The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, January 04, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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whoro t hoy spout llio hoHtlnyn with Mr
Hullwks fnUior
Air mid Mrs T H KlolinniROti ro
turncMlto thoir homo In Kullortoti this
morning Hor n iilrrtnnt vlult with
Norfolk relatives nntl friomlR
Ktitlto Maniurtnlt who spout tho holl
tlrtys n hono with his pimmtH has ro
tnrncil to Wiiionn Minn whoro ho is
nttontlliiK u school forwiitchniiikors
A number of Norfolk workmen wont
to Amos thin morning tonccopt positions
in tho now fnctory Among thorn woro
H A lUggH Gerry Light nntl othors
A mnmmot h now nmuglo bus boon mill
ed to the equipment of t ho Norfolk Hleiun
liumtlry for what is known iw Hut work
Tho weight of tho now machine i about
J tWO pounds
Valley camp Woodmen of tho World
is arranging to hold a public Installation
ofotllcersat Must hall next Monday
evening to lw followed by a ball and
Misses Kunnio Hromo and Martha
Parker have returned to Omaha whoro
they teaoh In tho public schools or that
elty after spending tho holidays with
relatives and rrlomlH hero
The largest crowd of people that ever
wont from Norfolk to Madison in one
day visited that city yesterday Tho
district court and tho meeting of tho
board or county commissioners attracted
Ho gave his name as Albert liouoh
when he appeared In tho police court
this morning to aimwer to tho charge of
being drunk and disorderly yesterday
Ho was given the usual fine iu such
cases made and provided
A large number or tho friends and
neighbors of O l Haaso mot at his
home north or tho sugar factory last
evening and assisted him in celebrating
his birthday An abundance of choice
rofroshiiionts wero served and everyone
present onjoyod tho ocension to tho ut
Kdwards horseshoeing shop was tho
scono of considerable activity yesterday
when 200 employes of tho sugar factory
rocolved their Html monthly pay of the
campaign Thoy woro apparently as
happy tin though it was tho beginning
rather than tho end of thoir soasons
The executive committee of tho llro
dopartment which has charge of the
dotails of the state dromons association
that meets hero on tho Kith will hold a
mooting at tho oity hall this evening
Tho members oC tho Hook and Ladder
company will also hold n meeting at tho
same time and place
T r Baumgardnor who has been
spending tho holidays with his sisters
Mrs W K Spaneor and Airs Coo Wil
liams returned last evening to his homo
in Alliance Ho takes tho olllco of
Buporintendont of public instruction of
Box lintto county this week to which
ho was elected in November
Tho employes of tho American Hco1
Sugar company will givo a ball tit Alast
hall tomorrow evouiug Thoro will bo
good music and ti nice tlmo Is promised
thoso who attend It is Intoudod to
niako u ball n regular thing hereafter at
tho close of tho Bugar factory run each
yoar by the employes of tho company
Henry Hovoo is horo visiting his par
ents and friends for a fow days Ho
has boon with tho olllco force of tho De
troit sugar factory during tho campaign
but whon ho returns ho will go to Chi
cago with It M Wolf Co contract
ors who have two now factories to put
up during tho coming season Ho will
remain hero until about tho 15tli
Tho Until or silver weddiug anniver
sary of Air nuti Mrs Albert Alaas will
bo celobrated this evening at tho home
of Fred Grimm four miles southeast of
Thero aro fow women as beau-
5 tiful as thoy might bo Powder 5
and paint and cosmetics dont
make good looks Beauty is h
S simply an impossibility without
health Beautiful women aro g
fow because healthy women aro
5 fow Tho way to have a fair
face and a well rounded figure
is to take
f Female Repiatori
2 This is that old and time tried
