The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, September 28, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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    The Norfolk Hsuas
W N HUSK Ilifollnhor
Otnlilloliral 1S7
1 Ktrn ilnj onrept Ktmilns Ill rum
nV ll cent Hj imIl lr jnnr JjIW
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KMnlillitlml ivtl
Ktor Tliurrilio Itj mull r soar M
Knlnrol at tlio IliKldllU o ut NorfcilV Nili no
mini clan iimllif
Tiiloplionn No 1
For Siurininlili
M II IJkkhi
Tor lli Kciitiif tlinHtnln UhIwkIIj
It 0 MrdlioN
On WniMH H lin
For JmUn tit Mm Nlnlli Dlntrlct
A V Wmch
Cirri MMi IH Com I Cnu Si n mmi
County CIimV Iiiimi lUfdil
Tmnhitriir Miikm
UltrilT MitNin
Coiini IihIk A Muiiw
3niriiitcmliiit Pulillo InMrurlloii
li imiii SsMiiii
Coroior Kmw vjiiiTnnmi
Surwsor V II Iowi
Coiuily CiiiiiiiiIkhIiiiiit KlrM DIMrlrt
CnitlH Kill i H
Motor biovoliw run by kuhoIIiio iiro
hu lntiwt thiiiK l wImmiIh
Tlio most northorn nowHpiiiHir in tho
rrorltl is inibllshoil nt HuinintirHtoin
Hukhiii Thu suliMcrlptioiiM it In mild
m pnhl mostly in IIhIi Ah Huh nuiko
excolluut bruin food thin ouht to bo
witlsfuetory to tho oditor and result
bonollomUy to tho readers
If yon want to roach tho homes of
tho people in any kIvoii eommuiiity
thoro is no itvonuo throunh which it can
Ik ho utloetlvoly done iih in tho local
nowspjipor ItH oiroulation countH for
fur more per oopy thin tho Kroiitoity
dailies While thoy are tho jouriiulH ol
tluuioWH Htand tho railroad I rtin the
hotel and tho inartH of trade thu local
pupors aro tho intimate miosts of the
tho homo and fireside Thoy are
Hciunicd eagerly and in every household
whore thoy cironlato aro read from the
top of the titlo piitfo to tho last line by
nmuy different pairs of eyes If you
want to got tho attention of this com
munity advertise in Tins Nkws
The ltopiillican Candidates
The Omaha Bee introduces tho repub
lican candidates on tho Htute tioltet thit
year as follows
iuixh m ii mrsi
Judge M 13 Hoeso has boon a resident
of Nebraska twonty throe years Hois
n native of Illinois having been born in
Maoouplu county in 18111 lie reolved
ooommon school oducatiou and being
desirous of furthor onlturo attended a
somlunry for two years paying his own
expenses During that period ho de
veloped tho spirit of independence and
Bolf reliuuoo ohuriictoristio of all men
who attain ominouco His father was
wns n farmer and tho sou followed the
eniuo occupation until he was 21 vears
old Meanwhile Mr lloese had married
And sottled d vn but an at o doutocoured
which disabled his arm for life Ho
found it impossible to continue on a
Mr Reoso thou commenced tho study
of law Shortly aftor tho breaking out
of tho war ho oulisted but wheu he
camo to undergo tho physical oxamina
tiou necessary much to his chagrin he
was rejected becauso of tho injury re
ferred to Ho then again applied him
self to study law and wns admitted to
prootice in March 1815 Ho practiced in
OsooLi Iowa until 1871 whou ho camo
to Nebraska
Mr Reese settled iu Plattsmouth and
remained thoro atxut two years
Although ho wns building up a good
law practice he was forced by the ill
health of his family to move away from
the river Ho thou went to Saunders
coiuty establishing himsolf sixteen
years and achieved a state reputation
Ho was elected n luoiutwr of the state
constitutional convention in 1S75 and
assisted iu framing our present state
Iu the following year Mr Reoso wns
chosen for state senator by tho republi
cans of his district but ho declined the
nomiuatiou In tho fall of 1871 ho was
oloted district attoruev of tho then
Fourth judicial district and was re
elected in 1S7S nnd again in 180 prac
tically without opposition
In Novombor 1882 Mr Roose resigned
his position lacking two months of
holding it six years In tho fall of
3888 ho was uominatod for tho position
of supremo judge aud was elected re
maining on tho bench for six years
the last two of which ho served as
chief justice His oareer as supremo
judge is well known
After leaving the bench ho established
liimt elf again iu the practice of law iu
Lost winter he wns candidate for
United States seuntor aud wns voted for
on every ballot At one time he stood a
Tory good show of election
About six years ago Judge Reese wns
appointed denu of the law department
of the stnto university of Nebraska
