The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 23, 1899, Page 10, Image 10

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vory interesting and tlio pnoplo of tho
ohuroh are woll pleased with tliotr now
Tho four-year-old boh of W H Curly
ntomimo rut cake Saturday tlmt ho
found lying on tho tloor and its consequence
slilt oiA Dr
sequence was n very
lloldon was called to attend hhn and It
la reported that ho Ihiiow getting along
very nicely
Miss Laura Gregg who is ono of tho
organizers of tho National KulVrago
association spoke at tho Baptist ohuroh
yostordayboth morning and evening
to good audiences Hho Ih n lino
uponkor and entertained very success
fully thoso who attended tho florvleos
Tho piiHtor llov W M ivuon was i
Grolghton on church busiuoss
Tho Young Mens Christian league
hold a vary interesting mooting yoator
day aftornoon In G A It hall A tem
porary organization has boon olloctod
and thoso meetings will ho a regular
feature in tho futuro It is proposed by
tho louguo to havo an attractive and
ontortuining place in which tho young
mon may moot and spend thoir idlo
Tho weather today has hoon dooldodly
disagreeable in contrast with that which
has prevailed during tho past few weeks
A heavy fog almost a drizzle settled
down over tho landscape early this
morning and continued to allliot man
kind throughout tho day It was f oared
that it would take a cold and result in a
snow Btorin or blizzard hut it has not
thus far Hain and colder is promised
however and it is feared that a spell of
bad weather may follow
DonniH Murphy an ox momhur of tho
First Nebraska got into bad company
Saturday and became so boisterous that
ho was taken up under tho charge of
disorderly conduct and this morning
was assessed a lino of 2 and costs
Murphy has an honorablo discharge and
undoubtedly made a good soldier liis
friends will probably bo sorry to loarn
that ho has oulistod for tho purposo of
downing old King Alcohol as it is a
feat seemingly impossible of accomplish
Thoso having in hand tho work of
forming tho Norfolk Public Library
association report very satisfactory prog
ross and a mooting will soon bo called
for tho purposo of hearing tho roports
of tho committees Many people may
not now realize what n bonofit this
movement will bo to Norfolk but when
tlioy do thoy can lay a largo sharo of tho
credit to Mayor Simpson who has not
only talked in favor of it for years but
is now performing somo excellent work
iu tho interest of tho plan
Tho now Thirteenth streot bridgo is
tho subject of much favorable commont
on tho part of thoso who use it Tho
work ia nicoly dono in ovory particular
and tho approaches aro well planned
and arranged making it one of tho
iinost places to cross tho river in this
soction of tho state It is also located
at a placo where the travol ia largo and
tho structure will be much used not
only by fanners but by thoso who aro
compelled to make the drive between
Norfolk and Madison Tho thanks of
theso travelers aro duo to tho county
commissioners and to the tax payers
who foot tho bills
Saturday ovouiug two mon from dif
ferent directions approached a horse tied
in front of Halls barber shop and both
claimed tho ownorship of tho animal
Both individuals wore considerably tho
worse for frequont iudulgoucios iu tho
flowing bowl and each ono know that ho
owned that horse Ouo claimed that ho
had raised the horso from a colt uud tho
other gave tho name of tho man he had
bought him from Tho situation begau
to get quite warm and a crowd of spec
tators gathered around expecting to see
n light which was promised by eaoh iu
loud languago if tho other did not go
along about his business Fiunlly just as
tho twoolaimautj wore braciug up to en
force their domauds with thoir lists ono
of them discovered that tho horso was not
his after all aud tho contest was over
Then tho two started off arm in arm to
pledgo thoir frieudship ovor a bar
Tub Nkws is arranging to issue a
souvenir Thanksgiving numbor on tho
order of tho special editions that havo
heretofore been issued from this ollico
with the ouo material ditfereuco that i
will bo tho largest papor ever published
iu Norfolk It will contain statistics of
value conceruiug Norfolk aud this
ection of tho state and will havo a
very flue and artistic full pago