medicine that cures all femalo u
troubles and weaknesses and
J drains It makes no difference J
what the doctors call tho
ble if there is anything tho 2
2 matter in the distinctly feminine 2
2 organs Bradfields Pe
8 male Regulator will help 5
J and cure it It is good for J
XJ regular or painful menstruation
for leucorrhoea for falling of tho
2 womb for nervousness head- 2
2 ache backache and dizziness 2
Take it and get well Then
2 your old time girlish features J
and figure will bo restored
Sold by drug gists for 1 a bottle
tho city and many of their town frionds
aro expected to be present and partici
pate In tho festivities Mr and Mrs
M IU18 hnvo recently returned from
Altnuesota and expect to make thoir
future homo iu or near Norfolk
At tho mooting of tho Klkliorn Valley
Medical association held at tho Oxnard
yesterday tho papers announced in the
program wero read and discussed and
tho mooting throughout was enjoyable
and profit able Tho following named
woroelectod olllccrs for tho ensuing
yoar President Dr Ktlwiirtl Tanner
of Hnttlo Creek vico presidents Dr A
K Scodold or Tildon and Dr 1 P Gil
llgan or ONeill j secretary Dr F G
Salter or Norrolk treasurer Dr W II
II Hagoy or Norfolk
In tho district court yostorday at
Madison tlio stock yards case came up
and tho county attorney made a showing
as to why ho had failed to lie informa
tion against tho defendants which was
that upon tho evidence presented to him
ho did not believe a conviction could bo
secured Tliojudgo hold that tho rea
sons given wero insulllcient and an
order was issued that information bo
tiled which probably will be tlnno to
day After tho information is lied tho
defendants will havo I hours iu which
to plead and owing to tho absence of
M F Harrington of ONeill who is to
assist iu tho prosecution it may be next
Monthly beforotho case will bo called for
trial Wilson tho man charged with
stealing a bicycle from J 1 1 Oonley is
oxpootod to plead guilty during tho day
llainviow thoater goers aro alllictcd
with a class of rowdies whoso wholo
aim sooms to bo to mar tho enjoyment
of people attending a play or other
umusemeut function at tho opera house
thoir specialty being inordinately loud
laughter and other annoyances Ran
dolph papers complain of a like class of
nuisances with the exception that liko
the Omaha hoodlums they spit on the
people occupying seats below the bal
cony At tho time Norfolks old opora
house was in uso for amusement pur
poses thoro was a liko complaint on tho
part of theater goers Tint Nivn hopes
that this class of youngstors in Norfolk
is no longer iu evideuco and that per
formances iu tho now opora houso will
not be attended by such follows If
thoydocomo thoy should bohavo as
gentlemen or elso it is hoped that thoy
will bo handled in such a vigorous and
elloctivo tnannor that it will servo as a
lesson for all timo to come and sorvo to
discourago any attempts whatever in
that direction Tun Nrws has faith
that tho opera houso management will
attend to this matter and tho publica
tion of tin item is an etVort to discour
age any attompts in tho direction spokon
Iurry MuMimn Nuplmvr
Tho rocontannouncoinontof tho denth
of Perry Alason Daniol S Ford edi
tor and proprloter of tho Youths Com
panion brought peculiar sadness to ouo
Sioux Oity homo says tho Journal
II O Woodruff manager of tho brass
works is a nophow of Mr Ford Ho
wiib thrown on his own resources when
a boy of 1 1 Air Ford who had asaistod
his mother olTered to pay all expenses
of educating tho boy including n uui
vorsity conrso Tho yonngstor deoided
ho wished to bo a solf made mau and
declined tho gonorous offer Ono of his
ohiof ambitions has beon to niako for
himself a placo that ho need not bo
ashamed of nud visit his gonorouB rola
