The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, October 19, 1899, Page 7, Image 7

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A llrnrtii tiiul Well IIiiiiiiimI Sclirnio
liy li loli Two Sluirp Ciinllili iiou
Men Itiiu Udi il a llulcl ICvi prr Out
r too
1 dure Piiy you never hoard of tliu
groat smallpox swindle mild tliu lio
tol manager TUe facta of that to
innrkiililc ulfalr wore withheld at the
time for the most Mgout reasons of
pulley anil oven now I prefer to tell
the story without names or localities
It happened In the fall of livSO when u
certain hotel In it large western city
was crowded with tourists One day
nt the lnjlglit ol tho season two gen
tlemanly looking strangers put up at
the house ami were assigned to what
we call a double room About a week
later one of theuf appeared ut the of
lice nnd roiiuested a private Interview
with the manager 1 regret to inform
you he eald after the dour was clos
ed that my friend la down with a se
vere attack ol smallpox
The proprietor nearly fell out of Ills
chair There was known to be small
pox In the city and the bare sugges
tion that the disease had appeared In
the hotel was enough to empty it In u
twinkling To let the news get out
meant the loss of thousands upon thou
sands of dollars It meant the ruin of
the seasons business lie must be
quietly removed at once said the pro
prietor trying to control his agitation
Removed exclaimed tho other
Taken through the cold air to a lne
rctto Why mau that would be mur
der Ill not permit It
Tho hotel keeper was thunder
struck Do you mean to say he must
8tay here lie gasped
Certainly said the stranger
It was a ticklish situation The ho
tel keeper dare not enforce his sugges
tion while to let the ease remain was
like storing gunpowder In n furnace
room Lie pleaded protested begged
threatened and blustered but all in
vain The man was firm as a rock If
you attempt to eject tuy sick friend he
declared Ill publish your Inhumanity
to the entire community
Finally it occurred to the distracted
proprietor to see tlrst whether it was
really a case of smallpox So he sent
for n physiciau swore him to secrecy
and hustled him up to the room The
doctor took one look at the dUllgiued
face on the pillow and reported that
the malady was there in a malignant
type He advised the mans immediate
removal at any cost If you keep him
concealed he said the disease may
spread and It would ruin you for life
Iou owe something to your guests
Again the proprietor interviewed tliu
friend and again the latter refused to
budge from his position
Where can I take him V he demand
ed You know very well I cant get
comfortable quarters for such a pur
pose and I wont have him butchered
In a pesthouse to please any landlord
on earth The hotel man felt his hair
stand on end but concluded to let
things stand as they Were until morn
Next day he sent for tho sick mans
friend and asked him whether he had
any suggestions to make
Yes he replied 1 thought up a
plan over night which you may adopt
or not as you like As I said before
he continued It Is useless to try to
rent quarters for such a case We
might however buy a small cottage
and take him there I have figured tho
thing up and the total expense would
be about 5000 If you are willing to
hand over that amount I will take him
hway and assume all further respon
sibility I make the offer entirely out
of sympathy for your guests
The landlord looked him In the eye
I too have thought the situation
over he said and Im convinced its
a confidence game pure and simpje
Im cpnvinced theres nothing the mat
ter vitli your dear frlqnd up stairs
but I am also convinced that the slight
est breath of the affair would greatly
damage the reputation of the house
As a business proposition I consider it
worth 5000 to get rid of you
The other man spiled Ironically
Call u cab nnd get out your money
he said and Inside an hour the Incubus
had been spirited through a side door
swathed In blankets and driven away
ASjthe landlord shrewdly surmised
the whole thing was a confidence game
and he learned the particulars later on
through a sport he had once befriend
ed There was nothing tho motter
with the rascal up stairs except that
his face had been pricked n little with
a quill dlnped in croton oil something i
that makes a horrible looking pustule
which disappears In a few days iud
leaves uo mark I always thought tho
hotel man showed good sense in tak
