The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, December 28, 1899, Page 12, Image 12

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Kxporleiico Is tho HcHt Toucher
AVo must bo willing to leurii from tho
oxporionco of othor peoplo Every tes
timonial in favor of Hoods Sarsaparilla
i8 tho voice of oxporieuoo to you and it
is your duty if your blood is impuro
and your health failing to tako this
inediciuo You havo ovory reason to
oxpeot that it will do for you what it
has done for others It is tho best medi
cine money cau buy
Hoods pills euro
sick headache
ears tho A Kind You Hate Always Bought
What do the Children Drink
Dont give thorn toa or coffeo Havo
yon triod tho now food drink callod
Grain 0 It is dolioious and nourishing
and tnkos tho placo of coffeo Tho nioro
Grain 0 you give tho ohildron tho more
health you distribute through their sys
tems Grain 0 is mado of puro grains
and whon properly proparcd tastes liko
tho choico grades of colloo but costs
about yx as much All grocers sell it
JO cents aud 25 couts
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
llow Are Your Kidney f
Dr HobbaSparaRus Iillscuroall kid tier Ills Sam
pis froo Add tiiorllugllenicdy Co Chicago or N V
ltuckleiiit ArnltH Snlve
Has world wide fame for marvellous
cures It surpasses any other salve lo
tion ointment or balm for cuts corns
burns boils sores felons ulcers tetter
Baltrhoum fever sores chapped hands
skin eruptions Infallible for piles
Care guaranteed Only 25o at Kioeau
Drug companys drug storo
Bean the The Kind You Katf Always Bought
Made Young Again
One of Dr Kings New Lifo Pills
each night for two weeks has put ino in
w my toensjagain writes D H Turner
of Demseytown Pa Theyre tho boat
in tho world for liver stomach aud
bowels Purely vegetable Never
gripe Only 25o at Kiesau Drug com
panys drug store
Men can be cured privately aud posi
tively at home of all weakness and dis
ease Write for new free book
Dr J N Hathawav
22 Commercial Block
Sioux City la
To Cure Constipation Fo rover
Tako Cascarets CandvCutbattlc lOo orSBo
If C C C fall to cure druggists refund money
The old -saying thnt n mnti who is
linked cant give away his shirt is only
nnothcr wny of saying thnt you ennt give
what you havent got The mnti ennt Jive
free medical advice or any other kind
of medical advice who hnsnt got a medical
education and a certificate to the fact in
the fotm of n diplotun And in this tmr
ticulara woman has no more privilege than
n limn Khe cant give medicnl advice
without medical education and medical
The oiler of free medicnl nil vice mnde liv
ffpQCV V V in Ur fierce chief consulting physician to
it I jX CXjtMKLw Invalids Hotel nnd vSurgical Institute
many who without any medical qualifica
tions claim to give medical advice that a wotd of caution is necessary
Dont write for medical advice to any one man or woman who is not a phy
sician If they are physicians they will take the title of physicians or doctors
so thnt you may recognize them If they dont claim thnt title it is heennse
they dare not for fear of the law
Io not forget that there is just as much difference in doctors na in artists
Kvcry little town has its artist who draws and paints Hut these artists gen
crally paint copies of the works of great artists like Millet There was only
one Millet
Theie is only one Invalids Hotel and Surgicnl Institute such as Dr Pierce
presides over 1 iimisaiitiH 01
women come or write to Dr
Pierce who havfc found no
help at tile hands of doctois
of lesser skill nnd narrower
Any sick or ailing woman
suffering from the distressing
forms of disease peculiar to
women is invited to consult Dr
Pierce by letter free Such
consultations are absolutely pri
vate Much letter is treated as a
sacred confidence and each an
swer is sent in a plain envelope
bearing no printing upon it
In litis way offensive questions
and repulsive examinations may
be avoided Address Dr R V
Pierce Buffalo N Y
IIIh Wire Saved llliu
My wifoVgoodudvico savod my lifo
writes F M ltosa of Wiuflold Tonu
