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The Norfolk Weekly News
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London Has Grave Fears For
Safety of Mcthucn
Are StrniiKtlienlni Mmlilpr Itlvcr Kn
trciHliiiimits No Noun Slnro Similar
Hoars ScxTliplr lon lit Sittntl Annllirr
lilt Toitcil nt Stornilinri
London- Dec 151 Tho gravity of tho
military bitnntion is ngnta becoming ac
centuated in tho public iniiul owing to
tho coiuploto nbsouco of news Nothing
has boon hoard from Lord Mothumi sinco
Sunday and it is feared that his com
munications havo boon cut If tlllH bo
bo hi3 position is dangerous
Tho Daily News has tho following
dispatch from Oapo Town dated Dec
10 Tho Boors intend to make u big
stand at Stormberg and aro massing n
great forco at abandoned British camp
Ono commando of 2000 consists chiefly
of rebel Dutch
A correspondent of tho Daily News
telegraphing from Moddor ltivor last
Saturday says Tho Uoor position
ulrcady formidable on Dec 11 has sinco
been greatly strengthened oxtending
for an area of 13 miles It is entrenched
according to tho most modern methods
throughout its ontiro length wiro fences
havo been placed boforo all the trenches
at overj point guns havo boon got into
position and there is every evidence
that tho Boers aro well supplied with
innmunition Only a powerful attack
ing forco can hope to mako a successful
Tho Times in an articlo from tho pen
of a military export laments tho dis
persion of tho British forces quotes tho
maxim of Napoleon iu favor of concen
tration and rogrets that Lord Methuon
did not retire to Orango river a week
Tho latest dispatches recoivod socm to
show that tho British forcos aro stand
ing on tho defensive at all points Gen
eral Bullor is ordering tho troops now
arriving at Capo Town to proceed to
Durban to reinforco tho Natal column
Absenco of news from him has led to
a surmise that ho is trying to join Gen
eral Whito by a flank movement
Tho appeals for yeomanry and volun
teers aro being responded to with tho
greatest enthusiasm in all parts of tho
Tho papers are now generally joining
in free criticisms of tho government
and tho war office as day by day fresh
proofrf of uupreparodnoss como to light
Special stress is laid upon tho failuro
to provide proper transports which
compels tuo columns to stick tight to
railways and upon tho inferiority of
tho British artillery
Tho Australian colonies aro respond
ing eagerly to tho imperial govern
ments appeals for second coniingents
It is roported that tho qucou will
abandon her proposed visit to Italy in
consequeuco of tho war
Boer Loss Ik Sinnll
CinEVELEY Camp Dec 10 Tho am
bulanco train is taking tho British
wouudod in yesterdays battlo to Est
court and Piotermoritzburg An armis
tice has been asked for until midnight
to bury tho dead Tho Boers state their
loss is small Thoy can bo seen today
plaoing guns in fresh positions com
manding our camp The hoat is in
There was heavy firing at Ladysmith
this morning Colonol Dovon with
three officers and 10 mon were sur
rounded and taken prisoners Tho
Boers aro flying a flag of truco looking
for their wounded
Consul of OranffH Fine State Confident of
Defeat Ini tho iiillli
New Yourc Deo 21 Charles D
Pierce consul iu this city from tho
Orange Free Stato said that applicants
for enlistment in tho Boer army woro
btill visiting his ofllco in a steady stream
I cannot do anything for them
said ho because I havo no authority to
tuko such a courso I refer them to our
cousul at Tho Haguo
Mr Pierco was asked who paid tho
expenses of tho men to Tho Hague
They pay their own expenses he said
Somebody in tho city though is
