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The Norfolk Weekly News
jONDON in the dark
No Official News Received
From the Front
1eoplo TIiroiiR tlio Corridor Until After
Midnight Nil 1 1 1 T i r i m 1 1 1 1 1 Kegiirillni
the INiolllou oT tin Troops Tluit Iluvo
Arrlvcil Sltico Itohertn Took Coinmiiinl
London Jan an The ussi nhlngo iu
Pall Mull outside the war olllco and
thoso privileged to wait in tho lobbies
reluctantly dispersed at midnight after
tho llnal word that nothing more would
bo announced Tho morning papers
wont to press with conjectures and fore
casts of all sorts striving to guess out
something from Spionkop
General Hollers infantry to roach tho
summit of iipionkop must cross u nat
ural glacis three quarters of a mile
wide and climb GOO feet up a steep
JNobody hero seems to known not
even the war olliee what Lord Roberts
has done with his largo reinforcements
Six thousand troops awaited his arrival
at Cape Town and since then 5000
others have reached thoro Military
critics aroall hoping that a good share
of these 12000 have gone to help Gen
eral Bullcr and they arguo that a few
days wait may make him strong onouyh
to overcomo tho deadlock
There are 19000 troops at sea and this
heavy weight on tho British side is ex
pected to destroy tho equilibrium now
existing on every flold of operations
Tho British losses up to date in killed
wounded and captured according to
General Bullors last list total 8216
j Vllitlng ItcKUinod mi Tnesiliiy
London Jan 25 Tho Daily Tele
graph publishes tho following dispatch
from Spearmans camp dated Jan 2i
On Monday Sir Charles Warrens
forces cannonaded and fusiladed the
Boer positions west of Spionkop near
tho Acton Homes road A lyddito bat
tery co oporated with tho other batter
ies and tho Maxims Certainly tho tiro
was effective causing tho enemy serious
losses Tho Boers however clung des
perately to their works from which
thoy arc only being very slowly driven
Today tho enemy fired their guns
oftener using also tho captured 15
pounders with shrapnel Oar casualties
today wero less oven than thoso of yes
terday lighting began about 0 in the
morning and continued all day but
thero has been loihing like a general
engagement Tho naval big guns as
sisted from Potgioters drift iu shelling
the Boer positions
lloers Itrlni Up More film
London Jan 23 A dispatch to tho
Times from Spearmans camp dated
Tuesday says Tho Boers today had
more guns and arc prepared to fight al
most interminably having intrenched
thoir ridgo which stretches iu an al
most unbroken lino from Drakensburg
many miles eastward Firing contin
ued throughout tho day Wo have not
advanced any further but wo throw up
intrenchmonts during tho night from
behind which tho musketry duel con
tinued from exactly tho same position
as yesterday
Situation Ih Desperate
Berlin Jan 25 German press tac
ticians aro almost unanimously of tho
opinion that tho situation of tho British
forces around Ladysmith is desperate
Tho Berliner Tageblatt prints a Brus
sels special claiming that General War
ren has been signally defeated A mil
itary writer for tho Krouzo Zeitung
says tho movement to roliovo Lady
smith has failod rendering tho British
lino of retreat endangered
Cecil Khoilex Working n Gun
Eimiieuley Jan 25 Tho bombard
ments have ceased but tho Boers aro
perpotually engaged iu sniping Long
Cecil is doing excellent work and Cecil
Rhodes has personally fired soveral
shells from tho gun
Work of Ariiorlrnn Troop In tliu riilllji
jilnen Stiinllly Sucoexufiil
Washinoton Jan 25 General Otis
reported to tho war department yester
day that the western coast of tho island
of Panay is now open for trado and that
tho coast of Laguna do Bay and tho
neighboring sections of tho country
will also bo opened to unrestricted traf
fic by tho ond of tho week Ho also re
ports sovoral minor ongagomonts with
tho Filipinos iu which tho American
arms mot with tho usual success Tho
enemy lost heavily and a largo amount
of arms and ammunition wus captured
Ileiiteimiit Ntockley In Miuatng
Washinoton Jan 25 General Otis
cabled tho war department as follows
Manila Jan 25 Lieutenant Stock