which position ho still holds
Kdmuud G McUiltou uomiueo for
roget of the State uuiven ity was
born iu Wisconsin forty yenrs ngo
When he wus 111 years ol t his fnther
moved on a farm and from then ou his
hoyhood and youth wns that of a
farmers sou He attended the State
university of Wisconsin graduating
therefrom in I SSM and afterward tho
law department of the same institution
from which he giaduated in IHHo
While in the law school he was con
nected for a year with the right of wav
department of tho Wisconsin Central
railroad aud after being admitted to
tho bar practiced iu the Wisconsin
courtH For a time lie wiih attorney for
tho Northwestern Manufacturing and
Oar company at Stillwater Minn
In tho year I88T Mr Mctlilton had
occasion to visit Nebraska and Haw
Omaha whou tho boom was ou Ho
waa deeply Impressed with the prospects
for its future and decided to remove
here which lie did In January 1888
He has practiced his piofcssion hero
over since and has attained a position
in tho estimation of his fellow jurists
which can bo placed second to that of
hut few lawyers in the state Ho has
not had time for active participation iu
politics but hits hint it constant interest
iueducntioual matters
im w II KIV
Dr W M Nly wnHJborn in Hoston
Muss in IK ID His parentH died while
he was juito young Ho began tho
study of music at an early age and
I aught hiuhIo in tho foinalo seminary
at Cannndaigua N Y several yours
also iu tho female seminary at Rome
Ga and entered t lie college of medicine
at University of Michigan iu 1871
graduated in 1878 practiced medicine
iu Now York until 18811 when ho re
moved to Ainsworlh Neb whore ho
has resided over since Dr Kly wiih a
candidate for state senator in the
Fourteenth district in 1871 on the re
publican ticket and cut a majority of
1000 to 2r0 Ho is considered one of
the brightest and best physicians in
northwest Nebraska having a very
large practice in Mrownnnd surrounding
counties He is n good citizen and
highly esteemed by all
Shai liiK In Sli ect liullwiiy ICarnliiKS
Willie Deliolt and one or two other
American cities are engaged In the
never eliding si niggle to compel street
railways to reduce their rates of faro
the cllv of Toronto continues to Illus
trate in a must striking and convincing
manner the wisdom of the policy thai
exacts n percentage of gross earnings
as compensation for tin use of the
According to the Toronto Mall and
Umpire of Aug 10 lust the earnings of
the street railways in that city for ten
months of the present lineal year have
already passed the million dollar mark
By the terms of the franchise under
which the Toronto street railway plant
Is operated the company was required
to pay Into the city treasury 10 per
cent of these earnings The city treas
urer has therefore received a check for
12721 which is the municipal share
of the earnings for July
The Increase of the earnings nnd per
centages for four yenrs Is showu by
the following figures for July
Irons receipt IVrtvntiifp
July 1CHI 1170vS Si 12721 IM
July 1VJS 11U070 00 8Jja 00
July 1m97 100750 00 SS10 00
July lttoij 87701 i7 7020 00
Toronto bought her street railroads
In 1SU aud operated them for six
mouths at a protlt of 125000 per mouth
and then sold them for what they cost
on the following conditions Klglit hun
dred dollars per mile per your to be
paid Into the city treasury 8 per cent
Of the gross receipts up to 1000000
10 per ceut up to 1500000 of Uio
gross receipts 12 per cent from 1500
000 to 2000000 of the gross receipts
15 per ceut ou the receipts up to 3
000000 and 20 per ceut ou all receipts
over i000000 After 20 years the
city can take liaca the plant nt Its
actual value
The experience of Toronto furnishes
ample proof of the wisdom of the poli
cy which secures to a municipality a
fair compensation for the use of streets
bused uiioii a tixed percentage of the
gross earnings
According to a Chicago paper Con
gressiuau James 11 Mnuu of Illinois
has n bill prepared for Introduction at
the coming session of congress to pro
vide for an appropriation of 11850 for
the improvement of the government
burying lot Iu Oak wood cemetery
known us Confederate mound and
tho further nppiopriatlon of 250 an
nually for the protection and uialnte
uuucu of the lot Confederate mound
In Oakwood cemetery Is a plot of
ground purchased by the government
from the Oakwood Cemetery associa
