The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, December 28, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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Tlic Now Yenr wnfl dun
within nit hour ami the
Inseparables wore sitting
up to welcome Its arrival
rho Inseparables woro
three young muti of con
genial tastes mul they
owuil their tininc to tho
fnet Unit they spout nil
their leisure together
They belonged to the
sriue noclul set to thu
snme societies nnd their
friendship was so gener
ally recognized that when
a committee of three was
needed at any gathering
they were invariably ap
pointed in a bunch So it
was only natural that
they should be sitting up
together to see the Now
Year in But though they
were entirely congenial
it would have been evi
dent to any keen observer
-that on this occasion thoy
had something on their
minds Moreover it would
not have been hard to de
termine what that some
thing was They had
each made good resolu
tions for tho coming year
and though they were the
best of friends they did
not exchange confidences
for every man hates to
tnlk of his good resolutions because they
are so hard to keep and the breaking of
them gives rise to so much chatting Still
a careful observer could have made a
shrewd guess at the nature of their reso
lutions had he boon admitted to the
charmed circle Charlie Hague in whose
room they were assembled was coddling
the cigar he was smoking with such lov
ing caro and trying to get the Inst possi
ble whiff out of it that it was not hard to
decide that for a few weeks at least his
consumption of tobacco would be materi
ally decreased Tom Fielding was speak
ing with biicli strained precision that an
attempt to give up slang was hinted at
and J nek Ilaslam was so morose that it
was quite evident he hud promised to
inn ke some grent sacrifice for his fiancee
But though they would not talk about
their individual cases the subject of New
Year resolutions wns so present to their
minds that it naturally colored their con
Say exclaimed Ilaslam rousing him
self We had some New Yenr resolu
tions down at our place today
Good ones were they asked Kidd
Three of them were good in the ordi
nary sense and one of them might per
hnps be considered a good joke by one
who was not vitally interested You
know our old man is a good fellow and
treats us liberally but still it is so natu
ral to try to get an increase of salary on
the first of the year that the bookkeeper
nnd the head salesman and I thought it
would do no harm to try to get a rnise
out of him so we laid n little scheme
When tho rush of business was over wo
went into his private room in single file
and saluted in military form so as to
iliow that what wo were doing was half
a joke and he couldnt get mad about it
Well what have you got on your
minds said the old man
We have been making some New
Years resolutions said I nnd we
thought we would like to tell you about
Tire nwny sold the old man
During the past year said 1 I have
managed to Introduce considerable disci
pline into tho management of the otlicc
ttnff and I have resolved to keep up the
good work and get things running as
nearly perfectly as possible during thu
coming year
And I said the bookkeeper hnve so
Improved my system of working that I
have resolved to keep the books during
the next year without making a single
During tho past year said the head
salesman I have increased my sales 10
per cent and have resolved during the
next year to iucreasc them 10 per cent
Good said the old man Let us
sbuke lunula on it and I will make a
New Year resolution too In the post 1
have frequently caused dissatisfaction in
the otlice by raising one mans salary
without raising another and I have re
solved that during the next year and a
villainous twinkle came Into hid eyes
to icfrnlt from raising nny snlnrtos
When ho general laugh subsided
Hague roinaikod
Though 1 have hoard of many Now
Yenr resolutions 1 have seldom hoard of
ono being kept but ouo occurs to inn
just now You know 1 was born and
brought up in n Scotch settlement and
you also know that tho Scotch have
ninny peculiar custom Though they no
longer have chiefs in this country thoy
hao wise men who are looked up to by
nil the community and asked for advice
in times of trouble To one of those a
pour woman wont in gioat distress Hor
IruNhaud was n famous wrestler the
champion of the whole settlement but ho
had a failing for strong drink mid when
the New Year came round when Scotch
people are In tho habit of making calls
and drinking to ouo anothers health shu
feaied he might stmt out on one of his
terrible purees She took her troubles
to the wise man and he said Leave the
matter to me
A few days Inter McNab the wrestler
received a lnessngu stilting that a groat
wrestler had arrived from Scotland who
had overthrown every one with whom
lie had over contended and that McNab
could find him at the house of the wise
mail McNab accepted tho challenge at
oiuv and went to seek his opponent