lor I lind such a bad cough I could
hardly brcntho 1 Rtundily grow worso
midor doctors trcntinonfc but my wifo
urged mo to uso Dr Kings Now Dis
covery for Consumption which com
plotoly cured mo Couglm colds
bronchitis la grippo pneumonia nHth
mn hay fovor aud all innlrulies of chest
throat and lungs nro poaitivoly cured by
this marvollouB modioiuo GOo and 100
Every bottle gunrautoed Trial bottles
froo at Kiosau Drug companys drug
Dont Tobacco Sjilt and Miucko Your Ilfo Auny
To quit tobacco easily nnd orovor lio mat
netlc lull of lire norvo nnd vigor tnlto
tho wonder worker Hint nialtcs wciilc men
strong All druggists Moor II Curoguuran
tccil Booklet nnd snniplo free Address
Sterling Itouiody Co Chicago r Now York
Invalids Hotel and Surgical Instituti DurrAio N Y
Old Iooplo Mario Young
J O Sltorman tho votoran editor of
tho Vormontvillo Mich Echo haB dis
covered tho romarkablo socrot of koop
ing old pooplo young For years ho lias
avoided norvouBuoss Hlooplossucss indi
gestion heart troublo constipation and
rhouumtism by using Electrio Bitters
and ho writes It cant bo praised too
highly It gontly stimulates tho
touos tho Btomaoh aids digestion
nnd gives a tplondid appotito It has
workod wondors for my wifo and mo
Its a marvellous romody for old pooplos
complaints Only J50o at Kiesau Drug
compauya drug store
Rdnrnto Your llowols With Cusrarota
Candy Cntlmrtlc euro conHtlpntlon forovor
lOo 25c If C C C f all druggists refund money
Whats ill a namo Everything
when yon conio to mediciuo Wlieu
you got Hoods Sarsaparilla yougot tho
best money can buy
Truo beauty comes from within in
stead of from without A boautiful
faco is tho outward sign Thats whny
Rooky Mountain Toa makes womou
boautiful Ask yourdruggist
Chiiip Hilton
On nccount holiday excursion the C
St P M O Ry will soil to all sta
tions in Nobraslca at ouo faro for round
trip on Docombor 2 2i 2r JO HI 1809
and January 1 1000 return good on or
boforo January 2 1000
F W Junkman
Makes rich red blood and muscle
more rapidly than any known remedy
Its food for brain and nerves Thats
what Rooky Mountain Toa is Ask
your druggist
Beauty I Dlood Deep
Clean blood menns a clean skin No
beauty without it Cascarets Candy Cathar
tie clean your blood and keen it clean by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body Begin to day to
banish pimples boils blotches blackheads
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets beauty for ten cents AH drug
gists satisfaction guaranteed 10c 25c 60c
This Is Yuur Opportunity
On receipt of teu couts cash or stamps
a gonorous smuplo will bo mailed of the
most popular Catarrh nnd Hay Fever Cure
Elys Cream Balm sufficient to demon
etrato tho groat merits of tho remedy
CO Warren St New York City
Rev John Rcid Jr of Great Falls Mont
recommended Elys Croarn Balm to me I
can emphnsizo his statement It is a posi
tivo euro for catarrh if used as directed
Rev Francis W Poole Pastor Central Pros
Church Helena Mont
Elys Cream Balm ia tho acknowledged
euro for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor nny injurious drug Prico CO cents
Itreita with you whether you continue tbe
nero feimuif tuuiccu uuia n j
rcinuTvi wie ueure lor lODatx o wiwji
DuioBrfuui uiaireae cipeis nicor
list purines iuo uioou
tores ion muiiDoiiTa
mikea tou troDgT I
with u torpid liver which produces constipa
tion I found OASO AKETS to be all you claim
or them and seourod such relief the brat trial
that I purchased another supply and was com
pletely cured I shall only bo too glad to reo
ommond Cascarets whenever the opportunity
Is presented J A Sumi
tbtm ausquenanna Ave v uiiaaeipnia pa
Pleaant Palatable Potent Taste Good Do
Qood Never blcken Weaken or Gripe 10c 25c Wo
ILrllar RatJr twieuj Ckleif a Ualrol w Yerk 320
0aT0llR aDi CVBrBnteci1 br all drag-
w w vnv lUUWVVi
Jit Tobacco Habit
i f
rru ui
inbetltnnerTeaa tfltl KVJJpcaiea rured But
and jxcket fal fcMOTUll A V from
vug zwMMwrMiioir own arurguiwno
fl ml vouch foru Take It with
Vi will patlrutlTperelitentljr One