tion In which aro buried 12 Luion sol
diers who died of smallpox at Camp
luuglas aud Confederate prison
ers of war who were originally burled
in the Chicago City cemetery and were
removed iiuiny years ago to their pres
ent resting phicoj Such legislative ac
tion would be In line with the sugges
tion Hindu by President McKinley some
mouths ago In his address ut Atlanta
when he spoke of the duty of the gov
ernment toward the graves of the Con
federate deud
Now New York has a vigilance com
mittee It is camping on tho trail of
certain persons who it is alleged are
teokiug to bunko the city out of the
little matter of 00000 000 iu connec
tion with its water supply
It Is said that the Cheat Salt lake Is
i lowly drying up Candidates for of
lice howovei need have no fear thut
the great Salt river will ever run dry
Wi ht In ul litit Iihi I Ii nil IiiIIimI Ipon
Till I I Work
MlsuiA Moil Sept 28 Senti
ment ill lie National Irrigation con
gress is uuitieKiiniiiJily cryslalling in
favor of a pTiimn i organization and
continuous Him t iu the dissemination
of educational literature relating to
irrigation mntters
Chicago was yesterday chosen its the
place of holding the next meeting of
the congress There wore invitations
from LtH Angeles Salt Iakc Cleveland
Chicago St Paul St houiH and Wash
ington 1 O Sentiment was over
whelmingly in favor of Chicago ou tho
ground that a meeting held there
will reach more people than any other
place mentioned
Tho forestry uest ion and tho national
roser o system of the federal govern
ment was discussed by Judge Best
Superintendent J Ii Collins F B
Touiney and Professor J W Tourney
of the division of forestry It was
shown that the forestry system is doing
much to conserve the water supply of
the country Kx Governor McCord of
Ariona delivered an elouent address
upon the reclamation of arid lauds
There wiih but one dissenting vote ou
tho resolution urging tho reclamation
of the arid IiiiiiIh indicating that the
west is at last united upon this great
work The following ofllcerH were
chosen President lOhvood Mead
Wyoming llrst vice president S M
Kniory Montana second vice president
j W ShurlhtV Utah third vice presi
dent C B llurtt Idaho secretary 11
B Miinoii Nevada George N Max
well of California wiih elected national
lecturer and ex illicit a member of thu
executive committee
iiiliriiKo AieiiililH In Lincoln Olil
IllllMll III WlliilllllKlOII
Wasiiiniiton Sept 28 Delegates
represent nig 25000000 Prosby t erians
throughout the world assembled yester
day iu the Now York Avenue Presby
teriitn church to attend the first session
ol the Pan Presbyterian alliance
The church auditorium is ono of the
most commodious iu the city It is the
church which Lincoln attended when
ho was president and the pew which he
and his family occupied wiih an object
of particular interest to tho dolegates
when thoy assembled
The session of tho alliance will last
ten days Tho body is purely deliber
ative mid not in any sense executive
Its capacity is entirely advisory
Tho first session was devotional in
character the services being in chip go
of Row Dr Wallace Radoliffe pastor of
tho church in which tho sessions aro
hold Tho opening sermon was preached
by Row John Do Witt D D professor
of church history at Princeton Theolo
gical seminary his subject being The
Attitude of the Reformed Churches To
ward tho Bible
Tho first business session of tho nlli
unco was held yesterday afternoon
WriiK llurmr Avortuil
CoiUMiiiTS Neb Sept 28 While a
heavy freight train eastbound on tho
Union Pacific road was approaching
the large bridge over tho Loup river
two miles west of town yesterday tho
engineer discovered tho bridge was on
tiro KMiniinatiou showed 21 tics and
some stringers had been consumed The
eastbound passenger No 2 was behind
time and was following the freight
train Had they been on time thoy
would have probably gono down with
the bridge and loss of hto would have
tSrulii Klnvuttir at Alnmilni Hums
Manxino lu Sept 28 The big
grain elevator of tho Manning Mercan
tile company situated iu tho North
western yard was completely dostroyed
by tiro at 1110 oclock yesterday morn
ing as wus also 8000 bushels of wheat
contained therein Tho estimated loss
ou elevator is 10000 and contents 5
000 Tho property was fully insured
Several freight cars in tho yard woro
burned and it was with great difficulty
