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Roberts Reports That the
Enemy Is In Full Retreat
Iltirghers Forsake Position Near Osfon
teln nrltUh Flying Column From Zulu
lurid Invades Transvaal for the first
Time Sine the War Commenced
London March 8 Tho war ofllco has
just posted tho following advices from
Lord Jloborts
PoiLAU Ghovk March 7 Wo had
n very miccoRsful day and havo com
pletely routed tho ouomy who aro lu
full retreat
Tho position which thoy occupy is
extremely strong and cunningly ar
ranged with a socond lino of intrench
meuts which would havo caused us
heavy loss had a direct attack boon
m ml e
Tho turning movement was neces
sarily wido owing to tho natnro of tho
ground and tho cavalry ami horso ar
tillery horses aro much dono up
Tho fighting was practically con
fined to tho cavalry division which as
usual did oxcoediugly well and Gon
eral TYoiioh roports that tho horso ar
tillery batteries did groat execution
among tho ouomy
Our casualties aro about CO I ro
gret to say that Lioutonant Koswick
was killed and Lieutenant Bailey was
soverely wounded both of tho Twelfth
Lancers Lieutenant do Orcspigny of
tho Second Life Guards was sovoroly
wounded Remaining casualtios will
bo tolegraphod tomorrow
Generals Dowot and Dolaroy com
manded tho Boor forces
Iirltlih Ailvanco FIftuon Miles
London March 8 Lord Roberts
wired yestorday morning from Osron
tein and ia tho evoning from Poplar
Grove 15 miles eastward By an ap
plication of tho olementary principle of
strategy the Boer positions 15 miles
long across his path havo boon omptiod
and their holders have been obliged to
retire in confusion consequent on hasty
withdrawal Nothing was done by
Lord Roberts to disturb the symmetry
of tho deadly ingonuity of the Boor
trenches in front of him Ho marched
out infantry estimated from tho com
mands named at 30000 men and sent
10000 brsimon and horse artillery in a
-bold sweep around the Boer left where
upon tho Boor ceutor and right became
untenable Fifty British fell when tho
cavalry caraeinto contact with tho Boors
Tho correspondents differ as to tho
enemys strength The Daily Mails
representative thinks tho Boers number
something moro than 4000 Tho Daily
News man estimates them at 10000
As these figures come from observers at
headquarters it is clear that Lord Rob
erts force was overwhelmingly suporior
He can scarcely havo fewer than 45000
immediately available as tho Guards
brigade reached him from Lord Mothuen
Tuesday Lord Methuen now com
mands only volunteers and tho local
forces at Kimberloy some of whom
cave gono toward Mafeking
Tho Boers do not yet appear to appre
ciate the mobility of Lord Roberts corps
which yra3 able to strike so swiftly in
this affair that tho enemy had to
abandon a gun much forage and a largo
quantity of camp equipage
The Standard cautions Englishmen
against rising to a height of sereno
contentment whioh tho actual position
does not justify and thus measuros
the situation A largo number of tho
Boers aro still in tho field Thoy havo
a wide range of oountry over which
they can operate Although their mor
ale is somewhat damaged it would be
too much to say that thoy will not
stand again Indeed what wo want
them to do is to stand again for it is
only in a real staudup fight that wo can
inflict those losses which would eventu
ally lead the dofeated to suo for peuco
Lord Roberts has gained a success but
it must not bo regarded as a signal vic
tory until wo know what damage has
been inflictod and what prisoners havo
been taken
Tho Dutch risings in the northwest
ern districts of Capo Colony aro tho only
cloud visible in tho sky of British pros
Cronje Will lit Sent to St Helona
The militury authorities havo decided
that General Croujo and tho other Boer
prisoners shall bo sent immediately to
tho island of St Holoua thoro to ro
main until the end of tho war Lord
Roberts has chosen Lord Bathurst col
onel of a militia regiment nfc tho front
to command tho escort xto St Helena
which was last month placed in cable
communication with Capo Town and
London It is also asserted that tho
cabinet has rosolvod to neither proposo
nor eutortain a proposal at tho presout
juncture for an exchango of prisoners
A dispatch to tho Times from Osfou
tein dated March 0 says A com
