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The Norfolk Weekly News
Attorneys at Lnt
I J II llArnc
i M DTylei
Homeopathic Ilivslclnn nnil Surgeon
OUioo over ItlzeiiB Nntiotinl ISmikCjOtllop
hours 10 W to 12 00 n in ami 2 o 5 -00 pm
BTOUinKS 700 to 800
Hogldouoe Tolopliono No 0
Ollico No 101
Norfolk - - Nebraska
At Piorco livery Monilnyl
Mast lUock - - Norfolk Neb
Offleo oyer Cltltene Natl Hank Hooiilonee one
block north of Conffrogntlonal fllmrou
Fashionable Dressmaker
Up stairs In Cotton olook otot Uanmi tore
Firit claas work guaranteed
Attorneis at Law
Boom 10 11 and 13 Mad Blook
Norfolk - Nebraska
Undertakers and Embalmera
BeialonsBlk Norfolk Aye
Norfolk Nebraska
Attorney at Law
Rooms 1 and 2 Robertson Wilton
Block Norfolk
For Plumbing Steam Fitting
Tanks Wind mills
And all rDpnir work in this Una cu
Satisfaction Qnaianteed
First door sontb of Daily New office
Livery Feed and
Sale Stable
Hack Line in Connection
Telephone 68
Mrs H HHull
Facial Treatment Manicuring and Shampoo
Will gladly call at yonr homoe and do any of tbi
work Orders taken for fine hair switobee
Perfect match guaranteed Bealdonce on Klrtt
street Junction Orders may be left at thf
J emotion Drn Store Telephone 16
Our Stock is
Moving Very Fast
You ask why
Low Prices Honest Goods
Great Variety
Of Beal Bargains uwaitM yon in
Diamonds Watches Jewelry
Sterling Silver and Sil
ver Plated Goods Cut
Glass China
and everything iu Musicnl Goods in
cluding Orgnns and Pinuos which we
sell on easy payments
Seooud hnnd organs at 20 to 5
New ones 50 up
Save Your Eves
Hayes the Famous Optician guaran
tees every pair to fit He has iltted
thousands of people and haB their names
to show the large business ho has done
in Optics
Jewelry and
Music House
Norfolk - Nebraska
Boers Building Entrenchments
Near Beleaguered City
Jrcc Stiito lrc II In Minted llml Three
Iluiitlrcil Killed nnil YVotiiiilnil tit Nmv
tlurp AriaiifjcMiirnt Coniplctcil For
IIiiIIcih Advance Iroin Dm linn
London Nov 10 The most interest
iiift fact mill the only news of tho war
now conies from the western frontier
tho accounts of Colonel Bailen Powells
brilliant exploits at Mafekinfj forming
quite lively anil encouraging reading
Trench work is quite novol in Boer tac
tics anil some curiosity is evinced as to
who may be directing and as to what is
still to bo shown Nevertheless both at
MufekiiiK and Kiinborlcy conditions
seem altogether favorable So far us
Natal is concerned tho Britisher must
possess his soul in patienco and trust to
Jeneral Bullor
Belated dispatches from Ladysmith
tinted Nov 7 toll of a languid bombard
ment and of si native rumor that tho
Basutos nro on tho warpath which is
supposed according to ono correspond
ent to huvo the effect of inducing somo
of tho Orange Free State troop- to
abandon tho siogo and return to their
own territory nnd is accountablo for the
6lack attempts on Ladysmiths defense
Another correspondent says it is re
ported that in the attack on tho Free
State forces at Newdorp tho Boers had
1100 in killed and wounded If tho re
ports that tho Freo State burghers aro
tired of tho nfTuir and aro going homo
Ehould bo true tho fact would bo most
important as their retirement would
probably compel General Joubert to
withdraw northward The statement
that tho Boers aro entrenched so closely
to Ladyhinith is held in some quarters
to indicate that they aro running short
of ammunition for guns All General
Bullers arrangements for the advanco
from Durban it is rumored are prac
tically comploted and news of it may bo
expected in a few days Tus war office
lias received several disnatenns d
with military details but it i
likely those will be published
whereabouts of General Buller
publicly known here
Colonel Plumer it is thought has
abandoned the attempt to relieve Matc
SemW tliisli tn iim
Philadelphia Nov 10 The United
of Philadelphia last night
observed the ilSd anniversary of the
death of tho Manchester martvrs
Allen Lurk in and OBrien by a mon
ster entertainment at tho Academy of
Music and beforo tho exorcises were
over tho assemblage resolved itself into
an indignation meeting against En
