The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, March 08, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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W N UU8K PubllHlinr
wooV Is coutB
KfttftMUIiod IM7
nxrnnt Hnmlny Ilf
lly mnll imrynnr 000
lOlnhllnliml KM
Kvery Tlmrnlny JHt mull imr ynnr IV
Kntnrrd nl thn ruitofllro nt Nnrfolk Nnl n
cconil elnM mnttnr
Tnlophouo No 22
On Monday tlio Oriinil Island IiiiIo
pondont discarded thn old and woll worn
typo which has done norvioo on that
paper for many yearn ami oiimo out with
an ontiroly now dnvw wliioh nmlcos n
flront improvement in its appoiirnnco
Tlio now proprietors of tlio Indupoiidont
ixro being nocordod n ood patronage
and they will mnlco n succors of their
It 1b said Mint it costs 1 100000 n
yoar to maintain tho J I roynl pnlacon of
Kmporor William of Gornuuiy This is
rccomniondod to tlu fuslonlstH who in
BiRfc tlmt this Ih iui imperialistic admin
istration nnd tlmt Win MoKinloy Ih an
omporor ThiH Jh in quito a contrast
-with our presidents TiOXM ayoar and
ho will liavo to tnnko mivurul long strides
boforo ho is us ImporlaliBtlo as William
of Oornmiiy
Mr Hryan Ih resting up in his Toxas
homo for a few days boforo entering
upon nnothor round of ondeavor to cro
ato public sontlment In his favor and
against tlio prusunt adniluistration
llr Bryan needs a rost as tho taalc bo
foro him Is by no moans a light ono In
the meantime ho is probably proparinga
pro nomination speech in which the
crown of thorns and cross of gold will
not bo given tho promluouce of four
years ago
In n description of how an Omaha
woman was inducod to haul down tho
British ilng at tho instance of somo
youthful Boor sympathizers tlio Daily
News of that oity says slio is now
waiting for a more auspicious time to
fihow her sympayxsn cmddv dm
Kvon then sho should bo careful how
she shows anything liko that tho people
aro not in a mood to put up with tho
frivolities of a woman ovon though she
is a British sympathizer
During tho week bogluulng March 12
when llov Olmrles M Sheldon will
publish tlio Topeka Oapitol as Josus
would do tho Atohiusou Ohanipion
tho oldest paper in Kaunas will bo
placed in chargo of Ooorgolt Nunnolly
bettor known as Autolopo Dick a
vorsntilo and ormtio nowspnpor writer
who will attempt to publish a papor as
tho dovil would do Thus Kansns
will next wook bo tho scono of two illus
trations of contending forcos which will
bo watchod with interest by tho gouorai
A year ago tho city of Koarnoy voted
that no licousos should bo grantod to
saloon mou and tho rosult has boon
that during the past yoar tho city has
ljoon without licensed liquor shops but
fchoro hnvo at all times boon plonty of
places where anything wautod lu tho
liquid liuo could bo soourod Whilo tho
school fund has boon doprivod of tho
mouoy which comos from licousos it is
claimed that thoro has actually boon
moro liquor sold and more druukouoss
ou tho streets than under tho old license
system This condition has lod to prose
cutions without oud which have in
savory case failed of couvictiou This
year the people of that city proposo to
vote to issue licousos again and keep the
traillo whore it can bo hold under con
Goo P Itowoll who has had more
experience with newspapers and realizes
their value moro than perhaps any Bcoro
of men in the country in a rooout inter
view with the Denver Post makes somo
acknowledgments extremely gratifying
to the publishers of oveuiug journals
Today said Mr Rowoll tho ovon
ing paper Is tho paper bocauso tho ovon
ing paper publishes todays news today
Nvuereas tho morning paper publishes
lyostordays news today Ilia argu
ment is therefore that tho oveuiug 1
paper is tho best advertising medium
Ordinarily thero is moro tluio for n
reader to poruso tho oveuiug papor than
in tho uiorniug when household or
business duties must occupy tho atten
tion of readers Mr Rowell is of the
