The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 16, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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    Wo buy ovory garment for CASH
Our purchases thin season already
amount to over 11000 Not a garment
goes into our Htoolc that iH not paid for
This is tliu reason that wo can IJUY
buy and soil garments at what tho inor
oliant who buys a handful on tho long
timo turuiH pay for thorn Any business
mini or woman knows tho forco of this
Jackets from 300 to 1500
Plush Caos from 500 to 1250
Good Astruohan Capes t inches long
800 10 oo i3ro 2000
The Norfolk fiecas
W N HUSE Publisher
Kvorr iluv
wool lf conlH
KMnlilinlioil S7
oxiDpt Sunday Ily
II until nr jiiar 5 1IOO
Kvory Thurmlaj llmail iur uur lM
Kutnroil at tho lostollloo at Norfolk Nob
tccoml class matter
Ttiluluno No 22
While President Krugors favorit
beverage heretofore is said to have been
leniouade ho is now partial to Orangi
Oom Paul may trust in Providenct
without injuring his chances but it
will bo well for him not to get Provi
dence confused with certain Now York
nowspapers which liavu gratuitously
taken upon themselves tho task of set
tling tho whole Transvaal trouble
A new drydock under construction at
Newport News Is large enough to hold
two battleships at the same time
With our growing navy the necessity
for ample drydoeklng facilities Is ap
Tho lesson of small things Is taught
in the building of a million dollar Hu
man Catholic cathedral In Elizabeth
N J almost wholly as the result of
dime contributions The collection of
these small donations was begun ten
years ago ami the splendid cathedral
now completed will be dedicated some
time In November It is Intended that
the chimes shall ring for the first time
on New Years eve to usher lu the yeai
A neat and compact pamphlet has
just boon ihsued from tho government
priutiug ofllco at Washington contain
ing tho statistics of tho Indian tribes
agencies and schools in tho United
States As it presents tho latest infor
mation on this subject from official
Bources its facts and figures are of in
terest Tho total number of Indians at
tho agencies is 213507 There aroCl
agencies 132 agency day bchools 10
independent day schools 181 reserva
tion boarding schools 20 nonreserva
tiou 6chojis and 32 contract schools
and 840 Indian pupils havo been placod
by way cf experiment in pnblic
schools The largest agency ia the
Uuion agency in tho Indian Torritory
with 77018 population divided as fol
lows Cherokeos 32161 Chickasaws
8780 Choctawa 18450 CreekH 14
771 and Seminolea 2000 while tho
smallest is the Sac and Fox agency in
Iowa with 388 population The threo
strongest tribes in tho Unitod States are
the Cherokoes 82161 Sioux 21668
and Nuvajood 20500
ColllllllHHllMIKrH ll IICXVlllllKH
Madison Nov 8 1SU At 1 p in
board of county commissioners mot pur
suant to adjournment A O lohnson
11 W Winter and John J Hughes
On motion claims wero allowed as
L W Lyon operating county grader
I 11 Persons work with county
grador 70 50
T F Flynn labor performed nnd
material furnished on river north of
Meadow Grovo 15000
John F Flynn graveling grndo at
Meadow Grovo bahuieo 115082 less
personal tax 31 50 balance 1053
Carl Wilde county treasui or account
tax J F Flynn 18S8 and 1800 11 30
H D Scott piinting delinquent tax
list 3 Id 10
W N Huso printing ballots bar
dockets stationory etc 20025
It D Scott publishing commissioners
proceedings and legal notices 8807
It D Scott legal blanks programs
otc 1112
On motion board adjourned for sup-
por and mot 7 p m
On motion claims wero allowed as
Western Whrol Scraper Co now
apron and other ropairs for county
grador 7020
Alva Crooks ditching 12 50
Gaut Vaago work and lumber on
county lino bridge 751
Gaut Vaago ropariug bridges and
grading 1850
OW Grain county superiutoudout
salary for October 10000
Aug Hrummuud oroctlug ballot box
and election booths -150
Wm Brummuud work on bridges
S5 an
Jniues B Hume lumber for bridges
Jno W Warrick lumber for bridges
Joe Mills witness feo and mileage
2 50
Guy Deuel lumber for bridgo 1021
James Hughes work on bridgo and
grader 4850
Wm Parkinson plumbers goods and
WUKLh 7 50
Fremont Tribune olectiou supplies
4 75
S T Napper 1 wolf scalps8 IX ap