glands war with tho Boers Strong
resolutions wero unanimously adopted
protesting against any and all attempts
to form an alliance between this coun
try and England because it would bo
odious to tho 20000000 of Irish do
scent who have aided so much in the
building up of this country and that
we express our cordial sympathy with
and most earnest wishes for tho success
of tho Boers iu their gigantic struggle
for homo and liberty and that out of
our common funds tho sum of 25000
bo forthwith sent to tho Transvaal re
public for tho purpose of furnishing
medicino and provisions for tho wounded
ItolxitH Will Fight It Out
Nnw Youic Nov Hi Congressman
B S Roberts of Utah who is at pres
ent in tho city denied tho report that
ho intends to resign his seat shortly
nfter congress meets in pursuance of
tho wishes of the elders of tho Mormon
church I have seen many such
stories siuco I camo east said Mr Rob
erts but there is absolutely no truth
in them nnd no basis for tho state
ment I will say as emphatically as I
can say it that I do not intend to resign
nnd never have had any such intontiou
since my election I was fairly elected
nnd purposo to light it out to tho end
with all tho vigor at my command
Devrean In loatul Deficiency
Washington- Nov 10 A postal de
ficiency of 0010777 for tho fiscal year
just closed almost a 27 per cent de
crease from last yoars deficiency is
shown iu tho annual report of Third
Assistant Postmaster General E O
Madder Tho total receipts from all
sources wero over 91000000 Over
4700000 stnnips in all huvo boon sup
plied to tho Philippines 4080000 to
Porto Rico 18420000 to Cuba nnd 45-
000 to Guam during the fiscal year
- - - -
CnHhler la nn Kiiili7zlnr
Sioux Citv Nov 10 Myron B
Spencer of Chicago has been found
guilty in tho district court of Woodbury
county of embezzling money iu a largo
amount from tho Barber Asphalt Pav
ing company while acting as its cashier
iu this city He mado a defenso that
tho money was not stolen in Woodbury
county and that it was not tho property
of tho asphalt company
Tina Trump ISdlweil tu Huv lli rsl
Killed lit rVeicht Wreck
Vista Mo Nov 10 A through
freight train on tho St Louis and San
Francisco railroad fell 00 feet through a
trostlo near here yesterday Tho engiuo
got over safely Three tramps aro
believed to bo buried iu tho wrook The
crew escaped injury The cars wero
completely demolished The crash was
distinctly heard five miles away
1iirlllii Ciml Ittiuiln Hutu Mnny Churnm
it IMxt Im hint tun tit Aniitoi
St Uifls Nov Hi When the session
of the inteihtate commerce commission
began yesterday telegrams from retail
dealers in several California cities en
dorsing the St Imis Business Mens
league were read
J R Hickman of the St Ixmis Man
ufacturers and Jobbers bureau contin
ued his testimony showing how tho
wide dlHerence between carload and less
than carload rates atlVeted tho iron and
wagon trade
He was followed by K C Simmons
nl tho head of a local hardware house
who saitl he did not desire to discuss
tho existing rate schedule as a tralllo
man but as n merchant who desired
that competition should be unrestricted
The discrimination which is being
practiced he said Is not alone detri
mental to tho Kt Louis wholesale trade
but to the Pacific coast retailer as well
It is clearly in restriction of trade and
healthy competition to force a small
dealer to conduct his business at a loss
I have no complaint to make against
existing rates except that the difference
between carload and less than carload
rates is too great and should bo dimin
ished As the tariff now stands it fav
ors tho rich as against tho poor
The most interesting testimony dur
ing the morning was that of J J Wait
a Chicago traflio manager representing
the hardware trade Mr Wait devoted
much of his time to showing that somo
extraordinary influence was brought to
bear upon tho Pacific coast roads to
adopt tho tariff of 1 8115 and read ex
tracts from tho proceedings of the St
Paul meeting in IKilS to show that tho
influence was that of Pacific coast job
Itcport thii TriiKt Unit Mnilo a Deal to liny
