The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, August 03, 1899, Image 1

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The Norfolk Weekly News
Endorsed In Peace and War by
I Iowa Republicans
stati omnvis uinomixatii
Jll tlm MtH nil tlipTlrkot Pimpnt
liculi llxcrpt 1I11I111 0 Slim mIii or Mmoti
i Cllj ltiiitiliiionlj CIiimoii for Suprriim
IuiIk tliu Iouttli lliilliitt
Dfs Moists Aufj a The Ropublioan
elate convontion uoiuluiitcil tho follow
ing ticket
Governor Lillo M Slmw of linUon
Lieutenant Governor 10 Mllllniiin of
Superintendent of Public Instruction
R C Unrrett of Osapo
Uallroatl Commissioner K A Dawson
of Wnvcrly
Supronii Judge John 0 Sherwin of
Wiison City
I Tho first four nominees itro tho pros
cut incumbents and woro named by ac
clamation Judge Sherwin was
iiated on tho fourth ballot Tho con
vention m in tho now Auditorium at
II a m yesterday nnd listened to tho
address of Charles E Pickott of Water
loo Tho hall was packed with homo
2500 delegates and vibitors and Chair
man Picketts address was warmly ap
plauded particularly his rcferunco to
tho administration and its policy of ex
pansion After the appointment of tho
working committees tho convention ad
journed until 2 p in
In tho afternoon tho convention list
cued to an address by Former Con
gressman George W Curtis permanent
chairman Tho first nomination was
for governor and tho chairman recog
nized Congressman Smith McPhcrson
who said I move that Lehlio M
Shaw bo tho nominee for governor that
it bo made by acclamation and by u ris
ing vote Thcro woro scores of sec
onds from all over tho house and tho
convention roso enmavso and cheered
loud and long for Governor Shaw
Governor Shaw was presented to tho
fnnviiirinii nml iiiln iv firirriiin1 snrppli
eulogizing President McKinloy tho Re
publican party and Iowas delegation to
Congressman W P Hepburn pro
Rented the uamo of J O Millimnu for
lieutenant governor and moved that his
nomination bo mado by acclamation
which was carried with another dem
onstration Tho balloting for nominee
for judge of the supremo court thou be
Fonr llullotg for In Irk
Tho firbt ballot gave Robinson 81GK
Totes Sherwin 202 Burnjiam 218j
Pee 210 Sloan 189J Giffen 52 no
choice Tho second ballot resulted in
827 votes for Sherwin 340 for Robin
eon 182j for Buruham 200 for Feo 108
for Sloan 2 for Giffen Tho third bal
lot stood Robinson 335g Sherwin
401 Buruham 132 K Feo 170 Sloan
89 Giffen 31 Tho fourth ballot showed
a landslide for Shorwin and at its close
his nomination was made unanimous
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Barrett nnd Railroad Commissioner
Dawson were then nominated by accla
mation Following the adoption of the
resolutions the convention adjourned
The resolutions commend tho action
of tho Iowa delegation for its support of
protection tho tariff tho gold standnd
nnd its faithful support of President
McKinloy in his policy in peace and
war and endorse tho prospective
tiou of David B Henderson as speaker
of tho house of representatives Tho
money plank in tho Iowa Republican
platform of 1898 is readopted
Tho resolutions also deolaro industry
nnd commerce should bo loft free to pro
ceed according to natural laws but
when business aggregations known as
trusts prove hurtful to tho pooplo they
must be restrained and if need be abol
ishod by law
A concluding paragraph in tho resolu
tions says We admiro tho courage
and skill of our officers and glory in the
heroism und constancy of our soldier
boys in tho army und navy Nothing
of support or sympathy or moral or ma
terial aid and comfort will we ever with
hold from them
CougreasnuXu Loterlnj IuLkut 1lrkttil of
TlioiiaiiniW by Tno Men
Buussels Aug 3 William O Lover
iug member of tho United States houso
of representatives from Massachusetts
was robbed Saturday hist whilo on his
way from Osteud to this city Whilo in
tho station at Ostond ho was jostled by
two men but took littlo notice of the
occurrence at the timo On arriving in
this city however he discovered his
pockotbook together with 13000 valu
able papers and notes for 85 6torliug
