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Lord Roberts Makes a State
Entry Into Orange Capital
ltuinoo Troc Stnte Capital to Kroim
tnilt Itoern Are Sulil to Hnvo Atmml
iinod All Hope of Milking Pcnrn Will
Uentrwy Toliunnmbiirt
London March IB Tho first half ot
tho campaign is ovor Lord lloberts ar
rived nt Modtlor liver Mi Fob IIo
Dtitored Bloenifontoin Mnrch 13 Thus
In littlo over n month ho 1ms effected
the relief of Kimberley nnd LadyHinith
tho captnro of Jcnoral Cronjos forces
mid the hoisting of tho Hiitish Hag in the
rtpittil of tho Free State All this hits
been accomplished with conip iratively
trilling losses
It is small wcmilcr that he is tho horo
of the hour in Loudon All tho news
papers eulogize him and congratulato
tho country They talk of tho Free
State as having passed out of existence
and as being now one of tho shadows of
It is not doubted that thcro may yet
bo heavy lighting but tho genius of
Loid Roberts is looked to for victory
over all difficulties His triim reference
to tho late President Steyn is under
stood to show thnt there shall be no am
biguity as to tho pobitiou assumed to
ward tho republics
Tho British continue pressing their
ndvanco on the Orange river Tho
Hoers still hold Bothulio bridge on the
north side of tho fctream but their
trenchcb uro dominated by tho British
aitillery Heavy filing is in progress
and there has been some skirmishing
Lord Kitchener seems to bo very suc
cessful in reducing the extent of tho
Dutch rising
Mafelring can scarcely hold out much
longer Tho news of Colonel Plnmers
upproach has given substance to tho
rumors of its relief but thoso best in
formedsaro inclined to think tho reliof
is more likely to no accomplished by
Colonel Peakmaus column lrom Kim
Judging from the lack of news every
thing is quiet in Naal whilo from Her
bchol comes tho statement that tho total
collapse ot tho insu gent colonists ic im
i Jj niineut
General Cronjo according to a Cape
Town special sails for St Helena
March 15 accompanied by all tho Paar
deberg prisoners
Iull of Uloomfontoln
A dispatch to tlo Daily Mail from
Eloemfontcin dated juesda evening
says Wo surprised and outflanked
tho enemy with irresistible force over
night General French hold the enemy
north and Bouth of Bloemfontcin while
Lord Roberts dispatched a prisoner on
parole threatening to bombard unless
the city surrendered Tho townsmen
became alarmed President Steyn and
tho chief members of tho executivo
council fled and proclaimed Kroonstadt
to bo tho capital Sveyn fled to Win
berg At test only 3000 fighting men
remained and in the morning many
finding themselves so weakened broko
their guns Others fied Tho rem
nant still shelled General French at
dawn but the opposition soon collapsed
Eight locomotives aud much rolling
stock were captured Tho Boer organ
ization is collapsing and the breech be
tween tho Free Staters and Transvaal
ers is widening Major General Pretty
man has been appointed military gov
ernor of Bloemfontcin
to tlie flnltli
Tho Daily Mail has the following
dispatch from Pretoria dated March 12
Lord Salisbury reply has been received
and a Boer refutation of tho British
contention is under consideration It
will deny that any annexation has been
made aud it will declaro that tho occu
pation of British territory was purely
Atrategio It will express tho -determination
of the two republics to ilght to
Uoora Pipe to the North
Lokdon March 11 A dispatch to
the Daily Chroniclo from JBloomfoutoiu
dated March 1S says Bloomfoutein
currendered at 10 today It was occu
pied at noon President Bteyn with a
majority of tho fighting burghers has
fled northward
General French was within five