ley Twenty first infantry has been
missing sinco Jan 12 Ho was on re
connoitering duty at Talisay near Sau
Tonias Batangas and was evidently
captured Search is still being prose
ICeroIiitlonury War Widow
Washinoton Jan 25 Responding
to au iuquiry from Senator Gallinger
Commissi uer of Pensions Evans has
sent to itim a statement giving tho
number of pensioners borno on tho rolls
of tho oflico on account of each of tho
wars of tho United States and giving a
brief review of tho laws under which
thoy wero granted Tho statement as
to tho number of pensioners is as
lows On account of tho revolutionary
war four widows and seven daughters
War of 1812 oue survivor 1098 widows
First Sulmnrlptlon For Chrlntlnti Unity
Color Irom NehrniUn
ToiEKA Jan 25 Tho immediate
nnd extraordinary rcsponso of tho pub
lic to tho announcement in tho Associ
ated Press of tho Sholdon edition of
tho Dally Capital is indicated by tho
fact that Mr Sheldon and tho Capital
have boon deluged with telegrams and
letters from all parts of tho country
nskiug for information regarding tho
proposed plans for a Christian daily
newspaper Among the dispatches re
ceived was ono from Now York con
taining an order for 10000 copies of
each issue during tho week Another
order by telegraph asked for 5000 inches
of advertising space Tho first sub
scription order which caino within 12
hours of tho announcement of the plan
in tho Associated Press was from Ne
braska for 101 copies of each issue
Requests have come to the Capital from
over 100 newspapers iu Kansas for cuts
of Mr Sheldon to bo used in their col
Mr Sheldon said that while he would
receive no compensation for his services
it had been stipulated that should tho
receipts exceed the expenditures of tho
edition a large part of tho proceeds
would bo devoted to missionary and
philanthropic work
KcltliiK Sitfiio In tlui 1roiifh Cliunilmr
During u Debute on Conxplrnry
Pakh Jan 25 Thero were exciting
scenes in the chamber of deputies yes
terday M Jean Charles Bernard so
cialist member for the Second district of
Bordeaux violently denounced tho
statements made by tho public prose
cutor at tho trial of the Assuinptionist
Fathers nnd attacked tho minister of
justice M Monis colling him a scoun
drel and a canaille Tho chamber pro
nounced itself in favor of tho expulsion
of M Bernard from the house but tho
deputy refused to withdraw Tho pro
ceedings wero temporarily suspended
and a detachment of soldiers was
marched in whereupon M Bernard
left tho chamber protesting against his
The trial of tho 12 Assuinptionist
Fathers before tho correctional tribunal
resulted in thoir sentence to 10 francs
fine and the court decreed tho dissolu
tion of tho order
Seek liiiiniKCA lor Shillder
Coium ills Neb Jan 25 James
Uamons hits tiled suit against John
Mirra for 10000 damages Both aro
fanners and live near Lindsay Last
November a son of Ilamous shot and
killed Daniel Duey Jr while thoy
wore hunting ducks- Atiu timo it
was generally conceded to have been an
accident Hamous alleges in his peti
tion that Mira has frequently declared
that tho shooting was willful and de
liberate The petition also recites that
Mirra has at divers times tried to or
ganize a crowd to lynch both tho plain
tiff and his minor son
To ItOKtoro tliipltul Illlllnlililent
TorssA Jan 25 Governor Stanley
is quoted as leclaring ho will recom
mend to the next legislature that tho
crimes act fixing tho punishment for
murder bo amended so that tho jury
shall decide that question and tho jury
having fixed tho punishment tho
judges only duty shall be to execute
its judgment This would restore in
Kansas capital punishment for murdor
which tho present law practically abol
ishes Tho recent double lynching at
Fort Scott is believed to have iufluouced
the governor
Now York wants tho national Demo
cratic convention
Dr J II Hardin has resigned tho
presidency of Eureka colloge
D O Mills has been elected a direc
tor of the Now York Central railroad
Tho condition of E J Phelps ex
minister to England who is ill at Now
Haven is slightly improved
Ohinoso pirates emboldened by recont
successes have been again attempting to
