The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, October 12, 1899, Page 11, Image 11

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rv - -- x - i hi i i i
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-VV V y
Dehind aaat xxoaf pw mtaiq nlxt coot
I tliil not wnko up till morning Tho
room wiih ho ilurlc thnt 1 do not know us
1 hhotild Imvo wakened thou if my linli
its of uxncl iniiutuiility hud not boon
aided by u fintlo knock at my door
Whos them I ciillcil for I could
not wiy Conic in till I hnd moved my
bed and niiulo way for tho door to open
Hannah with warm water slid a
voico at which I niiulo hasto to riso
Hannah was tho woinaii who hud wait
ed on us at dinner
Tho higlit of her nloiitant countcnuico
which nevertheless looked a trillo hug
gard I thought was a welcomo lolief
after tho bomber features of tho night
Addressing her v ith my usual
hut with quite my usunl kindness
1 asked how tho young ladies wero feel
ing this morning
Her answer uindo a great buow oi
Oh they are much as usual paid
hho Miss Loreen is in tho kitchen and
Miss Lucotta will soon bo hero to m
quiro how you aro I hope you pubsod a
good night yourself niiiiini1
I had slept moro than I ought to per
haps and mado husto to reassure her as
to my own condition Then seeing that
a httlo talk would not bo unwelcomo to
this hearty woman tued to deuth possi
bly with hfo in this dreary houbo I
mado Foino excuse for keeping her a few
minutes saying as I did so
What an immeii o dwelling this is
for four persons to livo in or hnvo you
another linnuto whichlhavo not Keen
I thought her buxom color bhow ed a
momentary hign of lulling but it all
cuno buck ith her answer which was
given in a round hearty voico
Oh Im tho only maid madam I
cook and sweep and all I couldnt
abido another near mo Even Mr Sims
bury who tends tho cow and horso and
who only comes in for his itinnor wor
rits mo by bpells I liko to havo my
own way in tho kitchen except when
tho young ladies chooso to coino in Is
thero anything moro yon want maam
and will you havo tea or coffee for
I told her that I always drank coffeo
in tho morning and would havo liked
to havo added another question or two
but sho guvo mo no chauco As sho
went out I suwhor glance at my candle
stick Thero was only a half burned end
in it Sho is calculating too how long
I sat up thought I
Lucettu stood at tho head of tho stairs
as I went down
Will you excuso mo for a few mo
ments said she I am not quito
ready to follow you but will bo soon
I will take a look at tho grounds
I thought sho hesitated lor a mo
ment then her face lighted up I3o
suio you dont encounter tho dog sho
cried and slipped hastily down a side
hull I hud not noticed tho night before
All a good way to keep mo in
thought L But I shall seo tho grounds
yet if I hnvo to poison tliit dog Not
withstanding I made no hasto to leavo
tho houso Some might think that Ln
cetta had got tho bettor of mo but
that is not a good reason for placing
myself in uncalled for duugor I dont
believe in tempting Providence espe
cially where a dog is concerned
Instoud of that I stood still nnd look
ed up and down tho halls cndeaoring
to got some ideu of thoir plan and of
tho location of my own room in refer
ence to tho rest
I found thut tho main hall ran at
right angles to tho long corridor down
which I hud just coino and noting that
tho doors opening into it were of a sio
and nnish vastly superior to those I had
passed in tho corridor just mentioned I
judged that tho best bedrooms all lay
front and thut I had been quiirtored at
tho end of what hud onco been consid
ered as tho servants hull At my right
as I looked down tho stairs run a wall
with a break beyond which was what
looked liko an opening into another cor
ridor and indeed I afterward learned
that tho long series of rooms of which
niino was tho last had its counterpart
on tho other sido of this enormous
dwelling giving to tho houso tho shape
of a long squui o U
I was looking in some wonderment at
this openiug and murveling over tho
extravagant hospitality of those days
which necessitated such a numbor of