furnishing them with monoy to get to
tho Transvaal I dont know who it is
Asked what ho thought about tho way
things were going iu South Africa Mr
Pierco said The British can sond
1800000 troops down there instead of
180000 if thoywaut to and still thoy
wont got tho upper hand for a year or
two It is not tho bide with tho most
troops that is going to win but tho sido
that shoots tho straightest
Semi protest to Washington
New York Deo 21 A J Twomoy
of tho Pennsylvania Milling and Ex
port company sont a protest to Wash
ington yosterday against tho soizuro by
tho British of flour sent to South Africa
by his firm Ho received information
by cablo that tho ship Beatrice with a
cargo had been seized in Delagoa bay
and sent to East London whilo anothor
bhip tho Maria had been sont to Port
Natal A week ago tho Mashona with
M000 sacks of flour was stopped and
bent to Capo Town Tho flour it vas
buspected was for tho use of the Boers
Mn Sunilitrson on tlm Muntl
MaksuaMj Mioh Deo 21 Mrs
Sanderson was on tho stand yosterday
and had a chanco to roply to tho allega
tious of her bervant Mario Robertson
that sho hod killed her old husband by
foodiug him ground glass in his oat
meal Sho deuied feeding the glass
South Oniiilm Snliion Kpnpnr Mortally
Woiinilril tir tin til Customer
SoiTii Omaha Doc 21 An exciting
shooting affray occurred at the old Kir
by hotel Twenty seventh and L streets
shortly after 4 oclock Wednesday after
noon Two men wero injured and a
policeman rceetW a bullot through hiH
clothing John Ifydn tho proprietor of
tho saloon is seriously if not fatally
wounded and Frank Pyszka tho man
who started tho shooting is suffering
from a slight flesh wound
Tho trouble started over tlm payment
for u glass of beer Pyszka entered the
saloon in an intoxicated condition and
asked for u glass of beer which was
drawn for him by Fyda Tho saloon
man asked for his monoy Tho cus
tomer replied that ho had paid and was
fifing for his chango He then do
ianded chango for 1 which he as
soiled ho had laid on the bar when ho
cumo in Fydn insisted that ho had not
been paid and made another demand
for tho nickel Pyszka whipped a re
volver out of his pocket and fired at
tho same time saying I will give it to
As soon as ho had fired tho shot
Pyszka rushed to the front door and
was into tho street in a moment When
Olllcer LaDuko attempted to stop him
ho fired a shot at tho olllcer and start ed
down tho lull under tho viaduct on a
run with the policeman after him Lit
Duko finally saw a chanco and fired a
shot whieh took ollect and ho was
Iodcriitlou of Delegate Itu Kloot
Uoinpiiiii mill Oilier
Detkoit Deo 21 Tho American
Federation of Labor unanimously re
elected its old officers Tho only con
test occurred in selections of fraternal
delegates to tho foreign trade congresses
Tho election resulted as follows
President Samuel Gompers of Wash
ington vice presidents P J McOuiro
of Philadelphia James Duncan of
Boston James OOonnoll of Washing
ton John Mitchell of Indianapolis Max
Morris of Denver and Thomas I Kidd
of Chicago socretary Frank Morrison
6TWashington treasurer John B Lou
nou of Bloomingtou Ills fraternal
delegates to British congress John B
Loniiou Bloomington Ills secretary of
tho Journeymen Tailors uuion and W
C Pearce of Indianapolis socretary of
tho United Mino Workers
Louisville Ky was solccted as tho
place of tho next convention
Killed by a llaby Ilrother
St Edwaud Neb Dec 21 A
son of William Cruise who
lives west of St Edward was shot and
killed by his 6-year-old brother yostor
day Mrs Cruise Lad loadv tho gnu
and placed it under tho bed Her hus
band was absent during tho night Tho