blackmail foreign firms at Canton
Ev Congressman Charles W Walton
for 15 years a justice of tho Muino su
preme court died in Portland Wednes
Baron von Hollebon German ambas
sador to tho United States was tho
guest of tho University of Chicago
Wednesday night
Tho gavernor and council of Massa
chusetts have decided to soil tho states
stock in tho Fitchburg road to tho
Boston and Maino
Tho indictment against John Whallon
of Louisvillo charging him with at
tempting to bribe Senator S B llarrol
was quashed Wednesday
Tho Afghanistan ameer has ordered
all roads leading from Kerhat to bo
guarded and iu Katia tho frontier gar
risons have been reinforced
Count Castellano Wednesday sent an
other long and abusivo dispatch to M
do Roduys in responso to a shorter dis
patch received by him from tho editor
of tho Figaro
Arrangements for tho national anti
trust conforenco to bo hold in Chicago
threo days boginning Feb 12 practi
rally aro completed Threo sessions
Will bo held daily
Government officers arrested Harry
J King and James Prince managers of
tho Chicago embroidery oxchango on
tho charge of having swindled a num
ber of women iu all parts of tho country
Tho introduction of a resolution of
sympathy with tho Boers in tho lower
houso of tho Texas legislature Wednes
day precipitated a stirring debate Tho
resolution was referred to tho commit
tee on federal relations
Mrs Bollo Eddy alias Mrs R B
Yates of Cleveland a well known
cluirvoyant was arrested Wednesday
on tho chargo of using tho mails to do
fraud Mrs O L Common accusing
her of wrongfully obtaining from her
Young Orator From Indiana
Wins New Laurels
8nr reorinnn Apotle Aro Living In Io
IjgitiMy Toilny Speeches Irenlly Help
the Minority ttcKntntlont Io I- KxellMloii
Seoul o IroeiiMllngft
WASHiNtviON Jan 25 Tho second
days debate in tho house upon tho
Roberts case was less dramatic than
that of Tuesday Tho galleries wero
almost us crowded but tho ladies wero
less demonstrative Tho presidents
pastor Rev Dr Bristol was in tho ex
ecutive gallery tho greater portion of
tho afternoon listening to tho argu
ments Mr Roberts was not present
during tho day Had ho been ho would
have hoard the most scathing excoria
tion of tho Mormons ever delivered
ugon the floor of tho house Landis
Intl tho young orator who distin
guished himself during tho last congress
in an oratorical duel with Johnson of
his state won new laurels lie charged
that Utah had been admitted to tho
union as a result of a Mormon conspir
acy and reviewed tho history or tho
apostles of tho church whom he
charged with living in open and lag
rant violation of tho statute aarainst
polygamy to show that thoy had basely
broken their solemn plcdgo to tho gov
ernment Tho othor speakers wero
Messrs Powers Hop Vt and Miers
Dom Intl for tho majority resolu
tions Snodgrass Dom Tonn and
Wilson Silver Rep Idaho for tho
minority resolutions Lacoy Hop la
for his proposition to expel without
swearing in and Cruinpackor Hop
Ind for exclusion by a two thirds
majority Tho speeches greatly strength
ened tho majority resolutions which
seemed in danger of failing after Littlo
lields speech Tuesday and Chairman
Taylor is confident that thoy will bo
adopted when tho houso votes this
Semite 1iisne Ietllgrow Resolution
Washinoton Jan 28 Routine busi
ness occupied tho attention of tho sen
ate yesterday in a brief session Tho
resolution offered byPettigrow of South
Dakota calling upon tho president for
information as to tho treaty entered
into with the sultan of Sum was paused
sifter Pottigrow laid mtido an attack
upon tho administration for entering
into an agreement which ho said au
thorized slavery An oxtended debate
was precipitated on the confercnoo re
port of tho census administrative bill
but tho census committeo gained its
point and tho measure was scut back to
Democratic Member of tlio Semite Hold
a Conference
Washinoton Jan 25 Tho Demo
cratic members of tho senate held a con
ference to consider tho question of party
policy on the various questions boforo
congross Thoy havo found thoinsolvos
following somowhat divergent paths on