illustrated cover By reason of tho
increased circulation that will bo
given this issue of Tun Nrws adver
tisers will find it of exceptional value in
reaohiug the public ami of lasting beno
fit because tho paier will bo of such a
character that it will bo preserved a long
time for reference Heservations of
advertising space are now being made
and thoso who want preferred positions
should placo their orders at ouco Extra
copies of tho paper will bo sold for 5
cents each
It is not because Tun News wishes to
appear arbitrary in tho matter but be
cause it believes iu fair treatment and
has certain duties and hours for tho per
formance of them that it demands that
church aud society announcements in
tended for publication be handed in bo
fore noon of the day on which publica
tion ia desired Many papers have
adopted a rule that such announcements
a foat impossible of accomplishment
unless copy ia In on time Tho ordinary
minister would dislike very much to do
lay his sermon nor would ho for tho
convonlenco of ono ot more latonrrlvals
and if he is conscientious in thopractlco
of tho golden rule lit would bo very
much averse to causing a paper incon
venience and delay with notices This
subject has before been mentioned but
as there seems to bo a misunderstanding
of tho rule attonlion Is again directed to
It If thoso concerned will kindly bear
it In mind no ono will ho inconvenienced
and no one neod feel slighted if their
notices are refused aftor noon
M C Hnzou had IhihIuobs iu Halting
ton yesterday
Ohiw ltico paid a business trip to
Scribner today
Win Tracy of Harvard was a city
visitor yesterday
a 1 Gntlin was in tho city yester
day from Scribner
A O Winner loft this morning for
his regular trip oast
Dr Hamilton or Coleridge was in this
metropolis yostorday
Miss Fairbanks of Noligh is visiting
with Mrs M W CaBO
M Cohen of Fremont had business in
tho Sugar City yesterday
Attornoy Guy 11 Wilbur of Wayne
was in tho city ovor night
Nod Edwards doparted last ovoniig
for his homo in Ainsworth
Miss Mabel Stovens has gouo to Mis
souri Valley for a few days
O F Way of Coloridgo transacted
busiuosB in Norfolk yostorday
H T Sonnonschoiu of West Point
had business in this city today
should bo paid for but Tint Nrws is probable that Mr Myor will rocolvo his
pleased to publish them provided thoy Hharo of tho trade His store makoB an
aro of reasonable longth and handed In oven dozen that handlo grocories oxclu
on timo Subscribers to tho papor ox- sively or In part not counting thoouu at
pcot it to bo delivered at certain hours tho Junction
Dr T II Mackay had professional
business north of Piorco yesterday
Mrs Goo L lies returned this morn
ing from her trip to Sioux Falls S D
Mrs F Storoy was iu tho city from
Piorco yesterday doing somo shopping
Editor and Mrs V 13 Powers of
Piorco wore Norfolk visitors yostorday
J Trontinan caino in on tho morning
train from a trip in tho interests of his
Mrj O Johnson is enjoying a visit
from hor fathor Mr Loftert of West
Tudgo J B Barnes aud Attornoy D
J Koonigstoin had professional business
in Wayno yostorday
Mrs W II Murtiu of Douvor Col is a
guest at tho homo of hor parouts Mr
aud Mrs I G Wostorvolt
Honry Kliukorfuso of Lo Mars Iowa
representing Gordon Ferguson of St
Paul Minn is iu tho city today on
Miss Howell of Neligh was in tho city
yesterday visiting hor brother II G
Howell on her way homo from a visit to
friends iu Plaiuviow
Mrs Geo D Buttorfiold of Croightou
and Miss Ada Butterfiold of this city
went to Omnha yesterday and will
return this evening
Tho asylum orchestra has boon secured
to furnish tho music for tho dance to be
g vou by tho Early Hour club in tho
Mast hall Friday ovouiug
Harloy Widaniau was ono of tho
fortunato gunners who Buccooded in
killing a brant last flight out of tho
numerous Hocks circling over tho city
A numbor of young ladies composing
tho Monday club of Wayno wero in tho
city thiB morning on thoir way to Stan
ton to attoud a reception to bo given by
Miss Ohaso at hor homo in that city this
J 11 Maylard has been olectod secre
tary of tho Durlaud Trust compauy
Hi has beou doiug tho work or this
ollico for some timo aud tho granting to
him of tho honors is but a just recogni
tion of hiseflloiout and valuable services
Pierce Leader Mrs Ziescho aud
the children loft yesterday morning for
