The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, October 12, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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For ltojoutHof tlui Htiitii
Dr William 11 Kir
For JmlKonf tlio Ninth Dibtricl
A A Wuicn
Jlorlt Dlbtrlct Court
County Ilork
County JiuIko
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Suporlutouilout lulilio liibtriictiim
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Coronor Ktiw kiiTnsik
Survivor II loi
County CommUitlounr r iit DUtriPt
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rrtirliirt Tivht
For Jutliro of Out 1ohco S W Hwiw
Ij M Iwiouii
For Conctiiblivi Mvhtin Km
J P Wiiiiiut
For Komi Ovornoors
J Hu Dlbtrift No 1
J V Hovuk
For AhMfcori
J W Hansom
M K Moititis
1 II TaoMi hOS
TJ 11 111111
DUtriot So n
First Wiinl
Siiiiuil Waul
Third Wnr1
Fourth Ward
Uuthiili lrivliicl
Trust your neighbor as yourself is
u trust that tho country is nut yet
ously sunoring from Wouldnt -it
raally bo a good trust to form
Those parties in tho southern pirt of
tlio county who havo recently uucorked
a mud battery must lx very hard up for
campaign material We would confiden
tially advise tbom to train their mud
guns towards tho upper air or else they
will find that thoir eflorts to besmirch
ouo of tho caudulates will react and
react hard Norfolk does not approve
of mud sliuging by either party and
the ouo that indulges in it will hear
from tho voters of this town on electiou
Tho hod carriers at Victor CM
Recording ti prtws roports struck Holi
day not becauso they were employed
ut a starvation wago but because they
know they could get more and the work
of buildiug was put a stop to They
had been receiving 300 to 350 per
day of eight hours but now waut 150
to sf400 for tho samo amount of work
About WO 111011 aro involved iu the
strike Tliis ninybo tlio roHiilt of rupub
Huiin lulvcrsity for surely uo such condi
tions existed under the reign of tho
good und Krunt Cirovor for it wnsut
possiblo At tlmt tiino the fivmous army
of thu unemployed hud its inception in
tlmt part of tho country und had such
11 condition existed then lutiny wpuld
huvo been ready aud willing to tako
up tho hods of tho dissatisllod carriers
This strike is but unothor ovidonco
that prosperity provuils sneers and
doubts of tho fusiouists to tho contrary
Will Not Support Allen
Judge Mosos a life long democrat
living in Wayne county has como out
tlat footed against ex Senator Allen us a
cuudidate for tho otllce of judge of this
district on tho ground that ho is not
the choice of tho democrats for tho posi
tion nor is ho a domocratio candidate
In tha course of an interview Tudgo
Mosos says
Yes I havo voted with tho domo
cratio party for forty eiviht years Hut
you must not understand mo as saying
that during all that timo I havo always
voted for ovory candidate on tho tiekot
If I had good reasons for belioviug
that ouo or more of the candidates on
the ticket did not boliovo iu tho prin
ciples of tho party was in fact a more
pretender and a fraud or if I judged
hint morally or intellectually deficient
1 have claiinod and exorcisod tho right
to scratch his tiamo aud substitute
W V Allen in nnr tlm CHiiiliilnto nf
tho deinocraov of Wayne county Ho
has not been nominated by thorn A
fetf individuals porhaps a little more
tiau a bakors doen assuming to be
the big moguls of tho party got together
and appointed dolegatos to attend a
judicial convention No convention of
the democratic voters as called and
none hud No opportunity was given
them to express their views or to mako
choice of persons to represent them iu a
judicial convention Those delegates
knew full well how thoy wen selected
and that they had not beeu authorized
by tho doinocraoy to ropresont them in
tho convention and it would have been
a piece of high handed impudence for
them to uudortako to do so Their
action in tho convention aud tho result
of the convention shows conclusively
that they did not uudortake to repre
sent tho democraoy of this county j for
if they had their votes would havo beeu
cast for a democrat Instead of pre
senting a caudidate who is a democrat
tioy go to another party aud solicit
from it a candidate who does not even