mando of 8000 Boers has offered to sur
render but on impossible terms Gon
eral Croujos losses were greater than ho
udmitted Sixty bodies of Boers havo
been found in one gravo
llrltlsli Invade Transvaal
London March 8 A special dispatch
from Durban says a flying column of
British troops from Zululand has en
tered the Transvaal and has beeu daily
skirmishing with small parties of Boers
The force cousists of mouuted infantry
Natal scouts and artillery all com
mauded by Major Prendergast Tho
coluum first crossed tho border on Feb
20 It uoy occupies an intrenched po
sition on Catasa hill nine miles within
the Transvaal
ltrucr Iteturns to Pretorln
Glkncok March 8 Prosldont Km-
gor returned to Pretoria His address
to tho burghers lias fired thorn witli
fresh enthusiasm to coutiuuo tho fight
for independence and to bring tho war
to a successful lssuo
Commandant Through Error Abandoned
Key to the Doer loiltlon
Bouu Oami BiociKUBiiKno March 8
Tho fodorals havo fallon back on tho
Biggcrsberg chain that crosses Natal
south of Dundoo Tho rotroat from
Ladysmith was due to tho mistako of n
certain commandant in ordering his
men to retire from tho koy of tho posi
tion without any reason for tho move
On tho receipt of bad news from tho
M xldur river Woduosday it was resolved
to sond tho wagons back to Biggors
borg and soon long strings of wagons
lined tho roads
Whou tno last train had loft Elands
lmigto a workmans train followed
carefully blowing up ovory bridge and
culvert botwoon Ladysmith and Glon
coo and when this had boon done set
ting lire to tho Elaiidslaagto collieries
Thus tho British with Natals south
ernmost colliurios in their hands aro
unablo to draw supplies therefrom
It is impossible us yot to givo tho
burgher casualtios owing to tho disor
ganization of tho ambulance anil tho
circumstances of tho rotreat
rtro III Llitlnilelplilit Ciiiihch Iosh of Al
most n Million
PiiiLADKiiMiiA March 8 A flro en
tailing an ostimatod loss of over 900
000 occurred in tho retail dry goods dis
trict Tho conflagration originated in
tho engine room of Shonoman Bros
dry goods and millinery storo at Eighth
and Arch stroots and it was lovolod
Tho loss is placed at 300000
Marks Bros dry goods storo adjoin
ing was partly damagod by smoko and
water and thoir storohouso was com
pletely gutted entailing an estimatod
loss of 300000
Tho flames sproad to tho six story
building on Cherry stroot oocupiod by
Myorhoif Bros manufacturers of
womens aud childrens clothing and
tho Philadelphia Eloctrical Equipment
company Nothing was loft of this
placo but tho walls Tho loss is placod
at 200000
Sovoral smaller buildings woro moro
or less seriously damaged
Swollen Klvers Inundate Lower Portion
of Several Towns
Geiveiand March 8 Telegrams
from various points in northern Ohio
indicate that great damage is boiug
dono by floods
At Fromout tho Sandusky river has
overflowed its banks and submerged tho
lower part of tho town Collars of busi
ness houses aro filled with water and
many factories havo been compelled to
close down
At Warren tho Mahoning river has
reached tho danger point and tho lower
part of the town is flooded Much dam
ago has resulted at Massillou owing to
the Tuscarawas river overflowing its
Tho Grand rivor at Painesvillo is out
of its banks and a serious flood is feared
Tho quarries and tho village pumping
station at Borca aro covered with wator
entailing heavy losses
Resolution to Provide State Quard Under
Deinooratlo Governor of Kentuoky
Fkankfort March 8 Iu the sonato
Senator Triplett offered a substitute for
his resolution to provide for a commit
tee to investigate tho removal of muni
tions of war from tho arsenal to Loudon
Tho substituto proposos to appropriate
100000 for tho immediate equipment
of the stato guard under Democratio
Governor Beckham and Adjutant Gen
eral Castlomau und for tho purposo of
recovering military property of the stato
now m alleged unlawful possession of
Republican Governor Taylor
Pension for Queen 111
Washington March 8 Tho sonata
committee on foreign relations author
ized tho reporting of nu amendment to
tho diplomatic appropriation bill appro
priating 20000 to ex Queen Liliuoka
laui and providing for an annual dona
tion of 10000 to her as long as sho may