rooms in a pmato gentlonmns homo
when I heard a door open boyond it and
two voices speaking Ono was rough
and caioless unmistukably thut of Wil
liam Knollys Tho other was slow and
timid mill was just lib unmistakably
that of tho niun who hud driven mo to
this houso tho day beforo Tlioy wero
talking of somo elderly person and I had
good sense enough not to allow my in
dignation to blind mo to tho fact that
by that elderly person thoy meant mo
This is important for their words wero
not without significance
How shall wo keep tho old girl out
of tho houbo till it is all over wus
what I heard drop from Williums surly
Lucettahas a plan was tho hnrdly
distinguishable unswer I am to
That was all 1 could hear a olosmg
door shut off tho rost but that was
enough Something then wus going on
in this houso of a dark if uot mystonoub
V churucter and tho attempts mado by
theso two interesting and devoted girls
to cover up this fact by explanations
founded on their ioerty had been but
subterfuges after all iiiiued on their
aeiount but inwiiidlv mateful to tint
lnipiudeiieo of this moro than reckless
brother for this not to bo mistaken
glimpse into tho tuith I slowly de
scended tho stairs in that state of com
plete self possession which is given by a
secret knowledge of tho intentions
formed against us by those witoso ac
tions wo havo reason to susioct
Henceforth I had but ono duty to
penetrate tho mystery of this household
Whether it was tho ono suspected by
Mr Gryco or another of a less o il and
dangerous character hardly mattered in
my eyes While the blight of it tested
upon this family ejes would be lowered
and heads shaken at their nume This
if I could help it niiiht no longer bo If
guilt lay nt the bottom of all this fear
and subterfuge then this guilt must be
known if innocence 1 thought of the
brothers loweiing brow and felt it in
compatible with innocence but remem
bering Mr Gtycos reniatkson this sub
ject read an instant lecture to myself
nnd putting all conclusions aside do
voted tho few minutes in which 1 lottnd
myself alone in the dining tooiu to a
careful preparation of my mind for its
duty which was not likely to bo of the
simplest character if Lucettas keen wits
wwo to bo pitted against niino
When my mind is set frco fiom doubt
and fully settled upon any course 1 am
capable of much good mituio and seem
ing simplicity 1 was tneieioio nine to
maintain my own at tho bieakfist table
with somo success so thut tho nienl
passed off without any of the disugreo
ablo cxpeiicneos of tho night befoio
Perhaps tho fact that Lo ecu presided
at tho coffeo urn instead cl Lucctti had
something to do with this Her culm
oven looks seemed to put some restiuint
upon tho boisterous outbursts to which
William was only too liable while her
less excitablo nature suftered less if by
any thanco ho did break out and startle
tho decoious silence by ono of his rudo
I am a slow eater but I felt forced
to hurry through that meal or bo loft
eating alone at tho end This did not
put mo in tho best of humor toward its
closo for I hated to risk an indigestion
just when my faculties needed to be un
usually alert I compromised by leav
ing tho board hungry but I did it with
such n sniilo thut I do not think Miss
Knollys over knew that I had not risen
fioni any table so ill satisfied in yens
I will lcuo you to my hi other for n
few unuuti ssuid she hastily tripping
from tho room I pi ay that you will
not think of going to your loom Ull wo
havo hud an opportunity of uiiinging
I instantly made up my mind I would
go thero and that too befoio the ui
langing process was over But I must
seo what I could make ol William fust
I thought that ho was not a ery
promising subject as I turned buck to
linn and followed his huge but ungain
ly figure towird tho front of tho house
I thought you might liko to seo tho
grounds ho growled evidently not
enjoying tho rolo assigned him Thoy
aro so attractive ho sneered Chil
dren hereabout call them tho jungle
Whos to blanio for that I asked
with only a purtial humoring of his ill
nature You havo a sturdy pair of
arms of your own and a little trimming
