The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, October 12, 1899, Page 16, Image 16

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Hue puriflen tby Uluui
lorfB lvt uiauuvvu
make tou urootf
luneniiu nerve
House Work
Seems tsiM liiii iimn lull then ii great ileal of lifting
and nwhtiig to do gtent main ltlpi tip anil ilown
stalls to make in tlie coiiim of la s house work Its
liatl whete a woman ii well 1or n woman Miiienug
witli some form of female trouble it m daily luimciit
Tlieie me llitiisnids of such women sttuggliiig along
dav li lav in inn easing misery Hie Imek aelies the
liead aelies tlie neives are uiisttiing lint the work must
must he done
no on dusling sweeping snubbing
of tiiiln And vet we wonder why a woman is
thed and lintahle when she 1ms nothing to do but take
eate of the house
lverv dav swells the long list of the thousands of
women who have found a complete nire of their disease
tn the use of Di rleieeH 1iivotite Preset iption It
legalities the petiods diies enfeebling drains heals hi
llaininntion and tileeiation and enres female wenkness
It iiiiets the nerves hy feeding them It gives vitality
and vigoi to the womanly organism It makes weak
women stiong siek women well
There is no alcohol in Favorite Prescription and it
contains no opium cocaine 01 other narcotic
Accept no substitute for Favorite Prescription If
you want to cvpeiicnec the cure which other women
have found m lavoiile Prescription do not be deceived
into accepting some so called just as
good remedy
Intnrovlna Evory Day
Km a nuniiHT of mouths I sullcu il with female trouble
wiitcs Miss Akiics McOownc of m Hank SHcet Us1iiiiilii
1 C I tried vniiiius leiueillcs but none steiutil to ilu inc
any tirtiiutttilit Komi Hie Uiiclots salil H was me wursi
case of Intel mil tiouble they evil had I deelileil to
write to you fol help I leivived a veiv cneouiiiuiiiK
irplv anil couimeneed ttetitiueut at nine I had not
iim il vmir Invutlti lleseiilillnn a week before I
begun to feel bottei ami as 1 continued my
health gradually impioved It is impioviiiK
every lay
Ouro constipation anti
Its oountloss conso
quoncoB ay tho uso of
Dr Ploroos Pollots A
small pill a small iloso
and a suro ouro
Jeweler and Optician
All urnirn of nifrartion properly rorinetcil
hinr atrh
W 0 Halls Barter Shop
North Western
F E W V R H Is the best to and
from the
North Nebraska
Nolirti to Noil HrittiUlit Ilefelliliuit
Kate Lyons will tnko notico that on
the Uth day of September Iblit Cluster
A Fuller n justice of tho ptu o of Nor
folk precinct Madison county Nebraska
issued an odor of iittanhment for the
Hum of o0 lit in nil notion peuditiK be
fore him wherein Louis C Mittelctadt
is pluiutitr and Kate Lyons defendant
that property of the defendant consist
iug of money due tho Kaid defendant
nnd in tho hands of IJ F Taylor has
been utttiched under suiil order Hnid
cause was continued to the 31st day of
October Ib0 at 2 oclock p m
Dated this ilsi dav of Spptemlxr 1MH
ltrrttt with rouwbftbfr you rnntlnur
nrrTV fciiiiutf iuuiituubiii niii
reiuuTv iuu urnreiur luuftccu wi
ouiDcrfuunumircta cilflii
m i m Nfi
r m n l v
ymk H
om b
mWW m I Jw
V A h
t dfYl Ctffl
TO llArrruiii
our own druiriit vtio
rourh form TjLp It mill
HKnktlriitlT itprciit nth lnr
UiiSl uiuallf cure- 3 buit W
cratrantrrd torurr or v rrfuud r ni v
fUriiivlt4C Ikltt BofctrtU Aim Url
Railroad and Business Directory
5 S
1l E
en Q
2 a
-1 v S
-5 B
- -
5 V
Fremont Elkhorn Mo Valley
iiiiilm lonHiMiKcr i 11 tn
lilciuro lxiritH 1VJ0 p in
Cliicnuo KxpriwH 7lni it 111
Umiilm IliwiiiiKur 1210 pm
WltHf IlKIAltr
ltlrvolt MIIIh KxproH 7Jipm
ViirillKru lnHMimiir 1210 p in
Vnnllcro Accoiuuioilntloii IMHlitiu