Hooper Mr Ziescho moving his house
hold goods to Norfolk tho same day
Tho cigar factory will bo moved to the
1 utor placo tho latter part of uoxt week
Tho Ladios of the Maccabees will givo
r eir first auuual ball at Murquardts
hull tomorrow ovening Thoy cordially
invito overybody to participate iu tho
amupemout Tickets aro on sale at
Hurdys coal ollico aud at the drug store
of J L Hershisor South Norfolk
Your Thauksgiving will not bo com
plete unless you havo au advertisement
in tho odition of Tin Nivs to bo issued
ou that day aud a copy to read It will
be all tho more oujoyablo if yon arraugo
to send a copy to a number of your
friouds Now is tho timo to make your
wants known
The rain promised by tho weather
bureau fell almost coutiuuously last
night aud has kept at it to a considerable
extent duriug the day turning the dust
aud dirt iuto mud of pronounced stick
iug quality The weather promised for
tomorrow will probably be nu improve
ment over that which prevailed today
II Meyers of Omaha has rented tho
vacaut building east of Bryauts drug
store aud is putting in a uew grocery
Although tho grocery busiuess is pretty
thoroughly represented iutho city it is
John Koonegfltoln is filling in with
dirt under the walk in front of the
Pacific block on Main streot his inten
tion being to put in a pormant walk of
some kind next spring Tho dirt is
now holng put in so that it may havo
au opportunity to aottlo and becomo
firm during tho wiutor Aftor tho dirt
is put in tho walks will bo temporarily
repaired for tho winter
Tho masons employed ou tho now
Cathollo church yesterday began laying
the walls above tho stono foundation
Tho pressed brick being used for the
outside is of fine quality aud will givo
tho building u fluo appoarauce when it
is completed Tho brick nro a deep red
and are being laid iu mortar of liko
color When tho wall Is up and tho
trimmings of pink llmstouo nro iu
place there is no question but that tho
now church will bo ono of the hand
Boniest buildings iu town
Mr Warrant has ordered tho soats
aud sconory for tho now oporn house
to bo dolivorod December 20 Whon it
arrives ho will havo a compotout stago
carpenter come aud ovorsoo tho work of
placing thorn On account of tho rain
tho masons did not work today but tho
helpers wore employed in removing tho
accumulated rubbish and preparing tho
spaco underneath the stago for tho car
pouters Besides tho dressing rooms
there will bo n room for the musicians
under tho stago and also a furnace for
Ed Wobor of Wiusido aud his partner
Win Diuklo wore arrested last ovouiug
and locked iu tho city jail This morn
ing thoy wore brought before his honor
Polico 1 udgo Hayes Tho former was
arraigned on tho charge of drunkenness
nud was llued 10 aud costs amounting
in all to 1110 Having no money he
was committed to jail uutil the judge
ment of tho court should bo satisfied
Diuklo was charged with disorderly
conduct and his heariug was contiuuod
Ho was lot out on bail a friend going
his bond for au appearance
On accouut of tho danco tomorrow
ovouiug tho oxecutivo committee of tho
fire department has soon fit to chango
thoir night of mooting from Wednesday
aud will consequently meet this evening
All members of the committoo nro re
quested to bo prosout Members of tho
department aro also urged to attend as
it is the dosiro of tho committee to choose
tho best aud most active material for
tho formation of tho various subordinate
committees Remoinbor the mooting
will bo hold at 8 oclock tonight at
Firemans hall in tho city buildiug
Siuco tho value of horses is rising
there is a notable revival of tho horso
thief movomont and many losses are re
ported from various points in this sec
tion of tho state A Hue toam was
stolen last weok from Krugor Bros of
Bloomfiold aud thoy offer a reward of
125 for tho arrest and convictiou of tho
thief or thiovos aud tho return of tho
property At Monroe a horso that was
tied to a hitching post was taken Satur
day night also u sot of harness nud other
articles and Platto couuty offers u to
ward of T0 for tho arrest and convic
tion of tho thief
Last night Norfolk was a sort of
sportsmens paradise or would havo beou
could tho game havo been located other
wise than by sound Largo flocks cf
gooso comiug down from tho north wore