At the Mercy of it Mob
Paseuiuust Ga March 8 Four ne
groes havo boon captured by a mob of
100 men at tho homo of Dan Minis near
hero Thoy aro supposed to havo been
implicated in tho killing of Mims und
his child Tho sheriff with a largo
posse has gono to attempt thoir roscuo
Patsy and James MoMahou chargod
with murdering Jacob Lovenshoimor
were arrested Wednesday at Mari
etta O
The statement of tho London board of
trado for tho month of February shows
increases of 3085700 in imports und
3837400 in exports
Tho anxiety in regard to tho overduo
French lino steamer Pauillao which
sailed from New York Fob 5 for
Havre is increasing
Captain Silas W Terry late in com
maud of tho Iowa husbeen assigned to
succeed Admiral McCormick as com
mandant of tho Washington navy yard
George W Drake tho famous moun
tain deteotivo together with a man
named Ford woro shot to death Wed
nesday night near Torrout Ky by
William St John
The remains of CO soldiers who died
iu Cuba were buried at Arlington ceme
tery Wednesday with military honors
The bodies of about 500 soldiers who
died iu Cuba now rt in this historio
Says He Resigned From Army
Before Congress Met
General lands at Han Frnnclico nnd Talks
nl CnMltlonii In Uuani and tho lliMp
plnes Says War It Over Except for
Guerrilla Hand
San Fuanoisco March 8 General
Joseph Whoolor nnd party who havo
boon in quarantino since thoir arrival
from tho Philippines on tho transport
Warren last Monday woro permitted to
land last night When soon by an As
sociated Press roporter General Whoolor
said that his health was excellent and
that his trip to tho Philippines had if
anything benefited him physically
As to tho situation iu tho Philippines
and Guam ho said All is very satis
factory in both places Tho war is over
except for tho guorrilla bands that am
bush our troops and do a little damage
Just boforo I loft 1 hoard of a case in
which an American soldier was killed
and sovoral wounded This condition
of tilings will not last long 1 think
I was much pleased with tho Fili
pinos Thoy aro intelligent courteous
and kind Thoy aro not disposed to
revolution and violence but tho false
representations mado to thorn regarding
Americans very naturally aroused thorn
and led thorn to boliovo that resistance
to our rule was tho only possiblo oscapo
from impending evil
I found that when thoy learned tho
real character and tho purposes of tho
Americans they scorned well reconciled
to our government und I firmly bolieve
that after tho establishment of a good
aud wise civil adminiHt ration of affairs
an era of great prosperity will bless tho
people of tho archipelago
After a briof stay in this city General
Whooler will go to Washington to take
his seat iu congress
I havo a letter saying that nu offort
will bo mado to keep mo from taking
my seat said tho genoral but I do
not seo why such an offort should suc
ceed I shall go to Washington having
resigned from tho army and with a
proper certificate of election nnd expect
to bo sworn in It will bo noted that
my resignation from tho army was
handed iu beforo congress mot
Ills Colleagues of the II01190 Shocked nl
111 Demise
Washington Mnroh 8 Tho death of
Ropresontativo Harmcr of Pennsylva
nia tho Father of tho House oust a
doop gloom over tho proceedings yes
terday and tho house adjourned out of
rospect to his memory Although ho
was known to bo in fcoblo health his
death came as a shock to his colleagues
by whom ho was uuivorsally beloved
Ho was tho oldest member of tho house
both in length of sorvico and iu contin
uous service As such it was his duty
to swear iu the incoming speaker at tho
opening of each congress His only ap
pearance iu the house this session was
when ho mado a special trip from Phil
adelphia at tho opening of tho session
in Decomber to administer the oath to
Speaker Honderson His death makes
Genoral Heury Bingham of Pennsylva
nia tho Father of tho House Ho be
gan his service in tho Forty sixth con
gress and has sorved continuously for
20 years
Loilfje Talks on Philippine Question
Washington March 8 Tho sonato
soldoin accords to any of its members a
greater complimont than it gave yester
day to Lodgo Masb Tho announce
ment that ho would deliver a speech on
tho Philippine question drew to tho