fair or carnival of somo sort with good
speaking good imifllo ami confetti por
Imps in placo of lro ornokor and torpo
doos with a good flroworkn
attraction nt night would bo tho thing
Tub Nkws would ho ploasod to rocoivo
communications of limited longth from
citizens in regard to Mm nmttor and nil
suggestions should rocoivo consideration
from tho people Tlio expenditure of a
vast sum of money should not bo nocos
snry and tho celebration might bo
mnnnged by an organization similar to
tho Knights of AlcRar ben of Uninhn
Thoro aro oortalu points at which
partisanship coasos and anarchy boglns
There are oilticlsms which nro sustained
by tho ethics of political warfaro nnd
thoro aro criticisms and denunciations
which Ixirdor closely on robollion and
treason An attack ou party policies
by an opposing party often producos
good rosults A dosorvod denunciation
of a party candidate and his policios is
along Mie line of party duty to tho stato
and operates to provont corruption
But a fiendish attack upon the country
tho army or tho lag or any of thoso
things which patriot ism tenches paoplo
to revere nnd rcsprot is not to bo con
doned morely liocnuso a certain party is
in control and such tactics should ho
frowned down by all pooplo rogardloss
of pnrty politics The denunciations in
Romo of tho party papers aro vicious in
a largo dogroo It is not tho kind of
rending a patriotic father should dosiro
for his sou It is not nrgumont it is
not oven amusing It has nothing to
recommend it and ovorything to con
domn it It is an ahuso of tho privilogo
of free spoooh and it is hopod that thoio
are few partisans on oithor sido of a
question who will sanction it As long
as majorities rule In this country their
powor should bo rospooted to a cortaln
degreo and tho frowning down of vi
cious attacks on tho country or tho flag
becauso of this fact should ho applaudod
If a cause cannot win without this
vituporatiou it doos not dosofVo sue-
Itnptilillmu City Convention
A ropublicnu convention of the oity of
Norfolk Nebraska Is hereby called to
moot at tho city hull in said city on tho
17th day of March 1000 at 8 oclock
p in for tho purposo of nominating
candidates for tho following offices to
bo voted for at tho city election to be
hold April 1 1000 viz Mayor treasuror
city ongiuoor police judgo aud city
olork also two mombors of tho board of
education for tho Norfolk school district
aud for tlio transaction of such
other business as may cotuo boforo it
Tho ditlorout wards will bo outitlod to
ropresontntion on tho basis of ono dole
gato at largo aud one additional dolegate
for ovory ton votes or major fraction
thoroof oast for M 11 Reese for supromo
judgo in Novombor 1899 viz First
ward 7 Second ward ll Third ward
18 Fourth ward 0 Tlio school district
outside tho city of Norfolk will bo outitled
to i dolegatos in tho nomination of
uiomborB of tho board of oduontion
M O Hakn
O J Stocicwkm Chairman
llapulillniii Ciiuciuhor
Tho ropublicnu oloctors of tho First
ward aro hereby called to moot lu cnu
ous at tho Oxnard hotol lu said ward ou
tho 13th day of March 10G at 8 oclock
p m for tho purposo of nominating u
councilman and soveu delegates to bo
voted for at the primary election to bo
hold in said ward on tho 17th day of
March liXX and for tho transaction of
such other business as may come before
it Geo H Sieau
Tho republican electors of tho Second
ward ore hereby called to moot in cau
cus at tho Oxnard hotel ou the 12th day
of March 1000 atSoolook p in for
the purposo of nominating a couuoilman
for full term aud a councilman for short
torm aud lit dologates to bo votod for at
tho primary oloctiou to bo held in said
ward on the 17th day of March 1900
aud for tho transaction of such other
business as may como boforo it
J W Ransom
Tho republican oloctors of the Third
ward aro horoby called to meot at tlio
Oxuard hotol ou the 12th day of March
1900 at 8 oclock p in for tho purposo