pretend to be a democrat All that
Overcoats and Furnishing
those delegates could do and all they
did do was to ropresont thoso would bo
moguls who appointed them and abso
lutely nono others Tho domocratio
party of this county at least has uo
candidato for judge and each democratic
voter is at liberty to oither not vote at
all or select a candidate to vote for
whioh suits him best
My preference will be for Mr Welch
because 1 think 1 have tho means of
determining that ho is at least tho equal
of Mr Allen in ability legal knowledge
honesty honor and acquaintance with
thoso rules aud principles of courtesy
and ainonitios duo from ouo attorney to
another aud from tho court to tho bar
Mr Allen was olected to this oflico
sovoral yoars ago and abandoned it as
soon as thoro was a chanco to get another
otllce which suitod him better And
there can bo nono so stupid as to not
know that ho will tako tho judgeship
only as a makeshift whilo ho is wait
ing for Mr Thurstons term to expire
hoping and troinblingly expecting to
succeed him If elected judge ho will
devoto moro thought and onergy to lay
ing tho ropes to stop into Thurstons
place than to preforming tho duties of
the office
The Ninth judioial district is not so
hard up for judicial timber as to be
uudor the necessity of asking Mr Allen
to bo so kind obliging nud condescend
ing as to tako an oflico which ho has
onco thrown back in tho faces of the
votorsof tho district
More Popiilur Tlitm Kvttr
Since 1890 tho Hot Springs of South
Dakota havo been recognized as tho ro
sort for western peoplo
All things aro favorable for thoso seek
ing rest health or pleasure This season
finds tho resort well patronized by peoplo
from Nebraska Iowa Illinois Minnesota
Wisconsin and eastern South Dakota
and overyone well satisfied with the
Wonderful Waters
Delightful Climate
Modern Hotels
Variod attractions for sight seers
Thorsorthwesteru Liiuo is tno pioneer
tothis resort
Tho Northwestern Line runs Wagner
Palace sleepers to Hot Springs South
The Northwestern Liuo makes low
round trip rates to this resort
Ask your nearest railroad agent for
tho data of tho next excursion via the
Fremont Elkhoru Ss Missouri Valley
H R Northwestern Line
J H Gahlk J H Ruciiasak
Des Moines Omaha
The News jod department is com
plete in overy particular
HcnutliiK Iurty Mlitti ii innll IliiniU uiul
ltrlnis In siimn rriminors
Manila Oct 11 Major Bell with
120 picked men of tlio Thirty sixth reg
iment made a reeoimais inci yesterday
in the direction of Florida Blanco four
miles out of Ciuagua ami encountered
a body of 100 insurgents whom they
routed capturing a lieutenant and three
armed privates Near Florida Blanco
they met another body of insurgents
and routed them capturing another
armed lieutenant and ouo private Re
turning with SO scouts Major Bell en
countered tho enemy a third time Tho
reconnaissance resulted in scattering
tho insurgents in that locality
Tho last two days havo witnessed
considerable outpost firing by small
bands of insurgents on tho northern
lines Simultaneously with tho affair
near La Loina church tho outposts of
the American forces at Caloocan Do
posito and Manmimi were fired upou
Tho uprisiug in Manila will result in
extra vigilance on tho part of the United
States troops
Wilt oii Trial Near CoiicIiihIoii
NniiKASKA City Oct 12 Tho taking
of ovidonco in tho case ngainst John O
Watson for forgory was concluded in
the district court and tho judge deliv
ered his instructions to tho jury and
court adjourned until morning whou
the urguments of the attornoys will
Kkoltiton of a i In ut
St Joskimi Mo Oct 12 Tho skel
eton of a giant over seven feet in length
was discovered by excavators at King
hill The site many years ago was used
by Kickapoos as a burying ground
Ititlu lttariU Diilcota lliirvest
Sioux Falls S D Oct 12 A rain
storm which has beeu general through
out tho state will seriously retard tho
work of threshing and may injure tho
grain still in stack
Clothing made of paper is not so
very new after all for Ponipeiinu ex
cavations have revealed shoes made of
Tho whistling
about 15 miles
buoy can
be heard
President McKinley and oabinot will
bo in Sioux City next Saturday and
Sunday October 14 and lr and the C