miles of the place at 5 oclock Monday
afternoon Ho sent a summons into the
town threatening to bombard unless it
surrendered 4 a in Tuesday A
white flag was hoisted Tuesday morn
ing and a deputation of the towu coun
cil with Mayor Kellner camo out to
moet Lord Roberts at Spitkop fivo
miles south of the town making a
formal surrender of tho placo
Lord Roberts mado a stato entry nfc
uoou Ho received a tremendous ova
tion After visiting the publio build
ings he went to tho official residonco of
me president followod by a cheering
rrowd who waved the British flag and
tang the British national anthem They
were in a condition of frenzied excite
Ou Monday afternoon previous to
tho surrender there had been a littlo
tuipiug and shelling but the enemy
then retired
Lord Roberts has his headquarters
at the presidents house and there aro
many of tho British wounded in the
building The railway is not injured
DUnatrli Setit by Lord Hubert
London March 15 Tho following is
the text of Lord Roberts dispatch to
the war office announcing his occupa
tion of Blpemfonteiu
BoEMroNTElN March 15 Bv tht
help of God and by tho bravery of her
majestys soldiers tho troops under my
command have taken possession of
Bloeinfontelii The Hiitish flag now
Hies over tho presidency evacuated last
night by Mr Steyn late piosident of
tho Orange Free State Mr Frasor
member or tho lato oxocutlvo govern
ment tho mayor tho secretary of tho
lute government tho landrost and other
officials met nio two miles from tho
town and presented mo with tho keys of
tho publio offices The enemy have
withdrawn fiom tho neighborhood and
all sconis quiet Tho inhabitants of
Bloonifontoin gavo tho troops a coullal
linen Will litin lohnnnnbiirc
Niv Yoiik March 15 Montagu
White conllruiH tho rumor that tho
Roeis will utterly destroy Johannes
bin g if forced to do so Pretoria could
not bo defended ho says if Johannes
burg were permitted to roniain Tho
loss involved would bo at least 150000
100 and of course tho setback and par
alysis of Johannesburgs industries
would bo infinitely greater 1 hope
therefoie that somothing may bo done
to satisfy tho legitimate aspirations ot
both belhgeients boforo such a catas
trophe to ohihation happens But tho
Boors will sacnlico Johannesburg and
its beautiful buildings and modem ad
juncts to oh lhation if they m u forced
to do it Then it will bo u fight to tho
last drop of blood lor tho possession of
Tim hnr mill Woliiuiriui S lit
Louituvzo Mauqitiz Mai Mi 15 Mr
Fischer the Orange Freo Statu secre
tary and Mr Wolinarans of tho Trans
vaal exccutivo council sailed for Europe
yesteiday by tho German bteamcr
Corporation or Dublin Will Prmmit iia
Ailtlrin DiiiIiik IIr Visit
Duuun March 11 At a meeting of
tho corporation the lord mayor moved
that an address bo presented to tho
queen welcoming her to Ireland His
speech was frequently interrupted by
tho occupants of tho publio gallery
Alderman Meade in tho midst of hos
tile demonstrations from tho gallery
seconded tho motion Timothy Har
rington M P protested against tho
After repeated scenes and ttproar
dm ing which the lord mayor threatened
to clear the gallery an amendment was
moved to the proposed address but tho
lord mayor ruled the amendment out of
A division on tho lord mayors amend
ment was taken nmidst much excite
ment the occupants of the gallery
groaning at every ono supporting tho
motion and cheering its qpoueuts vig
The resolution was carried by a major
ity of eighty
OuiHa Cuiila of rriitriiinl Societies
ToiEKA March 15 Rev Sheldon
yesterday omitted from tho Topeka Cap
ital all the usual cardB of the fraternal
societies and when at tho daily confer
