The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 23, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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11 ore is an opportunity to buy Thanks
giving Mucus sit a Bargain
72 in Bleached Plain Double Satin
Damask worth 175
72 in Bleached Double Satin Da
mask worth 170
72 in WchcIhmI Doublo Satin Da
mask worth SI 55
72 in Bleached Doublo Satin Da
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70 in Bleached Satin Damask worth
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00 cents
at least forgiven and Virginia is now
proud to call him hor son and do him
honor Poes career blighted aud cut
short by temperamental causes was at
once a wonder and a Borrow His life
was a night wherein gloom battlod
with the stars The gloom dieappoared
in hie grave but tho stars will romaiu
aglow for the delight of all the genera
tions that speak the language of the
author of Annabel Lee The Raven
and The Bolls
St i out ltrpcirt Adopted lit tin Nntlonnl
rmiKv Moptlng
SiUiNoriKU O Nov 21 Tho Na
tional grange which 1ms been in ses
sion in this city during tho past week
udjouruud hino die this afternoon Im
portant in yesterdays proceedings wero
the reports of tho committees on trusts
and tho morchant marine both of which
wero adopted Tho trust conunitteos
report was us follows
Tho National grange oxpross their
approval of tho address of our worthy
master Aaron Jones regarding trusts
and demand tho onactment by congress
of htich laws as will protoct the pooplo
against all combinations of mon aud
capital inimical to publio policy
Ono of tho greatest ovideucos of
trusts is their power to ooutrol elections
and corrupt oillcials This can bo
remedied by educating tho peo
ple Meanwhilo wo must control
by tho strong arm of authority One
principlo worthy of consideration has
thus boon btated Wherovor monopolies
aro based on tho acquisition of nearly
tho entire iiipnly of uutionttl troasures
of any Bort or on oxclusivo ownership of
raw material of any kind government
ownership of tho sourco of supply is
called for Tho National Grange of tho
Patrons of Husbandry pledges its best
efforts for tho suppression of buoh dan
gerous associations and wo invito tho
earnest co operation of overy liboral and
self respocting citizen of tho ropublio
Tho merchant marine resolution was
as follows
That wo most heartily desiro tho
upbuilding of our merchaut inurino but
wo aro emphatically opposoil to tho
principlo of subsidy and believe tho do-
hired end can and will bo accomplished
without rohorting thereto
fiunit nnniiKii liy lllBh Water In Tmm
unit Indian Territory
DrNUON Tex Nov 28 This section
is iu tho early stuges of a Hood that
threatens to bo tho most disastrous
known in many years Thousands of
acres of valunblo farming lands are un
der water Mauy families aro llecing
for their lives from tho bottom lands
Tho situation is decidedly serious as it
is thought that many houses will bo
swopt away The Washita tho largest
river iu tho Iudian territory is at tho
highest stags ovor known Groat dam-
ago has boon done by tho high water
Tho town of Pauls Valloy on tho
Santa Fo m tho torritory is reportod
by tolephouo as under water No trains
aro crossing the Santa Fe bridge uear
Gainesville All the largo streams iu
tho southern portion of the Indian torri
tory aro out of their banks There is
no ferry communication between Texas
aud tho torritory Red river aud Wash
ita aro still rising rapidly
Fair AmocIuUou Elect URlcan
Ouioaqo Nov 23 Audrow J Love-
Linens Continued
00 in Bleached Satin Damask worth
00 cents
54 in Bleached Satin Damask worth
45 cents
72 in Cream Satin Damask worth
72 in Cream Satin Damask worth
OS in Cream Satin Damask worth
SO cents
02 in Cream Satin Damask worth
00 cents
5S in Colored Satin Damask worth
45 cents
00 in Oiled Turkey lied worth
45 conts
58 in Oiled Turkey Red worth
40 cents
50 inch Oiled Turkey Red worth
20 cents
The Jiorf oik fieixis
W N HU3E Publisher
Kvory day
wool l COtlU
Kstulilixlieil lv7
oxropt Similii Ily enrrior per
