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A Warm Time at the Conven
tion This Afternoon
Aflnr Sulrrtlng ltriiinoiitnlltc lit Ollmr
CrtmonltoliK mi AilJiiurtiiiiMit I TuUnn
SnHlrrl li Oitll r tlm Or
MniUnv Ik KikkiIumI Out Norm Newtliili
Irnm Hnlnnlftyn lMly
The democratic ounty convontimi
mot in Murquiirdts hall UiIh afternoon
pursuant to cull Of tho 172 delegates
entitled to Bouta in tho oonvoutioii prob
nbly 100 woro prosont
Tho con volition wiw culled to onlor nt
210 by J 0 Stitt olmiriiinii of tho
comity central committee Tho cull
was rend by lohn Mulono acting secre
Chairman SI lit announced Unit tho
central committee hud docldod to roconi
moml Hint Hon lohn S HobiiiHon bo
mudo temporary ohiilrnmii of tho con
volition Bolng pot i voi r
ItobiiiRon wiw olootod toniporiiry olitilr
niiin Not boiug in tho room Messrs
Lulkurt ind Zimmerman woro appoint
od to find and escort him to tho choir
Whilo tlio convention wiw waiting
A P Ohilds wiw elected toniporary hoc
Congressman Robinson upon taking
tho chair Htntod that it ullordod him
pleasure to prosido ovor this convention
In a 20 miuuto spooch ho outlinod dem
ocratic principles and predicted that
tho struggle of 1100 will prove o me
morable ono Tho Rpoaker did not with
at ami tho temptation to make a fow re
marks concerning tho policy of the
julniiniHt ration in the Philippines
Tho temporary organization was
hen made permanent
OMHondeo of Lincoln Post was giv
en tho floor and an opportunity to do a
littlo advortiflingiu which ho offered to
ho ml the Post until Bryan is oloctod for
100 or until tho court house at Mudl
noil is filled with popocrats for 2 cents
List of delegates us compiled by tho
secretary was read and adopted It
was announced that the uoxt business
in order was tho selection of 10
Kates to tho statu convention at Omaha
August 22
Frank Martin otVerod 111 nanios as del
egates to tho state convention naming
ono or more from each precinct as fol
J S Itobiuflon Goo W Losoy T F
Momingor T 1 Mulono Uniou mid
P J Halo P E Martiu Battlo Crook
Wohonkol Fairviow
J O Hooves School Graft
J J Hughes Door Crook
Hodman Valloy
Pat Stauton Tildon
Albert Degnor D J Ivoonigstein A
P Ohilds J II Maekay Fred D
Krantz Norfolk
Tlio Norfolk list did not seom satisfac
tory and MrStitt oilered an ainondinout
Hiibstitutingtho names of Albert Deg
nor A Bucholz G ALuikart D Roes
and C F W Marquurdt
This brought on rat her a hot discus
triou and flually as away of settling the
mutter it was moved that tho convention
concodo to Norfolk tho privilege of nam
ing ilvo of tho sixtoou dolegntes
This boiug voted in tlio atllrmativo
tho Norfolk delegation rotirod to anoth
er room to caucus
Tho result of tho caucus was the selec
tion of thoso liainod by Mr Stitt with
out a dissenting vote This is consid
ered a direct slap at Dr Maekay who is
understood to havo named tho list
offorod by Mr Martin
Mr Oilman moved to rocousider tho
motion allowing Norfolk to select fivo
dologatos Tho motion precipitated a
livoly dobato in which considerable por
fsomil fooling was manifested but it was
votod down by au overwhelming vote
Tlio motion to select tho 10 dolegates
to tlio stato convention whoso nanios
woro road as amended thou prevailod
Motion was inudo that 10 dolegates bo
fioloctod to tho judicial convention yot to
bo called and that thoy bo instructed to
cast tho full voto of tho couuty in suoh
Tho following named woro uomiuated
Example is Beftet
Than Precept
It is not what we say but
nvhat Hoods Sarsaparilla
does that tells the story
Thousands of testimonials are
examples of what Hoods
has done for others and
what it will do for you
Scrofula Kuunlns scrofula sores
made me shunned by in lliliora Medical
trcntnient ailed A relative urged me to
try Hoods riursaparlllu Did so and In few
months the sores completely healed Mrs
J M Hatch Ktna N 11
Inflammatory Rheumatism -Two
Attacks of the crip left mu with lutlamma
tory rheumatism Am SSI years old but
Hoods Sarsaparilla cured me and I can
climb stairs and walk anywhere
373 Kargo Ave Buffalo N V
CGtS SaMatViitq
lluodi Plllicure liver lllj Hit uon Irritating anil