ence with tho special correspondents he
was asked why ho had taken this action
ho remarked that ho was not prepared
to say He declared however that ho
is a friend of lifo insurance which is a
feature of fraternal societies Ho said
also that ho did not indorse the sonti
ment or principle of all the articles he
puts in the paper or consents to bo used
Meotltifr Wlihont Result
CniCAGO March 15 The meeting be
tween passenger agents of the western
roads and representatives of tho Cana
dian Pacific called for tho purpose of
settling differences over transcontinental
rates camo to an end without result
Tho Canadian Pacific refused all propo
sitions for a settlement submitted by
the western roads including ono to ar
bitrate tho differences
A conflagration at Carbondale Ills
destroyed fivo business houses with a
loss of j0000Weduosday
Rates of fire insurance have been ad
vanced about 1000000 by tho Chicago
Underwriters association
Tho Joliot Limostono company went
into tho hunds of a receiver Wednesday
The liabilities nre estimated at 400000
Herman Detterman one of tho best
known German editors in tho country
died at Columbus O Wednesday aged
58 years
Clarence A Webster he well known
newspaper artist and writer died Wed
nesday at his Alameda homeof Brights
Kokouns Ills was swept by flro
Wednesday Loss ostimated ut 50000
Tho lira originated in Hukills dry goods
storo sweeping everything in tho block
Mrs Luciuda H Stono widely known
M tno motner ot womens dubs and
I tvritor and educator of note died at
Kalamazoo Mich Wednesday aged 80
Mj Mary Foote Beecher Perkins
died Wednesday at
Perkins was a sister
Ward Beecher and of
Hartford Mrs
of Rev Henry
Harriet Beecher
Dr Samuel Pennington president of
the Newark City National bank and
who was the oldest living graduate of
Princeton collego died Wednesday at
his homo m Newark N J aged 04
Tho building occupied by O B Cones
Sou mauutacturers of clothing at
Indianapolis burned to the ground
Wednesday cauning a loss of 150000
85 per cent of which is covered by in
H A Shay of Marysville Mon 67
years of ago committed suicide Wed
nesday at his robm in a hotol at El Paso
by shooting himself through the fore
head Despondency duo to ill health
was tho causo
Tho Democratio congressional conven
tion at Eillughaiu Ills resultod in a
split and the nomination of two candi
dates Joseph B Crowley tho repre
sentative of the district and Andrew J
Hunter former
Republican Senators Roach a
Partial Agreement
Appropriation Mpimuin to Ho Inmeil ut
Onto nml Hill fir tlvll lotpi nnipiit Will
limn Ho Tiiknu lp mill lUMul r
Coniinlltrn to Dctoi nilno Turin
WuHHixoroN March 15 Republican
senators in caucus os1oi day reached a
partial agreement on loito Rloo legis
lation Tho house bill appioprlnttng
i000000 is to be taken up and passed
immediately Tho bill for a civil go
oinnuiit of the island Is to bo taken up
and disposed of as soon as possible anil
tho tanft bill is to bo delayed for the
present while n committee of seven
senators may be selected by Chairman
Allison to tiy to coiupioinise dilloi
ences on the lovenue bill and secure a
ineasiiie which Republican sonatois
genet ally fan suppoit This paitiul
ugi cement was touched after a fiiucm
lasting liom J oclock until fi
IVIltir Silt Count II It Ion Iiw Not Pollou
I lm I uriipr 1 lint It linen
Wasiiimiton Mm oh 15 Two nigii
ments were piesented to the senate yes
terday in which almost antipodal post
tions woie takon by tho two senators
Toller in a brief speech maintained that
tho constitution could not extend over
tonitoi y acquired by tho United States
whilo Turner elaboiatoly contended that
tho constitution embraced tho acquired