ing the IourM he did He wns caught
iu a trap and took the cheapest way
out The bare rumor of even a I
pected ciiM would probably have In- i
vol veil a loss of i0t00 or JO000 It
was far better to pay the 5000 and
harge It to education New Orleans
Times Democrat
Up True lo You rue I ft
Nobody Is more entitled to the grati
tude of his country than the mau who
Is true to himself who s a useful
right living law abiding subject Hap
py the until id huppy the community
in which he lives if through all the
storms and struggles of his day hu
carries unstained to the end the white
flower of a blameless life
Miles There Is a man over In that
mip eiuu who has lived for -10 days on
Giles-IV-v Thats nothing I
bnve itn uti who has lived for near- I
Jy 40 vein- water
Mile -I mi Hllc I
t jIIeii Nii n nil Hes a eea captain
Chicago Ni vs
tlmtrnyintf Money
Extraordinary precautions are tnken
by tho United States government In
the destruction of Its worn out and
filthy iiiper money The fact that this
could be used again makes It necessary
that Its destruction should bo con
ducted with care and ho Hindu com
All the paper money thnt passes
through the treasury Is sorted and the
old bills are setit to the redemption
division where they are searched for
possible counterfeits Then they aro
carefully counted and tied up Into
bundles of 100 notes each
A great canceling machine then
drives four holes through each of these
bundles of which a careful record Is
kept The piles of bills are then cut
Into two parts one set of halves going
to the secretarys olUcennd the other to
the registers olllce
In each place tho halves arc again
counted after which they are choped
by machinery Into fragments Not
satisfied with this tliu lilts are then
boiled In vats of hot water nnd alkali
until they aro reduced to an unrecog
nizable pulp This the law penults tho
treasury to sell to manufacturers of
novelties who make It Into little mod
els of the cnpltol and tho White House
which arp sold as souvenirs In tho
Washington stores Now bills are Is
sued In an amount equal to those
destroyed Youths Companion
A Dcci iitlvf Illnili
A writer iu the Now York Tress says
of Hugh 1 tirant ox mayor of Now
York and Ilysses S Grant Jr It is
not a bit odd that they should liavo
been chums at college Names often
draw men together One day long
after they had cut their political eye
teeth after Hugh was sheriff Buck
said as they strolled down Broadway
Hugh why Is It you are so modest
With a sly twinkle tho future mayor
Modesty doesnt do a man any harm
in polities
Hugh firant may have an ensy
look about his face but lie can hold
his own with the shrewdest Naturally
warm hearted he Is as cold at business
as Uussell Sage At poker he Is rec
ognized as pastniaslor I have yet to
see the man who can outhold him
lay em down quicker when hes beat
bet em harder when hes got em anil
gather in the pot with 11 more regret
ful air His skin being clear and his
blood clean he can blush like a sensi
tive girl still tied to mothers apron
strings Hut brethren dont let that
blush fool you
Hose Water imtl llnln
Flowers know the difference between
a rainstorm and a drenching from the
garden hose You may deluge them
with barrels from the hydrant and
they will at best simply hold their own
Generally they wither in the long
dry seasons and that without regard to
the artificial wetting they may re
ceive from the gardeners But lot a
little shower however brief fall upon
them and they brighten visibly
The difference is that the rain brings
down with It through the air or col
lects in the air a chemical quality that
tho vegetation lieeds The rainwater
may be as like that In the lake as two
volumes of water can be but when It
has ridden the upper levels of tho at
mosphere when It has traveled
through the various stages of vapor
and liquid and lias tumbled down
through that retort of the air it has
become charged with elements that no
man can give It and the lower knows
and recogiiizes It as the first field
flowers recognize It In the beginning
A FlKlitliiff Strnn
That a swan will fight fiercely was
shown by an exciting struggle- be
tween a swan and a park policeman on
tlc upper lake In Waterlow park Eng
land Some nulla rubber balls had
rolled into the water and to get them
the constable paddled out In n punt
This drew the notice of the male Bwan
which deserted Its consort and the
Urood of cygnet nnd went for the con
stable with great fury Onco or twice