tivo whoso last request made nearly
twenty years ago was that tho young
man would always keop him posted of
his whereabouts That lottor though
not forgotten is still uuanswerod
This yoar for tho first timo Mr Wood
ruff has spoken to his business associates
of his relatives and expressed tho inten
tion of lotting them know whore ho was
but ho has waited too long Ilia boy
hoods ideal has pafsod boyond his
Air Ford was almost worshiped by
his relatives Air Woodruffs mothor
often said tho peoplo would think much
moro of tho Youths Companion if thoy
could only know Undo Daniel As
romombered by Air Woodruffs mothor
tho Companion ollices wero Binall dark
rooms on tho upper floor of an old build
ing Rut tho energy and ability of
Daniel Ford gave it an ononnons circu
lation and millions of boys havo beon
made better men by reading its puro
elevating pages
Air Fords mother died a fow years
ago over 00 years old A beaded In
dian pocket book is still treasured by
Mr Woodruff a childhoods present
from tirnndma Ford
The drawing for tho 13 prizes givou
last evening to his oustoniers by Chita
11 Johnson took placo last evening iu
ohargo of Krnest Tracy assisted by
Alesdanips Box Colo Day Fuller Tracy
and others Koch of tho ladies present
was given tho opportunity to draw out
tho numbers corresjioudiug with tickets
hold by them but all wero unsuccessful
tho prizes all falling to ticket holders
who weroabseut tho successful numbers
bt ing as follows 11207 698 7113 709
193 6U 145 SO 802 1278 17 11 1303
It is understood that Aliss Homey of tho
Journal secures two prizes and that tho
life sizo lmt of Geo Washington goes
to Wm Sporn
Wanted Honest man or woman to
travel for largo houso salnry 05
monthly and expenses with increase
position pernmueut eucloso
stamped envelope Manaqek
330 Caxtou bldg Chicago
Wnllinr Wliltnliln Will Irmoiit Until-
lil on tho iiwiltiKHf tint intli
Fotn TnnmlnjrH Dnllv
Gupervisor F Warrant of tho now
auditorium announces that ho has se
cured Walker Whitesido and his splon
did company to opon tho now opora
houRoand has fixed upon the evening of
tho lTith as tho date for tho opening
Tho company will put on that wonder
ful production of HIinKespoar Hamlet
Whitesido has tho reputation of bolng
tho best Hamlet in the United States
and Is said to bo tho poor of tho famous
Edwin Booth iu presenting tho part
Air Warrant has understood that it
was tho dosiro of Norfolk peoplo to havo
tho host of talent and ho proposes to
open tho now building with tho best at
traction to bo obtained He has gladly
surprised tho poopio by putting up a
bettor opera houso than tho most san
guine anticipated and ho now gives
othor ovldonco that ho not only means
to do tho proper thing by Norfolk citi
zens but oven exceed their anticipations
from start to finish Tho persons who
havo porsistontly nssorted that tho opora
houso would bo a cheap affair and not
worthy of tho peoples patronago havo
long ago boon compelled to acknowledge
thoir misiudKomont This is also tmo
of thoso who havo claimed that it was
impossible to get tho building comploted
by thodatuof tho dromons convention
nntl woro of tho opinion that it could
not bo completed boforo next summer
sometime And now conies tho an
nouncoinont that will silonco thoso who
claimed to believe it would bo opened
with n choap attraction
This all goes to provo that tho per
sistence push and capability of Air
Warrant wero not understood
It now dovolvos upon the poopio to do
till if not moro than thoy havo promised
thus showing that Mr Warranta outor
priso is appreoiated
Tho poopio havo not yet purchased
tho soats for tho oponing night with tho
liberality that had been anticipated and
they should tit onco show thoir appreci
ation by doing so Tho ontortaiumeut