boy got up in tho morning whilo his
mother was busy proparing breakfast
and pulled the gun out from under tho
bed and handed it to his brother who
was still in bed telling him to play ho
was a soldier and snap it which ho did
Tho contents entered tho boys head
just above tho right eye
Meet in of Stock Iirepilers
Lincoln Dec 21 At tho meeting of
tho improved stock breeders of Ne
braska Dr Victor A Norgaard of tho
department of agriculture at Washing
ton read a paper on tho subject of In
fectious Diseases in Cattle Naturo
Treatment and Prevention Other
papers wero read by L E Shattuck of
Missouri N H Gentry of Missouri
Harvey Johnson of Iowa and Gcorgo W
Hervey of Nebraska
Supremo Court Irani a Supersedeas
Ouaiia Dec 21 The supremo court
has suspondod tho bontonco of Judgo
Scott passed on Rev T J Mackay Uov
H C Herring and Mr Harford for con
tempt of court Clerk Campbell of tho
supremo court telephoned tho sheriffs
ofllco advising it of tho action tho court
had taken on tho application of Mr Mc
Gilton representing tho defendants for
a supersedeas
Notr lut Mull Servlee
Drs Moines Dec 21 It is annouueed
tho Illinois Central whoso now lino to
Omaha has just been opened will on
Jau 1 inaugurate a now fast mail serv
ice to Sioux City and Omaha out of
Chicago Tho train will loavo Chicago
about 230 a m run solid to Fort Dodge
and then split ono division going to
Sioux City and tho other to Omaha
Oldest Traveling Man In Iowa Dead
Duuuque Deo 21 News was re
ceived hero today of tlio death at Nash
ua la of A W Fleming tho oldest
traveling man in Iowa if not iu tho
United States Ho was 88 years of ago
and was a member of tho Dubuquo
Traveling and Business Mens associa
llueoln May Out of the League
Lincoln Dec 21 Tho directors of
tho Lincoln baseball team at a meeting
hold yesterday afternoon decided not to
enter tho Western loaguo Tho reason
impelling this action is said to lx that
there is not enough monoy in sight to
justify tho venture
Car Simp at Iuhiiiue liuiii
DiMJQUK Doc 21 Tho car shops of
tho Chicago Milwaukeo and St Paul
railroad tho largest plaut hero was
eomnletolv destroved bv firo sliortlv
after midnight Loss 1100000 and i00
men will bo thrown out of employment
Four Minn Kntoinlicil
Stockton Cal Dec 21 A telephone
meawgo from Auguloa Camp says A
cavo iu occurred in the Lightnor mino
yesterday Four minors aro buried and
it is feared thoy aro lost Tho cavoin
was iu tho a00 foot level
New Military Governor Warmly
Welcomed to Havana
Formally Tin n llicr tlm loiel uoiililp of
tlm Inland In III Stu f cssnr and Will
Salt For llninn on Miitimliiy ViuIoiik
FriiuilK Uneiiitlieil al Havana
Havana Dec 21 The welcome given
General Wood yesterday on enteiing
Havana was according to all the old
residents without paiallelin tho history
of the island Tho elaborate display of
bunting iu tho harbor and tho multi
tude of boats and bands showed that tho
hastily formed recaption committee had
dotio excellent work Moreover there
was a heartiness iu tho chooiiug that
was quite unusual
The battleship Texas hoisted her Hug
to return the Morros salute mid a mini-
bcr of bauds ployed continuously around
tho steamor so long as Goncral Wood
remained on board
Very beautiful was tho procossion of
launches wliich escorted tho now gov
ernor to tho shore
During tho morning there was a con
stant btream of callers at tho Hotel
Inglaterra where General Wood will
remain until General Brooko departs
Accompanied by General Chaffee and
Lieutenant Brooks General Wood
called on Goncral Brooko at noon when
the governorship was officially trans
ferred The retiring governor general