it almost upset the punt by causlug
the constable to overbalance It In sav
ing his logs from the birds beak It
Was only with difficulty nnd risk thnt
the balls were recovered Tho swan
tjien followed the punt to tho bank
making vicious darts at the constable
A Ill II 11 cy Ahout Chepnc
Choose said some wiseacre long
ago digests everything but itself
Never was theio a greater error per
petuated by a popular proverb It aids
Iu the digestion of nothing niid being
utmost totally indigestible simply adds
another burden to an already pver
burdened digestive system The fool
lug of comfort produced In a person
Df robust dlgesthe faculties by partak
ing of a little a very little cheese Is
due entirely to tho excitation of the
tlow of digestive Uuld provoked by the
ingestion of 11 completely Indigestible
substance National Druggist
SlrniiKe Tlilm In Nnvu Siotln
It wns here I met a womuii who had
never seeu 11 peach a young lady who
had never owned a box of chocolates
ami best of all a handsome Intelli
gent young fellow who had never seen
u drunken mau It was here I attend
ed n concert consisting of songs reci
tations organ solos and a duet nil
furnished by 0110 woman The duet
she announced wns between herself
and the organ the organ Inking the
soprano and she the alto Bay of
Fundy Letter In New York Post
A Sure TIiIiik
Blggs Ou my last trip to Europe 1
lost J00 betting on the ships dully
Boggs You must hnvc been very un
Biggs Yes I found out afterward
that I had been betting with the chief
engineer New York Journal
THE flUllFMK yySUlUffppAYt jOjqTOJljjK 1 18iffi
Borne work or thin xinii atrit or that and
KtlnJ at eury turn
Sonic Ion or what lliej havent pot ami what
llicy liaU tlicy apuru
Anil noine null or tlio mountain rak to eft thr
xuni lit U
llifn crawl Into mime suntr hold ami alrep It
oft next ilij
Some flint till rartli a Hut rate plicc to alaie
anil stint ami kp
Anil Ilfi a lilo iilraniiro to mtislat In Iwlng
Klinn ami iinno
Ami Mlitrn ultli a lulnMo In tlio hanil aiul
liiirl mil lyu
Will atnlie tluMr llca that they ran apeiul more
Hun they rail ttnl I11M li
Sonic take n ililnk when I lie arc dr ami aome
when they air it
Soma ilrlnk or aurvl riiiirniurnnra auke
tlut they tuny torijit
Ami Rome there lie like yon ami me Ireo roin
nil bIiiih arcurntl
Who hlr lali iloin a rule or tile neier n get
Pome turn lo tlila aonie turn to tint or ortuiic
utiil lor 111110
And noine wont Inrn or anjthlne ami Ret t hero
Just tho fume
Hut tlieiva n fomtnon ttiniliip point a ate un
kind lull Just
Where rich and poor and groat and mull turn
one and all to dual
- Galveston Kewa
A Scntliiu nt OoiirrriiliiHr WliloliTlicro
In oiiHlilcrnlilt lluiiilinir
If there Is one thing that makes mo
11 little wearier than another said an
amateur cynic It Is to hear a mail
boast that ho never talks shop t met
a fairly eminent actor at a little gath
ering not long ago and when some
pleasant reference was niade he drew
lilmself up and said You will pardon
me I nin sure but really I make It a
rule never to talk shop That remark
convinced two or three thick headed
hearers that he was slngulary freo
from vanity but it convinced the rest
of us that lie was a double dyed don
key and a poseur of the purest ray
Every right minded man likes to
talk shop and does so whenever he
gets a chance It Is that which makes
class clubs almost Invariably a suc
cess The members aro all Interested
In the same thing and can talk shop ad
lib without getting called down One
of the redeeming features of matri
mony is tho fact that a man secures a
helpless victim to whom he can talk
shop every day of the year
When a chap Is traveling as In n
strange city what a Joy it is to bump
up against somebody In ones same
line of business It Is like meeting 11
long lost brother 1 have often thought
that the chief objection to being a
hangman is thit there are so few per
sons with whom a fellow could dint
about the craft
And yet It has grown to he a fash
Ion among people of eminence In all
the professions to affect 11 reluctance
to discuss the precise thing in which
each is most Interested They dont
like to talk shop Faugh Nobody
has any right to make such an asser
tion except a burglar In a police sta
tion Now Orleans Times Democrat
Hi Sniv tliu Iolnt
A former attorney general of the
United States in a recent nrtlcle tells
the following anecdotes of Mr Justice
Miller of the federal supreme court