confused by tho olotrio lights and circled
about over tho city at no treat height
The noise they made fired tho spirit iu
tho breasts of several who own a shot
gun and many shots were heard about
tho city With nothing but sound to
direct their aim it is doubtful if many
of the birds fell as victims to tho gunners
Tho flight of the birds is takou as an
indication of au approaceiug cold snap
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for those who are just now on the
threshold of life
Grand Island Business and Normal
college has for fourteen years beou tho
leading institution of its kind in tho
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except Luzou and the process of
establishing local government under
United States sovereignty has beeii
auspiciously commenced
A J Dunlovy of Tildou was n city
visitor yesterday
H G Coroll of Plaiuviow was a city
visitor yesterony
11 Goartnor of Randolph was in tho
city last ovening
Mrs McBrido wont to Plaiuviow yes
terday to visit friouds
Miss Brown of Fremont is visiting
with Mrs Ed Murphy
Father Fitzgorald of Wayno is tho
guest of Fathor Walsh today
II Hughes of Wiusido was a busiuoss
visitor in tho city yesterday
Mr aud Mrs Win Provitz of Stanton
wero a city visitors yostorday
Attorney A W Gross was n city
visitor from Madison yostorday
Tho Browning club mot last ovouiug
with Mr nnd Mrs It A Stowart
Mrs Hino and mother of Wavorly
are guests at tho homo of Miss Mason
Judgo J B Barnes returned this
morning from a professional trip to To
Dr Stovonson the physician at tho
hospital for tho iusnuo had business in
Omaha yesterday
Thos 11 Wilholm traveling freight
ngout of tho O It 1 P railway was
in tho city last night
G T Spreckor mnuagor of the local
tolophono ofllco wont to Madison again
today on tolcphouo busiuoss
Tho Kindergarten cub was enter
tained in royal stylo at tho home of Mr
aud Mrs W II Bucholz last ovounig
loo Daniels will rafllo off a 15 amber
pipe on Christmas Tickots are being
given with each dollar paid in trade
A gang of twouty railroad laborers
went west today ovor tho Uuiou Pacific
to work ou tho extensions aud improve
ments now going ou
Wm Leggott who has boou visiting
hero for tho past two months loft today
for St Paul Miun whoro ho has u
position awaiting him
Mrs Leo Brubakor of Laramie
Wyoming is here visitiug at the
homo of hor Martin
Arthur Zeigler an omployo of tho F
E tfc M V compauy got two of his
liugors tnkon off last night while coupl
ing au engine in tho round house
0 W Braasch roturuod last evening
from Omaha where ho had accompanied
his wife aud daughter Mrs Braasch
aud daughter will remain several days
II O Dennoy superintendent of toll
lines for tho Nebraska Tolophono com
pany went to Piorce this morning to
look aftor tho construction of the new
Miss Ethel Fink of Madison who has
been visiting Miss Ireuo Juueman the
past weok was called home last night by
a telegram announcing her mother s
Miss Lizzie Fischer and Mr C M
Hartmou will bo married at 0 oclock
this ovouiug in the Pacific hotol parlors
A number of guosts havo been invited
to attoud
Tho team of A Karo started to run
away this morning on Main streot but
was stopped by bystaudors in frout of
tho Wostorn Uuicu office before it had
gaiuod much headway No damage
was done
Tho county clerk treasurer and judgo
being tho officers who fill vacancies
have appointed Wm Smith the nowly
elected commissioner from tho First dis
trict to fill tho vacancy caused by the
resignation of commissioner Johnson of
that district
Mrs Stoutsenborough of Plattsmouth
ex president of the Nebraska federation
of womens clubs is auuouuced to lec
ture before tho federation of womens
clubs nt Wayne on tho afternoon and
evening of December 5 Norfolk club
ladies aro invited
Tho lato Vico President Hobart was a
tax payer of Nebraska he having for
flvo years ownod a cottage in Lincoln
Tho property was offered to the state as
a buildiug site for a governors mansion
whon tho state board was receiving bids
for a consideration of 8500
Tho Ladies of tho Maccaboes state
that thoir ball to bo given this cveniug
nt Marquardts hall is not a public affair
but that tho guosts have been selected
by imitations The News with
there aro Bovernl factories under ccurso
of erection along tho lino of railway
represented bv him iu Colorado