STUairtinteed topur or we refund mnniT
BUrtltf lUatdC Cklt tt trI Trk
Lazy Liver
I liawo been rnllblr1 ercut ilxal
Bubonic Scourge is Raging in
the Hawaiian Capital
llrtnil llltontn ilroncnt Tlinre ny
from Onn of tho Ilncuo Slrlcltnn
ofChton Sow IlrntiKht In flmi
rlion hy Army Triumporli
8an FitANCibco Deo 28 Tho
trniiHportn Ouututinial and Newport
which arrived lutro Into lust night from
Manila via Honolulu briiiK tho start
liiiK noWH thnt tho bubo Uo plngur 1b
niKiiiK in tho capital cly tt tho Hawa
iian iRlandH It is uiiiorRooiV Mt tho
Rcourgu wivh brought nto Honolulu by a
vchhoI from ono of tho infected jorts of
Tho administration of Honolulu is on
a very modern and Hciontillo basis
AmoricaiiH nro in chargo and tho proba
bility ifi that tho plaguo will not spread
boyoud tho Asiatic quarters of tho city
Ilnatlllllns Ilkoly to Itrrnk Out Itetwoou
Itunnln nnil Inpnii In tho HprlnR
ViCToniA B O Dcc28 Tho Oityof
Londou arrived lioro yesterday from tho
orlont with news of a prospoctivo war
between Russia and Japan Her olUo
ers say that all Japan is now of tho
opinion that hostilities will break out
botweon those two nations in tho
Rprinp Boforo tho steamer loft Japan
the iiiRiilar kingdom was buying up
great quantities of rico and oven going
so far as to iiuiko arraiigoinonts for
transports to make a demonstration in
Korea Great activity prevails in Jap
nncso naval circles A Shanghai report
says that Russia bus dispatched a fleet
of throo warships to Masampo tho bono
of contention which is now causing
straiuod relations bofcwoou tho two na
niliaourl Itlvor Hhippnrs Organize
Kansas City Deo 28 Tho Missouri
Riyer Shippers association was formed
horo yesterday at a mooting attended
by 40 dolegatos representing commer
cial bodies in Sioux City Omaha St
Joseph Atchison aud Kansas City Tho
mooting was callod for tho purposo of
organizing opposition to tho proposod
reclassification of froight ratos which
tho railroads have ngrood to onforco
next month and which is in effect a rad
ical advance in ratos Tho meoting
adoptod resolutions opposing tho chango
and declaring tho proposod ratos to bo
unreasonable and unjust Another res
olution opposing railway pooling of any
kind or under any conditions was
unanimously adopted
Tonohors Hard at Worlt
Lincoln Dec 28 The second day ot
tho convention of tho Nebraska State
Teachors association opened with a
largo incroaso in attondanco and tho
prospects nro that tho 1000 mark will
bo passed boforo tho convention closes
Tho first general session was hold last
ovouing at tho First Baptist church
Tho afternoon was devoted to tho vari
ous auxiliary associations nnd in tho
morning tho educational council hold
an adjourned meeting to discuss tho
best means of protecting tho froo high
sohool attondanco law
Will Uo Tried for Murder
Omaha Deo 28 Acting undor tho
instructions of tho governor Attorney
General Smyth will today begin pro
ceedings in Sarpy county charging
Corporal Fear and Privato Jockius with
tho murder of Private Morgan Tho
two men acting under orders from tho
proper ofllcers shot and killed Morgan
while tho latter was trying to escapo
from Fort Crook
Kckela on Flnuncliil Inulca
OmOAQO Deo 28 James H Eckols
formor comptroller of the currency f
yesterday explained to tho mombora of
tho Commercial Teachors federation in
annual convention his views on tho
causes of financial panics Thoy were
due largely ho said to tho govern
ments tendoucy to let millions of dol
lars lio idlo in tho various subtreasurios
Want Another History
Toikka Deo 28 Tho 37th annual
convention of tho Kansas State Teach
ers association began bore with 1000
teachers presont Reprosoutativo G A
R meu aro horo to urge tho convention
to adopt a resolution calliug upon tho
stato text book commission to adopt a
history which devotes more spaoe to
tho events of tho civil war
Telephout Coiupunlea United
SiouxCity Deo 28 Tho Homo Tele
phono company u local corporation has
been absorbed by tho Iowa Telopliono
company and henceforth Sioux City will