only cttUtrtlo to Uku with llooJt tArtprllU
John S Robinson D J ICoonlgstoln
G A Imlkart P F linmorman J 0
Stitt John Malono F J Halo T F
Monimluger John 1 OShoa A J
The Judicial delegation was instruct
ed to cast its voto for ox Senator V V
Allen for district judge
A resolution was adopted endorsing
tho candidacy of Oluw A Vlokers for
appointment as a Uoutonaiit In ono of
tho volunteer reglmonts now being
Tlio chair Htntod that tho next busi
ness In order under tho call wiw tho
nomination of tho county olllcers
Motion provallod that tho cnuvontion
do not nomiiiato county olllcers at this
tinio but that when an adjournment
be taken it bo to meet at tho call of tho
Moved that tho chair appoint a com
niitteo as a conference coniinitteo to act
with a similar commit ton from tho popu
list convention which moots at Madison
tomorrow Tho chair appointed as such
coniinitteo J O Stitt Geo Stuvonsou
and P F Immormou
Coin Harvoy was thon Introduced
and was received with applause He
foro proceeding witli his address ho sug
gested that those who do not atllHuto
with tho free silver forcos might retire
and after quite a number of republican
spectators hnd filed out of tho room tho
convention wont into secret session with
Coin Harvoy on tlio platform What ho
Bald Is n secret among tho domocrats
as no wicked outsider wiw allowod to re
H II Jonos of Wayne was a city visit
or yesterday
Mrs Anna Allen Is In tho city today
from Hnttle Creek
Miss Adolo Koch of West Point is tho
guest of Norfolk friends
Mr and Mrs A J Thatch of Hattlo
Greek aro In tho city today
Mrs H S Ropport of Piorco visited
friends in tho city yesterday
Miss Nollio ONeill of Battlo Crook
vlsitod tho city and tho circus yesterday
Mrs K M Huntington is reported
quite sick at lior homo on tho Heights
County Commissioner J J Hughes
brought his family to tho cirous yester
Editor John H Hulff ami family
returuod hint evening from their visit to
Misses Laura and Anna Law wont
ovor to Miuiifon today to visit friends a
fow days
Clyde Hayo9 returned homo last night
from his hunting uud fishing outing in
Misses Lena and Elsio Sogolko of
Omaha aro tho guests at the homo of
Carl Asmus
Mr and Mrs T Ohilvors and daugh
ter of Piorco took in tlio cirous in Nor
folk yesterday
Dr O H Taylor tho anktou
optician is in tho city and will remain
hero ovor Sunday
John Froythalerhas put in a now gas
ougiue to turu his ice cream freezer and
to saw wood for his bakery
F A Ueolor bepartod today for New
York to purchase a fall and winter lino
of goods for tho Daylight store
Tho front of 0 F W Marquardts
jewelry store is being improved by tlio
application of a fresh coat of paint
Tho fifteenth annual fair of tho Boono
County Agricultural society will beheld
at Albion Septombor 20 21 uud 23
0 W Priestly au Oakdalo banker
was in tho city yesterday on his way
homo from Iowa where ho had been to
bury a sister
Miss Lola Owens of Missouri Valloy
Iowa who has boon visiting with Miss
Mabel Stovons returned to her homo
this morning
Tho Olarks Gun club is advertising au
open shoot to take place on its grounds
Thursday August 24 A good time is
promised to all thoso who atteud
L S Clay of Chicago is in tho city
visiting 15 II Tracy Tho two geutle
men have been friends for 23 years
having become acquainted in days loug
gone by at LoMars Iowa
Rev aud Mrs Strelchor returned last
evening from Eluiwood where they wont
to attend tho funeral of Mr Stroiohors
brother-in-law They visited tho expo
f itiou ou their way homo
Miss Edith Morrow has returuod homo
from Fremont where she luw peeu at
tending tho Normal She was accom
panied by her friend Miss Lulu Parks
who will visit here a week or so
Mr and Mrs W O Ohapmau and
daughter of Fremont aud Mr and Mrs
S F Teal of Missouri Volley were
guests at tho homo of Mr and Mrs 0
J Chapman yesterday and today
Tho Methodist camp meotiug of the
Neligh district is holding its 12th annual
session in the beautiful grove on the
Elkhorn river north of Oakdalo The
meetings will close after next Sunday
Mrs R W Williams arrived homo
yeBterday noon from Now York stato
where she was called over a mouth ngo
to tho bedside of her sick sister When