Wlutur is tho wrastlerV he Inquired
Let mo get hold of him and Ill break
his back
The wise innn smiled and set n bottle
of Scotch whisky on thu table
There he said is the only wrestler
I know of that can overthrow you and
as 1 was nfraid you might moot him
while going around nt the New lenr I
thought 1 would warn you
At first McNab was inclined to no an
gry but realizing the truth of tho re
buke he picked up the buttle and with
one powerful twist broke it in two
There he said I have broken the
wrastlors back and no one can say that
he can ever overthrow me again And
that New Years resolution was kept
I once knew several resolutions that
were kept said Kidding and the con
sequences were sad I once had several
chums who wore ambitious but indolent
and it was their delight to get together
and tnlk about the great things they
hoped to do One was an embryo author
who mapped out books no man could
write another n scientist who had
dreams beyond the conceptions of Tesla
and Edison and yet another a growing
statesman whose schemes would have
dazzled Hanna It used to be delightful
to listen to them talk but one New
Years eve they foolishly resolved to try
to materialize their great ideas
Where are they now asked Ilas
The statesman has disappeared from
sight the scientist is a lineninn for a tel
ephone company and the would be emi
nent author is a police court reporter
and all of them arc unhappy because
thoy have discovered that they are fail
uios like most other men whereas if
they had never tried they would still bo
convinced of their native ability and bo
happy As you can bee New Years res
olutions are sometimes dangerous
Just then the chimes began to ring out
the old year and to ring in the new The
Inseparables opened their windows for
the New Year to enter and shook hands
on the resolution thoy had made al
though none of thorn knew the resolu
tions made by the others
The briskest drummer on the road
Has come to town today
Upou his back he bears a load
Come look at his display
Here inniden is nn honest heart
Tush No coquettish wiles
Its pierced by Cupids choicest dart
The price is winning smiles
Here youth are honor glory fame
And all thnt you desire
The price to every one the same
Toil nnd ambitions fire
Here statesman Is the prize you crave
A chance to rule and guide
The price is toiling like n slave
And trampling on your pride
Ileie poet is your wreath of bays
Thats bought with tears and pain
Here painter bought by weary days
The honor you would gain
Heros happiness to some a gift
To others past all price
Here clouds of grief that show no rift
Then scatter in u trice
But though both griefs and joys nre dear
Theres much he gives awoy
And yet for all you get I fear
Youll Eadly oveipuy
Most whimsical of gripsack knights
He tumbles down his wares
And laughs to see his choice delights
Oerwhelmed by foolish cares
But who can blame this youth sublime
No rivalry he fears
Up travels for the house of Time
The youngest of Its years
Bo welcome him with pomp and pride
Come make n joyous din
Ihrow both your doors and windows wide
And let the New Year In
A New Years Call
The Hid Years Itctlreiuent
Youre retiring rum bustnrn Old Year
And e all of ua give you your dur
And ai dire e lite
Will our patronage trite
To your unaii tucctuor the New
wwvANVxvinitiHiii i if i a 7
smsmmsmmmmwmwvL t - v- -
IB urn UJr WllilM
1 I vo
a New a
New l e a f
Slowly but surely and withal regret
fully Anna Allen reached the conclusion
that there must bo a radical change in
the domestic situation and the sooner the
better The 1st of lanuary wns but a
few weeks ahead when the climax of un
iluiance cauio as the last straw upon
overburdened sensibilities She noted on
her memorys diary the Now Year as the
day for the turning of a new page In the
marital experience of Anna and John Al
The intolerable element of the situa
tion was n Not that An
na objected to the fact thnt hor hus
bands mother enjoyed good health with
every prospect of n long life Oh nol
Mrs Allen was n good woman and nn
exceedingly devoted parent duly consid
erate of the necessities of her sons wifo
as well us her son When Johu Allen
found himself set out in the street
through the rascality of n bank cashier
his mother was the first to appear on tho
scene with a hearty welcome for tho ills
trncted couple who were invited to con
sider her home theirs forever That had
happened more thnn a year before just
about Thanksgiving time Sad day of
thanks it was too for the young mer
chant and his hopeful bride but tho
next just past hud been little bettor for
the happiness it brought to Anna Allen
No the year had less than half slipped
by before she regretted that her husband
had not taken the hard headed advice of
certain people to seek a position that
would bring in enough to supply boaid
for two Instead John Allen rented a
window and store near his old stand and
tried to hold his head up as a principal
until the day of settlement
When the bank comes to my relief