west Aiiuni
1 tlnc k IIUIh Kxprrria VI p 111
Vnnlluni Ishhoiikit II 01 11 m
Vtnllgro AcfdiiiNioiliitlon 7 lll p m
Tim I hliHKo uiul Muck IIUIh KxprCBH iiiiimw
nnil ilopnrtH from hmctlim ilnpnt Tint Oniuliti
unit VtmllKro triiuiH uriivn mill ilepurt f ruin city
ilopot II M TI1AU AKOIlt
Union Pacific
HOCTII iiiiht
ColiiniliiiH Arcniniiioilntiiiii tlll p 111
Onmliii Denver anil Iaclllc Count 1010 m in
noktii AlllllVU
ColniiibuH Ace ininniliitlon 1225 pin
Jnuilm Vomer and laclllonmKt HMIpni
iiuiihIh at Niirfolk with K M V Ktiinit
went ami north iiml with the C Ht 1 M ft O
for pnintu north anti eiint
K W Junkman AkihiI
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis
Slnnx City nnil Omaha laniiKir 7 01 am
Siuiix Oily Iastenser 1 l in
wist iuiiixi
Sioux City liiirtiwir It SA a in
tlotx City anil Onmlii ImusMiitiir ri y p in
ConneetN at Norfolk with l 10 A M V kniiot
viHt niul north anil with the C 1 for pointH
Hontti K W Jlnimn Akimii
1h Ij except Sunilny
Fine Watch
Painting and
Pliid Work luuranteed
Sponaop OVilman
Boots and Shoes
Repairing Neatly Done
Gontraetop and Builder
I 7 Fourth Street
Paints and GTJa 1 Paper
House anil SIrii Painter
Cheapest nnd llcnt
22 T crfrlK miii
The Norfolk Horseshoer
Am Woiik ll AltANTKlU
or 1th St mill IlrmiHcli Ave
Ilenuty la Illooil Deep
Clrnn blood moans a clean hkin Xo
beauty without it Ciihi arcts Caiuly Cithar
tic clean your blooil anil kccji it clean bj
stirring np the lazy liver and driving all im
jnnitieH from the body Jlegin to day to
banish iiimples boils blotches blackheads
and that ickly bilious comploxion by taking
Cascarcts beauty for ten cents All drug
gists satisfaction guaranteed 10c 25c 50c
Mem can bo curort privntoly and posi
tively nt homo of nil weivkness nnrt din
piise Writo for now froo IkxIc
Dr J N Hathaway
JJ Vimuionutil Block
Sioux Citv In
fleam tho 91 Kintl 0U WaS Bou
Stop that barkiiiR by tho uso of Bal
lards Horehound Syrup It nrrests the
touKh allays irritation of tho throat
nnd relievos congestion of ho lungs in n
day It is safe and pleasant to take
and never disappoints 35 and 50 cents
IIiiik Collti Acini Willi Yon
If not drink tf rain 0 from
pure grains A lady writes Tho lirst
tune I made Grain O I did not like it
but after usini it for one week nothiiic
would induce mo to go buck to colleo
It nourishes and feeds the system Tho
children can drink it freely with great
benefit It is tho strengthening sub
stance of pure grains Got a package
todav from vour iro2er follow i In
directions in making it and you will
have a delicious and healthful table
tmvi rage for old nnrt young l and iw
Dont Tuliarro Slt ami Simile Vour 1 ItV Auny
To init tobarco easily ami loieicr Iioiiiiib
iiitic Inllof life iieno ami lor talto No To
llu tiio oiuler worker tliat mnlics iveal men
strong All ill unBibts Moor l CuruKiumu
teeil HooHlet ami samplo tree Aililress
Steilln icuicily Co ClikUbO or Now Yoik
The IliinuPacitlo will sell during the
Greater Auerican exposition every
Taesiliy lound trip tickets to Ouinhn
an 1 return at i Ml return ticket good
wiilnnecn days from date of sale also
ev tv Sitnrdny louud trip tickets at
iiio riiurn ticket good until tho
loviu Monday F NY JrxnMAX
Tn Ture Cuimtliiutlou forever
Tibet isuneu Cumlv Cutliarlla 10corI5c
1IC C C ail lo eure Uruckisls rituml uiouvy
Schwan Makes a Successful
Move on Malabon
Jtiliirm Aftrr lnlllrl Ini riiiilliinilit Uinii
llm IlUplnm No liili iillon of IIiiIiIIiik
il in nl Tnwin teiiiiriil Oil Win in
Ollliiim Kiimlllni Auny Irimi Mniilln
WAiilNtnoN Oct 12 A cablegram
from General OliH to tho war depart
ment conflrniH tho press dispatches re
gnrdlngGeneral Kcliwans move on San