liad disappeared Mr Lovoring notified
tho authorities and tho matter was
placed in tlia hands of tho police
Terrible Flf lit With a Hull
Fout Doixjk la Aug John Dirk
a farmer living near Pomeroy mot a
horriblo death yesterday Mr Dirk was
attacked in the pasture by a maddened
bull His wife ran to his assistance and
tho bull knocked both down She man
aged to escape and summoned a neigh
bor who flrod two charges from a shot
gun into tho animul driving it away
Dirks body was trampled into an al
most unrecognizable mass Mrs Dirk
had two ribs crushed
Kutlibun 3Itiier Muni Go
New Yok Aug 3 Judge Thomas
in tho United States district court toduy
dismissed tho writ of IiuIkms corpus pro
cured in tho case of tho 18 miners from
Austriu who were permitted to laud
and went to work at Rathbun la and
they will be deported
TlieXelrnkn Ui kIiiumiI In to MuMur Out
li Auk 3
Svn Tuancisco Aug 3 Tho weal her
at tho Presidio is fine beyond all expec
tation nnd tho health nf tho Nchruskans
continues good and there uiu no serious
casos in tho hospital General Shaffer
has complimented tho regiment for tho
rapidity and precision with which tho
payrolls are mado out
1 mst night Corporal Frnnk It John
son of company M received tho follow
ing telegram from Pluttsmouth
Will you accept nomination for sheriff
on Republican ticket Your father con
sents Answer my uxponso
II N Dovitr
Johnson wired back as follows
Thanks for the honor llaxo no grasp
of tho situation Consult father What
ho sjiys goes Johnson
Lieutenant Phil W Russell who
served on tho staff of General Otis at
Manila has received a message with
tho offer of a commission to return to
Manila Ho is an Omaha boy a univer
sity graduato and onlistod in company
D last year as a private Aug 23 has
been set as tho date for tho muster out
of the regiment
Today tho regiment left camp to meet
tho Tenth Pennsylvania which disem
barked from tho Senator After escort
ing tho Koystono boys to camp tho No
Imiskans entertained them at dinner
fill NeliriiskauH Colonel Willing to Itnlne
Another KuKliiiunt
Washington Aug 3 Tho dissatis
faction alleged to exiht in tho First Ne
braska over tho couduct of tho war is
not borne out by tho facts Colonel
Mulford has assured the war depart
ment that ho can raise a regiment for
service in tho Philippines and expresses
a hearty desiro to return to tho scene of
his and tho First Nebraskas triumphs
It is stated that before leaving Manila
ho was offered a lieutenant colonelcy in
Bells regiment by General Otis but de
clined on tho ground that Nebraska
deserved higher recognition
Colonel Mulford desires to go back to
Luzon nnd efforts will undoubtedly bo
made to meet his wishes although how
this is to bo done will be a problem for
tho war department to decide It is
now believed thnt Colonel Mulford will
decline tho captaincy in tho Thirty
second infantry to which ho was ap
pointed in view of his strong endorse
ment from Goneral Otis Halo and Mc
Colonel IlawklnH Hoilv on Shoio
San Fuancisco Aug 3 Tho dock
ing of tho transport Senator yesterday
was unaccompanied by tho blowing of
steam sirens and tho ringing of bells
Thousands of people thronged tho docks
to witness tho lauding of tho vessel
which had borno tho Tenth Pennsyl
vania from the Philippines Later in
tho day a detachmout of soldiers carried
tho casket containing tho body of Col
onel Hawkins to nn awaiting hearse A
guard will accompany it east Today
tho Pennsylvania boys will be given a
chance to stretch their legs in tho city
Sick Wffttui iierit on the KclIrC
San Fkancisco Aug 3 Tho hospital
ship Relief has arrived Among other
sick nnd wounded sho brings Captain
John F Zerlingor First Nebraska Cap
tain William J Watson Twentieth
Kausas Captain Adna G Clark Twen
tieth Kansas Second Lieutenant Collin
H Ball Twentieth Kansas Second
Lieutenant Oliver Clapp South Dakota
Among tho sick mon Iowa has 19 Kan
bus 31 Nebraska 14 North Dakota 2
South Dakota 25
Stole a Curloml of Steers
Junction City Kan Aug 3 A
stranger stolo a horso near Heringtou
rode to Roys pasture at Delevau stolo