Ip I llo IllllcpCllllllIlt ltilliimM
Nnw YoitK Nov Hi The Times
says According to somo Wall street
reports the war between the sugar re
fining companies is very near to a set
tlement and that iu rather an extraor
dinary way It is said iu fact that a
consolidation of all the sugar reflningi
companies of tho country is shortly to
be brought about and that the American
company has the project in charge
But whether this consolidation talk
is or is not without foundation it seems
to be very generally accepted that an
agreement between the warring com
panies has practically been reached
tho terms of which maybe announced
at any time
Italiini Trlcil in Italy fiottt Six Veur for
Mnrilrr Coiuiiilttnil In Huston
Washington Nov 10 The state de
partment has received a cablegram from
Mr hidings tho charge of tho United
States embassy at Rome slating that
Diblasi tho murderer of Ellis has been
sentenced to six years in prison Diblasi
killed Ellis who was a health officer in
Boston owing to Ellis attempt to en
force sanitary regulations He fled to
Italy and tho Italian government re
fused to surrender him on extradition
proceedings becauso ho was an Italian
subject They did agrov however to
try tho man in Italy for murder and
tho conviction has just been obtained
on evidence supplied by tho Massachu
setts authorities making a case almost
without precedent m international law
Warning- MciHHgo Sent to Secure Protec
tion oCSpnnUh IrlNoiiiirx
Washington Nov 10 The president
Is making efforts to secure tho protection
of tho Spanish prisoners with the in
surgents in tho Philippines A cable
messago has been sent to General Otis
and by him forwarded to General Mae
Arthur with instructions to get it to
Aguinaldo if possible relating to this
subject Tho president requests the
kindly and huniano treatment of the
Spanish prisoners and tho messago also
contains an intimation that any of the
insurgents responsible for the ill-treatment
of such prisoners will be hold to
strict nccount when thoy nro taken by
tho United States forces operating in
tho islands
Triple Tragedy ut Ultima City
Kansas Citv Nov 10 John Hay
slip a horse trainer yesterday shot his
wife through tho heart and mortally
wounded Charles Berry an ico wagon
driver and Maud Mitchell aged 29
years Tho tragedy occurred at tho
Mitchell womans houso in West Sixth
street Mrs Hayslip had deserted her
husband for Berry and Maud Mitchell
had influenced her to make tho decision
Arrested soon after tho commission of
the crimo Hayslip admitted ho had de
liberately planned tho murder for re
venge Hayslip revolver in hand
burst into a room where tho trio were
and immediately began shooting
Gllck Sella Stock rami
Atchison Kan Nov 10 Ex Got
eruor E W Click has sold his famous
ouunuuii j un st oca iiirm situated near
here to John W Knight of New York
for 00000 The deal includes tho well
kuowu Glick herd of short horn cattle
lllK Meteor FalU Near Welmter City
Wkiisteu Citv la Nov 10 A largo
meteor fell iu tho woods just oast of
hero last night It mado a holo about
five feet square and is still seething and
steamfug so that its full Biwj cauuot ba
Fierce Fire ut Sioux City
Sioux Citv Nov 10 Fire at 1
oclock this morning destroyed Solser
Bros liquor store aud the Iowa Candy
Cob plant Tho nrobablo loss is
Steamship Patria on Fire In
the English Channel
PitM ineri Aro Safely IjiiiiIiiI ill Dover
nplitln nnil Crew Itefnso to Aliitiiilou
tlm Venae lloplni to Itliu II Aniline
ItiteiiKcrK A merle aim
1ONIon Nov KtThe llainburg
Anieriean liner Palria which left Now
York Nov I for Liverpool and passed
the Lizard Tuesday is on lire near
Dover All the passengers have been
rescued and aro at Dover The Russian
steamer Ceres sighted the Patria show
ing signals of distress and demanding
immediate help about 12 miles from
North Hinder lightship The liner was
enveloped in smoke The boats were
gotten out and with great difficulty nil
tho Palrias passengers numbering 150
were transferred to the Ceres which
proceeded for Dover where she arrived
just before midnight The passengers
most of whom aro Americans on vaca
tions say thoy learned from the officers