she was in Now York her sister was
muoh improved
R B Weller is the proudest man in
town today Tho cause of his unusual
rejoicing is the young man who arrived
at his house last night and who will
inako that Ills homo for tho uoxt 21 or
more years
Workmon aro ongagod In plastoriug
tho now additions to tho Congregational
church tho exterior having boon Quishod
for souio time all but painting Tho
now additions will bo ready to use in
nlxjut two woeks
Mossrs W H and W S Vail pur
chased from Madison parties Wednesday
Reno Chief a horse of handsome np
poarauco and that promises some fust
sjhhiI in tho futuro Tho animal is eli
gible to the groou races
Til Wallor and 0 S Smith of Madl
son passed through tho city yostorday
with Minnie D tho animal that was
defeated in tho raoo at the fair grounds
last wook and whloh they purchased
from Norman Durfoo of Piorco
Mr and Mrs Powors Mr and Mrs
Barnes Mrs Mary Muthowsou Miss
Lylo Wilkinson Mr and Mrs Uttor
Mr aud Mrs Geo Davenport Missos
Fuutiio Davenport and Lizzlo Sharploss
Mr aud Mrs William Bridge Miss Jes
sie Bridgo comprised a ploulo party at
tho Yellow Banks today
Poter Koutz his sister Sophia and Mrs
Wuddoll woro driving in from Hoskitis
yesterday aud when within a short dis
tance from town a toamstor behind
triod to pass them striking their buggy
and upsetting It All tho ocoupauts woro
thrown out oxcopt Mrs Waddoll but
nono sustainod serious injuries
Dr Frod F Toal and his brothor
Stob P Waldron Jr and II T
Ilavorstock came up from Omaha lost
evening for tho purpose of going out to
tho Yollow Banks camping whero they
will remain a week or moro Al
Hallam of Omaha is also expected up to
join tho others aud share their outing
Tho name of Major Tracy of this
place uppears in tho list of nominations
for commissioned otlicors in tho five pro
visional regiments which aro to be or
ganized sent by Governor Poyuter to
Secretary of War Root Tho Norfolk
friends of Mr Tracy sincerely hope tho
recoinnioudution of tho governor will bo
adopted by tho war department
W H Coin Harvey is in tho city
aud will spoak touight at Marquardts
hall ou the subject which has mado him
famous Mr Harvey is ono of tho load
ing exponents of the free coiungo of sil
ver at tho ratio of 11 to 1 his Financial
School containing tho leading argu
ments used in tho prosidoutial campaign
of 1SM The hull will undoubtedly be
crowded to hear this gentlemans views
as given in his address ou Law aud
It is suggested that Norfolk could
well afford to devote a few days this
fall to a street fair and racing meet
Thero has boon nothing of a public na
ture to draw a crowd hero since Decora
tion day aud it is a well known fact
that a town is materially bouelitted by
giving inducements to people of the sur
rouudiug country and towns to come in
and enjoy thomselves a day or two
The streot fair idea is boiug adopted by
many cities and its novelty will un
doubtedly serve to mako it popular for
The concort to bo given nt tlio Con
gregational church uoxt Tuesday even
ing by Mr Ludwig Koeuigsteiu aud
Miss Nellie Gorocke promises to be one
of the finest musical eutortaiumeuts
ever held in tho city When it is cou
sidored that both thoso youug musicians
are Norfolk people and that their abil
ity is fur above the usual ruu of profes
sionals there is every reason why they
should bo greeted by a largo audiouco ut
homo ou tho occasion of their first op
pearauco togother The prico of admis
sion has been placed at 5 cents that of
children under 12 years at 23 ceuts
Tickets are ou sale at Leouards
Tho olllcers aro hot ou tho trail of the
grafters spoken of the other day who
bothered and robbed a young foreigner
ou the M O train Tho following
indicates that they have captured at
least one It is a special to the Boo from
Pouca dated the 17th County Attor
ney J M Hench and Sheriff H H
Hart returned from Wakefield today
aud brought back with them a man who
claims his name is Edwin C Oakley
and his homo Omaha The officers were
called to Wakefield upon a telegram from
Dotectivo M D Bresuau who is in the
employ of tho Omaha railroad who had
effected Oakleys arrest after auoxoitiug