of nominating a councilman nnd IS
dolegatos to be votod for at tho primary
further opinion that tho poorest head I election to bo hold in said ward on tho
of a family can afford n
newspaper Not only is
tho head of a family interested in a
newspaper but his wifo his sou aud his
daughter share his interest and liko to
keep informed on the days doiugs so
that though the subscription liat may
not be as largo as could be desired the
ndvortiser reaches a large number of
It may seem unseasonable but Tub
News is of the opinion that the early
bird sometimes catches the worm aud it
is perhaps none to early to begin asking
the question Is Norfolk going to cele
brate the Fourth of July this year
It iB Norfolks turn it being uow three
years since a celebration was held here
Tub News is of tho further opinion
that the old fashioned celebration with
greased pig potato and fat mens races
and other like amusements is no longer
a drawing cord They are tiresome ex
tremely so aud people do not enjoy
a colouration ot this character as they
should It is suggosted that a street
17th day of March 1900 and for tho
transaction of such other business as
may como boforo it F K Haudv
Tho republican electors of tho Fourth
ward are horoby called to meot in caucus
at Hershisers drug storo in said ward
on the 12th day of March 1900 at 8
oclock p in for tho purposo of nomin
ating a councilman aud six delegates to
bo voted for at the primary election to
be held in said ward ou the 17th day of
March 1900 and for the transaction of
such other business as may como Iwfore
it O J Chapman
The ropublicnu electors of the school
district outside the city of Norfolk are
requested to meet in caucus at the Ox
nard hotel in said city on Saturday the
12th day of March 1900 for the purpose
of nominating six delegates to the city
convention to place iu nomination two
members for the board of education of
of the school district of Norfolk to be
held March 19 1900 at 2 p in
n j
j i uj
Ilr Denily lleiriti to Aniiniinrr Tlinl
Ihr Dlmlcrnllo Movement tn AM
ArmIiiiiIiIoo llm Tolitllr Collnpt
nml llnnllil tlcyotiil Iti piire
Tu the Killlur
I deeply regret tn nnnoiinco ess Gen
oral Huller commences hlz dlspntchcs
frum South Africa tliet our Kllllpceno
cnmpnnc wlcli wuz organized cz a
Dlmlcrntlc movement lu nld Agulnnl
doo licz totally collnpst It Iz bustld
beyond ropare nnd not even our few
Ilcpuhllkln allies In Mnssnclioosetts
nnd tlio Vooulted Hlnlta somite kin put
life and activity Intti It nglu It hez
caused mutch hitter fuel In around these
Dlmlcrntlc hodqiinrtcrs nnd wc nlr
now tryln tu find out boo It wuz thet
hez bunkoed us nnd mnde us nppcer so
rldlciilim befonr tlio kountry
Wc Htnrtod In tu help the Kllllpeo
nnzo but wo made nn orftil mlstnke In
slzlii up Agulunldoo I did miself wen
I opened correspondence with lilin nnd
onloaded our hopes nml fcers In sum
coufldeuslinl letturs wlch hez nlrcddy
bin publlsht Frum whtit the ltopuh
llkln Insurgents hed sod I wuz led tu
boieove thet Mr Agiilnnldoo hoo wuz
no nimbly dotlgln the representatives
uv this guvcrinent nuioiig the mud and
Insecks uv hlz native land wuz n grnte
innn hoo wood eventoonlly establish n
Fourth ii v Jooly nnd pnn out n bigger
mnn than Old Washington won he rip
ped things up the buck lu this kountry
fer the Instrucshun uv Englishmen
Actln upon this theory the Dlmlcrntlc
pnrty conclooded tu boost him up high
er than ennybuddy hed befonr nnd
we soon hed our stump apeckcrs nnd
noozepnpors filled with hlz prnlscs
Our members uv kongross tnlkcd nbout
him nnd n few ministers prnyed for
him nt the hen convcushuns nnd the
old mnltls hoped he woodnt ferglt em
wen he needed sum monr wives Door
In the hlte uv our cnnipano In his bo
haft If sum observln furrlner bed cum
here ho wood hov thort thet Agiilnnl
doo wuz tho whole sho frum the wny
wc blowed hlz horn for him Sum uv
our good nnd rellnble Dlmlcrnts hcv