hero and a little trimming thero would
havo given quito a different appearanco
to this undergrowth A gentleman usu
ally takes prido in his pluco
Yes when its all his This belongs
to my sisters as much as to mo Whats
tho uso of my bothering myself about
Tho man was so solfisli ho did not
oven seem to realize tho extent of tho
exhibition ho inudo of it Indeed ho
seemed to tako prido in whnt ho prob
ably called his independence I began
to feel tho most intense aversion for
him and only with tho greatest difllcul
ty could prolong this conversation uu
I should think said I thut it
would bo a pleusuro for you to givo
that much assistance to your sisterb
Thoy do not soein to bo sparing in their
attempts to pleaso you
Ho snapped his lingers and I was
afraid a dog or two would como leaping
around tho corner of tho houso But it
was only his way of oxpressing disdain
Oh tho girls aio well enough ho
grumbled but they will stick to tho
placo Lucettu might havo married a
half dozen times and ono tune I
thought sho was going to but sho turn
ed straight around and sent him off
and that mado mo mad boyond every
thing Why should sho hang herself on
to mo liko a bur w hen thero aro other
folks willing to tako on tho burden
It was tho most palpublo display of
egotism I had over seen and one of tho
most rovolting I wus so disgusted by
it that I spoko up without any too much
Perhaps sho thinks sho can house
ful to you I said I Imvo known sib
tors gio up their own huppines on no
better grounds
Useful ho sneered Its n useful
ness a man liko mo can dispense with
Do you know what I would like
Yo wero standing in ono of tho tau
Llod cathwava with our faced turned to
ward tho house Ah lie spoke ho looked
up and made u inilo soit of gesture to
wind tho blank expanse of empty and
frequently cuituinless windows
1 would like that grout house ull to
nisolf to make one huge buelieloi s
hall of 1 would like to feel thut 1 could
tiunp from one end of it to the other
without uwakeiiiug an echo I did uot
choose to hear there 1 would not Hud
it too big 1 would uot tlnd it too lone
some 1 and my dogs would know how
to 111 it wouldnt we Saraieii Oh I
lorgot Suractn is locked up
Tho way ho mumbled the last sen
tence rIiowoiI dtsplcusuro but 1 gao
little heed to that Tho gloating way
in which he said ho and his dogs would
till it hud gion mo a sort of Hun 1 be
gan to hao something more than an
incision for the muu Ho iuspiicd mo
with something like tenor
Your wishes said 1 with as little
expression us possible mmIii to leavo
your sisters entirely out of your culcu
hit ions How would your mother regntd
thut if sho could seo you from tho pluco
where she is gone
He turned upon mo with a look of
anger that mado his features positively
Whutdo you mean by speaking of
her to mo Hao I spoken of her to
you Is there any reason why yon
should lug my mother into this conver
sation If so say so anil bo
He did not swear at me ho did not
dare to but he came piecious near to it
and that was enough tomakemeieeoil
Sho was my fiiend sutil 1 I
knew nnd 1dm d her beforo on worn
bom Thut wus why 1 spoko of her and
I think it ery natuiul myself
Ho seemed to feel ushumed Ho grum
bled out some soi t of apology and looked
about quite helplessly possibly for the
dog ho ntimtcstly was in the huhit of
luiMiig founei ut his heels I took ad
vantage of this look to smooth my own
milled featuies
Sho was a beautiful gill I to
marked on the pimciplo that the ice
oiuohioken it is not best to hesitate
about jumping in Was jour lather
equally handsome lor a man1
My futlui yes lets talk ol father
lie was a judge oi hoises he was When
he died there who thtee man s m that
stable not to be beat this side of Albany
but those devils of executois sold them
nnd I well you had a chance to test
the speed ol old Hess yestoi day You
werent ufiaid of being llnown out I
tako it Jreat Scott to think of a man
of my tastes owning no other horso than
You havo not answered my ques
tion I suggested tinning linn about
and moving toward the guto
Oh about the way my father looked
What does that inattei Ho was hiind