only havo ouo telophone exchange Tho
deal was mado yosterday botweon the
majority of the stockholders of tho
Homo company aud tho Iowa company
Appeals to u Higher Court
Lincoln Doc 28 Dr Charles W
Little convicted of a violation of tho
Nebraska health laws by the practice of
osteopathy was grauted a new trial in
the district court aud Judgo Holmes
fined him 50 and costs Notice of ap
peal to the supremo court was givon
Striking Miners lurade
St Etienne France Dec 28 The
coal miue strikers marchod iu procession
to several of the mines whero partial
work iu proceeding but dragoons sta
tioned at tho pit heads protected tho
workers aud no disorder has occurred
Tho btriko has spread to tho mines of
Rivo de Gier
Negroea Threaten Itevenge
Four White Flu Deo 28 Tom
White a negro while resisting arrest
was shot and killed by tho town mar
shal yesterday The negroes are excited
aud ure making threats to barn tho
town and kill tho marshal
I Flrmueta of Ilvnrpool Ounintlnna nnil
lcrnnin In VUlliln lrovn n Support
CniCAao Dpo 27 Tha firmness of tin
Liverpool nnd tho decrease In thn worlds vlv
ibjo oatnn m a support to th wheat market to
day May closed H dJda over yMtorday Corn
closed 0 nnd outs iio lower Provisions 10i0
12Ko liinlnjr ClonliiK prlcca
WllRAT May KIJitWo llllr 70o
OouN DocOOJioi May irio
Oats Uoo So May 24o
PoilK lan 11017 Mny J10 V
IiAiin 7nn fi02 May 1 80
UtlH Jnn l50aftSIR Mny 5f2
Cash iiuotntloiHi No 2 rol wheat C35lOfo
No i Bprlni wheat flOBSJia S No 2 oorn
OOJiS310 No 2 oats 22ir
ClilrnRo Ilvn HI 00k
ClIlOAno Dio 27 Cattlo ttncnlpti 18500
nntlvosteorn Udiio lowor Toxnni lOo lowur J
slow cow mnrkok nnd cnnncrH weak to 10o
lower food to cliolco J52VJi005 oor to
inodluni 41MJ520 mix oil HtockcrH J300iJI80
snlocteil feeders 12Vtl75 uooil to cliolco
ruOtfMO hclfrrH iiOO473 nulli 1200
BOO cows 2WK150 calves IOOJ72i foil
Toxns lieevfa II1M515 IIors Hecolpts 22
000 unovenly lilRhor nnd lowur selling HtrotiR
Kimdclenrnucus iuIxihI or lmtclmrn llOOfO
tltti Rood to ohnlco hoavy f412ijiuij
rouiih heavy 4 003ll0 ltit SlnVU
bulk of sales tll5l2V Bhoep Hooolpts 20
OUO jjood to chotcu Rheup and lambs Btoady
others slow fed western1 firm to n shndo
lilKliur nattvn wothurs 42y4PO lambs
MOOiO00 western wuthors 400i47fi west
rnlambs f640500
Uaniaa City Ilve Slook
Kansas City Deo 27 Cattlo Ilooelpts
4000 Improved demand slaughtering stores
strong i 10a higher other steady heavy na
tive steers 4lV58 lightweights 460
CK5 stockers nnd feeders a50505 butch
ers cowm nnd heifers B2O450 fed west
erns 42KJ40 western feeders 323440
Tuxniis U10WM Hogs Iloceluts 7800
trndo opened notlvont strong vnlues closed
sternly 2o lower heavy nnd mixed 415rtj
423 light 4UO4 pigs W40l80
Sheep Receipts 100 trndo netivu strong to
lOo higher lambs J175525 muttonsWOOftJ
400 Htooliors and feeders 100450 culls
South Omnliii llvn Stork
South Omaha Doc 27 Cattlo Receipts
2100 slow to 10c lowor native beof stoers
J4253000 wostern stuers J40OS475 Texas
Htours a70l2i cows and heifers JU10
GJ440 ounnors J22Xgi3O0 stockers nnd feed
ers JOOO470 calves 13504076 bulls stags
etc 276 400 Hogs Heceipts 0600 shndo
to 5c lowor heavy J4O350412K mixed J405
410 light J405415 pigs J895403 bulk
of sales J405GR10 Hhcop Iteccipts 2400
active stronger native muttons J4304GO
western muttons J4O04U6 stock slioep
i750415 lambs J42552a
AlniHiinu of tho Day
Thursday Sun rises at 723 sets at
430 Moon rises at 321 a m
The Weather Iowa Fair continued
cold Thursday and Friday fresh west
erly winds Nebraska Fair continuod
cold Thursday and Friday vuriablo
Klka Form a New Lotla c
Council Bluffs Doc 28 Lodge
No B31 Benevolent and Protective
Order of Elks was instituted in the
Masonic templo last evening Tho
new lodge begins existence with a
membership numboriug nearly 250 and
including a largo proportion of tho
business and professional men of tho
city Elks were presont from Sioux
City Dos Moines Perry Cedar Rapids
and othor Iowa cities as well as from
Omaha aud other places in Nebraska
CInrk Appointed Ouueriil Malinger