grntely admired him because lie wuz
llreln oft such lofty sentiments about
the Goddess uv Liberty nnd utlier vvlm
uilu nnd sum uv the old stnndbys nlr
In favor uv puttin him on the ticket
with Androo Jackson next fall
Ilevin set the idee afloat thet ho
wuz a man several sizes larger then
ennybuddy we cood prodooce nmung
our own Amerikln staltsmcn it Iz ex
trccmly mortlfyln tu find thet he aint
mutch nbove the ordinary Dlmicrnt
He hez crooelly deceeved us hi not
llckln tho Amerikln army cz he sed he
wood and lie hez thcroby forfeteil the
respeck uv hlz Dlmlcrntlc slmpnthlzers
In this kountry If ho had drove Ad
miral Dewey nwny frum Manila or
gobbled up tho land forces or even
hnuled General Otis nwny frum his
desk wc cood hcv overlooked sum uv
hlz uther falllns but tu bo driven
frum one place tu nnuther nnd hov hlz
line uv communlcnshun with these
hedqunrters cut nnd hov his wifes
clothes captured nnd perhaps washed
stamps him cz an Infcriur general hoozc
staltsmnnshlp nlnt up tu whut wc
thort It wuz We hcv bin unhossed
nt every turn All tho soljers and their
relntlvs were nglu us nnd wo wuz put
In tho onpatriotlc attltood uv givln nld
and cumfcrt tu the nrmed enemies uv
the kountry We didnt exnetly meen
tu du thot hut the onscroopoolus He
publlklu noozepnpors sed we did nnd
the people seemed tu voto cz if thn be-
leeved cm I wuz moar than surprized
tu git a letter Inst week frum Old
Deekln Burlap hoo lives In Noo Ger
sey only a few miles frum ml own
farm nt Applejack lie iz a horny
fisted farmer and never voted enny
thing but tho Dlmlcrntlc ticket and
never knowed thare wuz cnuy uther
ontll Inst November wen tu tho sur
prize uv everybuddy he went tu the
poles nnd voted tho strnte Republlkin
ticket I roto tu him tu kuo whut It
ment nnd after flndln sumbuddy tu
read mi letter he hed it ansered and
shied hlz cross mark and sent it tu me
lie sed hlz 2 sous wuz lu tho Fllllpocns
flteiu for their kountry wen thn warnt
brushln nwn flics and muskeetcrs nnd
ho hoped these few lines wood find mo
the snnio lie sed he lied nlwnze voted
tho Dlmlcrntlc ticket cz often cz the
clccshuu ofllcers wood let him took his
npplejack strnte and hoped tu hcv the
oppertoonlty uv votln fer Androo
son jest once monr befonr ho kicked
the bucket ontll ho heerd thet the Dlm
lcrntlc pnrty wuz sldelu In with the
Fllllpeenoze who wuz wnltin for n
chance tu plunk hlz hoys Thet he
sed wuz the lust camel thet broke hlz
bnck nnd hed be gosh bunged if ho
woodnt vote the Republlkin ticket tu
prevent em frum doin it Then he
went on lu tho letter wich sumbuddy
hed writ fer him tu abuse me nnd tu
sn thet I ort tube tarred nnd fethered
nnd sot tu hntchtn out chickens be
cnus I hed turned In with the enemies
uv ml kountry
Now wen a mnn like the deekln Iz In
flooeuced tu pursoo slch a course ez
thet rite in the stnlt uv Noo Gersey
under tho best nnd purest uv Dlmlcrnt
lc surroundins whut mny we not ex
pect in pluces whare people live under
Republlkin lullooences nnd whnro thn
uir monr likely tu git led nstray It
sot me tu thlukin nud I hev conclooded
thet we did a durn fool pecce uv biz
uess wen wo give the cold shake tu
our own citizens in a hot kountry nnd
wasted our slmpathy outu u lot uv half
clothed hcethen led bl slch a feller ez
Frum Applejack Farm wlch iz next tu
Grover Cleveluuds iu the stait uv Noo
Thoro is moro catarrh lu this section
of tho country than all othor dlscasos
put togothor nnd until tlio last fow
years was supposed to bo iucurahlo
For a groat mauy years doctors pro
nounced it n local disoaso and pro
scribed local romodles nnd by constantly
failing to ouro with local troatmont
pronounced it incurable Scionco has
proven catarrh to bo a constitutional
disoaso nud tlioroforo requlros constitu
tional troatmont Halls Catarrh Curo
manufactured by F T Ohouoy Co
Toledo Ohio is tho only constitutional
curo on tho markot It is takon inter
nally in dosoB from 10 drops to a ten