territory tho very moment the United
States took possession of it
Teller held that this government
could make tlie outlying tonitory into
states or could hold it as colonies as it
saw fit while Tut ner maintained that
tho United States could not hold col
onies or dependencies Aside from tho
constitutional quontious tho two sonatoi s
were in practical agreement Both
were opposed to tho pending bill and
both objected to any of the insular ter
ritory becoming a part of tho United
States or any of its inhabitants citizens
of tho United States
Mull Topic in 111 lloiifti
WAsiilNdiov March 15 Tho District
of Columbia appropriation bill wan
taken up in the house yesterday and tin
der tho latitude allowed Adamsou ai
gued in favor of tho Nicaragua canal
Cowherd disenssed the Philippino ques
tion Howard questions relating to the
Philippines and the open door policy
in the oiient Rucker the advisability ot
electing senators by tho people and Bon
toll replied to Cowherd saying that
military glory and commercial giced
were as repugnant to him as to tho gen
tleman from Missouri
Spirited KxalmngcH Httircon lIoniliiirH of
tin- IIoiinh Committee
Wasiiinci rov March 15 Feeling ran
high at the Couer dAlcno investigation
boforo the house committee on military
affairs yesterday and thoro wore several
spirited exchanges botweou Chairman
Hull and Representative Lentz George
Cornell was on tho stand relating his
experience during imprisonment which
differed only in detail from thoso of
other witnesses Ono of his recital
was as to an old soldier who becauso of
brutality of tho negro soldiers toward
him took his Grand Army button from
his coat and with tears in his eyes
throw it awny Cornell said ho made a
memoranda of the affair but the book
was taken from him and he saw it aft
erward in tho possession of Bartlott
Sinclair tho governors representative
during tho troubles
Mr Sinclair who wns present aroso
and declared there was no such soldier
ns liad been described
Mr Lent protested against state
ment not under oath Ho also gave
notice that ho would call on Mr Sin
clair to produco all his books to locate
this alleged soldier entry Chairman
Hull here interposed to remind Mr
Lentz that ho was not tho entire com
mitteo and was not in a position indi
vidually to order tho production of
inriieil NoitTflun Hun Amuclc
Washington March 15 In a par
oxysm of inexplicable rago or po siblo
insanity Olof Palleson a Norwegian
stabbed and killed his wifo Josophino
murdored littlo Julia Hongosbacli tho
daughter of Charles F
Hongosbacli a mail carrier and
assaulted the childs mother
Mary Ilongesbaeh m front of his home
1121 Twenty fourth street MrsIIengos
bach now lies near tho vergo of death in
tho Columbia hospital with seven stab
wounds in her body inflicted by tho in
furiated Norwegian Palleson nar
rowly escaped being stouod to death at
tho hands of a crowd of cituons
Flnnm lnl Hill Now u linr
Wabhinotov Mai oh 15 Tho presi
dent affixed his signature to tho finan
cial bill thus making it a law of tho
land Overstreot Intl who had tho
bill in charge arrived at the white
house at noon and was shown into tho
cabinet room where ho was joiued by
tho president who after inquiring if the
bill had been compiled with caro afllxod
his signature to it
Tanner fleaclieii Nw Oi leant
New Oiiikans March 15 Governoi
Tanner of Illinois arrived horo yester
day The governor was takon at once
to a hotel Mrs Tanner said his condi
tion wo auch tlmt ho could uotJcuvf
hU room
I iiniP ot Ihlnl I t ot HI IIhIIrIium
Ton Kv Mutch 15 -In the Capital
this morning an odltotint by Mr Shel
don loads the llrst page It is set in
linger typo Hunt that used in tho body