About 10 or S15 of tho friouds of Mr
aud Mrs Murtiu Brubakor called at
thoir homo last ovouiug iu a body and
gavo thoin a gongiuo Burpriso Tho
visitors brought along largo baskots woll
filled with things which bring comfort
to tho iuner man nud aftor nn ovouiug
on joyably spoilt tho contonts of tho bas
kets wore brought out nud au olegaut
suppor was sorvod
Recivor H G Whltinoro of tho First
National bank of Noliegh has brought
suit agaiiist O A Iteimors ono of tho
stock holdors Tho potitionor alleges
that shortly before tho bank closod its
doors tho defendant connivod with
Charles B Allder prcsidont to have
tho stock ownod by tho former cancolled
and issued to tho luttor Now tho plain
tiff iiBks tho court to sot asldo tho can
cellation and trauEfor and render
inout against tho dofoudnnt for 11000
togothor with iutorost and costs
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U A Fuller Iteturus From Chicago Wliero
Ho liivo Testimony on Freight Hides
From Wednesdays Dally
Chester A Fuller returned from
Chicago yesterday where ho weut to
givo testimony before a sub committee
of tho industrial commission conceru
iug freight rates
Tho impression sooiub to prevail that
Mr Fuller was appearing before tho
inter state commerce commission ou the
caso started by 0 II Johnson This is
not tho fact aud Mr Fullers testimony
has no connection with that caso
Tho committee boforo which he gave
his testimony is composed of Seuator
Mallory of Florida Representative
Lorimer of Illiuois Chas J Harris of
North Carolina Allen J Kennedy of
Washiugtou D 0 and Eugene H
Conger of Grnud Rnpids Mich
Tho industrial commission of which
these goutlomeu form a part was ap
pointed by tho president to eximine into
subjects relating to tho social condition
of the country and is gathering testi
mony in reference to tho relations exist
ing botveeu capital nud labor the
financial conditions of tho pooplo and
coucerniug transportation with a view
to preparing statistics aud making rec
ommendations to congress in regard
to suitablo legislation to regulate all
such matters with justice to all
Mr Fuller hoard tho evidence of
several witnesses and was with tho com
mittee whilo thoy wero taking testimony
for more than half a day Tho testi
mony is taken in detnil with tho aid of
short hand reporters aud tho figures will
undoubtedly be valuble statistical in
Ho was boforo tho committee giving
his testimony for about an hour and
was treated vory courteously At tho
closo of tho testimony of each witness
Mr Lorimer very cordially thanked
them for appearing
Mr Fuller states that there wero
mauy complaints of a similar nature to
those in ado by him and he believes that
the report of the commission will un
doubtedly result in strengthening the
power of the inter state commorco
commission to deal wit h such cases
Best cauned
Cash store
goods at the Norfolk
Thirty- Five Tlioiuiinil New Memueri
Next Meeting nt Washington
SiitiNOiiELi O Nov 221 Wathln
tou has been selected as the placo where
tho next aunuul convoution of tho Na
tional Grange will bo hold
Tho morning session was principally
dovoted to tho report of tho cxecutivo
committee through its chairman J J
Woodman Tho books of tho socrotary
and treasurer show there is now more
than j0000to tho credit of tho National
Grange There was au increaso of 10
uro corrects tho impression that a cordial j 000 last year in tho funds and 115000 now
invitation was oxtonded to nil I mombers Touchiufl trusts the chair-
Tho back wall of tho now opera houso
is now within five feet of being high
enough for the roof tho stairways to
tho balcony are being laid and tho other
work is progressing most satisfactorily
Tho iloors of tho rooms u nder tho stage
will bo composed of cement and the
broken brick proprntory to its construc
tion are being put iu
Tho Plauo Manufacturing company
has leased the Rome Miller building
first door west of tho Amorican express
office where will bo established a branch
office from which the business of
that company in the north half
of Nebraska will bo huudlod W II
Blakemau will be the manager of tho
business at this placo
O O Oompton traveling freight agent
of tho Deuver nnd Rio Graude railroad
visited his former Colorado friend F
W Junemau yostorday While hero
he looked over tho sugar factory iu