promised will cost Air Warrant twico as
much as tho farco coniody at first con
sidorod and will bo well worth all tho
seats cost tho patrons Thoro nro still
some gallery seats for sale tho prico of
which for tho oponiug night will bo
250 each
NdliniHlm Mulo lllxtorluiil Sorloty
Tho annual mooting of tho Nobrnskn
Stato Historical society for 1900 will bo
hold in tho ohapcl of tho state univer
sity on tho ovenings of January 9 and
10 at 7 0 oclock with tho following
program A special invitation is ox
tonded to nil old overland froighters to
attond bringing old maps of freighting
routes withthom
Presidents Annual Address Hon J
Sterling Alortou Nobrnskn City
Tho Stato Itopublican Convention ot
1870 and Incidontsof that Campaign
a Character Skotch of Governor Butler
Dr L J Abbot South Omaha
Ex Senator Thomas W Tipton Hon
Bobort W Furnas Browuvillo
Hon Champion S Chaso Clomont
0 Chaso Omaha
Our First Settlement of Nobrnska
David Audorson South Omaha
Pioneer Days iu Boouo County John
Turner lndinnoln
lteminiscoucos Fugeuo AIuuu Uui
vorsity Placo William Fulton Kansas
Oity 11 AI Rolfo Nebraska City
Thomas J Alajors Peru
This will bo followed by ton minuto
talks by old freighters prosout
Business Alooting
Tho Nebraska Stato Horticultural
society meets on tho samo dates during
tho day
ltullruuil Slitui nit TriiiiHttneil
Kxtraot from report made by head
Tho con was flipping the tissues iu
tho dog houso Tho hind shack was
frcozing n hot tub near tho hind
end Tallow Pot wns cracking
diamonds iu tho tank Fnglo Eye
was down greasing tho pig and I was
bonding tho rnils when thoy hit us
It was translated by an old timer in
tho olllco ns follows
Tho conductor was examining tho
train ordors in tho cupola Tho rear
brakotnan was cooling a journal Tho
iroman was broakiug coal Theougineor
was oiling tho engine and tho head
brakoinan was throwing a Bwitch when
tho trains cam together Alaino Con-
t al
ICurly Closing
Nokfolk Nrit Dec 30 1S99 We
tho undorsigued agree to closo our stores
at 0 0 p m excopt during tho mouth
of Juuo and on Saturdays from January
1 1900 to October 1 1900
Johnson Duy Goods Co
Seth Kkthieuue
Beelkk Buos
K B Kenyon
F A Huston
Baum Buos
The Stak
Florida Wmt Imllea and Central America
Tho facilities of the Louisville
Nashville railroad for handling tourists
and travelers destined for all poiuts iu
Florida Cuba Porto Rico Central
America or for Nassau aro unsurpassed
Double daily lines of sleepiug cars nro
run from Cincinnati Louisville Chicago
and St Louis through Jacksonville to
interior Florida points and to Aliami
Tiimpii and Now Orleans tho ports of
embarkation for tho countries men
tioned For folders etc writo Geo B
Horner D P A St Lonls Mo
Am Holding Tlmlr Fourth Atitiuiil ScmIoii
111 Norfolk Today
Tho inctlicnl men of tho Klkliorn
loy aro in bcbsIoii tills nftomoon and
ovening at tho Oxnard hotel parlors
with tho following named from out of
town In attondanco
ALL Hildrcth Lyons A L Alulr
head Winsido J O Hay Laurel O O
Sackett Laurol FALong Aladison
D G Walkor Lindsay E Tanner llat
tlo Crook A F Scoflold Tildon ILL
Kindrod Aloadow Grovo W F Con
well Noligh
Tho following is tho program pre
pared Tor tho session
Whooping Cough F G Suitor
Diseases of Noso and Thront in
Children A K Sccflold Tildon
Antitoxin iu tho Early Treatment
of Diphthoria With Report of Six
Cases B F Gay Piorco
A Simplo Homo AItido Sterilizer
F A Long Aladison
Degonorntivo Lesions of tho Hoart
nntl Aorta B F Crummor Omaha
History of n Bemarkablo Case of
Heart Disease F A Long Aladison
Tho Sitnii itll co of Leucocytosis in
Surgical Diagnosis J P Lord Omaha
Pelvic Abscess P II Salter Nor
Useful Hints to tho General Practi
tioner from tho StiLicnl Standpoint
J 10 Suminors jr Omaha
Typhoid Fovor Symptoms Treat
ment otc J C Hay Laurol