will leave for the United Statos on Sat
An immonso sensation was caused in
Havana yosterday by tho arrest of 10 of
the chief appraisers of tho customs
houso staff on a charge of boing in col
lusion with many Havana merchants to
swindlo tho government out of large
sums It is asserted that tho fraud lias
boon practiced for two weeks at least
and probably for a longer period and it
is believed that thousands of dollars
havo been corruptly diverted Colonel
Bliss obtained evidence enough to war
rant the arrests and as ho believes to
insure conviction Tho swindlo was
caused bya classification of articles un
der which valuable goods wont into
cheap classes Many merchants aro
likely to bo arrosted within tho next
few days
llireo Men Carried Under the Ire
Vancouvek Dec 21 A dispatch
from Dawson dated Dec 11 recounts a
terrible tragedy which took placo near
White Horse where three men named
T Smith Fred Batty and Mcintosh
wero engaged in salvaging the cargo of
tho steam scow Lindorman their boat
being unexpectedly struck by a heavy
swell aud sunk Tho men wero not
seen after tho boat disappeared and it
is supposed thoy thoy wero carried
under tho ico
John I SullKun li liioUe
New Youk Dec 21 John L Sul
livan who is being sued by a liquor
firm for 1000 for goods purchased tes
tified in court yesterday that ho was
without monoy or property Afterward
ho stated that his earnings in his pro
fessional career had exceeded 1 000000
and that ho made -100000 in tho winter
of 1883 84 Ho said I havo been a
good follow and I am broke If uuyone
I know needed money and asked mo for
it ho got it
Ilutchell Col I re Hum to the Around
Akkov O Doc 21 Tho main build
ing of Butchell collego including all tho
laboratories library mens and womons
dormatories was burned to tho ground
last night Tho fire started iu tho mens
dormatory at 0 oclock and spread to tho
other portions of tho building rapidly
Much of tho personal property of tho
students aud a largo number of valuable
books from tho library wero saved The
loss is fully 100000 with 05000 insnr
Safe Craekers Cue Djiiamlte
Bimidji Minn Doc 21 Tho Groat
Northern express ofllco and dopot at this
placo was entered by safo crackers last
night and tho safo wrecked by dynam
ite Tho safo is a total wreck and a
miscellaneous number of express pack
ages wero either destroyed or damaged
Tho robbers inado their escapo with
considerable booty leaving uo cluo to
their identity
Unities of Maine Victim
Wasmmiton Doc 21 Secretary
Long called ut tho whito hoiihU yester
day aud informed the president that the
bodies of tho victims of the Miii dis
aster probably would roach Washington
Wednesday of next week for burial at
Washington Tho president will attend
tho burial services if nothing occurs to
We Can Show You a
Greater Variety of
Than any other store can in Northeast Nebraska
at the Lowest Prices ever known
lllliiiKiaphiMH toiuhlim lo 1inlml limit
Tiniln I ntei e nIh
CiiicaU Doc 21 The commercial
litliogiapliers and printers of tho cen
tral west met at tho Auditorium hotel
to consider means of combating tho
present conditions of the writing paper
market The sessions wero secret One
of the members said that tho price of
paper bad boon forced up more than 2fi
per cent though tho basic material is
just as cheap as ever
Tho objoct of tho meeting was cither
to advance tho price of the output of
tho lithographers and printers or to
combine and patronize only independ
ent mills Tho lithographers and print
ers at tho meeting represented about
throo fonrths of tho material used in
tho country
Trainer Killed liv an Clrphunt
Coiumhis 0Doo 21 M J Meagher