of tho paper and with u hot dor It U
headed The Union tr Clnislondoiu
and utgos a ooinpict of tho Christian
forces of l ho world for the dost mot Ion
of tho saloon and tho ptvsorvit ion of
tho Sabbath
A notable first ivigo in Hole is by
Dr Woitistok of Cedar Kapids la at
taking Bohemian societies under tho
headlines They Toaoh sulfide -So-dodos
Organized to Kill digitals Be
lief Wink of tho Bohemian Piossiiiid
Fraternal Oulois Roniaikablo Growth
of Suicide
Mr Sheldon writes an intiodnotory
note stating that tho author of tho ar
ticle was once an inlldol but was con
voi tod to Christianity thioiigh tho death
of his ti lends
An at Hole denouncing Mornioiiistn
nnd polygamy by Hichaid Wake o
Salt Like City is gifii prominence ou
tho llrst pigo
A plea lor equal still inge by Mrs
Anna L Diggs is u feature of the fun
tiibutois page
A telegram from Kansas Oily an
nouncing tho suicide of J S Poller
son of o United States Senator Pofloi
is l un with an editorial note extending
the Capitals sympathy to the beieaved
Snjo Aini i liiiu lot in niiioiit liilcniU t
Illlllll Kim v Olilliiiilliin
Havana Maioh 15 Klihu Root the
United States secretary of war address
ing the members of the Planters iiso
cuitum yesteiday said he understood
that distrust existed as to tho cairyinu
out of the joint resolution of the United
States congress lie declared that tin
Ainouean government intended to fl til
fill evoiy obligation and said the Cuban
should believe and not accoidingly
Tho editor of LI Dia at Cuban ion
was recently attacked by a ciowd ol
sponge llsheis who attempted to lyncli
him ou account of an article which up
poured in bis paper in favor of a recent
decree regarding sponge fishing
To Open Collll llrvi rwtt Ion
Tacoma Wash March 15 It is un
del stood that tho unitli half ol Colvillu
Indian reservation will be thrown opei
for settlement about May 1 Tho dm
tuft contains neb agiicultuial timber
ami mineral lands and boomers are itl
ready gatheiing to lush aciqss the lino
The distiict eompusos 1500000 acres of
land Timber has been cruised and
agricultural lauds inspected making
quick settlement ccitain Tho ceded
miiicial poitiou of the district is known
to contain immense bodios of low giadc
Jurj ItiportH n DlHiiKiiTinrnt
BurrALO March 15 Alter being mil
8Isj hours the jury in Iho iuso of t lie
alleged dock rioters George Skinner
Georgo Frye and John OBrien re
ported a disagreement The noting al
leged was in connection with the double
which culminated in tho shooting ol
William Kennedy during the grain
shoveleis strike last summer
To JMaiiiiKO SI loo Tfiim
Cedar Rapids la March 15 Belden
Hill manager of the Cedar Rapids base
ball team for tho three past seasons
yesterday accepted tho terms of Presi
dent Van Brunt of tho St Joseph team
of tho Western league and goes nt oneo
to take charge of tho team Ho will
sign several new players
Davrnport CuihiIiik Iluut Dimtroyril
Davkvpokt la March 15 Tho
plant of Davenport Canning company
was totally destroyed fire lato last
night The plant began tho manufact
ure of tin cans tho first of tho year and
was newly fitted throughout Tho loss
is estimated at 1 50000
Jit ill lick y hllHprit Jteleuinil
FitANKFOUT Mareh 15 GabnolTiiul
arrested in connection with tho Goobul
murder will bo released today The
detectives say that there is nothing in
the charge against him
Tho Ohio houso Wednesday passed
Iho Griffin bill appropriating 1000000
lor tno Toledo centennial
Tho Illinois Manufacturers associa
tion has decided to start an agitation
looking to tho repeal of tho war revenue
Rev Thomas K Beecher tho elder
and only surviving brother of Henry
Ward Beecher died at Blmirn Wednes