11 mall pur jour 000
Kflalrtihlioil ivl
Eorj Thursdij Hamuli por joirJtM
Entorod at tlio Ioatolllcp ill Norfolk Nob as
second class matter
Tolophono No --
Dowcy week in Vorniont will go into
history us the most spectacular anil en
thusiastic in thu history of the Green
Mountain Statu It is odtl enough that
an inland commonwealth with tho
nearest sea lino leagues distant should
have produced a naval captain who is
worthy to stand on tho samo pedestal
ns Nelson and Fttrragut
Atlanta is moving in tho direction of
municipal ownorship and control of
public and siinipublio utilities arrange
ments being ultudy mado to bring at
onco under municipal management tho
water and gas supply and it is expect
ed that control of tho street railways
will soon follow It is a remarkablo
fact that tho principlo of public owner
ship of public utilities is boing accept
ed in that city without lengthy discus
sion or any considerable opposition even
on tho part of thoso interests which
might bo supposed to bo stronuonsly op
posed to it
Tho University of Virginia has junt
paid a fitting tributo to tho memory of
Edgar Allan Poo onco a student of
that institution tho occasion boing tho
fiftieth annivejsary of tho poets death
A beautiful btutuo of tho immortal ton
of song and inibfoituno was unveiled
with appropriate ceremonies Tho in
cident is an illustration of tho revenges
of timo Tho veneruble institution of
learning which now so signally honors
tho memory of Poo and seeks to per
petnato his fame in enduring marble
once in tho long ago felt in duty bound
to expel from its classic shades this
wayward child of genius for unbecom
ing conduct But long ago ins errors
and idiosyncrasiea wero forgotten or
3oy general superintendent ot tho Illi
nois btato fair was olectcd to tho presi
dency of tho American Association of
Fairs and Expositions at tho closo of its
two days session Tho other officers
elected wero Vico president W L
Harrinmn president of the Iowa state
board of agriculturo secretary W J
Fleming Columbus O treasurer Col
onel William M Liggett St Anthonys
Park Minn Tho principal purposo of
tho convention was to arrange
dates for tho various state ex
positions and fuir3
Tho congross of Brazil Wednesday
adjourned sine dio Tho general elec
tions aro to bo hold Deo 31 uoxt
Tho Marquis of Salisbury is suffering
from an attack of influenza and is un
able to attend to publio business
William E Sawyer ono of tho most
prominent and wealthiest lumhormeu
of Wisconsin died at Pino Bluff Ark
of typhoid malarial fevor
Martin V Borgou 6ou of Councilman
Peter V Bergen of Princeton N J
died Wednesday from roceivlug a haz
ing nt Lawrenceville last Friday
Tho govemmont statistician of Aus
tralia announces that tho roports re
ceived regarding tho present seasons
wheat yiold Indicato that it will bo
doublo that of last year
According to a rocont ruling of tho
directors of tho Chicago board of trado
all connections with buckot shops di
rectlv or indiroctly by tolograph or
telephone must bo cut off
Tho nonpartisan Womans Christian
Temperance union has appointed a
coniniitteo to revlso tho national consti
tution and has decidod to have an ox
hibit at the Paris exposition
Andrew Lyren 110 years old in his
hasto to catch a tram on tho Chicago
Elevated railway was hurled over tho
railing around tho platform and was
impaled upon an iron picket ionco
Governor Roosevelt issued a procla
mation Wednesday on tho death of Vico
Prosideut Hobart ordering that flags on
all state buildings bo kept ut half mast
uutil after tho funeral services as a
malic of respect
Tho famous Warwick farm of 515
acros in Warwick township Chester
county Pennsylvania has been sold for
12000 On this propel ty many of tho
cannon used by tho patriot army in tho
l evolution wero cast
A successful publio tebt of wireless
telegraphy under tho Johiibon Fortior
bvstoni was given at Milwaukee
Weduosduy night Messagos wero bout
150 feet and through half u dozen par
titions iu a leading hotel
At tho recent convention of tho
Brotherhood of St Andrew the time