thut Leak Sous elevator situated
not more than 50 feet below was saved
Druili ut the Imlnntoii Inlr
Lkxinoton Nob Sept 28 The
third day of tho street fair was some
what marred by a violent gulo of wiud
fhat prevailed most of the day but it
did not interfere with the crowds At
tho close of the one mile bicycle race
Herman Kugler who had won second
money continued at full speed until
I ho rope stretched across the street at
the boundary line caught him across
i lie neck throwing linn to the ground
Ho was carried home and died at J
i Vloek his neck having been broken
lVntli Cumin to Iurt Crook
Nhw YottK Sept 28 The troop
that arrived hero on the MoPhersou
were sent to their destination yesterday
Thoy consisted of one battalion of the
Second United States infantry and ono
of tho Tenth infantry Tho former was
in command of Captain Pickering aud
Captain Purcoll commanded tho Tenth
Tho former went to Fort Thomas and
tho latter to Fort Crook near Omaha
DiotTiia Unmrlf mill Children
The Dauks Or Sept 28 News
has been received here of a tragedy
which occurred about 40 miles from
hero yesterday when Mrs WTGyton
drowned herself and her two children
a boy of four years and a girl of ono aud
i half years iu tho Dcs Chutes river
Family troubles is said to have causi I
tho wonien to commit the deed The
bodies were recovered today
Catarrh Cannot Im Cuiiil
with local applications as they cannot
reach the cat of tho disease Catarrh
is a blood or constitutionil disease and
iu order to cure it you must take inter
nal remedies Halls Catarrh Cure is
taken internally and nets directly ou
tho blot 1 mid mucous snrfnees Hulls
Catarrh Cure is not a jtn ek mcdeciue
It was prescribed by one of the beet
physicians iu this country for years und
Is a regular prescription It isconipoed
of the best tonics known combined
with tho best blood Jpurifiers noting
directly on the mucous surfaces Tho
pin 1 ct combination of tho two Ingre
dients is what produces such wonderful
results in curing catarrh Send for
testimonials fieo
F JCnrNiv Co Props Toledo O
Sold by druggists price 7fo
Halls Family Pills aro the lust
1 1 III n on Opirii Minimi SKo
Bids will bo received until October 1
181111 on a suitable site for an opera
house A lot nbout 100 by 120 feet will
bo required Address all propositions
to tho Royal Mutual Life Insurnnco Co
Pacific hotel F Wahuant
The Union Pacific will sell during the
Greater American exposition every
Tuesday round trip tickets to Omnhn
and return at 80 return ticket good
wit bin seven days from date of salo also
every Saturday round trip tickets at
110 return ticket good until tho fol
lowing Monday F W Junkman
P Ii A- 11 V II It
Special excursion rates to Omaha
for the Aksarbeu festival Excursion
tickets on September 21 27 and 28 at
210 for the round trip from Norfolk
good for five days
IIIiIn rr Cinil
Sealed bids will bo received until
8 p m Oct 2 18 for furnishing the
sdhool district of the city of Norfolk
Nob with lump nut steam nnd silicic
coal delivered at the various school
houses in such quantities and at Mich
tunes as may be ordered by tho bouid of
education for the enusing year
All coal to bo weighed upon scales to
bo designated by the board of education
Iliizht is reserved to reject any and all
bids 11 C Mathai
OiiIkIiIii Iriclncl Cliiuun
Tho republican voters of Norfolk out
side precinct will meet at the city hall
Sutuiday Oct bor7 at 2 oclock p in
to nominate ono cundidnto fur assessor
two candidal h for justices of the pence
and two candidates for coustal les
G D Smith
Member of Conntv Central Committee
For tho Siillo of Fun MIncIiIiT Ih Donu
A vast amount of mischief is done
too becauso people neglect to koop their
blood pure Tho mischief appears in
eruptions dyspepsin indigestion nerv
ousness kiduoy disenses and othor nil
incuts This mischief fortunately may
bo undouo by tho faithful use of Hoods
Sarsaparilln which cures nil diseases
originating in or promoted by impure
Hoods Pills euro all liver ills Nou
Wo wish a live traveling manager in
your territoiy at once man or woman
liberal cash aud commission first year
more second year if deserved some
for local work nlHo good references
required those out of employment or
wishing to belter themselves address
Factory Cor Perkins nnd Union
streets Akron Ohio
More 1iipuliir Tlitm Kter
Siuee 1890 the Hot Spriugs of South