day aged 81 years
Fire Wednesday at Miatnisburc O
destroyed tho big Rothschild tobacco
warehouse and damaged other adjacent
buildings Loss 150000
A cablegram recened in Washington
Wednesday announces tho mainage of
Mrs j ranees Hodgson Btunott to
Stophon Townsend of Ijondon
Tho project of formiuga gigantic com
bination of manufacturers of threshing
machines which would havo beou ono
of tho largest trusts in tho couutry has
been abandoned
Profossor Charles Young of the Prince
tou university astronomical dopartmont
announced that preparations aro now
being mado by him to observe tho total
eclipse of tho sun which will tuko place
on May 28
Tho United States government hns
applied for oxerjiuteurs on behalf of
Heaton W Harris United States con
sul at Mannheim and Georgo II Mur
phy United States vice consul ut
lu the vote of Kenton county Ky
Wednesday to elect u senator to the
vaeanoy caused by thq death of Senator
Goobcl H L Harbison GoebePs law
partner was elected by 629 majority
over L L Oretuoy his Republican op
A i JLj Y t C3u
Gov Poyntcr Appoints Omaha
Fire and Police Connnisnion
W S topplfton V 1 Iti outfit lr IlH
lioilj unit II C MIIIit Am Sniliil lii
tlrlillill III lliill NiiiiMi Will lli
Mil I III llio Siipioinii mill
Lincoln Match 15- iowinor Ioyn
tor last oMtilng appointed W S Pup
ploton 11 0 Milloi J II IVobody and
W 1 Bioalfh as lire nine police coin
mlssiniioiN for the IltV of Ouiiilm Tim
in tion comes as a continuation of a long
mid bitter contiovoisy lor tho couttnl of
the polite and tire dopaituionts of that
oily Under a law onaolod by tho leg
islaluio in 1SD7 the governor was given
oonliol of Hie and polite ooiiiiiiIssIouhiii
cities ol the llisl class
A year ago on an appeal for local self
goti union tho supremo coin I deoloiid
the law unconstitutional and eslod
Iliiitnil in Iho mayor and oily council
A case to test the law a s aid lime has
ifi ittly boon bionght before tho su
ptomo eoutt aud pending a decision
iiivunoi lVjnlor jcslcnlav made the
appointments ISntiyol the new com
mission it is said will be resisted
It is tiuili rslood that iulci vcnliou in
the nanio ol tin so appointees will l
mado in the pending suit in thosiipioiiK
Minimum li clclil Itnto Ciinr
Omaha Mareh 15 In the United
States conn jcstoulay boloio Judge
M linger the injunction case against tin
slate houid ol transportation was called
lor aigument The ease is an attempt
of the plaiutills in the maximum niU
case to secure an injunction to restrain
the state boaid of transput tation fiom
enforcing Iioighl rates without llrst
applying to tho United States ciicuit
couit for an older mo lifying Iho injunc
tion issued m tho original cusu
yTV Ariritnl lor iiiiLllii
Suit itioit Nob Mai oh 15 Uniteil
Stati h Mat sliiil Moores ol Palmyra ar
lc ted Adolph lOhrhatt hero yesterday
on the charge of einbivling i5 fiom a
letter belonging to Matilda Khrhatt
The crime is said by the complainant tr
have been committed at Mcdicim
Lodge Ran Kluhail has been taken
to Grand Island
Irmiiii Ilinnii SIiixiIk IIIiiihi U
Wahoo Nub Mm eh 15 Franli
Ilakel a Gcinum fainu r about 05 eait
of age who accidentally shot aud lolled
himself Monday whilo trying to kill n
rabbit wax mteircd at Weston yes
Not Ono of IliocrH ItrpruHcntiil in Con
fiT ncf Mux Itiitllliil tlin Convitntlon
Washiniion Match 15 In diplo
matic ciiclos here an unpleasant sug
geslion has been tin own out to the of
feet that The Hague conference has re
sulted in complete failure and that
even tho limited program ugrocd upon
is never to be perfected
The basis for this view is tho fact
that up to this moment it is not known
officially that a siuglo ono of tho powers