he would buy cheerfully even If its
only 50 cents on the dollar 1 can go
right ahead from where 1 left off But
if I take a clerkship now 1 will have to
diop all my trade and then Id have lo
begin at the very bottom again
I think you arc right John and your
Uncle Henry says so too was Mother
Allens stereotyped comment whenever
this argument was urged in tho family
This dependence had seemed all right
to the young wifo for a few weeks but
nt the end of three or four mouths when
the bank officials offered no bcttleiucut
nnd the return of fortune seemed as far
off as ever before she began to feel her
position keenly She had taught school
u short timu before her mnrriago nnd
knew whut it was to be independent
John Allen had always lived ou his peo
ple and was bet up in business ou capital
furnished by the family Thu country
folks where Anna hnd taught and board
ed round said of the match Shell ba
the gray mare of that team for she has
gumption enough for two
So it was neither a sudden nor nn ex
travagant notion which Anna Allen held
poised in mind during those eaily De
cember days
The summer holidays just passed had
brought to Anna Allen a chnuce for es
cape from the mental tortures of her po
bition The editor of Tho Daily Monitor
engaged her to take charge of n binull
department while its rightful head was
nway on a vacation The pay was mea
ger nnd much of it went for car fares
and luncheons while the amateur was
searching for material to use in her cob
uuius but she hud worked heroically for
biiccoss This she achieved ami when
bhe drew her last pay for work tlono us
substitute the editor turned to her kind
ly and said
Mrs Allen we dont want to lose you
You have done this work well and if you
jit nk it worth while you may keep this
childrens page for the present MUa
Merrill cuu have other work
Thus it happened that Thanksgiving
had found her still filling the place ac
ceptably and when everybody wns look
ing forward to the chauges of thu com
ing year u dream of what a new woman
oud a slender cnpltal can do took lodg
meut in her brain Having once enter-
tallied tho Idea to think with hor wns
to act and hIiu backed the icsolutiou
by hard work
She was often Into to dinner a fact
that called forth woudciing looks fioin
Mother Allen But the simple woid
Detained by business spoken in hor
frank and Inmost way shut oil all com
ment John was duly anxious that his
wife keep what his mother called pioper
hours even though she worked at an un
coil volitional calling The mother hud
hud her sny and in truth her winds
formed that Inst straw In Annas bur
deiiH already hinted at
After the first two or three Inpsos on
the part of the young wife Mother Alien
hnd said to hor sou
This stnying out after fl oclock is not
only uurciboiiablo it is positively sonii
dnlous I would not permit a daughter
living in my home to do so yet my sous
wife does so and she lives in my home
John Allen
But mother It has only been once or
twice and besides hor work is not like
business or ollice duties that utuil and
stop by the clock
Dont toll me young man In my day
well in my day women never went on
in that fashion never
Of course Anna had honrd of this col
loquy but it only tnude her more deter
mined to turn over a new leaf in the fam
ily history
New Years week eanio and Annas
anxiety was almost unbearable It was
hor first secret from which she had ex
cluded her husband during their few hap
py yeais of married life She dodged
about in mortal fear of discovery
The duy before Now Years Anna loft
her hoiuu feeling thnt she
could not cuter it again burdened with
her secret
He must know today she kept say
ing to herself At last she ndilcil And
he shall know for this is tin New Years
eve 1 cant wait until tomorrow
After dinner she asked Johns company
for u walk to look at thu shops lie read
ily consented The pair chatted on com
monplaces until they came to the corner
of High street
Now John snid she we nre close
to those cozy apartments which have just
been opened up Let mo show you ono
that I huve set my heart on for u future
John Allen slackened his pace as if
about to protest Suddenly ho said
Well dear since its New Years 1
dont mind Of course that stop is a long
way off for us
Here we me exclaimed Anna after
they had gone n few paces from the ave
nue and stood before a row of new lints
Wnlt until I get n key from the jan
itor and Ill let you in at tho front door
She disappeared down tho steps to the
janitors ollice and n few moments Inter
the door swung open She led the way
to the third fioor While John wns ad
miring the neat nnd roomy hulls n second
door flew open electric lights flashed out
and he mechanically moved into thu par
lor nnd on through thu six room suit
newly and completely furnished
Anna allowed him to look without in
terrupting hoping that when lost In ad
miration he would the more easily fall in
with her plan but he only showed a cyn
ical interest which was exasperating
Losing her self control shu blurted out