Makshalltown Iu Dec 28 The
appointment of Thomas E Clark at
general manager of tho Iowa Central
railroad will bo oflicially announced to
day effective Jan 1 Clark has been
trainmaster and geuoral superintendent
of tho Minneapolis and St Louis road
for the past 18 yours with headquarters
at Minneapolis
Tho Greatest Specialist or tho Time Gives
Kvery Case Ills leraoual Attention
Ilnntnn Mont doctors havo a certain number
uulur ofGtock remedies which thoy uso In
llathaways all cases which seem at all similar
yij This is not Dr llathaways method
moinou Every case with lilm la moBtcarefullv
uiuunoKeu ana lue exact
position ot tho dUensod con
dition determined Thus
ovory enso la treated separ
ately and medicines nro id
mlnlntered nhlch nro
siKJCInllr prepared under
Ir Hatha wiijh personal
supervision fureacb cusu
ho two peoplorro affected
same manner consequent
ly no two people should bo
treated In tho pimo way
even for snmo complaint
Dr Haitian ay lsu special
ist In tlio best sense of the
word ho treats special dis
eases In asoecluluiunner ot
of Ills own a system studlod nut years aco while in
ar Onuo collego anil iiopltul practice and Ira-
cvory provedniideulurgeduiMmconstantly
Sneolally during tho twenty 3 ears since
r j twenty yours of tho most extonslvo
1 roaiou practice enjoyed by any specialist In
thlscountry Dr UalhawayH groat and uniform sue
coss is due to this Individual system of troutmont
T inivn In splto of hundreds of reipiestH
t ti t yearly from doctors In all parts of tha
Treatment world asklnu for the nrlvileiro of
iislnsDrHatba waysmotliocl of treatment ho behoves
It wlsor to allow none besldo himself tho knonledno
ot Ills remedies as he is too well uwuro of the mis
chief which may bo done by tho unskillful uso of uny
systom novormlndhowporfect
j cit
UlOOdand bKllt Dr Hathuways treatment for
fllanaans blood diseases In wliaterer staito
cures all forms ot ulcers sores
blotches pimples etcand not only restores thu skin
niidscalp totliRlr natural condition butso purines
the blood that the disease la permanently and com
pletely driven lrom the system and all ibis without
adnilutsterlntf poisonous or danirurous dnies
His treatment of Varlcoceln
VariOOOOlO and and Stricture is a method osclu
Strloture slvelyhis owuund In 80 per cent
m ot all cases results In u perfect
and permanent cure No operation la required anil
no pain or Inconvenience are experienced by tho
patient The expense of this treatment Is much less
than that of any operation or hospital or Institute
treatment and Is both safe and sure rostnrlni tho
organs to a condition of orfect normal health
iij DrlJatliawayhasluBtnreparedanew
Kianoy tost question blank for those who havo
Disease rf I1 IPPefA Kidney trouble and
this blank ho will Rladlysend free to
everyone who soiidg blm his name and addrtw s
rhe rieiuand for Dr llathaways now
Mu Rnk
NOW BOOK book Manliness VlKor Health has
FREE ir5SduxLted he first edition of
rTiT iOO000 hut for a limited tlmo h couy of
this book will bo sent free to anyone who sends Ida
Consullnllnn nam0 nd address to Dr Hathaway
uonsuuniion Dr Hatliaway makes no cliarKO
FREE forconsultutlnnandadvlceatelUior
Ids olllre orby mail
Dr Hntluiwny Co
S3 Commercial Work Sioux City Iowa
lit hh iilltt - II m lii
cectablcPrcparationfor As
similating uicroodfltulRcgula
tinrj tic S lamachs andDowcls of
ncssandRcstConlains nellhcr
OpiutnMorphinfi norIincraL
Wot Narcotic
JmrfJcm Sail
hiiyrron fltmri
Atjcrfcctncmcdv forConslipa
lion Sour StomachDiarrhoca
Worms ConvulsionsFcvcrish
icss and Loss or SLEER
aoc Simile Signniurc of
- i
strong well fitted to grow to ma
turity in perfect health The
mother too passes through the
trial with little pain and no dread
Wine of Cardui is truly a wonder
Ask your
for a generous
Elys Cream Dslm
contains no cocaine
mercury nor any oilier
It is quickly Absorbed
Gives itellcf at ouco
jl opens and cleanses
tlio Nasal Passages
Aliava Inflammation
Heals and Protects the Membrane Restores the
flenses of Taulo and Hinell Pull Size B0 Trial