plied on personal tax
Curl Wilde county treasurer account
tax S T Nairner 8 00
Horst Bros merchaudiso and labor to
court house nud jail 45 80
O A Youngquist hauling mm lienor
and work on county bridgos 2000
Fremout Tribune stationery 11 15
Johu II Hulff stationery and print
ing for county 4090
J B Donovan letter bonds for county
superintendent 700
Thomas Ostergard Co lumber for
comity bridgos U2 58
Gust Kaul janitor for October 5000
State Journal Co record books and
election supplies 81 40 less overcharge
100 balance 8040
Perkins Bros Co rubber stamps 210
In the matter of the insanity of Fritz
WF Hutchinson physician o00
Arthur W Gross attorney 3 00
Ohr Sohavlaud clerks foes 550
Vl llil A I I JL x v Jt I
JOOO yds dark styliis Print full stan
dard as good as made 3c
Bargains stipromo aoou yos ioio
niiil Long Cloth very heavy wide
Print usually soil at I Do wo will lot it
CO in this salo at 5c a yd
2000 yds Amana wide Indigo Prints
Kelts ovory whoro at I -no oar prico 10c
Dark Outings cheap at 5o salo pneo
4o nor yd
Nico Quality Outings GyC par yd
Kirst Quality Outings worth 10a salo
price 8c per yd
8 pieces regular 12yO Dross Good
Plaiils and OheokH 8c nyih
i Pieces Pliiids and Checks regular
15c iroods 10c a yd
Fur Muffs
Tho finest assortment wo havoovor
shown all now and at utimistakablo
low prices
An inspection is noeossnry to judge of
2000 Yards
Clm Schavland county atlas express
and postage 2155
In tho matter of tho alleged insanity
of Herman Mowis
WF Hutchinson physician 3 00
A W Gross attorney 500
Dr E N Smart making porsonal ex
amination 5 00
Chr Schavland clerk district court
fees 5 50
Henry Smith witness feo and milo
ago 2 50
Cecilia M Abts witness feo and
milage 210
Jno Mills complainant 250 disal
On motion board adjourned until to
morrow at 8 a 111
Board mot at 8 a 111 Nov 1810
With respect lo claims forsorviccs of
election boards it was on motion resolved
to allow judges and clerks in Madison
precinct 3 days and in all other precincts
3 days except that tho monitors caring
for and making returns shall bo al
lowed 0110 extra day and mileago and
that all constables or polico shall lie paid
for ouo day
Tho following is an enumeration of
tho claims
Norfolk First ward
Aug Brumiuond judge 3 days aud
10 miles 700
Alf Bigolow judge 2 days f 100
O F W Marquardt judge 2 days
A P Pilger clork 2 days 400
J O Lambert clerk 3 days 400
Carl Korth police 1 day 200
Norfolk Secoud ward
Julius Degnor judgo 5 days and 10
milos 7 50
Anton Bucholz judgo 2 days 400
II M Roberts judgo 2 days -100
H G Brueggoman clerk2 days f 100
annlied on personal tax
B M Singer clork 2 days -100
Wm Lou polico 1 day 200
Norfolk Third ward
J S McClary judge 3 days 10 miles
7 50 less personul tax 5 15 balance
2 1
l A Bryant juugo i uu
applied on por onal tax
J Ghosnutwood judgo 2 days 100
W II Dexter clerk 2 days 100 ap
plied on personal tax
Otto Zuolow clerk 2 days 100 ap
plied on personal tax
Joo Horrisky police 1 day 2 00 ap
plied on personal tax
Norfolk Fourth ward
J M Roland judgo 5 days and 10
miles 750
Win II Itisli judgo 2 days 4 00
J S Burnett judge 2 days 400 ap
plied on porsoual tax
Fred Koerber clerk 2 days 1 00 ap
plied on porsonal tax
Lee Haisuiser clerk 2 days 100
No police employed
Norfolk outside product
C P Byorly judgo 3 days and 10
miles 700
John Wade judge 2 days 400 ap
plied on personal tax
Carl Winter judge 2 days 400
E D Hammond clerk 2 days 400
J Jartner clerk 2 days 400
Henry Haaso polico 1 day 200
Valley preciuot
A E Craig judge 2 days 100 ap
plied on personal tax
Geo Herman judgo 2 days 100
Petir L Bussey judgo 3 days and 20
1 Full lino Wrights
World Renowned Fleeced
Vests and Pants sold the
world over at 100 Our
sale price less than the
manufacturers wholesale
69c a garment
2 Wrights Fleeced
double front and back to
shirt mens cant bo beat
at SI 00 Sale price 69c
3c per yd
miles 800 less
Sioro is always in Full Accord will Our Cusloiners Intorosls Wo always liavo and loday stand pledged lo sell you merchandise a little lower than any house in North
OlH Nehraska Our superior facililies enable us lo do I his The busy scenes in our store every day prove the judgment of the public An intelligent comparison of value