somo though Folks suy that I get what
ever good looks I havo from him Ho
wus big bigger than I am and while
he lived What did you make a fellow
talk for
I dont know why I did hut I vn
certainly astonished at tho result This
great lingo lump of soltish clay had ac
tually shown feeling and was ashamed
of it liko tho lout ho was
Yesterday said I anxious to
change tho subject I had difliculty in
uettinu in through that gate wo mo
noiutini lor Couldnt you lilt
sti light with just a little oilort
Ho paused looked at mo to seo if I
wero in earnest then tookudoggid step
toward tho gate 1 wus still indicating
With my icsoluto right hand but beforo
ho could touch it he siw something on
that deserti d and ominous highway
which made him stmt in sudden sur
Why Trohni ho cried is that
you Well its tin ago since I hao sun
you ttuii that corner on a visit to us
Somo time ceituinly unsweicd a
heaity nnd pleasant voico and beforo I
could quite drop tho look of mingled
severity with which I was endeavoring
to sliunio this young niun into somo de
cent show of interest in this pluco and
assuino tho moro boconiiug aspect of a
lady caught unawares at an early morn
ing hour plucking flowers from a stunt
ed syringa a gentleman stopped into
sight on tho other side of the fence with
a look and a bow so genial and devoid
of mystery that I experienced for tho
first timo since entering tho gloomy pre
cincts of this town a completo sensation
of plensure
Miss Butterworth oxphiined Mr
Knollys with a somewhat forced gesture
in my direction A guest of my sis
ters ho went on and looked as if ho
hoped I would retire though ho mado
no motion to welcomo Mr Trohni in
but rather leaned a httlo conspicuously
on tho gnto as if anxious to show that ho
hud no idea thut tho others intention
went any lurthor than tho passing of a
fow neighborly comments at tho gate
I liko to pleaso tho young oven when
thoy aro no moro agreeable than this
host of mine and if tho gentleman who
had just shown himself hud been equal
ly iniinnturo I would certainly have left
them to havo their talk out uudisturb
ed but ho was not Ho was older he
was even of sufficient years for tho
judgment to havo been thoroughly ma
tured and his o cry faculty developed
I thoreforo could not seo why my so
ciety would bo considered an intrusion
by him so I waitid and was tho recipi
ent of his next sentence
I am happy said ho to havo tho
pleusuro of a personnl introduction to
Miss Butterworth I did not oxpect it
Tho surpriso is all tho moro agreeable
I only anticipated being allowed to
leavo this puckugo and letter with tho
muid Thoy aro addressed to you mad
am mid were left at my houso by mis
I could not hide my astonishment
I live in the next houso below
said ho Tho boy who brought these
from tho postolllto you seo they nro
regihtered mail mutter iimduin was a
stupid lad and I could not induce him
to como any farther up tho road I hope
you w ill excuso the present messenger
and buliovo there has been no delay
I bowed with what must havo seem
ed an abstracted politeness Tho letter
Wtt3 from Now York and as I btrouulr
suspected fioni Mr Uieo Somehow
this Im t created in me an uuniislakublo
cmbuiriiHstucut I put both lettei and
package in my pocket and eudeuMued
to meet the gentlemans eewithiny
ne uslomed ease ill the pieseiue of
stiaugeis But stiauge to saj 1 hud no
sonner done so than 1 saw thut he was
no iiioio ut Ins ease than myself Ho
smiled glanced at William mude an
otlhuud lemaik or so about tho weiith
el but he could not decehe eyes sliill
cued b sin h oxpci ietieo us mine Some
thing dlstmbed him something connect
ed with me II mude my cheek u Httlo
hot to uekiinw ledge thisexell to myself
but it wus so eiy evident In his whole
look and manner thut I begun to cast
about toi Ihenieansol ridding ouiselves
of William when that blundeiing jouth
suddellh spoke
I suppose ho was ufiaid to come up
the hum Do you know I think jmiio
buiM to attempt it Tiohm Wehuent
a eiv good name up heio And witli
a Hiiildi ii peileclly uniiutuiul buist ho
biokeout into one ol his hugogiillaWH
that sit shook the old gate on which ho