l omiso across cuuucry tor usuumuh wu
robbing a very youthful Assyrian ped
dler on tho train just outside of Wake
field ou Monday evening last
The cirous last evening was attended
by a fair sized crowd most of whom wero
well pleased with the performance The
circus began at S oclock and finished at
9 soon after which the cars wero loaded
and the train on its way to Creightou
where the next performance will be
given From thero they will go to Ne
ligh passing through Norfolk It may
be said that those people who thought
Lemen Brothers carried along a gang of
sharpers thugs and theives wero some
what disappointed as thero was very
little work of this character brought to
the attoutiou of the police and the cir-
cus folks were perhaps not to blame
for that which took place Tho manage
ment appeared very goutlemauly and
there was a noticeable abseuco of rough
talk among the employes whilo there
wero no objectionable features in the
0 D Case of Plalnvlow was a oltr
visitor yostorday
Bob Martin of Madison Is visiting rel
atives in the city
Mr oud Mrs Mayuard of Stanton nro
city visitors today
Geo Williams piloted a car of cattle
to Soliuylor last evening
Miss Olommio Morrison roturnod last
evening from hor western trip
Mr and Mrs Thoo King wont to
Omaha yesterday for a short visit
loo Powoll will go to tho Yollow Banks
this evening to visit campors ovor Sun
Win Relkoiskl of Tildon was In tho
city yostorday tho guest of his
Geo Stupouhorst
Mrs J W Ransom and sou Earl de
parted this morning for Neola Iowa
whoro thoy will visit relatives
Rev S F 3harploss goes to Madison
this evening to preaoh In tho Presbyterian
church of that place ou Sabbath
Rev W RMoKim camo down from
flartingtou this morning and wont to
Creightou on tho aftornoou train
Miss Maud Rausom who has boon
visiting hero several weeks loft this
noon for her homo in Neola Iowa
Ljtnou Bros circus train passed
through tho city again at 2 IiO this morn
ing ou Its way from Creightou to No
Tho boys who are camping at tho
Yollow Banks ontertaluod 23 guosts nt
dinner yostordny all boiug from Nor
John F Boeck accompanied by his
grandson Emory Klontz wont to Boono
today to visit his daughtor Mrs C H
A M Feathorstoue of Sioux City
i3 iu town with a display of dolls from
which morchatits aro selecting their hol
iday stocks
Miss Dixie Laugsdalo has terminated
her visit witli her aunt Mrs Seth Koth
ledgo aud roturnod to hor homo at Cen
ter Point Iowa
Cory Beals who has been hero since
his brothor Frank was injured in a rail
road accident returned to his home iu
Battle Creek today
Misses Lena nnd Elsio Segelke of
Omuhu who hud been visiting at tho
home of Carl Asmus went to Columbus
this morning for a short visit with
friends there before returning homo
That tho vicinity of Norfolk should
supply certain markets with watermel
ons may not bo known to all but it
does S Faesler this morning expressed
a wagon load of these luscious vegatables
to Humphrey
Grand Master Workman Shultz of the
A 0 U W will be iu this section of
tho stato next week His announce
ments are for Madison Mouduy eveuing
Piorco Tuesday eveuing aud at the dis
trict picnic in Wayne ou Weduesduy
Whethor ho will hold a meeting in Nor
folk is not known
Mrs w L vau Horn ot bt Louis is
in the city visiting friends ou her way
from Osmond where she has been to see
her parents Mr Van Horn will be ro
momberod as tho secretary of tho Hagey
institute when that was u flourishing
institution iu this city He is now a
conductor on the St Louis streot car lino
S W Spoilmau who lives in tho
eastern part of tho city was up before
police court this morning on the charge
of harboring a dog on which tho tax had
uot been paid Ho was given a fine of
100 aud costs nmouutiug to 000
which he promised to pay and was given
his liberty ou representing that he was
busy at haying It would seem
that he would have saved mouey by
paying tho license
Fremout Tribune The Union Pa
cific train leaving Here at 746 a m
struck a bunoh of cattle near Mercer
Tuesday morning aud killed 18 head
Tho train was goiug nt a high rate of
speed aud the ougiueer whistled franti
cally Many of tho pnssongers heard