in all departments is all we ask We sell you goods on their merits Our marks are plain our services cheerfully at your command WATCH QU It IM11C13S
Jackets Capes
Wo will Save You Mon
ey on Every Garment
personal tax 125
balance s7
J F Hodman clork 2 days
D Whitla clerk 2 days 100
II O Lulow polico 1 day 200
Deer Creek precinct
Too Ilughos judgo 3 days 27 and miles
C N Marsh judge 2 days 100 applied
on porsonal tax
J II Jackson judgo 2 days 1 00
John Harding clerk 2 days 1 00
Joo Orr clork 2 days 400 applied on
personal tax
Tamos Hughes constable 1 day 200
Burnett precinct
T K Hanson judge 4 days nnd 40
miles 1200
L A ltussel judge 2 davs 400
J II Kiorstoad judge 2 days 100
applied ou personal tax
Chas A Smith clerk 2 days 1 00
Giles Warrou clerk 2 days 100
Caso Huycko coustablo 1 day 2 00
Grovo precinct
W B Hutchinson judgo 3 days 27
miles 870
Herman Wohlfeil judgo 2 days 400
E B Green judge 2 days 100 ap
plied 011 porsoual tax
O J Hixson clerk 2 days 400
Geo Mufllv clork 2 days 100
No constable appointed
Highland precinct
F O Tegelor judgo 3 days and 20
milos 800 less porsoual tax 555 bal
ance 215
H ltiokonburg judgo 2 days100 ap
plied ou personal tax
H Massinau judgo 2 days 400
T W Low clerk 2 days 400
Wm Miller clork 2 days 400 applied
ou personal tax
No coustablo reported
Battle Creek precinct
Frod Miller jr judgo J days aud
20 miles 800
E G Brink judgo 2days 100 applied
on perosual tax
Auir Stetfon judgo 3 days 4 00
Harry Barnes clork 3 days 400
Frank Martin clork 2 days 400 less
posronal tax 325 balance 75 cents
Phil Beck polico 1 day 200
Warnervillo preoinct
O J Lodge clerk 2 days making re
turns 1 day aud uiiliago for 10 milos
W K iettitt cicru z nays siuu
E D Dauiol judgo 2 days 100 less
porsonal tax 15 35 balance 05 cents
Wm Bocho jr judgo 2 days 100
W II Boyd judge 3 days 1 00 less
personal tax 43 coats balance 358
Harry Taunehlll police 1 day 3 00
Union precinct
Ed Hyde judge 2 days f 100
M J ltiley judge 2 days 400 ap
plied on personal tax
O S Snyder judge 2 days 400
Johu J M ilone clerk 2 days -100
Wm Iseuhower clerk 1 days aud 1
mile 0 10
Claus Youug police 1 day 300
Fairview prooiuot
E A Lyon judgo 3 dayB and 7 miles
0 70
Henry Witzol judge 2 days 400
Oscar Sundormau judgo 2 days
Fred Kurtz clerk 2 days 1 00
W W Stork clerk 2 days 100
No police appointed
Schoolcraft preoinct
W It Martin judgo 3 days 400
Underskirts Sale
Puro Tallotta Silk haudsomo styles
Petticoats as good as can bo found any
where at 500 Salo price 338
i doz Black Satino Skirts caut bo
matched for less than 1 fiO Salo prico
i doz lilack Satino Skirts braid
ed equal value 125
All others at deep cut prices
Bargains in
Ladies Wrappers
Prints 50c up Fleeced Flannelette
75c up
House or Dressing Sacks 50c up
All wash Embroidery Silks 2 skeins
for 5c
Pins penny a paper
Thread 200 yds penny a spool
applied on personal tax
Frank Ambroz judge 2 days 100
C W Cluto judge 2 days 4 00
J C Osborn clerk 2 days 100
S M Dowliug clork and making re
turns 5 days and 12 miles 720 ap
plied on personal tax
Thomas Lcstina constable 1 day
Emerick precinct
John Horrocks judgo 5 days and 20
miles 8 00
Jay Vaughn judge 2 days 1 00 np
plied on personal tax
S H Grant judge 2 days 4 00
W W Young clerk 2 days 4 00
J H Twiss clork 2 days 100 ap
plied on personal tax
F II Willis pplico 1 day 200
Shell Crook precinct 1
A C Johnson judgo 2 days 1 00
George Morgan judge 2 days 400
appliod on personal tax
C R Hinman judge 3 days 4 00
Mous Knutson clerk 5 duys and 23
miles 830 applied 011 personal tax
A L Stowart clork 2 days 400
O Briukniiin constable 1 day 300
Kalamazoo preciuot
J H Stibley judge 3 days and 18
miles 7 80 applied on personal tax
Frod II Kohl judgo 2 days 400
Hortnau Eucker judgo 2 days 400
John Jostes jr clerk 2 days 400
Elmor McKibbon clerk 2 days 400
appliod on personal tax
No constable appointed
Groen Garden precinct
Jacob Gabel man judge 2 days 100
Adam Gross judgo 8 days and 10
miles 7 00
Adam Emrick judgo 2 days 100
Honry Wehenkol clork 3 days 4 00
Henry Froudouburg clerk 2 days
No constable appointed
Madison precinct
J W Maguinuese judgo 3 days 000
O A Huylor judgo 3 days 000
August Litko judge 3 days 1500
J L Grant clerk 3 days 1100
A M Kochig clerk 4 days and 1
milo 8 K