sonato ovory senator now in tho city
and to tho gallorios an unusually largo
number of auditors Throughout the
delivery of tho speech despite tho fact
that ic consumed three hours the Mas
sachusetts sonutor was given close at
tention Soon after Mr Lodgo had
concluded tho senuto adjourned out of
respect to tho momory of tho Into Rep
resentative Harmor Pa
Food Distribution In Porto Itlco
Washington March 8 Tho ucting
socrotary of war has received a commu
nication from General Davis on the
subject of food distribution and roliof of
tho destitute in Porto Rico It was the
intention of General Davis as recently
statod to tho department to discontinue
tho freo distribution of food about tho
first of this month but tho industrial
conditions existing iu cortaiu portions
of tho island rendered it absolutely ne
cessary to continue to feed tho starving
inhabitants for some time longer Tho
military governor therefore has re
quested a shipment of 500 tons of rico
codfish and bacon in addition to tho
600 tons askod for about thrco weeks
Illll for Heller of Hettlern
Washington March 8 Senator
Quarles yesterday reported Senator
Thurstons bill for tho relief of settlers
ou tho Otoo nnd Missouri reservation
in Kunsusund Nobraskawith an amend
ment extending tho time iu which set
tlomont may bo mado on tho part of do
Uuquoiits to one year instead of 10 days
ueulef jlaKue jiepoic
Port Townsend Wash March 8
Dr Foster iu charge of tho quarantino
flatly denies tho rumor in circulation
that tho bubonio plaguo and not bori
beri afflicted tho crow of tho Japanese
steamer Nanyo Maru which haa beeu
detained at Diamond Point statiou Tho
story is a fake said to havo originated
in Victoria
Memtiers of town House and Senate Visit
New Hospital for the Insane
CiiKUOKnic la March b Tho special
train carrying SUO momborH of tho legis
lature thoir wives nnd others especially
invited to accompany them reached
Gherokoo at 1230 where carriages wero
iu readinoss for tho accommodation of
tho oxoursionlBts Aftor ooflVo was
served tho party drove out to tho new
insano hospital whoro they spent noiuo
thuo iuHnoctiug it
After ilm party rofnrned they woro
sumptuously banqueted at tho Innvis
hotel After dinner sjMeohes woro
made by Hpoakor Ilowon Senators
Cheshire llarriman JuuUin Eaton
Titus Blunohurd Hubbard Hall Rep
resentatives Hyors Temple Eaton
TheophiluH Carter John Oownio of the
board of control Dr lloyt and Dr Hill
of the insane hospitals and lion Lafe
Young for tho press Tho concluding
hours wore spent iu a social way tho
train leaving for Des Moines at 530
Proinliiunt riiyslilun Arrested
Drs Moinks March 8 Dr J W
Adams an old and prominent practi
tioner of this city was arrested ut noon
charged with murder in tho second de
gree Mrs N Wright tiled tho infor
mation which charges tho doctor witli
the murder of her daughter Dollie Mrs
Wolfonl wife of Charles Wolford A
few days after an alleged abortion was
performed Mrs Wolfonl died
lown llnltuilium Meet
Sioux Oitv March 8 Delegates to
tho number of 100 or 500 aro in attend
ance hero at tho semiannual meeting of
tho Iowa association of Unitarian and
othor independent churches which
opened with a banquet last evening aud
will continue tomorrow
Death or V W Itnnd
BuHiiNcnoN la March 8 O W
Rand a wealthy capitalist of Burling
ton died ut Riverside Oal lust night
whero ho wont for his health Mr
Rand was prominently identified with
the lumber business of tho Mississippi
anvernor SIiuwh rather Is Ilend
MomtisvihiE Vt March 8 Board
man Shaw futhor of Governor Shaw of
Iowa died at his homo here aged 81
lvllonl Action In Itlowln Up Mine
ltullillnuH Wim Preconcerted
Washington March 8 When James
R Sovereign former grand master
workman of tho Knights of Labor ro
sumed his testimony yestorday at tho
Couer dAlouo investigation beforo tho
houso committee on military affairs
Representative Lent asked him if thoro
was any law written or unwritten re
quiring members of a labor organiza
tion to conceal tho names of criminals
Mr Sovereign answered iu tho nega
Spoaking of tho general conditions in
tho mining country while tho men woro
imprisoned Mr Soveroign said ho had
soon mothors weoping for their sons
wives for thoir husbands and sisters for
thoir brothers denouncing tho military