Kor heavens sake John say some
I wns just thinking how I should like
the comfortnblu salary of n first clnss
bank clerk and his leisure to cujoy this
with you
You dont hnve to be a bnnk sponge to
livo here One of our editors is here
and there is n school principal or two
nil beginners in their professions
But they have incomes
And havent we
Yes such as they are Mine goes into
n nest egg for future extension of bus
ness and yours well you know what It
is and that journalism is u very uncer
tain business at best
Mine is not large but I can meet half
the cost of this and for a time while wo
must economize we can let tho front
room to a congenial couple Kor tho oth
er half surely you cuu supply the table
Bent rooms my dear with the
crushing frankness of a man iu touch
with markets Why there nre Booms
to Let signs on about every house in
these quarters of the town Booms nre
begging for tenants
Anna Allens confidence deserted her
with a thud The indefinable something
which characterizes the new woman on
projects bent lay floundering iu a bt range
ben She sank into her chair her head
upon her bosom her hands dropped in
1 never thought of that John or 1
would not have taken the Hut bhe
Taken It shrieked John like n mun
who hud boon buukoed out of his lust
dollar Anna Allen you dont menu to
ray thnt you hnve taken IiIh without eon
milling mo
I huo John
Since when Atiuii am i ouo to be
feaied or Igutued or or defiaudcd
Kcar theie was none John fiuud
tlicio Is none Anna said slowly and
cnltnlj I only mount to gio you a New
Y ars suipilso
Well you hno done that all light
Now wilt you suiprisn I ho hiudloid by
turning it hncl ou his Studs
John Allonl
Well iiij dour
1to leased Ihls place for a your
Oh j ou Inn el
And I have bought I lie out fit on tonus
1 can meet out of my piy from The Mon
itor Ifwoouul leilueo our lelil by sub
lolling wo must wink the harder
Am I to go out tilt Ill digging lo ilo
You need mil go to dlleh digging
Wheio theres u will IIioioh a way
A will Ah If I hadnt tho will lo do
my best
Yes lu jour own uuinuer nnd time
Mr Suuudiuun of Soundman V Kali play
has spoken to mo scwial times about
lies a dlicctur Iu the bunk I wMi
hodpny mo my money
But ho Is only ouo II will coino
tight In tho ond I hour the linn wauls
a head clerk and holes u chance of his
becoming a pail nor
Too slow for tin I wnnl my money
and then for a hustle to male up for lost
And while you wall for ho Ideal
thing lu turn up whut or mo
Why Anna nio not you all light at
John Allen I have no homo hut Ibis
or some other hoI npuil for you nnd mo
What do you mean said John Allen
staring al his wifo lu blank siirpilse
I mean that no house is lutgo enough
for two women having separate family
You refer to my mother
To your wifo nnd your molhci
You put it that way out of politeness
but the fact loinuiiiH that you cant n
duio my uiithor
I cannot onduio clinging dependence
and will nol another day
Thou l four its a struggling authors
attic and a ciust and u pallet of hIiiiw
Bettor thnt than dependence and
when hut fails Ill go whoio 1 mil un
known nnd take up leaching I lor
oieo dropped and the lours eaiue
You menu lo dosoil mo Anna Allen
said John seizing Ills lint
1 mean o have my own homo by
your aid or without It said she looking
him btraight iu the face with dry anil
searching eyes
The temper of both was aroused John
Allen hnd thought only of his business
ambition not of a womans natuie A
moment Inter nnd ho rushed out Anna
Allen collapsed the instniil she ionliol
by the closing or the door upon John
that an ugly chasm yawned between her
iiixl hor liiisliainl Having winked ou
witli blind faith iu his love mid genial
temper the louclion was clashing Wo
manlike she quickly turned the blame
upon herself mid long she sat icvicw iug
the slops which led up to the picscut di
1 hnve mndi n mistake a sad sud
mistake she said nnd ho shall know
that I acknowledge it
lathering hor hut and wraps which
hail been put aside to heighten lie illu
sion of being at home she determined to
seek John whoiover he might bo anil un
do tho mischief Suddenly tho bell was
sounded by sonio one in the hall and as
she turned the knob the door flew forci
bly ngainst hor Iu rushed John breezy
and jubilant like a man elated witli Niv
Years wine Anna wns startled bo a
pair of strong arms caught her as she
swayed under the double surprise of his
return nnd the demeanor mid the vio
lence of his entrance
The reclining ehnlr which she had cho
sen especially for his nfter dinner loung
ing wns large enough to hold husband
and wifo while he smothered hor hyster
ical confession nnd retraction iu his im
patience to get in his own
Dearest snid he Ive come bnck to
place my record on the new domestic leaf
you huve turned
She Interrupted him by trying to mur
mur I dont deserve it but Johns lips
weio powerful suppressors of the quiver
ing rebellion
Yes he continued the moment 1
wns well out of heiu I realized what it
would menn to hnve this home to our
selves and what cruelty it would be to