wus hulling 1 mu t I thouglil M would
tumble down with him holme our eyes
1 saw Mr Trohni stint mid cast u look
HI which I m enied to seo both stliplisn
and honor beloio lie turned to me and
witii an air of polite depiecation mix
lousl said
1 um ufiaid Miss Biitteiwotth will
not iiiideistaiid youi allusions Mr
Kuolljs 1 hem this in her lliM isit in
As his muniicr showed cmii more
feeling than tho occasion seemed to
wan nit 1 inudo haste to answei that I
was well acquainted Willi tho tiadltioii
of the lane that its inline alone show
ed whut had hitppcni d line
His biumig showed mi instant iclief
1 am glad said he to Hud jou so
well inliiinu d 1 wusuliuid heio no
rust uuutlit mi htiiinge glance nl Wil
liim that jour young liiendH hi in
might have sin mil limn some m use of
di In ii j limn tilling mi w lint might
fnghtiii most gtusts limn ii Imirh loud
like this 1 i omplnui ut jiiii upon tin u
thoiiglilluhii ss
William bow id as if the winds of the
otlu i iiiitinuid no nihil sugggesttoii
than that whn h was npi nly appm nt
Wus In so dull or was lie I had not
tune to finish my coiit dun s cmii hi
i ii x own in t nil for at this moiiu nt a
quick i l lose behind us mid lumttus
light ligiuo uppfiiul tunning tnwiid
us with i ei i ndn at ion ol e ill nit ut
Ah muiMiund Mi Tiohm with
an iippearum o ol gieat lespi el Miiir
sistu Mi Knollys I hud In tin 1m
mukiugtiu iniiil moining Miss Iulli i
woith 1 am soiij that em uiiistiiu s
stem to make it impossible foi me to
ollir j on those eiuhties which jou
might nusonubly ixpeet horn sonini a
neighbor Miss Lmetti and I meat
swords Ktuts over a matter upon whu h
I still insist sbo is to blame See how
shockul sho is to see mo win standing
tit her gate
Shocked 1 1 should rather huo said
terrified Nothing but fuir her old
fear aggravated to a point that made all
attempt tit concealment impossible
could account for hi r white diuwn feu
tines und tiembling form She looked
us if her whole thought was Huo I
come in time
What what has procmed us the
honor of this iMt she nskul moving
up beside Willi un is if sho would add
her slight frame to his bulky ono to keep
this iutiudi r out
Nothing that need alarm you said
tho other with a slight tone of intuit ion
in bin kind and mellow Mine I was
rat her unexpectedly intrusted this morn
nig with a letti r for your agreeable
guest here and I have merely como to
deliver it
Her look of astonishment passing from
him to me 1 thrust my nuiid into my
pocket und drew tho letter out which I
hud just recoivi d
From homo said I without proper
ly considering that this was in some
measure an untruth
Oh 1 she murmured as if but half
convinced William could havo gone
forit sliondded still eying Mr Trohm
with a pitiful anxiety
I was only too happy said tho
other with a low and reassuring bow
Then as if ho saw thut her distress
would only bo relieved by his depar
ture he raised his hat and stepjwd back
into tho opon highway I will not in
trtido ngain Miss Knollys wero his
parting words If you want anything
of Obadiah Trohm you know whero to
find him His doors will always bo
open to you
Lucotta with a start laid her hand
on her brothers aim as if to rostrum
tho words sho saw slowly laboring to
his lips and leaning breathlessly for
ward watched tho lino figure oi tlnspor
fict country gentleman till it had With
drawn quite out of sight Then sho turn
cd and with a quick abandonment of
all self control cried out with a pitiful
gesture towaid her brother I thought
all wis over I feared ho meant to tome
into tho house and fell stark and seem
ingly lifeless at our feet
To lxi imtiiiuiHl Xoxt Witk
rirtHtiiKr nil IrnlKlit Jollliln III Arling
ton ViiriU HtrilH Aflurnuiiii
From MomliirM Daily
A head end collision occuml on tho
Elkhorn yestorday afternoon at about I
oclock in tho switching yards at Ar
lington between tho east IkiuikI pas
honges No Hi and a special train of
empty sto If cars
Tho collision took place about half a
mile west of the depot whero tho road
makes a sharp curvo The freight was
mostly on tho siding but tho engine and
ouo car remained on tho mum track