Dakota have been recognized as the re
sort for western people
All things aro favorable for those seek
ing rest health or pleasure This season
finds the resort well pntroulzed by people
from Nebraska Iowa Illinois Minnesota
Wisconsin and eastern South Dakota
and everyone well satisfied with the
Wonderful Wntors
Delightful Climate
Modern Hotels
Varied nttructions for sight set rs
TheNo thwesteru Line is the pioneer
to this resort
The Northwestern Liue runs Wngner
Palace sleepers to Hot Spriugs South
Tho Northwestern Line makes low
round trip rates to this resort
Ask your uearest railroad agent for
tho date of the next excursion via the
Fromont Elkhoru Missouri Valley
R R Northwestern Line
J H Gaisik J R Buchanan
Des Moines Omaha
E A Snow storm 1
in Summer
E Ever soo ono AVo nover did bat
we iuyo seen mo ciuininir at una umo
j of tho year so covered with dandruff g
w inli 11 iikikcu as ii it uau uoeu out iu
a regular enow storm
No need of this now torm
Ah tlio summer suu melts the fU
Hair Vigor
melts these flakes of dandruff In the
Hialp It Kea further than this it i
prevents their formation
It alio restores color to gray hair
without fall
Audit feeds and nourishes the roots
of tho hair Thiu hair becomes thick
hair and short hair becomes long
hair 1100 a bottle All druggists
If you do not obtain all the benefit
you expected from tho use of the Visor
write the doctor nboJt it He will tell
TOU juit verr the tioutilelt
Addreu Da J C AVER
Lowell Mats
Graceful Unsy nnd Long Wearing
Ola Ncthcrsole 250 Shoe
Possesses tlio morlt of perfect stylo fit comfort nnd lurnbllltr
No lircnlfiii in iieconrr mailo to conform to tho lines of tlio foot
Solo very floxlblo Cliromo Kid stock that Is soft ns n rIoyo yet
wenrs liko Iron Kxccls nny 350 shoo for wonr nnd comfort
No UM Chromo Kid with tin of tho same medium weight cole
tnntliiiH cltliiifUHllver luilf doiliir low heel mill inlf IuUcrii
imi n iiiii uiinmiim h txmjuiimuuil miujiu will Cllllliori
nonnlnciirtd hylhc Knck Island Shoe Co Kock Island III
onu oli exclusively In tlilj city by
I fit I
Tried Them
CIIAS S HIU1H1E Vick Iiieiiiibnt
W K HKAAStH Ahst Casiiub
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 5000
Buy anil sell oxchanKO on thin country nnil all mrtn of Kurcipo Farm Loans
Directors am Ahmuh W 11 Johnson hah S Kruiok C Hiiaawii O M
Swank 1 V Luikaiit T K Mi mminuick L Sihmonh
1 M nTylet
Attorney at Law
Norfolk - - Nebrortkb
riuslciiin nnd Surgeon
Ollico over itizuun National Hanl OIIIr
1000 to 1200 0 m ami 201 ton Opm
vouiUKR 70 to 800
HntileucoTolaphoHn No 9
OlHco No 101
DR C S PAIllvEll
At Pierco Everv Monday
Mast Mock - - Norfolk Nel
Itflcd over Olticens Natl Bank Bnstdonoe on
hlnok north of Conxroiratlonal ohnroh
Fashionable Dressmaker
Dp stairs In Cotton oloek orer Banms ston
First olast work guaranteed
Norfolk Nebrait
Attorneys at Law
Boom 10 11 and 12 Mast Hlook
Norfolk Nebraako
gasaioNB bell
Undertakers and Etnhalnmra
Benlon Blk Norfolk Ave
Norfolk Nebraska
Attorney at Law
Rooiuh 1 and 2 Robertson Wilton
Block Norfolk
Jeweler and Optician
All arrors of refraction properly coriecteil
Fine wntcli repairing
Mrs H H Hull
Facial Tretirfnt MuDHUring and Shempoi
vVIU gladly call at your homes and do ry of thl
rork Orders taken for flue balr switches
Petfeot matob guaranteed Besidtuce on First
street Junction Orders may be left at th
Innetlon Drnw Htore Telephone 16
Priees Reasonable
Up stairs over Wnrehama Milliuerj
Norfolk Myrtle Hive No 30
Ladies of the Maccabees
of the World
MpetK very tirst and third Tuosdiijs of rnoh
month at - o clock in the afternoon Visit 1111
inemherB are cordially united Mrs IdiiClark
Ludy tomiiiiinder Sirs Katie Bifh Itecord
Keeper Mrs Ella Itosinbiium Kimiuco Keeper
North Western
p E W V R R is the best to ano
from the
North Nebraska
Always Fresh
and Just as
Hihst Market Price Paid iov
ButUT nnd Ijjs
Sale and
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold orc
Bransch Avenue
und Tnird fit
Everybody wants the bst of
meats We make a special
effort to please our trade
Our Khip Ih the Neatest
in th rity
Oil and Gasoline
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps gj
Prices Right
Satisfaction Giuirantppd on all Wink
First dim West of Post Ofllce
For Plumbing Steam Fitting Puipi
Tanks7 Wind Mills
Aud all repair work Id tliU Hue ca
BatUfaotion QoaranUed
Flrat door aontb of Dally Neva olle