio
Walo Silver
Steel Strlnjr
which Is a com
hlnutlon of tlio
best tone pro-
iluclnc metal Is strong durable nnd absolutely
true Asuulniluecmont I nuotcthctn strides In
complete sct for a short time only at 12c a set
Our 535 Walo Guitar
reduced from T V Standard size Solid Ma
hogany highly polished Taney Colored Wood
Iurllinif InlulJ edges and soundholc bound
with tollulold fancy sir pe down back
Concert size same as abovo fs83
Auditorium ulze bunions ubovo J720
Our 800 Walo Guitar
standard si e- reduced fio n JISOO Solid
Itusewood oilier -a Ij o same iu aboe
Concertslo 900
Aulltorlum sue JI000
A Pine 100 Canvas Leather Hound risn
nel Lined Case wltb any of the above gultara
Watch our next Harcalnt Send lor Walos
Catalogue ol Musical Instruments and Furnish
ings Hand Orchestra and Piano Music
No 9 S Broadway SI Louis Mo
Pine Repairing Done Neat and Prompt
Ir Isf lit HIT nil
llilll f lHt lianTtM Ml llllil Mi i if i I IliilUiUiiliilIlM fr Ilit Vr 111
n hi i i ni Mi iiii Mimr Q1VE IT TNKEE MONTHS TitlALl
vuii vu Ii tin- nil wl a 111 I Iuiu irtflii n nny I u u n t
Kfitl in 1 Nr m II itllTrrf nl nmU i ninl tvratlt T htiit flrlilnri ni fH 51
fllMUl ill Oil t U HO nihI up fill 1 ill v rillt jn cor I r hftft
lUt I C0 tllln lllllH 1 1 KM I IUK1 111 KllICK U
kin1 ur ul t ii I in vm r iilu 1 1 il I mi Ihmio
tjM liM ntHfillct tMH ullimrtii tinilnr Vfti m m lMUHK with farlutioln
Urirrincftt tltf mi ml filfml liil lilrann fl Irirn nhftarcrcllllilf nt wtisiurf not
rlJC DIHDniP h ry nnf iniitnw fltT
Ij BiKi KivJvXUl w5V miih iiui iiiim u ni in ukh
-- t ijii JHUI HUM 1111-
iA m MffnM i
s5SP HRNffir3ai
vif Kl w al
5 it Mri WAtfS5 VI
Dlltl Is U MIM Miiilr
Sr- I riiiiki rw In Ainri hll
pliiiru Itcitt luutcrlulinuucj
SCAlt Mi
KumnilUeil lu I
ifriiiul win
f Aat I Iiril I IIIH
yum yyiwH ul Hi
S S S is tlio Only
Remedy Equal to llils
Obstinate Disease
I io
3 I
riiir nriilnrii of n iiumIh h reeouituiiided for
Si rolnlii sntiii of tliiiu mi dniilil IicIiik able to
nlTiird ttiiipnriirv relief hut H H H m absolutely
ilui only roiiiitly which completely cures it
Mcrnfiilii isntie of tho mint olwtiiinte tlecp senled
blood disiitmM and is lieynud the reiieh of tho
many sii cnlletl purlUciM nnd Ionics biiniiHd hoiih
Ihilii mure Hum 11 iiiim ii tnnio is i ti N H S
Is tinl to nny blood trouble nnd never fmls lo cure McKifiiln I misn it
Kois down to tho seat tr he din use thin prriiiiinriilly elinuiiiiliiij i very
trneo of tholnitit
The serious consciniiMieeH In which Scrofula sure lends
should impress upon thoso nlllicd d with it Hie Mini im
portance of wastfiiK no time upon treatment which can
not possibly effect act re In ninny ciihcs where Ihe wronj
treatment hits been relied upon complicated uliiinliilur
tuvtlliiiKH have resulted fur which the doctors mxi t hut
a dniifrcroiiH MiiKUiil operation is necessary
Mr II 10 Thompson of Millcileville tin w riles-
bad case of Scrofula liroKn mil oil tint nlmuls of my neck
which had to be lanced and caused mo much hiiITitIiii I
was treated for a lone while but the physicians were un
able to cure me and my condition was a i Imd ns when I
begun their treatment Many blood reined leu were used
but without effect Home one recommended S S S nnd
I begun to improve as soon ns I had taken a few bullies
Continuing tho remedy I wns soon cured permniienlh