St P M O road has provided for
one faro for the round trip on that oc
casion Tickots will bo placed on sale
October li and 15 return limit good
until Octobor 10 One fare between
Norfolk and Sioux City is 2 Jr
F W Junkman
To Curt A Colli In nt Duy
Tike Laxative Bioino Quinine Tnblets
All druggists refund thenioueyif it fails
to cure E V Groves signature on
every box 25o
StateofOiiio City of Toledo
Lucas County
Fiusk J Chknty makes oath that he
is tho senior partner of tho firm of F J
Ciuniy iCo doing business in tho
City of Toledo county and state afore
said and that said firm will pay tho
for each aud overy case of Catakkh
that cannot bo cured by tho use of
Halls Catakkh Cure
Fijank T Chenly
Sworn to boforo mo and subscribed
in my presence thiMith day of December
A D I88li
a r m I A Q1XT
seal J Notary Public
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken intorral
lyand acts dirootly on the blood and
mucous surface of the system Send
for testimonials free
F J Cheney Co Toledo O
Sold by Druggists 7oc
Halls Family Pills are the best
Kent Kamte Traimtorn
The following transfers of real estate
aro reported by Chester A Fuller man
ager of the Madison county abstract
office at Norfolk
O G Peterson to Augusto
Dorr wd ua ue4 5 22 4 lr00 00
Minnie Kralin and husband to
Adolheid Seinmlor wd loC 1 1
block 1 Dedermaus addition
to Norfolk 1000 00
Adelhoid Semmler and husband
to Wilbelmiua Krahu wd lots
7 8 0 and w 8ft lot 11 block
1 Pilgors addition Norfolk 700 00
Thomas M Aistrop to Alice
Mao Reed wd uo 32 22 2
and seL 21 21 H 8000 00
Walter P Powell widower to
Abel E Campbell wd lots fl
0 7 aud 8 block l Verges
Suburban lots Norfolk uud
eitt aw- 17 21 1 2000 00
Friedriek Ropgory and wife to
Wilbelm Roggory wd uwJrj
j21l 800 00
77 For Stinpln Ami CoiiipllriittMlColil
From Iutlueuza to Grip from Bron
chitis to Pneumonia from Sore Throat
to Diphtheria aro broken up by Dr
Humphreys Specific 11 all druggists
It doubles tho joy ot the human heart
brightens body and bruin Thats what
Kooky Mountain Tea will do 35 cents
Ask your Druggist
What promises to be au attraction cf
merit and one that will visit us iu the
near future is Monte Cristo Dumas
musterpiece The story of the play is
well known the scenic aud mechuuical
devices produced are said to be most
wonderful aud tho costumes used for
v r r
loo t ooods Get tlie Prices 1
I Post Yourself on Clothing I
Write to Chicago Omaha or any other place for samples aud prices Then come to us bring samples and prices S
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ft w
yye nave ine zhuck yye nave me Kigni rnces win you lnvesngaier
ft t
Ay -- V Ay
S We will Treat You Politely Whether
fl Vm i Rnr NJrt ft
wx av
m m ft
I Norfolk Nebr
S fi - fei te
fie play aro historically correct Tho
piece conies to the Murquardt opeia
house next Monday evening for one
solf Irenorviitlon
Is tho first law of Nature For this
reason everyone who is ill detires to be
conio well Thoso who havo impure or
impoverished blood turn to Hoods Sar
saparilla becauso they know it will
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cine on tho first appearance of impure
blood is an important step toward self
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shiue rosy cheeks show through take
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gist i
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your territory at once man or woman
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Factory Cor Perkins and Union
streets Akron Ohio
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back tho bloom of youth Ask your
How Are Your Kidneys f
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1Aeftyur bIooil full of impurities
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so poorly Dont delay recovery
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M c in
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your blood It is also a tonic of
uicusu vuiuu uive nature a little
help at this time Aid her by remov
ing all the products of disease from
your blood 100 All druggista
Ayera Pills cure constipation
Writs tn triA Hwin UAi j a
------ - mv Mu tut tivrif buu fCCBITD
prompt replT without coit
wmii uuil uAicn
ijoweu mm