Matt Cleveland coustablo 1 dav 200
applied ou personal tax 1805
Geo R Wycoff canvassor 1 day 200
M B Foster canvasser 1 day 300
applied on personal tax
City of Madison hall rout fuel otc
II W Warner hall rent 300 applied
on personal tax
O T Muflly setting up eloction
booths 200
School district westlEmorick reut
School district Jeukius school house
reut 250
School district No 27 rent aud fuel
2 50
On motion claim of A O Johnson
for services as county commissioner
miloace and postage was allowed 8410
Ou motion board adjourned fordinner
aud mot at 1 p 111
The road petition siguod by Ira G
Westervolt and X others asking that a
publio road be located aud opened com
meuciug at tho northeast corner of sec
tion 19 township 24 north of range 4
west of the 0th principal meridian iu
Madison county Nebraska running
thence north one mile and terminating
at tho southeast corner of section 7 iu
same township and range was taken up
Shoes Shoes
Ladies Seo our Now Welt Jonucss
Miller Winter Shoos
It will pay you to got our prices on
Overshoes and Winter Footwear
More Staple Bargains
Gray Guinea Flannel as good as sold
at 10c sale prico 8c
Good Guinea Flannel heaviest sale
prico 9c
Mens heavy leeced Socks always
sold 2 for 25c salo prico II for 25c
Mens heavy merino socks sale prico
2 for 25c
Mens heavy black ido Work Shirts
sale price 39c
Mens outing llauuel Night Gowns
salo prico 50c
Childrens outing flannel Night Gowns
salo prico 50c
15x33 fine Iluck Towels salo prico 10c
20x40 18c
Genuino Turkey lied 15c Table Da
mask salo prico 25 c
Ladies Pure Linen Handkerchiefs 5c
Mens 10c
We Invite you to our store Yours respectfully
Tho remonstrance signed by J A De
Wolf and 54 others objecting to the es
tablishment of paid proposed road was
also read and considered Commissioner
Johu J Hughes stated that ho would
vote against the granting of the road
for tho reason that in his opinion the
publio good does not require the open
ing thereof and for the further reason
that tho benefits derived by the petition
ers would not warrant the expense and
cost of oponiug tho same
Commissioner A C Johnson declared
that ho opposed the petition for tho
reason that ho thought tho board would
not bo justified in cutting down tho dam
ages as assessed by tho appraisers nnd
that in his judgement tho said proposed
road is not of sufficient importance to
warrant the cost and expense of establish
ing the same
It was moved by H W Winter and
seconded by John J Hughes that the
petition of Ira G Westervolt aud others
bo granted aud tho road opened as
described in said petition The motion
being put by tho chairman H W Win
ter voted aye John J Hughes no A
O Johnson no Tho motion was de
clared lost and the petitiou disallowed
and rejected
On motions claims for costs incurred
in above road caso wore audited and
clork directed to pay tho same out of
inonoy deposited
James Itosoborough special commis
sioner per diem and mileage 220
It D Scott publishing notice 500
W C Huycke constable serving in
dividual notices on laud owners aud
mileago 590
M L Perkins appraisers fee and
mileage 250
S W Duel appraisers fee and mile
age 250
Johu II Harding appraisers feo and
mileago 250
In tho mattor of tho road petitioned
for by J Hoopfinger nud others tho
time for filing claims having expired
tho clork was directed to appoint ap
On motion bonrd adjourned until 1
oclock p 111 November 28 1899
County Clerk
DcafiifhH Cannot liu Cured
By local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho ear
There is only one way to euro deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of tho mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tubo When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing and when it is en
tiroly closed eeafness is tho result and
unless tho inflammation caii bo taken
out nnd this tube restored to its uormal
condition hearing will bo destroyed
forever nino cases out of ten nre caused
by catarrh which is nothing but ait
inflamed condition of tho mucous sur
We will give one hundred dollars for
any case of deafness causedby catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Halls Catarrh
Cure Send for circulars froo
J GKK Co ToledoO
Sold by druggists 75c
Halls Family Pills are the best