a carload of steers from his pasture
drove thorn to White City aud shippod
them to Kausas City aud remained hero
until Friday for tho return of advices
from Kansas City and thou fled Mr
Roy did not discover the loss until Sat
Governor Bradley of Kentucky issued
a message on tho Clay county situation
At tho Kentucky convention tho anti
Goobol Democrats will claim the regu
lar pnrty emblem
A Cuban conimitteo at Havana will
detennino a definite form of govern
ment for tho island
In tho Basses Alps Wednesday bridges
wero swept away flocks drowned and
crops ruined by u storm
Tho action of tho California supremo
court in a murder caso may lead to a
now trial for Mrs Botkiu
Tho town of Carabello a prosperous
port ou the Gulf of Mexico was almost
destroyed by wind Tuesday
At Toronto tho Washington Leaguo
team defeated the Torontos Wednes
day 1 to 4 in au exhibition game
At Santiago four cases of yellow fever
have been reported iu tho last four days
tho victims being American civilians
Tho Pall Mall Gazette learns Great
Britain will surrendor to China tho
town of San Chun occupied May 16
William Waldorf Astor has been bo
Bieged by reporters since tho oflicial an
nouncement of his becoming a British
Tho export lumber aud products of
wood from southern forests during the
year is boyoud auything in the history
of the trade
The English admiralty court has
awarded 0205 to tugs aud other ves
sels for towing off tho French steamer
Admiral Aube
Witnesses summoned in behalf of
Dreyfus include Captain
to whom the prisonor is alleged to
have made a confession
Agents of tho agricultural depart
ment iu Germany report influences are
active to out tail to the minimum the
importation of American food products
Detroit Receives the Ex-Secretary
With an Ovation
its itmiMKvr movih to tiivks
CkimiIi Shouted llneiit AU Itlclil ntiil
tltno Win o lliiiitlni Voice Iu lll
MpiMi h the Geueiul Dmlluilil lie Unit
Nodi let mice IliiKiee Sirnk lliittj
Divikoit Aug 3 Whatever may
havo been tho personal feelings of the
lato secretary of war General Russell
A Alger concerning recent incidents
of his olllcial career all sentiments wive
thoso of genuine happiness wero very
ovidontly banished yesterday afternoon
and evening by tho innguillcout wel
come tendered him by the pooplo of his
own city and stato From 4 oclock
when tho welcoming conimitteo crowded
into his private car upon its arrival at
Toledo until 0 oclock when tho gen
eral ceased grasping outstretched hands
tho scene was a constant spontaneous
ovation Smiles and tears repeatedly
struggled for tho mastery over the sec
retarys bronzed oountennneo as he
gazed into tho eagor faces of tho multi
tudes who loudly and convincingly in
sisted that Algers all right and no
dissonant voico was heard
Darkness fell during tho speeches
from tho reviewing stand in front of
tho city hall giving opportunity for
throwing a searchlight upon tho fea
tures of General Alger drawn in crayon
on a canvass 10 feet wninro hung from
tho city hall front and surrouutlod by
patriotic decorations A great crush at
the indoor reception was tho fluid fea
Tho special train which met General
Alger and party at Toledo consisted of
six coaches It earned 500 members of
the reception committee When the
Pennsylvania train arrived the generals
car was besieged by friends General
Alger was escorted through the recep
tion train and greeted by all Headed
by about 300 bicyclists over 1000
niurchers escorted General Alger from
tho Michigau Central station by a cir
cuitous course leading past tho generals
home to tho reviowing stand Fairbanks
post carried two great banners sti etch
ing half across tho street which de
clared There is only ono Alger
Mayor Maybury after calling to
order said General Alger I should
despair sir of being able to voico tho
heartiness of this wolcomo woro it not
already shown in this vast concourse
through which you havo passed It will
go fortli to tho world sir that where
you aro best known there you aro host
beloved and best appreciated It will
go forth to tho world sir a duo notico