and have never had a sign of the license to return Swifts Specific
pis the only remedy which can promptly reach and ciiroolMlitiate deep seated
blood diseases Jy relying upon it null not ex porimenling with the varioun
so called tonics etc all sullerers front blood troubles can lie promptly cured
instead of enduring years of suffering which gradually but surely undermines
the constitution S S S is guaranteed purely egetable and never falls to
euro Scrofula Kczcnin Cancer Itlieiimutism Contagious Hlootl Poison Moils
Tottor Pimples Sores Ulcers etc Insist upon S S S nothing can take ils plneo
Books on blood and skin diseases will lie mailed free to any address by tho
Swift Spoulilc Company Atlanta Cieorgia
I til I II ail mil milMiilli 11 lli SI III inl r lll il M Ctr JTD VVxliMB
liriiumi riiiniii 11 imiiiihv ij rnirii 1 i 11 uijri inin p VV if y Vt 7T ftWCA
lln in fun It ill Mir 11 urt In illl ill pul nnd II f Aftelwi - I iJnH
M II 11 ml II 1 till 1 1 J H 1 1 ir i III il Cm Kfmtfl Kui i r 1 T v w jui w THed
jr I fur In Mm llim ilimni Imllwil lij llirra al nifirr imiiir i II- TirUM F
fnl OUI PftlCE 1330 Iralll illlr II r ll ltlt uiil tRimSftSZ itRmmrMIJfil
liilirhtrliitko T II H PARLOR CUM li line if Hi innit KAtllt
AMI Ml l l UNI 1UMII hitiniuifii cur Mmlr f 1 0111 f in Ulii 1 mil mi
Mi ii v tin h h t n mui dm t n jtpitnniili mmi iu rri
hlim lilriiol II- In mil Fill nipmi Hunt Slinlr Itimii hoMiI fiiiHrlrr
niivw l hi- or tt ii I ii nl iii l i lrct irrforitlrl Lf Ttitl piuivl ulf
liiAuttrul iiiriiflt tlolin anfl noil mnrtj nthrr ItNixltiMiin it ntrttLIsf
nl tinnnriil1 mptllnrll llr M IY I 11 1 Nl Nil M I II I It II1C
IM ltii 1 1 ll In Ii I I in lnH IniiK IihIiph ultlnnnil hi Ii h Wi 11
iiHinl i ondiiiih t m tn 1 1 Hti mi fillow Hii4im ltUflpwl fj
liilltinux ti Htiin l ri mr i rrinonn 11 11 nip rr i ri in i iiupifr
liinnn l iirlf nil tin lltuimnn t i OrUtr I Hiiilfii I iinr hwfll
I lritHil UrfRH Nillt 4 hrf if Orrlirtlinl luiifil Urnntirtl
Olftillr Itinli I Srltif 37 1nrr Nttrrl UlilmlU Ht nU I I
UmtinlrKl llnlllnnl lilt hlr IhrU I Hel iTt Itlfl lm
DliiiAsiiiii Itffili t Sri itf riri lim HtTt Mflndloiti Illtirtli
lfrt THE PARLOR CCM llin cm ri ir tlio
i rlrl rnlrtl IWwtll t t il lilt ll ulii only UKitl III tim
riaile lllrVlMIIIHnH fllM I Willi II a mm on -I I Milrr nn
ux Iluiitunn itlmi hiht In1u OK I llmrH rtr laMow
f tin In l Ililitirn lutll n ilv 1 1 llnw pImcU iiimI lllirM
IciiliiTlti vnlvfH THE PARLOR GEM lfiirnlhw
with i MxM Itcvi I ni pint o 1 inn Ii mlrn r nit Ut I ptoliv
I oil it rnuiiiri Mtnl vi ry in Nth ImiinivviiiiMiL U
iirnUh frrr n Intnaturr urftsn hhI kdJ lit- lcl nrxan Innlrur
llu i lifiih nullUhfd
liMiic ti vMiiteii lilttilliit t r uituiitnti c hy tint
rriiiNfiml run iiiidiih r with It II tny mi t itlvimuii
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Address SEARS ROEBUCK CO Inc Chicago III
Free Reclining Chair Gars on all Trains
Atchison Kansas City
and St Louis
With direct connections to all South
em and Eastern points
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Famous Hot Serines of Arkansas
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To PATENT Good Ideas
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our aid Address
Baltimore Md
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