represented in tho conference has rati
fied the three conventions prepared
Tho treaties themselves require that
each of tho participants in tho confer
ence shall bo notified whenever tht
other parties ratify tho conventions
Up to this time no such notice hai
reached this country
So far as tho United States govern
ment is concerned only one of the three
treaties has been ratified by tho senate
and cvon in that caso tho formahtiei
havo not been carried to completion
It is probable howover that tho appear
ance in Washington of tho newly ap
pointed Dutch minister bringing with
lum tho official copies of the conven
tions may result in further action by
tho United States upon thorn
AlHuImn Hlrmnrr Wrrtlicil
Skattik Wash March 15 Tho
steamer ISxcolsior arrived yesterday
with Captain Snow crew and passen
gers of tho Pacific Whaling companys
steamer Wolcott which was wrecked
ou the night of Jan 1 near Karluk
Alaska All were confined threo days
on tho beach at tho foot of a glacier in
tho snow and rain without shelter on
account of tho unusually high tides
but on the fourth day managed to got
away in tho ships boats to Oak bay
Tho Wolcott is a total loss
To Iiicrnmo Capital Stoi If
St Paul March 15 Tho Gulf and
Manitoba Railway compuiy has filed
notice with tho stuto railroad commis
sion that it desires to iucrenso its cap
ititi stock from 50000 to 7000000 in
order to extend its lino of railroad from
Duluth through Minnesota and Iowa to
Kansas City 700 miles Tho purposo of
tho now administration seems to bo run
tho Gulf and Manitoba to Kansas City
and connect with tho Kaubas City
Pittsburg and Gulf railroad
Ilurliinton fltr Ine the Italia
Ottumwa Maich 15 Tho Chicago
Denver flyer train No 1 on tho Bur
lington road met with an uccident last
night 25 miles west of hero Accord
ing to reports tho engine of tho train
and the trucks of tho first car were de
railed No person was injured
Tuft ChIU CoiuiiiImIuii
WABiijNqTOjV March 15 Judge Taft
presideut of tho uew Philippine commis
sion has notified his fejlow commis
siouers that tho commission will con
vene iu thin oity Mnrch Jt7
-- I M I lylM
lonicM ill lim
Not folk - - - Nebraska
111 C S PA It k nu
At Ill roo ruit Miinilny
Mast Block - Ntnfollf Nob
IliiHlelnn nml Suigoon
Illllii ItimiH Nnliiiiiiil IIiiiiL lliilliliinr
TnlmilitiiHi till
Miiiill it i i mii nml Id kIiIkiii ii Miiin mill I ltd nt
Norfolk Noliraslcu
U 1 1 scoBii
ill SoiillitMli Htinl N n roll Niln
Will lm in AIiiiIImim Iuinliij iml Inilm ut
I in Ii ui III
Olllii mii Cllircii h Niillniiiil linn I Hi nil nit
nun I ill u I urn tli nt nut ii iii I ii hill 1 1 inn Ii
Noilullt - - - NoIiiiihIcu
Inslilonulilo Dressmaker
l i kIiiIim iii iiKoii lilnil mii Hiiiiiii h Hliire
I I n M I lllhH win I Illlllllllll I ll
Not folk
- - - Nebraska
AllornejH ut Law
ItoiniiH III II nml 1 AluH lilnil
Norfolk - - - Nobuudcn
llinlcrliikors and KinliiilinerF
Si i MuiiF 1111 Nnifiill Am-
Norfolk Nebraska
- - -
Attariifj al Lsw
looms 1 ami 2 HoherlHon Wlglon
Bloik Norfolk
or Iluniliiiijr Sldim Killiiip rumps TanU
Ami all wnrU in Huh Iiiiii c nil on
Snt ibTiii lion liinriinti cd
Tiisl ilnor South of Tin Daii Ni hm Olllce
Facial Treatment
Manicuring and Shampoo
111 ulinll rail nt jour Ilium k unit ilo iinj
HiIh work Order taki n fur linn lialr bwiicIkh
IVrfict miilrli Kiiaraiili ol Hi nili nco un Ilmt
htreil luiictioii UiilrrH innj bo loft at tliu
Iiuictioii UrilK Slnre Tolopliono Mi 11
Oil and Gasoline
Sale and -
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold o
fJraasch Avenue
and Tnird St
t I S4MKmfft
Everybody wants the beat of
meate We make a special
effort to please our trade
Oar Shop U thcVjMdBt
In the City