which he takes considerable interest as
man said ovory effort should bo made to
crush them out for thoy could not bo
Tho National Grange elected officers
us follows Master Aaron Joues South
Bend Ind overseer Obadiah Gardner
Maine lecturer N J Bachelder East
Andover N II steward J A Now
coino Golden Colo treasurer Mrs E
S McDowell Columbus O secretary
John Trimble Washington
Herilur Warned Nut lo Ilrlusr Any More
or Thuiu Into Colorado
Dexvkk Nov 22 A spoeiul from
Craig Colo says that last weok 3030
sheep wero driven from Wyoming into
Routt couuty to tho raugo 10 miles
northwest of Craig Fifty masked men
captured tho herders and thou procooded
to kill tho entire Hock Tho herders
wero warned not to bring any more
sheop into Colorado aud wero reloasod
These aro tho first sheep that havo been
brought iuto this soction for sovoral
IrepnrltiK In Tiike Cure of the AmocIaMoii
AlentlnR Next Jntiuitry
Troiii WetbifJnyfi Daily
Tho oxecutivo coniniittoo of tho firo
dopartment formed for tho purposo of
preparing for thostato firemens associa
tion which moots in this city next Tail
uary met on tho lGth and organized
Tho coinmitteo consists of Messrs
II W Witnor O E Hartford H A
Pasowalk W L Kern Ed Grunt H
Klug G A Stnponhorst S E Brackott
E It Alexander T E Moolick II O
Truman W A Ileinlobon and F W
Tho coinmitteo orgauizod with O E
Hartford chairman II A Pasowalk
assistant chairman W L Koru socro
tary nnd tho department treasurer of
tho committoo
Messrs Hartford Wiutor nnd Paso
walk wore named as a committoo to
appoint tho various subordiunto commit
tees nud tho mooting adjourned
Tho department met iu special session
again last evening nnd was called to
order by Prosidout Hartford Tho sec
retary read tho uamoB of the cxecutivo
committee appointed at a previous moot
Ou motion J L Docker was nauiod
as a member of tho committeo in placo
of W A Hoinlebou
Tho secretary was instructed to notify
tho absent mombors of tho oxooutivo
committoo of their appointment by
postal card
On motion tho date for tho holiday
ball planned for nt a previous
nioeting was loft with tho committeo on
Tho department ndjourued and tho
oxecutivo committee on tho association
meeting was called to order at 0 30 by
Ohaimau Hartford
Ou motion tho committee declared
itself iu rendinees to recoivo tho report
of the special committee ou tho appoint
ment of subordinate committes which
was read as follows
Norfolk Nov 17 Tho committeo
mot at the Pacific hotol parlor at 8 p m
for the purposo of appointing tho
various committees for tho Nebraska
State Volunteer Firemens association
to be held hero Janunry 10 1100 Fol
lowing committees were appointed
On hotel and banquet 0 E Hart
ford H W Winter H A Pasewalk
Committee on toasts Burt Mapes
0 E Hartford II H Patterson O A
Ou opera H H Patterson M D
Tyler Jack Koenigstein
Printing souvenirs and badges Ed
Grant Henry Klug F K Fulton
Decoration W L Kern Wm Klug
Ed Grant Chas Learman E R Hayes
E R Alexander
Reception J J Clements H H
Patterson R H Reynolds W A Hem
lebon S E Brackett Otto Zuelow G
A Stapenhorst J H Conloy Geo
Jocksou John Krantz Fred Sidler
Otto Buckle H C Truman E R Alex
ander Arthur Koenigstein Dan Smith
Jack Vaudorn J P Wright O It
Campman Geo Holler
On entertainment 0 E Hartford
H W Winter A Degner R II Rey
nolds J J Clomonts Paul Karo Dan
Smith T E Moolick F W Junemnu
J W Edwards Rudolph Blatt Ed
Grant Henry Klug J H Couloy J A
Rainey Eli Rasloy H O Matrau W
L Kern O R Campmau C A Fuller
J L Decker R Chrischillis
On music W L Kern S R McFar
land H A Pasowalk 0 A Fuller
Purchasing committee 0 E Hart
ford H W Winter H A Pasewalk
W L Kern
On program H W Winter O E
Hartford W L Kern G A Stapen
horst Paul Karo S E Brackett H O
Truman M Moolick
On motion J L Decker was chosen
as assistant secretary of the oxecutivo
On motion tho report of the special
committee on chosiug the subordinate
committees was adopted and the execu
tive committee adjourned until Novem
ber 2
Apples Apples
We havo just received aud placed in
our cold storage our first invoico of
choice winter apples shipped direct
from the east Parties that have
not bought their winter supply will
fiud it to thoir interest to iuspeot
our stock before buying
S K Dexteii
Dandruff is disease
Hair Vigor
cures the disease
that produces dan