that tho standard of high character
built up by patienco nnd persovorance
honosty and uprightness cannot bo
thrown down by slander
Governor Pingreo in his speech nindo
on behalf of the stato mado some
pointed roferoncos to incidents leading
to Algers homo coming and fired some
characteristic shots at tho nowspipers
which ho assorted woro largoly respon
sible The governor said that Algers
best service for his country was in his
ofllcicnt management of tho wur depart
ment Said he
Tho people of Michigan will remem
ber tho indignity to which tho stato has
been subjected Iu time thoy will conio
to know who is responsible for it I
think thoy already seo that politics
makes cowards of some men iu both
high und low positions They will iu
time despiso tho official uo matter how
exalted his position who truckled to tho
uowspapers or who considered money or
influcuco iu any form
I havo como to boliovo that tho insti
tution most dangerous to our form of
government is tho nowspaper Its
boasted liberality is rather license It
has no scruple and no consoiouco
There aro of courso exceptions but I
speak of tho press asu whole Because
you General Alger would not bow to
thorn aud couduct tho war department
iu the interests of tho combines the
army contractors aud tho commercial
interests which control tho newspapers
you became a marked man
Home Without u Urietuure
General Alger responding said I
can command no language to express
my gratitude to you for this royal wol
como to my homo I am glad from the
bottom of my heart to bo released from
oflicial care and to again enter tho old
homo und live among the people of
Since I went away two and a half
years ago as you know tho country
has pased through u terrifto struggle
The oflico of which I was the head was
taxed to tho utmost of evory maus
strength who occupied any position iu
it I gavo my best thought and honest
effort and did overythiug I could to
carry out my part of that great work
What has been dono is a matter of rec
ord aud I am perfoctly willing to rest
the case with my countrymen Every
trausactiou ovory order aud overythiug
that was dono iu conducting that war
is a mutter of record and tho people
have a right to have that record searched
Aud uow my follow citizens I come
home without a grievance Duiiug that
btrugglo and whilo that great work was
upou mo I can truthfully ay that I
had from the president all tho support
that ho could give
The closiug sceno was a reception iu
tho city hall corridor Mrs Alger and
u score ot otli r ladies with several of
tho generals relatives viewed tho scene
from a cauopied decorated platform
built into tho mam stairway and thou
sands pushed past aud grupjd General
Algoro uuud
Oolliiiiu lc gMiittie llotlr Siilipoeimeil liy
tlie Mimtt ImcillKittiiM
Ntu Youk Aug 3 The most inter
esting thing do eloped jctoi day in con
nection with the itiNostigutitig commit
tee was the fact that every member of
tho municipal council has been sub
poenaed today to detennino why the
present city legislatho body should not
bo abolished A member of the stall
for Mr Moss counsel forthecomniilteo
attended tho meeting iu tho municipal
assembly yesterday and seied tho sub
poenas With each subpoena was a
letter fiom Counsel Moss saying-
You will bo subpoenaed to appear
bofore this committee at II a in Thurs
day and will bo treated fairly and cour
teously Tho assembly will bo urged to
convene and legislate against tho mun
icipal assembly and I desiio that your
Hide of tho contiovoisy shall bo eon cot ly
Two of the Sim Domingo Amtunitlua Shot
1 he Miwlilnn Ai rite
Fout dk Fkanck Aug 3 The latest
advices from Santo Domingo say Gen
eral Figuereo yesterday took tho oath of
oflico aud was invested with full power
as president Yesteiday two accom
plices of the assassins of President Ilour
oaux weio arrested and shot at Moca
Two persons ono of whom was said to
bo a priest wore taken into custody at
Santiago ye t onlay and subsequently
shot Last night placards bearing tho
inscriptions Down with Tyrants and
Long Live tho Revolution woro
posted iu various paits of tho city