spoonful It acts directly on tho blood
aud mucous surfaces of tho systom
Tlioy olfor ono hundred dollars for any
enso It falls to curo Send for olroulars
and testimonials Address
V J Chunky Co Tolodo 0
Sold by dmggist 7o
Halls family pills aro tho host
Sturgoon is the piano man
Agents wanted for tho host typowritor
on tlio market tho PittBburg Visible
writing in sight nt nil times exclusive
torrltory given Address Biudioy Hard
ware company Pittsburg Pa
The western part of Persia Is In
habited by a species of camel which la
the pygmy of Its kind They are snow
white and are on thnt nccouut almost
worshiped by tlio people
In Henry VIIIs time a lnmp
found In a monastic tomb that
been burning for 1200 yenrs
llobPotorto pay Paul That is
what they do who take stimulants for
weak nerves Hoods Snrsaparilla gives
truojuorve strength
Onllnanco No o
An ordinance amending seotions Unnd
1 of ordinanco No 137 being An
ordinauco regulating tho sale and uso
of malt spirituous aud vinous liquors in
tho city of Norfolk Nebraska Also
ropealiug ordinauco 2 10
Bo it ordaiuod by tlio mayor and city
council of tho city of Norfolk Ne
Section 1 That section 2 of ordinance
No ii bo amoudod so as to read as
Any person or porsous wishing to
obtain a license for tho sale of malt
spirituous or vinous liquors within the
city of Norfolk Nebraska shall boforo
obtaining such license file in tho ofllco
of tho city clerk of said city of Norfolk
bis her or their application in the form
of a petition signed by thirty resident
freeholders of tho ward iu which said
liquors aro to bo sold provided there
aro sixty or more resident freeholders
in said ward aud in case there are loss
than sixty resident freeholders in 6aid
ward the petition shall bo deemed suf
ficient if signel by a majority of the
rosidont freeholders of said ward
Said petition shall set forth that the
applicant is a person of respectablo
character and standing and a resident
of the city of Norfolk in tho state of
Nebraska and praying that a license bo
issued to such person
Section 2 That section four of
said ordinanco No 1H7 bo amended so
as to road as follows
When said application is presented to
the city clerk he shall receive and file
tho same and no action shall be taken
upon said application until at least two
weeks notice of tho filing of tho same
been given by publication in the
nowspapor published in Madison county
Nebraska having the largest circulation
therein Aftor the said notice has boon
given if thore are no objections iu writ
ing filed with tho said city clerk against
tho issuance of said license nud a good
sufficient bond has boon duly approved
by tho city council said council in their
discretion may grant said license Be
fore said license shall be issued the
applicant therefor shall pay into tho
city treasury tho sum of five hundred
dollars 50000 as a license fee taking
the treasurers receipt therefor which
said receipt ho shall filo in tho office of
the said clerk
Section 3 That said sections 3 and 4
of said ordinance No 137 are hereby re
pealed aud ordiuauce No 210 is also re
Section 4 This ordinance shall be in
force from nnd after its passage and
publication as required by law
if asseu aua approvoa aiaron ist muu
J 13 Simpson Mayor
Attest J 0 Stitt City Clerk
Notice to Non resilient Defendant
To Minnie Nitz non resident defend
ant You aro horoby notified that on
tho 3rd day of March 1000 Albort F Nitz
filed a petition against you in tho dis
trict court of Madison county Nebraska
tho objeot and prayer of which are to
obtain n divorce from you on the ground
that you have willfully abandonod the I
plaintiff without good causo for tho
term of two years past
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before Mouday tho 9th day of
April 1000
Auucivr F Nit
By Barnes Tyler
ins Attorneys
Order Tor Hearing of Final Account
In the county court of Madison
county Nebruskn