Judge Miller was a very agreeable
man socially but in the later years of
his life became somewhat Impatient
upon the bench lis was no orator him
self and seemed to have an aversion to
all attempts at oratory in court I have
seen him on more than one occasion
disjoint with sharp questions a beauti
fully prepared speech with which an
ambitious orator expected to charm
and captivate the court One midsum
mer day as It Is said he was holding
court In n westorn state and a lawyer
whom wo will call Brown was ad
dressing him In a long rambling
speech The Judge listened nnd fanned
himself and fidgeted about on the
bench for some time and finally lean
ing over his desk said in an audible
whisper Confound It Brown come to
tho point
MWhat point inquired the some
what astonished lawyer
Any point responded the Judge
and though the sequel does not appear
It Is probable that there was n rapid
condensation of talk In that courtroom
after this short colloquy
The Cnnier 15 e
The Nile is essentially a river of si
lence and mystery Even the cnmels
turu their beautiful soft eyes upon you
us if you were intruding upon their si
lence nnd reserve Never were the
eyes In a human bend so beautiful as a
camels There is a limpid softness tin
appealing plalntlvenoss Iu their expres
sion which drag at your sympathies
like tho looL In the eyes of 11 hunch
back It means that with your oppor
tunities you might have done mora
with your life Your mother looks at
you that way sometimes in cliuivh
when tho sermon touches a particular
ly raw nerve In your spiritual make up
1 always feel like apologizing when a
camel looks jit inc Lilian Bell In Wo
mans Home Companion
llmiiiiK lllm Dim n
Ho I believe that a man should let
his acts speak for themselves
She Am I to understand then that
when you took my hand iu yours lust
night you intended It as 1 proposal of
marriage Chicago News
Unite the llcVL rar
Osmond Well youve never seen
mo run after people who have money
Desmond No but Ive seen people
run after you because you didnt bnve
money Baltimore Jewish Comment
The most celebrated battle steeds of
the civil war were Cincinnati Traveler
and Winchester the favorite charges
uf Grunt Lee and Sheridan
The first ppstofllce was opened In
Paris In MQ2 In England In J81 In
America In 1710
He Cliimru n High Trrn 1iir III ON
fi lilt i Nmt
All old friend met us Ho first showed
us a black spot far up on the shore
then dilltcd grandly down upon set
pinions tucking In and out like 11
yacht working to windward It hap
pened he wis slanting shoreward w lieu
lui passed and at III yards his snowy
head ami tall broad brown fans
showed to line advantage We could
sec the polished ellow of his hooked
bill and the fierce Hash of his marvel
inirt golden telescopic eye 11s he turned
it upon us mid then buck to his tireless
searching of the water and the wave
line along shore
For j ears this eagle hoary old beach
comber as he Is has patrolled tho shore
dully for tulles seeking what the
wlilers have cast up for bo It known
he Is not above accepting even carrion
Many a dead fish and lost bird he gets
for tho trouble of picking them up but
ho can hunt too when ho feels so ills
posed Season after season he and his
unite have patched tho old nest 11 ml
reared their eagles In pence
No one can climb the tree and no
decent man would shoot at the birds
Should you visit the foot of the tree
your nose will be assailed by a most
objectionable odor and your naturally
brief Inspection will convince you that
the eagles do hunt more than they are
given credit for Everywhere are frag
Uionts of fish while among them are
wings mid talis which must have be
longed to grouse portions of hares and
other fragments suspiciously like cer
tain parts of lambs sucking pigs and
domestic fowls But they were not our
lambs pigs or fowls and so 110 shot
whistles after the old pirate who
seems to iiiiiliistniul that he Is free to
buccaneer to Ills hearts content- Ed
W Sandys In Outing
llnlliiim Wine Arum Hilly When
Clin vitmIiik With One- Atiotln r
The farther south one goes Iu Europe
the more do tho people gesticulate In
conversation asserts a traveler who Is
at present doing Italy
A Neapolitan he says goes through
1111 entire course of calisthenics before
ho has talked live minutes Give a
Neapolitan a pair of dumb bells and
1 1 ilk him wliii t he thinks of tho weather
and before he finishes his answer ho
will have taken enough healthful exer