Santo Domimio Aug 3 Tho com
mander ot the gunboat Machias in this
port has been otllcially lecoived by
President Figuereo Tho future move
ments of the warship aro not known
Too Dry In MIihoihI
CoiUMitiA Mo Aug 3 Practically
no rain has fallen tho last two weeks or
more in central and central w ostein
counties where tho complaint of dam
ago to com saving that in Imttoms
pastilles mid gardens is general Soil is
too dry to cultivate corn on uplands
Late corn is mcdiug rain badly and will
be cut shoit unless moistened soon
Pastures aie drying up and stock water
is becoming scarce Plowing lor wheat
is impracticable Drouth was partially
relieved by rams iu central counties on
tho 31st
To Wiiko it Will on l ilillior
Dknviic Aug 3 Colorado Kansas
and western Nebraska have agreed to
unite on a war against grasshoppers
Details of tho campaign will bo ar
ranged at a meeting to bo held today at
tho Fort Collins agricultural college
Professor Lawrence Brunnor stato en
tomologist of Nobrasku pictures tho
condition as something scarcely within
comprehension of city residents He
passed through Denver yesterday with
Professor Wood of Kansas to attend tho
ltouiht l Cllli mkoiiiih
Lincoia Aug 3 It has developed
that tho new owners of the Fnruicis and
Merchants Insurance company of Lin
coln sold a month ago by D 13 Thomp
son are a number of Chicago capital
ists Joseph E Calleuder and Mont
gomery and Funkhouser of Chicago
who havo sont out letters notifying tho
stockholders tho capital stock will bo in
ci eased from 100000 to 1200000 Tho
company has already seemed permis
sion to do business in Kaunas us well as
Nebraska and Illinois
Murilereil For Their Kinliic
tramp 27 years old giving his name as
R O Young has confessed to murder
ing A O Bush and John Cooloy east
erners traveling iu a wagon for pleas
ure iu tho Indian Territory They al
lowed Young to rido with thorn and
that night he murdered them with an
Killed by an Olil IiMnl
Stkommjiuj Nob Aug 3 Clark
Prosson youngest son of Rov and Mrs
J II Pressou of this city shot himself
by accident and was instantly killed
yesteiday An old revolver ho hail been
repairing was discharged and tho bullet
entered his brain just ubovo the right
English pilots havo sued tho owner
of the Paris for 300 salvage services
Italy it is said has abandoned all
idea of territorial acquisition iu China
Kentuckys prohibition convention
lioininated O T Wallace of Garraid
t ounty for governor
Georgo J Gould His wife and daugh
In sailed for Euroo Wediiosday to
leturn about sept ii
A boat convoying sailors to a warship
1 1 liuda Pest Wednesday capsized and
tvo wero drowned
The convention of tho Regular Army
iiid Navy union Oct next has Iwoii
changed from Baltimore Md to Wash
ington D C
William Jones who is churged with
ibductiug Nollio Burger tiom lior homo
near Rochester Iud several days ago
has lxion urrested
Tho governments of the United States
and Iiuyti will submit to arbitration
three claims of an American citizen for
alleged indignities aud lo s
Four NewCasis but No Deaths
at Hampton
rrsnirMT miii hi itt down
IM of Im litiiighcil MiiiiIiim Ihe Ileum
ItelliK Ilepitieil to IZiuihto liic illlllii to
lletiilll Such Mcmhct it Itcimilinliln
lime Im I Muni i 1iii I I iiii lltumiiilea
WAsiiiMiroN Aug 2 Advices in
ceied by Sin geon General Wytunn fiom
Hampton show that tho only change iu
the yellow fin or situation is the addi
tion of four suspected cases to those al
ready in ovistence These have been
sent from ho camp to tho hospital
This information nnd the additional
statement that hero has not been a
death since Tuesday night and that
everything with refeience to the dis
ease Is mote than lavorable was lecelved
from Governor P T Woodlln of the
Soldieis home He also declared hois
quite sure the pestileuuo will be stamped
From Dr White who has general
charge of affairs at Hampton but who
remains away Irom the institution
wind came that the situation is un
changed Governor Wood tin has pie
patcd a list of all members of tho home
who have been fiuloughed since Jul v
22 at the same time giving their destinu