aud place of tho next convention was
referred to tho executive committee aud
that body has jiibt decided on Rich
mond Va Oct 10 to 14 1900
Friedman Bros oue of the most im
portant cloak manufacturing firms of
Now York are iu lluuucial diftioultios
aud havo i placed their affairs bo fore
their creditors with a view of obtaining
a bottlcmont aud coutiuuiug the busi
Capitalists of Chicago aud New York
Wo will offer all our Jackets and Capes
for ladies and children at reduced prices
Ladies Jackets from 149 to 1100
Ladies Capes from 175 to 1900
Childrens Jackets 50c to 650
All of our Shoes in this sale are made
on new lasts English and New Coin Toes
All are stitched with silk Solid Counters
and Insoles and up to date in every partic
30 pairs Ladies Vici Kid Lace En- CO 7R
glish toe C D and E wide LI U
4S pairs Ladies Vici Kid Lace English toe
Silk Vesting Trimmed D E and PI TC
EE wide J J
aro reviving tho oltl project of an air
lino from Now York to some point on
tho Missouri river They aro looking
over tho proposed route now with a
view to determining tho practicability
ot constructing hitch a lino
I ll w noil III llio Lend
Kansas City Nov 23 Iu tho final
spurt last night at tho end of tho
eighth hour of tho IS hour bicyclo race
John Lawson camo in ahead having
covered 105 miles 2 laps Miller Wal
ler Bopino and Julius also covered 105
miles 2 laps and Gust Lawson was two
laps behind thorn Tho othor scores
wore Lingenfelor 103 miles Nider
hofor 133 Nelson 120 Plummer 01
Chapman 12
full CltyH New Church
Falls City Nob Nov 23 Th
corner stono of the now Episcopal
church was laid yesterday Rain foil
during tho oxorcisos but tho crowd was
largo Tho stono was laid by Bishop
Arthur L Williams Thoro was an
address by tho bishop and a history of
tho parish read by A O Gantt
DeufncHH Cannot lie Cured
By local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho ear
There is only ono way to euro deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies
Deafness is caused by nn inflamed con
dition of tho mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tnbo Whou this tube is
iuflamod you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing and when it is en
tirely closed deafness is the result and
unless tho inflammation can bo taken
out nud this tube restored to its normal
condition hearing will bo destroyed
forovor niuo cases out of ten nro caused
by catarrh which is nothiug but an
inflamed condition of tho mucous sur
Wo will give ono huudrcd dollars for
any caso of deafness caused by catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Halls Catarrh
Cure Send for circulars free
F J Ciienky Co ToledoO
Sold by druggists 7oo
Halls Family Pills aro tho best
Tho life liuo is out extending tho
glad baud of life hope aud happiness
Reaches around the globo Tis Rocky
Mountniu Tea Abk your druggist
Suldors catsups at Boxs
Its like a dip in tho fountain of
youth Touohes the cheek so gently
that youth lingers on tho faco of old
ago Thats what Rocky Mountain
Tea does Ask your druggist
Does Collee Agree Willi You
If not drink Cniiu O mado from
puro grains A lady writes Tho first
timo I mado Graiu 0 I did not liko it
but after using it for ono week nothiug
would induce rao to go back to coffoo
It uourishos and foods the system Tho
childrou can drink it freely with great
benefit It is tho strengthening sub-
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Ladies and
Childrens Garments
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impure Blood
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aro weak mid languid our appetite
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Civilization by William Harding the
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about fourteen iuchos draw It slowly
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low tho pill liko a little man Pooplo
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scrupulous and ignorant practitioners
Wo aro not tho only firm giving honest
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Norfolk Nebraska