the whistliugaud thought there must be
something on the track but as no jolt
followed thoy imagined they must be
mistukeu Tho running into tho cattle
without accident to the train was a most
remarkable thing
Captain Gerecke of company L N N
G has received general orders No 21
from Adjutant General Barry directing
him to take his company to a camp of
instruction ou the 9th day of September
at a place to be named later aud remain
in camp until tho evening of the 14th
Tho annual camp of tho Nebraska Na
tional Guard for 1899 will bo designated
as Camp Stotsenburg in honor of Col
John M Stotseuburg First Nebraska
Volunteer Infantry killed in battle at
Quingua Philippine islauds April 23
1899 Company L will be on haud at
the appointed time
Police Judge Hayes entertained a trio
of for a time
this forenoon They were 0 W Bridge
ford G L Chittick and J Y Moore
The first two had no money but the lat
ter paid his flue Bridgeford was locked
up but was afterward released ou his
giving a guaranty that his fine and costs
would be paid Chittick promised to
pay aud was released out of regard for
his family as he is working at his trade
and they need the mouoy he is able to
earn for their support If the tools for
workiug on the stone pile can be secured
Some persons say they are never influenced by an
It is not expected that any one will buy Ivory Soap
solely because it is suggested by an advertisement but
if you have never used Ivory Soap you may be induced
to ask some friend about it should you find as you
probably will that she is enthusiastic in its praise
then you may try it
Millions of people use Ivory Soap they use it because
they like it You too will like it There is a difference
in soaps
it is probable that this class of follows
will not got off as lightly next time
A band of Gypsies hauled in quite a
string of wagous was iu town this
moruiug aud stopped loug enough on
Third street to tell a fow fortunes aud
try to make a few horse trades They
are from Arkansas aud are enroute to
Omaha to take part in tho exposition
In one wagon they had a cago contain
ing u pair of mountain lions that ap
peared quito ferocious Some of their
wagous were very finely decorated and
arranged Laco curtains glass win
dows ornaments and gaudy paiut united
to give them tho appearance of small
palaces on wheels
The youngest registered pharmacist in
the state now lives in Norfolk aud his
uauio is Charles A Madseu with Geo
B Christoph Ou August 9 he was ex
amined before the stato board of phar
macy in Omaha being the youngest of a
class of 31 Today ho received his di
ploma certifying that he had passed uud
entitling him to practice pharmacy
When it is remembered that Charlie is but
19 years old nnd that out of the whole
class examined at the time ho was only
five or six were able to answer a suffi
cient number of questions propounded
to entitle them to receive diplomas the
fact that he passed may bo considered
an uusuual victory aud proves that he
has not been asleep since he entered a
drug store Ho is a young man ot ex
emplary habits and if he contiuues as
he lias beguu his success iu life is as
That thero may be tuberculosis in cat
tlo arouud here has probably not oc
curred to many people yet the fact that
one of Norfolks leading citizeus has re
cently discovered that his family cow
was thus affected aud had her killed
should serve to open the oyos of other
people This gentleman had a cow that
was sleek aud ate heartily but was
afllicted with a cough that disturbed
him aud finally called iu Dr C A Mc
Kim to look at her Mr MoKim pre
scribed for her thinking that she had a
cold or perhaps some other trouble but
the prescriptions did no good aud it was
finally decided to bo tuborculosis Ac
cordingly an injection of tuberculeno
was sent for aud after being treated
with it the animals temperature became
very high conclusively demonstrating
that she had the disease The owner
might have sold her as she appeared in
excellent condition but he ordered her
shot which was done This is the dis
easo that occupies so much attention
further east oud is the result of tho same
disease in persons ofteu developing iuto