How I Treat Certain Complaints of
TypliGid Fovor SylvauiiB Person
Trcatineut of Pnoumouia R Q
Rowso Wtikeflold
Uric Acid ti Factor in Functional
Neurosis J AI Aikin Omaha
Pulmonary Tuberculosis J J
limit Wayno
Boviuo Tuborculosis O A AIcKim
D V S Norfolk
Arterio Capillary Fibrosis E Tau-
nor Battle Creok
Koail Notice to Land Owners
To All Whom It Alay Concern Tho
commissioners appointed to locnto a
road commencing at tho northeast
corner of section ouo 1 in township
24 north range 1 west in Aladison
couuty Nebrnskn and tho northwest
corner of section six 0 township 24
north range 1 east in Stanton couuty
Nebraska running thouco south on
couuty Hue ono 1 nnlo and toriniunt
ing nt tho southeast corner of said sec
tion ono 1 township 24 north range 1
wost ami tho southwest corner of afore
said section six 0 township 21 rnugo 1
east havo reported in favor of the estab
lishment thereof and all objections
thoreto or claims for damages must bo
filed in the county clerks olllco on or
boforo noon of tho 15th day of February
A D 1900 or said road will bo opened
without reference thoreto
E G Heilsian County Clerk
To Curo Cold In Ono Day
Tako Laxative Biomo Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund thomonoyif it fail
to euro E W Groves siguaturo on
every box 25c
You may have heard
and have a vague notion
that it is cod liver oil with
its bad taste and smell and
all its other repulsive fea
tures It is cod liver oil the
purest and the best in the
world but made so palata
ble that almost everybody
can take it Nearly all
children like it and ask for
looks like cream it nour
ishes the wasted body of
tlu baby child or adult
better than cream or any
other food in existence It
bears about the same rela
tion to other emulsions that
cream docs to milk If you
have had any experience
with other so called just as
good preparations you
will find that this is a fact
The hypophosphitcs that arc
combined with the cod liver oil
tjve additional value to it because
nicy vuiit uij nil iicivuiu system i
and Impart strength to the whole
toe mli oo ll druggists
SCOTT UOWNi Chemists New York
fi - III -
The laundress is sure of satisfactory results in her
work if she uses Ivory Soap Linens are of immaculate
whiteness no dirt or streaks anywhere Theres no
room for criticism in the work when brought home
Ivory Soap is cheaper than common soaps in the end
A WORD OF WARNING There are many while soaps each represented to be lust as trooJ
as the Ivory j they ard not but like all counterfeits lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities
of the genuine Ask for Ivory Soap and Insist upon cettlnc It
utlhli d oul ami kind lou Mlitt ll nd nf nil krrnl jou IliU M I
tMtltlllllitt ItlDtlllt fLH I1IWOV lr tl a Mt t
jm v I niiWM UHJI ifiima 1 11 I TPI III W 1 i RUIijfCl 10 f I fttH Ulft
tlon YoupnexiimlnILiitoiir iK nrct freight ilrpul nntl Iff
jwu uiiu ii t Yiiviij nit rtpriNi miMi iufl prraimi nine jou nor ilw
and far htttrrlhan orjrani niltrrlUed h olbtrn atroorr motif pa theft fight i
rent OUR PRICE 33 SO Im ttip I on dfnoill op ilrti
THE PARLOR GSM lonp or the raot lUlUMK
AM tomlKNT TOM liutrumrntfl Mtrroado Krom tho Illustration
shown which lspnffnitMl aiutt rrum a photograph jou can form
Bomoldcaof Us beautiful appearance Mndo from 1I1 qunrtrr
Mwctl onUorwulnut iiletrci perforated Lft alln full naorl botlt
beautiful marquetry drOpa ianeli and nrnnj other hajidimme deenratloni
and nrnaaienta tnalliiK ll ti WHY LITKST8TYLK T1IK lWKIOU
AlKMInflfect high 43 Inchon long2J Inches wMoand wclKhs 350
founds Contnliirt 5 octaves II stops its rollout Itlapaioo Irlnrlpal
lulrlana llrloJIa Vtealr Cremona lUh Coupler Tn Me Coupler
napaton run ana ioa iinmaiia m uriaie uutierii l Tone Swell