somo of these questions and concluded
that their party intorests demanded that
thoy should havo a better understand
ing among themselves No dofinito
conclusion was reached but when tin
conforenco adjourned thero was a gen
eral understanding of tho linos to bo
The question of policy to bo pursued
towards tho Philippine archipelago at
tracted mora attention than any other
On this point thero was a general ex
chanfjo of viows tho concensus of opin
ion evidently favoring tho policy out
lined in Senator Bacons resolution o
protecting life and property iu tho isl
ands until quiet is restored when the
United States shall provido tho oppor
tunity and prescribo tho method for tho
formation of a government by and for
tho peoplo of tho Philippine islands to
bo independently exercised and con
trolled by thoinsolvos
Thero was also more or less discussion
of tho bills providing a form of govern
ment for tho Hawaiiau islands and for
Porto Rico Tho propondoranco of
opinion concerning these bills was fa
vorablo to absoluto froo trado between
tho United States and thoso islands as a
part of this country
With reference to tho financial bill it
was practically decided to offer a substi
tute providing for tho froo coinage of
Iteimett for Secretary of Semite
Washinoton Jan 25 Tho Repub
lican caucus of tho sonato decided defi
nitely on tho reorganization of tho
olectivo offices of that body and noini
liatcd Hon Charles Bennett of Now
York for secretary to succeed Hon
William R Cox and Hon Dan M
Ransdoll of Indiana for sergeant-at-arms
to succeed Colonel R J Bright
Somo feeling was manifested ovor tho
olection of a secretary caused by tho
circulation of reports concerning Hon
J W Clarkson who was Mr Bonnotts
only compotitor which his friends con
sidered unconipliinontary and untrue
A letter and a telegram from Mr Clark
son wero read declining tho place but
somo of tho senators declared their in
tention of voting for him regardless of
Kvlduiitn of Tliiuu Hullo
Fkahkfokt Ky Jan 25 Many wit
nesses wero examiucd boforo tho guber
natorial contest board yesterday Tho
evidence related chiefly to tho alleged
use of tissue ballots in Democratic coun
ties uud to tho use of tho militia iu
for More normalschools
Meimuris lnolilng to Their llnhlMinienl
Inti otlneeil In louu ICKUIitturc
Drs Moinics an 25 Tlio measure
proposing to establish new normal
schools in Iowa was introduced in both
houses of the legislature In tho Neiiate
llaleton of Pottawattamie county
fathered the ntousuro and in tho houso
Uvers of -Shelby In the unper body tlio
bill was referred to the coininitteo on
schools of which Senator Lewis is chair
man ami in tho houso was sent to
Stocksltiger of Linns committeo on nor
mal schools Thoy provide for tho es
tablishment of threo new schools with
in I he next three years one in each year
respectively boginning in 110 1 Tho
locations are to lie decided one week after
the passage of tho act
A bill for tho abolition of state offices
of printer ami binder was introduced
iu the house Wednesday by Clarice of
Dallas The bill is not materially dif
ferent from one introduced in the sen
ate its main provision being to let state
printing and binding by competitive
bids It was referred to the coininitteo
on printing
Iloi Moines Mini IiimKimI Willi IimiiiIii
I tut ly INIng the MulK
I3rs Moines Jan 25 U E Jordan
of this city was arrested yesterday on a
charge of fraudulently using the mails
Jordan is charged with operating three
fraudulent establishments In Kansas
City he called i tho Jordau Wilkins
company in Omaha tho
company and in Des Moines the
Jordan Konyon company Each estab
lishment was represented to bo a branch
of a main institution iu one of tlio other
places Ho advertised for traveling
men to sell a harness oil and required
each to deposit 50 boforo beginning
work Ho refused to pay their expenses
and kept tho 50 deposit His letter
heads indicated references to leading
banks iu Kansas City Omaha and Des
Moines and these banks havo all in
formed Postolllco Inspector Koteham of
Chicago that thoy never authorized tho
use of their names
iuMctn OperntoiH Iluvo Troubles Knoiigli