Francisco In Malabon General Otis
says Schwan was successful yester
day in driving tho insurgents south with
loss from San Francisco do Malabon
Ho reports their force disintegrated and
retiring over liUeient roads which aro
impassable for artillery or wagons No
Intention of occupying this country
perinnnnntly or temporarily Transpor
tation will ret urn by way of Kosario
nnrt column will move in tho direction
of Das Minimis probably retiring on
Iiuus Country of no strategic im
General Otis disapproves of olllcers
families joining them at Manila Re
garding this question hu cabled the de
partment as follows Population of
Manila much congested Provision for
olllcers families cannot be made Those
already arrived together with families
of enlisted men have caused much per
plexity Would not permit my own
family to come under existing circum
stances Nearly nil olllcers and men
here ure abseil I from Manila on duly
families should await more peaceful
IMkIiI AiniilraiiH Woiinilcil
Manila Oct III During the early
morning hours there was somo tiring
near Angeles with the result that eight
Americans were slightly wounded Ar
tillery was used and tho enemy re
sponded General MnoArthur does not
attach special significance to the inci
dent A small party of Americans was
llrert on by the Filipinos near Mara
guayan two of our men being wounded
General Scliwans column having ac
complished its purpose of punishing
the rebels is returning from San Fran
cisco do Malabon with artillery and tho
trausportat ion service
VUltM lllim niul irnv ItiMiiilini mill Malic
Man spiierlien In I milium
GmcMio Oct IS Tho Pennsylvania
special bearing the presidential party ar
rived in Chicago yesterday from Kvans
villo and was at onco delivered to tho
tracks of the Chicago Milwaukee and
St Paul road Today will bo spent at
Minneapolis and St Paul and at mid
night tho departure will bo made for
Tho weather continued wet nnd
gloomy throughout the day Tho rain
detracted in some degree from tho en
joyment of the blue and gray reunion
at Fvansvillo at which tho president
and cabinet participated But nothing
could entirely dampen tho ardor of the
throng that hart gatheicrt to greet tho
chief magistrate
At every station between Evansvilo
anil Chicago there were to greet
the president and tho president made
several speeches
Aiilililsliot lliliillt MInsIoii
Nrw OmrANs Oct IS Archbishop
Chappelle papal delegate to the Philip
pine islands gave out his first inter
view regarding his important mission
I have talked over my mission thor
oughly with President McKinloy he
said and we understand each other
My errand is one of pacification I
hope to accomplish what tho army of
the United States has failed to do to
bring peace to tho islands 1 will leave
at tho earliest possible opportunity I
feel that I will lie successful in what I
am going to try to accomplish
Ieiv ill Mniititller
Moxtimiiki Vt Oct IS Admiral
Dewey arrived hero from Sholburno
yesterday and was greeted by an im
mense crowd which hud assembled nt
tho deiKit The ndmirnl was met by
his two brothers Krtward and William
As he walked throat h tho streets just
at dusk in company with his brothers
he bowed right anil left nnd waved his
hands to his old friends as he recog
nized them Haiti was falling ami it
dampened the ardor of the people to a
great extent
Delay 111 miiUIi IIiiKiiIh IEiiIii Case
Sioix Oct IS A B Kitt
redge attorney for tho Milwaukee rail
road company in the famous Suoth Da
kota railroad rate case which is now
before the United States supremo court
today advised that tho case which hnd
been set for argument before tho su
premo court Oct 11 had been post
poned until Oct I0