rob you of It Before I renched the cor
ner I vowed thnt the business nest egg
should go even if 1 hnd to tnke to ditch
digging Walking off my excitement I
brought up iu front of Soundmans home
on the avenue He was just going iu
nnd witb the New Years greeting in
sisted upon my joining him Judge how
it tnxed my patience to keep from talk
ing bank affairs and liquidation but he
neatly forced the conversation into un
other vein and when I left followed me
into the lobby Shut in there by our
selves he said Mr Allen come and see
me tomorrow Ive hnd it iu mind to
speak to you for some time We need a
heud clerk and there Is a future with us
for the right man Good night
Didnt I tell you
Yes dear you did but you nlso put
me in a box which makes me jump at
the chance But that is the least of all
Ill pay the whole rent and for the fur
ulshiugs cash down uud start anew
with u gem of a home uu income to
watch it and a winuer for a wife
Ar A
HevYeAi A
I w
Now Years day mioly
appeals in tho calendar
of bullies in modern
times Winter campaigUH
111 i molded lu III
IiiiiIoh except when elr
cuuistuuccH I in ii- tho
coiiihalanls to notion
ICx on thou wilh ill Miles
set lu niiuy the day of
unlx ii sul jollity ami
niicililllloll bus been spilt
Ill a lociild of blood
Ill Auicilinu auiiii
ono ii M nil of anus stands
out not so linn h by ten
son or suugiliuuiy lesults
us ou account of he
many pieluiesquo anil
tragic episodes which
marked I ho day New
Yoiii h illuming Ihllt
was selected by the
fodcrulc commander or
the ilopill tinelit or Texas
for nn attack by land
and sou upou the IVdoi
nl lieot which held tile
city of Inhesion under
lis guns This Hoot con
sisted of the wooden guu
boals I Ian let I line Clif
ton mid Own sco nnd the
ironclad llagHhip Wost
field omuinmlcr W B
Itensliaw wns chief of
lie llolilla
The Confedointcs were
not so well supplied with
f 1
H tftL v
serviceable ships us I heir enemy but n
sea foieo for this occasion was improvls
oil from some liver uteaineis tho most
formidable being the collon chills Nop
tune ami Bayou City Prince Magru
dor ono of tho miny oharaeters of the
time wns I he onroiloruto coiniuniider
nnd his plan wns as bold us his social
habits wore unique nnd dashing
Tho Kedetul vessels Iny close in lo tho
prineipnl wharf of iiilveston the nouiest
being the Unmet lane notorious in the
eyes of soiithoi nets especially for her
r v -
ruwkV ir
connection wilh nlleinpts to relieve Kort
Sumter emly in he war Long before
daylight the attack began under the per
sonal leadoiship of Magruder Six heavy
siege pieces were hauled up as close ns
was safe to the whnrf opposite the liar
riot lane and some lighter gnus moved
fai tiler iu with u picked column of fiOO
stunners who were to dash upon the
Federal regiment giiaidiug the wharf
Magruder tiled the siguul bliot and nil
his gnus opened the enemy responding
from on shipboard in due time Instant
ly there was desperate work on the
wharf The Koderals there had removed
the planks and piled them up for u barri
cade After attempting to relay the
planking under lire and to place scaling
ladders in position the assailants were
drixen off by the terrible rilies of the
guard aided by ennistor from the Har
riet Lane which swept the shore lateral
ly The gunners of the urtllleiy on hind
weie driven fiom the pieces by the bitter
lire of the tumd
Turning from the land nttnek to nn en
emy at close iiarters the Harriet Lane
found the Neptune uud Bayou City
alongside sweeping her decks with mus
ketry A 02 pound shot from the Bayou
City knocked nn immense hole iu the
Lane and Captain Weir of the former
ship booing thnt n good shot bad been
mude stepped to the nearest gun say
ing Here goes n New Years present
nnd pulled the lanynrd The piece ex
ploded killing him Instantly
A shot from the Lane sent the Nep
tune to the bottom nnd the Bayou City
in ramming the Lane got fnst so thnt
the vessels btuck together Captuln Leon
Smith who led the naval end of Magru
ders expedition leaped from the Bayou
City upon the decks of the Lane follow
ed by his men Commander Wninwrigbt
nnd Lleutennut Len of the Lune milled
their snilors und nfter a buttle of U0
minutes with revolvers uud cutlosses
ngaiiist the Confederate ritles Wnin
wrigbt was cut down by n sweep from
Smiths sword and Leu fell mortally
wounded The Luuo instantly surrender
ed und the father of Leu who wns net
lug as aid to Magruder boarded the
prize and recognized his sou among
fallen enemies
When the fight began the flagship
Westficld was aground and couldnt be
moved Commander Iteiibhaw was sum
moned to surrender with the privilege of
removing his people from the harbor but
he refused sent his men ashore and fired
the ship The lames bpreud so rapidly
that the magazine exploded before Ben
shnxvs yawl had put off from her side
and he went down with the wreck Aft
er the loss of the Luue nnd Westtield the
Ownsco und Clifton put to sen leaving
Galveston u New Years prite in grasp
of Prince Magruder