Mirand Organ Hwell 4 Sela of Orchettra Tuned Kenonalorj Tlpo
QualUj llred I Hrtof 3 T Purr Hweet Helodla Krrdi lHrtnr17
fliarmln5lr ItrllllanUelrxte Heed 1 Net of 24 Ulrli Mellow Hmuolh
napaaon iieeax i net or nessm Hurt ntiotiioua rrlnrlpal
Iteeda THE PARLOR GEM action cnnslaUor tho
Celebrated Newell IteeJ flitch aro only unedln the lilh
eHtprinJelnstrunipntst llttcil slth llammund Coupler and
oi Humann also host loIo fcltx lrithem etc hello w a
of thobcstrtihhcrcloth 3 pIv IicIIohh stoclc nntl llneit
leather In valves THE PARLOR GEM Is furnished
with a 10x14 hee0lplatu French mirror nickel plated
iraniLP niui ui cry ininern unprovoiucni nc
umlkh free a haodkuue urgan blool and the bent organ Initroe
tlon hook publUhrU
l8ue awiltten blnditnr i Liir Luurantro hv the
terms and conditions of which If any part kUcs out o
repair It free of eh ante Try It one month und uu will
refund jour money if you aro not perfectly natlHfltd fKu
oiiiioornanHwiii ne foiu hi S35QO UKllii
at 4ri iioN T ihly
iliiill u Ith us auk our lulkiilior nliout uc v rlto
the pulillMtcr ot this jiaper or Metropolitan
National Hank or Corn Kat Ilaut of ChicaRn
or Uirnian Kichamro itanlc New York or any
railroad or oipicBs company in Chicago We
but a raplul or ntrr KIuuox occupy entire
ono of the larpeht biilness blocks In LhicaRo
anil employ tieirly aOoo peoplo In our own
tllllldllli K hill OIUUNS AT tZiOO and op
A MvlXZaj yt
Ctevw 4AT AOsCii1V
p YHiwiyiiAyiiiiiMMBni Ifl
i CHRlliiaaawmerWri
Aatflt3f d5 - flrr afll T
ilHLMaUarriii rSlnTfflaaaal M
f atBailaaaaTHIaaw 1 mTc Tmmmm i Uann
rS mi iiS
ur r jo
- BiilHSftP -3
- -
1 J i lli Ml Willh Mil I ftlrt lj
I Mlt 1111
PUMis 11500 ana apt alsocverythlnu In muhicallntrument at lowest wholesale prices Write for free ppecial
ornan piano ami musical instrument catalorfue Address fScars BgtbockAGo are Ihoronghlj nllabla Kdllor
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BjB i
B0UR 3850 tt
I aawam aaaTNl4i
MwPl ill
iaUs i45il
IIHll n i Pi HI
and wo will
send you our
by rrcltfht O O II subject to vxumlnutton
YOU CAN EXAMINE IT 5E0rairVrtfrehf
- depot and II found
perfectly autUfiictorj exuetly hh rcpreHeiited
An Extra Fine High Grade Saddle
and the oqual of Baddlcri sold everywhere at from
pay tho freight ncnl OUR PRiCEi 38i50
le tho 100 depoult or ur5ll and freight
This Saddle is mado on a l54or
16 Inch Ccnuino Ladesma or
Nelson Heavy Steel Fork
TUKII bound or roll ciintlo steel leuthercovcrcdfitfriups
or 24neh oxbow braps bound as desired tVIII Mod bouad
eaatle nolr olhrrif lie ordered
lined 3 inch wldo laco stirrup leathern lVIncli tlo straps
extra lontr on near side i inch to buckle on olfsldc heavy
cotton twisted Mexican a iucli front cinch heavy cotton
twltlnj Hank cinch connecting strap Loop scat scat and
Jockey all ono piece
as illustrated Wclcht ot Hitddln nliniit 8r poundi
packed for shipment 45 pounds HtKllillT 13 OMV AIMJIT
CATALOGUE showing a lull line ol Couboyand Rancher
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Bears Hoebutk A Co are thoroughly reliable Kdltor
i 1 IMil 144
jm i i Nri4i mmu
a i7 sijfm i v mk
33Wm ifl
A blindness comes to me now and then I have it
now It is queer I can see your eyes but n t your nose
I cant read because some of the letters are blurred dark
spots cover them it is very uncomfortable
I know all about it its DYSPEPSIA Take one
of these it will cure you in ten minutes
What is it
A Ripans Tabule
A case of bad health that niTiNO will not btneflt They banish pain and rnjlong llfa
WANTED relief Koto the word IflfANS on the package and accept no substitute Ill Hd S
twelve packets for cents may be had ut any drug tore Ten samples and one thou
10 f or 4 cent or
land twlimonlal will b mailed to my oddrta for 5 cuts forwarded to th Wpans Chmleal Co Mo