KaitMi Oilil Irtlou
Wichita Kan Oct IS Tho Odd
Fellows of Kansas held the annual ses
sion of tho grand encampment in Gar
Held hall Flection of olllcers for lt00
Will J Hussell Kansas City Kan
grand patriarch II C Stevens Topoka
high priest Thomas Dryrten Spring
Hill senior warden
ritleiiH Atliirk IlimU Kolilii m
Hitciunsox Kan Oct IS Five
masked men blew open tho safe in the
State bank of Turin in this county lust
night Citucui attacked the robbers
while they were nt work and the rob
bers fled securing only S0O in coin
Tho burglars left toward Stafford on a
Diihl II Mill Timii il ilmiii
Nrw Yokk Oct IS Tho ntaie Demo
cratic meeting lust night was controlled
by Richard Crokeraud ex Senator David
B Hill was turned rtowu A Bryan
resolution was nrtoptert seconded by
Croker and opposed by Hill
hlilppltiK Diinmiil In Corn
m Ciiii Siitiiir llian Wheal
Cllli Ado let II War ncwi irlmnrll ami
ciKirmoai etpiii i mtnuctuciiN Inelili nlnlly
innilf lii nt n wtnuiK mnrliit today niul
nil nt VdV1 In tliilcmllllR
future Corn m i riiiwtruiiKer nilviineliii lo
fur DiiMiiilier niul p for May wheat In Ilu
i iiei niul hiiivv cXiiiit Iniriiiiiiiiiits prevail
lint nuts i liwnl V11 higher IrnvMims
were heavy ami eliiii il with Hllitht lifeline for
laid ami iIIm but unelinuitnit or Jiorlt los
Imj jirlffi
Win r -Dee 7a May 7iViJ7rA
Coiin -Dee II1V May llV
al- May SIV
1fillK Dif IHSi liiu tlll7
44 Ii Inn aV
liAlin Dii Mi4tVI0Wi 5M
Cash iiiotntliiai No nil whent 71 j
NnilNpiliiK wheat tlftt7V No J eorn liljj
tJo No aiMits WdWItc
CIllliiKii I Itn Stork
ClIICAdd let II IterclpN 15000
trifle III rattle wiii only fairly netlve nnil
fornifr pi lees Wfi e miilntiilueil k1 toeliolrn
entile xolil nt tS HiKl7M eiimmoner KriuleH nt
JKiilrtlKft Htinker iiiiiil fiislers hronuht 7S
itttmi hulls rows nnil lielfem aWKtRaSj
TiXiih steers l ItliM M riniKcrs lJVlVU
niul fillies I IRi7 His IK
the ilemnliil fnrliiiKM wns kihhI hut the simply
wnu Hhi nil ami slightly lowei pHeetiprevaileil
heavy hoiss olil at IIIHIm7II mixed lots nt
ltiKtl7fi nml Unlit nt NUVrol 7f pls hroucht
iiWKM7ll nnil enll II fiOKtOO
JIHHI tlin market for sliei e p anil liinilis
Mas slow ami wrali receipts continue too
liinti for the ilemanil niul there wns n further
illopof ahoilt lllo toilay shrrp sold at fJIKkiA
H for eoiiiiiuin lo til H fur best Krniles
Cfsiiii inimeiM lirlnuliiK iilkitii liimlis
until at IJMliti for puniest to best ranco
llnelm brlinliiK I IVI aSlK
ICmiiis Clly I lie Stock
Kansas Citv Ort II Cnttln Hecelpts
lStHHl choice heavy cattle sternly iirillnnry
itriuleH nihil ldoilV lower henvy natlvn
steers i lVll li lltillt WelKhtH I KtHlti 7f
stockers anil lieilers lfit4liri hutehrrs
eoiVH nnil heifers llimiil l7i runners a Via
BOO western stenrs Ill IIKilill Texmis IlimVit
llfiO Hois lllS0 market opemsl
fairly iietlvn and stmuly weakened eliislliB
mostly tc lowei heavy f4S7M li mlxi il II ill
H4 I5 llkht 14111 a 4 V pics 4SVi4 li
Slieep ltneeipto SSSH ilull hut prices iiltout
Htendy IiiiiiIh t4SViV0l muttons jVKiO
JlSTi stockers anil temlers J7l4Si culls
laWKtfll 00
Sou t ll Oiniilm llui Slock
South Omaha Oct II Cattle Receipts
flllKI netlve ttiUU hlKher native 1 f
steers 15 O t0ti western teern iMiVftlNI
Texns steerH l7lKit4Li cows anil heifers
IllWViil 10 dinners f aVgttf stoi kers mnl
remliii H fifWal7ll calves 4WVtllT5 hulls
utiles etc Mi0 7 Hokh Herelpts lMKl
Htemly closril weak heavy 54JVit4 lii mixed
4tiait HkIu 4iri7i plus i4txvod40
hulk of wiles 4WMIiS Hheep Receipts
11000 VitlOe lower yenrlinuH IllbOiiJIltiO
western muttons iii0irSS5 HtocltHlieep 43 40
aiiMi Iniiilw flQO ii 7i
Kilucnto Your lloivels Willi Cimrnrotn
Candy Cntliintlr care conailpatlon forcier