Without Adopting More
IxniANAroLis Jan 25 The second
day of the joint conference between tlio
United Mine Workers and the coal op
erators of Ohio Indiana Illinois and
Pennsylvania did not accomplish much
The gulf between tho miners and oper
ators from Illinois seems to widen
A tight will be made to keep the Iowa
operators out of tho interstate compact
John P Reese ox board member of tho
United Miners is from that state and
ho will try to bring the operators into
tho interstate fold Michigan is also
asking to come in This state will havo
a bettor chance than Iowa
To drag in Iowas grievances would
bo folly seid a Columbus O opera
tor and I for ono will opposo tho ad
mission of tho stiito Lot tho operators
settle their own troubles
StinleritM Seek Tourliur Sculp
Sioux City Jan 25 Thero is trouble
of a sorious iiituro in Morningsido col
lege Sioux City becauso of tho dislike
of the students for Professor Perkins
Slocum vice president and a member of
tho faculty Affairs came to a head
when Slocum suspended ono of tho stu
deuts for talking in tho hallway Now
tho students aro circulating a petition
urging that the unpopular teacher bo re
moved So far tho attention of the
faculty has not been called to tho mat
ter but the 200 students aro deter
mined to rid themsoles of tho professor
IMlnliel loen iicct OlMccrn
Kansas City Jan 25 Resolutions
providing for tho appointment of a per
manent committeo to euforco a reduc
tion in freight rates wero adopted yes
terday by tho Missouri Kansas anil Ok
lahoma Lumber Dealers association
Tho following officers wero olected for
tho ensuing year President James Cos
tollo Liberty Mo vice president R
B Pierce Topeka Harry A Gorsnch
was ro elocted secretary and Gcorgo D
Hope treasurer
Recruiting in Chicago for tho Philip
pines has been supended by order of
tho war department
Judgo Orrin N Carter of Chicago an
nounced Wednesday his candidacy for
the Republican nomination for governor
of Illinois
It is said tho work of raising money
for tho Democratic national committeo
has been entrusted to W If Hiurichsen
of Chicago
Colonel Howard of Fort Payno Ala
Wednesday announced his candidacy
for tho United States senate on tho
Populist ticket
A combino looking to tho control of
thousands of acres of valuable coal
lands in western Wyoming and tho out
put of tho mines there is said to be iu
process of formation
Another cut of 2j per cent in tho
prico of window glass has boon ordered
by tho trust Tho fight of tho trust
ugaiust tho independent factories is
now taken to bo to tho death
Ropresoutativo Georgo WWoymonth
of tho Fourth Massachusetts district
has accepted tho position of general
manager of tho Atlas Tack company
and will not seek rouoininutiou for
The official census of Porto Rico has
been finished San Juan has o2500 in
habitants Ponce has nearly twico us
many residents tho number being 50
000 There aro 057000 inhabitants on
tho island
In tho Christian county circuit court
at Taylorvillo Ills Frotl Sibleys attor
ney withdrew his motion for a now
trial and Sibley was sentenced to life
imprisonment for tho murder of Miss
Jane Bruuot in connection with Henry
Brunct tho womans nephew
Court of Appeals Affirms Judge
Lacombes Decision
Army OMIcer tontleleil lu tooi t Mui tlul
if Itilllcli Hit No lteiiiiino lint to Scr
hit II In Sentence ol Six Venn nt Im I
lem eni oi th
Niw YoiiK Jan 25 The United
States circuit court of appeals allliined
Willi costs the decision of Judgo lu
combe dismissing the habeas corpus
proceedings in tho case of Former Cap
tain Oherlln M Carter of the United
Slates engineers convicted by ootirl
iiiiirtial ot Irauds iu connect ion with the
Savannah river and Cumberland t oiiud
improvements The decision was signed
by Judges Wallace ami Sliipmiui Car
ter is a prisoner at Korl William but
has been sentenced to si years at Furl
Leavenworth Kan lie was also or
dered In pay a line which he has done
Convleleil hv tnitil Miirtlul to He lU
mUieil lor llrnnlicnni
Washington Jan 25 Post Chap
lain David II Shields lias been dis
missed from the army of tho United
States to lake effect Fob I and Uov
Edmund T Easterhrnolc of New York