otiiccrs for tho roign of bread and
wator and describing it as a ropotition
of tho horrors of Andersonvillo
Tho members of tho committoo cross-
examined Mr Sovereign at considerable
longth Ropresontativo Hull again took
niin over tho assembling of minors on
the morning tho mill was blown up
Tho witness said it was evident thoro
was soma preconcortod action At Mr
Hulls request Mr Soveroign read an
artiolo iu tho paper editod by him jib to
Bunker Hill Destroyed 1000 Deter
mined Men Wreak Veugoanco on tho
Scab Miuo
Tho article said that half of tho 1000
men wore masked and nrmod with Win
chester rifles and described tho awo in
spiring scenes as 3000 pounds of dyna
mite were placed under tho mino con
centrator ono of tho largest in tho
world and it was completely wrecked
after three terrific explosions
Tho bubonio plaguo increases at Cal
cnttathoro having boon 111 deaths from
tho disease thero last week
Judgo Jesso J Phillips of tho Illinois
supromo court is rapidly improviug and
is now thought to bo out of danger
Of the total production of Bossomer
rails in 189 Pennsylvania mado 1221
807 tons und other states mado 1015010
Tho Eloventh Ohio district Republican
congressional convention has nominated
by acclamation Goorgo W Steele to suc
ceed himself
Dr John Friederich 55 years old
fouuder publisher and editor of tho
American Swiss Gazette of Now York
died Wednesday
It is roliably reported that rocont in
undations iu tho department of Maqua
da Peru havo caused losses to property
estimated at 300000
Four thousand employes of tho Na
tional Tube works at McKocsport Pa
were Wednesday notified of a 10 per
cent advance iu wagos
Tho southwestern passenger bureau
has authorized u rate of one faro plus i
for tho Trausmississippi commercial
congress which meets in Houston April
17 to 31
A fruud order was issued Wednesday
by tho postoftlco dopartmont ugainst L
D Bass tho Union Teachers agencies
of America aud tho bureau of civil ser
vice instruction
Tho 1000 employes of tho Jersey City
sugar houso of tho Amoricau Sugar Ro
fining comimny who uro now laid off
were told that they would not bo ueedod
for uu indefinite period
Tho coal minors employed ut tho
Hickory Coal companys mines at
Sharon Pa have been granted an in
urease iu wages of flye cents per ton
after a three dys strike
Conservative Estimate of Those
Killed at Fire Creek
Thlrly Sli Aio Hllll Itrlleved to lie ln
toinhed III the Mine Work of Iteniov
Inir the Undies Continues Cause of IC
pluliin Not Determined
Flint CitKiK W Va March 8 The
rescuing part itm continued working hard
at Ited AhIi mine today in removing
debris and securing tho bodies of the
victims of tho explosion Tho scenes of
distress among those hunting their
missing friends are still as appalling as
yesterday The work at tho mine con
tinues night and day and it is still im
possible to givo tho exact number or the
victims or to identify the bodies that
havo been recovered The most con
servative estimates of those connected
with the mine place the killed at 5J and
thero are others who insist that the
number of victims will be found to
reach 00 A report from lie rescuers at
tho mine was Unit 31 victims had beeu
rescued VIII lining dead and live seriously
injured While the surviving minors
anil others estimate that there are at
least Jilt miners still entombed loncral
Manager Howell says there are only 311
still in the mine The estimate of the
latter would Indicate that thoro woro 70
killed and live injured and it is conceded
that all of thoso still in tho mino are
Mnyns limited by Mexicans
Oaxaoa Mox March 8 News has
reached hero of another hard fight be
tween a force of about 300 Maya Indians
and 1000 government troops Tho bat
tle took place near tho town of Aguadu
Colonel Kornando Gonzales who is a
member of President Din personal
Htaff was in command of tho govern
ment forces which made tho attack ou
the Indians The Mayas woro strongly
intrenched but were driven from their
position by tho terriblo fire which was
poured in upon them from an advan
tageous position Thirty seven Indians
were killed end a largo number
wounded Three soldiers were killed
Over 300 guns which were thrown away
by the Indians in their flight before tho
government troops were afterward