In tho nint tor of the estato of Jane La
FnrKO deceased
Now on tho 2lth day of February
1000 came M O Iluzen the adminis
trator of said estate aud prays for leave
to reuder on account as such adminis
It is therefore ordered that the 20th
day of March 1000 at 1 oolock p m
at my ofllce in Madison bo fixed as tho
time aud place for exutuiuiuj aud allow
ing sucu account Aim tuo Heirs of said
deceased aud all persous interested iu
said estate are required to appear at tho
time and place so designated aud show
causo if suoh exists why said occouut
should not bo allowed
It is further ordered that said M O
Hazen administrator give notice to all
persons interested in said estate by
causing a copy of this order to bo pub
newspaper printed and in general circu
lation iu said county for three weeks
prior to the day set for said hearing
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand aud aflixed my ofllciul seal
this 20th day of February 1000
seal Wm Batbs
Couuty Judge
0 A IjOIKART Pbmidbnt
CHA8 8 HHIDfJK Vicb Pbmidbkt
Q to33
e a
CCfc c
Fremont Hkhorn Mo Valley
OmaliB PassoiiBOr tl OT a m
V CO KiproBB 1240 p m
cagoKxproBs JSOpm
On Inswngor liio p m
Hlack lllllfl czproRS 7 10 pm
Vordfitro PnnnoiiRor 1240p m
VordiRro Accommodation 900am
Hlnclc lllllfl Kxprcss 1220 p 111
Vordiro Passongor t0rum
Vordlero Accommodation 720pm
Tho Chlengo nnd Muck Hills Exproaa arrivoa
and departs from Jnnotion depot The Omaha
and Vorcligre trains arrivo and deport from city
dopot II J Matkau Agont
Union Pacific
Coltimlma Accommodation 030 pm
Omalia Dnnvorand PaclfloCouBt U00nm
Columbus Aec mmodntion 1030pm
Omaha Monyer and Pacific coast 900pm
Connects at Norfolk with F E 11 V going
wost and north and with tho C St P M O
for points north and oast
F W Jcn kman Agent
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis
Sionx City and Omaha Passenger B 30 am
Sioux CltyPosscnger 100pm
Slonx City PaBsengor 1035 am
Bioax City and Omahn Passenger 730p in
Connects at Norfolk with F K M V going
west and north and with tho U P for points
Bonth F W Juneman Agent
Ualy oxcoptJSnnday
Graduate of American School of
b now locntod in Norfolk at rosidoneo
of Mrs McBrldo 111 S Utli St
wadnato of the samo school located nt
Wayne Nohrvaxcopt Tuesdays and Fri
iluys will bo at Wiusido
No Knife No Drugs
Consultation nud Examination Froo
Office hours o to ia a m i to
4 p m
l3 4
i MMtfrtwtfcti fcj
If you want
the Best Seeds
Buy Vicks
Our own growing
and the
Worlds Choicest
The handsomest and most com
plete Catalogue we ever issued
sent free if you stato in what you
are most interested Flowers
Vegetables or Small Fruits
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 5000
nny anil soil oxclmnjo on thin country anil all pnrtu of Enropo
Hwank 1 A Lcikaht T K Mrmuinokr L Bkssions
Farm Loam
W DnAAflcn
Tried Them
Railroad and Business Directory
Spenser 4k Ovilmao
Boots and Shoes
Repairing Nsatly Dono
Contractor and Builder
I 7 Fourth Street
Cheaprst nnd Best
Norfolk Avenue
The Norfolk Harseshoer
All Wobk Guabantekd
Cor 4ti St and Braasch Av
Daily News Job Department
From tho Pentico Farm 90ven milos east of
Piorco two horsos ono a diipplo gray and tho
othor n light iron gray Weight about 1000
each Finder will ploaso notify
Hoskins Neb
-- ------ Kj
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps
Prices Right
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Wink
First door West of Post Office
Are- essential to health
handles only pure groceries
free from adulteration and
sells them at
You get what you pay for
at Uhles
The Overiafid Umited
To the
i 37 IToura to Ban KrancUco
v ta
Pacific Coast
Hours to 1ortlund
Doulilo Drawing Room Paluco Sloopora
Buffot SmoViug and Library Cars with
Durbar Shop and Plaasaut Koudiui Hooms
DlniiiK Cure MoiiU u lu Curtu
Pintsch Light Stouiu llout
For time tables folders illustrated Imo1b
pamphlets doscriptivo of tho territory tra
oreed cull ou