that Captain Frolich hopes to put his
steamer ashore at some point on tho
coast where there will bo a possibility
of salving her The scheme is a bold
ono and docs credit to a gallant crew
and it is hoped it may bo successful
No Protrrom In jMolliieux Trial
Nkw Youic Nov HI The trial of
Roland B Molineux charged with the
death of Mrs ICatherine J Adams was
continued before Recorder Golf today
Efforts wero directed toward securing a
jury but notwitlisanding the fact that
10 talesmen were examined not one
juryman was chosen Bartow Weeks
counsel for the defense closely ijues
tinned each of tho talesmen asking for
definitions of terms and propounding
hypothetical questions until Recorder
off severely condemned any attempt
whatever to confuso citizens summoned
for jury duty
Milium Will AhU nn Ailtnnee
Indianapolis Nov Hi Twenty of
the 110 members of the executive com
mittee of the United Mine Workers of
America are in session here and will be
hero for somo days Yesterday the com
mittee heard reports from all parts of
the country There aro 11000 miners
out on strikes in Oklahoma Kausas
Missouri Montana Illinois aud Indiana
Coal will not bo allowed to be shipped
to tho territory where hero is a strike
P Higher wages will bo asked when tho
present scale expires in April next
IJItr DnimiKCH for
FoitT Doner la Nov 10 A jury
in the district court yesterday decided
the case known as Svenson against tho
Marshalltown and Dakota railroad
Svenson owns some valuable land in the
vicinity of Gowrie through which tho
Marshalltown road had secured right-of-way
The sheriffs jury awarded
Mr Svenson 800 An appeal was
taken from this decision and the case
was decided yesterday tho jury award
ing Mr Svenson 2t00 as compensation
Iowa Ml ii i l iet a Itnlnn
DnsMoiNiw Nov 10 Tho coal mine
operators in this district are nil united
now in offering 1 per ton for mining
coal and even at this rate which is 20
per cent higher than that agreed on by
the operators and men last spring are
not able to get enough men The scale
of 80 conts was accepted by tho miners
for a year and tho operators have vol
untarily raised the scale to 1 in order
to get men enough to meet tho demand
May Kml Clieyeiuio Strike
CiirvrNNK Wy Nov 10 Tho strik
ing employes of the Union Pacific shops
wero notified yesterday that their action
had been sustained by the general
unions It was announced that the
Union Pacific company lias offered to
take up the caso of tho strikers if the
men will return to work and establish
a satisfactory scalo on July 1 1900 It
is believed this will end tho strike
DenioeratH Will Conteat
Dks MoikiS Nov Hi A special
from Sioux City states that tho Demo
crats of Woodbury county allege that
James Barrett Rop elected to tho
lower house has never been naturalized
They will contest and demand that his
naturalization be proved
Keep Coughing
Only keep it up lone enough and
H Ulll onnouoil in mrliifrw nni
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ing on a slow fever and making I
everything exactly right for the I
germs of consumption Stop cough- W
ing and you will get well ft
Cherry Footoral
cures coughs An ordinary cough
disappears in a single night Tho
racking coughs of bronchitis soon
disappear And even tho coughs
or consumption aro eltner com
pletely checked or greatly lessened
Two Biiea 100 COc All druggists
J C AYER CO Lowell Mtu
lraccful llnsy and Long Wcarlni
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Kolmciy lloiililot tlirotnn Kltl Htoot lint In Mift iih n kIiwh yet
umiih liiil lion KxcuIh liny Ii0hIioii for wniirmiil couifoil
Nn im lirimitilMttltliUiinf llin hiiiik iiimIIiiiii welolil in1i
t tlMiMijIlliotiiHilrer Imir iliillur low heel mill unit initttin
omlll llml IhldrhuiM cotiililliiitlnn oIkIjIhiiiiiI 10111011
niinlifauirtl by I be Hock Inliiml SbncCo Mock Inlnml III
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rF I
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Norfolk Ncbr
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Norfolk Nebraska
a I H T THbii
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