picked up by the latter
Hums and llicou Pur the Philippines
Oiiicauo March H Thirty two ro
f rigorator cars 700000 pounds of
ham and bacon cured under govern
ment formula with a viow to preserva
tion in tropical climntos bound for tho
American soldier iu tho Philippines
loft Chicago ou the Alton railroad hist
night and will go direct to San Fran
cisco whero it will bo transferred from
tho refrigerators to a wuiting transport
and thence to Manila After tho hams
were smoked and cured in tho usual
manner they were placed iu a white
muslin sack Then a thin coating of
oat hulls was placed around tho ham
and another sack of white drilling was
drawn over all Then tho ham was
packed in salt
Ueloni Wins Chnuiplnnshlp
Hot SiitiNOS Ark March 8 Scores
of women wero in tho big crowd which
saw Mrs Shattuck of Minneapolis
champion woman trap shot of tho
world shoot with C B Dolong tho
Arkansas champion after Dolong had
just defeated Captain A II Bogardus
who held tho worlds championship for
17 years Mrs Shattuck shuttered 10
out of 20 single targets to Dolongs 17
Tho ton paces ovont resulted in 1 1 for
Mrs Shattuck and 13 for Dolong Mrs
Shattuck killed 10 out of her 20 live
birds Dolong scored 10 doad pigeons
aud won tho triangular contest
Clements Is Found Guilty
Oaikdovia Minn March 8 Tho
jury brought in a verdict of guilty of
grand larceny in tho first degree us
churged iu tho indictment in the trial
of Clements tho LaOrosso man ou trial
for complicity wrecking tho Fillmoro
county bank Clemeuts claimed to
havo soverod his connection with tho
bank somo timo beforo tho failure but
his partner Todd testified that tho
books had 1 eon altered to make out
such a case in order to keop -10000
worth of property from thoir creditors
lCiilue floes Through a llrhlee
Pittsiiuuo March 8 Tho locomotivo
hauling tho Chicago fast freight west
on tho Pittsburg Fort Wayno and Chi
cago railroad crashed through tho steel
bridgo spanning Robinson street Al
legheny and dragged the tender and
ono car with it Firoman A K Miller
of Bolivar Pa and Brakemau George
Dowald of Pitcairn Pu were killed
outright and Conductor James F Mar
tiu of Pitcairn dangerously injurod
One Hundred Dentin From Smallpox
Jackson Miss March 8 An oflicial
roport mado to tho Hinds county board
of supervisors yestorday reveals an ap
palling stato of affairs in the Jouesvillu
neighborhood iu the sou thorn part of
tho county Tho community is literally
honeycombed with smallpox of tho most
virulent und loathsome form aud dur
ing tho past six weeks nearly 100 deaths
havo occurred
Iuro fond Couxress
Wabiinoton March 8 Tho third
annual session of tho puro food and drug
congress begun hero yesterday Secre
tary of Agriculture Wilsou delivered
tho maiu address of tho day uyiug tho
question to bo takeu up by tho food con
gress is one of common honesty and that
the man who sells an articlo different
from what it purports to be is common
I M I Trier
AttornojfiAt Lai
At Iltifce Kvery Mmiilny
Mast moult - - Norfolk Nob
IhjHlr lnii mill Surgton
Olllre CltbmiH Nnllimiit llmik lliillillmr
Tiiliiiiliniiii llll
HiiiiIIiii him mill lliHlilniirti Mnhi mill Kllli Ht
Ttileplimin 11
Norfolk Nebraska
OlIloniinrlHtlsntm Nml Itnnk HnoMnncn ime
block mirth of Ctitutreniitloiiiil elitiroli
Norfolk - Nebraska
Fashionable UroNHinuker
Up stnlrs In Cottun oloek mr Humes storo
1lril clHst work xiinrniitueil
Attorneys at Iuw
Hootiu 10 II sud 17 Mutt lllook
Norfolk Nobraska
Undertakers and ErnhnlmorB
Bastions lllk Norfolk An
Norfolk - Nobraska
Attorney nl Lair
Rooms t and 2 Robertson JWIgton
Block Norfolk
W Oliails Barter Shop
For Plumbing Slcam Fitting Pumps
Tinks Wind Mills
Anil all rupnlr work in this Una en
M K lOria
Batlofaotlon Innrantood
First door aontb of Daily Ntw offlea
Mrs HHHull
Facial Treatment Woticcriig ted Sbcmpoo
Wllltlsrtljr call t j onr homes and do any of thi
work Orders taken for lino hair switches
Perfect rnatoh guaranteed Pesldouco on First
street JnnetioD Orders mar be left at ilia
Junction Dm Jtore Telephone 16
Oil and Gasoline
Sale and
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold o
Braasch Avenue
and Tnlrd St
Jj Meats
IBHi Sausage
WBm Fii
t Game
Everybody wants the best of
merts We make a speoial
effort to please our trade
Ottr Skp th Kutot