an elephant trainor bettor known as
Patsy Foropaugh was- instantly killed
by an elephant yosterday at Sellsvillo
Tho elephant known as Sid has boon
in captivity for 20 years and was novor
rogarded as vicious Meagher led tho
elephants into tho training circlo for
their daily exercise when Sid bo
camo unruly and tho trainor jabbod tho
animal with his stick Sid bocame
furious and hurled the trainer to the
ground with his trunk Tho olophant
then fell on his victim piorcing Meagh
ers body with ono of his tusks on which
was a brass ball six inches in diamorcr
Ilnuree After the Military Hoard
Lansing Mich Doc 21 Governor
Piugreo sont a special message to tho
houso yesterday asking for the passago
of a joint resolution that would author
ize Attorney General Oren to institute
proceedings toward recovering tho
monoy claimed to havo boon lost by the
stato through tho military boards al
leged transaction with tho Henderson
Ames company of Kalamazoo
llii iuij B
Recognized as tho very Best
Skates on tho market
For Sale by
Evorybocly wants tho bsf oi
moats We mako a apocia
effort to please our trade
Oar fihp Ib the Neatest
la the City
Graceful lnsy ami Lour Wearing
Tlir IAM01IS
Olga Nethersole 250 Shoe
IomnKHoa tliu inorltrf iicrfuct flljlo fit comfort nnd durability
No lirenldiiK In necoiurjr mnilo to conform lo tho linnii of Lho font
tiolu vury flaxllilu Cliromo Kid ntock lint In noft ns a kIovo jrt
wciuh IILu iron KxcuIh tiny IMHlinn fur wonr unci comfort
No IllO tliriuuu Kill llli Upnf tlm minus iikmIIiiiii woIrM nolo
V tiinlliiiMlillli nfiiHlviir I lit ilnlliir low hnil unit uolf tmlUirn
ion win nun iiiiHhiKHiii diuiiMiiiumn niKiyiMuuii minion
Humifaciired by The Hock Island Slwe Co Kock Inland III
oiu villi exclusively In thU city by
1 A liUIKAUT riutHiDiSNr
Fashionable Dressmaker
rain Cotton clock oyer Banm
Flrst oUss work iniarantDPil
Up stairs itor
Norfolk Nnbram
AltorueyB nt Law
Uoom 10 11 and 11 Uatt Ulock
Norfolk Nebraska
Money to Loan
Real Estate
Elkhorn B S kociatk
Ht 7
W It illUAAHOII Ahht Uahiiieb
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 5000
Iluy nnd mcII uxcIiuiikii on tliin country n nil nil uirlH of Kiiropii Kiirm Lonnn
Directors Caiii Ahmth W II Iomnhon Ciiah S Hiiiixik C W IIuaahcii C M
All Kinds of Hard and Soft Coal Thoroughly Briphfc
nnd Clean at
All Coal Screened Choice Smithing Coal
Your JatroniiKe KcsncH fully Solicited PHONE 54J
The Norfolk Building and Loan Ass i
C B DURLAND Secretary
Attorneys at Lay
Norfolk Nebraska
At Piorcu Kvcry Momlny
Mast Ulock - - Norfolk Neb
Physician and Surgeon
Ollico Citizen National Hank IIuililiiiK
Tuluiilionu 101
Sanitarium anil Itunliluncu Main ami IStli St
Tfluiilumo I
Norfolk - - NebraHka
Office over Citizens Natl Bank Uasldenee onr
block north of Crnsregatlonal olinrch
Undertakers nnd Embalmera
Bunions Uk Norfolk Avs
Norfolk Nebraska
Attorney nt Law
Room 1 and 2 Robertson Wiitoil
hiock Norfolk
am prepare il tn wiavu CarpoU lo tlm eatiil
rarllon 01 all rniirurncn tiiccktr JioanI lloil
i toinli Urick anil otliur fancy work a gpil
nun iiatniK mu iniibi improicii loom
Kiiarnntro flnst clabb uork
Hth St Mcoml liotiho South from Miiiul
For Plunblng Stun Fitting Pump
Tints wind Mills
And all repair work in this lino ca
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Klrst door snntb nf Dally Nrwnffin
Livery Feed and
Sale Stable
Hack Line In Connection
Telephone 68
Reblndlng old BooVs
and flagazlnes
Neit to Doanb Iaiiit Store Hflh Street
I nm now prepared to do rapid nn
Bcioutifio dress cutting nud fitting On
mid see me for particulars First bout
west of Etondpipe Terms Rensonabli
Mbs EvaPlacb