When tho passenger rounded tho curve
tho engineer caught onto the situation
aud put on the air and reversed tho en
giue but the velocity wus so great that
the train didnt stop until it struck
tho freight
Both engine crews jumped and
caped piuctioiilly unltiuiod with the
evcepllon of Ilionum Ed Welsh of the
passenger who was bi nixed aud til con
sldeiubly about the bond bv loiuing in
contact with a barbed who fence
The shock was sullli ietit to almost
completely demolish tho engine ol the
passeugei and ptuelii ally telescope tin
sniokei and second baggage i ur The
engine of the freight wus bulh
duniaged Two or lluee passcngeis
weie biuised but not sciiously Mucoid
ludy iiiimo unknown had hei hip and
buck wienched
The newsboy mid jmssengeis in the
sniokei had tun row escapes fiomintiiy
A wtceking now fioni MisHiuiti ul
ley was soon on the scene and nl woik
but the west bound piiHseugei didn t at
live in Nm folk until midnight
The passeugei train wus in chaige ol
W I liillup conductor and link
lluMo engineer nnd the height wus
in oliivige of Conductor lohn Mock ami
Engineer Mi Hunts
Itllllll 1 1 III II o
after jou have concluded thai j on ought
not to di ink colleo It is uot a medicine
but doelois onler it because it is
healthful invigorating and appetizing
It ismadiifiom pine giaius and bus
that i ili seal blown inlor and tastes
like the IIiich guides of colleo und costs
about us much Cluldien like il und
thine on it becuiise it is a genuine food
dunk continuing nothing bill uoiiilsh
nienl Ask your gioier lor iiiiinM
the new food iltiuk Ii uud Jo i cuts
Im ic Nhwh joe icpii ininiit
plele in eveiy puitioulur
is COIIl
For a summer cough S
jHi cjjRl
TV iv 1 W
Or a winter mutihr flUyAljllTH
i i t u iiiih WVljll j X
Or a slight cough j ft JyTw
j Or a cough which S KSffSw
v v I I KMffiJ -
S 11
Cherry Pectoral
i i V hi r fwirf1 fs
cuuoFEVEn8 hua Fore Mh
cuuEaBpnAlvH ItbaumatUoi
cviuwl W0lMH UoU llruh
JJkj COUGHS Colds inDuenxa
Jj COLIC nrllvchP Diarrhea
tiO Irovrnl MlflCAIiHIAMK
JIJmAMJB Shin niiroiri
cubbSiad C0M1ITI0X fitarlna Coat
Kc tttchs Btoliln CaM Ten flpwincs ITnok fto t7
At ilrUKKllorhunl pn iialil on rxmlpl of tirlro
ntilirnys juooicuiu ui ir wiuiam a
Now York
VernniNAur IUnuai Hekt 1 iikk
nnd Prostration from Over
work or other causes
Humphreys Homoopnthlo Spooiflrj
No 2B in ubo ovorAO yeura tlio only
liuoccbsful romody
1 per vialor 9 vials and Urge vial powderfor 5
Hnld ly VmtgltU or f ut oit pQ ou rtcct I of rka
lollento otganiKtn of woman What
the stilTctii ought to do is to givo
a fall ti ml to
Female Regulator
whii It ii the tt no onio ptovidcd
by Nattito foi all female tumbles It
Is the fni inula of n physiimn of tho
highest standing who devoted hm
whole life to the study of tho dis
tinct ailments pcculiai to our moth
ers wives anil Intighlcts Itisinuile
of soothing healing sticngtheiiing
hoi lis and vegetables which have
boon ptnvidoil by n kndly Natuto to
onto inogulaiity in tho menses Ieu
t nulla 1 rilliiignl the Wmnl Noiv
Dlisuess 1 load ii he and Bmkaihe
111 fuiinoss to hot self ami to Ilrnd
fields Ieinnle Kutjulntor every
siillcittig wnniati might tn give it a
tnal A huge i bottle will do n
wondoi fill amount of good Sold by
Sli II t 1 I ly lllinltllr I lirrUmV nil tin- ul r I
flic liiailflclil Hcirulttnr Co Atlanta Ga
Frazer ftide Orease
C Ptw
Women MifFor
itig fi uu emiilo
1 1 mi hi c q ami
wi akness ami
fmiii litcgulir
nt painful men
ses might imt
Id lose hope if
Initios i aniiit
In Iplhein lh
sti i ins ate sd
busy with other
dtsi iscs that
thi v 1 not
mil fully
the pi i uliai all
incuts ami tin
just lf i Aii
rU ANY Ol -
rail i uiwiCk
Not affected by Heat or Cold
Highest Awards at Centennial
Paris and Worlds Fair
Factories Chciaflo St Louli Now York
A full lino
if Ileal Varieties nt lliiril I line Prices Small
trull In Iiokii hupp Millliiim of Htiitwlinrry
plniilH Miiy thrift iiml wnll rooted Jntllin
in Hi UMiir fioiim n ml mtvii frolnht or mimic
Hiiii1 fur pririi lint to
North Bend Nurseries
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Painting Paper Hanging and Decorative Work at Fair Prices