cise to last him nil day
This traveler spent ninny an Interest
ing hour In watching the Neapolitan
talk One day in a cafe lie sat next to
a couple of Italians who were engaged
in n most spirited conversation The
younger of the two men grow very
excited Willi his hands he made
reaching and clinging motions as if
climbing Then he reached right nnd
left above his head as one would do In
picking cherries Then without slack
ening his remarkable How of conversa
tion he put the thumb nud first finger
of his left hand together and held them
a few Inches before his eyes anil went
through the careful movements of one
threading a small needle And nil the
time he talked Next he made overhand
motions ns of throwing Then he gave
I an Imitation of some one swimming
I After that he described several rapid
circles with ids left hand which gave
the Impression of a revolving wheel
I Then he leaned forward and with his
right hand lifted ne toil ns a person
would act In trying to put a key Into
n keyhole The writer nsketl his friend
I who understood Italian what all the
fuss was about
Theyre talking chiefly about tho
weather was the reply London
Ill Ilrnnnr Smril lllm
The thickness of his brogue secured
for a iecent arrival from the Emerald
Isle a ride of several hundred miles nt
the expense of the Pennsylvania rail
road Ills destination was Boston
and at the Broad street station he
asked for a ticket to the flub The
ticket seller was unable to determine
whether It was Boston or Washington
the map wanted to reach but finally
sold him a ticket for the latter city and
a few hours later he found himself In
the national capital As ho was unnbjc
to rend the mistake was not discovered
until he reached Washington and to
complicate matters ho had not suffi
cient funds to purchase a ticket to
He presented his case to the railroad
officials at Washington and they put
ting him to a test were unable to dis
tinguish from his pronunciation of
Washington and Boston any material
difference thus exonerating the clerk
at the Broad street station iu tills city
for his error The facts of the casr
being laid before the general passen
ger department the man with the
brogue was forwarded to his proper
destination Philadelphia Itccord
Fruit Veraiia Alculiol
Fruit will destroy the desire for al
coholic drinks Oranges and apples
have been found to be tho most of
fectual cure for Inebriates And the
more they eat of these lnclnus fruits
the more tie desire for drink will di
minish until at lust It Is completely
crucified and so far ns the Individual
Is concerned Is gone forever
Tin- II In 17 Cn 11
Father from head of stairs Bessie
If that young man doesnt go pretty
soon he will miss the last car
Bessie In parlor Thats all right
papa He likes to walk New York
When n married wotnnn talks of her
girlhood days she reminds us of tho
amateur fisherman The best catches
always got away from her Denver
The highest Inhnblted place Iu the
world Is the customs house of Anco
uiarcai In Peru It being 10000 feet
above the sea
K W M K M V S V 4 fc itf fc J V A
2 ssSl
5 H
lfvjffiI fc
are thf lone lime tiwrs of
Smith Pmnlfrs The more
turd work turned on the
more Apparent is Smith
Premier durability Repair
bills reduced ton minimum
Smilh Premier capacity for
Rood work all the time I
Catalogue Free
Ask for It
Smith Premier
Typewriter Co
Jy at III
Fit I Wi Wi i v
i r If illWHMfei4
A blindness it mes t w new and then 1 have it
now It is tticer I can hv y tircycs but nm your nose
I cant read because some f tin are blurred dark
spots cover thrm it is very uncomfortable A
1 know all about it its I VSIM PS I A Take one
of these it will cure yon in lea minutes
What is it
A Rinans Tabnle
- A MiKitiiMinil hinltli thnt It M A N n will nut lir nilll Tin f Imnlili tiMn mul rilnii Mtn
WaNTII lll r Noll III nclll II I I A N Hull tin piirUiKl Ullll BUI rll liollllltllllli llllAVM
11 fen 1iiilB or Iwi Imi Ilmlnti fur Hi rni mi l liail nl mid UriiK miirn I n nuiiieliimml mm tlniU
mul tiiillniiiiiliilrt will IU nmlkil luunj million lui ti liiuu lurwiruril U tliu UIjiuiibUIiciiiIcjI Co o
to Buruiobt Nm York
Daily News Job Department
Union Pacific Through Trains
Direct Line
the West
f 11 I r
Wyoming Utah
California JDregonJ
Palace Sleeping Gars Dining Cars
Free Reclining Chair Oars
Ordinary Sleeping Oars Plntsch Lighted
Fur Tiiuo Tables Folders Illustrated Hooks Pamphlets descriptive of
territory traversed call on