10carc If C CO fall ilrucKlsts refund money
Dr Hathaway
Treats All Diseases
His Uc Hi nil Iiivnrinbly Cures All
Cntiirrlinl llroncliinl Jiiin Stuni
ucli Liver Kidney and Oilier Com
plaints us Well as AH Discuses
mid Weaknesses of Women
In Dr llatliavis most
iteiMu piacllie env
eriiiK li period of mum
thana earNhe ha heen
called upon in treat all
lllilllllil of ilNeases ol
men and women and
iilniiK tho wluili line ol
human ailments hu has
heen umloiuily uc
Ilathaways me
tliml of tieatment nets
illnvtly at the seat of
Purities lrolll Imitles the hlnnd
tOies up the Mhole system ami
i ni i
inc uiooii
itrahes thu iioNoiis liicli
pimliiee tlm diseased eondlllons O
Veaily he restores to
All uiscascs perfect
hmslmN lf vllLllIS
Treated Q frm catturli lirnncliltN As
thma Hay Iever lmiu Complaints Stnmiicli
lleraiul Kidney Disease- lllcs Tmnors Can
cers Kivi lunil all manner of skliiairectlons
uiseasesol way aNo treats Mlth
Krltlst s nn tllosl
Women WMy dstiessnK Mealinesses and
diseases hy which s manv women areallllrteil
Electrical i11 ni iiri Illteil
Aniinne wliall Hi latest electrical mid
Appllancos r s tl thl v nf
which as well as the microscope hu liai world
Midi fame as an epert All of tho medicines
used hy Dr Hathaway aro eonipounded In his
own lahoialories imdcr his pers nnal direction
IhI remedies am prepared for each In-
dh liliuil case according to Its romilrements
Evnmlnattnn Ibithawiiy has prepared n
uianKS ipiliiKtothollirereiitllseasus
which he sends freo on application No i for
Veil No J for Women Voy for Skin Diseases
No 4 lor Catarrhal Diseases Nofi for Kidneys
Dr Hathaway
onnu tin
consultation fr ooti ultiitlmi at either Ills
Freo olilceorhy mall
Dr llalliiiwiiy V Co 9
iti iiiiiiiierelal lllnek Minix City luwu
Hotli mr iv I Ie nml niTHeiriinve been
ualinr CASCAHUTS ami tliey ore the ben
medicine wo hao ever hail In the house Last
week my wlfo wan frantlo with hendticho for
two days sho tried somo of yourCASCAKETS
ami tliev relioved tho pain In her head almost
Immediately Wo both recommend Cascarets
Oiias Stedefoiid
Pittsburg Safo Doposlt Co IlttiburB P
thadi majik BioirriPiio
Pleaiant ralatable Potent Taste Oood no
Good Nuter sicken Weaken or Gripe 10c Sic 60c
Slirlloj llriatd foif tttc0 kllrrl Kw York SIT
NflTnRin BPlS anil guaranteed br all drug
I U DftU
gittt to OIJKK Tobacco llablt
Atfic tabic Preparation for
HicSlomnchs nnd Dowels of
Promotes DiiicslionCriccrrul
ncssnndltestConmiris neither
OpnimMorphinc nor Wtncxal
Hot Narcotic
Xtope orOWnrSMtCELHItmB
Jimphn Srtd
Jh CorbonaSoijX
ftnnful Sugar
Ilntpwi tlarar
Apcrfcct Remedy forConslipa
tion Sour StomachDiarrhoca
Wonns Convulsions Fcvcr ish
jicss and Loss OF SLEEP
Tqc Simile Signature of
lilB Kind Yoj Hava Always Bought
Bean the J
Tnblors Buckeye Pile Ointment gives
iustnut relief It allays inllainmntiou
and heals It is uronint in its action
and positive in its effect It is the kind
that cures without pain or discomfort
It is for piles only 50 cents Tubes
75 cents Geo IJ CiimsTOiir
earii the f Ihe Kind YoJ HaveAlvvavs Boufiht
Are you lacking in strength nnd eu
ergy Are you nervous despondent
irritable billious constipated nnd
Kenernlly ruu down in health If so
your liver is torpid nnd a few doses of
Herbine will euro you Herbiue has no
equal as a health restorer
For Jttfimts and ChfMrer
The Kind Vou Have
Always Pought
Bears the
fi fu
You Have
Always Bought
Tho Krcat remedy for nervous prostration anil all diseases of tho generative
organs of cither sox such as Nervous Prostration Falling or Lost Manhood
Impotenoy Ninhtly Emissions Youthful Errors Mental Worry excessivo use