tion This will bo telegraphed to Sur
geon Geueiul Wyiiiuu and will be spiead
broadcast tin ough tho piess thus ena
bling localities whom the inmates may
now bo to detain them for a leasonablo
length of time
Dr Wymiiii has sent dispatches to the
health commission of Baltimoie and the
president ol the board of health of
Richmond asking them what measures
mo being taken rcgai ding refugees lioni
the home at Hampton or tho neighbor
ing town of lhochus The doctor thinks
it is ot the most importance that such
persons should be kept under close oh
seiviition tor ten days following their
doptrtuio piitieulariy thoso who
stopped over one night iu either place
Tho removal ol troops from Foil Mon
roe ami the olllccrs and their families
will begin today a passenger steamer is
scheduled to leave this afternoon lor
Capo Chailes A barge with cars is ex
pected to go to the reservation tomonow
to take tho baggage and equipment of
the troops
A dispatch from Dr Wusdin says a
houso inspection of Phoebus discloses
nothing Tho dispatch adds Suspic
ious wise of I ist night veritled No new
casos at tho homo today One duipor
ato Dr Wasdin will start today to
canvass lr00 of the inmates then to
disinfect the rookeries presumably
thoso at Phoebus
At Midnight lie Mini Fifteen Ileum to Do
1 unlit y Mile
Minneapolis Aug 3 Bicyclist A
A Hansen st u ted at 10 oclock this
morning on the last 20 miles of his
1 000 mile ndo His actual tiding timo
will bo about 73 hours or an average
of 15 miles an hour while on tho wheel
The leeoul tor the distance is held by
T A Edge ol England who rode 1000
miles in 115 hours and 10 minutes
Ieertel to Oo to Oinulm
Omaha Aug 3 Nineteen of the Fil
ipinos for the niuusomout section of the
exposition have arrived and taken up
quarters in the Filipino village Thoy
are all men and ure from the island of
Luzon which place thoy left 35 days
ago A muulicr of them woro iu Aguin
aldos army aud deserted to come to
America Their tirst act was to take a
plunge in the little hike
No xtouion to Ogtlru
Omaha Aug 3 General Manager
Holdrego of tho Burlington says We
have uo plans for un extension to Odgoii
und tho story that such a movement is
ou foot is muuulocturcd out of whole
i loth The only building that we are
iloing ut tins time is the extension of
nur lino irom Alliance to Hurtville and
there is uo intention to go boyoud that
O II Ilitrimril Clitlm Itefurreil
Lincoln Aug 8 A committeo of
members of tho Stato Historical society
visited tho capitol Wediiosday to induco
Auditor Cornell to allow tho claim of
C H Barnard of Falls City for 1500
for expenses of tho society Tho matter
has loon referred to tho attornoy gen
Hnyl Oiikn May Ho Itualnrtc
Lincoln Aug 3 Tho Royal Oaks
Insurance company of Omaha has boon
licensed by Auditor Cornell Deputy
Iusuranco Commissioner Bryant refused
to license this company several weeks
ago because it liad uot the required
number of members for a fraternal in
surance pormit
Hhunuliun Held for Murder
South Omaha Aug 3 Tho coro
ners jury holds John Shanalian
the Q street suloon keeper responsible
for tho death of Edward Joyce who
was shot iu tho Shanalian saloon at au
early hour Sunday morning
tVAl Baking
iisotuiEtY Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Will put down new nulla m repnlr old otine
uauin JilouiGfs Shnppenod OtMHAtnEEO
1107 Ililllp in Tilitliiilin IM
ltiniliMiirtirH Unmoved from I la vnn ort e nt
liln to tleii DudleyM Ktnlile on Mil Ht
For Plumbing Steam Fitting Pumps
Tanks Wind Mills
Anil nil rupnlr work In thin linn nn
iUtUfaotion tlnnranlnnd
Pint door m Hi nf Dklli Ncw nfltan
Pttiees Reasonable
Up stairs over Warehiuns Millinery
W 0 Halls Barber Shop
Everybody wants tho eat of
moats Wo make a special
effort to please our trade
Our Shep Ifi tho Noatent
In the Cltjr
Sale and
Boarding Barn
Horses Bought and Sold on
Braasch Avenue
and Third St
Always Fresh
and Just as
Highest Market Price Paid for
Butter aud Eggi
North Western
F E P V R R is the best to at
from the
North Nebraska
Money to Loan
Real Estate
Elkhorn B k S Association