consumption The laws in some stntes
provide that a person whose animal is
condemued is reimbursed by the state
but there is no such provision in Nebras
ka and the person who kills or orders a
cow killed does so at a dead loss
Coin Harveys evening meeting was
fairly well attended but when is
taken iuto consideration the vast amount
of effort that was put into making the
meeting tho greatest thing that ever
happened in this section of the world
the result must have been rather disap
pointing It had been planned to issue
tickets of admission to the hall and a
large number of front seats were reserved
for farmers but wheu It was found that
these wero not likely to be occupied
there was a scurrying about the streets
to got euough people to fill the hall
Wheu Coin Harvey opened his address
there were probably 150 voters preseut
to listen to him at least a third of whom
were republicans He told tho same
old stories that have been heard for the
past three or four years and asserted
that the country is in no better conditiou
today than it was three years ago He
was profuse iu his sympathy for the poor
farmer of the weft who is suffering from
the effects of the money power The
speaker probably did not realize that ho
was in a community where tho farmers
as a class are the ones who have tho
money and consequently are in need of
no sympathy of the kind lib erteuded
What tho farmers of this section partfl
ularly want just now is some place to
invest their surplus cash to good advan
tage The decision of those who heard
Coin Harvey last night is that he is a
very much overrated man Ho is not au
orator and his points are poorly taken
He was emphatically called down on
some of his wildest statements by Mr S
K Dexter who was in the audience
By the time he had finished his address
about three quarters of his audience had
vanished having become disgusted aud
left the hall
Southern Literature
Interesting literature regarding the
South is now being distributed by the
Southern Railway Southern Homes
folders large map folders Land of the
Sky booklets Southern Fields Min
erals aud Mines books etc mailed free
to auy address The Empire of tlio
South a very haudsomo volume of
about 200 pages profusely illustrated
also issued by the Southern Railway and
seut to any address upon receipt of 25
cents which amount approximates cost
of delivery Address
Wji H Taylok
Asst Geul Pass Agent Southern Ry
Louisville Ky
Itniid Notico to LiiiiiI On nerK
To All Whom it May Concern
The commissioner appointed to voiw
and locate a road commencing at the
northeast corner of the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of sec
tion IU in township 22 north range 1
west in Madison couuty Nebraska and
tho northwest corner of the southwest
quarter of the southwest quarter of sec
tion 31 in township 22 north range 1
east in Stanton county Nebraska run
ning theuco south ou county line about
80 rods to the township line between
townships 21 and 22 thence west on
said township line in said Madison
county oue mile to connect with a pub
lic highway leading to the city of Madi
son already established and recorded
has reported in favor of tho establish
ment thereof and his report having
been endorsed and concurred iu by a
like commissioner from Stautou county
all objections thereto or claims for dam
ages must be filed in the county clerks
oilice on or before noon of tho 12th day
of Soptember A D 1899 or said road
will be established without refereuco
County Clerk
Drink iralu O
after you havo coucluded that you ought
not to drink coffee It is not a mediciuo
but doctors order it because it is
healthful invigorating and appetizing
It is made from pure prams and has
that rioh seal browu color and tastes
like the finest grades of coffee and costs
about J as muoh Children like it aud
thrive on it because it is a genuine food
drink containing nothing but nourish
ment Ask your grocor for Grain -O
the new food drink 15 aud 25 cents
Is Baby Thin
this summer Then add a
to his milk three times a dav I
It is astonishing how fast
ne win improve ir he nurses
let the mother take the
Emulsion socandialldrureiw