tiizo 10c at DriiKUts or by null
HLYUKOHEltK66 Varr T --
Had Catarrli JG Years
Josiah Bacon conductor on the P W
B R R savs I had suffered with
catarrh for 36 years and regarded iny
case as hopeless One clay I saw the
testimonial of Geo H Hearn in a Braz
ilian Balm circular Hearn was the
engineer on my train aud I knew his
case was desperate I talked with Hearn
and his cure gave me hope I began
the use of the Balm at once There was
not much change for the first two months
but then I began to improve and iu sis
months to my inexpressiblesatisfiction
I was entirely cured
For Infnntg ancl ChiJdron
Tho Kind You la
Always Bpght
Bears the
Signature jyt
J You
For advice In cases requiring special
directions adilreaa plYlnp symptoms
AiiiorriFpi laaniAi iuuuu
medium CO Chattanooga Tenn
ful medicine lor women
Large Bottles for 100 at Druggists
Always Bought
m m
Tho great remedy for nervous prostration and all diseases of tho generative
organs of oithcr sor such as Nervous Prostration Falling or Lost Manhood
Impotcncy Nightly Emissions Youthful Errors Mental Worry eicessivo uso
of Tobacco or Opium which lead to Consumption and Insanity With cvory
5 order wo Rimrantco to euro or refund tho money Sold at 8100 nor box
C bozos for 500 UK MOTTS CUVM1VAV CO Cleveland Ohlita
cmVi I I gl JWl rl ml j Wi
Jackson Tenn Nov 23
I was inbject to miscarrlagu for three years
and suffered constantly with haclcacho I wrote
to you for advice and after using three bottlts
of Wine of Cardui according to your directions
I am strong and well and the mother of a fine
girl baby
There is no use talking a baby in the house is the link that binds
husband and wife together Nothing is sadder than fruitless wedlock
The prattling and cooing of the little ones offset a thousand times the
occasional worries and trials of life When a wife is barren there is a
derangement somewhere in the genital organs caused by one or more of
those common disorders known as female troubles Wine of Cardui
is the remedy It puts the organs of generation in a strong and healthy
condition fitting the wife for the sacred duty of reproducing her kind
During the period of gestation the entire system of the expectant mother
is built up to withstand the ordeal of labor and when the little one
makes its advent it is lusty and
Bean the TtlB Kin1 You Have AlwalfS BOUgW
iron Uu
ESiswT rmfa
mPjil ft VW sSaV
the - v m jfsAW
Made a
Well Mai
v of Me
prodaeea the above results ln30 days It act
powerfully and quickly Cures when all others talk
young men will regain their lost manhood and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
RKV1VO It quickly and surely restores Nerrou
ness Lost Vitality Impotency Nightly Emissions
Lost Power Failing Memory Wastlnu Diseases and
all effects ot solf abuso orexecrsand indiscretion
which unfits ono for study business or marriage It
not only cures by starting at tho seat of disease but
is a great nerve tonio and blood builder bring
ing back the pink glow to pale cheeks arid re
storing the Are of youth It wards off Insanity
and Consumption Insist on having KEVIVOna
other It can ba carried in vest pocket By mall
LOO per package or six for 8SOO with av posi
tive tvrlttea fruarrntse to euro or refund
tnemaey Circular fce address
Royal MedicJso Co3
Formula in Norfolk 1 y Geo B Christn
Rev D C HoDson Pastor M E Church Wnuneta Net writes After
ycaraof constipation uud stomach disorder Dr Kuyn Kenovntor has removed
tho constipation and mado my etomach almost now I could not hear a watch
tick with it closo to my right ear and but a very short distanco from my left
one I can now hear ono quito a distanco from my right ear aud a long1
distance from my left one and tho thick heavy feeling between my eyes to my
Dr Kays Renovator
is cone Dr Kays Catarrh Curodid it It is tho best thine I over trlwl
and send frco Dr Kays Ilomo Treatment an Illustrated haolc rH
of 114 pages treating ull ulunents common to tho human family
write ua uu uuoui your case F
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