has been selected for appointment to
the vacancy The action in the case of
Chaplain Shields was the result of court
martial proceedings He was tried at
San Francisco for conduct unbecoming
an officer and a gentleman inconse
quence of tho use of intoxicating liipior
and was sentenced to bo dismissed
Tho case came before the president in
tho usual course of procedure ami lie ap
proved tho sentence yesterday
New Mlllliiry Ill
San Fkancisco Jan 25 A new gov
ernment prison is to bo creeled immedi
ately on island in this harbor
Before the outbreak of tho Spanish war
thero was room to spare on Alcatra for
all the military prisoners from Califor
nia Oregon and Nevada but the last
lot of 150 from Manila filled tho quar
ters to oversowing Another consign
ment of 150 is now daily expected and
in order to accommodate them the now
prison has to bo erected The prisoners
have sentences of from ono to live years
to servo nearly all the punishments
being for breaches of military disci
Threo Women Ituilly llnroeil
Niw Voitic Jan 25 Three women
wero badly burned during the progress
of fire in a browns oue boarding house
at 115 West Fifly sevonth street Tho
fire wtis controlled before a great amount
of damage had been done to property
but it caused n panic among the ten
ants Annie Holland Natalio Miles
and Helen Miles in attempting to pass
through a burning room wero severely
burned about tho head hands and arms
All the other tenants escaped in safety
although it was necessary for tho fire
men to take many of them from wind
ows in tho third and fourth stories of
the building
IMiiiim lor it IViiklon Iliml
GALKSiirmn Ills Jan 25 The move
ment among thu Chicago Burlington
and Qtiinoy railroad employes to estab
lish a pension department is taking
shupo and a proposition was forwarded
to headquarters This contemplates
thu establishment of a fund from as
sessments of 1 per cent of the monthly
wages of each of tho C000 employes
ami from tho revenue iu reserve now
hold by the Burlington relief depart
ment aggregating i00000 When the
men reach tho retiring ago thoy will bo
paid one half their usual wages
Hhnrlir ICIIIh Two ConrhoyN
IIklicna Moil Jan 25 Agent
hoy of tlio Fort Peck Indian reserva
tion who has arrived iu Helena brings
word of a shooting affray at Culbortson
Charles Reed and Nolan Armstrong
cowboys terrorized tho town Deputy
Sheriff Klder attempted to arrest them
but they scorned his talk about resist
ing tho law and turned upon him Ho
shot and killed both men Tho verdict
of tho coroners jury neither censured
uor approved tho action of tho officer
ISimhor No m ex llolea for Irenhlent
Watkui oo la Jan 25 Horace
Boies as tho Democratic noinineo for
president is tho suggestion of S II
Bnshor Those who know tho close
relations existing between tho two men
regard the declaration as a practical an
nouncement of his candidacy by Mr
Boies himself
Sale and
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold on
Brffaach Avenue
and Tnlrd St
1 M nTjUrf
Attorneys it Lim
Norfolk - - Nebraska
At Ileiee Kvrrt Mimilny
Mast Mlock - Norfolk Neb
IIivhIcIiiii nml Surgeon
Olllce Iitlriinn Nntimiiil llmil lliilMinu
Iohmlinnii 101
Siuiltulimii nml lliHiiliiiie M ii in mill lUli Sll
Tcliiiliiino 11
Norfolk - - Nebraska
OlllonotnrtlllriMiK Nntl Hnnk ItenMmion aim
Monk north uf CoiiHrcinnlloiml aliurnh
Not folk
Fashionable Dressmaker
Ill eUlro In lttm olonk nvnr llmiina itorej
Ilml oliiBo work tftinrimtiiMil
Norfolk - - - Nebraska
AtloriioyK at Law
Hoom in II ami U Mnrt Illnok
Norfolk - Nobrnskn
Undertakers and Uiahnliiiors
UriMloua lllk Norfolk Av
Norfolk - - - Nobrnska
Attorney nt Law
Iioonis t and 2 Hoberfson it Wlgton
Block Norfolk
W 0 Halls Barter Simp
Oil and Gasoline
NO 33
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps
Prices Right
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Wink
Kirst door West of Post O ill en
Everybody wants the best of
meats We make a special
effort to please our trado
Our Shop g the Neatest
in tho fltr
Are essential to health
handles only pure groceries
free from adulteration and
sells them at
You get what you pay for