of Touacco or Opium which lead to Consumption and Insanity With evory
5 order wenuarantco to euro or refund tho money Sold at 8100 per box
G boxes for 500 111 ITIOTTS ClIItIICAIi CO Clovcluud Ohio
Tills Ih Aour Opportunity
On receipt of ten cents cash or stamps
a generous Einnplu will bo mailed of the
most popular Catarrh nnd liny Fever Curt
Elys Cream Halm suflicient to demon
fctrato tho great merits of tho remedy
CO Warren fct Kow York City
Kov John Held Jr of Great Falls Mont
recommended Elys Cream lialin to me I
can emphasizo liin stntcment It is a posi
tive euro for catarrh if ned as directed
Kov Francis V 1oole Pastor Central Prea
Church Helena Mont
Elys Cream Palm is tho acknowledged
euro for catarrh nnd contains no mercury
nor nny injurious drr Price 50 cents
A Sound Liver Milken u Well Alan
Aro you bilious constipated or
troubled with jaundice sick hendache
bnd tiihto in mouth foul brenth coated
tongue dyspepsin indigestion hot dry
skin pain in bnck nnd between the
shouldeis chills nnd fever etc If
you have any of these symptoms your
liver is out of order nnd your blood is
slowly being poisoned becnuso your
liver does not net promptly Herbinr
will cure nny disorder of tho liver
stomnch or bowels It has no equal
as a livei medicine Price 75 cents
Free trial bottle at G B Chrittophb
For Infants and Children
fhe Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Plf your child has thin pale cheeks
uncertain appetite nnd unrestful sleep
it has worms and curing with strong
medicine only makes conditions worse
by irritnting its dolicnte stomach
Whites Cream Vermifuce is mild but
certain in effect nnd is n superior tonio
as well as a positive worm destroyer
Geo B Chkistopii
j pin 1 v y yffiAS s
KLYS CREAM HALM l n posit Ivecure
Apply into the nostril It I ipiiekly absorbed 7
cents nt DriiLuiFtH or hv miel biimples 10c hy mail
ELY imOTUKHS 6ii Warren bt New York Citv
irom ure
WFji L 8 KB SV
- jl HI
Made a
Well Mai
of Me
nEUE330rO3E3 H333Vt23I35i
produces tho abovo results ln30 days It sell
mivciimijuuuijuitiiij wurtu wuenauoinerBUii
Young men will regain their lost manhood and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
HEVIVO It quickly and surely restores Ncrvou
Doss Lost Vitality Impotcncy Nightly Emissions
KJBt Power Falling Memory Wasting Diseases and
all effects of solf abuso or eiccBBand indiscretion
which unfits ono for study business or marriage It
not only cures by Matting at the neat of disease but
iso great nerve tonle and blood builder bring
lng back the pink plow to palo cheeks and ro
Btofing the flro of yonth It wards off Insanltf
and Consumption InBist on having IlEVIVO no
other It can bo carried in vest pocket By mall
B10O per package or six for 85O0 with poal
tlvo written frnamntee to enre or refund
tbexDOaey Oircularfree Addreea
Royal iMedicine Co3SiiBXa
For sale in Noifolk by Geo B Cbristn
Restore Vitality Lost Vigor and Manhood
Cure Impotency NiffhtEmisslonsand
b iDtuouo ail CllCCtS Ol Sell
PJr 1
Aaf iiH
uouse or excess and Indis
cretion A ncrvo tonic and
lilood builder Brinps the
pink plow to jiale cheeks and
restores the lire of youth
I3v lnnil nitn n ln tt
t Ki v uuA uua
tec tn euro or relund tlio ironev
send for circular Address
Clinton Jackson Sts CHICAGO IL i
For sale by Geo R Christoph Norfolk
Money to Loan
Real Estate
Hkhora B d S Association
Ytt Jf Rev- D- C Hopson Pastor M E Church Wauneta Neb writes After P 5
E Pt jT c A years of constipation and stomach disorder DiS Kays Henovator has removed Pi
s f m
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tno constipation aim muuu my biuuiuuii uuiiust new i could not hear a watch
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